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This walkthrough was originally written for Grand Theft Auto III on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Android version of the game.
Document is done by Shane Nolan 2002
2.Liberty City 
4.Tips etc.    

5.(i)Portland  (vi)Eight-Ball  (xi)Portland Packages
 (ii)Luigi    (vii)Marty                           
(iii)Joey    (viii)El Burrro    
 (iv)Toni      (ix)RC Toyz                    
  (v)Salvatore  (x)4x4           

6.(i)Stauton Island   (vi)King Courteny
 (ii)Asuka Kase       (vii)RC Toyz
 (iii)Kenji Kasen     (viii)4x4
 (iv)Ray Makchowski   (ix)Stauton Island Package
 (v)Donald Love      
7 (i)Shortside Vale   (vi)D-Ice
 (ii)Donald Love     (vii)RC Toyz
(iii)Asuka Kasen    (viii)Shortside Vale Packages
 (iv)Ray Makchowski
12.Hidden Packages Prizes
14.Special Thanks

01/01/02+05:30:29=Can't sleep and it's very cold (and icy) here in Ireland so I
did nothing but write this damn thing.God please.Got locked outside at 11.40 and
managed to jimmy the door open with a knife just in tim for midnight.And they
say computer games don't teach us anything.Couldn't go any pubs because of the
icy roads and was worried about this stupid Euro thing(which is why i am
here).Anyway just finished writing about Toni's missions(God when will i ever
start writing about Stauton Island).Why the hell am I talking about the Euro so
much?God theres nothing on tv.

03 January 2002+1:18:57=God let me sleep!!!!I am sick of this game.

2002-01-10+19:45:04=Ahh! Back to school.Less time to complete this.I haven't
even finished Asuka's 3rd missions on this walkthrough.

I Oreo am posting this Walkthrough with my free will.GTA3 and anything to do
with it is copyright of Rockstar Games and DMA design.
This is my work and cant be copied or posted in a site I don't want it to be in
without my permission.Contact me at
for questions concerning GTA3.

2(i).Liberty City
Grand Theft Auto is set in Liberty City which is composed of three
sectors,Portland,Stauton Island and Shortside Vale.It is were crime
is rampent in the forms of corruption,prostotution,protection,robbery,arson you
name it.In each sector there are different gangs.The city i think is based on
New York and there are nine radio stations which take a satirical look at real
life stations.Also in each sector there are different hideouts,sights and
vehicals unique to each area.

These will help you regain you health back to 100.

Blue circles with stars.They bring your wanted level down by one star.They cost
you $800

Will prevent your health from depleating quickly.

First these will cause you to slow down for a while.Then you speed up!They are
circles with a white and red pill.

For every ten of these you get another weapon will be found at your hideout.

These are secret missions.They are circles with  a white skull
They are 20 and finishing all of them will give you $1,000,000.

Very good weapon and can kill a person quickly and silently although it can
still alert the cops.Find it at the hideouts or from gang members.

Stronger weapon yet still takes a few shots.You can get in Ammu-Nation or get it
from police cars.It'll kill someone with six shots but you can use it while

Very rare.They are only found when you get into a police car and exit to get 5
bullets.But it is a very powerful gun.When you use it the bullets spread out to
kill the maximum targets.A single shot is all it takes to kill saomeone and 3
shots to blow up your average car.

Rapid fire pistol that eats away ammo yet lets you do drive-by shootings when in
a vehicle.Can also be used when running.

Very,very,very powerful.Use L1 to use a crossair to aim.Can take out a car in
seconds with its rapid firing.

Very good weapon except you cant move when using although it has better accuracy
than the Uzi.

This is a great explosive that can do serious damage.Picked up by homeless
men(People in red hats grey/green clothes)they can be thrown farther by holding
the circle button.When they hit the ground fire spreads out setting any thing
near on fire.Don't use narrow places.

