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Third Times The Charm


2001 was a golden year for gaming. The Gamecube and Xbox dropped, and brought with them classics such as Smash Bros and Halo along with an assortment of others. Even the dying Dreamcast could boast Phantasy Star Online; an early glimpse into the future of what console gaming would soon look like. Yet the real MVP of the year was easily the Playstation 2. Having struggled during its launch year, it wouldn’t be long before the console would pick up steam. Bolstered by blockbuster games like Final Fantasy X, Grand Turismo 3, Ico, and Metal Gear Solid 2 the system turned into a must have item f...


A great and nostalgic game.

The good:

Great Weapons
Lots of things to do (Including Missions, Rampages, Races)
Lots of Land to Explore.
Lots of Easter Eggs.
Different Car Models.
First Ever 3D model GTA game.
Great graphics (for the time).

The bad:

No Map to view from your Main Menu.
No Helicopters (to ride in), Motorbikes, or Scooters.
You can't Swim.


Grand Theft Auto III is probably one of the best games in the GTA series, and made GTA as we know it today. It is definitely worth a buy.

There is a great storyline with your silent protagonist character who is one of the most memorable protagonists.

There is a wide selection of weapons and tools that are so fun to use and can cause chaos throughout the streets of Liberty City!

It is one of the best games from the PS2 era, and it is definitely worth a pick up. Give it a try, you won't regret it!


Grand Theft No-Aim!

The good:

The first Grand Theft Auto in 3D. Stunning graphics, weapons, maps and storyline.

The vehicles are also good, ranging from the Taxi to the fast Diablo Stallion. Each vehicle has different handling and speeds. You can pilot aeroplanes by going to the airport located on the 3rd island.

You can also unlock a "Drive-by-shooting" feature which lets you shoot out of either the left or right sides of your vehicle using the Micro Uzi.

The Radio is a briliant feature which lets the player be able to listen to different types of music and you can turn the radio off. The radio is not featured in any other game in the same catagory (Driv3r ect) so it makes Grand Theft Auto stand out from the crowd.

With the graphics, they are very good, it is fairly realistic with the blood and killings with the chalk outline which appears a few minutes after you've killed someone. The thing bad about the graphics are the fact you can see texture glitches (like stallions turning into police cars as you drive up to them) but that is all that is bad about the graphics.

The bad:

Without a cross hair or any aiming capabilities without pressing R1, it is hard to aim whilst walking, and is slow to aim whilst in a firefight.

Also, without naming or showing all the weapon on the top hand of the screen, you cannot view your weapon unless you take it out.

If you are not interested in the missions, then it is very difficult to enjoy the game completely, the game starts on a mission and does not let you go onto free play until you have completed it. You cannot get to the other 2 islands without playing the missions or using cheats. So because of this, you cannot fly any plane until you get to the 3rd island.

With not being interested in missions, it brings me to talk about the pointless killing side of the game. To be honest, if you do not enjoy pointless killing then you also cannot enjoy the game to the full limit. But if you are interested in pointless killing, then you cannot do it very often or you will get into a police chase. The police are either too simple to lose, suicidal maniacs or tanks - there is no happy medium. I think Driv3r has better police, as you can turn them off.

The game freezing is a problem and no one knows why this happens. It might be because of overloading explosions or being out of the map, who knows?


Grand Theft Auto III would benefit from having aiming capabilities whilst not pressing R1 and to view the whole of your gun before you fire.

It would also make it a better game to be able to move freely from island to island without completing any missions. The game should start in free play, and you should be able to move to certain locations to start missions.

They should have a more destructible environment (destroying buildings etc) and it should be less about gangs, and you should be able to turn police on or off. Gangsters walking about the street should be also to toggle on or off.



I-M-Indian18’s take on the Crime Infested Land of Liberty City…

The good:

Fun & Diverse Game-play. Great Sound, Music, Voice-over acting. Long & entertaining game. Loads of fun side-missions.

The bad:

Textures often take a couple of seconds too late to draw, when driving a fast car.


Grand Theft Auto franchise, a series marred by controversies for its violent content right from the day of its instigation, has been perhaps one of the most successful series ever to have been made. Though heavily criticized by the non-gaming community, it has been blessed with one of the most frenetic fan-following in gaming history. GTA lll is the first Grand Theft Auto game made in 3d. Being a new-comer to the series, here's my take on the most controversial game franchise. GTA lll for the PC is a direct port of the Playstation 2 version, with a couple of new features thrown in for pc...


Grand Theft Auto Turns 3D

The good:

Everything about this game is great, one of the very few games that lets you free roam an entire city using; cars, trains, boats. A great story and a legendary mute character.

The bad:

Nothing much to say here, mabye how you only get ten weapons, but you really can not complain about that, when all you realy need is ten, and each one does it's job perfectly.


This game will go down in gaming history, it is one of the best games ever made. You follow the story of Claude (Fido) Speed, a mute nameless character (until GTA 2 and GTA: San Andreas, help us find out his real name), who has been betrayed by his very ex girlfriend, she puts two bullets in your face, but you manage to survive, but things get worse when you are facing time in prison, anyway, you manage to escape the friendly services of the police and make a new friend. You now have a whole city to explore, Liberty City, the worst place on earth, and can blame it, car jackings, murders, lo...


An overrated milestone.

The good:

Innovative, fairly well executed, beleivable, nice cheat codes

The bad:

Realism problems, among other things


Aside from Mario and Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto is the biggest gaming phenomenon of all time. Gamers are rabid about it. Critics praise it at every turn. Celebrities like Dave Chappelle and Redman name-drop it. Policitians like our good buddy Joe Lieberman damn it to hell. But is GTA III, the game that started it all, worth the hype?

In a word, no. It's a solid game, but it by no means deserves the Gold Award EGM gave it when it first came out. You play as a faceless crook who escaped from prison, and wants to revive his career in organized crime. This means waging war with rival gangs, doing...

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