Grand Theft Auto: Vice City review
g.t.a vice city.

The good:

The graphics and the selection of weapons you can use.

The bad:

it is set in the 80's


this game is class,the sun, sand the coolness of the game is a high five. the graphics are brill on my pc becouse it is xp. You get a great amount of weapons on this game including a chainsaw. you can fly high in the sky with a helicopter and a sea plane. You can,of-corse drive a car,coach,van,motobike,dirtbike,scooter,boat even the tank is in vice city.the graphics on the sea are fantastic. you can go in to a mall(shopping under one roof) or go out at night in the pole position(find out your self what that is)Or maby you want to dance the night away at the malibu club with a bar. As the sun brakes out go for a morning spot of golf in the leaf linkes golf club,you can even get a caddy. If you need to look cool just go to raphaels place and get your self a ace outfit. Fancy a spot of D.I.Y. well go to screw this or bunch of tools were you can get a chainsaw,hammer,screw-driver and many more. You can even go to eight balles bamb shelter and grab a bamb to eat. Go to Ammu-nation to get guns now,hurry well stocks last. Need somewere to stay the night,well if you have the money you can buy a propaty or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 well as much as you can afford. Do you like music well if you dont you will love the radio stations that vice city has to offer,like the wild and wicked wildstyle or even flash,k-chat with Ammy or the cool fever 105, even heavy metal vRock,VCPR pressing issues,espitantoso(the man who speekes funny) or hart bracking emotion 98.3 with dj fernando and last but not least wave 103(only for hippies). what a good selection to choose from. For more info on this game go to:www.rockstargames.com/vicecity. or if you like the radio stations go to:www.vicecityradio.com. Thanks for reading,0H and click yes on that thing below

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