Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Vehicle & Weapon Guide v3.7
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: : : : Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Vehicle & Weapon Guide

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Vehicle & Weapon Guide

by bo_selecta   Updated to v3.7 on
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SPOILER WARNING : Some are major some minor
By bo_selectaa

Contact Information

Created by Paul “bo_selecta” Smith
I can be contacted on

E-Mail at                  harmonicgeneratorintermodulator(at)hotmail(dot)com
(yes this is a new email address) 
(NOTE: No spam or viruses. Don’t tempt me into legal action.)

Yahoo IM : pieshady2002
MSN Messenger : harmonicgeneratorintermodulator 
AKA : GTAProfessor (GameFAQs)
Contact only about the guide such as contributions, questions (only those not
included in the guide!!!) and praise and I am open to criticism as long as it’s
constructive for example : Your guide is bad because you are to casual 
in your writing or something. Not : U suck u f***wit pussy licking donkey raping 
whore. Thank you
Contributions needed : 
Confirmation on Speeder location.
Parked Freeway location  
Ways of getting to the Hunter without a cop outfit                                                                                                                           
Email me them at the above address                                                                             ____________________________________________________________________

Version 3.7 NOTE : The contents in this guide are only what are in this guide when 
it is finished for now  only part of the guide will be available 

User Tips : If you are looking for a certain weapon or weapon slot or vehicle or 
vehicle type hold Ctrl + F to search the document. This is easier than scrolling
 through the document yourself. If there is a certain piece of info that you
 can’t find in this guide (like that’s ever gonna happen) but just in case
 check some other guides like those on 


This guide is intended for the PS2 version. If you find it hard to understand 
because a car location is different on the PC version don’t email me complaining.
I’ve never played the PC version and don’t intend to.                                                                                                                                                       
Table of contents

1)Version History

2)Legal Notice

3) Introduction

4A) What this guide is for
  B) What this guide does
  C) What this guide doesn’t do

5) Weapon and vehicle ratings guide

6A) Weapons of Vice City intro
  B) Weapons of vice city
     B.1) Slot 1 Cameras
     B.2) Slot 2 Fists
     B.3) Slot 3 Melee Weapons
     B.4) Slot 4 Projectiles  
     B.5) Slot 5 Pistols
     B.6) Slot 6 Shotguns
     B.7) Slot 7 Machine Guns
     B.8) Slot 8 Assault Rifles
     B.9) Slot 9 Heavy weaponry (mass destruction weaponry)
     B.10) Slot 10 Sniper Rifles
  C) Uses for Vice City weapons
  D) The best of the types

7A) Cars of Vice City Intro
  B) Cars of Vice City
     B.1) 2 door cars
     B.2) High Performance Cars
     B.3) Midsize Cars
     B.4) Miscellaneous Cars
     B.5) Odd Job Cars
     B.6) SUVs
     B.7) Trucks and Buses
     B.8) Vans
     B.9) The RC Car/Bandit
   C) Uses for Vice City Cars
   D) Best of the types

 8A) Aircraft of Vice City Intro 
   B) The Aircraft of Vice City
      B.1) Helicopters
      B.2) The Plane
      B.3) The RC Helicopter/Raider
      B.4) The RC Plane/Baron
   C) The Uses for Vice City Aircraft
   D) The Best of the types

9A) Boats of Vice City Intro
  B) Boats of Vice City
      B.1) Speed Boats
      B.2) Luxury/Holiday Boats
      B.3) Fishing Boats
      B.4) Law Enforcement Boats
  C) The Uses for Vice City Boats
  D) The best of the types

10A) Motorcycles of Vice City Intro
    B) Motorcycles of Vice City
      B.1) Normal Motorcycles
      B.2) Racing Motorcycle
      B.3) Dirt Bikes
      B.4) Mopeds
  C) Uses for Vice City motorcycles
  D) The best of the types

11) The Ultimate Secret Vehicle/Hunter

12) Weapons and Vehicles  FAQ

13) What happens to your weapons and vehicles when you beat the game
14) Checkpoint Races

15) R3 Missions

16) Vehicle and Weapon Cheats

17) Tool and Gun shops

18) Sunshine Autos

19) Rampages

20) Unique Jumps 

21) Rare Cars

22) Shooting Range

23) Chopper Checkpoints

24) Weapon and Vehicle general tips

25) Weapon and Vehicle graphical statistics

26) Fun stuff 

27) My personal rant about the game 

28) My thanks to…

29) What’s next from me

30) Other stuff

Version History

0.1 2/2/03 : Started my guide to weapons and vehicles of GTA Vice City. 
Did ASCII art very badly (all by myself), a basic contents my legal notice, 
my intro, what the guide is for, and how I worked out the ratings. 
Did 5A + B and did the camera and fists weapon slots

0.2 3/2/03 : Started melee weapons and added to the contents

0.3 5/2/03 : Added more melee weapons, changed legal notice and added 
another section to the contents

0.4 7/2/03 : Added to the melee weapons

0.5 8/2/03 : Put version history at the top of document instead of 
bottom (well duh…), finished melee weapons

0.6 9/2/03 : Added 2 sections to the contents, completed projectiles and pistols

0.7 11/2/03 : Added location for the colt python, completed shotguns and 
machine guns. Changed legal notice and intro. Also was given permission to use 
some info from another guide.

0.8 12/2/03 : Added another section to the contents. Made first submission for 
this guide to be published

0.9 19/2/03 : Guide was posted on on the 16th . I haven’t done any 
work on this for a while cause I’ve been playing Minority Report (which is 
pretty crap to be honest…)But anyway…I changed the ASCII art because its 
screwed on the published version . I added to the contents (the way I’m going I wont 
be able to finish this thing!!!) I completed the machine guns and assault rifles 
which means that the weapons are nearly done

1.0 20/2/03 : I completed the weapons finally finishing the last two slots. Plus 
I did the uses for weapons and Best of the types

1.1 21/2/03 : Started the 2 Door cars

1.2 22/2/03 : Completed the 2 Door Cars started the High Performance cars

1.3 28/2/03 : Did more High Performance cars

1.4 1/3/03 : Completed High Performance cars, started Midsize cars

1.5 2/3/03 : Did more Midsize cars

1.6 9/3/03 : Yet more Midsize cars

1.7 14/3/03 : Even more Midsize cars…I’m gonna get these finished tomorrow!!!

1.8 15/3/03 : Finally finished the Midsize and nearly finished the Miscellaneous

1.9 16/3/03 : Finished the Miscellaneous and started the Odd  Job cars. Corrected 
some minor spelling errors added to the Legal Notice and Contents again. Also 
added a user tips section which will be added to as I think of more user friendly 
ways to use this guide

2.0 19/3/03 : Did more Odd Job cars

2.1 22/3/03 :Did more Odd Job cars plus added to the contents (again)

2.2 24/3/03 : Yet more Odd Job cars nearly done…just two more…also changed 
ASCII art…thanks which is a 
brilliant ASCII art generator

2.3 29/3/03 : Finished the Odd Job cars started the SUVs

2.4 30/3/03 : More SUVs 

2.5 5/4/03 : I’m giving up…haha a bit of a late April Fools there…some bad ass 
updating today. Did the rest of the SUVs and completed all twelve ludicrously 
dull and boring Trucks and Buses all at once. Should get cars finished tomorrow. 
Also added to the contents. Now there is twenty nine sections!

2.6 6/4/03 Completed Vans and the RC Car then did Uses for Vice City Cars and Best 
of the Types. That’s it all the cars totally done with. Now to submit an update…

2.7 10/4/03 : Corrected a mistake on the version history. Did Aircraft of 
Vice City Intro and one helicopter

2.8 12/4/03 : All helicopters done

2.9 12/7/03 : I’M BACKKKK!!! I’ve been gone for exactly three months because of 
a PC problem and other things on my schedule  but now I have returned…sure I’ve 
only done the Seaplane and the RC Helicopter…but I’m still back…also added 
some contact info an extra note and a change to the legal notice. Plus I added a 
grand 30th section to the guide some Chopper Checkpoint missions for you to 
check out…well…when I get to write that part…

3.0 13/7/03 : OK I’ve done all the aircraft and uses and bests and all coupla odd 
spelling and grammar mistakes sorted out and it’s time to submit and update

3.1 30/09/03 : I’m back again after not having time to do the guide and not 
being able to update ( not gonna go into detail) Any way did the speed boats 
and the intro to the boats

3.2 1/10/03 : Did the Luxury boats plan to get the boats done in the next 2 
days so I can update and do the last database.

3.3 3/10/03 : Got all the boats done and best of the types and the uses. 
Time to submit.

3.4 11/10/03 : All motorcycles done a new “I need…” section at the top a new 
Banshee location. Gonna add some new ASCII art at the bottom.

3.5 25/10/03 : Added a pretty cool new mingun location which I’m gonna, follow 
through with a check whether it’s there before you blow the factor or not. I’m 
gonna do a search for weapons as I was surprised I missed that one. Did Hunter 

3.6 26/10/03 : Added a new location for the colt 45, and got the weapon/vehicle 
frequently asked questions done. Got rid of the of the Weapon and Vehicle missions, 
and changed it to checkpoint races, as that’s pretty much all it is

3.7 26/08/04 : Nearly a year without finishing it, but School is taking over me as I suddenly actually have to work now, so if there’s gonna be any pre holiday updates it’s gonna be now. I will finish at Christmas. Tiny update added another section and deleted tiny bits and pieces

Legal Notice

This is a guide/walkthrough for the vehicles and weapons of Grand Theft Auto Vice 
City Rockstar Games /Rockstar North 2002 all rights reserved. This document was 
created solely by “SausageRollShady2003” Paul Smith ©2003

This document can be posted on any website if you e-mail me at

If you choose to print out  a copy of this document you must use it for ONLY YOUR 
BENEFIT and  no monetary value can be given as it is for your personal use and 
it CAN’T BE SOLD for money to benefit the seller. Minor parts of this guide can 
be used for your own guide as long as I am given full credit.

Ok now that’s outta the way  onto the introduction…


 Hey my “cyber name” is SausageRollShady2003 (bo_selecta). I have never 
attempted any type of guide, walkthrough or FAQ before and yeah go ahead 
and laugh at the  title art (as if you need telling ) it’s  my first attempt 
at that as well. I haven’t gone way out on detail or anything  I just want 
to provide an informative database and  hopefully humorous  view at the 
fatal weapons, fly cars, fast choppers, cool planes, and the (sometimes) 
glamorous boats of GTA Vice City. Oh yeah and there will be some references 
some Americans may not understand as being British there may be parts of my 
culture that are different that goes to all non Brits reading this guide also.

Now it’s onto what the guide is for, does and doesn’t do…

What this guide is for

This guide is here to give you a look at the two major elements in the crime empire 
of Florida that is Vice City. I mean, who doesn’t like to turn into a Bruce Willis 
or Arnold S (you know who I mean I just can’t spell it…) or Mel Gibson and be the hero 
with a gun to blow a hole straight through the centre of the earth. And name me one person 
who doesn’t like to pull up in a low gleaming sports car. This guide is for just checking 
up on a view on the weapon car and I might even  add in the odd location parking spawn. 
Also it gives an unbiased view on Is it cool?, The speed, the cornering and the handling 
and much more for vehicles plus for weapons a location guide and who to kill for one. Plus 
an overall comment for both weapons and vehicles and a features/special notes 
section for vehicles if the vehicle has any.

Now onto what this guide does…

What this guide does

On a different subject by now you probably have read this much and skipped onto one of the 
databases but it will be helpful if you read this and the next section to avoid 
disappointment. And also here for you that are still hooked to my writing 
I’ll carry on anyway…

This guide:

Gives a personal view on all the cars, boats, choppers, planes and 
weapons of Vice City
Adds the occasional parking spot or weapon spawn  or location 
for the vehicles and weapons
Gives you an intro to the type of weapon and type of vehicle.
Gives you uses for the weapon or vehicle
Gives missions where the weapon/vehicle is involved
Tells you any special features or notes about  the weapon/
Gives an FAQ on vehicles and weapons

Ok now onto what this guide doesn’t do…

What this guide doesn’t do

Ok this guide does a lot for your gaming experience but unfortunately there 
are some things it  doesn’t do or in some cases thankfully doesn‘t do…

Give top speeds and such information
Yatter on

Ok it’s time for the guide to how I rate the weapons and vehicles…
Weapons and Vehicles Ratings Guide

Ok I have done a little mini section for all the weapons and vehicles in the game and 
rated them like this…:


Coolness : This describes whether it’s cool whether you’d  look good in it for 
example if I’m rating the Infernus its gonna be showered with praise but if I 
was rating a Faggio it’s be a lot different

Speed : Well it’s kinda obvious isn’t it? How fast this thing is so again the Infernus 
would be drooled on but this can’t be said for the Rhino Tank…

Handling: Whether or not you can keep good control over it and how easy it is to drive. 
So the Rhino may be a bit on the slow side but due to that it is easy to drive. Whereas 
as much fun as it is to drive the Sanchez Dirtbike if it gets to fast can fly out of control 
easily and cause major hurt. But there are some exceptions such as  the Banshee which 
flies down the highways but can still be driven smoothly

Cornering : On a getaway? Tight corner coming up? Your worst nightmare with a three star 
wanted level on your back is a crash because your car couldn’t take a certain corner…The ability 
to take a corner is important when choosing your car so I tell you what to pick when it comes 
to making a swift getaway.

Colours : If it comes in a certain colour I’ll tell ya it but most cars come in many colours

Description : What it looks like….

Specific locations : I’ll tell you parking locations and general places where you’ll 
find the car roaming around. This is helpful if you need to find a car for the 
Sunshine Auto’s boostings lists.

Special Features/Odd Jobs (see Odd Job cars): What does it do that makes it unique or maybe 
just a general um…something about it/What odd job it triggers.

Comment : My personal  view put into a short sweet sentence.

For weapons

Coolness : First a colt 45  then you get the chainsaw….get the picture…

Is it common? If it’s a colt 45 its all over the place if it’s a rocket launcher 
that changes somewhat….

Usual Purpose : What it would do in a non Vice City world…like a golf club would be 
used to play golf but in Vice City you’re more likely to give someone brain damage…

Location :  Some nice locations for them where after a certain amount of time (I.e 
after a mission is passed) you can go back and get them again.

Who carries them : A basic overview of who’s got them

Kill Rate : Another kind of obvious one e.g A colt 45 you could blast rounds at a 
strong thug  until its empty whereas take out a flamethrower and depending on range 
things can be a whole lot different….

