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: : : : Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough

by Psychotic34   Updated to v1.3 on
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Grand Theft Auto:Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough vers 1.3


By Psychotic34
Date:	6/11/02



1.0 Introduction
1.1 Version History
1.2 Controls
1.3 The Law
1.4 Power-ups
1.5 Character Profiles
  I Tommy Vercetti
 II Ken Rosenburg
III Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez
 IV Mercedes Cortez
  V Avery Carrington
 VI Ricardo Diaz
VII Kent Paul
VIII Lance Vance
 IX Umberto Robina
  X Auntie Poulet
 XI Love Fist
XII Mitch Baker
XIII Candy Suxxx
XIV Phil Cassidy
1.6 Gang Info
  I Cubans
 II Vercetti Gang
III Diaz's Gang
 IV Haitians
  V Sharks
 VI Golfers
VII DBP Security
 IX Bikers
1.7 Radio Station Info
1.8 How to actually play VC

2.0 Weapons
2.1 Fist Weapons
2.2 Melee Weapons
2.3 Pistol Weapons
2.4 Sub-Machine Gun Weapons
2.5 Shotgun Weapons
2.6 Heavy Machine Gun Weapons
2.7 Rifle Weapons
2.8 Explosive Weapons
2.9 Heavy Weapons

3.0 Compulsory Missions
3.1 Ken Rosenburg
  I An Old Friend
 II The Party
III Back Alley Brawl
 IV Jury Fury
  V Riot
3.2 Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez
  I Treacherous Swine
 II Mall Shootout
III Guardian Angels
 IV Sir, Yes Sir!
  V All Hands On Deck!
3.3 Ricardo Diaz
  I The Chase
 II Phnom Penh '86
III The Fastest Boat 
 IV Supply & Demand
3.4 Kent Paul
  I Death Row
3.5 Tommy Vercetti
  I Rub Out 
 II Shakedown
III Bar Brawl 
 IV Cop Land
  V Cap the Collector
 VI Keep your friends Close

4.0 Optional Missions
4.1 Avery Carrington
  I Four Iron
 II Demolition Man
III Two Bit Hit
4.2 Love Fist
  I Love Juice
 II Psycho Killer
III Publicity Tour
4.3 Mitch Baker
  I Alloy Wheels of Steel
 II Messing with The Man 
III Hog Tied
4.4 Umberto Robina - The Cubans
  I Stunt Boat Challenge
 II Cannon Fodder 
III Naval Engagement 
 IV Trojan Voodoo
4.5 Auntie Poulet - The Haitians
  I Juju Scramble
 II Bombs Away!
III Dirty Lickin's
4.6 Phil Cassidy
  I Gun Runner
 II Boomshine Saigon
4.7 Assassination Missions
  I Road Kill
 II Waste The Wife
III Autocide
 IV Check out at the Check in
  V Loose Ends

5.0 Assets
5.1 Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company
  I Distribution
5.2 Printing Works
  I Spilling The Beans
 II Hit the Courier
5.3 Kaufman Cabs
  I V.I.P
 II Friendly Rivalry
III Cabmageddon
5.4 Malibu Club
  I No Escape?
 II The Shootist
III The Driver
 IV The Job
5.5 Pole Position Club
5.6 Boat Yard
  I Checkpoint Charlie
5.7 Sunshine Autos
5.8 Intergblobal Film Studio
  I Recruitment Drive
 II Dildo Dodo
III Martha's Mughsot
 IV G-Spotlight

6.0 Vehicle Missions
6.1 Vigilante Missions
6.2 Paramedic Missions
6.3 Firefighter Missions
6.4 Taxi Driver Missions
6.5 Pizza Boy Missions
6.6 Other

7.0 Vehicle Guide
7.1 Aircraft
7.2 Boats
7.3 Motorbikes
7.4 Cars

8.0 Secrets
8.1 Costumes
8.2 GTA3 references
8.3 Other.....
8.4 Rare Cars
8.5 Hideouts
8.6 Hidden Package Rewards
8.7 100% Rewards
8.8 Glitches

