Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ken Rosenberg Guide v1.0
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ken Rosenberg Guide

by bo_selecta   Updated to v1.0 on
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==========================*T H E  G U I D E*===============================

       By 'GTAProfessor' 


1.0 Version Info
1.1 Legal Stuff
1.2 Contact Info
1.3 Intro

2.0 Ken Rosenberg's Bio
2.1 Ken's Appearance
2.2 Ken's Part In The Story

3.0 Ken's Office
3.1 How To Get There
3.2 The Surrounding Area

4.0 Ken's Missions Strand Intro
4.1 Ken's Missions Strand Part of the Story
4.2 Ken's Missions
4.2.1 "The Party"
4.2.2 "Back Alley Brawl"
4.2.3 "Jury Fury"
4.2.4 "Riot"

5.0 Ken's Miscellaneous Stuff
5.1 Ken's Quotes & Ken Related Quotes
5.2 Ken's Future Appearances

6.0 Outro
6.1 Credits
6.2 My Thanks

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1.0 Version History

Version 1.0 : The first completed version of this FAQ, only on Neoseeker so 

1.1 Legal Stuff

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produced and is owned by P.Smith. The content is entirely knowledge of myself
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1.3 Intro

OK, Hi. Im the obnoxiously titled GTAProfessor. I think that I know a lot
about GTA and that is why I'm writing this series of guides. This is the first
of that series. The series covers more than your standard walkthrough fodder.
Each guide focuses on one boss that you work for in GTA Vice City and covers 
the boss himself, his location and surroundings, his missions, his bio,
cutscenes and cutscene analysis. I try to make each guide easy to read and
understand both in content and layout. This in my opinion makes the reader
more likely to carry on reading.

In this particular guide I am focusing on your first boss in the game Ken
Rosenberg. I shall tell you all about this man, his involvement and help
you through the relatively easy missions he doles out. However in the
cutscenes I shall point out, the things to look out for that could be useful
later on in the game.

I am going to warn you now. Ahead of us there are...

////////////    SPOILERS!!!   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

2.0 Ken's Bio

Ken Rosenberg. A name in the GTA world that doesn't conjure up respect. More
a rush of jokes. After all "everybodys a comedian". Ken is a jumpy, often
paranoid lawyer, the type of man who would jump and scream if you tapped him
on the shoulder without him expecting it. Ken is trying to develop his
relationship with Liberty City's Forelli Mob of the LC Mafia. He is one of 
their contacts and is very happy when he is offered the chance to set up a 
drug deal with two independent brothers, as he is assigned to look after
recently released jailbird psycopath Tommy Vercetti after serving 15 years for
a crime that earned him the moniker "The Harwood Butcher". As always for the
33 year old attorney the deal goes wrong and he and Vercetti are left to pick
up the pieces making Ken more ofa nervous wreck than ever.He did not go to Law 
School for this.
2.1 Ken's Appearance

Ken appears to like to look good. He has a trendy casual suit with jacket and
pants of a pastel purple colour, complete with black shirt, no tie and of
course top button undone. He has black buckle shoes, and preferes his sleeves 
to be rolled up. He has an ovalish shaped head, with browny-red hair and a
drooping nose. His stress is evident by the lines in his brow and is unkempt 
looking stubble. He also appears to like gold as he has a gold medallion and
a gold watch. He is in average shape as he is not realy overweight but isn't
particularly slimline either. He is quite a short man and has a demeanour
that isn't particularly child intimidating.
2.2 Ken's Part in the Story 

Ken is the man and lawyer, told to keep a look otu for Tommy Vercetti, who
after 15 years in jail is now helping the Forelli Mob expand down south, in
other words Vice City, as it's "24 carat gold" according to mob leader
Sonny Forelli. So to get things started Ken set up a deal with retired Colonel
Juan Garcia Cortez. The deal is $20,000 for 20Ks of cocaine. Tommy and Ken are
to go down to Escobar International Airport with two mafia goons, Harry and
Lee, to complete the exchange. The two dealers are the Vance brothers, Lance
who flies the helicopter and his unamed brother who does the wheeling and 
dealing. The two parties meet at some wasteland to complete the transaction.
Then however when everything looks rosy, 5 members of he SWAT team open fire
and Lance's brother, Harry and Lee get cut down, Lance escapes in the chopper
and Tommy and Ken do a unner in the white Admiral Ken brought along.

