Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Missions FAQ v6.00
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Missions FAQ

by Videogameking   Updated to v6.00 on
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Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Faq/Walkthrough
For the Playstation 2 Console only
from Take-Two interactive and its syndicate Rockstar North

By Joey Lamino Copyright @ 2002

Version 6.00
Legal stuff
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0.Introduction:(short and stupid)

This FAQ is for vice city This FAQ will be updated regularly. WARNING! This FAQ
contains MAJOR SPOILERS so do not read any missions you have not completed. If
you spoil the game by reading this FAQ, its your own fault. I told you not to
read stuff you have not completed.

Table Of Contents
1.Revision History
2.Missions (Completed)
-The Party
-Back Alley Brawl
-Jury Fury
-Treacherous Swine
-Mall Shootout
-Guardian Angels
-The Chase
-Phnom Penh'86
-Sir Yes Sir!
-All Hands On Deck
-The Fastest Boat
-Supply And Demand
-Death Row
-Rub Out
-Bar Brawl
-Cap The Collector
-Keep Your Freinds Close...
3.Side Missions (Completed)
-Four Iron
-Demolition Man
-Two Bit Hit
-Love Juice
-Phycho Killer
-Alloy Wheels Of Steel
-Messing With The Man
-Hog Tied
-Publicity Tour
-Road Kill
-Waste The Wife
-Check Out And The Check-In
-Loose Ends
-Recruitment Drive
-Dildo Dodo
-Martha's Mug Shot
-Stunt Boat Challenge
-Cannon Fodder
-Naval Engagement
-JuJu Scramble
-Bombs Away!
-Dirty Lickin's
-Trojan VooDoo
-Checkpoint Charlie
-Friendly Rivalry
-No Escape?
-The Shootist
-The Driver
-The Job
-Gun Runner
-Boomshine Saigon
-Spilling The Beans
-Hit The Courier
5.Tips and tricks

1.Revision History
November 10 2002-Version 1.00
Well I just started this FAQ. Seems kind of pointless though. Added Ken's

November 13 2002-Version 2.00
Added the Colonel's missions.

November 15 2002-Version 2.67
Added Diaz's missions.

November 20-2002-Version 2.90
Finished all the main missions.

November 21 2002-Version 3.00
Finished a lot of side missions. Added better legal info.

November 24 2002-Version 4.00
Added a lot of crap to the side missions and hit 30 kb.

November 28 2002-Version 4.30
All the mission are complete!.

December 7 2002-Version 4.31
Posted!, Plus a email change.

December 8th 2002-Version 4.40
Added contributions

December 9th 2002-version 4.42
*sigh* more contributions and better legal info.

December 10 2002-Version 4.50
Look at the art!, Added a few walkthroughs

December 11 2002-Version 5.00
E-mail change and many other things.

December 17 2002-Version 5.10
Well sorry for not updating in a awhile, I forgot my password for my account
for hotmail for like 4 days. I NOW remember it and is treated with 10
contributions. Hm......far from done.

December 25 2002-Version 5.50
YAY! i got alot contributions over the past week.

December 28 2002-Version 5.60
Email change.

January 17 2003-Version 6.00
Added missions to TOC 4 easier reference. So you can search fast for the
mission you are stuck on, without having to look through the whole thing.

2. Missions

Missions are the heart of the game. Begin the missions whenever you wish. But
its best to do them until you unlock the mainland. But do whatever you want.
This section is for all of the main mission in the game. Enjoy!

Ken Rosenberg's Missions
To start Ken's missions, head to the "L" on the radar.

"The Party"

Rewards: $100
Objective: Ken wants you to meet up with "The Colonel"

Begin by getting a vehicle. Drive to the t-shirt icon on your radar And go to
Rafael's. After you got your new gear, Grab the bike outside and drive to the
pink dot. After the long cut-scene take Mercedes to the pink dot, and collect
your measly 100$.

"Back Alley Brawl"
Rewards: $200
Objective: Ken wants you to beat up a chef till he gives some information.

Get a vehicle and head towards the pink dot. After you get information from
Kent Paul, head towards the green dot on your radar and you will meet the chef.
Punch the hell out of him and you will get his cell phone. Then you will meet a
mysterious man named Lance. Lance will throw you a pistol. Follow lance into
his car and get away from the chefs. After that follow the gun blip on your
radar to find Ammu-nation. After that drive back to your hotel and you will
receive your pay of $200.

"Jury Fury"
Rewards: $400
Objective: Change the minds of some jury members.

Grab a vehicle and head towards the tool-shop and pick-up a hammer. Don't kill
the jurors just "Scare" them. Follow the yellow triangle till you reach the
sentinel. Smash up the sentinel until the juror runs like hell. Then follow the
last yellow blip to the last juror. A truck cuts him off from the street so
beat the hell out of his car with the hammer till he runs. After he runs you
will get your pay of $400.

Rewards: $1000
Objective: Disguise yourself as a worker and start a riot.

Head over to Rafael's to pick up the coveralls. Then follow the blip on your
radar to find the workers. Start a riot by killing four of them. Once the riot
starts, the gate will open. Destroy the 3 trucks inside the gates. After you
destroy the trucks you get your $1000.

The Colonel's Missions
To begin any of the Colonel's missions follow the "C" on the radar.

"Treacherous Swine"
Rewards: $250
Objective: Kill Gonzalez

Follow the pink dot to the northern island. Enter the building at the pink dot
to find Gonzalez. Take out Gonzalez's 2 guards first. Then chase him down and
kill him. Your wanted level will shoot up to two so head to the nearest pay n
spray. Once you have no wanted level you will earn your cash.

"Mall Shootout"
Rewards: $500
Objective: Meet a contact inside a mall.

Head towards the Ocean Beach mall. Get inside and follow the yellow triangle.
The courier flees as soon as you arrive so find him and kill him. Watch out for
the deadly SWAT team on your ass, get the chips and return to the colonel's
safely to receive your cash.

"Guardian Angels"
Rewards: $1000
Objective: Guard Diaz while a deal goes on.

Head towards the multi-story car park. You will meet Lance there. Jump in his
car and head towards the pink dot. Enter the dot at the stairs and switch to
first person view. After the deal goes bad shoot every single Cuban you see!
Destroy all Voodoos and protect Diaz. Once they are gone, two Cubans come by on
motorcycles and swipe the case. Lance shoots and kills one. Chase the other one
down with the motorcycle by the alley and kill him. Grab the briefcase and
bring it back to Diaz to receive your $1000.