Found only in Ammu-Nation.Same as the MOLOTOV COCKTAILS  but less damage.The
longer you hold the circle button the farther it will go.Not as good the pipe

The coolest weapon in the game.Heavy but you set people on fire and even
cars.Won't let you run but this is good as you can sometimes set yourself on

The best of the best.You can blow up pretty much anything with this that
include,cars,trucks,aeroplanes and even police helicopters.

This weapon will kill anyone with one shot no matter where you shoot them.Used
mainly for asassinations you can zoom in with the square button and zoom out
with the X button.Shoot them in the head to see some blood spurt out.   

4.Tips etc.
Pick up a prostitute by parking near her in an ordinary vehicle.Then take to a
queit alley eg.your hideout...for "action" which you give her money for
energy.You can reach a health of 125.
Whenever you destroy a vehicle,get "wasted" or "busted" you lose $1,000.
There are ramps all over the city.Speed up them to perform stunts or flips in
order to get money.
After the first 2 missions when you steal a cop car,taxi,fire truck and
ambulence press R3 to turn mini-games on and off.
You can go to Francis International Airport in Shortside Vale to steal an
aeroplane(Luckily there are no passengers onboards.)
Avoid the cops as much as you can.
In Stauton Island go to the roof of Kenji's Casino and you can kill anyone you
want from here without being killed or busted by the police.
When chased by the cops get "bribes" these are stars in a blue circle  and will
decrease your wanted level.
Listen to the radio,Chatterbox has hilarious ads and sometimes people like
Toni,Maria and Misty will call in.
When you get the Uzi you be able to do drive by shootings.When driving hold
either L2 or R2 and fire.
Experiment.Remember in Liberty City anything is legal.
Collect the hidden packages for money and prizes.
Here's an idea.Attach a bomb to a car in 8-Balls place and drive to
Chinatown.Arm the bomb and don't move the car.Wait for the car to be stolen by a
Triad gangmember then RUN AWAY!
Exercise by running alot.The more you get tired the longer you can run later on.
You will be given $125.00 when you send a vehicle into the car crusher.
When the subway opens you can drive down to it and drive through the tunnel.
When you finish Asuka's first mission you can find the B7 Injection in Hepburn
Heights next to the phone.
Try and do the Firefifghter missions in Portland before attempting Asuka's first
mission in Stauton Island,because after killing Salvaltore will cause angry
mafia soldiers to swarm St.Marks.
Start a fight with Triads,mafia men or Diablos to start fight which you are not
You can get the Mr.Whopee(ice cream van)when playing firefighter.
Shoot the moon at night time with the sniper rifle to change it's size.After
finishing "UZI DRIVER" the Diablos will become angry.
After finishing "TAKING OUT THE LAUNDRY"stay away from Chinatown.
I will list all the cars special to each area.
Whatever car you drive around the place a car of the same class will be driven
by the computer.
This is the Industrial sector of Liberty City.Go down the dock or visit 8-Balls
yard to crush cars.Stay away from Chinatown as it is full of Triads.At
night-time the Red Light District is full of hookers(just if you want).Despite
the Triads and Diablos Portland is controlled by the Mafia.Here you will be
offered jobs by the Leone family.The sicilian family is strict and kills anyone
who gets in their way and use nightclubs and restaurants as their front.

Diablo Staillon  Bobcat    B7 Injection  Mule
Mr.Whopee        Pony      Perinnial     Yankee
Thrashmaster     Rumpo     Manna
Mafia Sentinal   Moonbeam  Coach

When you start jump straight into the car and you will see a red blip on the
radar.That's your Hideout drive there quickly and you and 8-Ball will change
clothes.Drive outside and get to Lugi's Sex Club Seven.Park at the blue
stop-point to meet Luigi Goterelli.

Luigi owns his own club in the Red Light District althought he isn't exactly
important in the mafia world he does help you climb up the scale.Because he owns
his own club he is the main pimp in Portland.

Mission 2:"LUIGI'S GIRL"
Luigi wants you to pick up his main girl Misty from the Clinic.
First steal a car,any car and as quickly as you reach the Sweeny General
Hospital in Portland View.Misty is the green dot,pick her up and head back to
Luigi's.Park outside and wait till she goes inside.

