Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Main Missions FAQ
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Main Missions FAQ

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Game- Grand theft auo: Vice city
Console- Play station 2
Author- Gamer6789 (

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Table of contents

-Back Alley Brawl
-Jury Fury
-Treacherous Swine
-Mall Shootout
-Guardian Angels
-The Chase
-Phnom Penh'86
-Sir Yes Sir!
-All Hands On Deck
-The Fastest Boat
-Supply And Demand
-Death Row
-Rub Out
-Bar Brawl
-Cap The Collector
-Keep Your Freinds Close...

Short reeally ;) The missions make it seem long!

This is a mission faq for vice city (Duh) this faq
May contain a couple or ALOT of spoilers so read at your
own risk!
2. Missions
 Well the following you'll recieve help
for any mission your stuck on. Good luck!

Ken Rosenburg

This will be your first boss in vice city
These missions are easy as hell but I need
to include them ;)

1. "The party"

Head to the "T" on your radar and get your threads.
A freeway will pop out after the cinematic feel free
to jack that nice harley! Now follow the pink
blip on your radar and it'll lead you to the colenals yacht
look at the cinematic then take mercedes to the pole position

Reward (S)- $100 plus street clothes deleivered to save point

2. "Back alley brawl"

Follow the blip the the Malibe club and meet Kent paul.
After the cinematic go to the blip on your radar and
meet the chef in an alley. Press O tp pucnch and kill him and
then take his cell phone. Another cinematic will appear will Lance.
After the cinematic 3 chefs will appear you have a choice to kill them or not.
Follow Lance and get in the infernus and drive to the Ammunation.
Now drive back to the hotel.

Rewards- $200 plus a cell phone

3. "Jury Fury"

Grab the Hammer in front of you and follow the blips
on your radar. Go to the Jury's car and knock the hell out
of it with your Hammer. The jury will come out of the building
screaming like a girl. Now follow the other blip and find the jury he's
talking with a girl. hit the Jury and he'll get in the car a van blocks his way
out so you could take as long as you want. Hit his car with the Hammer
until he comes out mission completed!

Reward- $400

4. "The Riot"

Head to Rafeals and grab your threads. Now Drive to the point of the Riot.
Attack 4 workers protesting then the Riot start. My tip is get a car
go to the top of it and finsish all the workers there with a pistol
because the little idiots can' jump :). Next, get your weapon
and run back in. Shoot the explosive Red barrows from a fairly
long distance and the trucks should blow up. Destroy all 3 cars
and you'll pass this mission.

Reward- $1000 Plus coveralls outfit at tooled up in the North Point Mall


The colenal Cortez

1. "Treacherous Swine"

Get the chain saw and go to Gonzlez's place. to make this mission way easier
Kill him in his house because if you don't you'll have to chase him. Kill him
and you'll get 2 stars go to the paint and spray and take off your stars.

Other stargetie-

Just buy any weapon or find any weapon before the mission then do the mission
and blast his ass!

Reward- $750

2. "Mall shootout"

Head to the washinton mall. Try to kill the french dude in the mall
or else you'll be on a pursuit! And he has a fast PCJ-600! Drive by him or run
him over
till he's dead. You'll get 2 stars then go to the nearest Paint and spray.

Reward- $500

3. "Guradian Angels" 

 Go to the park and get the ruger then drive lance to meet Diaz watch the
cinimatic and get to your vantage point wait for like 30 secs and the Cubans
will come.
After a long talk The Haitians will come to attack. Cap the hatians and
becareful not
to kill Diaz. Once you caped them all 2 haitans on a Sanchez will come on a
sachez and
take the money one will die so jack his Sanchez and go after the other haitian
Drive by him to make him drop his the money get the money and go back to Diaz.
Mission compledted.

Reward- $1000

Ricardo Diaz

1. "The chase"

Drive to the blip on your radar. Look through the window, the man will appear
and go
after him like hell! Go after him but, DON'T KILL HIM! He'll get in his Bf
and you have to chase him in your faggio. Don't bother trying to kill him even
when he
is in the Bf injection keep on following and try to avoid the gunshots. He'll
lead you to a house pn Prawn Island. Mission complete.

