Grand Theft Auto III Car Database/Guide v1.1
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Grand Theft Auto III Car Database/Guide

by Amack24   Updated to v1.1 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Grand Theft Auto III on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Android version of the game.

Table of Contents:
I. Intro
II. Game information
III. Version History
IV. Car Profiles
V. Preferred cars
VI. Closing
VII. Legal Statement

I know there are a lot of guides out that describe the ability's of the cars in
GTA3, but most of them use a ratings system that's made up and doesn't really
tell you much about the car, it just gives you an idea of its true potential. In
my guide, instead of using a bogus ratings system im gonna give you the flat
truth about each vehicle, and which vehicles are best. I've had the game since
Christmas and beaten it, so ive really had nothing better to do than drive
around, which has given me a great knowledge of each car. Below you will find
out capabilities of each car and usually behaviors, as apposed to an
incomprehensible ratings system. My goal is to make the most useable Car
Database/guide that GTA3 could possibly have.

II.Game Information:
Name:Grand Theft Auto 3
System: Playstation 2
Developer: Rockstar Games
Release: Q4 2001
# of Players: 1

III.Version History:
Version 1.0-Everything standard for each section, nothing special so far, more
to come.
Version 1.1-After playing through the game checking some of the vehicles I
wasn't sure about I found some errors with info on the trucks and vans found in
Portland. Mr.whoppee and BF injection added.

IV.Car Profiles:   (by alphabetical order)


Car class: Rescue vehicle
Real Life comparisons:ambulance
First spotted: Hospitals in all 3 districts
Lo-Down:It's a bulky kind of vehicle, has lots of body roll. But is surprisingly
fast. Takes tons of damage.


Car class: Exotic Sports car
Real life comparisons: Viper, some say it looks like a Miata though??
First Spotted: This car is first useable in Portland by breaking into that used
car sales place next to 8-balls. Appears in other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: Probably the fastest car in the game, a little unstable at high speeds,
tends to love making donuts. If you can control this car it'll be one of your
best friends. It doesn't take much damage though.

Barracks OL

Car class: Military transport
Real Life comparisons: ??? Army transport trucks???
First spotted: Staunton (Phil's surplus)
Lo-Down: This is very similar to the Flatbed, big and slow. It eventually picks
up speed and can put a huge whoopin on other cars. Takes tons of damage. Not
very agile though.


Car Class: Mini-Van
Real life comparisons: Since all mini vans look the same these days, just pick
out your favorite mini van and this is basically what it looks like.
First Spotted: This car is first available in Staunton. Appears in Shoreside as
Lo-Down:  This is a horrible vehicle, I avoid these at all costs. Its extremely
slow, and has very bad body roll. Hardly takes any damage at all before catching
on fire.

BF Injection:

Car Class: Buggy
Real life comparisons: Buggy cars
First Spotted: Hepburn heights-portland. Is available only after you complete
'Sayonara Salvatore' mission. Found from 19:00-24:00 near the El Burro contact
Lo-Down: This car is pretty phat, high top speed and DOES NOT do donut. Only
problem is it has a bad turning radius, nothing the emergency brake cant handle. 
Decent against damage.

Car Class: Pick-up truck
Real life comparisons: It's a basic pick-up truck, doest really look like any
other pick-up trucks on the market today but its still easily spotted in the
First Spotted: Portland. Appears on other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: This truck actually has decent acceleration. Takes quite a beating, but
unfortunately it doesn't handle very well.


Car class: Taxi
Real Life comparisons: none
First spotted: Harwood in Portland after 100 taxi missions.
Lo-Down: This is the 'cabbie' painted burgundy and a lot faster. Its fun to
drive because it wips around turns pretty nicely. I haven't tested its damage
because I've only used it once but it should hold up just like a cabbie.


Car Class: Public Transportation vehicle
Real life comparisons: A school bus, even though this bus comes in a variety of
strange colors.
First spotted: Staunton, near stadium. Pretty rare.
Lo-Down: Just like a regular school bus, very slow, has horrible handling. But
takes a good deal of punishment. Its so rarely seen don't even worry about it.


Car class:Taxi
Real Life comparisons: old school taxi
First spotted: Portland, appears in other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down:its heavy, and big. Takes a lot of damage but not as durable as the
generic taxi. I forgot to mention its kinda slow.

