Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Unique Jumps FAQ v1.6
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Unique Jumps FAQ

by Krunal   Updated to v1.6 on
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              %@%      %@      @@      %@   @  %@%      %@
              %@       %@      %%       @       @       %@
              %@   @   %@  @@  %@%%@%   @   @   @   @   %@
              %@   @   %@      %@%      @   @   @   @   %@
              %@   @   %@      @@   @   @   @   @   @   %@
              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
              %@@@@@   %@@@@%   %@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@%
              %@       @@@@@@%      @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 
              %@@@@@@@@%   %@@%@%      %@%     %@%      @%   %@@@@
                     %@        @%       @       @    %  @        @
                     %@%   %@@@@%   @   @   @   @   @@@@@%   %@@@@
                       @   @   @%   @   @       @       @@   @   @
                       @   @   @%   @   @   @@@@@   %@@@@%   @   @
                       @       @%   @   @       @   %@@@@%       @
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          %@       @   @   %%   %@@@@@      %@@%@@    @@%%%%@@@@@@
          %@       @   @%  %        @       %@@% @    @ %%@      @
          %@@%%@   @   @%  %@   %@@@@   @%  %  @  @  @  % @   %  @
          %@       @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @  @  @  %@   %%%%%
          %@   @   @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @   @@   %@   %%%%%
          %@       @       %@       @       %@@%       %% @   %  @
          %@       @       %@       @       %@@%%%    %%% @      @
           %@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@@@%%@@@@@%% %@%@@@@@@@%@@@@@@@@@

GTA Vice City for PS2 & PC
Unique Jump FAQ
Version 1.6

Created by: KSheth
Date: July 2003
Email @:

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Updated Versions
-Version 1.0: (Started 20/07/03)
   -Started the FAQ. Not much detail but will add as I get more info. Only got a
few jumps so far, but im adding as much detail as possible.
-Version 1.1: (Started 22/07/03)
   -I know its not been long since version 1.0 but i submitted it when it was not
fully finished (5/6 jumps only) but now i have more jumps although its still not
finished. Hopefully my next version will be the completely finished version. But
not my final version.
-Version 1.2: (Started 24/07/03)
   -Couldnt do them all, however im tring to do them all this time.
-Version 1.3: (Started 01/08/03)
   -Found work, so i havnt had much time, but when i do have time im adding alot
of info. So hopefully it will be finished soon.
-Version 1.4: (Started 05/08/03)
   -Nearly done, hoperfully this one or the next one will be the completed 
-Version 1.5: (Started 09/08/03)
   -Finally finished the FAQ.
-Version 1.6: (Started 25/08/08)
   -Added an ACII GTA:VC at the top, making it look much better.

Table of Contents

I.   Introduction
II.  General Game Info
III. Unique Jumps - General Information
IV.  Unique Jumps - Detailed
V.   Credits
VI.  Legal Thingamajig


I've got the game, i've had it for over a year, and the closest i came to
Completing it was 97%. I am now coming even close to completing it and would
like to help you all to complete it aswel.
This FAQ includes a few spoilers (such as characters and places), if you are
trying not to learn about the game before you get to that point then please 
remember it contains spoilers. I will not be held responsible for any bits that 
spoil your game. You have been warned.

General Game Info

Welcome to the 1980's

Welcome to Vice City, a huge urban sprawl stretching from the beach to the wamps 
and the glitz to the ghetto, a town brimming with delights and degradation. 

Having just made it back into the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch 
inside, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. 
however, all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic 
metropolis of Vice City. Tommy is set up and loses everything. Sonny wants his 
money back, but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand 
in his way. Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to 
fight back and take over the city himself.