Diaz's Missions
Begin Diaz's missions by going to the "D" on the radar.

"The Chase"
Rewards: $1000
Objective: Find out where Diaz's dealers are hiding

Grab a vehicle and head towards the pink dot to the apartments. Peek inside the
owner's window. This scares him and he flees. Chase him down till he takes you
to his hideout. That will lead you to prawn island where his hideout is
located. Don't kill him. Once you have chased him down at his prawn island
hideout, you will receive your $1000.

"Phnom Penh '86"
Rewards: $2000
Objective: Shoot the hell out of the Prawn Island hideout with a helicopter.

You will start out in a helicopter with a M60 in hand. Destroy the hideout's
men and barrel's. Continue to do so until you are dropped from the helicopter
by Lance. Run in the compound ducking strafing and shooting everything in
sight. Once you have killed everyone head up the stairs. Take out the guard
near ASAP. Grab the briefcase. When you do Lance will be back in the Heli. Fly
back to Diaz's to earn your nice $2000.

Now you will have to complete "the colonel's" final 2 missions.

"Sir, Yes Sir!"
Rewards: $2000
Objective: Steal a tank!

Head towards the dot on your radar to find the tank. Kill all of the soldiers
(NOTE: This is very hard. Try bringing some body armor).(Or just hit the side
of the tank). The ones in the tank will get out. Once you get in, the bomb 
will activate follow the pink dot and quickly stash the tank in the garage.
After that you will receive your $2000.

Submitted by: Steve Harper
If you follow them they stop at a donut shop and you can just run over and jump
in the Tank and drive to the garage.

Submitted by: Krojster
There is an easier approach to this, I think this was in fact one of the
easiest missions. I just drove my car in front of the tank as soon as I saw it
- then it couldn't go on - I stepped out of the car, moved to the left side of
the tank, and entered it. Then I just drove out of the lane and to the garage.
There was no need to kill the soldiers or wait for a donut break!

Submitted by:NES4EVER
Okay, this is quite a hard mission.  First get a lot of Uzi/Mac 10/MP5 ammo and
get a strong car then head over to the western island and head for the tank
convoy.  There are about 10 foot soldiers, two barracks OL trucks with about
ten soldiers each, one Patriot and 1 locked tank.  I find the easiest way to
accomplish the task is to take out one row of foot soldiers and do a 180 and
take out the other row of foot soldiers on the other side of the convoy.  This
will get both Barracks OL and the Patriot in pursuit.  Use the drive-by
technique to shoot at the vehicles and proceed back to the tank once they are
all history.  The doors should be unlocked by now so just hop into the tank and
drive away.  As you are driving away, it will be announced that there is a bomb
in the tank and that you must make it to the garage before the bomb blows up. 
The easiest way I find is to just turn the turret around (using the right
analog stick) and fire the cannon as a means of propulsion.  Get to the western
end of the island and park the tank in the quaint little garage and Bada-bing! 
$2000 is now yours.

Method 2:

I have been told that if you wait a while, the convoy will pass a donut shop
and all of the soldiers will go in to get donuts.  Now remember I haven’t tried
this method yet so the details are sketchy.  The doors are supposed to be
unlocked and all you need to do is hop in and drive away.  Simple as that.

"All Hands On Deck"
Rewards: $5000
Objective: Escort the colonel through a huge boat/air attack.

Once you start you will already be on the deck of the colonel's ship. You will
have a Ruger so shoot all boats till they explode. If you need ammo get some by
the deck entrance. Just shoot everything till you get your cash.

Back To Diaz

"The Fastest Boat"
Rewards: $4000
Objective: Steal the fastest boat for Diaz.

Follow the red dot to find the boatyard. Bring body armor and a Ruger because
this is hard. Kill all the people you can see. Once you think you have killed
them all hit the switch to lower the boat. As soon as you get in the boat your
wanted level shoots up to 3!. Drive the boat in the water all the way back to
Diaz's dock to earn your cash.

"Supply And Demand"
Rewards: $10,000
Objective: Use Diaz's new boat to get some coke to a dealer first.

Head out behind Diaz's dock to find our old friend Lance. When you get into the
boat you will have to race to the pink dot and beat the other 4 boats there to
another boat. Once you have gotten onto the new boat, Lance drives and you
shoot. Quickly take aim and shoot all the boats that appear and fast. Then
shoot all the people on the dock. Then shoot out the helicopter above. Shoot
the last boat in front of you next. After that you will get your cash.

Tommy Vercetti's Missions

"Death Row"
Rewards: None
Objective: Rescue Lance from the scrap yard.

Follow the K on the radar to the Malibu. Kent tells you Diaz's men have taken
lance as prisoner in the junkyard. Get some body armor and a heavy vehicle
cause you will need them. Once you think you are ready head towards the
junkyard. Be warned lance's health will appear below your wanted level and if
it reaches none lance is dead. Weave your self through the enemy's and vehicle
and destroy them all. Be sure to take out the guard on the tower. Head towards
Lance's location once all the guards are dead. After you have gotten Lance,
take him to the hospital following the red dot. After he is there you complete
the mission.

Submitted by:ScreamNYaK
Grab a chopper and go see the guy at the malibu club. You can park it in the
emptly lot next to the water tower.  The guy tells you about lance. Hop in the
choper and fly to the junk yard.  Approach the Junk yard low and from the
south.  there's a place you can land on the South west point of the junkyard
outside of the fence.  There's a point in the fence that you can get through. 
Kill anyone who shoots at you and get to lance.  help him to the chopper and
fly to the hospital.  By flying you avoid all of Diaz's thugs coming after you
in cars.  The chopper gets you there faster so you have more time to carefully
kill everyone.  you don't have to rush it

"Rub Out"
Rewards: $50,000!
Objective: Kill Diaz.

Before you begin this mission pick up somebody armor and a Ruger. After that
head towards the pink dot outside Diaz's mansion. Lance gives you a M4 and
storm the mansion!. Shoot and kill every single enemy outside and in Diaz's
mansion. After that find Diaz in his main room. Dodge and pump him full of M4
bullets. When he is dead the mission is a success and you get your cash.

Rewards: $2,000
Objective: Convince the north point mall owners by breaking they're glass.