9.0 Cheats
9.1 Useful Cheats
9.2 Pedestrian Cheats
9.3 Vehicle Cheats
9.4 Vehicle Spawning Cheats
9.5 Time and Space Cheats
9.6 Character Model Cheats

10.0 When the game is 100%, what now?
10.1 My Own Challenges
10.2 My Own fun things to do
10.3 User Submitted Challenges
10.4 User Submitted fun things to do
10.5 Fun Places to fight the Police
10.6 User Submitted Fun Places to fight the Police
10.7 Custom Missions

11.0 Locations....
11.1 Unique Jumps
11.2 Rampages
11.3 Hidden Packages
11.4 Robbable Stores

12.0 Frequently asked Questions

13.0 Credits


1.0 Introduction

Right then, with that out the way let me introduce myself. I am
Psychotic34(no not literally, except on Vice City...)<--- that joke worked
better with the name I orignally wanted, which was Psychotic, but someone
already had it(I wrote this before I signed up) so I put my lucky number
on the end. Anyway, this is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, yay! Anyway, 
welcome to Vice City, nice place full of criminals. It's pretty similar 
to GTA3 but there are some differences, as I'm sure you'll discover. I 
am aiming to make this a definitive guide for Vice City, and with 0.8 
I feel as though I am nearly there. I will try to have an informal writing 
style(unlike that last sentence) but I don't know why I think it's a 
good idea. Oh well, maybe I'll find out one day.In case you are wondering, 
I'm from the UK (like Kent Paul, only I don't talk like him!)Other FAQs
by me, are currently, non-existant! See you for the next GTA Game, or 
possibly FFX-2 is a game I could do one for.I am currently doing a 
The Getaway Vehicles Guide, so look out for that, won't you?

OK, that was updated with 0.8, but now I am on 1.3, and I am slowly 
obtaining perfection, which is nice, I guess! I get lots of submissions
and questions each day, so It's hard to want to end this thing. 

Legal Stuff:
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
 personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
 otherwise distributed publicly without advanced permission from the
 author. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
 public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Only these sites currently have permission to publish this work on 

If you want to put this guide on your site, E-mail me, I probably let
you, but you have to tell me first otherwise it's a breach of copyright
and you don't want to get sued when you could have just asked, do you? 
If you see it on any other site, then E-mail me.

*If you want to E-mail me any:
- Alternate Mission Strategies
- Challenges/Fun things to do
- Good Places to fight the Police
- Custom Missions

I would be very happy to recieve them and will try to include as many
as I can Just have the title of your email "Vice City" or something 
similar.I will try to reply to every E-mail, and I have so far but
don't expect me to reply if I get 100 e-mails or something. I have 
included every single Submission so far, so you probably won't get 
turned down, unless you say something like "I discovered an F-22/How
to Swim" etc. Also please include the name you would like to be credited
as, because the fun thing about submitting stuff is having your name in
a guide!*

No Chain-Mails, Viruses etc please!(Not that anyone listens, I get loads
of Viruses every day. Well, the most I've had in one day is 3, but I 
think all the ones I've been sent is from a worm)
Or indeed crazy E-mails about me stealing certain items, you know who
you are.......


1.1 Version History

0.1 11/16/02 The first version, added most things
102 kb

0.5 11/19/02 Added Car Stats, more secrets. Also more user-submitted 
things, and made it more friendly to people with small monitors. Gang
and character profiles, Vehicle Missions, Sunshine Autos.