Reward- $1000 plus you'll finnaly be able to go to prawn island and starfish

2. "Phnom penh '86"

Lance fly's you to the grounds of thr stronghold on Prawn island with an M60 in
Destroy all targets, aim for the red barrels which will cause an huge explosion
this explosions will do lots of work for you. Don't take forever to eliminate
gunners because you heli health is at stake! keep an eye on it. cap all shooters
in one area allowing Lance to move on to a new area. Once all the area's are
Lance sets you down so you can enter the building, you on you own! You'll still
be equiped with an M60 but the ammunition is limited. Be prepared for an ambush
the building. Run in and take out all the guards on both floors. From there,
head up the stairs, take out the guard at the door, then proceed to the rooftop
and recover the cash in the breifcase. as soon as you get it, Lance will
lance, pick you up, take you back to the masnion. Mission Completed.

Reward- $2000, more missions for Avery carrington, access to a new island,
and more missions for cortez

But for no continue on for Diaz then do Cortez's missions.

3. "The fasted Boat"

Follow the pink blip and it'll lead you to the Docks over the mainland,
far south in Viceport. then shoot you way through the  riff-raff
to get inside. walk into the boathouse and into the marker
near the crane controls to trigger the switch that lowers the boat.
exit the boathouse and fight your through some thugs on your
way to the lowered boat, then press triangle to get in the boat. proxeed
to Diaz's mansion on starfish island, avoid the police boats
and heli's during the 3 wanted wanted levels and you'll pass the mission.

Reward- $4000

4."Supply and demand"

Go to the back of the mansion ane meet with Lance. you'll have to race a few
boats, then go to the yacht. You'll have to shoot some boaters behind you
them. Then a sparrow flies overhead attacking you, blow that mother up! There
are men
near the docks, cap there buts! A boat will cut in fron of you kill them and
the boat. mission completed

Reward- Your biggest payoff reward.......10,000 ! OMG!
Let's go back to Cortez shall we?

Colenel Cortez part 2

1. Drive to the place where the Military is. drive alongside them but don't get
infront of there path, now wait for them to stop for doughnuts, then
jack the tank! Try to avoid the stars as much as you can and drive fast
to the garage because yoy have 60 secounds before it blows up! Once
you get the tank into the garage you passsed the mission.

Reward- $2000

You have a mission to do for Kentpaul so let's do it first and
then continue with Cortez.

Kent Paul

1."Death Row"

Make sure your armed before you start the mission. they got a
car blocking the entracne to the junkyard and gunmen surrounding it.
Kill them and get in the junkyard. Take cover behind or under the machinery
in the junkyard, then cut down all the guards in the area. Make sure
you kill the dude on top of the crane becuase he'll kill Lance once
the escape begins. You'll find Lance at the rear of the Junkyard.
Just past the rock crusher in a garage. Eliminate the men and evaquate
the area with Lance. Take the trash master because 3 comets
will come after you and with the strong Trashamster it'll take
them 4 ever to blow up the trashmaster. Ignore them and deliver
Lance to the hosipital. Mission complete.

Reward- Are you sitting down? Well your reward is $0! Good reward
isn't it!
We'll continue with Diaz's final mission now and continue with
Cortez's final missions after this last mission for Diaz.

Major spoilers! If your not here yet, then don't read the following

Ricardo Diaz part 2, Major spoilers!

1. "Rub Out"

Hard mission. Shoot the 2 guards at the front of the door. The entracne
is locked, so head around the west side of the mansion. Kill the men there.
Then enter the mansion. Climb up the Spiral stairs then proceed to where Diaz
Inside you'll be assaulted by alot of guards + Diaz himself! Start blasting him
with the machine gun (But I'm guessing you wasted the ammo?) He'll go inside
his office and do the rest by killing the bastard!

Rewards- Oh my let's see. $50,000!, Diaz's ENTIRE mansion!, a garage,
Your own gang! And you are your own boss! Perfect reward,eh?;)


Colenel Cortez Part 3

This is the last mission for him, Thank god!