Unique Jumps - General Information

Unique Jumps are not some icons that you have to collect which will tell you the 
challenge, unlike the Rampages, these are some thing you must do all by yourself
with the ovious help of a car (PCJ-600 is the best choice). These are needed to
get money and to get 100%. Its one of the requirements for the game. They are
not as hard as you would think either, that is some of them. 
This FAQ has been created to help you with the Unique Jumps so that you can get
100% more easily, and also because sometiems the game doesnt acknoledge a succes
-ful jump unless you land in a particular area. I hope you will find this FAQ
very useful. 

Please Email ( me contributions towards this FAQ and my 
other FAQ's. 

The first 4 Jumps are numbered in the order i think you should encounter them
however you may want to do jump 4 before the first 3. The other jumps are in 
the same order as the Brady Guides, (i myself do not own a copy of this guide).

Unique Jumps - Detailed

This One can be done in the Mission 'G-Spotlight' its the first jump that you 
have to do for this mission. You can only use a PCJ-600 for this jump.

From the bridges in the second island (Viceport, Little Havana and Little 
Haiti) not from the bridge in downtown, head north. Keep going north until you 
get to the split in the road, and from there go right (its the road which the
cars will be all going as its a one way street. From there head north, and past
the stairs to the Skumhole shack. Just past the first turning, will be an 
alleyway, in this alley way (its on the left) will be some stairs. Go up these 
and the next set of stairs. Go all the way round and into the offices. If you 
have done the 'G-Spotlight' mission, there will be a pink marker near the
elevator. Go onto the marker, and go to the next floor. Go round so you are 
facing the window with a wall behind you and a wall on your right. This is where 
you start. Go full speed into the window and land into the building opposite.

Heres a rough map of where the rampage is

         |  |        |  |
         |  |        |  |<-the rampage is located in an allyway here.
         |  |        |  |
       --    --------   |
       --    --------   |
         |  |        /  /
         |  |       /  /
         |  | /ッッッッッ  ッ|
         |  ||  |ッッッッッッ
         |  ||^^|
            Go into this one, its the road where the skumhole shack can be found. 

*Special Landings*
I hav'nt encountered any special landing places, you jsut have to land safely in
the building opposite, and well if you give it enough speed and you go through the 
correct windows (theres a man standing infront of it in the mission) you will land
in the building opposite safely and with a Unique Jump Bonus.

Continued from the previous jump, using the PCJ 600

From the Jump number one, continue burnign rubber and go to the next roof. (its
best to jump towards the left hand side). From this roof you have to go to the 
next roof, keep using the slopes all the way until you get to the Hospital Roof. 
Now this is where the actual Jump is. The hospital roof (if following your radar)
is south of your condo, its the first building on the right in the ally way 
which is oviously south of the Hyman condo. Once at the Hospital, just go to the
end opposite to the ramp, and speed it towards the ramp. If you put enough speed
into it, you will land on tthe building roof opposite.

*Special Landings*
Just landing on the roof will be fine, so go top speed onto the ram and onto the
roof. Also remember that if you fail the jump and fall to the street below,
its a long way to the first ramp and back so my advice is try to do it first time.

There are two ways to this Jump. Both using a PCJ-600

If you continue from the last jump and go up the stairs and over the ramps you 
will eventually get to a building on the eastern coast. Once you get on this 
building, you will unlock stairs which will be useful to get back to the jump if
you fail it (these will be unlocked in the mission 'G-Spotlight'). This is 
basically your safety net, and is the second way to get to the jump. Once you 
are on the building, you will have to go up the stairs and then speed it to the 
next ramp. The run up to the ramp is short so you will have to get alot of speed.
Keep following through and stopping if you have to, (if the ramp is slightly out
of the way for a continued jump). Jump all the ramps, and eventually you will get
to a long building. Before this building is the ramp, just speed it and jump over
the ramp, and you will have done it. (its actually the last jump of the mission).

*Special Landings*
Again no real special landings, just landing on the building will be enough 
(next to the spot lights).