0.6 11/23/02 Added:Radio Stations, Most Unique Jumps, Robbable Stores,
Good places to fight the Police and User Submitted Keep Your Friends
Close Strategy

0.8 11/30/02 Man this was a big (and tiring) update. I finally completed
the Unique Jumps Section, I started(and finished) the rampages section,
added a lot more secrets, glitches section, challenges, fun things, good
places to fight the Police and Alternate Mission Strategies for a couple
of missions. Oh and I did 20 Hidden Package Locations, Whew! The things
I do for you people

1.0 12/06/02 Well, I guess this is the first full version, as it contains
everything I planned the guide would, now that I have finally done all
of the hidden package locations. There is also many more secrets, fun
things, challenges, places to fight the cops etc. Also, my friend had
the idea of adding custom missions(Thanks Ryan!) so I am going to add

1.1 12/08/02 Overhauled the vehicles section, got E-Mailed 50 million times
by Iwan Best(maybe not THAT much) so added a great many things to the secrets
section. Doesn't seem like much has been added in terms of file size, but
trust me, it has! I was also E-mailed by many other people, so look at The
Job, Glitches, Secrets - other, fun things to do, custom missions. This 
update was kinda neccessary as I have been E-mailed so many times this week,
and a lot of my E-mails have been about Glitches, hmmmm. There is an 
outside possibilty that this will be the last but two update, but that is 
merely a possibility, I guess I could leave it open to adjustment permanently
and never have a Final version. The next version will have more descriptive
measures on how to finish the checkpoint missions, and then the one after
that will just be a massive user-submitted compilation. I will give about 3
weeks for people to E-mail me their submissions, and I will add a great many
Challenges, Fun Things, Fun Places to fight the Police and Custom Missions. 
But I guess I will leave it open for editing, as I'm sure that 
a) I will get many E-mails anyway
b) some kind of new secret like the Ghost Town(But NOT the Ghost Town I 
hasten to add)
Anyway, that's my two cents, but no-one reads this bit anyway, do they!?
269kb (25kb more, it ain't that bad I guess)

1.2 12/29/02 Lazy, I am! I got a lot of user-submitted stuff, So I added it
all to the guide, So that I didn't disappoint all those people!

1.3 01/01/03 Happy New Year! and all that. OK, I added an in-depth bit
to the vehicle missions bit (Spent 2 hours of new years day doing it whilst
writing in a notebook in blue pen (which ran out after 3 words) a green
pencil, a purple pencil and a brown pencil(because leads kept on snapping)
all of the checkpoints on lots of missions, so yeesh I am worn out I guess.
I added a couple of cars to the vehicles (well actually it was a Bus, an 
RC Car and an RC Chopper) Also 4 more custom missions, and also the standard
secrets, Glitches, Fun Places, Challenges and Fun Things to do. Also a couple
more unconfirmed cheats. And now the guide is over 300kb! yahoo! This
was written before I completed this version, so now I can also add that I
added 3 vehicles(Or is it 4? ah well) to that section, and a few more 
questions in the FAQ. This could be my last update in a while, don't wait
up for me! I'm planning a The Getaway Vehicles Guide. So look out for it!

1.2 Controls

On Foot

T:Enter Vehicle
L1:Centres Camera, buy business/property, replace current weapon
L2:Weapon Select
R1:Target Lock-on
R2:Weapon Select
R3:Look Behind
D-Pad/left stick:Move around
Start:Pause Menu
Select:Change Camera Angle

In Vehicle

T:Exit Vehicle
L1:Change Radio Stations
L2:Look Left(and hold O to shoot)
L3:Car Horn
R2:Look Right(and hold O to shoot)
R3:Toggle Vehicle missions on/off
D-Pad/left stick
Start:Pause Menu
Select:Change Camera Angle


1.3 The Law

When you do something naughty, and especially if a cop is there 
when you do it, your wanted level will go up. This is measured in a
series of stars:

One Star
What Can I expect?:Cops will just come up to you and beat you up 
with nightsticks, nothing major
How do I get rid of em?:Run like hell, change outfit, use a police 
bribe or use a respray shop
How do I deal with them?:However you like! these guys can be taken 
out in any way

Two Stars
What Can I Expect?:Two cops in each car pull up and shoot at you. 
Any Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the nightstick
How Do I get rid of em?:Run like hell, change outfit, 2 police 
bribes or use a respray shop
How do I deal with them?:Shoot them, Shoot them ALL!

