Grand Theft Auto III review
Heed the words of the wazcaster

The good:

Well, you might think that GTA on a Gameboy advance might not go together well. How wrong you are. The game is true GTA with nippy little sportscars to the tank. The missions lead you right across Liberty city. Go flat out on Francis international`s runways, blow up police cars with rocket launchers or tanks, call out the military at six wanted stars, steal cars, blow up gang members and more. You`ll just want to keep piking up your Gameboy Advance.

The bad:

Sorry, but the controls aren`t the easiest to use. For example, you cant fire the tank gun when moving without slowing down. also the cannon on the tank doesnt rotate so you have to face the direction you want to fire in. also the tanks homing rounds do annoy you, as if you want to fire at a cop in front of you, the round wil fire at the nearest car and not at the cop.


Altough the controls aren`t the best, overall this is a great game. The graphics are great, and its the only GBA game I`ve come across to have real voices in the sound.

Its definately worth spending your money on. You`ll not want to part with your GBA. Go on, what are you waiting for? Go and buy it.

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