You can use anycar for this mission (must be fast however) preferably PCJ-600.
This jump is done in the mission 'Hog Tied'

Not hard to find, from the three south bridges (Birsges bellow Little Haiti)
go north and at the fork go into the one way street (you will be going the wrong
way compared to the other cars). From here keep going north past the Police 
Station (easily seen by the Police car outside it) and the Fire Station (may
contain a Fire Truck). Keep going north and just in front of Ammunation is the 
jump. Its a staircase which also leads to a Rampage. The stairs are before the
left and right turnings and the stair case is white. Cars are not a good idea
as the stairs are narrow, however, a banshee, cheatah, (sports cars) may be able
to jump it although with a bit of dificulty.

Heres a rough map to it:

|  |                     
|  |            The Amunation is located here
|   ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ
|   _________    __________
|  |         | I|<- This is the Staircase 
|  |         |  | 
|  |         |  | 

Go at it full speed, you can have the tun up from the police car, that should be
more then enough. 

*Special Landings*
You must go over and land again on the building opposite. Make sure if you are
using a car that it goes over safely, otehrwise it will not count. Bikes are 
best as they will 90% of the time get you over (the 10% being when you havn't got
enough speed to go at it.

|Little Haiti|
The Three Bridges are still South to this Jump, and the Downtown bridge is way up
north. Best using a PCJ-600 but a fast car will do.

From the Little Haiti Bridge which comes via Leaf Links, go round the curved road,
and take the first left (it will be before you join on to the main road). Then take
a left again. Keep a look out on your left for the ramp. On the right of the alley 
with the ramp is a space which will give you the speed you need to jump, full speed.

*Special Landings*
There is a special landing for this jump. You must succesffully jump and land on the
roof in the distance. There is a billboard on the roof, and to successfully acknoledge
the jump, you must hit the billboard. If you go past it or over it, you should be OK.

This Jump is near the Pizza Store in little haiti.

From the bridge, go west and go past the curved road (dont follow this road) until you
get to an area of houses. From there keep going west until you are on the grassy area. 
Then go 90 deg anti-cloackwise and go south. A good idea would be to go north and then 
speed it south and through the ramp. when you come to the ramp, be sure to come at it at
and angle otherwise you will miss the jump. (the ramp it self is at an angle and you have
to come at it straight on.

    |\\|<-Ramp is at an angle, you need to gather speed and stay 
    |  |  on the right hand side and then when you get near the
    |  |  ramp, turn the bike so the ramp is straight, and you
    |  |  are facing it. 

Another way is by going to the pizza store, and from there go slightly south. There 
will be an alleyway located on the left (if coming from the north to the south).
This will lead to the ramp, so from there back up and speed towards the ramp. 

*Special Landings*
You have to get past the busses, and if you went off the ramp in the correct direction
(head on) and with enough speed, you will clear it. You do have to go abit further 
then the busses (i think, not 100% sure) but if you have enough speed, this wont be a 

Im sure you've seen the drainage chanel while exploring the islands, and well then you
must have also seen the ramp that is in the middle of it.
The Little Haiti bridge is on the north of this jump.

From the two south bridges head north, and after the ice cream factory, (just before the
bridge via Starfish Island) take the second left and then the first right. You will see
rows and rows of houses on the left and right. Keep a good look out on the right hand side
as there will be a ramp there. It is opposite the road on the left, so you can use the 
road to accelerate and go over the ramp. Its basically in the backyard of the house 
opposite the fisrt left turn in on that street.

*Special Landings*
There is a very precise landing place. ALthough not very harrd, the lamp posts may stop 
you gaining speed. Anyway, you must hit the roof of the "Pay and Spray", (you do not have 
to reach the roof top), Pushing down on the anologue stick (only if you do this on a 
bike) whilst in the air will help you get to the top. This is better done on a PCJ-600
for two reasons. The lamposts that may get in your way and also a car may be too slow
and may just hit the wall rather then the top.

|Little Havana|
One bridge is South of this Jump, two are north and the Starfish Island Bridge is along
the same line of this jump. Must be done with the PCJ-600 as the slopes maybe too narrow
for the cars.