Now it is Tommy's job to get back the cash and the drugs, guided by the now,
more than ever, worried Ken. Tommy instructs Ken to go to his office and get 
some sleep, then Tommy will visit Ken in the morning to start putting things
3.0 Ken's Office

Ken's single room office is a tavern of all things extravagant. His walls are 
covered in finely polished pine, the ceiling a luxurious brown swirly pattern.
The walls covered with beautiful paintings and certificates marking his time
at Law School. He has a small desk, with two books and a couple of lights
piled on it. On the ceiling is a ceiling fan light, there is a couple of
bookcases, on the floor lavish rugs. Scattered around are comftorable leather
furnishings. Onj the exterior the office is part of a couple of blocks of a
peachy orange building, with red awning scattered around. The building is
virtually identical either side. 
3.1 How to get There

Ken's offcie is in an area of Eastern Vice City called Washington Beach. At 
the start of the game you are told to drive to the Ocean View Hotel. After you
have gone in there and viewed the cut scene, an L appears on your screen. This
will take you to Ken's Office. However I am going to give detailed instruction
-s here anyway. From the Ocean View Hotel you can take a car and walk but
anyway, drive or walk north through one set of lights and ignoring the first 
left turn you come to. Instead take the second left and go through two sets of 
lights. Here you should have come to the peachy type building described above.
To get to Ken's Office you should see to the left of the peachy building, some
bushes and grass, drive or run across that and turn north. Ahead of you, you
should see a pink glow similar to the one you encountered in the Hotel. That
area is Ken's office and going in the pink glow starts the first mission of
Ken Rosenberg.
3.2 The Surrounding Area

In the area near Ken's office there are a few things that may be worth noting.
In the alley next to the office in the north there is a small moped called a
Faggio, which is useful for navigating the streets of VC and getting in tight
spaces. If you look slightly south you will see a stretch of grey path. Where
some form of car will always spawn depending on which are cruising around the 
street. If you look across the street from the office, you will see a modern
looking apartment buildingwith a green house icon out front. This means you 
can purchase the property for $3000 to have an extra save point, which can be 
useful as you can save and go right to Ken's!,also there is a hidden package
round the back Again if you look south you willsee a large building. This is
called the Washington Mall. This is non-interactive, which means you can't
buy things like in the North Point Mall. However it does have an adrenaline
icon, a pill which makes you stronger and everything else slower. This is in
the southern area of the first floor.
4.0 Ken's Missions Strand Intro

Ken's mission strand is the first set of missions you will come across in Vice
City. They work as a training ground to introduce to the basics of using your
fists and feet, melee weapons, basic solution work and very basic weapons.
This beats the usual game fare of "Oh you're lookin' a bit rusty. We better go
to the training course". Cough True Crime cough. Excuse me. These missions 
also serve as excuses to introduce you to all the main characters. This also
introduces future employees. They also slightly develop plot.
4.1 Ken's Missions Strand Part of the Story

In the story Tommy and Ken have just lost $20,000 and a lot of cocaine. These
missions are the start of the plan to try and get the money and drugs back. 
Ken sends Tommy out to try and find out who, and find anyone who knows who,
took their stuff. Ken also gives Tommy a job to try and get some money back,
"even if I'm dead by the end of the week I'd like to think I didn't die poor"
and a job to keep "the gorillas up north" off his back, as one of Sonny's
cousins has got himself in trouble. Also you meet you're comrade for the rest
of the game (Lance) and get to open some assasination missions (Chef's Phone).
4.2 Kens Missions

This is the start of the four missions Ken gives you. There are four, and are
fairly basic and are just introducing you to most of the basic stuff, at the
start of Vice City.
4.2.1 "The Party"

Cut Scene 
Ken : Go get some sleep he says - I have been sitting in this chair all night
with the lights off drinking coffee! This is a disaster we are so screwed man!
These gorillas, listen to me, are gonna come down here and rip my head off. 
It's ridiculous! I did not go to law school for this! OK, now what the hell
are we gonna do?

