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Grand Theft Auto III Criticism FAQ

by Ace_NoOne   Updated to v0.6 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Grand Theft Auto III on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Xbox version of the game.
THIS FAQ IS DEAD! I received an e-mail from Rockstar Games which told me
that they do not accept any suggestions - this means that this FAQ is now
obsolete and pointless.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 5:25 PM
Subject: RE: GTA3-feedback

Hi Ace_NoOne,

Thanks for the input. We do not accept suggestions for our game but it is
great to see what you think of the game. We appreciate you and all of our
fans taking the time to let us know what you would like to see in our games
regardless. Thanks a lot and I did read the FAQ.

Rockstar Games

Please do NOT send any flame-mails etc. to Rockstar Games; that wouldn't
change anything and you would only prove your immaturity.

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game (platform)       - Grand Theft Auto 3 (PlayStation2)
author (e-mail)       - Ace_NoOne (
FAQ-version           - 0.6
last update           - February 8, 2002
ASCII-art in title    - ASCII-text Generator (yes, I know it looks crappy)

This FAQ must not be sold, reprinted or edited without the explicit
permission of the author.


---------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------

   I. History
  II. Introduction
 III. Suggestions
      A. Missions
      B. Vehicles
      C. Weapons
      D. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
      E. Misc.
  IV. Final Notes and Requests (IMPORTANT - READ!!)


---------- I. HISTORY ----------

Nov. 28, 2001 / v0.1:
- first version with only a few self-made suggestions

Nov. 31, 2001 / v0.2:
- new suggestions added
- several corrections in layout, spelling etc.

Dec. 3, 2001 / v0.3:
- new suggestions added
- introduced sub-sections for the SUGGESTIONS-part

Dec. 4, 2001 / v0.4:
- new suggestions added

Feb. 1, 2002 / v0.5:
- new suggestions added
- added sub-section "Artificial Intelligence (AI)"

Feb. 8, 2002 / v0.6:
- new suggestions added

Feb. 12, 2002 / v0.7:
- new suggestions added
- corrected some typos, reformulated some parts

Feb. 19, 2002 / v1.0 (final):
- received an e-mail from Rockstar Games which told me that they do not
  accept any suggestions - this means that this FAQ is now sentenced to


---------- II. INTRODUCTION ----------

Well, this is my first game-FAQ ever, so I'm pretty sure not many people
will actually care about it...
However, to the important stuff: GTA3 is one of the best games I've ever
played, but it is - of course - not perfect. And this is why I created this
FAQ: I want to gather all suggestions that would make this game even
better. These suggestions will then be sent to the developers with the hope
that they will either release an update/addon for the PS2-version of GTA3,
consider the suggestions for the PC-version of GTA3 (this would make many
PS2-owners who already got GTA3 for their console buy the PC-version too),
or at least make them use some of our suggestions for a possible successor;
"Grand Theft Auto IV"...


---------- III. SUGGESTIONS ----------
- long checkpoint-race at airport
- races against opponents (similar to the "Turismo"-mission), but on a
  traffic-free raceway indicated by barriers (to make a difference to the
- missions in which the AI drives the car and you shoot out of the car from
  the back-seats (i.e. free aiming with crosshair, from 1st person view)
- be a weapons-dealer: find weapons, sell them to gangs
- the paramedic-, firefighter- and vigilante-missions should offer more
  variety - examples:
  * paramedic: patient gets heart-attack in the car and must be taken to
    the nearest "back-alley"-doctor
  * firefighter: rescue a kitten from a tree, break up a riot by "shooting"
    the rioters with the water-cannon
  * vigilante: get some donuts at the local donut-store and take it to the
    other cops in the police-station
  * taxi-driver: get a Stretch-limousine and be the chauffeur for some
- stunt-missions, like driving on two wheels (with the help of a ramp) or
  jumping over a bunch of cars
- driving-school-missions (e.g. to obtain a taxi-license) with slalom-runs
  through plastic-cones and a lesson where you have to stick to the

- larger variety of cars: currently, there are too many cars of the same
  type (e.g. Banshee, Stinger, Infernus and Cheetah - all four high-speed
  racers with marginal differences and similar look) whereas some other
  types of cars are
  possible new types:
  * "A-Team"-van (this would be the ultimate 0wn4g3-car, presupposed that
    it's easy to get it drifting just like B.A. does in the TV-show)
  * "Module Car": a car with editable characteristics; accelleration,
    speed, grip (for drifting), coachwork (e.g. a list of all car-models
    available in the game) etc. - characteristics editable through a
    multiple-choice menu which pops up when pressing R3 while driving the
    car (the perfect bonus-car!)
  * hovercraft / amphibious vehicle (can drive on land and sea)
  * monster-truck
  * ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) / quad-bike
  * an attachable trailer for the Linerunner (that trailer could also be
    unhitched and used as a stunt-ramp)
  * motorcycle
  * water-plane (can take off and land on water)
  * helicopter
- the Dodo should be replaced by a toy-plane
  * with 。intact wings! (maybe with a tight altitude-limit; the PS2 is
    powerful, but its resources are still limited - and the GTA3-engine
    certainly wasn't made for being a flight-simulator)
  * with an integrated bomb which can be activated/deactivated with the
    R3-button (similar to the RC-racer's bomb, but with an ON/OFF-switch)
  * that should be properly trimmed-out (i.e. if you don't press up or down
    and are at full speed, it automatically flies horizontally)
  * 3-axis-controls: left analog-stick controls pitch (up/down) and roll
    (spin left/right around the horizontal axis), right analog-stick
    controls yaw (turn left/right around the vertical axis)
- the Rhino-tank should have caterpillar treads instead of wheels - just
  like a normal tank (-> it could turn without having to drive forwards)