Get to the Starfish island Bridge and go north. Take the first left and then the first 
right. If you keep going south (left) you should reach "Screw This". However the starting 
point of this Jump is here. On your left should be an alley way. In this alley way you 
will find a ramp. Its opposite the building with "Parking" written all over it. From this
ramp go to the roof top and then from there accelerate, hitting all the ramps along your 
way to get to the next rooftop, and then finally you will see the ramp. Its lower then 
you will be and all you need to do is slightly touch it and then go over the ramp. 
There are stairs which can take you directly to the ramp, however there isnt enough room
to accelerate. If you go into the 'Unique Jump Cut-scene' then you will most likely 
complete this jump. It took me a few attempts to get to the cut-scene (slow mo of u
jumping). The ramp that you use to jump to the next building is the Calle 8 Cafeteria
and you have to land on the 1-HR photo store.

*Special Landings*
All you have to do is activate the scene and land on the roof opposite. I think i was going 
too fast so i just bounced on the ramp rather then actually going of it (you need to touch 
the ramp for about 1-3 secs). If you go too slow then you will not reach the building
opposite, so makesure  your speed is JUST right. If you want you can just start from a few
ramps south of the first ramp.

|Escobar International Airport|
The start of the long and many jumps at the airport. DO NOT TRY THIS AT A REAL AIRPORT.

From any of the three North Bridges, (Little Havana and above, head south and from the
ice cream factory take the first right, alternatively, from the Viceport brridge head 
north and take the first left. Follow the road along and soon you'll be at the airport.
Just before the airport terminal (the white roofed building and the surfing sign in front
of it) will be an airfield on the left. Turn into this as the next um...8 jumps are here.
As you enter the airfield look on the left for mobile stairs next to the fence.
Once you see it, back up adn then attemp to jump over the fence and into the police 
building opposite. Its good to be directly inline with it (it is at an angle and if you
try to go over it at the wrong angle you may hit the sides of the stairs).

*Special Landings*
You must land perfectly on the roof, without trouble, and therefore i suggest getting alot
of speed. Just clipping the roof will not do.


Now from last location, go back to the beggining of the airspace but dont go in. Instead
head to the 3D surf board which is just north of the White roofed Airport terminal. On the 
right of the surfing billboard is a parking area (for planes i assume). Go into it as far
as you can and then speed up towards the 3D Surf billboard. Stay on the right of it, as 
the jump is on the right. Speed along to the billboard and then fly over the ramp (in the 
billboard itself) and land on the roof.

*Special Landings*
Not a hard jump at all, just land on the Roof of the Airport Terminals and you shall have
another jump added to your stats.

Return to the Airfield gates (you went through these for jump 9)

Once in the airfield, head south, and look for a runway with two ramps at the end. 
Its the Left ramp which will give you the jump, so use the runway to accelerate, and
then to jump over the fence and land on the street or parking area opposite. 

*Special Landings*
Just land on the street, although there is a fair bit of gap so make sure you have 
enough speed. 

Go back to the the airfield entrance.

From the entrance head south and look for the loading bridges. There will be a 
mobile staircase in front of the loading bridges that you have to jump not very
hard to find. Its the first Loading bridge that has the jump for you. So head 
all the way back to the fence and zoom towards the mobile stairs just in front
of the loading bridge.

*Special Landings*
You just have to clear the loading bridge and land on the ground below.

Best to continue the gas from the previous jump.

From the previous jump, keep going and you'll come across another mobile staircase, 
which again is next to a loading bridge. If you continued the speed from the 
previous jump, just go for it otherwise back up and then zoom towards the jump.

*Special Landings*
Again you have to clear the loading bridge and land on the ground below. I think 
that slightly touching the bridge will not matter as it still allowed my jump.