Tommy : Shut up, sit down, relax. I'll tell you what we're gonna do. You're
gonna find out who took our cocaine - and then, I'm gonna kill them.

Ken : That's a good idea, that's a GREAT idea. Let me think, let me think, let
me think. Oh! There's this retired Colonel, Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. He's
the one who helped me set up this idea well away from Vice City's established
thugs. OK? Now, listen. He's holding his party out in the bay on his expensive
yacht and all of Vice City's big players are gonna be there. OK? I have an
invite, of course I have an invite, but there's now way I'm going out there, 
sticking my head out of the door - now way. Not gonna happen.

Tommy : I told you, shut up! I'll go myself...

Ken: Woah, woah! Hey, I like 1978 too but this ain't gonna be a beer and 
strippers do. I mean, no offense, but I think you might turn heads on the
runway for the wrong reasons.

Tommy : Whats wrong with the way I'm dressed?

Ken : OK, look, here. Stop by Rafael's, tell him I sent ya. He'll make you 
look respectable. OK, go, c'mon.

Cut Scene Analysis
So Ken is frantic, Tommy is trying to cool things off a 
little, he has a simple plan and you can tell he's a little bit of a psyco
by the way he says "then I'm gonna kill them". Ken wants Tommy to speak to
Colonel Cortez who set up the busted drug deal with Ken. Ken is hoping the
Colonel will give any info he may have, Ken being a little wimp, won't go to 
the Colonel's expensive yacht party so he sends Tommy.

OK, when you get out onto the street take either the car you 
came in, jack one off the street, or take a parked one or the moped in the
alley. Then follow the blue t-shirt blip to Rafael's and enter the pink glow.
Tommy will then re-emerge in a purple and black casual suit, much like Ken's.
Then you will see a short scene of a man leaving a motorcycle and Tommy saying
"mmm nice bike". Take it if you wish but beware the owner comes back for it
(run him over) and beware the radio station on it is Wave103 filled with 
New Wave. Ahhhhh! ;) . Anyway follow the blip and you'll come to the marina
and Pier Two. Get off/out your bike/car and go into yet another pink glow.

Cut Scene : As this one will take awhile to type I'll just describe it. Tommy
meets Colonel Cortez, and tells him Ken isn't here because he has agoraphobia.
Tommy tells Cortez he wants his merchandise, Cortez informs Tommy he is too
trying to find otu what has happened. Meanwhile, the Colonel's daughter, the
brilliantly named Mercedes, shows Tommy the big players of Vice City. First,
Congressman Alex Shrub and his new affair, pornstar Candy Suxxx. Then there is
Vice City Mambas tight end BJ, and Avery Carrington flanked by Donald Love, 
(ring any bells?). Also seen are Cortez's right hand man Gonzalez, cult leader
Pastor Richards, and porno director, Steve Scott. Then there is Ricardo
'Mr Coke' Diaz, whose appearance causes Mercedes to want to leave.

Mercedes want to go to the Pole Position poledancing club. You must take her.
Choose one of the flash cars or even the limo, and follow the pink blip. Just
for reference you take the third left to get there. When you do, drive and
stop in the pink blip. There ya go mission passed.

Mission Analysis

Well now you know that Cortez is also trying to find out who ambushed your
deal. You have now been introduced to many of the games future main characters
and have sparked up a relationship with the Cortez's, Colonel Juan Garcia and

$100 and the street outfit (hawaiin shirt, jeans) is available on the upper 
floor of your hideout, and the soiree outfit (the one your wearing)  from
Rafael's, the place you got it.

You see Alex Shrub at the party, however if you do the mission soon after you
start the game, he is on the radio, on VCPR. When you got to the club at the
end did you see the red house icon? That means you can't buy the property yet
but you can later in the game.
4.2.2 "Back Alley Brawl"


Ken :  Ah! Well, I hope you're having a good time.Because I'm going out of my
mind with worry here. What did you find out?

Tommy : That there are more criminals in this town than in prison. We need a
lead from the streets...

Ken : Ok, let me think, let me think, let me think -AH! I've got it! OK,
There's this limey, some music industry slimeball,goes by the name of Kent
Paul.Anyway, he's got his nose so far up most of Vice City's assthat if
anybody knows the whereabouts of 20 k's of coke,it's this guy, all right? 
He's always at The Malibu.