You have 5 minutes to get to the North Point Mall and bust all the glass in the
mall. Its easier then you think if you know the right way to do it. Once you
get to the north point mall destroy all the glass that have pink dots on them
before the 5 minutes expire. Your wanted level will increase a lot during the
destruction of the glass. Avoid the cops and destroy all the glass to earn your

Submitted by:KevinLyttle718
there is an easier way to finish the "shakedown" mission. as you know, there is
a lousy 5 minutes 2 destroy all the glass in the large mall. it took me 2
chances. all u need is an exploding device (i had the bombs). throw the device
into the window and RUN!!! this will cause multiple windows to break. avoid the
gangsters,security and police because they will be getting hit by the
explosions. mission complete (plus, you get extra money from the people that
died in the mall while you was raising hell).

"Bar Brawl"
Rewards: $4,000
Objective: Kill all guards protecting the bar and find there source.

Follow the pink dot to ocean beach. Kill all the guards near the pink dot. Once
you do this the owner will tell you who their supplier is. After the short talk
a time limit of 5 minutes will appear. You must follow the new pink dot and
kill all the guards there before the time expires to earn your cash.

Submitted by:Monday
On the Bar Brawl mission, after you take out a couple of guards at the
bar, you talk to the owner. He directs you to the security company.
When you get there, an easy way to take out all the security guards at
once is to park away from the entrance --where they are all waiting for
you-- and chuck a grenade or two on top of them. A couple of guys on
motorbikes pop out, but they are easy to chase down and kill.

Rewards: $10,000(and $5,000 a day from money icon outside mansion steps)
Objective: Plant a bomb in the north point mall.

Follow the pink dot to the garage. You must have a wanted level of 2. If you do
you will knock out the cops and take they're clothing. After you are properly
dressed head towards the pink dot to the north point mall. Once you are inside
head towards the Tarbrush cafe. Enter the marker there to plant the bomb.
Quickly get the hell out of the mall. Once the mall is destroyed you will
instantly get a wanted level of 5. Drive all the way back to the mansion to
earn the cash.

Final Missions
Before you can start these missions you must have nearly all the property
assets in the game. To figure out how to earn them head to the section
"property". After you have enough cash buy the Malibu and the print works to
earn the final missions below.

"Cap the Collector"
Rewards: $30,000
Objective: Kill 6 Collectors that are trying to put you out of business.

Head towards the print works and enter the marker. After you emerge the 2
Collectors on a Sanchez head towards the boatyard. If you get there before them
carefully kill them with whatever you got. After that the next Collectors will
head towards the car showroom. Beat them to there and kill them carefully.
Finally the last Collectors will head towards the Malibu. Catch them there and
kill those last 2 Collectors and you will complete the mission and earn your

Submitted by:DaEyEbRoW
I have another way to beat Cap the collector. But this only works if u have the
Ice Cream Factory. First, get a fast car. Then, get to the Ice Cream Factory
and ignore any other messages. Next, Wait until the collectors are near the Ice
Cream Factory. Last, you can either Rocket Launcher them, snipe them (use
PSG-1), or u can MP5 them.
This strategy beats the heck out of chasing them. If you stay at the Ice Cream
Factory and kill them before they tax it, then the other two pairs will keep on
coming to the factory to try to tax it. Don't go for the boatyard or any other
place. Just stay at the Ice Cream Factory. TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!.

"Keep Your Friends Close..."
Rewards: $30,000
Objective: Defend your mansion from Sonny and his thugs.

Grab some body armor and enter the pink marker near your mansion. After those
cut-scenes you will appear at the top of the stairs. Grab the colt python in
the safe room and target and shoot everything you see. After ten targets or so.
They will tell you to find lance the traitor and kill him for selling you out.
They may say the Mafia is stealing your money if you have a lot let them take
it. Chase down and shoot lance until he leads you to the roof of your mansion.
There are a lot of enemy's on the roof so dodge and shoot the red explosive
barrels. After they are dead head towards the top and pump lance full of
bullets while dodging his bullets. Sooner or later he will drop dead. After
that head back downstairs to the top of the stairs. Sonny should appear again
and another cut-scene will ensue. After the cut-scene shoot and kill the
Sonny's thugs until you see no more. After that, pump Sonny full of bullets
while dodging his nasty Ruger bullets. After you pump him full enough of
bullets he should drop dead also. After that you will complete the mission and
earn your cash.

Submitted by: M Scott Halvorson

    This seem to work very well. You need MP-5, Spas-12, a sniper
rifle, and an m-60 all with plenty of ammo. Start the mission and standby the
desk so that you can see the office door. Use the spas 12 andkill each thug as
they approach. Soon you get the message to go kill lance. Switch to the mp-5
for its longer range and so you can run. Head out into the hall and you get a
cut scene. After the scene sprint up the stairs but not towards lance, go the
other way. When you reach the top level of the entry way target each thug and
shoot them about 6 times. Lance will be at the end of the hall out of range so
sprint towards him. When you enter the hall target Lance and shoot him. Now is
a good time to switch to the shotgun. As you move up the stairs target each
flight and if you pick anything up fire. Just before you get to the roof select
your MP-5 (you need to sprint). As soon as you get to the roof sprint to the
adrenaline but if you miss it keep going to the back (by the health). If there
is a helicopter on the pad kill it so it doesn't get blown up while you are
near it. Now select your sniper rifle and walk up towards the front of the
landing pad. The guys never go up on the heli-pad! Ease forward just enough to
see the tops of the explosive barrels and snipe them. Ease forward more until
you can target each individual thugs head. Pick them off one by one. Lance
takes 3 shots. There is usually one guy you can't get this way, he stands up
against the wall near an explosive barrel. You can use a weapon with auto
target to see him from up top.
Select your mp-5 on go to the lower level, go around the corner, and then duck
back behind it. He charges you but auto target and shoot him. Return to the
stairs. If your health and armor is low go downstairs (as long as you have
above 20 health you can just jump down the middle of the stairway, you will
survive!). Grab the armor and health if you need it and head towards the
office. This triggers the final cut scene. After this DO NOT go in the office,
its a death trap! Instead sprint back to the stairs and fight your way to the
You should only have to fight about 4 guys and you have 2
opportunities to refresh your armor. Head through the tunnel and go past the
underground pool and then head out to where the armor and chainsaw you earned
from package hunting. Use auto target to check for enemies around corners and
you should be able to get them before they get you. When you get near the front
of the estate you will notice 3 limousines with a steady flow of reinforcements
exiting them. Select your m-60 and blow up the limos. BINGO!!!! No more
reinforcements!! Now all you have to do is kill 3 guys on the stairs outside (I
prefer mp-5 for its long range and the speed it allows you to move). After that
select the m-60 (tommy says "didn't think i'd use this did ya'") Go up the
stairs far enough that your shots clear them but not all the way, you need
cover. 3 guys left! Shoot the guy that you recognize as Sunny. The first round
hits him in the back, and he never gets a chance to retaliate. It takes about 6
rounds (enough to blow up a car!) but he dies. It's a nice sneak attack. YOU

