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Grand Theft Auto III Unlimited Tank Access Guide

by red_alert102   Updated on

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Ok, with all that junk out of the way, lets get down to business.  You want a
tank, you’ll get one.  This method is the easiest way I know to get a tank, but
more importantly, after getting it once, you never need a six star rating again,
you will get unlimited access to it.  Now or course, it’s easier said than done. 
Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away.  It took me three tries
(the first one I got it but the game froze, but lets not get into that).

Step 1
Complete all missions up to and including “A Drop in the Ocean” for Donald.  You
will need an FBI car for this, and this mission allows you to get one, so read
ahead before doing this mission.
At some point before Donald’s mission, you’ll get a beep asking for new or used
emergency vehicles to be brought to Portland Harbor.  This is key because if you
bring every emergency vehicle, you get unlimited access to all of them.  First
I’ll give you the location to bring them.  If you go to the ramp that takes you
down to the harbor (near Joey’s), go straight and on your left will be a
building with a series of columns.  Pass by this building and make a left, go
straight just a little, until you get in an open area.  If you turn right,
you’ll see a Yankee (truck) and tons of boxes.  In front of the boxes, there
will be a square with yellow and white stripes.  Bring the vehicles there and a
crane will take them away.  You get $1,500 per vehicle.  Bring one of each of
these: a police car (from a police station), a swat van (from the Staunton
station behind the gates, access it by driving a police car through the gates),
an ambulance (from a hospital), a fire truck (from a fire station), and a
barracks OL from the army surplus store in Staunton.  You can get it after
beating the mission “Arms Shortage” for Ray.
Step 2
This part is optional.  If you want to get the wanted level gone after taking
the tank (which is good because you’ll get to keep all the extra weapons from
the rampage), then do this.  In Staunton, take a cop car and kill 20 or so
criminals on a vigilante mission.  After you killed enough, you’ll get a beep
saying that the police bribe is available at your hideout.  You don’t need to do
the mission in a row, just do them.  Even if you don’t care if you escape or
not, it’s good to do this because you’re going to need money to buy the guns
Step 3
You need an FBI car to take to the emergency crane.  There are three ways to get
it, take your pick.  For “A Drop in the Ocean,” you probably think that you
should go to the pay and spray.  However, don’t even think about it.  Avoid the
FBI and drive all the way to Donald’s with the packages.  When you are on his
block, get out and sprint to his doors.  If you did it right, there will be an
FBI car or two near you leaving because your wanted level disappeared.  Walk up
to it, jack it, and floor it!  You can take it to the pay and spray, but don’t
bother, the one star should go away.  Now take it to Portland.
Another way of doing it is by using your hideout and guns.  This costs some
money, but the one explained above doesn’t always work.  First off, get full
health and body armor.  Then buy tons of AK-47 ammo and empty your Staunton
hideout garage.  Right outside of your hideout, shoot people until you get a 2
star rating.  Then, lure the cop cars into your hideout and waste the cops and
the cars.  Eventually you will get a 3 star rating, but don’t worry about the
helicopter, there is cover from it all over your hideout thanks to the
overhanging roof.  Keep wasting cops and people until you get a 5 star rating. 
In a short time you’ll hear the different sirens of the FBI.  If they don’t come
down after a while, lure them in by exposing yourself, but get out of the way
because they will ram you.  After the 4 guys get out, ignore them and get in the
car as fast as possible or you will get wasted.  Speed into the garage, and save
your game.  All the FBI guys will disappear for now.  If you got the police
bribe, get it, go back to save but cancel, get it again, and keep repeating
until your wanted level is gone.  Now take it to Portland.
The last way is to use the same method as the tank.  I don’t know why you’d want
to do this and I’ve never tested it, but I guess it could work.
Step 4
You’re almost ready!  You now need $300,000 to $400,000 to buy all the weapons
you need.  If you got the police bribe, you should pretty much have it.  If
you’ve been collecting hidden packages, you can save money by getting free
weapons at your hideout for every 10 packages.  If you need more money, there is
a small side mission you can do that’s pretty simple for $200,000.  If not,
proceed to step 5.  In Portland harbor, go past that same building with the
stone pillars, make a left, and go straight until you hit a grey building.  Make
a left and when the building ends, turn right.  You’ll be right next to a double
paned blue garage door with a white board next to it.  On the board, there will
be the names of 16 vehicles.  If you bring all those there, you get small change
for the vehicles themselves, $200,000, and access to them whenever you want. 
The Dodo is in the airport, drive it carefully back to Portland by the bridges. 
The flatbed, regular bus, securicar, and trashmaster are all found in Staunton. 
They are rare, but you will find them.  If you see one, take it!  The Mr.
Whoopee is an ice-cream truck.  It is very rare and can only be found normally
in Shoreside.  You can get one from an El Burro mission.  Don’t get the
suitcase, go for the truck (I didn’t check when making this guide, so if it
doesn’t show where the truck is, get the suitcase).  Then take the truck to your
hideout and then fail the mission, waste or bust yourself.  Go back to the
hideout, and the truck will be there.  Also, you can get one by doing fire truck
or vigilante missions, occasionally the vehicle in question is an ice-cream
truck.  Free it and take it.  There is another garage similar like this in
Shoreside, but I haven’t found it yet, you also get $200,000 and all the
Step 5
From now on, be careful.  You will be spending large amounts of money on big
weapons.  Don’t lose them by getting wasted or busted.  Go to the army surplus