Cartel Cruiser:

Car class: Gang car, SUV
Real Life comparisons: the front of an early 90's ford with the body style of a
chevy avalanche.
First spotted: Portland (in that one mission), and appears regularly in other 2
Lo-Down: This is a very hot truck. It doesn't handle well but can get up some
very nice speeds. Takes a lot of damage.


Car Class: Exotic sports car
Real life comparisons: Ferrari Testerosa
First spotted: Staunton, also appears in Shoreside Vale.
Lo-Down: EXCELLENT CAR!!! Amazing speed and handling capabilities. About as fast
as the Banshee but can handle much better. Doesn't take much damage though.


Car Class: Tour bus
Real life comparisons: Greyhound bus
First spotted: Bus depot near joey's garage in Potland.
Lo-Down: Very similar to the bus in capabilities. Slow, bad handling, but of
course takes massive amounts of damage.

Diablo Stallion:

Car class: Gang car, muscle car
Real Life comparisons: 60's-70's mustangs w/  a flame job and a blower.
First spotted: Portland.
Lo-Down: This is faster than a regular stallion, looks nicer, and sounds better.
Takes the same amount of damage (medium amount).


Car class: LCPD law enforcement
Real Life comparisons: SWAT Van
First spotted: Staunton police station (back parking lot)
Lo-Down: This is like your regular SWAT van, its parked in the back of the
Staunton police department, or it will chase you when you have a 3star wanted
level. Surprisingly fast, takes lots of damage. Doesn't take turns too well.


Car class: Luxury
Real Life comparisons: Looks a lot like older Caddys.
First spotted: Portland, appears in other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: Some people don't really like this car, but I love it. Its not that
fast nor does it handle good but it looks really hot and takes a good amount of
punishment for a car. It has sloppy handling, but that's what makes this car
enjoyable, you can wip its large body around turns with amazing style if you
know what your doing. Its certainly a challenge to drive correctly, but if you
can outrun the cops in this, you know you're a pro.

FBI Car:

Car class: FBI sedan
Real Life comparisons: Taurus or intrepid painted black and used for the FBI.
First spotted: Staunton when you get a 5 star wanted level.
Lo-Down: This car is never found parked. You should hope that you never see it
infact. Unless your obsessed with driving one, you probably wont ever drive one
either. But its really fast but gets unstable at high speeds. Takes decent
amounts of damage. Not an impressive car though.


Car class: fire truck
Real Life comparisons: fire truck
First spotted: the city's 3 fire departments.
Lo-Down: This thing is incredibly hard to turn but can get to decent speeds and
mow over anything in its way.  Takes lots of damage.


Car class: Cargo truck??
Real Life comparisons:none
First spotted: Staunton, near the stadium. Very rare.
Lo-Down: This is very rare, it looks a lot like the Barracks OL, and in fact,
you usually cant tell them apart until you get into it and it says what it is.
This is a very slow vehicle, but makes up for it with a brutal wrecking force,
when this thing gets going oncoming cars are its breakfast.

Hoods Rumpo XL:

Car class: gang car, full size van.
Real Life comparisons: a vandalized full size van.
First spotted: Shoreside vale.
Lo-Down:This is a great vehicle. Its much faster than the regular rumpo, handles
extremely well, and takes lots of damage.


Car class: Economy car
Real Life comparisons: compares to the Oldsmobile Cutlass.
First spotted: Portland.
Lo-Down: Nothing special at all.  Not very fast and doesn't take much damage.
But a balanced car. I have nothing against these cars but it is nothing special
at all.


Car class: Exotic sports car
Real Life comparisons: mix between an NSX and a Corvette.
First spotted: Staunton, Appears in Shoreside Vale as well.
Lo-Down: This car is easily recognized by its huge spoiler in the back. Its very
fast but like the banshee tends to be unstable at high speeds. Does enjoy donuts
as much as the banshee though. Doesn't take much punishment.


Car class: Economy sedan
Real Life comparisons: Taurus or intrepid.
First spotted: Portland, appears in other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: This is an all-around average car. Nothing incredibly good about it,
but nothing bad either. Average speed, average damage, average handling.


Car class: SUV
Real Life comparisons: Land Rover or Land Cruiser.
First spotted: Staunton, also appears in Shoreside.
Lo-Down: This SUV is pretty fast and takes an above average amount of damage.
But as tremendous body roll and does not handle AT ALL.