From the previous jump, keep going forward and make a 180 (turn around so your 
heading east)

This jump is on the same loading bridge as the last, however this time you are going 
east for this jump. To be more specific its the westernmost loading bridge and you
have to jump it going from west to east. Not very hard, same as the previous two jumps,
go back and then speed towards the mobile staircase.

*Special Landings*
Again you have to clear the loading bridge and you are allowed to clip the end of the
loading bridge like you may have done in the previous jump.

Two more jumps in the airfield. Go back to the entrance for directions.

From the entrance, head south and get to the runway. Now use the runway, to speed 
up and use the yellow runway marker to jump the Red Radar building. When doing this 
jump, you are more then likely to crash into the moving satellite dish, and so to 
evade the dish, when you reach the yellow runway marker go right and jump the red 
building attached to the radar building. The building has nothing on top and is 
shorter and therefore easier to jump.

*Special Landings*
Land on the ground past the building.

Continue the gas from the previous jump.

On the opposite side of the yellow marker that you used to jump over the red radar
building, is the ramp that you use to jump the last jump in the airport.
Its a mobile staircase, and luckily you dont have to jump into or over the radar
building this time. Instead you just have to jump as high as you can. You can do this
by backing up into the runway, and speeding up and over.

*Special Landings*
Landing in the grassy area, is a sure way to get the Unique jump bonus, however coming 
a bit short is also enough. The main aim is to actually Jump as high as you can.

|Starfish Island|
The One Brady Guide Missed out.
When i first looked for this jump, it was nowhere to be found, so use the directions
carefully to get to this jump.

Enter Starfish islands from any of the entrances. If entering via Little Havana, take
the second left, if entering from washington beach take the second right, in either 
case you will end up in the middle road. At the top of this road is a small and narrow 
alley. Go into it and when at the end of the alley turn right and you will see a small 
gate open. Go through this gate and you will see that you are in someones backyard.
On the right you should be able tosee two garages one, most probably with a car. Next
to the garage is another gate. Go through this gate and make sure you are inline with 
the gate. You will see some stacks of wood which can be used as a ramp however this is
not the jump. The jump itself is located opposite the garages. Opposite the garages is
a small set of white stairs. Use the space through the open gate to speed up and jump
over the hedges. Remember to back up from the gates other wise you will find it difficult
to go through the gates and over the ramp.
            _____ _____ _________________________
            |Narrow Alleyway->|ヲgates            |                                                       
            |                 ||                 |The narrow alley way has entrance to
            |                 ||                 |the back yard and the unique Jump
            |       /ッッッッッッッッッ ッッッッッッッッ\         |
            |       |  |ッッッッ|  |ッッッッ|  |         |
            |       |  |    |  |    |  |         |
 ___________|_______|  |____|  |____|  |_________|_____________
 ___________ ________________________  ________________________                          
             ッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッ  ッッッッッッッッッッ              
                          Entrance to Vercetti/Diaz Estates  

*Special Landings*
You dont have to land in the neighbours back yard, a simple over the hedges without 
touching it will be enough. But to do this you must have enough speed. PCJ-600 is the
only bike that will let you do this successfully (that i know of) as i tried with 
another bike but it kept touching the hedges.

|Vice Point|
Get to the Malibu Pronto.

From the Starfish Island Bridge (going into Washington Beach) head east (foward) and 
when you reach tthe police station go north (left). you'll eventually (10secs later)
reach the Malibu. On the Left of the malibu you will see a ramp, and its this ramp 
that you have to jump over. I tried this jump with a motorbike, and i feel that a 
sport car is best for this jump, and saving beofre you do this jump is also important.
on the right is a parking area (i think its a parking area) which will allow you to get
to the speed that you need. The motorbikes seem to, well, not work well. You have to 
speed it towards the ramp and land on the otehr side without drowning. Now this is why
the Motorbikes dont seem good enough, they dont get enough excelaration (IMO) so they
fall short, and i drown (thats why you should save before doing this jump). The cars 
on the otehr hand seem to get me through. A good way maybe to start from faraway, and
when you get to the malibu, do a sharp 90 and face the jump and this should give you
enough speed. However this should be only attempted if you are good at turning, otherwise
just use the parking are to gather the speed. If you can speed up quickly on a PCJ-600
then do use it (i think my X button on my controler is broken, so i need to push it 
harder which i may not have done).