Submitted by:Bob
If you want to kill Sonny on your first try, without getting killed yourself,
this is the way to do this mission.  First, make sure that you have full
health, full armor, at least 10 secret packages, and a colt python loaded with
ammunition.  When you start this mission, you will view a cut-scene, where you
find out that Lance is a backstabber.  After the cut-scene, go outside of the
doorway of the room that you are in, and equip your colt python.  Then, mafia
members will come up the stairs and try steal your money that is in the room
that you just left, shoot them once you see them.  After you have killed a few
mafia members, a message will say to go and kill Lance.  Go left from the room
at the top of the stairs and and follow the walkway around until some mafia
guys start shooting at you.  Kill them, and aim at Lance, shoot him.  After you
shoot Lance, he will start to run up onto the roof.  Along the way, he will
stop to shoot at you, so watch out.  Shoot Lance whenever you get a chance. 
Once you are on the roof, go behind the barrels right in front of you, and
shoot the 2 mafia members right on the other side of the barrels.  Once they
are dead, stay behind the barrels and shoot the other mafia members, ducking
every time they star to shoot at you.  Once they are dead, aim your gun at
Lance and shoot, ducking every time he fires because his ruger will kill you
pretty fast if you stay in the line of fire.  When Lance is dead, take his
ruger and go back down to the top of the stairs where you started this mission.
 There will be another cut-scene, once that is done, run back up to the roof,
killing any mafia members along the way, and go up to the helipad and turn
towards the front of the mansion.  From there, walk forward onto the sloped
shingled part of the roof and run along that towards the infernus.  Run past
the infernus an off of the end of the roof, then get the armor.  Next, equip
the ruger that you got from Lance and destroy the two limousines, then go up
the steps a little, so that you can shoot the guards at the sides of the
doorway into the mansion.  In the middle of the doorway, you will see Sonny
standing there, do not shoot him, for he will be shooting at you.  Run to the
infernus, and get in.  Then, drive to the steps and speed up them, good thing
you killed the guards there earlier, they would of destroyed your car.  Try to
speed through the doorway where you see Sonny through.  Once you drive into the
doorway, there will de a black loading screen.  When the inside of the mansion
has loaded, the infernus will have disapeared, but you will be standing beside
Sonny's dead body, and his ruger, mission complete

After this mission you will OWN Vice City. Sonny is dead and his thugs are too.
Nobody else is going to come to Vice City to stop you so you OWN it!. You have
a lot of stuff now and own a whole city. Congrats you have beaten all of the
main missions in vice city. Time to move on to the other stuff like side
missions and odd jobs.

Submitted by: Lost name

Please note that this method of completing the mission is only possble if you
have obtained 80 hidden packages:

Before you start the mission, arm yourself with an Colt Python (which is found
by you're save point in the mansion), a SPAZ shotgun, an MP5, armor and plenty
of ammo to go with that. When the mission starts, arm yourself with the Colt
Python and stand at the top of the staircase so you can see all possible
entrances, and as soon as the mafia enter the mansion just lock on to them and
kill them all off one by one, easy so far! Now you should get the message to go
and kill Lance. DONT KILL HIM YET!, you'll see why in a minute. Now RUN down
the staircase and outside of the mansion past the armed mafia agents and the
stretch limos. Now this is where the 80 hidden packages comes in to play,
because you will notice that around the back of the Vircetti mansion there is a
Sea Sparrow with a built in minigun. Use this to take out the stretch limos
(which now stops possible reinforcements) and the guards by the front entrance.
Now fly above the mansion and using the sea sparrow take out Lance and his
guards. Now onto Sonny:  Land the sparrow on top of the mansion and go back to
the top of the staircase in the mansion. Now you should get you're cue to whack
Sonny! When you here Sonny say "Get him boys!" run to the top right hand edge
of the balcony and switch to you're SPAZ Shotgun. Stand by the edge and just
lock on to Sonny and fire! It should take about 5 or 6 shots to waste him but
the SPAZ reloads very quickly so he'll soon be dead.

I did this fairly easily and didn't have to replenish my armor or health

3.Side Missions
Well the side missions are normally like the main missions except they do not
go to the story. The side missions are exactly the same as side except no

Avery Carrington Missions
To begin Avery's missions beat Ken Rosenberg's "riot" mission.

"Four Iron"
Rewards: $500
Objective: Lay the smack-down on a golfer.

Head towards the blue shirt on your radar to pick up some golf clothes. Then
follow the pink blip to the leaf links golf club. Get a knife-like weapon
because that is the only type of weapon that will pass the metal-detector. Head
towards the yellow triangle and you will find your target and a couple of
guards. As soon as he sees you he will flee in a caddy and his guards will sic
on you. Chase him down and knife him/run him over into the grass. Once he is
dead you earn your cash.

Submitted by:NES4EVER

Head towards the blue shirt icon on your map (which should be located about a
block from the golf course) and pick up your golfing apparel.  Once you are
wearing your plaid outfit, head to the golf course entrance.  Just so you know,
you cannot enter the golf course with weapons so don’t go buying ammo.  Head
into the main area and grab the open golf club.  Jump into the golf cart and
drive towards the blip on the map.  Once you get there, you will notice that
there are about six guards wielding golf clubs and one rich guy.  When you get
close enough, the rich guy will leap down and into his golf cart and drive
away.  Proceed to whack the hell out of the 6 guards and after you’re done,
chase after the rich guy.  Now from here you can do one of two things.

Method 1

Push his cart into the water or block him somehow.  These golf carts are
extremely easy to push around so that would be the best suggestion.  Blocking
him is easy as well.  Just slow him down and park your cart in front of him. 
Get out and pull him out and proceed to beat the living crap out of him with
your golf club.  Mission passed.

Method 2 ***Uses cheats***

Use the weapon cheat (R1,R2,L1,R2,L,D,R,U,L,D,D,D) after getting into the golf
course and kill the rich golfer with the weapon of your choice. But I suggest
you use the other method since this one includes cheats.