Car Class: Tractor Trailer
Real life comparisons: Mack truck
First spotted: Portland, appears on other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: This is your basic tractor trailer, slow but once it gets going it's a
force to be reckoned with. Since this doesn't have the trailer attached handling
is a bit easier then in real life but I would advise entering a race with this

Mafia Sentinel:

Car class: gang car, luxury sedan
Real Life comparisons: BMW 5 or 7 series in grey.
First spotted: Portland
Lo-Down: This car has a high top speed and is pretty quick, it cant quite
compete with the exotic's in this game but out of everything else its one of the
best. Takes medium amounts of damage and handles very well.


Car class: Compact (economy)
Real Life comparisons: early 90's Chryslers look a lot like this.
First spotted: Portland, appears on other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: This is a very un-useful car.  It can handle pretty good actually but
is very slow. The main problem with this is that it barely gets a dent on it
when it starts to catch on fire. Be careful with this one.


Car class: mini van
Real Life comparisons: Chevy Astro, or GMC Safari
First Spotted:Portland
Lo-Down: This is 1 of the 2 mini vans found in the game. Looks a lot different
than the blista. Doesn't have quite as much body roll as the blista but isn't
much different. Somewhat slow, not a Boxster when it comes to handling. Takes
medium amounts of damage.

Car Class: Ice Cream truck
Real life comparisons: Ice cream truck
First Spotted: Portland, Staunton -Very VERY rare-
Lo-Down: This is an extremely rare vehicle and Ive played GTA3 more then 60
hours, and I have only seen it on the streets once. The easiest way to apprehend
it is to do firetruck missions and eventually you'll have to put out the fire on
one of these, then you steal it. It's slow, and handles badly. I seriously
wouldn't know how much damage it could take but probably a lot. If you press the
L3 button, it'll play the ice cream song for you!

Car class: Delivery truck
Real Life comparisons: bread van, chips van (you know the trucks that deliver
the food to your store)
First spotted: Portland
Lo-Down: This is a basic delivery truck, out of the 3 that are found in the
game, this is the smallest, has the front end of a moonbeam or rumpo. A little
faster than the other delivery trucks. Still pretty slow though, doesn't handle
well. Takes slightly more than average damage.


Car class: SUV
Real Life comparisons: Hummer 1
First spotted: Portland, appears in other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: This is the most durable vehicle in the game.  For such a big truck it
has great speed capabilities, and handles very nicely. Takes massive amounts of
damage. Excellent for exploring areas that could have some sticky side effects.


Car class: Station wagon
Real Life comparisons: older station wagons
First spotted: Portland (I don't think you see it anywhere else)
Lo-Down: This is a pretty lame car. Its slow and tends to handle badly. Takes
medium amount of damage. It's a below average vehicle, stay away from it if you
want any kind of car to withstand the elements of Liberty city.

Police Car:

Car class: LCPD law enforcement
Real Life comparisons: police car
First spotted: Portland, appears in 2 other islands as well.
Lo-Down: Pretty fast. This car handles decently but there's no way to legally
apprehend it (not that that should stop you). Takes a good beating before giving


Car class: Full size van
Real Life comparisons: Chevy or Ford full size van.
First spotted: Portland
Lo-Down: Looks a lot like the Rumpo but this has distinctive indents in the body
of it. Not as speedy as the rumpo, but takes more damage. None of these handle
particularly well.


Car class: Full size van
Real Life comparisons: ford or chevy full size van
First spotted: Portland, appears in other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: This is pretty much identical to the Pony. The only difference is that
this has a small window on the side of it(in the back). Its faster than the pony
and handles better, but doesn't take as much damage.


Car class: Luxury sedan
Real Life comparisons: BMW 5 series, BMW 7 series
First spotted: Staunton and Shoreside vale.
Lo-Down: This is a nice ride. Its not as good as its mafia counterpart but once
you make it too Staunton theres not much motivation to go to the mafia's side of
town anymore. Its got decent speed, and handles pretty well. Withstands medium
amounts of damage.