Tommy : I'll go pay him a visit

Ken : Take it easy

Cutscene Analysis

So after assessing his trip to the Colonel's bluntly, Tommy wants a lead from
the streets. Ken knows about some music industry idiot, and a poor 
interpretation of Brits (me being one), the stupid mockney, Kent Paul.

Behind your hotel save point go to a white wall, along it there is a gap with
some brass knuckles in. Pick 'em up


OK, take a car, or moped, and follow the blip to The Malibu. Once there enter
the pink glow. In the following cut scene we see Paul get cocky with a lady
and then pushed around by Tommy until the idiot talks. He tells you about a
chef/drug dealer who's been happy recently on Ocean Drive. Follow the blip to
reach this destination. Once you do get out of your car and walk up to the 
chef. He's not easily persuaded for information. So persuade him. Press circle
to attack him and press it in quick succession to do a combo on him. This is
what the brass knuckles were for. Once he's dead you're told to pick up his 
cell phone. Do so. This where you meet Lance, and he reveals his connection.
Tommy wants to do things "lone ranger", but he changes his mind when three,
cleaver equipped chefs come up beind him, Lance throws him a pistol and
shouts this way. You can either kill the chefs which without the gun you'll
get hurt, and with the gun you'll waste ammo. You can however run to Lance's
car. When you get there Lance explains you "have to pack some heat" whenever
in Vice City. A gun shaped blip appears on yours screen. This will take you
to the local gun shop, Ammunation, which is on Ocean Drive. So drive to the
blip. Once there the game shows you the inside of the gunshop. If you want you
can go inside and look, and if you want buy a piece. If not just follow the
blip to Ocean Drive and the Ocean View Hotel. Mission Passed.

$200 and the cell phone

You get a phonecall soon after this mission. It is from some guy telling you
that he's got a buyer for Diaz's merchandise assuming that you are Leo the
Chef, he soon becomes annoyed that he isn't talking to Leo but a complete
stranger. Lucky Diaz he has drugs but you don't. Also Kent Paul in the Malibu
asks for drink from someone he calls bruv. This in England means brother
meaning the bartender is a man. However go in the Malibu when not on a mission
and you'll find that the bartender is always a lady.
4.2.3 "Jury Fury"


Ken : Aaah! Oh, for god's sake, it's you! Oh, Jeez - I'm gonna need new pants!
Hey, those psychos from up north - they've been on the horn, and they're
coming down here soon.Now where is the goddamn money?!

Tommy : Relax, relax. We're not at that part yet.

Ken : Ohhh... I thought that you were taking care of this, I really did! And
now those guidos say we gotta do them a favor.

Tommy : You mean I gotta do 'em a favor.

Ken : Oh, of course that's what I mean.Do I look like I can intimidate a jury?
I couldn't intimidate a child - and believe me, I've tried.Now, look. It's
either that, or Forelli's cousin, Giorgio, gets five years for fraud.You gotta
take these guys OUT!

Tommy : I understand. Help the jury change their minds. Don't worry about it.

Ken : No no no no no - NO! I tried that. The jury case didn't go so well, so
MAKE them change their minds.

Cutscene Analysis

Looks like the Forelli's have been on the phone and want Ken to take care of
some business. It also looks like Rosenberg is keen on keeping them sweet, so
he's also getting quite frantic, surprise surprise. So Tommy has gotta go and
make the jurors have a different opinion by the time they go to court
otherwise Giorgio Forelli is getting slammed up for fraud.


After the cutscene you'll see a car run over a worker leaving a hammer. Pick
this up. It will be useful. Now take a car, and head to the yellow triangle to
the north. When you come to the blip you should see a Washington car. Now take
your hammer and smash it. Don't just smash it in one place, give it a makeover
. After awhile a man will come out, see his car and run away. Tommy will say
something cheesy such as "Giorgio sends his regards". Now head to the other 
yellow blip. To start this one hit the guy in the head with your hammer. Don't
kill him or it's mission failed. Once you've hit him, he'll run away into his
car and make a getaway. Oh no!. However he's blocked off conveniently by a 
hammer truck. So start smashin while he screams and says he still has payments
on the car. Eventually he'll get out and run away. Cue another corny comment.
Mission passed.