Comment : Just like for the Vehicle comment except for the weapon

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for …the databases….

Weapons of Vice City Intro

Ah  weapons the King of Crime..there is a huge variety of weapons  available to 
use in Vice City all of them can kill some of them instantly (even tear gas if 
you stand in it for too long) others take a few of whatever they have be it grenades, 
bottle bombs, pistols, flamethrowers, machine guns or even your own hands there’s 
something to kill everyone even yourself (no horrors of horrors you can get hurt 
in this game) anyway onto those weapons…

NOTE : Psy II has created a great weapons guide.

Weapons of Vice City

Ok there is gonna be a lot of sub sections hold your breath here it comes my 
fist weapon review…

>>>>>>Slot 1<<<<<<

Ahhh cameras used to take pictures of almost anything and I guess you’re wondering 
what in the blue hell they’re gonna have to do with a GTA game well I’ll tell ya…

@@@The Camera@@@

Coolness : Well as a matter of fact It’s a camera to take photos to save the 
Porn business so it’s gotta be pretty cool

Is it common? : Hell nooooo you can only get it for one mission and that’s 
the only time you’ll be in possession of it

Usual purpsose : For taking photos …which is what you do with this 
one so not much to say…..

Location : You get this from Steve Scott (porn film director) in a cut scene 
and I repeat that is the only place you can get one

Who carries them : Only you really…some of the pedestrians have them on 
their neck but they don’t use them.

Kill Rate : It couldn’t hurt a fly unless it flew inside and then…anyway I said I 
wouldn’t yatter on…it cant kill anyone it just takes pictures for gods sakes!

Comments : Well its good for keeping the “Dirty Movie” business alive which is 
good enough I suppose…

>>>>>>Slot 2<<<<<<

The good ole’  hands and feet they have so many uses you don’t have to be a brain 
surgeon to work out what they’re gonna do in this game…

@@@Fists/Feet/Head butt@@@

Coolness : Bare knuckle fighting like the beginning of Fight Club was pretty cool and 
a head butt looks alright but there’s cooler weapons out there 

Is it common : Well there on the end of your arms/legs/neck so common is a kinda 

Usual Purpose : Well there’s too many to mention…but a lot of people use them for 
the purpose our friend Tommy does…

Location :   Well there on the end of your arms/legs/neck ….

Who carries them : Everyone that’s human does ! Well Phil Cassidy loses a hand later on 
in the game but  apart from that…everyone else seems to

Kill Rate : Well a few hits will take down the usual common pedestrian but unless you’re 
really stupid take armed thugs out with a gun…

Comments : These are ok if theres no chance you can get your hands on a gun and cause the 
least fuss if you’re mugging a usual pedestrian 

@@@Brass Knuckles@@@

Coolness : These look cool when you walk into an area when you’re not meant to be a criminal 
mastermind plus have a certain edge over the unarmed fist

Is it common : I haven’t seen them much there’s a set behind your main hideout 
(the hotel) but I haven’t found them anywhere else.

Usual Purpose : Well what else are you likely to use brass knuckles for…I think Tommy 
uses them for the same purpose that anyone else that owns them does.

Location : As I said I’ve said I have so far only found them behind the Ocean View hotel

Who carries them : As far as I know only the bouncers at The Malibu NightClub carry them 
and I only know that cuz I went on a sorta killing spree…involving a remote grenade, The 
Village People and dance floor full of people….

Kill Rate : Well basically just a couple of hits less then your fists which helps for 
quick muggings when the cops are near ya and you want a bit of quick cash.

Comments : These are pretty cool for punching and you keep these throughout the  game 
and you don’t have to worry about finding a better weapon for the Fists slot because there 
isn’t one !!! These can be used best in the fist fight in the “Back Alley Brawl” 
mission for Ken 

>>>>>>SLOT 3<<<<<<

Melee weapons. As the name suggests they are here to cause some damage these 
particular weapons can be turned from household items into implements of torture. In Vice 
City they come in the forms of screwdrivers to meat cleavers to chainsaws.

@@@Screw Driver@@@

Coolness : You just don’t look cool killing someone with screw driver do you?  Enough said.

Is it common? : Pretty much…You can’t find them lying around but they’re in all the Hardware 
stores and from the beginning you can get them from “Bunch of Tools” in Washington Beach and  
“Tooled Up” in the North Point Mall and then when you access the West Island  you can get them 
from “Screw This” in Little Havana.

Usual Purpose : Screwing in and taking out screws and nails but in Vice City you can 
“screw” a hole in someones head…

Location : Im sorta regretting puttng all the store info in the Is it common section?  
As I said you can’t find them lying around but see the Is it common? Section for info on the store 
locations where you can buy them for $10

Who carries them : If you buy them you do! I haven’t seen anyone else that carries around 
screwdrivers though.

Kill Rate : A lot quicker than fists even with brass knuckles but still only should 
only be used if you’re desperate

Comments : A big impovement on the previous weapons but still not something you should use 
for missions except maybe in “Jury Fury” for Ken which a hammer would still be better.

@@@Golf Club@@@

Coolness : Not that awesome but they look preety neat when taking out old rich golfer 
dudes with them.

Is it Common : No not really, can only be found in the Leaf Links Golf Course/Country Club

Usual Purpose : No offence, but the golf part in the name really gives it away it’s usually 
used for swinging a ball or two onto the green from the fairway. Tommy doesn’t make use of 
them that way though…

Location : Next to the steps after you go through the metal detector at Leaf Links and if you 
enter a caddy with an empty melee weapon slot then you get one.

Who carries them : Well the Golfer Gang (they are a gang kill enough and they appear on the least 
favourite gang section on your stats) carry them they are old people and drop them if you kill 
one of the gang beware though their other gang members attack if you attack one of them.

Kill Rate : Yet again another improvement but still only a weapon if your outta ammo

Comments : Another improvement on the latter but still only a weapon if you are desperate.


Coolness : Yet another case of well…you just don’t look good putting  someones head in with a hammer 
maybe if it was a sledgehammer but noooo…it’s just a regular hammer….

Is it common : You betcha they’re all over the place

Usual  Purpose : You usually hit in nails and such with a hammer but in this situation you hit 
in dents in someones head…

Location : Kill a builder and they drop these in the “the fastest boat” mission or Ricardo Diaz 
the workers in the boathouse drop them and you can buy them from all hardware stores (for locations 
check the Is it common? Section for the screw driver

Who carries them : See above

Kill Rate : Quicker than the previous but still only a desperation weapon…

Comments : A good all round melee weapon better for smashing cars than people. Used in the 
Ken Rosenberg mission “Jury Fury”

@@@Night Stick@@@

Coolness : The cops carry them so with the established thugs of Vice City they aint gonna be 
to popular  are they against pedestrians with a cop outfit on and you go hit one it looks 
pretty funny but that’s about it…

Is it common : Not really unless you’re at the only enterable cop station….

Usual purpose : Well if you get into “a spot of bother” they use them on you. Which is what 
they use them for in real life….

Location : In the locker room of the police station in Washington Beach and also kill a cop 
(usually a two star wanted level though) and they drop them

Who carries them :  As I said the cops and as far as I know no - one else does

Kill Rate : Hey this kills in about two hits but still only against the cops themselves and 
pedestrians themselves but no - one that’s armed

Comments : These aren’t bad for a fist fight but against armed opponents its useless because 
of its range and you’d be swiss cheese before you had chance to strike

@@@Baseball Bat@@@

Coolness : Pretty cool…there’s some good feeling in taking the hell outta a pedestrian for 
absolutely no reason whatsoever…and plus you Americans treat masters with this weapon 
in the sport it’s used for like Gods…

Is it common? : Sorta…you can only get them in one place lying around but still quite a few 
people carry them and stuff like that…

Usual Purpose : Taking out robbers that enter your house but for you Americans most importantly 
(surprise surprise) baseball…

Location : In a tool shop near you  after completing the “Jury Fury” mission for our favourite 
lawyer Ken Rosenberg. Plus see the who carries them section below…and also behind your hotel .

Who carries them : Well as far as I know one type of people do. After you buy the “Pole Position” 
strip club (and get a free suit at collar and cuffs across the road) if you kill 
a stripper or barlady some guys come after you inside kill one of these and they drop a 
nice shiny baseball bat…

Kill Rate : Very good considering you can buy it from a sports store couple of hits and 
your Average Joe is a bloody pile. Not so good against your friends with guns…

Comments : A nice melee weapon the best I’ve reviewed so far but still no damn good against 
armed opponents…


Coolness : Seen all of those ninja movies where the ninjas forget there flailing hands/feet 
and take the knife out of their mouth and slash away! That’s the coolness in a nutshell

Is it common? : Like the baseball bat only found lying around in one place but no-one carries them

Usual Purpose : Chopping up food….Tommy Vercetti prefers chopping up people. Reminds me of “Psycho”…

Location : After completing the Rosenberg mission “Back Alley Brawl” buy them from hardware stores. 
Also there is supposed to be one behind the “Maison Wenifall”  in Ocean Beach

Who carries them : No-one as far as in know

Kill Rate : Pretty quickly but make sure your killing is swift because if you take long breaks before 
hitting pedestrians as the cocky ones that fight back can cause damage if don’t kill quickly

Comments : A pretty average melee weapon

@@@Meat Cleaver@@@

Coolness : If in “Back Alley Brawl” you were stupid enough to fight the three buddies of  the murdered 
chef (also chefs) you’ll have seen how fun it is to kill someone with a meat cleaver…except if you 
were taking hits it probably wasn’t so fun….

Is it common? : Well one chance of finding someone who carries them, one lying around, you can buy 
them from anywhere at any time so not rare not common

Usual Purpose : Unsurprisingly cleaves meat… 

Location : At the start of the game from any tool shop from the chef’s friends (if you decide to 
kill them), in the Ken Rosenberg mission “Back Alley Brawl” and behind the pizza restaurant 
in Vice Point

Who carries them : As I say the chefs in the aforementioned mission and………you

Kill Rate: Unfotunately quite a few hits not very fast hits either….

Comments : Good for when you fail a mission to take it out on a few pedestrians but 
that’s about it.


Coolness : You know thos jungle films where the cheesy adventurer cuts throught the vines 
with an awesome (or boresome depends on your view) swipe of his large knife type thing well 
it’s a machete and you make your decision on whether that’s cool or not…

Is it Common? : Quite common

Usual Purpose : The vine thing mentioned above and cutting back undergrowth which is kinda 
the same really…

Location : On the left side walkway on the bridge from the East Island to Starfish Island, In 
tool shops after completing “Back Alley Brawl”, and the strippers in the StripClub and the 
woman behind the bar there

Who carries them : See above

Kill Rate : Very high, couple of swipes and your opponent is a bloody mess on the floor. Still 
no good against armed opponents  

Comments : Four words TAKES PEOPLES HEADS OFF


Coolness : It’s an asian ninja sword so…pretty cool, samurai and even those ninja version of the 
Yakuza use them sometimes (when outta guns and nun chunks)

Is it common : I found it around a lot…but that’s me…

Usual Purpose : Well what else are you gonna use a long razor sharp samurai sword for?…

Location : In Tarbrush Café office in the North Point Mall or the next door neighbour of Ricardo Diaz 
(and later on) you or you could buy one like anyone else from a tool shop near you

Who carries them : No-one that I have seen

Kill Rate : A couple of swipes and your opponent is an a bloody mess on the floor. Still no good against 
armed opponents. Reminds me of another weapon from my  archives…

Comments : Also takes people’s heads off it’s an Asian Ninja Sword. Need I say more. I will anyway.
In my opinion the second best melee weapon. Next comes my best melee weapon…


Coolness : This may sound sick but remember the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and how that sounded so cool. 
Well there you have it…

Is it common : One word NOPE

Usual Purpose : Taking down trees but unless Tommy Vercetti has become a lumberjack I’m sure he 
has other ideas

Location : In the mission “Treacherous Swine” for Colonel Cortez you get one and there is one in 
the only enterable apartment in Apartment 3c. See the references in My Thanks for directions. Oh and 
if you collect 20 hidden packages they appear at your save points (non assets) NOTE : If you buy 
the Hyman Condo you only get rewards you have already collected.

Who carries them : You and….let me think…no-one else

Kill Rate : I’m not gonna dignify that with an answer

Comments :  TIMBER!!!! Create your own Vice City chainsaw massacre

That’s it 10 melee weapons reviewed over five days now onto projectiles…

>>>SLOT 4<<<

Ah projectiles…throwing stuff with the likelihood that the person you hit will die…grenades 
and bombs the subject of so many good and bad films…or tear gas the object police come under 
most scrutiny for…and remote grenades where you decide when the bomb goes off…or maybe a 
bomb in a bottle like a Molotov cocktail…ahhh the choices…


Coolness : Ever seen Die Hard II where McClane is in the plane where the guy that comes over 
for trial and the terrorists throw grenades into the cockpit and see the explosion underneath the 
jet seat…that’s it in a very fiery nutshell

Is it common? : Not really…

Usual Purpose : What else are ya gonna use grenades for…

Location : In Little Havana there is a couple of basketball courts and there is some grenades 
and at the North Point Mall Ammu - Nation they’re on sale 8 for $300

Who carries them : No-one that I’ve seen

Kill Rate if you’re in about 20 yards then you are nice red mark on the floor and you’re 
seriously injured if you are still pretty near it

Comments : The oldest bomb in the book so to speak…


Coolness : Dispersing a cloud of gas that irritates the eyes of  an 
unsuspecting  civilian  has it’s cool points…

Is it common? : It’s even rarer than the chainsaw

Usual Purpose :Dispersing crowds like acts hooliganism at sporting events

Location : Behind the police station in Washington Beach

Who carries them : No-one

Kill Rate : If you’re in the gas for along time it kills you by slowly wearing down your 
armour then health 

Comments : A nice little tool for maybe not dispersing crowds but taking out a bad mood on 
them. Also good for temporarily stunning cops

@@@Molotov Cocktails@@@

Coolness : Let’s see a bottle filled with gasoline with a wet rag for a wick…make up your 
own mind…

Is it common? : Nope just like the teargas can only be found in one place

Usual Purpose : Well it’s a good old bottle bomb so what else can you use it for. Damn hooligans

Location : The Tacopalypse taco store in Downtown

Who carries them : Yet again our friend No-One crops up again

Kill Rate : Just like a grenade but with a shorter range

Comments : A bottle in a bomb! Genius! Must be the secret to the Taco Store’s Hot Sauce

@@@Detonator Bomb@@@

Coolness : Pretty cool it’s a grenade which you decide when it blows

Is it common? : Nope, one store, one place to find it

Usual Purpose : Creating a terrorist situation…

Location : On one of the walkways on one of the buildings facing the beach up in Vice Point also in Phil’s Place once you have completed his string of missions

Who carries them : Just like all he projectiles no-one

Kill Rate : Well being  a grenade with a trigger button …a grenade

Comments : My favourite projectile means you can plant a grenade get outta the way of the cops and blow your target to smithereens

>>>SLOT 5<<<

YAY!!! Finally we get onto the guns, not that I haven’t enjoyed reviewing projectiles, melee weapons, fists and cameras it’s just guns are what you think of when someone says weapon isn’t it not some poncy hammer. Anyway the pistol is the basic gun  in the firearms world and there re two types in this game and here are the reviews for them…

@@@Colt 45@@@

Coolness : You probably think you look pretty col when you forst handle a gun but it’s very basic but it still looks better than a screwdriver doesn’t it.