- ability to drop weapons, maybe from a simple inventory-menu (the
  baseball-bat, for example, is rather useless later in the game, and it
  increases the list of weapons you have to scroll through till you get to
  the desired weapon - this does often result in your own death because you
  couldn't react fast enough when there's an enemy)
- "energy-bar" that indicates the strength of a grenade- or molotov-throw
- silenced weapon for killing people without alerting anyone

D. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- faster and cleverer reaction of the traffic to emergency-sirenes (e.g. no
  sudden blocking of the road anymore - no matter if intentionally or not -
  when a police-car with activated sirene is coming from behind)
- improved criminal-tracking-system for the police; instead of always
  knowing where the player (i.e. the criminal) is, the police should have
  to locate him first:
  * less than three stars: as soon as a police-car (or -officer on foot)
    spots the player, the actual chase begins - until the player manages to
    get out of sight again (and maybe, a car-change or -respray would be
    required too)
  * three and more stars: the helicopters keep tracking the player and
    report his location to the ground-units (and thus make the chase more
    challenging because it is hard to get out of sight without destroying
    the helicopters)
- improved driving-skills for the police-cars:
  * less frequent pedestrian-kills by police cars that are chasing the
    player (it just looks paradox when the police keeps killing pedestrians
    all the time... )
  * more careful/skillful driving in general, i.e. less running into
    streetlights or walls when chasing the player (and thus making the
    pursuits more challenging)
- the police should also (try to) arrest AI-criminals (e.g. gang-members
  that are shooting at the player, but also simple robbers - basically
  everyone who breaks the law)

- multiple-choice menus for
  * color-selection at Pay&Spray-shop
  * mission-selection (after having beaten the game)
  * weapon-selection at AmmuNation and hideout
  * making your car bullet-proof (similar to the Patriot you get from that
     corrup cop) in a special shop
  * skin/clothes-selection for the player-model (after having beaten the
- there should be a fourth city-section; this section would consist of
  * a huge (!), flat parking space with a few ramps where you just can
    drive and perform stunts without any obstacles (i.e. traffic, police,
    walls etc.)
  * an extensive grass-field with some hills to practice offroad-driving
    without having to care for anything but your wheels
  * a raceway (something like the "Laguna Seca"-raceway)
- 1st person view in walking-mode should be available for all weapons
  (selectable through SELECT, just like any other camera-position)
- walking in 1st person view should be enabled
- vertical aiming for the Rhino's tank-turret (i.e. right stick up/down
  moves the turret up/down - similar to the fire-truck's mounted firehose)
- there should be a tachometer (displays speed and RPM) when driving a car
- larger range of use for money: currently, money is only needed for buying
  weapons (except for the "Bomb Da Base"-mission where you have to give
  8ball $100,000 before you can start the mission), and there is never
  really a shortage of money (and thus no challenge in that way)
  possible utilization for money:
  * bribe gang-bosses in order to make them stop shooting at you
  * buy rare cars
  * hire body-guards that shoot at any enemies that threaten you
- ability to disguise, e.g. to deceive a gang in order not to be shot
  (whereas the Police, FBI, Army, Ambulance and Firetruck are to be
  considered as one "gang")
- gangs should not shoot at you when driving in one of their cars (whereas
  the Police, FBI, Army, Ambulance and Firetruck are to be considered as
  one "gang")
- ability to turn off traffic after having beaten the game
- snowy/icy weather
- ability to change daytime and weather (preferably in an special section
  of the options-menu which becomes accessable after having beaten the
- shooting people out of cars (e.g. using the sniper-rifle to blow the
  driver of a Stinger-cabrio out of his car)
- ability to edit the names of savegames
- slower passing of the time (e.g. 1 minute real time = 10 seconds
- a review-function for the last 30 (More? Less?) seconds (to re-view cool
  jumps, driftings, crashes etc.)
- when walking over an adrenaline-pill, it should not be activated
  immediately but rather tucked away for later use (e.g. when pursued by
  the police or when doing a rampage-mission)
- faster scrolling in the stats-menu
- the phenomenon of many identical cars appearing in a bunch (e.g. when
  driving a Securicar, there are suddenly lots of other Securicars on the
  streets - although there had hardly been any of them before) should be
- there should be more interaction with the gangs, somewhat like in GTA2
  where you could dynamically gain or lose respect from the various gangs,
  e.g. by doing jobs for them or by killing some members of the rival gangs
  (this would also mean that the gangs don't shoot at you if they respect
  you a lot)
- there should be a radio-station for hard rock- and punk-music
- the stadium and some more buildings (such as the SupaSave-supermarket)
  should be accessible (similar to AmmuNation or the toilets in the
  Belleville Park)
- some damage-types (such as fire or falling-damage) should directly affect
  the health-points (instead of reducing the armor first)


---------- IV. FINAL NOTES AND REQUESTS ----------

- if anyone has good connections to the developers and thus could tell me a
  mail-address I could send this FAQ to (I didn't get any response after
  having sent some e-mails to Rockstar), that would be GREATLY appreciated
- send in your suggestions in order to help me expanding this list
- send in your feedback about layout, document-structure (e.g. suggestions
  for a new sub-section in the SUGGESTIONS-part), typos, grammar-faults,
  (in)comprehensibility of certain suggestions etc.
- if you want to be informed about new versions of this FAQ, send me a mail
  and I'll add you to the mailing-list (Are there any free
  newsletter-services on the 'net so I don't have to administrate the list
  of subscribers manually?)

(Flaming is welcome too; I can always use a good laugh these days... )


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