Mission Analysis
Well not much to say here, but at least you've managed to not have any more
pages dedicated to you in the Forelli's bad books. Another job done, but your
no closer to your cash. Or your drugs.


Sonny rings you on your cell phone, (how'd he get the number?) and declares
that he wants his money, just in case Tommy had forgotten. He also tells
Tommy he has a problem with unreliable people and warns Tommy not to be
an unreliable person. The SpandExpress lorry you saw is a rare car an that is
one of the only times you see it in the game (confirmation needed).

4.2.4 Riot


Ken : Avery, it goes without saying... Tommy! Tommy! Any progress? No, no, no
- tell me later, tell me later.Tommy, this is Avery Carrington - I believe you
met at the party?

Tommy : Not in person.

Avery Carrington : Howdy.

Ken : Avery here has a proposition

Tommy : Haven't we got other things on our minds?

Ken : I'm trying to keep the wolves from the door, so could you please cut me
some slack? I'm stretched like a wire and even if I'm dead by the end of the
week, I'd like to think that I didn't die poor.
Avery : Now just calm down, both of you. Son, you help me and any greaseballs
giving you a hard time, I'll see to it they take a long dirt nap.

Tommy : OK, what could I do for ya?

Avery : This delivery company's got its depot on some prime land. They won't
sell.They're hanging on like a big old prairie rat, so we gotta go in there 
and smoke that vermin out.Head on down there and stir up a hornet's nest
- the security will have their hands full and then you can sneak in and put
'em out of business.

Ken : And you could drop by Rafael's for a change of clothes.You might be 
there a while, but yeah, go for it.

Tommy : Should be a riot

Avery : If the balls drop like they should, stop by my office sometime

Cutscene Analysis

So looks like Ken's trying to get some more money back and try to accumulate
some help. This is the first speaking appearance, of Avery Carrington, 
a property mogul who isn't afraid to do a little illegal business to get his 
own way. He will eventually become an employer and pays quite good money for


You need full health and full armour just as a precaution. You need to get
some armour from a car park area near the Ocean Beach Pay 'n' Spray. Use the
pause map to get there. From the pay 'n' spray head so slightly north and 
you'll see a building with a blue stripe. Go into the yard here, and go up
the large white staircase and get some armour. Across the street west, is the
hospital where you can get a health icon for $30. Now get a fast yet durable
car. Such as the Phoenix or the Stinger. However if you cant find these, 
middle of the range cars such as the admiral will suffice.Also make sure you 
have at least five shots in the pistol Lance gave you. If you do need some
ammo go to the Marina (where Colonel Cortez was in "The Party") and look at
the top of the steps on the right. Now go to Rosenberg's.

Right the hardest mission so far but as long as you have a basic grasp of the
game it should be easily handled. When you get control of Tommy, you don't
have to go to Rafael's but it is worth it just to see what new gear Tommy is 
in. Take your durable car and follow the blip on your map to get to the riot.
As you get to the gates you'll see and hear the workers protesting. You need
to start a riot the game says start fighting with the workers however use the
durable car to run over a few then when the gates open leave the workers to
riot, while you go through the gates. When you go through the gates you will
notice a few things. There is a security guard in here, two trucks on the right
one on the left and an explosive barrel next to the two trucks. First shoot 
the guard, then make sure you're not being followed by the workers. If you are
kill off a few so that they are easier to deal with. Then get in the truck on
the left and park it in front of the two trucks on the right so it acts like a 
barricade. Then get well away and shoot the barrel. This should ignite one of
the trucks. This truck's explosion should ignite another truck. Then if the
third one is not ignited by the other trucks explosion, drive the remaining
truck to the right where another red explosive barrel is. Then shoot that 
barrel. If it still isn't blown up, then crash it around a bit. Then if it is 
on fire get out run away and mission passed

Mission Analysis

This is a good mission to pass as not only is it a fun one, but also it 
unlocks a few things as well as paying well. Although it's getting you no
closer to the money or coke, you are still opening up and getting more
contacts which is good as you have more lines of enquiry as Cortez would say


$1000 and you get the coverall outfit you may or may not have worn in that
mission delivered to the hardware store 'Tooled Up' in The North Point Mall.