Submitted by:Gregory Johnson

I just wanted to let you know of the method I used to beat the "Four Iron"

Get the change of clothes and enter the golf course.  Take the caddy over to
the driving range but don't approach the golfer yet.  Drive all of the caddys
away from the driving range.  This way, when you start to fight the body
guards, the golfer will start to run towards the entrance because he doesn't
have a vehicle to hop into.  At this point you can chase him down rather easily
and beat him to a pulp

Submitted by:ScreamNYaK
Get spotted by the body guards and run or drive back to the entrance.  Reclaim
your guns and wait.  The body guards will eventually show up armed with their
melee weapons.  Gun them down.  After a bit of waiting the golfer (the hit)
will come to the main entrance and try to make it to his car.  With some luck
and the help of a shotgun he won't.  Hell, it beats running around like a moron
for twenty minutes chasing him.

Submitted by:Snowwolf
there's a way to get into the golf course with your
weapons.. First, trigger the cutscene in the pink circle in fron of the
security gate.  Then hop into the Comet and drive to a construction areawith a
ablue fence along the water, kinda south of Leaf Links.  Using the Comet (fast
and small), gun it northward directly through the broken area in the fence. 
You hit the water fairly shallow and bounce back up on land.  The Comet can
even fit through the bridges, with a bit of damage.  Get close to the  driving
range, but not enough to trigger him. Using a manual aim gun (I used a ruger),
cap him in the back of the head.  no fuss, no blood on your hands.  There a
ramp on one side of the security building that will let you get out of the area
with your weapons and vehicle.

"Demolition Man"
Rewards: $1000
Objective: Plant four bombs on floors in a construction site.

This mission is a hard one. Follow the blips to find four bombs you can only
carry 1 bomb at a time. Press circle to drop the bombs. Just plant them too the
pink markers inside the floors on the construction site. That's all I can give
you. This mission is a hard one so any e-mails to beat this mission easier will
definitely be posted.

Submitted by: Photek

On the 'Demolition Man' mission, get the helicopter and fly into the building
without a bomb, take out all the guys in there with your rota blade,this will
also give you a chance to check out where the bombs need to go. Go back and
pick up a bomb, the time will then start, and then simply take your time
droping off the bombs. You should do it with plenty of time to spare!

Submitted by: Neo alex
For the mission "Demolition Man", just a tip, start at the bottom and work your
way to the top. This way you wont have to come back from the 4th floor taking
ages. Many of my friends made this mistake thinking to start from hard to easy,
and well, most of them just got pissed off and never completed the mission(i
can proudly say that i completed it successfully by starting at the top and
working myself down).

"Two Bit Hit"
Rewards: $2500
Objective: Start a gang war between the Haitians and Cubans.

Well grab a vehicle and head towards the shirt icon on your radar. Once you are
fitted with Cuban clothes head towards the yellow dot. Once you are there drive
by shoot the voodoo's there and the leader will flee. Chase down the leader and
kill him. After you are out of the little Haiti district you earn your cash.

Submittted by:Snowwolf
using the indestructable vehicle from Guardian Angels,
this was easy.  Stock up on weapons and armor, especially the rocket
launcher (available in a pool of a hotel on the western island).  Chase
the leader around for a little bit, and eventually he'll flee, in a car,across
the bridge - he fled across Starfish bridge in my mission.
Overtake him, get out and wait with the rocket launcher.  When he comes
over the bridge, light him up and collect your dough.

Love Fist's Missions
I'm not sure how to unlock Love Fist's missions. When you do head towards the
skull icon to begin they're missions.

"Love Juice"
Rewards: $1000
Objective: Get some love juice for Love Fist.

Well excuse the name. Head to the pink dot after the cut-scenes and honk the
horn. Oh no! The dealer has taken your cash. Chase him down on his PCJ-600 and
kill him to get your cash and the love juice. After that Kent calls and tells
you Love Fist want some "company". Head towards Mercedes' apartment and enter
the pink marker. You now have exactly one minute and 30 seconds to return the
love juice and Mercedes to Love Fist. Get back to Love Fist before the time
limit expires to earn your cash.

"Psycho Killer"
Rewards: $4000
Objective: Take out a psycho stalker stalking the love fist.

Follow the pink dot to the end of the street and enter the pink marker. During
the cut-scene the psycho killer kills 2 people and drives off. Chase him down
in the Love Fist limo and drive-by shoot him. When he jumps out of the burning
car run him over or shoot him to death to earn your cash.

You must complete the Mitch's missions first to continue with love fist

Mitch Baker's Missions

To start Mitch's missions, head towards the spade icon on the radar.

"Alloy Wheels Of Steel"
Rewards: $1000
Objective: Race to earn Mitch's respect.

Submitted by:NES4EVER:

After the cut-scene you have a choice between two Freeway bikes and two Angel
bikes.  Choose your favorite and proceed with the race.  The only advice I can
give is take your turns carefully but also try and keep your speed up.  It
takes a good balance of the two to get through this mission.  If you are too
slow, the competition will leave you in the dust, but if you are too careless
you’ll wipe out in the corners.  I’ve noticed that if you press down on the
D-pad a little while going through the corners, it makes your turns sharper. 
But don’t overdo it or the bike will slide out from under you.  Get through all
the checkpoints (which cover a 4 block radius) to receive your $1000.

Submitted by: jaZoNkRoLI
Just take one of your competitors bikes, and then its SO much easier, becuase
you knocked out one of your competitors, and their bikes seem way easier to

"Messing With The Man"
Rewards: $2000
Objective: Wreak havoc on Vice City!

Well you have 2 minutes to raise your wanted level so raise it fast. After it's
raised a chaos meter appears below your time limit. You must kill people and
destroy stuff till the meter maxes out. Just drive by shoot cars and people
till the meter is raised full. After the meter is raised full you earn your

Submitted by :Bert
Take a first person shooter like a Ruger, Shoot a car till it explodes, keep
shooting it and you will be able to raise the chaos meter even if its

Submitted by: DaEyEbRoW316

I have another way to beat messing with the Man.
First, Shoot the motorcycle outside the place. Then after it blows up, keep on
shooting at it. Your meter will increase gradually and the mission will be done
in 30 seconds or less if u follow this strategy.

"Hog Tied"
Rewards: $4000
Objective: Reclaim Mitch's bike from the top of Ammu-nation.

Grab one of those angels outside the bar and towards the downtown Ammu-nation.
Rev up and hit the stairs at full speed and you should go flying in the air and
land on top of Ammu-nation. Beware, the enemies up there are powerful and can
kill you easily so kill them first and kill them all. When you have killed
enough head towards the bottom of the stairs. Dodge and kill everyone there and
head towards the furthest garage. Grab Mitch's angel and rev back up the steps
and drive across the thing. After you are back on the streets they will try and
kill you with their Gang Burritos. Safely get Mitch's Angel back to the bar to
earn your cash.