It seems one of the Diablos are selling a new drug to Luigi's girls.
First get the baseball bat in front of the Sex Club Seven then go to Portland
Harbour near Trenton.There you will find a dealer with the girls.Get out and
kill him.Steal his car and drive to the Pay 'n' Spray near Luigi's in
Portland.Then drive to the garage on the radar and park it there.Then leave.

Take any car you want and drive over to the small park in Hepburn Heights.Park
the car in the blue marker and beep the horn.Misty will get into the car and
straight away you are to drive to Joey's Garage in Trenton.Drop her off and
return to Luigi's.

After Luigi's speech go to Ammu-Nation and walk out to the back to find the
Handgun.Get into a car and try to get to the moving blip on the radar.Keep
crashing into the car and they will comee out.Keep driving over them because
they both have shotguns.When they're dead collect the weapons etc.

Mission 6:"THE FUZZ BALL"
Luigi wants you to bring as much girls to the old school near Chinatown.You have
time limit so be quick.You only need to get four.Best get a cab or another car
with enough room for three girls
in the back pick them up and drop them off.The more you get the more money you
receive.Remember if you accidently kill one of them it's mission failed.

Joey works in his garage in Trenton and usually hangs around his girlfriend
Misty.All of the missions involve using cars in order to pass them.   

It seems the Forelli Brothers haven't been paying back their money
Take your and quickly drive to Marco's Bistro at St.Marks.Be quick a you have
five minutes to do this.Steal his car and bring to 8-Balls Auto Shop to attach a
bomb to it.Remember be careful as the car can't get damaged or else you'll have
to go to the Paint 'n' Spray.Park back at the restaurant and press the circle
button to arm the bomb.Exit the car and run away.

When you reach Chinatown you will find a pedestrian street,blocked off to
vehicals.Look for him and follow him down the alleyway.Get into his car and run
him over.

Mission 3:"VAN HEIST"
When Joey stops yapping get a duarable vehicle like the Bus in the Trenton Bus
Stop near the docks.Now chase the red dot and make you hit it hard.If the police
notice you shake them off and then repeat this till it's armour is gone.Steal it
and bring it to a garage in Portland Harbour.

Joey wants you to drive a friend of his to Mr.Wongs Launderette in
Chinatown.When that is done some Triads will come out so quickly drive up to
Momma's Restaurant.Return here for some jobs later.

Joey says he's killed on of the Ferellie's brothers and placed the corpse in the
trunk of a car at the .When you get to the car  enter and as this happens the
other Ferellie brothers will start to ram into you.Avoid them and drive the car
to 8-Balls Autoyard in Harwood.Park it next to the crusher on the grey/brown
patch.Get out of the car to finish the mission.

Mission 6:"THE GETAWAY"
Remember you can only start this mission between 6am and 2pm.
Joey wants you to bring some friends of his to the bank in Chinatown.First find
the guys and make sure you have a fast,duarable car that also has enough seats
for three robbbers.Next bring them to the bank and after a while they will come
out with two stars on your legality level.Drive quickly to the Paint 'n'
Spray.After you lose the cops return to their hideout in St.Marks.

(iii).Toni Cipriani:
You find Toni at his Mothers Reastaurant in the north of Portland.He is the main
man for extortion and protection in Chinatown.But because of the new arrival of
the Triads he gets mad and sends you out on some of the hardest missions in

Toni wants you destroy laundry vans belonging to the Triads.First go to 8-Balls
Autoyard to get grenades.Then get a car and then park the car in front of one of
the vans.Don't crash into them or else the will speed away.Steal their vehicle
and bring it to the car crusher in 8-Balls Autoyard.Do this with all three to
finish the mission.

Mission 2:"THE PICK UP"
Toni leaves you a letter as it seems like there is more trouble with the
Triads.When you reach the blip you will find yourself in a small alleyway behind
Mr.Wongs Launderette.Pick up the money and pairs of Triads will surround you.Get
into the car and drive over them.Get out and steal the Triad Fish Van and kill
the remaining gangstars.