Three Stars
What Can I Expect?:Two cops in each car pull up and shoot at you. Any
Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the nightstick, The Cops
Cops will now use Road Blocks and deploy stingers to burst your tires
(if you're in a car that is), A helicopter will come and shoot at you, 
heavily armed men will slide down ropes from the helicopter and shoot
you, and undercover cops pull up in Cheetahs. 
How Do I get rid of em?: Respray shop is your only way out now, 
unless you are lucky enough to get 3 police bribes
How do I deal with them?:OK, Shoot all cops(preferably with a Colt 
Python or a Shotgun), Drive around roadblocks and stingers by going on
the pavement, shoot those men that come from the helicopter before 
they hit the ground, and shoot the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher
or run back a little bit so you cansee it's windscreen, and fire with
the PSG-1 or Sniper Rifle into there, or try for a lucky rotor blade 

Four Stars
What Can I Expect?:Two cops in each car pull up and shoot at you. Any 
Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the nightstick, The
SWAT teams will now use Road Blocks and deploy stingers to burst your
tires(if you're in a car that is), A helicopter will come and shoot at
you, heavily armed men will slide down ropes from the helicopter and 
shoot you, and undercover cops pull up in Cheetahs.Oh and very 
"friendly" SWAT Teams will show up in their Enforcer vans.
How Do I get rid of em?:Respray.4 police Bribes
How do I deal with them?:OK, Shoot all cops(preferably with a Colt 
Python or a Shotgun), Drive around roadblocks and stingers by going on 
the pavement, shoot those men that come from the helicopter before they
hit the ground, and shoot the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher, or run
back a little bit so you cansee it's windscreen, and fire with the 
PSG-1 or Sniper Rifle into there, or try for a lucky rotor blade shot.
As for the SWAT teams, Use a gun that packs a punch.

Five Stars
What Can I Expect?:Any Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the 
nightstick,The FBI will now use Road Blocks and deploy stingers to burst
your tires(if you're in a car that is), A helicopter will come and shoot
at you, heavily armed men will slide down ropes from the helicopter and 
shoot you, any of the above which is still there will still be after you, 
and FBI teams armed with MP5s will show up in FBI Ranchers 
How Do I get rid of em?:Get to a respray shop, FAST or 5 police 
How do I deal with them?:OK, Shoot all cops(preferably with a Colt Python 
or a Shotgun), Drive around roadblocks and stingers by going on the 
pavement, shoot those men that come from the helicopter before they hit 
the ground, and shoot the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher, or run back
a little bit so you cansee it's windscreen, and fire with the PSG-1 or 
Sniper Rifle into there, or try for a lucky rotor blade shot.As for the 
FBI, I'd use something that can take them out QUICKLY, like a Flame 
Thrower, but you'd do well to blow up their cars before they get out.

Six Stars
What Can I Expect?:Any Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the
nightstick, The Army will now use Road Blocks and deploy stingers to 
burst your tires(if you're in a car that is), A helicopter will come and 
shoot at you, heavily armed men will slide down ropes from the helicopter 
and shoot you, any of the above which is still there will still be after 
you, and The Army show up in Rhino Tanks or Barracks OLs.
How Do I get rid of em?:Respray, 6 police bribes
How do I deal with them?:OK, Shoot all cops(preferably with a Colt Python 
or a Shotgun), Drive around roadblocks and stingers by going on the
pavement, shoot those men that come from the helicopter before they hit 
the ground, and shoot the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher, or run back 
a little bit so you cansee it's windscreen, and fire with the PSG-1 or 
Sniper Rifle into there, or try for a lucky rotor blade shot.The Army? 
Colt Python and SPAS-12 Shotgun do well, but blowing up their vehicles before 
they can get out is good, but with one problem:The tanks will survive 
anything you have to throw at it, then again, that is fairly inaccurate 
as you can use the FlameTHROWer and you can THROW Molotov Cocktails at 
them. They are the ONLY things that will hurt a Tank, yes even Rocket 
Launchers and Mini-Guns don't affect this metal monstrosity.