Car class: Muscle car
Real Life comparisons: 60's-70's mustangs
First spotted: Portland, appears in other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down:This car while it looks good, spins out like crazy and isn't that quick.
Has a very high top speed but its hard to get there, and takes medium amounts of


Car class: Exotic sports car
Real Life comparisons: MRS-Spyder, Porsche Boxster (S)
First spotted: Staunton, Shoreside vale.
Lo-Down: This is the best handling of any of the exotics. It looks EXACTLY like
a MRS-Spyder but that's not as commonly known as the Boxster so for people who
haven't seen the spyder just look for a mid-engine sports car similar to a
boxster. Its still fast but this car is special for its handling. Good for


Car class: Taxi
Real Life comparisons: Taxi
First spotted: Portland, appears in other 2 islands as well.
Lo-Down: this is a decent car with all around good stats. Theres 2 variations,
one with the taxi sign facing horizontally so u can read it and the other facing
vertically on the top of the car so you cant read it. This car is pretty good
even though I personally don't like being seen around the city with it.


Car class: Garbage vehicle
Real Life comparisons: your local garbage truck
First spotted: Portland, appears in other 2 islands as well. (AT NIGHT)
Lo-Down: what can I say? Its very very slow, bad turning radius. But a brick
house. Not very useful because its so scarcely seen.

Triad Fish van:

Car class: gang car, delivery truck
Real Life comparisons: a delivery truck painted blue with the triad fish company
logo painted on it.
First spotted: Portland
Lo-Down: Much like the other delivery trucks like this in the game, its pretty
much useless. Takes lots of damage but doesn't handle well and is very slow.

Yakuza Stinger:

Car class: gang car, exotic sports car.
Real Life comparisons: MRS spyder or boxster.
First spotted: Staunton
Lo-Down: this is a very good car, slightly faster than a regular stinger, but
everything else is the same. Handles very very nicely. It is white in the front
and red in the back, with a spoiler as well.


Car class: Delivery truck
Real Life comparisons: bread van, chips van.
First spotted:Portland.
Lo-Down: Looks like its  counterpart (mule). This is the bigger of the two,
actually has the front of a large truck, where the mule has the front end of a
van. Slow, bad handling, has a decent speed for a truck of that size. Avoid it
unless your just hitching a ride and plan to get a better car.

Yardie lobo:

Car class: gang car 
Real Life comparisons: go to snoop dogs house and you'll probably find one.
First spotted: Staunton
Lo-Down: this is basically an Idaho, painted burgundy with a off white rag top.
Its fast than the Idaho though, much. It doesn't handle very well but I still
love this car. Use the right analog stick to operate the hydros on it. Takes
medium amounts of damage.

V. Preferred Cars:

In this section I will just give a run-down on what vehicles are the best when
you get to each island, and what you should keep in your garages.

When your in Portland it doesn't really matter about what you keep in your
garage because It only holds one car. Usually I always would drive the mafia
sentinel, Diablo stallion, or the patriot. Those are good for many of the
missions too.

Once you get to Staunton you can keep 2 cars in your garage. The exotic cars are
found in abundance on this island, it isn't a bad idea to use any of them. The
yakuza stinger is always a good choice too.  Test out the yardie lobo if you
want 2 see its hydros. The patriot is always a strong choice throughout the
entire game so stick with that if that's you style. When you do Rays last
mission you'll get a bulletproof patriot which you can use as much as you want
but make certain it always returns to your garage.

For Shoreside, no new vehicles really appear. This garage holds 3 cars though so
choose wisely. If you liked the patriot you'll probably like the hoods rumpo XL.

(1 tip: if you have a car that doesn't do turns that well, or you need to
maintain a high speed going around the corner, use the emergency brake and keep
presin the x button. This keeps the rpm's up so when u let go your at full
throttle. )

VI. Closing:

I hope this guide helped you. If you were looking for information on the
bulletproof cars use the guides for them on If you have any
questions or things for me too add you can email me (only if its relevant, and
please say something so I know its about this FAQ, in the topic, or else ill
delete it.)    my AIM is rideordie244. but if you find it
necessary to instant message me please tell me that you read my FAQ and that you
have a question when you first IM me or else I'll probably just ignore you.

VII: Legal Statement:

Copyright 2002   Amack24.     this guide is sole property to Adam Macklin. Only
the following websites have legal rights to post my guide: gamefaqs, IGN, &
Neoseeker. If you would like to put my guide on your site or use parts of it,
just email me.