Is it common? : Hell yeah!!!

Usual Purpose : This is where I start regretting this section as for many guns there is only one use. Anyway  this did over 80 years of service and I believe in America it’s a regular weapon for on duty cops

Location : HOLY CRAP!!!! It’s all over the place I’ll do a list
Kill a cop
Kill a member of the Street Wannabes the PIGs the Cubans or Haitians  gangs 
Buy them at all Ammu - Nation stores from the start of the game
In Avery Carrington’s building site
In some bushes near Pier 1 the home of Colonel Cortez
And at Avery’s Construction site near the back

Pant, Pant!!! 

Who carries them : See above

Kill Rate : Three hits for the average person five or six for the in mission enemies

Comments : John McClane would be proud

@@@Colt Python@@@

Coolness : One hit kill says enough

Is it common? : The opposite of it’s ‘45 brother

Usual Purpose : Quick kills

Location : Behind a wall in the rear of a building near the red bridge in Little Haiti, buy them from the Ammu - Nation in Downtown after liquidizing Diaz in “Rub Out” (oh was that a spoiler oopsie) Plus in the final mission “Keep Your Friends Close” for the first part  one spawns in  your office behind the desk (you’ll need it!) Also after collecting 30 hidden packages it arrives at your hideouts a nice present if you ask me

Who carries them : Our good friend No-One has made an unwelcome return

Kill Rate : As I said ONE HIT KILL!!!

Comments : ONE HIT KILL!!!

>>>SLOT 6<<<

Oh shotguns the hunters gun of choice usually…(well ever seen Elmer Fudd with a sub machine gun?) These beauties may be quite big but their powerful shells can often result in a one hit kill.

@@@Chrome Shotgun@@@

Coolness : It’s chrome plated that’s pretty good isn’t it…

Is it common? : Found in quite a few places

Usual Purpose : Hunting foxes birds and the like alos good for clay pidgeon shooting

Location : Buy them at the Ocean Beach Ammu - Nation theres a free one at the top of the Washington Mall (so it is good for something) in Washington Beach theres one facing the beach and when you enter a cop car you emerge victorious or bloody or whatever you do it with five of these shells

Who carries them : No-one

Kill Rate : 1-3 shots on your average pedestrian

Comments : Double the barrels double the fun a good gun but not the best shotgun out there

@@@Spaz Shotgun@@@

Coolness : This ones in the look basically go up to it without collecting it and first person view it it looks mighty fine and also is another double barrel

Is it common? : No

Usual Purpose : This one is for hunting, not animals though…

Location : At the airport go to the main terminal and look across for a bit and theres one there ripe for the taking, And can be bought at the Ammu - Nation in the Downtown area.

Who carries them : NO-ONE GRRRRRR

Kill Rate : Usually two shots

Comments : Better than the previous chromed style but the best is yet to come…

@@@Stubby Shotgun@@@

Coolness : They say that nothing should be judged by it’s looks…they were wrong…yet again it’s all in the appearance

Is it common? : How about…NO!

Usual Purpose : Being a general gangster eyesore

Location : In the large junkyard where you save Lance from being tortured to death in the Kent Paul/Tommy Vercetti mission “Death Row”

Who carries them : A regular in this guide…no one

Kill Rate : Im pretty sure this is a one hit kill

Comments : The Grandaddy of all shotguns 

>>>SLOT 7<<<

Ho-Ho-Ho now I gotta machine gun. This was on the shirt of a dead terrorist killed by yes you guessed it. Bruce Willis as John McClane (another Die Hard reference)… Machine guns …the guns that don’t actually look like bullets being fired more like light more deadly then a  pistol that actually looks like its firing…

@@@Tec 9@@@

Coolness :  It’s a street gun that can be converted into a full auto pretty damn cool I’d say

Is it common : No I found it in one place only

Usual Purpose : The street “machiney” (as little kids call it) of choice

Location : On the first island in Vice Point before hitting the bridge over to the Pizza Place there’s a dead end road go up and third right gap and there should be one. Oh and being street exclusive they can’t be bought at your local Ammu - Nation.

Who carries them : Many random enemies carry them during missions. Also Sonny’s mobsters carry them during the “Keep your friends close…” mission

Kill Rate : A few shots should kill the average enemy

Comments : Not the best machine gun but  still better than slinging around a Colt 45

@@@Ingram MAC 10@@@

Coolness : I don’t think it’s pretty cool the fact that it looks like a mechanical hammer and it’s pretty ineffective at short range rule it out for me

Is it common? : No not really…

Usual Purpose : If ya ask me it’s for knocking in mechanical nails but it’s a normal machine gun use I suppose

Location : Down at the most southern point of the docks

Who carries them : I haven’t seen anyone with this

Kill Rate : Pretty slow, and no good at log range pretty good for firing forwards on bikes tho

Comments : My least favourite machine gun…don’t like it at all..get a Uzi…

@@@Uzi 9mm@@@

Coolness : The definitive machine gun in most games, forget the definitive submachine gun there is in life…

Is it common? : Very

Usual Purpose : Creating havoc

Location : The Ammu - Nation which is introduced to you in “Back Alley Brawl” in Ocean Beach, Plus finding them…Behind the Pay n Spray in Ocean Beach and in a building in Washington Beach (for directions check out the Weapons FAQ by Psy II posted on GameFAQs)…and under the stairs leading to up to the Skumhole  Shack (next to the Biker Bar) plus up onPrawn Island on the deck of the gang house you follow that guy to in the mission for Ricardo Diaz (I believe it’s called “The Chase”)

Who carries them : A lot of people in your missions, swat teams if you’re good enough to get ‘em, and also at 3 stars the agents that come in cheetahs are packing them

Kill Rate : A few quick fire bullets should do the trick

Comments : My personal favourite maybe not the best but a nice trusty gunfight weapon to have on you


Coolness : Nice drawback means for great accuracy…Plus the military (being a criminal you may think that this is uncool but if you do well…shuddup!) submachine gun of choice

Is it common? : No

Usual Purpose : Being a nice law enforcement weapon

Location : Can be bought in the Ammu - Nation in Downtown. What do you mean is that it?!!!!

Who carries them : To get them off someone could be difficult…the FBI and the army carry them….gulp…..

Kill Rate : A couple of hits should do just nicely…

Comments : Maybe not my favourite machine gun but definitely the best

>>>SLOT 9<<<

Assault rifles….a nice weapon that can be fired in rapid succession while using manual aim. TIP : If you want to hit a certain spot in successsion while standing the aiming is a bit jumpy crouching is far more accurate


Coolness : Pretty good…it’s great for long distant and close combat

Is it common? : You get given this in missions more than you can find it lying around

Usual Purpose : Just general killing…also good in rifle ranges

Location : Can be bought at the Ocean Beach Ammu - Nation, on top of one of the roofs of the El Swanko Casa property also given to you as “protection” in the Colonel Cortez mission “Guardian Angels” plus in the Cuban mission “Naval Engagement”

Who carries them : No-one that I know of

Kill Rate : One good bullet I think

Comments : A nice assault rifle I’m not a great fan of assault rifles but an average gun really

@@@Colt M4@@@

Coolness : Just an upgraded ruger

Is it common? : Average 

Usual Purpose : Pretty much the same as the ruger

Location : Can be bought from the Downtown Ammu - Nation and in Little Haiti it’s in some of the Haitian Shacks (not sure where I only found it once) in the basement of your mansion. Plus on studio B of the Film Empire on Prawn Island

Who carries them : The army inside the Fort Baxter Base

Kill Rate : Another one hit kill pretty much

Comments : As I say just an upgraded ruger

>>>SLOT 10<<<

Ooooh the weapons I’ve been dying (and you would as well considering we gotta a flamethrower in here) to review…Now by mass destruction I don’t mean what Saddam Hussein is hiding from the weapon inspectors I mean things you could use to cause a riot and well as the title implies mass destruction…

@@@Rocket Launcher@@@

Coolness : The title says it all really. I can’t help it!!! IT LAUNCHES ROCKETS!!!

Is it common? : Noooo

Usual Purpose : Again it says it in the title…

Location : Buy them at Phil’s Place after completing his missions (I can tell you it’s in the Little Haiti area check the map that came with your game for proper directions) Or find it at the Hooker Inn near the airport

Who carries them : I’ll think you’ll find no-one is a popular person in this slot

Kill Rate : If you fire it at one person (a waste if ya ask me) then a rocket hittin them they don’t stand much chance of surviving…

Comments : One of my personal favourite weapons. I’ll say it one more time IT LAUNCHES ROCKETS!!!

@@@Flame Thrower@@@

Coolness : Indeed…OK say you went up to a person took out a colt 45 held them up. You  put the gun down. They walk away…You take out a flame thrower and ignite them…

Is it common? : Same as the rocket launcher

Usual Purpose : Put drama in “wrasslin” for WWE of WCJHFH or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves now…however theres many more uses for flame throwers…he he he

Location : Down near the docks on the Eastern Side near 8 Ball’s bomb shop (map that came with game again) and in that loop area on Starfish Island the house with a Rockstar Pool there’s a flame thrower in there

Who carries them : No-one

Kill Rate : Just start ’em off on fire and…watch them run…mua hahahahaha    ha

Comments : A hilarious weapon, just don’t go in the aflame areas…


Coolness : Imagine a gian machine gun with first person aim…there you go….

Is it common? : Just like it’s flame throwing and rcoket launching friends

Usual Purpose : It’s really just a heavy duty machine gun 

Location : Buy it at Phil’s Place or for the more daring (or stupid) get it from the left tower of Fort Baxter. Get the remaining ammo after the Ricardo Diaz mission “Phnom Penh ‘86” (I hope I spelled that right!!)

Who carries them : No-one

Kill Rate : I think a good placed bullet is a one hit kill

Comments : Not my favourite gun at all it’s basically a big machine gun you can’t run with


Coolness : Commence the drooling…a rapid fire of bullets that can kill a man in one shot and take out a car in two…

Is it common? : Is that a joke is it heck!!!

Usual Purpose : Well it’s supposed to be out of use after the army declared it obsolete in 1911...

Location : Bought at Phil’s Place when you complete his missions, and when you blow up the Haitian factory in Cuban mission “Trojan Voodoo” afterwards, look around, and on one of the rafters, there it is you can use a helicopter to get up there or climb the stairs and jump around the rafters for a bit. However it seems to be a nest for Hatians, who as you know sometimes shoot you and sometimes don’t, well these do, so pack a gun before you go.

Who carries them : No-one

Kill Rate : Look at the coolness you will see what I mean

Comments : As I say commence the drooling…

>>>SLOT 10<<<

Snipers…they have been getting a lot of bad press lately and rightly so after the Washington Snipings…but im not gonna dwell on that…with no disrespect to the families of the victims…sniper rifles are pretty fun…in games…

@@@Sniper Rifle@@@

Coolness : I’m not going to say either of these guns are cool but it does have a neat looking aiming sight

Is it common : Average

Usual Purpose : Sickos that want to cause tragedies like the ones mentioned above

Location : You can buy it from the Ammu - Nation in the North Point Mall or in one the dead ends of the maze next to the Diaz Mansion or Vercetti Estate whatever you want to call it or from the bridge furthest south over to the west island and the pay toll booth over there that no-one seems to use near that down near the water on a small path.

Who carries them :  No-one that I seen

Kill Rate : One nicely aimed shot

Comments : Just like it’s PSG1 cousin the zoom in and zoom out feature is great

@@@PSG - 1@@@

Comments : A lot of guides and people that I have spoken to seem to think that this is better than the sniper rifle is…I don’t think that…anyway this still is pretty cool

Is it common : No no no

Usual Purpose : See sniper rifle

Location : In the Downtown Ammu - Nation

Who carries them : The sniper in the Cuban mission “Cannon Fodder”

Kill Rate : Another well placed shot

Comments : I have been brief  about the Sniper Slot because I don’t like sniper rifles out of games never mind in them, but this is not a bad weapon at all

Phew!!! That’s it all weapons completed finally 

Uses for Vice City weapons

Ok this section is about not your sarcastic remarks as in “killing people duh…”

Fists : Take some brass knuckles and beat the hell out of a person with a sick (or pleasant depending on your mentality) thud
Melee : Take a chainsaw and conduct your own massacre
Projectiles : Go up to the golf course with a remote grenade and outside there is often a gang of golf playing old men and women place it next to them and you know what comes next…
Pistol : Go really close to a person you will knock them down with your gun…then…shoot them…
Shotgun : Go up really onto a really high building then auto aim below you and then shoot someone…they weren’t aware of it…hehehehe
Machine gun : In Little Havana/Haiti go up to a large gang of Cubans/Haitians and blast them away mua hahahahahaha
Assault Rifle : On the West island there are some condom machines in packs of three littered all over the place. Shoot them up and create a tickertape parade
Heavy Weaponry : Do the same as for the Machine gun and take out a flamethrower…you know what to do…
Sniper : Look closely in the water…you’ll see a shark sometimes…shoot him   

The best of the types

Ok this section gives you the best of the genres of weapon all our listed from good to bad…Oh and the camera slot is not included because there is only one…

1)Brass Knuckles

6)Baseball Bat
8)Golf Club

1)Remote Grenades
3)Molotov Cocktails

1)Colt Python
2)Colt 45
1)Spaz Shotgun
2)Stubby Shotgun
3)Chrome Shotgun

Machine Guns
2)Uzi 9mm
3)Tec 9
4) Ingram Mac 10

Assault Rifles
1)Colt M4

Heavy Weaponry
2)Rocket Launcher
3)Flame Thrower

1)Sniper Rifle
2)PSG - 1

Vehicles of Vice City


Cars of Vice City Intro

Cars, cars, cars…this is where the AUTO in Grand Theft Auto comes into it. You can see…a huge gunfight resulting in mass murder you have a 3*** wanted level you can’t exactly walk away can you?…No you need a high power sports car to zoom to a pay n spray and get to your destination…
Wait how do we get a car do we go to the car showroom and buy one? NO!!! you get to the nearest one open the door throw the driver out get in and drive away without a second thought…

There are many cars in Vice City from pick-up tricks to stretch limos…so many to choose from and now I go through EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE : Jnco904 has created a brilliant Car Locations guide

Cars of Vice City

>>>2 DOOR CARS<<<

The following are a selection of cars that can fit two people in or are maybe muscle cars

@@@Blista Compact@@@

Coolness : Lightweight low to the ground sleek….it’s not that bad…

Speed : Average not as fast as an Infernus but not as slow as a Trashmaster

Handling : High speed need to take a sharp turn around to evade the on coming blockade? Perfect

Cornering : This isn’t that shabby at all taking tight corners is relatively good too

Colours : I mostly found this in red yellows and golds but I have seen a green one on occasion

Description : Looks a bit like a Honda CRX and a domed back

Locations : I found this around the Downtown and Washington Beach areas, no parked locations though…

Special Features : Don’t think this has any

Comments : Not bad speed, good cornering and almost perfect handling it works as a good getaway car…

@@@Cuban Hermes@@@

Coolness : It has a flame paint job…need I say more

Speed : Pretty good slightly better than the previous car

Handling : Not bad

Cornering : Average

Colours : Only comes in black with a flame paint job

Description :  A hermes with a flame paint job

Locations : Usually driving around in Little Havana (obviously) and you can sometimes be seen getting carjacked in Little Haiti

Special Features : It has a flame Paint job!!!