1.4 Powerups
Heart Icon:Restores health to max
Shield Icon:Restores Body Armour to max
Pill:Adrenalin Pill, Slows down time matrix-style, your blows also 
do more damage
Iwan Best says:It slows down time more than you so you go faster than anyone 
else.You can run faster than cars and never stop sprinting 
Star:Police Bribe, Removes your wanted level by one.
Weapon:Picture of the weapon and a coloured ring around it, you will
receive this weapon(unless you have a similar type in which case 
press L1 to change weapon to the new one or just ignore it if you 
like your old one)


1.5 Character Profiles

I. Tommy Vercetti
Tommy is the Main Character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He was sent
to prison for 15 years, covering for the Forelli's. He has recently been
let out and has been sent to Vice, to try and cash in.

II. Ken Rosenburg
Rosenburg is a Lawyer, who is the Forelli's man in Vice City. He is 
extremely nervous about everything, and could "defend an innocent man all
the way to Death Row"

III. Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez
He owns a Yacht, and throws big parties on it. He is wanted by the French
version of the FBI, who have followed him to Vice.

IV. Mercedes Cortez
Mercedes is the Colonel's daughter, and to put it bluntly, she is a slut

V. Avery Carrington
Avery owns a construction company, which he makes the most dominat in Vice
by making sure all competition has been eliminated

VI. Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo is a coke baron. He owns a massive mansion on Starfish Island, and
has the Fastest Boat in Vice City(He does at the start of the game people,
listen to what he says. 'Tis not a spoiler)

VII. Kent Paul
Kent Paul is an Englishman, who spents way too much time in the Malibu. He
knows about every criminal activity, and is also friends with Love Fist

VIII. Lance Vance
Lance is a great friend to Tommy, and his brother was recently killed.

IX. Umberto Robina
Umberto Owns the Cafe Robina, in Little Havana, and is in charge of the 
Cuban Gang. No, he doesn't own the Cafe. It's his father's. Thank you
Iwan Best

X. Auntie Poulet
Auntie Poulet practices in the art of Voodoo. She is in charge of the 
Haitian Gang

XI. Love Fist
Love Fist are a Scottish Rock band, who can often be heard on VRock.

XII. Mitch Baker
Mitch Baker is the leader of a Biker Gang, and he is often found hanging
out at the Greasy Chopper

XIII. Candy Suxxx
Candy is a veteran of the adult movie scene, she is often "hired" by
congressman Alex Shrub.

XIV. Phil Cassidy
Phil is obsessed with guns and explosives, as well as drinking Boomshine
He one day hopes to join the American Army. Iwan says he doesn't really,
but I heard somewhere that he tried out, (Pre-GTA3, Post-VC) and wasn't
let in. Probably because he, erm actually, no. That is a spoiler. Those
of you who have done his missions will know, and those who haven't will
be confused.


1.6 Gang Info

I. Cubans
Nationality:Cuban, Duh!
Leader:Umberto Robina
Turf:Little Havana
Car:Cuban Hermes
Dress:Usually with white-T-shirts
Weapons:Pistols, Fists.

II. Vercetti Gang
Leader:Tommy Vercetti
Turf:Any property you own
Dress:Blue Shirt, or Black Hawaiian shirt.
Weapons:Uzi 9mm, Pistols, Fists.

III Diaz's Gang
Leader:Ricardo Diaz
Turf:Diaz's Mansion
Dress:Red Hawaiian Shirts
Weapons:Pistols, Fists.