After the hog tied mission Mitch will agree to work for love fist

"Publicity Tour"
Rewards: $8000
Objective: Safely take love fist to the concert they are going too.

Uh oh! The Love Fist limo has been rigged with a bomb. The bomb will explode if
you drive too slow so drive fast. The best thing to do is head towards the
mainland main roads because they are very straight like. It takes Love Fist
about 2 minutes and ten seconds to defuse the bomb so drive fast for that long.
After the bomb is defused head towards the pink dot to drop off love fist at
the concert to earn your cash.

Assassination Missions
The assassination missions are given at pay-phone locations around the city.
Head towards the nearest pay-phone icon to start any of the assassination

“Road Kill”
Found:Anwser the ocean beach pay-phone.
Objective:Assassinate a pizza boy.

Well the assassination guy wants you too kill a Pizza boy for reasons unknown.
You have a time limit to kill him. He is working his deliveries and you must
kill him before he is done. Chase him down and kill him to earn your cash.

“Waste The Wife”
Found:Anwser the phone in vice point.
Objective:“Waste The Wife”

Follow the dot to find her car. Ram her until the car catches fire. After this
happens you must get away from the scene of the crime and fast. Kill her and
escape the crime scene to earn your cash.

Found:Anwser the phone near the mall.
Objective:Assassinate 5 gang members across town.

Grab the sniper rifle and the submachine gun by following the blue dot. You
have a time limit of ten minutes for this mission. Head towards the green
triangle on your radar to find your first target atop a board sign. Whip out
your sniper rifle and shoot him in the head to kill him. Afterwards head
towards the green dot to find your second target. He will try to flee in his
Securicar so block him from escape. If you block him the best thing to to is to
pump him full of sub machine gun bullets. When his car catches fire he will be
dead. Follow the green dot to find your next target. The two brothers will flee
in there cars if they see you. So snipe them with the sniper rifle and make
them explode before they get away. Head towards the end of the green dot to
find your next target on a boat in the water. Just snipe his head to kill him
and not waste any time. Head towards the final green dot to find your last
target. He rides on a Pcj-600 and rides through the streets. Chase him down and
kill him to earn your cash.

Submitted by: Ben Cram

In the autocide mission the second guy (armored truck) can easily be shot in
the face with the sniper rifle from the top of the stairs in the alley across
the street. You should go around the block to get at the stairs so he doesn't
see you and take off. After he is shot he slides out of the van leaving the
door open for you.

“Check Out At The Check In”
Found:Anwser the phone at the airport
Objective:Snipe your enemy at the airport.

Grab the sniper rifle and watch the women on the stairs. She will point you to
the target. Snipe him in the head and you will get a wanted level of 2 fast.
Grab the case and head to the downtown Ammu-nation with the case and you will
earn your cash.

“Loose Ends”
Found:After completing the mission “The Shootist” Anwser the phone behind the
ice cream factory.
Objective:Collect the case on top of the cherry popper ice cream factory.

Pick up some body armor and a good weapon than enter the back alley. Shoot the
car behind the gate and make it explode and kill all the guys by it. Get a
machine gun and strafe and shoot the vans by you quickly. Strafe and shoot all
the enemy's you can see and make sure you get them all. After you reach the
roof kill the 3 enemy's by the case and then take it. After you take the case
hop in the helicopter by the case and fly to the airport marker. After you land
on the marker you will receive your cash.

Porn Empire Missions
To begin the porn empire missions head towards prawn island and go to the film
studio. Get enough cash to buy it. When you do buy it head towards the pink
marker to start the porn empire missions.

“Recruitment Drive”
Objective:Get two nice ladies for Steve Scott's film.

Follow the pink dot to find candy Suxxx. She agrees to work for you but you
will have to eliminate her agent. He leaves a few guards after you talk to her.
Ignore them and head after the car and destroy it by any means. After that is
taken care of go back and pick up candy. After that go and pick up Mercedes
from the pizza place. After you have both of them head back to the film studio
to earn your cash.

“Dildo Dodo”
Objective:Distribute your film by dropping flyer's from the sky.

After you enter the pink marker head behind the film studio to find the
skimmer. Get in the skimmer and go airborne. After you are head towards the
dots and fly through all of them. Fly through all 12 markers to complete the
mission and earn your cash. But be warned you have limited fuel so get in the
air quickly.

“Martha's Mug Shot”
Objective:Frame Alex shrub using candy as the bait.

Well it turns out that a guy is trying to get your film shut down. We will have
to frame him so head to the sparrow and enter it. Get airborne and follow the
Limo until you reach the destination. Head to the top of the wk chariot hotel
and you will se candy. Get the camera out and snap three photos of him and
candy. You will instantly get a wanted level of 5!. Get back in the chopper and
fly back to the film studio with the wanted level of 5 to earn your cash.

Rewards:$8,000. And 10,000 a day from the film studio money icon.
Objective:Jump 19 checkpoints to reach the spotlight you must turn on.

Well grab the motorcycle and head towards the dot on the radar. Once you are
there drive above the stairs and head towards the office elevator. Once you are
on the top floor pop a Wheelie and fly out the window to the dot. Continue to
do for the remaining 18 checkpoints. Once you have gotten 10 checkpoints you
will get a halfway ladder incase you fall off. Once you reach the spotlight
head to the pink marker and you will activate the spotlight. After the
spotlight is on you will earn your cash.

Submitted by:daeyebrow
I have another way to beat G- Spotlight. Follow what it says up to the part
where you break through the window. Shoot the window and fall down off of the
building.....NOT onto the one with the checkpoint. Then get a helicopter at the
Hyman Condo and use it to fly on the checkpoints. At the end, get out and walk
to the small marker to see a SURPRISE!

The Cuban's Missions
To begin the Cuban's missions head to the diner in little Havana.

“Stunt Boat Challenge”
Objective: Pass through all 24 checkpoints before the 3 minutes are up.

Head back out by the dock and get into the speeder. You have 3 minutes to get
through 24 checkpoints. Watch for the tricky jumps and tight turns. Pass
through all 24 checkpoints to earn your dough.

“Cannon Fodder”
Objective:Steal some drugs from the Haitian compound.