Straight away when you start the mission,drive to Joey's to pick up the stretch
limo.Then drive to Luigi's and park outside his club.Honk the horn and drive
towards Momma's Restaurant to pick up Toni.As that happens Triad Fish Vans will
come hurtling towards you.Drive up the slope and look for two vans blocking a
dirt path.Get past them and follow the path and park the limo in the garage.

*****************Finish Salvantores 1st mission and return to Toni***

First take a Triad Fish Van to the green blip in Trenton.Enter the compound and
kill the Triad warlord.You must then kill the other two both in Chinatown and
make sure you have armour.

Mission:"BLOW FISH"
Go straight to 8-Balls to get the huge Thrashmaster.Be careful because once you
get inside the bombs countdown starts and make sure you don't damage it too
much.Drive to the Belly Up Mackeral Factory  in Trenton and park it inbetween
the two gas canisters and stel one of the vans and leggar it.

(iv).Salvaltore Leone:            
The founder and leader of the Leone Family.He is a tough man to please as he
tries to rid Portland of the Colombian Cartel (because of their production of
SPANK)and is married to Maria who is a young goldigger who has a crush on
you(the plot thickenes).

Mission 1:"CHAPERONE"
Hey Salvatore wants you to bring his girl Maria for a spin around the town.First
drive the limo to Red Light District and park near Maria's "friend" Chico.He has
a short talk with her and then tells her about a party at the Atlantic
Quays.After she goes in the FBI arrive and you must then wait for her in order
to return her to Salvatore's Mansion.

Straight away head towards Luigi's and hide at the double-sectionend road beside
it.When the "spook meter" arrives stay a fair distance behind the taxi he is
in.When you both reach Portland Harbour.A cut-scene will follow.Hmm...i've seen
her before.Then run over Curly to receive your money.
Mission 3:"BOMB DA BASE"
Take a car to 8-Balls andget out and visit him twice.If you have $100,000 you
receive the sniper rifle.Drive to Portland Harbour and park in the marker.See
the red dot on the radar.Follow it and go up the stairs and continue up the
stairs,jump on the roof and place yourself on the dot.Take out the
rifle,aim,zoom and shoot all the guards aboard the ship starting with the two at
the bottom.Shoot the red gas tanks to the left to kill the guards behind.

Salvaltones asked you to pick up a truck parked near Luigi's and take it to the
car crusher.just before you reach it Maria will reach your pager telling you
it's a trap and that the car has a bomb attached to it.Go to Red Light District
and go into the tunnel before Greasy Joes Diner.Park in the blue marker to meet
Maria and her old friend Asuka.When in the Reefer drive to the blue marker in
Stauton Island.When you get in a car a news broadcast will announce that the
Callaghan Bridge is repaired.
**************RETURN TO PORTLAND*************************************
                (v) Marty Chonks
Found at the Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory in Trenton near Joey's.Answer the phone
between 9am and 6pm during the day.

Mission 1:"THE CROOK"
Enter the nearby gates and enter the car.Drive to Red Light District Bank and
his bank manager.Pick him up and drive back to the factory and drop him off.Take
the car to 8-Balls Autoyard and park the car next the car crushers.

Mission 2:"THE THIEVES"
Go into the gates and get into the car and drive to the Red Light District.Pick
up the two thieves and drop them off at the factory.
Take the car to the Paint 'n' Spray and drop it back off at the factory.

Mission 3:"THE WIFE"
Drive the car to Chinatown and pick up his wife.Bring her to the factory and
then drop her off.Go to Portland Harbour and park the car next the ocean.Steal a
nearby van ram the car into the sea.

Mission:"HER LOVER"
Drive again to the dot and pick up the man.Take him to the factory to find Marty
outside.He is then killed.Drive over "the lover" and pick up the weapons.

                (vi)El Burro.
You can find your meeting point in the small park in Hepburn Heights.
El Burro of the Diablos wants you for some jobs.

Mission 1:"TURISMO"
You must race three Diablo members in cheetahs across Portland.You must pass
through 18 checkpoints and be the first to finish.Drive in the Yakuza Stinger
from Stauton Island or from the vigilante missions.