*Special Landings*
As this jump is slightly hard (due to the possibility of drowning) you just have to make
it to the other side safe and sound.

Ok, use the above method to get to the Malibu (from bridge head east then take last left
and end of the road will be the malibu). 

From the Malibu, make a quick 180 and speed south along the grass, and hit the ramp next 
to the mini bridge. Not very hard.

*Special Landings*
Just land on the otehr side of the bridge and this should be enough. Simple jump using
a PCJ-600. Try not to hit the many trees.

This can only be done on a PCJ-600


Get a PCJ and go to the Starfish island bridge coming into washington beach. Go left at
the construction site that you destroy in one of hte missions, and then go into Avery 
Carringtons, construction site (on the right after the other construction site). Now go
up to the very top floor by using the wooden ramps. On the very top floor you will see a
red steel girder. What you have to do is using the PCJ-600 travel along the girder at a 
high speed, and come of the girder landing next to the houses in the distance.

*Special Landings*
You do have to hit the side of the buildings, but if you were straight and got enough 
speed that shouldnt be a problem.

|Washington Beach|
This is just slightly south of the last jump, but still counted as washington beach.

Use the bridge as a runway to gather up speed. From the Starfish island bridge go into 
washington point (keep heading east) and you will see a construction site on the left.
On the right is a "Bunch of Tools" shop and. In fornt of you will be a 'mini' bridge.
On the right hand side of the bridge will be a lump of sand. This is basically your ramp.
Use the speed gathered from the bridge, to go full speed and just before the bridge turn 
right and go over the ramp/sand.

*Special Landings*
Land on the right hand side of the concrete ramp that will be used in the next jump to
acnowledge this jump. (Go OVER the river)

You pass this one on your previous jump.

From your last jump landing loacation, go into that street and towards the end and then
make a 180. Now speed it towards the concrete slope mentioned in the last jump. Not very

*Special Landings*
Just clear the river, and land preferably near the "Bunch of Tools".

A Jump that is performed in the side-mission 'PCJ-Playground'

Not very hard to get to. From the malibu, (location of the malibu given in a previous 
jump) floor it south, and at the first turning you will see the ramp on the side of a

heres a map, as I havnt made one for a long time :)

  |_Malibu__|   |
 | ッッッ|_|ッッッ    |
 |     _________|
 |    |
 |    |
 |    |Buildings along here
 |    |
 |    |
 |    |___
 |    |   |
 |    |    ッ|_PCJ-600 found somewhere here
 |    |_______|_____________
 |  Jump is below
 |     _  ______________
 |    | \\              |
 |    |ッッッッ|   |ッッッッッッッッ|
 |    | \\ |   |        |The ramp on this line is the second ramp above the inital ramp,
 |    |ッッッッ|   |        |which is best to avoid.

*Special Landings*
Land quite far on that building without touching the second ramp (touching it slightly
is allowed).

From the previous jump location, there is a side stree. Now the jump is at the end 
of this sidestreet. Its where you sniped the haitians from on top of the stairs.
From the previous jump go into the side street and at full speed go south. When you 
reach the stairs, use it to launch yourself onto the building opposite. Its not that
easy and can take a few gos to coreect.