Set some body armor and a Ruger and a sniper rifle. You will need them. Anyways
when you think you are ready head to the pink dot on your radar. Equip your
sniper rifle and shoot all the cars till they explode. After that shoot all the
guards that are by the cars. After that some more guards like 5 will appear
near the gates so kill them with the Ruger. After they are dead a Cutscene will
show you there is a sniper above the building. Equip your own sniper rifle and
pick him off. After that 10 or so guards will appear near the place before the
compound. Kill them all with the Ruger and kill the ones behind the corners
too. After that you will be near the compound and you will be outgunned. So
after the Cuban's tell you to take the van do so. Get in the van with drugs and
drive out of the compound fast. Get the van to the alley behind Umberto's cafe
to earn your cash.

“Naval Engagement”
Objective:Kill the Haitains from the boat attack and collect a case.

After you get to the dock Rico will be waiting for you. He will drive while you
shoot so shoot any and every single Haitian you can see. Once you have
destroyed all the boats and Haitians someone will throw a grenade at the boat
and kill Rico!. Avoid and kill all the Haitians and pick up both cases of
drugs. You will get a wanted level of three so hop in a car and drive back to
the cafe to earn your cash.

The Haitian Missions
Head towards the voodoo doll to find Auntie Poulet's hut. Enter the hut to
begin any of the haitian missions.

“Juju Scamble
Objective:Gather 3 cases of drugs for Auntie.

Get in a vehicle and head towards the yellow triangle. Get the the roof of the
yellow triangle building and grab the case. As soon as you do you get a wanted
level of two and some enemy's try and kill you. Hop back in your vehicle and
head towards the green dot to pick up the second case. You're wanted level will
now be at 4!. Hop back in your vehicle and head towards the final green dot.
Pick up the final case and your wanted level will shoot up to a whopping 5
stars!. Carefully and quickly drive all the cases back to Auntie Poulet to earn
your measly $1,000.

“Bombs Away!”
Objective:Wipe out all the Cuban's at the docks with your remote-controlled

Well head towards the yellow dot to find a top-fun! Van. Get into it and you
will take control of the remote-controlled plane. You can drop a infinite
number of bombs by pressing circle but you only have 3 planes to eliminate all
the Cubans. Once you have gotten the controls of the plane fly to the yellow
blip. I recommend you take out the car with some bombs. Make sure you also get
at least one boat also. The second plane is easy just drop bombs on the
remaining boats. The last plane just drop bombs on the remaining Cubans on the
deck. Once all Cuban's are dead you earn your cash.

“Dirty Lickins”
Objective:Snipe all the Cuban's and kill them all.

Well head towards the building right behind the huge riot and get to the top of
the stairs. Grab the adrenaline pill and get out your sniper rifle and start
picking off the Cuban's!. Make sure you kill the ones with arrows above his
head. After a lot of Cuban deaths reinforcements come. Make sure you destroy
the vehicle's that more Cuban's come in. Kill all the Cuban's and make sure
some Haitians live to earn your cash.

After the above mission you can complete the Cuban's final mission

“Trojan Voodoo”
Objective:Blow the Haitians compound sky-high.

Get a voodoo and then towards the dot to the Haitians compound. Drive the
voodoo into the compound (they will just let you in). Once you are in avoid the
Haitians shots while you plant 3 bomb inside the factory. Once you have planted
all three bombs you must get out because you have a time limit of ten seconds!.
Uh-oh! They wont let you out of the gate!. So head around back to the stairs
climb up them and jump for life of the building. Once it is blown sky-high you
will earn your cash.

Submitted by:Oompa Loompa

The Cuban mission "Trojan Voodoo" always reminds me of the Tony Cipriani
mission "Blow Fish!" in GTA3. Here is an easier yet similar alternative
strategy to "Trojan Voodoo:" Steal the Voodoo and drive to the checkpoint as
always, but as you get into the compound past the gates, use your
mp5/tec9/mac10 to drive by the Haitians walking around, for they will not even
shoot back, and this will help you later on. When you get to the factory where
you are told to plant the bombs, first kill everybody in the factory building,
but DO NOT PLANT ANY BOMBS YET!!!! Once you are positively sure that every
haitian is dead, go up the stairs, and plant your first bomb there. Then sprint
downstairs and plant the middle bomb, and your last one should be the one right
next to the exit of the factory. That way, by the time you are ready to make
your escape, you will have over 30 seconds to do so. Sprint or take a voodoo
back to the gate. It will not open, but there won't be anyone left to shoot at
you, as you already drive-byed them. Then, go to the far left corner of the
wall with the gate in it, and then the cutscene will commence.

The Boatyard Mission
To begin the boatyard mission make sure you buy the boatyard at the top of the
map. After it has been bought go into the pink marker to start the mission.

“Checkpoint Charlie”
Rewards:The boatyard's money icon, asset.
Objective:Collect all the packages in the water.

The only thing i can say is on turns be slow and on ramps be fast.

Kaufman Cab Missions
Purchase Kaufman cabs to start the taxi missions.

Objective:Pick up the V.I.P

You have 1 minute to drive to starfish island and pick up the V.I.P. But as
soon as you try to pick him up another cab tries to steal your fare!. Ram him
and shoot him till the V.I.P gets out of his cab and into yours. Than drive him
to the airport to receive your cash.

“Friendly Rivalry”
Objective:Destroy three rival taxi's

Follow the yellow dot to find one of the taxi's. Ram the taxi's and do
drive-by's till it explodes. Keep doing the same thing for all three taxi's
till they explode to earn your nice cash.

Rewards:$3,000 and the $5,000 a day money icon. Asset and the zebra cab.
Objective:Survive a massive cab attack

Go to the pickup point to talk to Mercedes. Maybe not. You will get Assaulted
with cabs as soon as you get there. Drive by and shoot all the cabs you can or
rig the car with a bomb and destroy them all. But once they are gone the leader
comes in his zebra cab. Jump and avoid his cab while shooting it and destroy
it. Once you have destroyed all cabs you get your cash.

The Malibu Misions
To begin any of the Malibu missions buy the Malibu and enter the place. Than
enter the marker near the stairs to begin any of the Malibu missions.

“No Escape?”
Objective:Get Cam Jones out of prison

Head to the police station and make sure you have a good vehicle waiting
outside. Get inside and quickly go to the left and pick up the police uniform.
Go down the stairs and use the Keycard on the door and you will see Cam Jones's
cell. Go over to it and bust him out. As soon as you do this you will get a
wanted level of 4!. Get Cam back to his house and you will earn your cash.

“The Shootist”
Objective:Convice Phil Cassidy to join your crew.

Head towards the downtown Ammu-nation and step into the pink marker to begin
the shoot-out. You must score higher than Phil did on the targets to earn his
respect. Shoot the small targets last and you will always win. After you score
better than him you will earn your cash and new crew member.