Comments : Flame paint job!!!


Coolness : Lookin’ pretty sleek

Speed : Same as the Cuban version

Handling :  Same as the Cuban version

Cornering : Slightly better than the Cuban version

Colours : Random

Description : Raises up from the back and a raised engine area

Locations : I found this all over the place

Special Features : None

Comments a pretty average, common car


Coolness : This thing is uuuuuuggggly

Speed : This is no F1 Racer

Handling : Getaway? Avoid it nearly as much as your pursuers…

Cornering : Just maybe the best thing about this car…that doesn’t mean it’s any good…

Colours : Random again

Description : A bit like a mini pick up truck…no actually it’s not…its just a Dodge Dynasty Coupe lookalike…sort of

Locations : I found this a lot in Little Haiti

Special Features : Has a supreme talent of making the driver get out and back away cautiously…

Comments : Not a bad ride…if all the other cars suddenly disappear…


Coolness : Look at it! It’s even got a nice set of lights at the front!

Speed : The best aspect of this car, maybe not as good as all of the high performance cars but still not a  
bad  getaway car

Handling : Not too shabby

Cornering : Not the best but above average

Colours : Many, but I see this a lot in white

Description : Looks a lot like a Pontiac Firebird

Locations : On Starfish Island on the loop (looks a bit like a shell) when you come on from the East Island when you come on it’s a right hand turn the third house on the right (jump the wall) for a parked Phoenix

Special Features : The little lights at the front!!! They don’t add anything but…still 

Comments : Not the best car but a pretty damn fine one

@@@Sabre Turbo@@@

Coolness : Very similar to the sabre with a cool pinstripe and slightly improved in most areas

Speed : A little faster than the original Sabre with improved acceleration

Handling :  Same as the orginal Sabre

Cornering : Slightly worse than the orginal Sabre

Colours : Red with a white pinstripe

Description : Red body with a white pinstripe

Locations : After completing the second boosting list after buying Sunshine Autos car showroom this appears in the showroom

Special Features : That lovely pinstripe!

Comments : It’s basically a slightly improved, rarer Sabre. Very nice


Coolness : Pretty cool, nicer with the pinstripe though…

Speed : Not bad, not ideal for escaping that long long long arm of the law though

Handling : Distinctly average

Cornering : Pretty good but still don’t take them at high speed

Colours : Random

Description : Looks a bit like a Camaro Z28

Locations : I found this a lot in Downtown and Vice Point

Special Features : None

Comments : A decent car for just getting to a job without being under pressure


Coolness : I don’t think it’s that flash…but that’s me…

Speed : Average

Handling : Average

Cornering : Average

Colours : I found this in green most of the time but sometimes it’s in different colours

Description : A sleek body with a hood

Locations : I found this Downtown and in Little Haiti/Havana but it’s generally all over the place

Special Features : None

Comments : A really average car still a classic 80’s style car though


Coolness : The Haitian car, hydraulics, and a nice look. Mighty fine

Speed : Seen faster but a cut above the average…just

Handling : Not too good, but considering it’s length it’s to be expected

Cornering : As bad as it’s handling really but again to be expected because of it’s length

Colours : Red, and yes that is all it comes in 

Description : A low to the ground low red car with a white stripe above the back tyres

Locations : Little Haiti (obviously) and also can be seen being jacked in Little Havana

Special Features : Some nice hydraulics with a press of the L3 button

Comments : One of my favourite cars in the game and a pretty cool one at that


Ooh yes! The sports cars of Vice City the ones you can drool over…


Coolness : Sleek, Fast, good in turns a really nice sports car

Speed : The fastest car I’ve reviewed yet

Handling : The cops might in 2* wanted level not be able to get you in this

Cornering : Got a sharp one coming up pretty good!

Colours : Random, but I’ve seen it in white a lot

Description : Very low to the ground, with a small raised area on the engine

Locations : At the Southern Pay ‘n‘ Spray on VC East slightly north is a car park look in here (thanks to my little Sister Emily for that). Ocean Beach and Vice Point is where I found it driving most, and virtually nowhere on the second island

Special Features : None

Comments : Sweet, sweet and sweet! And still the bets is yet to come

@@@Bloodring Banger@@@

Coolness : It’s a car that you drive in destruction derbies what more is there to say!

Speed : As fast as the Banshee at least

Handling :  Not too good but there is worse out there for handling

Cornering : Distinctly average

Colours : Varies

Description : Has a number on the top and sponsors all over it…and also generally looks like it’s been in a destructuon derby

Locations : On the south side of the Hyman Memorial Stadium after completing the mission in the aforementioned stadium called “Bloodring”

Special Features : Is very fast and still takes a while to explode…also the fact you can take part in destruction derbies in it!

Comments : It’s in a destruction derby car for gods sake


Coolness : C’mon a sleek sports car, and Special Agents drive ‘em at a 3* wanted level and you be the bad boys and catch criminals in style with the ability of a vigilante mode (only in agents one’s with a light in the window)

Speed : Look at the name C H E E T A H

Handling : The worst aspect of the car but still way above average

Cornering : Slightly better than the Banshee

Colours : Random, but I’ve seen this in red and blue a lot

Description : It looks a lot like some kind of Ferrari I forget which one though

Locations : Down in the docks in Washington Beach at the marina right outside the place where you take the Colonel Cortez’s missions

Special Features : The Vigilante Mode which a press of the R3 button gets you when you get in a Undercover Agent’s

Comments : The second best high performance car


Coolness : It’s fast its got great handling basically only one downside. Very fragile

Speed : With a name like comet it’s gotta be fast right? Right! It’s the fastest car I’ve reviewed yet

Handling : Very very good

Cornering : As good as it’s handling

Colours : Yellow and green mostly

Description : Looks like a Porsche 911

Locations : I’ve got some parked ones here : Outside Leaf Links golf course and  then on the first right on Starfish Island the second driveway along and it’s in the garage

Special Features : None

Comments : One of the bets cars in the game except for it’s inability to take many hits


Coolness : Come on, It looks like that car outta Back to the Future!

Speed : Hey it travels through time (though not in this game) it has to be fast

Handling : Ideal for losing the heat

Cornering : Very good for tight corners

Colours : Random

Description : As I have already said it’s the car from Back to the Future
Locations : After completing the first set of cars form Sunshine Autos it’s in the showroom

Special Features : It goes back in time! (not really)

Comments : Really nice almost perfect car. Plus it goes back in time (kidding). A great getaway car

@@@Hotring Racer@@@

Coolness : Ever wanted the feeling of being in a NASCAR race? That’s the feeling…

Speed : The fastest car in the game (no exceptions)

Handling : Very good for such a speedy car 

Cornering : Pretty good but still the downside of this brilliant car

Colours : Random

Description :  Looks like a NASCAR racer with sponsors from the game on it

Locations : After completing the final list of showrooms for Sunshine Autos it’s on the upstairs level of the showroom

Special Features : At the Hyman Memorial Stadium you can play the mission “Hotring” in this car (hours 20:00 till 23:59)

Commets : A great NASCAR imitation and the fastest car in the game (honestly)


Coolness : Oh man! A sleek Lamborghini -a- like that’s fast, has great handling, corners like a dream and is pretty much perfect. 

Speed : Maybe the second fatsest car in the game

Handling :  Ideal for getting to a Pay ‘n’ Spray fast

Cornering : Uh oh! Tight corner ahead?!?! No sweat…

Colours : Random. Mostly gold, yellow, red, blue and white

Description : As I said earlier an 80’s Lamborghini

Locations : Parked outside Diaz’s mansion and in the NW corner of the North Point Mall

Special Features : Gives the driver the impression that they are in heaven

Comments : My favourite car in the game. Commence the drooling


Coolness : Very slick convertible. Looks like something of Miami Vice. But then again this is Vice City. Chicks dig it…so if you have to resort to hookers…try one of these

Speed : The slowest of the sports cars but still a cut above average

Handling : Along with the cornering , the best aspect of the car

Cornering : See handling

Colours : Random. I’ve seen it a lot in red

Description : A convertible, a bit like a Ferrari Daytona

Locations : Driving around Ocean Beach. 

Special Features : None

Comments : Perhaps the worst of the high performance cars but still a really cool car


Well that’s the fun part over….now to the really dreary….these next cars are the midsize, often ugly, really average and contain the worst car in the game so…here goes… 


Coolness : Meh…ok for your average pedestrian but Tommy Vercetti isn’t the average pedestrian…

Speed : Average

Handling : Average

Cornering : You guessed it, average

Colours : Random

Description : Pretty much a four door coupe

Locations : After coming off the west island onto Starfish Island take the first left it’s the first house on the left. Park a car near the wall jump on the car and over the wall and go get you’re a

Special Features : None

Comments : As average as it gets really


Coolness : No! No! No!

Speed : Pretty slow

Handling : Woeful

Cornering : Did someone put syrup on it’s wheels???

Colours : Usually pale but generally random

Description : A low to the ground two door midsize

Locations : Usually down driving in Washington Beach and Vice Point

Special Features : None 

Comments : As if you couldn’t tell I really don’t like this car…


Coolness : Seen cooler…

Speed : Pretty sluggish

Handling : Average

Cornering : Average

Colours : Random

Description : Looks like a narrower Esperanto

Locations : No parked locations as of yet but around Downtown

Special Features : None

Comments : Not a bad car for just cruising around but not one if you want to be seen…


Coolness : Don’t put that thing near me…

Speed : The second fastest out of this lot…

Handling : Only take fast if you want dints in your buildings…

Cornering : Awful…

Colours : Random, a lot in white

Description : It’s a Glendale with a vinyl back

Locations : No parked spawns yet but usuall found around Washington Beach

Special Features : None

Comments : Apart from the speed which aint that good anyway…a really dodgy car…


Coolness :   Pah…

Speed : I that yet another snail speeding by?

Handling : Slightly better than it’s speed

Cornering : Average

Colours : Purple, blue and some others with a white hood

Description : An Esperanto with a hood

Locations : Usually driving around Little Havana/Haiti

Special Features : None

Comments : One of the worst cars I’ve ever driven…


Coolness : A classic but you wouldn’t see a fat cat driving up in one

Speed : About as fast as the Glendale

Handling : Average

Cornering : Average

Colours : White upper body with a range of bottom colours

Description : Like a 60’s Chevrolet

Locations : When I walk out of Ocean Beach they’re around a lot, plus there is one parked out there most of the time

Special Features : None

Comments : Classic looking, but not classic driving


Coolness : About as cool as  flaming hot magma pool in the burning fires of Hell…

Speed : What are those blurs driving around me?

Handling : The best aspect of the car and that’s not saying much…

Cornering : I said cornering not crashing into the corners…

Colours : Really bland colours

Description : A four door station wagon

Locations : Usually around Vice Point

Special Features : None

Comments : The single worst car in the game. I hate this car stay away from it for your own good


Coolness : Just slightly cooler than the Perennial

Speed : Is time standing still

Handling : Ungodly

Cornering : CORNERing as in take the corner…

Colours : Brown stripe down the side with usually a red and blue body

Description : This another station wagon a little nicer on the eye than the Perennial

Locations : Around Vice Point and Little Havana/Haiti

Special Features : None

Comments : Only four more of these woeful vehicles left


Coolness : The average car…for the average guy….

Speed : Average

Handling : Average

Cornering : Average

Colours : Many

Description : Hard to describe….nothing fancy….nothing dull…looks like an average car…

Locations : Parked inside Sunshine Autos

Special Features : None

Comments : A really really really average car 

@@@Sentinel XS@@@

Coolness : A bit cooler than the original Sentinel

Speed : So fast it’s almost a sports car

Handling : A class above the Sentinel

Cornering : Slightly better than the Sentinel

Colours : Usually darker colours

Description : A Sentinel with blinds on the back

Locations : From Sunshine Autos head south the you should come to a crossroads. Head right from here and go forward then when you come to a fork take the right one. Then go down this road and look right about half way down you should see a red and white parking barrier take a car and go through there should be a Sentinel XS parked in there

Special Features : Um…has an XS on the end?…

Comments : I’m surprised this isn’t a sports car…a real notch above it’s average brother


Coolness : This thing just isn’t cool

Speed : Not bad considering the length of the car

Handling : Average

Cornering : Slightly below average

Colours :  Many colours (a lot are purple) with a black vinyl hood

Description : A long body with a vinyl hood

Locations : Usually around Washington Beach and the bridge linking the two islands in that area

Special Features : None

Comments : Alright but no good for a desperate getaway


Coolness : Not as cool as the FBI version but not that bad…if bad was good….