1. "All hands on deck"

You can move from thr upper to the lower deck. The first part of the mission
involves dealing with sevral pursuing boats, so sink them from the vantage point
you choice. They'll appear on the star board and port sides of the yacht.
Next up is a cordon of ships blocking your path. Move up fromt and unload
on them. When the heli's arrival is announced my a shipmate, head for the upper
deck and destroy
them. If you don't destroy both heli's while they're in the air, the frenchmen
board the ship and begin attacking. The heli will continue to pick up more men
they're destroyed. Your next target is a serious piece of military hardare.
An apache shows up and begins assualting the boat, likey killing many of the
on the upper deck. keep a onstant stream of bullets directed at the heli until
it comes
down. the ruger is excellent fot taking down the Apache. Once the Apache is
Wipe out the ships blocking the colenels yacht, if you haven't done this already
Use the frist person view with the Ruger to aim and shoot at the boats in the
. Once the path is clear the Mission Will end!

Reward- A fair $5000

Tommy Vercetti, Yes your doing missions for yourself!

1. "Skakedown"

Park a heli putside the mansion before starting the mission. Once you have
this mission get in the heli and fly to the North point mall, You have 5 mins
to destroy the windows and get tp the North Point Mall. Destoy the "Gash"
first because it's the store with most windows. You could use a minigun to make
it a little
easier. Or you could use the Infernus to Drive bye the windows. Avoid the Wanted
Stars as much as possible! Hurry up you don't got that much time. once you
all the windows you'll pass this kind of tough mission.

Reward- $2000 Plus you'll be able to buy properties!

2. "Bar brawl"

Go the bar in Ocean Beach, and cap all the securiars there pretty simple. Follow
the radar to DBP security headquarters in Washington Beach. Lob a gernade
in that place. Once all the gurads there are taking care off, two other's
Flee in a PCJ-600. Chase the guards ram them over or drive by them.
Once you kill them Mission Completed.

Reward- $4000

3."Cop Land"

Kill a cop and get 2 stars. Get a cop car to follow you to the lock up. Now you
a cop uniform! Now get in the police car and drive to the North Point Mall. Walk
in the coffe shop get in the pink marker and run like hell!!!!!! It'll blow up,
and you'll
have 5 stars. Do your best to get to the starfish island with 5 stars and you'll
this mission.

Reard- $10,000, Cop outfit delievered to washington beach Police station
*****To do the following missions you must have brought Every SINGLE

Final missions

1. "Cap The Collecter"

Easy mission, the mafia are on Sanchez's. They start at the Boatyard, then
Sunshine Autos, then the Ice Cream
     Factory, then Kaufman Cabs, Film Studio, The Malibu Club, and The Pole
     Positions is last. Just cap them and the mission ends! Simple as that man!

Reward- $30,000

The last mission you'll do is indcredibly hard! AND DON't READ THIS UNLESS YOU
HAVE GONE TO HERE!!!!!! ****SPOILERS!!!*************

2. "Keep Your Friends Close"

Well this is the last mission! Congrats! unfotunately Lance is a
betrayer! Ok first you have to kill a few guards (About 15 should do it :P) And
will storm in blast him and chase him around the mansion until he gets to the
heli pad
which he won't move anywhere else. Use the adrenaline pill and go to the heli
next to him there is some health there but use it wisley! Don't worry about
this message that the Mafia is stealing your money. Run back to the safe for a
And Sonny will come in, RUN! like hell. Go into the room at the bottom left of
Take cover there and use any weapon (Please god not a pistol) a colt phython
best for me, and blast that fool! Once you kill him watch the cinimatic
Mission complted! Hoorsy! You have just beaten the game! yipppeeeeee.

Reward- $30,000 plus an Apache appears at Fort Baxter Air Base!

Congrats :)
3. Closing

Yep this faq has come to an end :( Contact me at or AIM
at Codejunkie15 give me some alternate strageties if possible I'll update this
and give you credit for the tips you peoples give me! Peace out.