When you start this mission go to Harwood and find the briefcase containing the
bomb.Then chase the ice cream van.Steal it and go to the mafia base at the
Atlantic Ocean.Park the car press L3 to activate the jingly tune which will make
the mobstars to come out.Get out and hide behind the wall and wait for them to
stand beside the van and then press O to detonate the bomb!

Mission 3:"TRIAL BY FIRE"
Before starting this mission pick up a prostitute to get maximum health.Then get
armour and drive to Chinatown and collct the flamethrower in an alleyway in a
building with a sign with the Rockstar logo.Then you have to set fire to 25
triads(Men wearing blue clothes).

Mission 4:"BIG 'N' VEINY"
Enter the blue truck and the collect all the magazines around Portland.Each one
adds 2 seconds to your time limit.Then return then go to Portland Harbour to
kill the driver.Return the magazines to the adult magazine bookstore.

                   (vii)RC TOYZ
RC TOYZ are mini-games.One is found oppisite Momma's Restaurant in St.Marks.The
second one is found in Hepburn Heights near the phone.
You get $1,000 for every car you destroy if you get a new record.
In the first you must destroy as much mafia sentenils as you can.In the second
you must destroy as much diablo stallions as possible.

                    (viii) 4X4
Enter the Patriot at the Supa Save Store in Portland View.
Get to Portland Beach and start picking up the packages to get $30,000.

                 (ix)Portland Hidden Packages:
            There are 33 Hidden Packages here.
01-Drive on the white pavement that stretches across Red Light 
   District.You'll find it at the end near the tunnel that leads to 
   Staton Island and Shortside Vale.

02-Use the ramp in Chinatown to get onto the L-train track.Stay on
   the middle track and when you reach Harwood drop onto the Head
   Head Radio Studio.You can use the car to get a flamethrower on the 

01-Use a car to jump onto the wall surrounding the Amco Gas Station.
   walk along it and drop onto the black shed.Jump over to the roof.

02-Go inside the Easy Auto Shop.It is beside the banshee.

03-Drive into the tunnel beside 8-Balls Auto Shop leading to Portland

04-In one of the sections of grass in the long tunnel near Momma's

05-Near the building facing the potholes.

06-In a small car-park behind the Amco Gas Shop.

07-Find the street with the potholes.Go behind the
   building under construction(to your right if you are
   coming from the Auto Shop).You'll find on one of the

08-Go back onto the potholes take aright and enter a small park
   again to your right when the road starts to curve you should
   see a cab in font of green grass.Follow the walkway to find it.

Portland Beach:
01-To the left of Salvatore's mansion.

02-On a small cliff ledge near Salvatore's mansion.Drive down to the     

Red Light District:
01-Look for the Rush Construction Company.Crash through the glass.
   You'll find it the at the Red Light District/Chinatown border.

02-Go to the back of Luigi's Sex Club Seven and go up the stairs.

03-Go back up to the top of Sex Club Seven and jump to the next
   building.Look for it here.

04-Look for an alleyway separating two buildings oppisite Luigi's and
   go up the stairs.There is a rampage icon here.

05-Remember where you left Portland with Asuka and Maria?Go back here
   with the speed boat and get onto the rocky island to the right of
   the jetty.

01-Use a car to knock down the wire mesh gate in front Joey's Garage.

02-Inside the gates of the Bitch 'n' Dog Food Factory.

03-Get on the L-Train again in a car.Drive to Trenton and drop onto
   the roof of the Liberty City Pharmaceutical.

04-Find the ramp oppisite Joey's Garage and land on the building.Jump
   into the yard of the Sawmill.Get onto the roof.

05-Steal a triad fish van and go to their factory near the Quays.It
   yellow path going into the dark.

Portland Harbour:
01-Get to the roof where you killed the guards on the ship and jump
   onto the garage roof where you brought the van to in "VAN HEIST"
   opposite where the ship was.