Speed : Very sluggish

Handling : Not good

Cornering : Average

Colours : Random

Description : Looks like an Idaho without a hood

Locations : I found this a lot around Washington Beach and Starfish Island

Special Features : None

Comments : There is seriously a lot more better rides out there…finally the midsize are done. Hooray!!!


Ok these are the cars that don’t really fit in any of the other categories and are usually only available in a couple of places or missions.

@@@Baggage Handler@@@

Coolness : It puts bags on airplanes it’s not exactly the pinnacle of flash…

Speed : Slow with a capital SLOW

Handling : Surprisingly good for a car of this crapness

Cornering : Average

Colours : It’s always white

Description : It’s exactly as it it’s name suggests…a slow cart that handles baggage…

Locations : All over the airport runway area behind the terminal….go behind the terminal and look south east there should be one and in the gates you go in look a little west and there you have it…

Special Features : None

Comments : This cart is an interesting addition to the games but theres probably better cars they could add…


Coolness : It’s a golf cart!!! How much more cool do you want…

Speed : Then this is the downside…

Handling : It’s built to go over those tough greens and fairways…not that bad…

Cornering : Average

Colours : Blues and pink and a few others…

Description : It’s a golf cart…

Locations : Occasionally in the Leaf Links Golf Course (well duh…) and in some bushes near the lighthouse in Ocean Beach

Special Features : None

Comments : A nice little golf cart

@@@Love Fist@@@

Coolness : It’s a bright pink/red limo that holds rock stars…pretty cool I’d say…

Speed : Average

Handling : Being a long limo…not too good

Cornering : Even worse than the handling 

Colours : Only one…a bright pinkish reddy sorta colour

Description : It’s a bright pink limo…kinda hard to miss

Locations : Only available during the Love Fist mission “Psycho Killer” (if you keep it in good shape that is)

Special Features : Appears in not only “Psycho Killer” but in the final Love Fist mission “Publicity Tour” but it cannot be taken in this mission

Comments : A really cool limo

@@@Romero’s Hearse@@@

Coolness : It is a bit glum considering it being a hearse but when the back comes off…it drop coffins…that work like Molotov Cocktails…

Speed : Slightly above average

Handling : Average

Cornering : Average

Colours : Black

Description : A black dull hearse

Locations : Only available in the final Avery Carrington “Two Bit Hit” where you track it down. Jack it now or kiss it goodbye

Special Features : The whole coffin dropping thing…

Comments : Not so keen on this, the rarest car in the game…


Coolness : One of the coolest cars in the game by appearance, it’s a stretch limousine…

Speed : Seen faster limos on the street…

Handling : Woeful

Cornering : Here is the downside of a Stretch

Colours : White, and there is a couple of rare ones which are green I think but they arein missions

Description : It’s a Stretch Limo what more do you want

Locations : Next to Your/Diaz’s (depending where you are in the game) mansion…yes that’s it…

Special Features : Stands in the shadow of the Love Fist version

Comments : Looks pretty good but it would be cool if when you complete the game you get like a chauffer to take you where you want…I can dream…


These are cars that trigger special missions such as “Vigilante” or “Taxi Driver” etc etc. The Special Features section is now replaced with the Odd Job section. Also if it does anything else the Special Features section will be put in.

NOTE : All of these vehicles missions are triggered by the R3 button except the Pizza Boy where it is triggered automatically


Coolness : Get frustrated from a mission? Wanna make a massacre outta the nearest group of gang members? Guess what…kill 3 or more and the ambulance comes and two paramedics get out and proclaim “Lets save some lives”…grrr takes the fun out…

Speed : Not bad but when the above happens they seem to get to the scene quickly which would be of more use in real life…

Handling : Tips over a lot

Cornering : As I say tips on most corners but if you take them lightly it only (I say only…)makes them tumble slightly

Colours : The good ol’ red and white

Description : Well it’s an ambulance…

Locations : Outside of the Washington Beach “Ocean View Hospital”, In the driveway of the Vice Point Hospital and in the parking lot of the Downtown Hospital

Odd Job : Triggers the “Paramedic” mission, where you save civilians from dying and take to the hospital. “Lets save some lives”

Special Feature : Entering 20hp when you enter one of these…this can’t give you extra health (over 100)

Comments : I’ll say it again “Lets save some lives”

@@@Barracks OL@@@

Coolness : Looks really cool when marching down the street like in the Colonel Cortez mission “Sir, Yes Sir!”

Speed : Not so fast…

Handling : When just taking a joyride not too bad but when you’re speeding along tracking down criminals…it gets ugggly

Cornering : See above

Colours : The army camoflauge greeny type colour

Description : Like a truck with an open air back that carries soldiers

Locations : Only when you get 6****** they come after you

Odd Job : Triggers the “Vigilante” mission where you track down criminals in a law enforcement vehicle

Comments : Don’t use this when doing your “Vigilante” mission


Coolness : Being a taxi it’s automatically not cool…but this is really really old taxi

Speed : Speed? Whats that? Not ideal for doing your “Taxi Driver” mission

Handling : Not that good

Cornering : Rolls over very easily

Colours : Yellow, with the Kaufman Cab arrows without the…Kaufman Cab logo on…

Description : As I say a shabbier Kaufman Cab without a logo on…

Loctions : All over the place…usually around Washington Beach

Odd Job : Triggers the “Taxi Driver” mission, this is where you go around picking up fares and depending on where you have to go you are given a certain amount of time to do it…however unlike most of the Odd Job missions you have to get 100 fares over the course of the entire game not a certain amount at once

Comments : A tip : Don’t use this useless thing for your “Taxi Driver” mission


Coolness : It’s a bulky S.W.A.T van and considering the people it carries…not cool

Speed : Very sluggish

Handling : Not that bad considering the size of the vehicle…

Cornering : …but doesn’t corner that well

Colours : Green and white…a green bottom that says POLICE and VCPD in bold white letters
A white top with SWAT in bold black letters

Description : A big green and white SWAT van 

Locations : Chases you at 4**** wanted level

Odd Job : Starts the “Vigilante” mission (see above for info)

Special Features : Gives full armour. Considering the risk you took jacking it you’ll probably need it

Comments : Not a favourite of mine…

@@@FBI Cheetah@@@

Coolness : It’s a Cheetah for cops…a little light in the front and driving it are the guys from Miami Vice…

Speed : Slightly faster than the average Cheetah

Handling : Like the Cheetah

Cornering : Like the Cheetah

Colours : Cheetah colours

Description : A Cheetah with a flashing light in

Locations : When you get 3*** wanted level these thing come after you and Tubbs and Crocket get out and start firing rounds of vicious Uzi 9mm

Odd Job : Triggers the “Vigilante” mission. Probably the best vehice to do this mission in…track down the bad guys in style…Bad Boys Bad Boys what you gonna do…

Special Features : The little flashing light in the front…does that count?…

Comments : Basically a slightly faster Cheetah and a cool way to complete your “Vigilante” mission

@@@FBI Rancher@@@

Coolness : All action movie fans will find this really cool. In all the movies when the FBI walk out in crisp black suits with black shades covering their eyes. They walk out of a cool black SUV. This is what I’m talkin about

Speed : Pretty fast

Handling : Very good for a car of it’s size…

Cornering : …same goes for the cornering

Colours : Black

Description : As the name suggests a Rancher, but black

Locations : Get a 5***** wanted level and the FBI come with these

Odd Job : Being an FBI vehicle the “Vigilante” mission

Comments : Not a bad car…there’s better…there’s worse…

@@@FBI Washington@@@

Coolness : Looks like a Washington…that means not so cool…

Speed : A lot faster than a normal Washington

Handling : Not bad

Cornering : Pretty good…

Colours : Black

Description : It’s a black Washington with a siren…which I don’t think you can see…

Locations : In an alley behind Rock City in Downtown

Odd Job : Being another FBI vehicle triggers the “Vigilante” mission

Special Features : Press the L3 button to start off a siren which makes some of the normal cars move aside just for you!

Comments : A big jump ahead of the normal Washington 

@@@Fire Truck@@@

Coolness : It’s a big heavy Fire Truck…nothing too exciting

Speed : Pretty sluggish

Handling : Bad

Cornering : Worse

Colours : Red and white

Description : It’s a fire truck…

Locations : A the fire station in Downtown…but I don’t kow why it’s there…

Odd Job : Triggers the mission “Fire Fighter” where you go around the city putting out vehicles and people with your water cannon

Special Features : Get a siren with a SMALL TAP of the L3 and use the circle button to fire the hose.

Comments : Oh I hate this…but it’s the only way to do the “Fire Fighter” mission and that’s needed for 100%…so…

@@@Kaufman Cab@@@

Coolness : No damn taxi is cool…

Speed : See Cabbie

Handling : See Cabbie

Cornering : See Cabbie

Colours : Yellow with black arrows and a black and blue Kaufman Cabs logo

Description : Taxi with arrows and Kaufman Cabs logo

Locations : Generally all over the place, when you buy Kaufman Cabs asset there is usually 1 or 2 inside

Odd Job : The “Taxi Driver” mission

Comments : A Cabbie with the logo still not the best taxi to do the taxi mission in

@@@Mr Whoopee@@@

Coolness : The jingle! The drug selling! The ice cream truck! How much more cooler is there?!?!

Speed : As slow as it’s customers eyes

Handling : Not too good

Cornering : Not too good either…

Colours : A white top with either yellow green blue or red bottom

Description : An ice cream truck…

Locations : Once you’ve bought the Cherry Popper’s Ice Cream Factory asset it’s parked inside

Odd Job : The “Distribution” mission where you sell “Ice Cream” (it’s drugs I tell ya) to the public however. The police however aren’t so happy about this…you get a * every four deals made. Get 50 without getting busted wasted or pulled out by gangs in fact don’t get out at all and you’ll complete the Cherry Popper asset

Special Features : A tap of the L3 button starts an ice cream man jingle

Comments : Quite fun to drive except it handles and corners…um…not so well…


Coolness : Not so cool…it’s the sign of the devil in the criminal underworld of Vice City…

Speed : Just don’t drive a Perennial when trying to get away from something this fast…


Cornering : With ease

Colours : Green and white

Description : A green and white car with a siren and police written on it

Locations : Driving all over the place. In the parking area of the Police Stations which are in :
Little Havana
Vice Point
Washington Beach

Odd Job : Triggers the “Vigilante” mission

Special Features : Tap the L3 button for a siren which makes the traffic sway outta the way

Comments : Shame this car is so good…it would make getaway easier if it wasn’t…


Coolness : The single coolest vehicle in the game. It’s a TANK!!!

Speed : The only downside of this beast

Handling : It’s slowness makes it difficult to handle

Cornering : Goes so slow the corners are hard to miss

Colours : Camoflauge colours

Description : It’s a tank you can’t mistake it for anything

Locations : If you get 90 Hidden Packages it appears at Fort Baxter Air Base

Odd Job : Triggers the “Vigilante” mission

Special Features : Everything that touches it explodes except other tanks…you can move the turret around using R3 and fire it using circle

Comments : The best car in the game. It’s a tank. It rules. Officially. No exceptions


Coolness : As I have said previously no taxi is cool…

Speed : The fastest none special taxi there is.

Handling : Not too bad

Cornering : Average

Colours : Yellow 

Description : It’s basically a New York cab 

Locations : Generally all over the place

Odd Job : Being a a taxi this may come as a surprise but the “Taxi Driver” mission…I can hear your gasps of shock…

Comments : If you use the “Taxi Driver” mission to get early money than this is the best taxi to use but if you beat the “Kaufman Cab Taxi Firm” asset before attempting  “Taxi Driver” then the following is by far the best to use

@@@Zebra Cab@@@

Coolness : Ok I take it back. This cab is cool!

Speed : Ever think a cab could go a fast a Banshee. No? Then burn in the wrath of your…um…wrongness…

Handling : As good as every other taxi…

Cornering : Here is the downside…the worst taxi for cornering…!!!

Colours : Yellow with black “zebra like” stripes

Description : A Kaufman Cab without the logo and zebra like stripes

Location : In the Kaufman Cab garage area when you finish that asset’s missions

Odd Job : The “Taxi Driver” mission

Comments : The best taxi to do the “Taxi Driver” mission. When you’ve unlocked it that is.



This huge mixture of pick up trucks, jeeps and off road vehicles are a great way to surf the sand…wait…that didn’t sound right…

@@@BF Injection@@@

Coolness : This is absolutely brilliant! Shines when it’s cruising the beach

Speed : Pretty fast on-road and off-road

Handling : Pretty good

Cornering : Average

Colours : Random. A lot of pink green and blue…seems to have the same colour scheme as the Caddy

Description : A dune buggy. The sort of car you’d know when you see

Locations : At around the area of The Beach where The Malibu club is there is a wooden sidewalk. It is parked here sometimes. Not as much as regular car spawns though.

Special Features : The tons of exhaust pipes!

Comments : A cool dune buggy just for cruising, not escaping the Vice City S.W.A.T


Coolness : Ok if you’re a hillbilly…

Speed : Not that fast either

Handling : Ugh…

Cornering : Slightly better…no that doesn’t mean it’s good

Colours : Random

Description : A small pick up truck with BOBCAT on the back

Locations : No parked locations yet, but is around Vice Port most of the time, occasionally Downtown…

Special Features : The ability to act like it’s got syrup on the wheels without the sticky mess of the syrup..

Comments : This is not the car for you…


Coolness : There’s cooler out there…

Speed : Not exactly roadrunner…

Handling : Not good

Cornering : Same for this…

Colours : Random

Description : A big family sized SUV

Locations : On the Dirtbike track in Downtown where it starts the “4x4 : Test Track” mission

Special Features : The above mission which it triggers

Comments :  I don’t like this one at all…rolls over easily and just plain awful…

@@@Mesa Grande@@@

Coolness : A pretty cool jeep

Speed : Pretty speedy

Handling : Not bad

Cornering : Average

Colours : Random

Description : A big jeep…hard to miss…sometimes with a hood sometimes without…

Locations : Usually driving around Downtown and Ocean Beach

Special Features : None

Comments : A pretty nifty jeep


Coolness : This is a really cool military vehicle…that isn’t…allegedly from the Vietnam War

Speed : Not bad considering it’s weight

Handling : Ok

Cornering : Average

Colours : Military green

Description : A big hummer like vehicle

Locations : In a hangar in Phil’s Place…used drunkenly in the mission for Phil “Boomshine Saigon”…
In the South East corner of the Film Studio behind some of the set…Thanks to Jnco94 and his Car Locations Gyuide available from the place where you found this guide

Special Features : Very durable

Comments : A pretty good jeep like vehicle


Coolness : Cool when off road…not so on road…

Speed : Not that fast

Handling : Not that good either

Cornering : You having a laugh?