“The Driver”
Objective:Convice Hillary to join your crew by beating him at a race.

Well this is one of the hardest missions in the game. You will have to race
with a 2 star wanted level. You better hope that Hillary gets hit by a police
car or something like that cause this is the hardest race in the game. If you
do get lucky and Hillary gets knocked by oncoming traffic you have better
chances of winning. Once you do eventually win you will earn your cash and
final crew member.

“The Job”
Rewards:$30,000 and 10,000 a day from money icon and the asset.
Objective:Rob the bank!

Well get in the taxi and drive to the bank. After Hillary leaves go inside the
bank. Enter the pink marker and you will get your bank-robbing outfits on. Go
inside and you will see nice bank. Phil will hold ground here and Cam will try
and crack the bank. Head upstairs with Cam to the bank vault. Cam says he cant
crack it,you'll need the Manager so  head back downstairs and get him to come
back upstairs with you. After he has cracked the safe you will get a 3 start
wanted level. Fire and kill all the SWAT team members and kill team all. After
that a pink marker will appear outside. After you go outside you will see a
massive SWAT roadblock. Destroy all the cars you can till Hillary gets there.
After a few seconds Hillary will be here and will try and defend you. He gets
killed and then you enter the car with Phil. Drive to the dot to complete the
mission and earn your cash.

Phil Cassidy Missions
After the mission “The Job” You can begin any of Phil's mission by going to
Phils place.

“Gun Runner”
Rewards:$2,000 and some weapons
Objective:Grab some weapons off a truck.

Hop in the Patriot and head towards one of the yellow dots. Once you see the
truck ram it till the box gets on the street. Get out of the car and pick up
the weapon and then destroy the truck. Do the same for the next truck and than
backup will appear. Just avoid the backup and collect the weapons off the last
two trucks and destroy them to complete the mission and earn your cash. The
best way to beat this mission is to use the hunter missiles, take the weapons
and then get in the hunter and destroy them all!.

Submitted by:monday
On the Gun Runner mission, the most efficient way to do this (with the
Patriot) is to bash the boxes of the first two trucks. Do not pick up
the items yet! Then destroy the two trucks. If their drivers get out,
make sure to kill them. Your Patriot will be beat up by now, so go to a
Pay&Spray to fix it, THEN pick up the packages. Picking up the packages
triggers the backup, so you don't want them harrassing you while you
get the Patriot fixed. The backup are guys with Uzis on mopeds. You
might want to take a few out. Then drive north to the downtown for the
next two gun runners. Do the same process. If your tires get shot out,
or if your Patriot is getting trashed, go to the Hyman Condo garage.
Leave the Patriot in it. Step out (be well armed!) so that the garage
closes. WHen it opens, the Patriot will be in good shape. Pick up the
packages, and if the gun runners are still alive, kill them. Then
collect your cash. (If you have a wanted level, be careful when you get
out to pick up the packages, or a cop will nab you)

“Boomshine Saigon”
Rewards:$4,000 and Phil's asset.
Objective:Drive Phil to the Hospital!

Phil has blown off his arm!. You must drive to the Hospital. But the Boomshine
you inhaled gives you bad vision. Phil's health will appear below your wanted
level and if it runs out he will die. If you get to the Hospital Phil says that
something cops are near so you must head to a Surgeon in little Havana instead.
Drive him there to earn your cash.

Print Works Missions
Purchase the Print Works for a whopping 70,000 to begin there missions.

“Spilling The Beans”
Objective:Get some information form a boat captain about plates.

First off head towards the Malibu to get some information from Kent Paul. After
that well get some body armor and head towards the boatyard. Get on the ship
and you will be seen by guards!. There are many guards on here and they can
kill you very quickly. Get to the top of the ship and make sure all the guards
are dead and a vehicle is outside the ship. Once you get the information you
will get a wanted level of 2!. Drive carefully back to the print works to earn
your cash.

Submitted by:JC

Park your car near the entrance in front of the boat.  Run up the stairs as
quickly as possible and obtain the information you need.  JUMP!  Jump off the
boat and onto the ground.  You will not be hurt nearly as much as if you have
people shoot at you all the way up and down the stairs.  Get in your
conveniently parked car and cut over to your car dealership where you can paint
and spray your way out of any wanted level.  Head safely back to the Print
Works and you are done.

Submitted by: Andrew James

Allright, I have a fairly easy way to complete "Spilling The Beans" but you
need to have 80 hidden packages at least.

Get the Sea Sparrow and park it near the print works. Take the mission then fly
over to the Malibu and park the chopper out the front! (Very important) It will
disappear if you don't. Talk to Paulo and fly over to the boat but stop short
so you are facing the front of the boat. What you have to do is shoot everyone
down and go to the bottom of the step and just plonk the boat down there. Run
up to the top, into the pink marker and do that then really quickly jump off
the rail to the Sea Sparrow that should be there. Get in and take off as fast
as you can and if you parked it right the guards will get stuck behind the rail
and you can just fly out of there. Hope you have more succes than me!

“Hit The Courier”
Rewards:$5,000 8,000 a day from money icon plus asset.
Objective:Kill the courier and get the plates.

Make sure you have body armor and a Ruger. When you do head towards the
boatyard and fast. When you do kill all the women there with your Ruger and
make sure you kill the one above. And make sure a heavy vehicle is blocking the
entryway when the courier is in her car she will try to escape but you will be
blocking her! Drive by shoot until she gets out of the car and then kill her.
Get in here car to get the plates!. You will get a wanted level of two when you
do this so carefully drive back to the print works to complete the final
mission in the game! And get your cash.

Currently 7 missions have contributions.

5.Tips and Tricks

Submitted by:Tim Peters

After completing the Trojan Voodoo mission (where you blow up the haitian
compound), you can return there and go inside the building. While climbing the
steps, there is a hole where a couple of steps used to be. If you jump over the
hole and continue up the steps, you'll come to a landing.  Turn left and walk
along the girders of the'll come to a concrete floor with a
minigun on it. Great gun to use to blow up cars quickly.

Rockstar:Making the game
CjayC:making a great site.
Me:for making this
Bert: For the tip on messing with the man.
Everyone else who sent in contributions for the missions.
Shady mafioso: Great property guide, and helper on this FAQ.
NES4EVER:The ASCII art. And many submissions

Well this FAQ has done what it told you. If you have read everything and done
it all missions will be completed. I think that's enough. So this FAQ will only
be updated if i get email's with tips on beating the missions easier.

-End Of Document-