01-Remember in "TRIAL BY FIRE"?Go up the stairs next to the place
   where you got the flamethrower.

02-Down the alley next to Hong Hung Inc.

03-Down an alleway behind Roast Peking Duck

04-Go down into the Portland Subway.You'll find it in the bathrooms.

Hepburn Heights:
01-You'll find this at two tall buildings,like the ones at the phone
   where you contact El Burro.It is near the Head Radio Studio.

02-In between small bushes next to the phone where you contact El

03-From there go across the Red Light District road to a slope.Amogst
   the foliage and trees is another package.

Callahan Point:
01-Behind the Turtle Head Fish Co.Where the "Rampage" icon is.It is
   near the Calllahan Bridge at the boundry into Chinatown.It's
   opposite the Old School Hall.

02-Jump onto the ledge with the pisto on the Callahan Bridge.Follow
   it and drop into the yard of the Power Plant.

Callahan View:
01-On the roof of the Supa Save Shop.Go to the top of St.Marks and 
   find the steps leading to the L-train track and jump onto the

                6.Stauton Island
Stauton Island.The big bucks,the big cars the most dangerous part of Liberty
City.Many places to see include casino's,the carpark,the construction site,the
Liberty Memorial Coliseum,the FBI building and City Hall.The cars consist of
jeeps,sports cars and vans.This part of the city is controlled mainly by Yakuza
a group of japanese terrorists and rival gangs including the Colombiun Cartel
and the Uptown Yardies.

Cheetah   Yakuza Stinger  Securicar      FBI Car
Flatbed   Yardie Lobo     Blista         Enforcer
Infernus  Banshee         Cartel Cruiser
Stinger   Flatbed         Barrack OL
                6(i)Asuka Kasen
Asuka is millionare member of the Yakuza terrorist organization.She and Maria
will be staying a her condo near your hideout.Her organization literally run
Stauton Island the cops,the banks you name it.M9ost of there members are wealthy
Japanese and consider the Mafia a pain in the a@*.

When you start the mission steal the yakuza stinger and drive to Callahan
Bridge.When in Portland drive quickly to the Sex Club Seven(Luigi's place).Get
to the stairs mentioned in hidden package No.4 of the Red light District.Go up
and when there walk up the slope and face Luigi's club.Take the sniper rifle and
zoom in on the entrance to the club.When Salvatore comes shoot him and then his
guards.Take their weapons and return to Asuka's Condo.

During the cut-scene you will meet Asuka's brother Kenji.Go to him later.Asuka
wants you kill several mafia guards sent to assasinate her.First go to
Ammu-Nation for rifle ammo.Follow the blue blips.When you get to some of them in
Liberty City Park stay away from the park(behind them)and clean them.Another
pair are parked in a black van.Ram into until they come out and run over
them.Next you should find 3 pairs opossite Kenji's Casino.Climb to the roof and
use the rifle again to finish them off.

                (ii)Kenji Kasen:
Kenji Kasen is Asuka's brother and dear friend of Donald Love.He usually hangs
out at his casino.

Kenji wants you to get one of his friends from the police.Steal a cop a car and
drive to 8-Balls Autoshop in Newport,rig the car with a bomb and drive to the
Police Station in Torrington and park the car next to the entrance,arm the bomb
and exit it.Enter the nearby Enforcer.The guy will then get into the vehicle
after the car explodes.Drive down the tunnel to the right to find a police
Then find another vehicle and steal it.Drive to Newport,into the Paint 'n' Spray
and then to the Hyaku Dojo near Torringon.

                (vi)King Courteny:    
You will find the phone in Aspartia.King Courteny is the co-leader of the Uptown
Yardies.He has a few jobs for you.

Reward:$1,000 per checkpoint
Get a fast car like the Cheetah,Stinger or Yakuza Stinger.
Answer the phone and start your wheels(cheat because your allowed)
and drive to each of the blue blips before the other racers do.Make sure you get
at least 9 or more.