A Map again:

 |    |_______|_____________
 |     _  ______________     
 |    | \\              |    |
 |    |ッッッッ|  |ッッッッッッッッッ|    |
 |    | \\ |  |         |    |
 |    |ッッッッ|  |         |    |
 |    |    |  |         |    |
 |    |____|  |         |    |
 |    |____|  \         |    |
 |    |    ||| |        |    |     ||
 |    |____||| |________|    | The || Marks the stairs to the jump
 |          ッッ |==                 ッッ
 |     _______   _______
 |    |       | |       |        Land on this building 
 |    | Another narrow ally      without falling off
 |    |       | |       |
 |    |       | |       |

*Special Landings*
You MUST land on the roof, just touching the top is not enough, you have to land on
it and stay on for a few secs. In order to do this you need alot of speed and if you 
can then press down before hitting the jump to make you go higher.

All jumps are in the same area until you are told so.

The previous ramp/stairs was where you stood tall in the mission 'Guardian Angel'. Now
the ramp/Staircase is where Lance stood tall. Unlike the previous one this one (luckily)
is not going south but west. From the previous jump location, go left, its the staircase
at the right-angle to the previous jump.

Heres a Map to make it all clearer:

 |    |____|  \         |    |
 |    |    ||| |        |    |     ||
 |    |____||| |________|    |     || PRevious Jump
 |          ッッ |== The Jump is hereッッ
 |     _______   _______
 |    |       | |       |
 |    |       | |       |

As you see its at a sort of right angle to the previous one. To do this jump, get a PCJ-
600 and take out the lamp post in front of the jump (do this by ramming into it). Then 
back away slowly, but always look at where the lamp post was otehrwise it will re-apear.
Now when you are back as the trees, go at full throtle towards the jump. 
If you cant get enough speed then you will have tto go around the lamp post. To do this
go as far east as you can from the jump (this means to the bench on the pavement next to
the beach) and then speed it towards the jump at the right angle, and hopefully if you get
past the lamp post you will be on the jump with enough speed.

*Special Landings*
Not an easy jump, i can tell you that, try to get enough speed and hit the police station
building or the grass bit infront of the police station. This may take a few tries to get

From the Previous jump location, go south (in that narrow  alleyway where the initial
stairs are). Keep going south and you will see another staircase after a Police Bribe.
Hit the Stairs at full speed and get over the roof. A good thing to do, is to go right to
the beggining where you did jump number 23, a bit south of the PCJ-Playground motor-cycle.
From there just speed towards the staircase, and it shouldnt be that hard due to your speed.

*Special Landings*
Land on the roof, for the jump to be accepted. Clearing the building will defenetly 
register the jump.

From the previous jump, go into the narrow alley again, and follow it south again.
Eventually you will see some wooden boxes on hte floor. (You use this to get a 
checkpoint in 'PCJ-Playground'). Hit these boxes at a high speed. I recomend going
only as far back as the previous jumps staircase. However the longer the run, the
more chance of it being registered.

*Special Landings*
Land in the alley opposite, and try to go very high, so that you can be sure it has
been registered.
|Ocean Beach|
Oriogionally Jump no. 30 in the Brady guide.

From the previous jump, head south until you get to the main road turning, and then
make a quick 180, and head north. You will see another set of wooden boxes forming a 
ramp. The ramp is south of the previous jump and therefore counted as in Ocean beach.
Hit it like before, and land in the narrow street.

*Special Landings*
Same thing as before, the further south you go the more speed you build the higher you

This is origionaly jump no. 29 in the brady guides.*Location*
Head to your apartment opposite Ken Rosenburgs office, and follow this simple direction.
From your apartment, head southwest and next to Ken Rosenburgs office building is the
Mall. Now between the two buildings is a small parking lot area (go over the sidewalk
to enter). Go east from there (continue forwards) and you will see a spiral parking on
your right at the end of the street. Now go up the spiral parking thing, all the way to
the top floor, and then go left when you are at the top. This is the ramp, and so go to
the other side of the parking lot and make a quick U-turn and speed up towards the ramp.
What you have to do is follow the arrows and jump the ramp on the right hand side of 
the entrance.