IV Haitians
Leader:Auntie Poulet
Turf:Little Haiti
Dress:Blue T-Shirt, or Lilac T-Shirt
Weapons:Pistols, Fists.

V Sharks
Turf:North Point Mall, Prawn Island
Car:Gang Burrito
Dress:Leather Jacket with picture of Shark on the back
Weapons:Pistols, Fists.

VI Golfers
Turf:Leaf Links
Dress:Pink Golfing outfit
Weapons:Golf Clubs, Pistols, Fists.

VII DBP Security - Ok so these guys aren't really a gang, but still.....
Turf:Starfish Island, Escobar Intl, North Point Mall
Car:Securicar, Baggage Handler
Dress:Blue Uniform

VIII The Army(they have gang AI at Fort Baxter Airbase)
Leader:Probably some General..
Turf:Fort Baxter Air Base
Car:They don't drive any but it will obviously be the Rhino & Barracks OL
Dress:Camoflage Uniforms...
Weapons:M4's (NASTY)

IX Biker Gang(They don't hang around in packs but....)
Leader:"Big" Mitch Baker
Turf:Around the Greasy Chopper
Car:This isn't a car, it's a bike:The Angel
Dress:Well, like Bikers really
Weapons:Colt .45

Ok, these aren't really a gang, they are in fact any group of people who 
aren't in any of the formentioned gangs(with an exception, I'll come to that
in a min) and hang around together.

The three most common places where you are likely to find "Streetwannabes" are

- The Army! yes, although previosuly mentioned they come under streetwannabes
if you kill them. NOTE:Fort Baxter Army only

- "The streetwannabes are the guys with the leather jackets who hang around
the mall" 
Thanks to PuNkBoY2000182 for that

- The guys in Phnom Penh '86 are streetwannabes

- Also, DPB Security ?!?!?!!?!? Well, maybe, I can't be bothered to kill
enough, and trust me, I need to kill a LOT to get level with just the
Vercetti Gang(yeah, I kill loads of my own men) Let alone the Haitians
(I have probably killed around 500 Haitians!!)


1.7 Radio Station Info

So, what radio stations do I listen to? well, if you really want to know:
(in order of preference)
1) VRock - I love all songs on it, other than the two Love Fist ones.
2) VCPR - Every conversation is funny!
3) K-Chat - Only Mr. Zoo is funny.
4) Flash FM, if Video Killed the Radio Star and Japanes Boy are on(Because
they are so cheesy, they are good!)
5) Emotion - but only for Fernando! I think I listened to 1 minute of a song
on there, and that's it. If I'm flicking through and hear Fernando, then I'll
listen until the song.
6) Wildstyle - I occasionally listen to it, not often
7) Fever - Last night a DJ Saved my life! well, thats the only one I think is 
*OK* I don't think it's that good a song
8) Esperantoso - No.Just no. But it does feature the guy that made an Anti-Mr
Burns song on the Simpsons! (You know, when he gets shot and there's all the
suspects, he's the music teacher Lisa wants) Unfortunately, he doesn't sing 
it, that would definately save Esperantoso from mediocrity, making it poor 
rather than pathetic.

But this is all opinion, one person I know likes Wildstyle, another likes 
Flash. That's just the way it goes.

Style: Old-Skool Hip-Hop

DJ:Mister Magic

Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up
Davy DMX - One For the Treble(Vocal Mix)
Cybotron - Clear
Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
Herbie Hancock - Rockit
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Looking for the Perfect beat
2 Live Crew - Get it Girl
Run DMC - Rock Box
Mantronix - Bassline
Tyrone Brunson - The Smurf
Whodini - Magic's Wand
Zapp & Roger - More Bounce to The Ounce
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)