Colours : Random

Description : Looks a lot like a Landstalker

Locations : Driving around Vice Point…took me ages to find for Sunshine Autos…

Special Features : Really hard to find!

Comments : Not bad off road vehicle…the only thing it’s good for…


Coolness : It’s a Monster Truck type vehicle for gods sake

Speed : Not bad on and off road

Handling : Amazingly good for a vehicle of it’s size

Cornering : Good 

Colours : Random

Description : A Monster Truck type SUV with Sandking written on the back

Locations : On the top floor of Sunshine Autos when you finish the 3rd boosting list for Sunshine Autos

Special Features : None

Comments : A really cool Monster Truck  


Coolness : Not cool…like a farmers car…

 Speed : Sluggish

Handling : Average

Cornering ; Really really really bad…

Colours : Random

Description : A small pick up truck with room for hillbillies in the back

Locations : Usually driving around Downtown and Vice Port

Special Features : None

Comments : Not that good theres better..

Well that’s all the SUVs done onto the…


Even more boring, uncool and just plain dull cars that you should only drive if you’re desperate for a ride and some of those trucks I’m sure are exactly the same!!…


Coolness : Dull…uncool…

Speed : Sluggish

Handing : Oh god

Cornering : Why the hell did they put corners this sharp in the game?…wait that was an open space…

Colours : Really random

Description : A big truck…it’s impossible to tell the difference to tell the difference from it and a Mule with the naked eye…

Locations : Go to the Pay ‘n’ Spray in Vice Port (south of Sunshine Autos) and there’s one on the right of it

Special Features : None

Comments : God I hate these!

SPECIAL NEWSFLASH!!! Scientists have discovered the difference between a Benson and a Mule. The Mule is taller and  has advertisements on more often than the Benson…you heard it here first…maybe.


Coolness : A commercial box truck. Not the sleek cruiser to take your girl out in

Speed : In this you won’t know the meaning of the word

Handling : Nothing special

Cornering : Pah…

Colours : Random

Description : It is a box shaped truck with an ad on…

Locations : Usually around Viceport and Escobar International Airport

Special Features : Um..the fact it’s basically a bx with wheels?

Comments : I ALREADY HATE THESE THINGS AND IM ONLY TWO IN!!! Ah well only ten more to go…


Coolness : Yes we all know how catching the bus to school is so cool don’t we?…no? Oh I’m shocked…

Speed : Now you know the reason you are/were always late for school

Handling : Oh so much fun…you didn’t take me seriously did you?

Cornering : You thought it isn’t possible but yes…it’s worse than it’s handling…

Colours : Blue or green mostly

Description : It’s a bus…you can’t really mistake it…

Locations : Quite rare…around Vice Port and Escobar International Airport…and after looking for one two come up at once

Special Features : None

Comments : Looks good…on a trash heap…


Coolness : It’s a coach for gods sakes!!! Cool is just not associated!!!

Speed : Damn those speed demon slugs…

Handling : Makes me tear my hair out…

Cornering :  NYAHHHHHHHH!!! Possibly the worst in the entire game

Colours : White

Description : Um a coach…

Locations : Waiting at bus stops…

Special Features : Steal one and park it at a bus stop. For every person that gets on you get a huge $5...I know this kind of money is breathtaking…

Comments : Better than the Bus…worse than an Infernus…


Coolness : Appears to have nuclear missiles in the back of it…or sometimes just boxes…but it’s driving leaves a lot to be desired…

Speed : Those missile bomb things appear to be weighing it down 

Handling : Handles as well as I can writing about these dull useless trucks…

Cornering : You can take the corner. After crashing into the building opposite

Colours : Another military green colour

Description : A big truck like thing which has nuclear missiles or boxes on it’s “bed”

Locations : Most of the locations I use I find myself some I’m told by other people and I only include them when I find them. I’ve been told by a friend that there is a parked one somewhere in Vice Port I haven’t found it though. So…you could search for it…plus it drives around that area sometimes too…

Special Features : None

Comments : Shame you can’t use the bomb missile things in the back of it…


Coolness : The coolest outta all of these

Speed : Slowwww…

Handling : I never thought I’d say this for these cars but…average…wow I did it!

Cornering : Average again!

Colours : Random…

Description : A trailer…less semi

Locations : Another one thanks to Jnco904 and his brilliant guide…on the main highway on the west island go down all the way south until you reach the fork in the road which creates Vice Port go on the right fork and you should see like a dirt area with  load of trailers that should go with the Linerunner. Ta-da

Special Features : None

Comments : The coolest out of these cars…don’t get too excited though…


Coolness : About as cool as the animal of it’s name

Speed : See the name

Handling : All in the name!!

Cornering : Poor

Colours : Random

Description : Another rcarrying truck…looks like a Benson see the newsflash above to tell the difference…

Locations : Around Vice Port

Special Features : None 

Comments : About as fun, good to ride and generally just like a mule


Coolness : The cool part is the ramp on the back. You can pack some heat on that…no pun intended…OK it was just shush…

Speed : About as fast as that walk to work/school on a Monday morning…(see I appeal to all ages)

Handling : Slightly better

Cornering : Back to hell we go…

Colours : Usually grey…

Description : A truck with a ramp on the back…

Locations : In the north west corner of the Film Studio…In the docks of…I think it’s called the Port Authority…and drives around Vice Port and near the airport

Special Features : The ramp on the back

Comments : Do an insane stunt off this! 


Coolness : Armoured car…pretty cool…

Speed : Average

Handling : Average

Cornering : Bad

Colours : Blue

Description : A chunky blue armoured car

Locations ; In the third assassination phone misson “Autocide” the second guy has got this however he’ll run away if he see you and the  you’ll have to blow the car up. So snipe the guy then take it and store it. By the time you’ve done all of this you’ll probably have failed the mission

Special Features : Almost bulletproof and takes a lot of damage

Comments : A nice armoured car…

@@@Spand Express@@@

Coolness : Not cool

Speed : Being a big lorry like thing…not too fast…

Handling : Not that good either

Cornering : Woeful

Colours : Yellow and blue “Spand Express” writing and a grey body

Description : A big lorry with the aforementioned writing on

Locations : Only available in two missions. Take one without blowing it up in the Ken Rosenberg mission “Riot” or one crashes in another Rosenberg mission called “Jury Fury”

Special Features : A reliable delivery service…just kidding…

Comments : A big lorry like delivery truck…so bad yet so rare…how do they work these things out?


Coolness : Stinky…

Speed : Being a bin lorry or garbage truck as I believe my American friends call them not that fast

Handling : Average

Cornering : Average

Colours : White with a green crusher type thing…

Description : A bin lorry/garbage truck

Locations : Unsurprisingly at the junkyard…drives round Vice Port sometimes

Special Features : Repels people…even hobos…

Comments : This stinks!!!


Coolness : Non-existent

Speed : Bah…

Handling : Not so good

Cornering : Cornering ability also non-existent 

Colours : Random

Description : Another truck…I don’t bother trying to tell the difference anymore…they all look the same…

Locations : Around Vice Port

Special Features : Looking like every other damn delivery truck…

Comments : I’m not gonna make one because I don’t care I’ve done all the trucks and buses so there!

Ok now two sections of cars left…here’s the first…



Coolness : Ok for a van…the gang version is better…

Speed : Average

Handling : Average

Cornering : Poor

Colours : Random 

Description : The vans are hard to tell the difference from but this one is usually only around Downtown and Prawn Island but just basically a van

Locations : See above

Special Features : None

Comments : Not a bad ride but the gang version is better…

@@@Gang Burrito@@@

Coolness : That paintjob and those lights are nice…

Speed : See Burrito

Handling : See Burrito

Cornering : See Burrito 

Colours : Red with orange and white paint job which forms writing which I think says burrito

Description : A Burrito with Burrito written on as a paint job and some lights on top

Locations : All over Prawn Island  and on the loop with all the gang fortresses on there is one parked at the most northern house

Special Features : None

Comments : Better than the normal version but in the end it’s still just a van…


Coolness : A family sized minivan…don’t pull up to the Malibu in one…

Speed : Not that nifty either…

Handling : …or easy to handle

Cornering : Best taking them slowly in this…

Colours : Random

Description : A rounded off six windowed minivan

Locations : Drives generally all over the place…but I’ve seen them a lot in the main highway of the west island

Special Features : None

Comments : Laugh at the goons in a Perennial…then hang your head in shame when the winners in Cheetahs come flying by…


Coolness : Looks like something a ramshackle bunch of criminals would pull up in to do their dirty deeds…especially English criminals…especiallly Cockney criminals…in summary looks like something out of The Getaway

Speed : Average

Handling : Average

Cornering : Poor

Colours : Random

Description : See coolness…that’s about as descriptive as I get…

Locations : Another one thanks to Jnco904 and his guide. On the same dirt area as mentioned where you find a Linerunner (see above for details), go to the South East corner…theres usually one there…it’s next to a Ingram Mac 10...

Special Features : None

Comments : Just another slightly below average van


Coolness : Hmm…not that cool…

Speed : Average

Handling : Really really really bad…

Cornering : …that goes for cornering as well….

Colours : Random

Description : A boxier taller more rounded off version of a Pony

Locations : Behind the Malibu theres is a parking area go to the left of it and there is a small gate go in this small enclosed area and there is one sitting jut waiting to be jacked.

Special Features : None

Comments : Yet another rubbish van…

@@@Top Fun@@@

Coolness : The only cool thing about it are the littlr min toy things you use in races and stuff…it’s driving skills however…

Speed : Not bad

Handling : Not bad

Cornering : Average

Colours : White with red white and blue writing on

Description : A van with top fun and a few stars written on the side

Locations : At the dirt track on the beach at Vice Point where it triggers the “RC Bandit Race” where you have to compete in a checkpoint race with three other RC cars on the dirt track, there’s one on top of the car park near the North Point Mall which triggers the “RC Baron Race” which involves the same as before except with planes and it’s unsurprisingly in the air. For the third one go fromSunshine Autos and up in the direction on the airport instead of going right to the airport take a left and you come to a dead end which has a smal lot. As soon as you walk into his lot there is a van on your left which triggers the “RC Raider Pickup” where you have to take frustrating to control RC chopper and collect checkpoints. Also in the “Demolition Man” mission for Avery Carrington you go to one of these vans and use a slightly better co-ordinated helicopter to blow up a building. In the Auntie Poulet mission “Bombs Away” you use a RC plane to blow up some Cubans with a drug shipment. The last two are only available in that particular mission.

Special Features : The missions that are triggered above

Comments : Only good for the missions that it triggers

Well that’s it. All the cars in the game done except for one. That is a particularly small one…


Well here it is only available from a Top Fun van on the beach in Vice Point

@@@RC Bandit@@@

Coolness : Well lets face it it isn’t that cool except that you can istantly blow it up with the 0 button…heh heh heh…

Speed : Um…it’s and RC toy not gonna be that fast…

Handling : Rubbish

Cornering : Pretty bad but slightly better with the handbrake

Colours : Random

Description : A small RC car 

Locations : In a Top Fun van near the dirt track on the beach in Vice Point

Special Features It triggers an RC mission check the Top Fun van section above for details on this mission. Detonates by pressing circle….mua hahahahaha

Comments : Only good for completing the game 100%…if you get too far from it’s location it blows up anyway…

Well that’s it every single car in the game reviewed located and all the other stuff. Phew!

Uses for Vice City Cars

Well except for driving and escaping the cops…

2-Door : Take a Cuban Hermes/Voodoo and drive into Little Haiti/Havana and cause a huge gunfight

High Performance : Take aload of these type of vehicles put ‘em in a line and let rip a flmaethrower and ruin all the designers hard work…

Midsize : Be green with jealousy with any midsize car and drive by on any high performance you see. Show offs

Miscellaneous : Put on a Soiree or Mr. Vercetti outfit take a Stretch and go up to the Biker Bar when the “Messing With The Man” mission is available. Then fill your chaos meter. The perfect gentleman

Odd Job : Take a tank. You know what comes next

SUVs : Take a BF Injection or a Sandking and surf the dunes. Run down everyone in sight

Trucks and Buses : Take a coach…get some passengers…do whatever your heart desires…

Vans : Take a Colt Python, a Burrito and a Gang Burrito. Do an experiment. Which one is destroyed by the Colt first. Three shots on each at the time. 

The RC Car/Bandit : Take it off the dirt track onto the road don’t go too far or it’ll blow up automatically. Get near a car and press detonate

Best of the Types

This is what I think the best of the types are the higher the number the crappier the car…


3)Cuban Hermes
4)Sabre Turbo
6)Blista Compact            

High Performance

2)Hotring Racer
8)Bloodring Banger


1)Sentinel XS


1)Love Fist
2)Romero’s Hearse
5)Baggage Handler

Odd Job

2)Zebra Cab
3)FBI Cheetah
4)FBI Washington
5)FBI Rancher
7)Mr. Whoopee
8)Fire Truck
11)Kaufman Cab
12)Barracks OL


2)BF Injection
3)Mesa Grande

Trucks and Buses

7)Spand Express


1)Gang Burrito
4)Top Fun

The RC Car/Bandit

1)RC Bandit

That’s it im finished totally with this car database I did it. I AM THE MAN. Prepare for the aircraft…

Aircraft of Vice City

Aircraft of Vice City Intro

I’m flying high…yes there may not be many of them but in this game you can fly helicopters and a plane and believe me this plane is no Dodo…plus you can’t forget the little mini RC versions of the plane/helicopter the Baron/Raider…these things are a great way to cause havoc with ones that shoot like the Sea Sparrow…hmm…I’m flying high…

NOTE : There is a great Air Vehicles guide available on the GameFAQs GTA Vice City Walkthrough Page for that site.


Helicopters. Whirlys…whatever you call them are the coolest way to arrive in style…or kick butt…


Coolness : Being a fan of choppers I think all are cool but this is a regular Maverick. Nothing too special. Great way of getting over town though. Makes the mission “G-Spotlight” a hell of a lot easier

Speed : Pretty fast…

Handling  : …not so easy to handle however but still average

Cornering : Quite good

Colours : A white top with a random colour bottom half

Description : A helicopter. Normal one. Not rare or anything

Locations : On top of the Hyman Condos once you’ve bought it and once you have defeated Diaz and take his mansion on top of there (go right to the top of the main staircase and go down the small corridor and go up flights of stairs till you reach the rooftop)

Special Features : A radio which the other Mavericks don’t have

Comments : An average helicopter but still pretty cool

@@@Police Maverick@@@

Coolness : No law enforcement vehicle looks cool and this has no weapons or “Vigilante” mode, it ain’t as cool as it could have been…

Speed : Pretty fast

Handling : Good

Cornering : Good 

Colours : Green and white 

Description : A green and white police helicopter, with a police badge and VCPD written on

Locations : In Downtown at the Police Station go around the back and you should see a flight of stairs. Go up here and you should see a helipad which sometimes has a Police Maverick on.