Mission 2:"UZI RIDER"
Some of the Diablos have been hassilng Queen Lizzy.When you answer the phone two
Yardies will drive up to you and force you inside.Don't leave it or they will
waste you so drive to the Underground Tunnel in Rockford.When you reach Portland
drive to Hepburn Heights.Then start performing drive-by shootings.You have to
kill 10 and if your legality level riseslose the cops by going to the Paint 'n'
Spray nearby.Then return to Stauton Island and park at the red blip.

Now you have to get a Yakuza Stinger,a Diablo Staillon and a Mafia Sentinal in
mint condition.Drive to Asuka's condo and pick up the
Yakuza Stinger.Drive to the garage(be careful not to wreck it).When thats done
get to Portland and drive the Supa Save Shop and steal the Patriot.Get to the
harbour,drive to the beach and drive up the slope and continue on without
reaching St.Marks.Drive o Salvatore's Mansion and steal the cars.Then drive to
the garage in Newport.Go back to Portland and get a Diablo Staillion in Hepburn
Heights and return to the garage.

                (ix)Stauton Island Packages:
              There is about 36 packages here. 
01-Walk around the back of th Army Surplus opposite the Stadium.

02-Go to the Stadium and you'll find it at the entrance at the top of
   the stairs.

03-Again at the Stadium.You'll find it among the grass surrounding
   it,behind some billboards.

04-Steal a Cartel Cruiser and go to the closed gate near the King 
   Courteny contact point.From your hideout take two lefts and one
   right.It's to your left.

05-In the small area in the Fire Station.

01-You'll find this on the roof of the Hospital.Steal the ambulance
   and park next to the entrance jump onto it and then onto the roof.

Liberty Campus:
01-Opposite the Construction site is the St. Mathis University.Look
   for the package at the back entrance.

Fort Stauton:
01-Go to the constrution site with the blue struture.Go into the
   concrete building and find a strairs.It's in a room opposite the
   heart and armour.

02-Go to the bridge with curved girders near the Rockford Tunnel.Walk onto the
curved top and walk onto the middle girder.

01-Go to garage opposite the Paint 'n' Spray which is behind the
   Multi-Storey Carpark.

02-Go inside the Multi-Storey Carpark.You'll find it on the 2nd floor 
   beside one of the ramps. 

Belleville Park:
01-Get onto the Shortside Vale Bridge and when it starts to bend run
   and jump onto the roof of a building where a brown wall meets a
   grey wall.

02-Go into the tunnel under the Shortside Vale Bridge.You'll find it 
   behind a column at the North dead end.

03-Go to Liberty City Park and look for it under a curved bridge.

04-In Liberty City Park look for another package in a basketball
   court near the "RIDE IN THE PARK" mission.

There are two import/export garages.Both let you bring a specific car to the
garage and get any car you want.This is the one in Portland Harbour.It is best
to bring them one by one.Park them under the crane.I have written the first
location of all cars.

1 Securicar 
1 Moonbeam 
1 Coach     
1 Flatbed 
1 Linerunner
1 Trashmaster
1 Patriot  
1 Mr. Whoopee
1 Blista    
1 Mule     
1 Yankee   
1 Bobcat   
1 Dodo     
1 Bus       
1 Rumpo     
1 Pony     

Each car gives you $15,000 and when all are delievered you will get
$200,000.Also in Shortside Vale there is another Import/Export Garage.

1 Sentinel  
1 Cheetah   
1 Banshee   
1 Stinger  
1 Infernus  
1 Esperanto
1 Kuruma   
1 Stretch   
1 Perennial 
1 Landstalker
1 Manana   
1 Idaho   
1 Stallion 
1 Taxi     
1 Cabbie    
1 BF Injection

As before you will get $15,000 per car and $200,000 when you bring all of
them.On Portland Harbour you be asked to bring Emergency service vehicles to
another crane

1 Police Car
1 Ambulance
1 Firetruck
1 Barracks OL
1 FBI Car   
1 Enforcer  
1 Tank

Like before the rates are the same.

These are short missions which require you to finish a certain task in 130
seconds.They are dotted around each district and they are 20 of them.If you fail
to finish them they will appear in another place.If you finish all 20 it will
add to your percentage and you will get $1,000,000.They appear as blue circles
with a white skull.