*Special Landings*
Land on the building opposite, and make sure your still on your bike when you land and
that you have enough speed otherwise you will fall short of the building.

Origionally Unique Jump no. 28 in the brady guide.

From the previous jump landing location go up the stairs and on to the next building.
Now use the area here to go full throtle towards the ramp at the end of the building.
its the Ramp on the left and not the right, so make sure you go on the right one.

*Special Landings*
Hit the roof or land on it (preferably the land on it) to register this jump. Try
not to fall short as its a long way back to this jump. (Not as long as jump no.2
is from the start)

Get to the Hotel you first started at.

Go to the Ocean View Hotel. From there, head south and take the first right. Then take
a right again. Keep your eye out on the left hand side, for a very narrow side alley
and go there to find the parking lot. Now go to the top story of the parking lot. On 
top floor of the parking lot, you will be able to see 2 cement ramps (joined together)
Go to the Northwest corner, and facing south, speed towards the cement ramp. (Its the
one with the longer route). 

*Special Landings*
With enough speed this jump should be easy. Just land on the roof opposite (safely).

Do this jump and the next together, in one go.

From the Pole position Club, head north and take the first left. Go Quarter-way
into the road and you should be able to see a petrol station and some stairs on the
left (the petrol statiopn is further on, but the stairs should be on your left). Now
On the right hand side of the stairs should be a narrow pavement. 
You should drive into it as much as you can, and speed it towards the stairs. Remember
to stay in the middle and when you hit the stairs that you are roughly in the middle.

*Special Landings*
Just land on the Roof of the building opposite, and keep your hand on the acceletator
as you will need the speed in the next jump.

Continue gas from previous jump.

From the previous jump, hit the stairs in the centre, and on the roof that you land, 
you should see a ramp just in front of you. Continue the gas from the previous jump and
go the few meters extra to get to the next jump.

*Special Landings*
Land on the roof opposite, or if its too high, then land inbetween the two buildings by
clipping the top of the roof.

Nearly there. Do this jump with the next one. Only can be done on a PCJ-600.

Go to Ocean View Hotel, and head south. Folow the road around all the way until you are
at Colonal Cortez's Pier. (Where you take missions from him) You can see that the gates 
are closed, however if you go further north, you should see open gates. Go through them
all the way towards the end. Just before the pier finishes there will be a left turn.
You should see a stack of wood forming a ramp. The pier bit leading towards the ramp is
the bit you should use to gather speed. So face south, and go as far back as you can stil
facing the jump. Then Speed towards it, and hit the jump. 
Dont stop giving gas however as you will need to do the next jump aswel.

*Special Landings*
Land clear of the sea, still accelerating, onto the Colonel Cortez's Pier.

Continued from previous jump.

From the previous jump landing location, give it all you got (speed wise) and go towards
the next wooden ramp. 

*Special Landings*
Land again having cleared the sea, and landed safely on the Pier. Dont forget to Hold your
breaks as soon as you land, as there is no where else to go but into the sea if you keep 

To get back to dry land, go half way onto the pier, and you will see another wooden ramp.
Go back as far as you can and speed it towards the ramp. You are likely to touch the top
of the fence, making your bike crash, so becareful.

|Prawn Island|
Last jump, but it is kind of long and hard. Unless you follow my instructions that is ;)
Go into Prawn Island via the Vice Point (North Point Mall) bridge and take the first left.
Its a small alley way. On the right hand side are some steps, use these to get to the
roof. you will see two further ramps, now use the far side ramp to get onto the next roof,
and make sure you go at the ramps (vents to be exact) at a slight angle, so you are on 
the right part of the bridge otehrwise you may have to it all again. Now you should be 
able to see the jump on the far right (west). Go onto the left and use this to speed
it towards the jump.

*Special Landings*
Land on the roof of one of the 'buildings sets' and the jump should be accepted.

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