As Avery said you can go visit him at the constrtuction yard to get some work.
Also Cortez rings you telling you that he is trying to get to the bottom of 
the botched drug deal problem.You can now not only go to "talk more privately"
with Cortez you can now also work for him. After then you get a mysterious
phone call to get to phone near Washington Mall. Choices, Choices!  

Well that is all the work that Ken Rosenberg offers. Don't worry however we 
will be seeing him again, just we don't have to panickedly take work off him.
You should now have a good grasp of GTA Vice City and the missions you have
done and maybe this guide should have helped you achieve that.

5.0 Ken's Miscellaneous Stuff

There isn't much gonna be here, but there is little bits and pieces.

* Rosenberg says that he went to Law School. If he went to law school why is
he messing with gangsters

*If you look outside Ken's office there is a little sign that says Ken
Rosenberg & Co even though he doesn't appear to employ anyone.

*Ken is supposed to be a lawyer, however, why did he have time to set up
a drug deal, and throughout the game he never seems to have to be in court 
defending anyone despite, unless you can prove me otherwise the only lawyer
in town, as Delayo & Thorax (sp?) the lawyers advertised on radio, don't seem 
to have an office anywhere

This list will probably grow with time when I find more stuff...or if you
people contribute.
5.1 Ken's Quotes & Ken Related Quotes

There are quite a few funny things he says despite the whiningness (a word?)
of Rosenberg.

The first one : "Do I look like I could intimidate a jury? I can't even
intimidate a child and believe me I've tried".Why was Ken trying to intimidate
a child, and also the fact there are none in VC presents a problem...

"I climb outta the gutter for one freakin' second and fate shovels s**t in my 
face" Looks like this wasn't the first time Ken has been in trouble.

"Even if I'm dead by the end of the week I'd like to think I didn't die poor"
Good to see Ken isn't a material guy.

"Some music industry slimeball" How. Can. He. Call. Anyone. A. Slimeball.

"Oh jeez - it's you, I'm gonna need new pants". Tommy only slammed a door.
Read the first two lines of his bio near the top of this doc. Told you so.

OK, here are the two quotes about Rosenberg, which are slightly humorous

"Ken Rosenberg, schmuck of a lawyer, how's he gonna hold Vercetti's leash"
Mafia Goon. Nice to see everyone has complete confidence in Ken, even in the
opening scene!

"Rosenberg...Rosenberg...Ohhh, that bonkers ambulance chaser, he could defend
an innocent man all the way to death row" Kent Paul. I found this funny 'cause
not evencockneys say things as stupid as he does.
5.2 Ken's Future Appearances 

Ken does return to cut scenes later in the game, after you have killed an
important character and the missions that ensue, and later when you acquire
the Malibu. Also in the last couple of missions he appears more frantic than
ever. In all of these future appearances, he as of little help as he has been
in his missions.
6.0 Outro

Well, I hope you enjoyed this thing, the more-than-just-an-average-guide. I
hope you liked the different approach, I took and that you enjoyed the
added humour and the fact that in this particular guide I have detailed, the 
basic missions many other guides did nto because they want to get on the beefy
hard stuff. As beginners to VC and beginners to GTA may not be happy with the
two line things othe rguides give. Although they may be easy it only takes one 
thing to fail a mission, and if you don't know what it is you can't win.

Anyway, I want you to email me to tell me whether this is worth it. So if this
helped you, or you think that this will help people, email me because I will
do more such as Cortez and Diaz and the like, So please email me corrections
and suggestions, and if you need help don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for
your time.
6.1 Credits

Game Script by Jason C found at to correct my scrawled notes
100% Completion Guide by InsideOutBoy of
GTA Vice City Official Strategy Guide by Tim Bogenn GTA VC Board GTA VC Board
Rockstar & Rockstar North for making this
GameFAQs for accepting this
Neoseeker for accepting this
GTA VC for all the good times
6.2 My Thanks

My Mum and Dad....The reason I'm here
All the credits above....Cause they helped me
My Sister....For being so rubbish at VC yet still finding things I didn't
My Cat....Cause he's great
You!....For reading the damn thing

"Ok, take it easy now."

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