Special Features : Ummm no radio except for the emergency services frequency if you can listen carefully enough is quite funny sometimes. (I had this tattle drilled into my brain while doing the tedious “Paramedic” mission)

Comments : The best Maverick there is

@@@Sea Sparrow@@@

Coolness : Pretty cool to fly, lands on water, has an unlimited ammunition chain gun and is second only to the Hunter/Ultimate Secret Vehicle (ok I gave away the USV is a chopper but I gave a spoiler warning at the top!)

Speed : Quite fast not as fast as the Mavericks however 
Handling : Ooh could be a lot better..

Cornering : The best flying aspect of this heli

Colours : Silver and transparent with white water landers

Description : A wiry chopper, with a transparent ball-like cockpit with water landing legs

Locations : Once you collect 80 hidden packages behind the Diaz Mansion/Vercetti Estate. NOTE : Some people have said that it replaces the Maverick on the helipad at the top. This is untrue

Special Features : A chain gun and the ability to land on water

Comments : Cool to fly but not as cool as the added extras that make you want to painstakingly hunt for 80 hidden packages.


Coolness : After being in awe of the Sea Sparrow not as cool…still pretty cool

Speed : Whoa…faster than it’s sea-borne cousin…

Handling  : Inferior handling though…

Cornering : …same goes for the cornering 

Colours : Another silver white transparent chopper

Description : A longer version of the Sea Sparrow without water landers

Locations : Near Auntie Poulet’s house in Little Haiti there is a building with a billboard on that says “Move Over Miami” I think you can do a Unique Jump onto this building. On the building you jump to on the first jump in the “G-Spotlight” mission for the Film Studio. In the middle of some back yards near Links View Apartments and on abuilding just south from the Pay ‘n’ Spray in Ocean Beach. These all initiate missions called “Chopper Checkpoints” all except the second location can be completed after killing Diaz in the “Rub Out” mission where the second one can be unlocked after completing the “G-Spotlight” mission.

Special Features : The aforementioned missions which are triggered

Comments : A pretty god whirly which crouches in the shadow of the Sea Sparrow

@@@VCN Maverick@@@

Coolness : Grab some gossip with this Vice City News chopper. Pretty cool

Speed : Smaller than the other Mavericks therefore faster

Handling : This fact however makes the handling a little more sensitive

Cornering : Pretty good

Colours : Blue and white

Description : A small blue and white verison of the Maverick with VCN written on

Locations : As you come off the bridge connecting Prawn Island to Downtown (on the Dowtown side the first building on your right has an open door go throught and rarely there is a VCN Maverick up  on the helipad

Special Features : A VCN frequency which is inaudible and I don’t listen to it much anyway 

Comments : A pretty good helicopter


They had the Dodo in the last game and now they got the Skimmer seaplane…fun fun fun …


Coolness : Small seaplane. Bad acceleration. Not my favourite air vehicle…

Speed : Superb for speed after the HUGE amount of time it takes to get going…

Handling : Ok

Cornering : Really bad

Colours : White and a random colour

Description : Um a seaplane…you’re not gonna get it mixed up with anything

Locations : Why you’d wanna find it is questionable but…you get it in the mission “Dildo Dodo” when you complete that, it spawns round the back of the film studio

Special Features : Well being a seaplane…it floats on water equaling no dying! Also in the mission “Dildo Dodo” it drop leaflets out about a porn movie…

Comments : Definitely not the best way of flying…but theres only one of them…so, it unique…dunno if that’s good or not…


Hmmm…Hmmm the fresh smell of blood baking on the blades…or you could just see this thing as the fresh smell of lameness fro all I care. If I had to choose I’d probably choose the latter… 

@@@RC Raider@@@

Coolness : Well if you’re a little kid and the friggin thing was actually real you’d find an RC Helicopter pretty cool…well it does drop bombs in one mission…that gives it a small amount of coolness.

Speed : Hmmm…start checking watches…

Handling : So poor…only the cornering makes this thing mentally sane to fly…

Cornering : …I’m getting excited about this cornering thing on this menace and it’s still only average…

Colours : Like a grey apache army sorta colour 

Description : A small helicopter…again hard to confuse…

Locations : In the second Avery Carrington mission  “Demolition Man” you use this to drop bombs and destroy a building with cool fireworks to match!  For the mission “RC Checkpoint Pickup” go to the airport from Sunshine Autos and when there is that fork in the road take the left to go to the Freight and Cargo Terminal and go inside the terminal to find the Top Fun Van which gives you the hardest RC mission of them all

Special Features : As I said it drops bombs in “Demolition Man” and can complete an RC mission as we all know are vital for that 100% completion…

Comments: Pretty lame but has vital missions for 100%…yatter…yatter…


Well this baron isn’t actually as almighty and threatening as a normal baron…unless you fly into peoples heads with it muahahahahaha  ha ha

@@@RC BARON@@@@

Coolness : It’s an RC plane. Not cool. They couldn’t even build it so that it looks like a real plane. No. It had to be a propellor plane

Speed : Considerably fast for an RC Plane

Handling : Average

Cornering : About as useful in this field as a car with no brakes at top speed

Colours : I think it’s usually red not sure

Description : A small propellor plane…

Locations : In Auntie Poulet’s second mission “Bombs Away” you use this thing (which is slightly heavier due to an object it is carrying in a minute) to take bombs and blow up Cuban boats and Cuban cars…and generally…anything Cuban. Also at North Point Mall, north of it is a Multi Storey Car Park go to the top and out into the open and you should see a Top Fun Van which you then race other planes in the mission “RC Baron Checkpoint Race”

Special Features : Drops bombs and completes missions?

Comments : Better than the RC Heli but not exactly a joy to fly

Uses for Vice City Aircraft

Not they aint just for flying…unless you let them be.

Helicopters : Sea Sparrow : Ride it on water go over to some boats and shoot the hell out of them!

The Plane : Seaplane : Again ride it on water and look for boats close to Leaf Links (which is the only flat land available into water) push ‘em onto shore. Look at the drivers. They’ve barely noticed

RC Helicopter/Raider : RC Raider : Take one nose dive into a set of people and slice ‘n’ dice using those sharp sadistic blades…

RC Plane/Baron : Fly into the windscreen of a car and break it. The driver wont know anything has changed

The Best of the Types

Helicopters : 

1) Sea Sparrow
2) Police Maverick
3) VCN Maverick
4) Sparrow
5) Maverick

The Plane : 

1) Skimmer

RC Helicopter/Raider

1) RC Raider

RC Plane/Baron

1)RC Baron

Boats of Vice City

Boats of Vice City Intro

Rule the waters of Vice City… Boats…You can go for a relaxing slog riding under bridges alongside Cubans smuggling drugs, or go sailing (damn Rod Stewart)… or go into the next ‘Xtreme’ Sport of…Boatjacking…


Zoom Zoom Zoom, if your trying to escape the coast guard, doing a “Checkpoint Charlie” mission or just doing it for the thrill, then these babies are the way to sail!

@@@Cuban Jetmax@@@

Coolness : Hey it goes fast, has a nice paint job, smuggles drugs and living after jackin’ one is something to tell your friends about…Pretty cool

Speed : The slowest speed boat, but pretty fast

Handling : Ok but certainly not the easiest of rides

Cornering : No boat has good cornering, and this is no exception

Colours : A nice purple and yellow stripy number

Description : A slim, low to the ground (sea) speedboat

Locations : After you buy the Boatyard there is one there, in Cuban Umberto Robina’s missions “Stunt Boat Challenge” you ride the damn thing collecting checkpoints…I think you take one during the Umberto mission “Naval Engagement” at the beginning taking out some Haitians on boats…

Special Features : None

Comments : A nice speedboat, with a nice paintjob


Coolness : Bit drab. However fast = cool

Speed : With a name called Speeder… need I say more?

Handling : Poor

Cornering : Funner to slaughter a pig and suck beef juice from it’s arteries. I exaggerated. Sorry. But it is bad

Colours : White/grey and bliue

Description : A really low little boat

Locations : At the docks where Cortez was ( I can’t find it but maybe it’s on the US version as everyone else says it’s there. Thanks to Yo - Yo Pete of the GTA VC Neoseeker forum

Special Features : None

Comments : A badly presented speedy, pretty average speedboat


Coolness : Looking good, fast as Miss Muffet after she discovers a tarantula up her dress and has average cornering… Cool

Speed : See the above witticism if that’s a word…

Handling : Average

Cornering : Lord shine upon for it’s cornering is average…

Colours : Look at the colours on Oceanic cars. There you go

Description : A streamlined pointed speedboat with a spoiler.

Locations : Available in the Boatyard after buying it, Used in the Diaz missions “The Fastest Boat” where youn steal the actual boat for Diaz and “Supply and Demand” where you use it in a race to get some coke for Mr. Diaz

Special Features : So good it doesn’t need any. *blank faces* It doesn’t have any

Comments : Easy the best boat in the game


Ahh…You can imagine it now…Watching some punk in a leather jacket getting chased by a police boat for shooting an officer or watching some Haitians jacking a Cuban Jetmax and watching the ensuing gunfight…
All this while you laze about dancing in the sunlight on your luxury cruise boat…ahhh the days…


Coolness : Well a cruise looks cool…unless you want a getaway boat…

Speed : It’s a holidaying boat…it aint sposed to be fast…but it’s slightly below average. For your information. And that only. Yeah

Handling : Not that good really…

Cornering : Poor…

Colours : Yellow and white

Description : A small cruise boat with a rolled down sail

Locations : In Ocean Beach where the Marina is after you have completed Colonel Cortez missions go to the pier where his boat used to be the go to where the pier turns right the first boat on the right is the Marquis

Special Features : None

Comments : Not one of my favourite boats…


Coolness : The coolest cruise boat around!

Speed : However the slowest cruise boat around…

Handling : Awful

Cornering : Just as bad

Colours : White

Description : A quite low cool looking cruise boat with open areas for relaxing : )

Locations : Go to the Marina in Ocean Beach and you’ll notice that Cortez was working at Pier 2 head slightly north along the runway where the pier is situated and you’ll find Pier 1 go along here and you’ll find the Rio.

Special Features : None

Comments : My favourite non Speedboat boat… High class all the way


Coolness : Quite cool

Speed : Average, but quite good for a boat of it’s size.

Handling : This however suffers…

Cornering : Laughable

Colours : White again

Description : Taller version of the Rio without as much width

Locations : Go to the road  linking VC East to Leaf Links and to the north there is a gap search the decks around here and there is a Tropic thanks to the brilliant Jnco904

Special Features : None

Comments : Pretty nice cruise boat hiding in the shadows of the mighty Rio


Ahh low on cash, so badly you can’t even get a pizza. Get this boat and go fishing. Rent? Rent you ask? Who cares just go jack it…Oh and thankfully theres only one of these as it is the worst boat in the game…


Coolness : Looks a century old. Not much fun to ride either

Speed : Slow…but hey…

Handling : Bad

Cornering : I may explode at my anger at this point

Colours : Blue red and white. Patriotic

Description : A tall ugly fishing boat 

Locations : At the dock where Colonel Cortez was. After you finish his missions go here to find one

Special Features : Peeing me off?

Comments : Awful boat. Annoying Boat. The list goes on…


Grr they got patrol cops on the streets. Squad cars for the land.  Choppers from the skies. Think you can get a getaway on the sea…try again…

 @@@Coast Guard@@@

Coolness : Police boat. I aint a fan…

Speed : Slightly above average

Handling : Pretty poor

Cornering : Better than most boats but still bad.

Colours : White with blue trim and red stripe

Description : A low boat for police

Locations : I need confirmation of what wanted level it comes at. It however is at a jetty slightly north of the huge cruise liner near the Boatyard

Special Features : None

Comments : Just a flimsy lil’ police boat


Coolness : Cool!! A Dinghy!?!?!?

Speed : Slow

Handling : Poor

Cornering : Rubbish

Colours : White

Description : A small boat, surely you people know what a dinghy is

Locations :  In a jetty on the west coast  north of the construction site near Starfish Island and the one you blew up in Avery mission “Demolition Man”

Special Features : None

Comments : A rubbish little boat…


Coolness : Looks OK…it’s police at the end of the day though innit

Speed : Not that good

Handling : Bad

Cornering : Worse

Colours : Green and white

Description : Streamlined little police boat

Locations : After two stars when on sea they chase you. Go to the point where The Leaf Links entrance changes into a bridge to the other island. Look right along here and go down the steps and follow the path for a short while. Here’s your Predator

Special Features : Press Circle to fire the ships gun

Comments : The best police boat

The Uses for Vice City Boats

Speed Boat : Squallo : Take it race around laugh at the fools in the other boats and drive by as many as you can in five mins. 

Luxury : Rio : Take one park dock it near mainland pretend to be lounging around chillin out and snipe people cars. See how long it is before the cops get onto you

Fishing : Reefer : These are so annoying find as many Reefers as you can and blow them up to let out your frustration at the poorness

Police : Predator : Be a bent copper and start firing your cannons at innocent civilians

Best of the Types



2) Cuban Jetmax

3) Speeder


1) Rio

2) Tropic

3) Marquis


1) Predator

2) Coast Guard

3) Dinghy


1) Reefer

OK That’s everything boats…now something sorely missed from GTA 3...

Motorcycles of Vice City

Motorcycles of Vice City Intro

Eat your heart out Evil Keneavil for here is Tommy Vercetti. Whether it’s bustin Unique Jumps or flying by full speed Infernuses, motorcycles are brilliant. Of course you get poor mopeds, but then you have the equivalent of the Superbike from GTA 1 the Pcj 600. Motorcycles. Back. Nuff said.


Well these are just your big, greasy, fuel guzzling, biker boys, Harley Davidson -a- like bikes. Not bad all the same…


Coolness : Big and greasy, a metaphoric hog with a patriotic paint job. Rock On!!!

Speed : Well not bad, but a slow beast.