store in Staunton and buy 20 to 30 bazooka rounds.  This costs $100,000 or more
and is key for the tank.  Next buy 1,000 or so M-16 rounds, this will come in
handy.  Now go to Ammu-nation and buy body armor, 15 or so grenades, which are
needed to unlock the tank doors, 1,000 AK-47 bullets to use as a backup, and 100
sniper rifle bullets, to cause the wanted level.  Make sure you have full health
and your Staunton hideout garage is empty.  Now SAVE YOUR GAME.  If you mess up,
you’ll still have all your weapons ready to go again.  Drive to Kenji’s casino
(in Southeast Staunton) and move your car out of the way.  Go up the stairs near
the road, and keep climbing, take the set of stairs to your right and you should
be on the roof with the helicopter on it.  By doing this, you won’t have to
worry about anyone shooting you.  Now for the fun part!  Whip out the sniper
rifle and start sniping people as they pass.  Continue this until you get a 3
star rating.  You can keep doing this if you want to increase the level, but at
this time, you need to worry about helicopters.  As the helicopters come, shoot
them down with the bazooka, make sure they’re not too close to you, otherwise
the explosion will hurt you.  Try to conserve as much health as possible for
when you charge the tank.  Anyway, after you shoot a helicopter down, you’ll
some time before another one comes.  In between, snipe more people, and if you
can, waste police and swat vehicles with the M-16.  Basically do anything you
can to get that rating to 6 stars.  Every time helicopters return, shoot them
down, because they will get in the way.  Be careful, because eventually they
will send two helicopters at either 4 or 5 stars.  If for some reason you run
out of bazooka ammo, use the M-16 to shoot the helicopters down, but you
shouldn’t run out.  Once the 6 stars appear, wait for the National Guard to
come, which could take some time.  Remember to shoot helicopters down.  When
you’re sure they arrived, make sure there are no helicopters.  Go down the steps
to the last elevated platform.  There are two, a little lobby area and the
platform with the stairs in front of it.  If the tanks aren’t ramming your
building, but are around the corner and you can see them, fire some M-16 at
them.  If any Barracks OLs come, waste them with the M-16 but be careful, the
explosion can hurt you.  Also, you can be hit by ground fire, so watch out for
that.  You may see cops charging toward you, waste them with the M-16 because
they could get annoying, it may also attract the tanks if they aren’t already
there.  Also, if any helicopters come, go back to the roof and shoot them down. 
Once the tanks are ramming your building, throw a few grenades at each tank you
see, this will flush out the troops inside.  There are 2 in every tank, waste
all of them with the M-16.  Make sure there are no troops left (because they can
waste you or bust you very easily), and the tanks are unmanned.  They will be
unmanned if they aren’t moving at all.  If there is a tank blocking the stairs,
try jumping on it and walking off it.  If you’re stuck, then go back to the roof
for a while and they will disappear and new ones will come, and hopefully won’t
be in the way.  I never had the problem, but it can occur.  Walk up to a tank,
preferably one that is facing the road, but that probably won’t happen.  After
getting in the tank, this is the most key part.  At this point, if you have to
turn around or start going forward, you will have a high chance of getting
busted because the tank is very slow overall.  Just floor it either backwards to
make a U-turn or forward.  You will most likely have to make a backward U-turn
by turning a direction and mashing square to make a full rotation.  Then speed
forward.  Circle fires the main gun.  You don’t have to worry about any cars
because anything the tank touches will explode except other tanks.  There will
be Barracks OL blockades, but don’t worry because you can just blow them up. 
You may also be chased by them, but also don’t worry, if they hit you, they blow
up (.  The only thing you do have to worry about is other tanks, they won’t blow
up when they hit you and just like your tank, they are pretty much invincible. 
Just ignore them and head for your hideout.  When you arrive, stuff it in the
garage (it’ll fit easier than you think).  Then save your game, and ignore
anyone in your hideout.  Now, if you got the police bribe, get it, go in your
hideout and cancel the save, get the bribe again, and repeat until your 6 star
rating magically disappears thanks to your connections in the police.  If you
didn’t get the bribe, you can try getting to the pay and spray, but remember
there will be Barracks and tank blockades.  You can’t touch the tanks or you’ll
die and those Barracks OLs won’t move easily.  Of course the easy way is to get
wasted or busted, but you’ll lose the extra firepower that you didn’t use to get
the tank.  Now carefully drive the tank to the Portland harbor and sell it.  If
you got all the other emergency vehicles, then it will congratulate you and a
bunch of GTA3 icons will appear with the name of all the emergency vehicles
above them.  Take one, get off the stripes, and the crane will give it to you. 
Come back at anytime to get any of the emergency vehicles including the tank.
You now have the tank all the time and you don’t need a cheat code that would
otherwise mess up the game if you saved.
	The tank makes some missions easier and you can do vigilante missions
with the cannon, very fun.  Also, if you’re up to “The Exchange” you can use the
tank and it is a hell of a lot easier.  Before you go in, point the tank north
and make sure you close the door, otherwise the tank will disappear, believe me,
I know!  After you leave the mansion, follow the road, and make a left, you will
end up at the dam where the helicopter is.  Just ram and shoot everything.  When
all the Cartel are dead, (don’t worry about the helicopter’s missiles in the
tank) park next to the tower with the M-16, take it and waste the helicopter.

Thank You Section

I’d like to thank my parents for getting PS2, rock star games for making GTA3,
the greatest game ever, and, which gave me the idea to produce and
release the guide.

Remember, you can email me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.