Rampage 1:Kil 30 Diablos with a M-16
Location 1:
At the botttom of the staircase under hidden package No.4 in Red Light District.

Location 2:
The basketball court next to the Old School Hall.

Stay near any police bribes and make sure you have a health of 125 and full
armour.Use the aim button and shoot all the Diblos(Usually african-american
wearing bandanas and black tops,jeans)as quickly as possible.

Rampage 2:Destroy 13 vehicals with a Rocket Launcher.
Location 1:
Behind the Turtle Head Fish Co. in Portland View opposite the Old School Hall.

Location 2:
Beside a tree next to the Nuclear Plant(Beside Greasy Joe's Cafe).

It's best to do the one is the second location.Destroy the three of four cars
near the cafe and head into Trenton and then into the Red Light District.

Theses cheats are gotten by entering the combinations while playing a game.

Get the Rhino Tank:
To get the powerful rhino,that blows up cars with the slightest touch and can
even fire an unlimited amount of missiles press the following.

To make the pedrestrians to suddenly fight each other non-stop enter the
following code.

Crazier Pedestrians:
To make people start fighting YOU for no reason non -stop press this.

Fighting Pedrestians:

If I were a rich man:
To get a lot of money enter this combination(And they say "get rich   quick
schemes" don't work)

Get all weapons:
To receive all weapons including the Bazooka!!!!!enter:

Weather Man:
You can control the weather!
for clear weather enter:

For rain to fall enter:

For foggy weather enter:

For cloudy weather:

To let you fly while inside your cars enter this combination:

To destroy all vehicles within your immediate area enter:

Speed up Time:

Wear different outfits:
To change clothes press
Even better is that you assume the form of pedestrians:

Increase wanted level:
Be a good citizen and get busted!

To decrease it.

To get 100% health press:

To get 100% armour:

Bloody Mode:
To make limbs fall off when you kill someone with the M16 and sniper rifle.It
wont say "Cheat Activated" but it will work.

Increased handiling:
This will improve a cars handiling and if you press L3 to jump:

Urinate on a wall:
To “relieve” yourself while up against a wall enter:

After finishing "LUIGI'S GIRLS" when you enter a these vehicals you will get
these  missions.Press R3 to activate them:

Police Car/Enforcer/FBI car/Rhino      Vigilante
Ambulance                              Paramedic
Firetruck                              Firefighter
Taxi/Cabbie                            Crazy Taxi

In this game you have to chase criminals and kill them.

Kill 10 criminals in Portland to get a Police Bribe in the Hideout.
Kill 20 criminals in Portland to get 2 Police Bribes in the Hideout.

Kill 10 criminals in Stauton Island to get 3 Police Bribes.
Kill 20 criminals in Stauton Island to get 4 Police Bribes.

Kill 10 criminals in Shortside Vale to get 5 Police Bribes.
Kill 20 criminals in Shortside Vale to get 6 Police Bribes.

Here you have to save patients and bring them to the Hospital

Save 50 patients to hearts in your hideout
Save 75 patients to get drugs in your hideout.
Get to level 12 and Infinite Run will be activated.

In this game you must put out dangerous car fires
around your area.

Put out 20 fires in each area to get the flamethrower in your hideout

Put out 20 fires in Portland
Put out 20 fires in Stauton Island
Put out 20 fires in Shortside Vale.

Pick up citizens and drop them at their chosen destination safetly and quickly.

Drop 100 people at their destination to get a Borogine Taxi at Harwood,Portland.

01-Play "TURISMO" and lose.Follow one of the cheetahs and steal
   it.Now it is indistrtuctible (from bullets anyway)

For every ten packages you get a weapon will constantly regenarete at your

NUMBER       WEAPON       
10           Pistol
20            Uzi
30           Grenades
40           Shotgun
50            Armour
60       Molotov Cocktails
70            AK-47
80         Sniper Rifle
90            M-16
100          Bazooka $1,000,000