Handling : Average

Cornering : Poor

Colours : Blue with an American flag

Description : Looks like a Harley Davidson with an American Flag

Locations : Outside the Greasy Chopper, the biker bar, on the edge of Downtown and down that area that connects Downtown to Little Haiti. In the mission  “Alloy Wheels of Steel” for Big Mitch Baker where you race against three other Angels, and in “Hog Tied” where you have to retrieve Mitch’s Angel for him when a gang steals it.

Special Features : If you steal one the radio in always on V-Rock.

Comments : Hey not my favourite bike. But I’m sure there’s many who’d enjoy it


Coolness : If coolness was a beer it’d be drunk of it’s ass

Speed : Quite fast

Handling : Some people say it’s good. I don’t

Cornering : Let’s not go into that horrible mess…

Colours : Many

Description : A Harley Davidson 

Locations : Can’t find any parked, even though I’m sure I’ve found one somewhere. Can’t find it though. Open to contributions. However I find it driving around Downtown and around Ocean Beach.

Special Features : None

Comments : Sweet. A lot better than the Angel


Not really a racing motorbike ‘coz you don’t race it anyway, but it’s like those Yamaha bikes that race.

@@@PCJ 600@@@

Coolness : Sleek, fast, make any Unique Jump with. Hell yeah!!

Speed : Faster than all cars

Handling : Average, which is good for a motorcycle

Cornering : Poor as ever

Colours : Many

Description : Like a Yahama racing bike

Locations : At the docks where Cortez is/was (depends on where you are in the game), in the car park slightly north of the Southern Pay ‘n’ Spray in VC East (thanks to my little sister Emily for that!), plus across the road from the aforementioned Greasy Chopper is a window smash it and you have a PCJ. And is in missions :

“Mall Shootout” for Cortez - You chase the French guy down, and he’s on one.
“Bar Brawl” for the your own Protection Ring asset - Two remaining security guard escape on them at the end
“Love Juice” for Love Fist - You chase down the money nabbing drug dealer
“Autocide” for the mysterious Mr Black (payphone hitman jobs) - When you are given weapon you get a rare white PCJ
“G-Spotlight” for the Film Studio - You should be on this whole mission jumping around

And you can do all the unique jumps using one of these. Oh and the “PCJ Playground” gives you one. That mission is just north of your first hideout

Special Features : Triggers the aforementioned mission

Comments : Easy the best bike


Ah grind some dirt with this. A good bike for any off-road activity and a sweet engine noise too.


Coolness : I like dirt bikes. So extra cool

Speed : Pretty fast

Handling : Average

Cornering : Average

Colours : Random

Description : A thin wheeled dirt bike

Locations : In Downtown pretty far north is a dirt track. In the South East corner is a Sanchez that triggers the “Trial by Dirt” (Dirtbike) mission. It also appears in the missions :

“Guardian Angels” for Cortez - After killing all the Haitians two take off with the briefcase on Sanchezes Lance snipes one, leaving you to take it and hunt the other one down.
“Cap the Collector” in the Final Missions - The six collectors are on Sanchezes
Special Features : Triggers above mission

Comments : Nice Dirt bike


Ah the doom and gloom of motorcycles, these slow poorly handled and horrible sounding monstrosities are few thankfully.


Coolness : A moped. Hmmm maybe when you’re fifteen and you’ve got one but pull up to the country club in one of these and you’d never live it down.

Speed : Slow as hell to ride

Handling : Poo

Cornering : The ’pro’ of the moped

Colours : Loads

Description : It’s um… a moped…

Locations : Go south east from the police station in Washington Beach, and look on the street on the right.

Special Features : None

Comments : Get it away from me

@@@Pizza Boy@@@

Coolness : It’s a pizza delivery thingamajig…cool isn’t a factor

Speed : Slow, but slightly faster than the Faggio

Handling : Bad

Cornering : Also bad

Colours : Red with a yellow and red pizza box on the back

Description : A red Faggio with a pizza box on the back

Locations : Outside all the pizza stations, and you kill the guy on one in the assassination mission “Road Kill”

Special Features : Triggers the odd job “Pizza Boy” which when you get to level ten gives you 150 health

Comments : Blah

That’s all the bikes done, and nearly all the databases just got finish up the uses and best of types then I’m done

Uses for Vice City Motorcycles 

Racing bikes : PCJ 600 : Do a wheelie and drive up a Cheetah or Banshee it is sweet!

Dirt bike : Sanchez : Go to the beach and kill people sunbathing, as the bike’s handling won’t suffer

Normal Motorcycle : Angel : Drive by as many bikers as possible

Mopeds : Either : Destroy them all!!!!!!!!!

The Best of the Types

Normal Motorcycles

1) Freeway
2) Angel

Racing Bike

1)PCJ 600

Dirt Bike



1) Pizza Boy
2) Faggio

WooooHooooooooooo! that’s all the databases on. Very soon I’ll be starting the various subs sections related to weapons and vehicles.

For now…


The Ultimate Secret Vehicle/Hunter

This isn’t a new database, this just my gathering of information on the Hunter come together.

Ahoy Captain, massive spoilers ahead! Beware!

Anyway, the Hunter, known as the Ultimate Secret Vehicle in the bradygames guide, is an Apache style helicopter, in army camouflage type colours which is located in the air base. However it is a vehicle that needs to be unlocked. Now there are two ways to unlcok the Hunter which are :

Get all the 100 hidden packages.
Beat the last mission “Keep Your Friends Close…”

There are also two locations, At the far end of the Military Air Base, and at a helipad near a house at the very South of Vice City East. People (some) say that doing one of the ways, get one eg. Completing 100 packages get the helipad etc. Wrong. Which ever way of unlocking you do first unlocks the Hunter at the air base, the other gets it at the South Helipad. For example when playing through Vice City a second time I got all 100 packages before completing the final mission. It was unlocked at the air base first.

Ways to get the Hunter. Well when you do the second unlockable way,  then it’s quite simply getting to the helipad run through a few bushes find the steps of the helipad, bada bing bada boom you have your Hunter. The way of getting at the air base, well, if you have completed “Cop Land” for your own protection ring asset then you should have unlocked a Cop outfit at the Washington Beach Police Station. Then you can enter the army base without any trouble, stroll up to the Hunter, and fly away quickly, because the army doesn’t want you stealing it’s prize possesion. However you’ve unlocked it via hidden packages you say, and you want it to make a mission easier. You may not have a cop outfit. This makes things a hell of a lot harder as your shot on sight. 

The only way to get it in my opinion, is to, get your own helicopter, come into the army base from the North so you avoid the front of the army base. Park right next to the Hunter make the switch and fly away north as quickly as possible and if done correctly you have a Hunter.

Once in the Hunter you have a real treat. It handles well, corners well, is very fast, and takes a fair amount of damage. The weapons, oh boy it has a uzi style chain gun and a duble rocket launcher. With infite bullets/shells. Brilliant.

Well that’s all I know about the Hunter.

Next up, some of the things you’ve been asking me recently. 

Weapons and Vehicles FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you do ask some strange things but there a few questions that do make sense, have been clogging up my inbox so let’s have a look at what you’ve been asking me over time.

Q : How many helicopters are there, and where are they

A : Well there is five helicopters which are :
       Police Maverick
       Sea Sparrow
       VCN Maverick

The Maverick is available, once you have bought the Hyman Condo in Downtown, and after defeating Diaz in “Rub Out” on top of his mansion. Wait your mansion!

The Police Maverick is on top of the Police Station in Downtown, go round the back and go up the stairs.

The Sea Sparrow is only available round the back of Diaz’s/Your mansion when you have found 80 hidden packages

The Sparrow is found at these locations, as it would be painful to write it all out again, it is copied straight from the guide itself
Near Auntie Poulet’s house in Little Haiti there is a building with a billboard on that says “Move Over Miami” I think you can do a Unique Jump onto this building. On the building you jump to on the first jump in the “G-Spotlight” mission for the Film Studio. In the middle of some back yards near Links View Apartments and on a building just south from the Pay ‘n’ Spray in Ocean Beach. These all initiate missions called “Chopper Checkpoints” all except the second location can be completed after killing Diaz in the “Rub Out” mission where the second one can be unlocked after completing the “G-Spotlight” mission.

VCN Maverick is found at the VCN building in Downtown, which is near the bridge to Prawn Island, look for a little door and you get up to a helipad.

Of course there is the Hunter, but that’s secret so shush. There is two locations for that read the Hunter section above for details
Q : I’ve heard there are some pretty cool weapons up for grabs by collecting hidden packages, what are they, and how many packages do I need for them.

A : Yep, and later on there are some cool vehicles too.
       10 Packages : Body Armour
       20 Packages : Chainsaw
       30 Packages : Colt Python
       40 Packages : Flamethrower
       50 Packages : PSG - 1
       60 Packages : Mingun
       70 Packages : Rocket Launcher
       80 Packages : Sea Sparrow
       90 Packages : Rhino 
       100 Packages : Hunter

All the weapons are available at the Ocean View Hotel and at Your Mansion when you win it from Diaz. Whatever rewards you have unlocked before buying the Hyman Condo, will appear there once you do. So say you get the Armour, Python, Chainsaw and Flamethrower from packages then you buy the Hyman Condo, they will appear there. Then if you unlock the Sniper Rifle, Mingun and Rocket Launcher, they will not appear at the Hyman Condo. When the Sea Sparrow is unlocked it is available round the back of Diaz’s/Your mansion. The Rhino will be slap bang in the middle of the air base, but you’ll need the cop uniform to get in with no trouble. To see where the Hunter will be check out the info above this section, in the Hunter section
Q : I went to the location where you said the Skimmer seaplane was, and it’s not there are you pulling my leg?

A : Well if you’d read the thing properly it states that you get it there after completing “Dildo Dodo”, but if you have, and it’s not there then, drive to the North Point Mall and back, the if it’s still not there then, somethings up
Q : Where is (x weapon/car)?

A : Yes strangely enough I get people asking this, and I don’t even reply, check the guide where you got the email address!
Q : I can’t find the Chopper Checkpoints. Help!

A : OK, heres where they are and how to get to them.
 Near Auntie Poulet’s house in Little Haiti there is a building with a billboard on that says “Move Over Miami” I think you can do a Unique Jump onto this building.
On the building you jump to on the first jump in the “G-Spotlight” mission for the Film Studio.
In the middle of some back yards near Links View Apartments
On a building just south from the Pay ‘n’ Spray in Ocean Beach
All except the second location can be completed after killing Diaz in the “Rub Out” mission where the second one can be unlocked after completing the “G-Spotlight” mission.

Copied from my own guide and edited slightly

Q : How come when you go onto the boat in the “All Hands on Deck” mission for Colonel Cortez, you get a katana, instead of whatever melee weapon you had

A : I have no idea, but most people who wrote in about this complained of losing their Chainsaw, and they couldn’t find another one. Here’s where it is.
     From the Southern Ammunation , go north and take the first right and on your left is a couple of apartments the one on the right, you can go into and in the shower is a blonde with big breasts stripping nude! Only joking no you have a chainsaw and a bloody mess.

Thanks to Psy II and his guide for that.
Q : Where is the Lightless Taxi?

A : Ah yes the famous lightless taxi is back from GTA3, but there is no fixed location, I have seen it only once and that was straight after I loaded the game.
Q : I got 30 hidden packages, and a colt python spawned at my hideout, I kept on collecting bullets, and when I went to use it, it had no number of rounds. I tried using it and it worked normally. What happened?

A : It just means you got so many bullets it got unlimited. It did this on GTA 3 except it just had 9999 rounds and after finishing the clip the amount of round stayed the same.
These are all the questions I’ve had…so maybe my guide is thorough or all you guys are just know it alls.

What Happens To Your Weapons and Vehicles
When You Beat The Game
Well would you look at you, you’ve just completed VC 100%. You want to reap the rewards which were lacking in GTA III? Well..Vehicle and Weapon wise not that much…but they are still good…for any weapons you have and get you have infinite ammo. There is something you have to watch for there though. If you get a remote detonated grenade and you throw it you are stuck with infinite remotes. This can be fixed by simply getting tear gas, moltovs or grenades into your slot. Just something to make note of. As with vehicles they put up with twice as much damage as before. Literally. Of course you now also get the Hunter on a small helipad on the very southernest (even a word) poitn of the eastern island.


.oPYo. .oPYo. .oPYo. 8 .oPYo.   o   o   o .oPYo. .oooo.   .oPYo. oPYo. .oPYo. 
8    8 .oooo8 8    8 8 8    8   Y. .P. .P 8    8   .dP    8oooo8 8  `' 8oooo8 
8    8 8    8 8    8 8 8    8   `b.d'b.d' 8    8  oP'     8.     8     8.     
8YooP' `YooP8 `YooP' 8 `YooP'    `Y' `Y'  `YooP' `Yooo'   `Yooo' 8     `Yooo' 
8 ....::.....::.....:..:.....:::::..::..:::.....::.....::::.....:..:::::.....:
8 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

 /   _____/____   __ __  ___________     ____   ____  
 \_____  \\__  \ |  |  \/  ___/\__  \   / ___\_/ __ \ 
 /        \/ __ \|  |  /\___ \  / __ \_/ /_/  >  ___/ 
/_______  (____  /____//____  >(____  /\___  / \___  >
        \/     \/           \/      \//_____/      \/ 
__________       .__  .__      _________.__                .___      
\______   \ ____ |  | |  |    /   _____/|  |__ _____     __| _/__.__.
 |       _//  _ \|  | |  |    \_____  \ |  |  \\__  \   / __ <   |  |
 |    |   (  <_> )  |_|  |__  /        \|   Y  \/ __ \_/ /_/ |\___  |
 |____|_  /\____/|____/____/ /_______  /|___|  (____  /\____ |/ ____|
        \/                           \/      \/     \/      \/\/     
_______________  _______  ________  
\_____  \   _  \ \   _  \ \_____  \ 
 /  ____/  /_\  \/  /_\  \  _(__  < 
/       \  \_/   \  \_/   \/       \
\_______ \_____  /\_____  /______  /
        \/     \/       \/       \/ 

 .oOOOo.                  .oOOOo.        o                          
 o     o                  o     o        O                           
 O     O                  O.             o                O          
 oOooOO.                   `OOoo.        O               oOo         
 o     `O .oOo.                 `O .oOo. o  .oOo. .oOo    o   .oOoO' 
 O      o O   o                  o OooO' O  OooO' O       O   O   o  
 o     .O o   O           O.    .O O     o  O     o       o   o   O  
 `OooOO'  `OoO'            `oooO'  `OoO' Oo `OoO' `OoO'   `oO `OoO'o