Hall & Oates - Out of Touch
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Laura Branigan - Self Control
Go West - Call me
Inxs - Kiss The Dirt(Falling down the Mountain)
Bryan Adams - Run to you
Electric Light Orchesta - Four Little Diamonds
Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart
The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
Aneka - Japanese Boy
Talk Talk - Life's what you make it
The Outfield - Your Love
Joe Jackson - Stepping Out
The Fixx - One thing leads to another
Lionel Ritchie - Running with the Night

Style:Talk Show

DJ: Amy Sheckenhausen

Jez Torrent
Michelle Carpadis
Mr. Zoo
Claude Maginot
BJ Smith

Fever 105
Style:Dancey type stuff
DJ:Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit

Whispers - And the Beat Goes on
Fat Larry's Band - Act Like You Know
Oliver Cheatam - Get Down Staurday Night
The Pointer Sisters - Automatic
Rene & Angela - I'll be Good
Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
Rick James - Ghetto Life
Michael Jackson - Wanna be Startin' Somethin'
Evelyn "Champagne" King - Shame
Teena Marie - Behind the Groove
Mtume - Juicy Fruit
Kool & the Gang - Summer Madness
In Deep - Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.

Style:Rock and Metal

Twisted Sister:I Wanna Rock
Mötley Crüe - Too Young to Fall in Love
Quiet Riot - Cum on Feel The Noise
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon
Rockstar's Lovefist - Dangerous Bastard
Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight
Loverboy - Working for the Weekend
Alcatrazz - God Bless Video
Tesla - Cumin' Atcha Live
Autograph - Turn up the Radio
Megadeth - Peace Sells
Anthrax - Madhouse
Slayer - Raining Blood
Judas Priest - You've got Another Thing Comin'
Rockstar's Lovefist - Fist Fury
David Lee Roth - Yankee Rose

Style:Talk Show
DJ:Maurice Chavez

Alex Shrub
Callum Crayshaw
John F. Hickory

Pastor Richards
Jan Brown
Barry Stark

Jenny Louise Crab
Konstaninos Smith
Jeremy Robard

Style:Spanish Music

Cachao - A Gozar Con Mi Combo
Alpha Banditos - The Bull is Wrong
Tres Apenas Como Eso - Yo Te Mire
Deodato - Latin Flute
Mongo Santamaria - Mama Papa Tu
Mongo Santamaria - Me & You Baby
Machito & his Afro-Cuban Orchestra - Mambo Mucho Mambo
Unaesta - La Vida Es Una Lenteja
Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansion
Irakere - Expansions
Deodato - Super Stuff
Xavier Cougat & His Orchestra - Jamay
Beny More - Maracaibo Oriental
Tito Puente & His Orchestra - Mabo Gozon

Emotion 98.3
DJ:Fernando Martinez

Foreigner - Waiting for a Girl Like you
Kate Bush - Wow
Squeeze - Tempted
Reo Speedwagon - Keep on Loving You
Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in Your Arms
Roxy Music - More Than This
Toto - Africa
Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
John Waite - Missing You
Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme
Night Ranger - Sister Christian
Luther Vandross - Never too Much

Wave 103
Style:Pop, no sorry, "This isn't pop, It's New Wave!"
DJ:Adam FIrst

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11
Gary Numan - Cars
The Human League - Keep Feeling(Fascination)
Blondie - Atomic
Nena - 99 Luftballons
Kim Wilde - Kids in America
Tears for Fears - Pale Shelter
Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night
ABC - Poison Arrow
A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)
The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
Animotion - Obssession
Spandau Ballet - Gold
Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive!
Romeo Void - Never Say Never


1.8 How to Actually Play Vice City
No, this isn't controls

The Main idea of the game in my opinion anyway, is to make as much money
as you possibly can. You need money for a lot of things in this game, and
after you complete the game is the best time to go on the rampage. If
you've just left Liberty City, here are some new stuff Vice has:
- Motorbikes - only go on these to look cool, do stuff like wheelies or
attempt insane jumps. You lose a lot of health from crashing bikes, and
frankly they aren't worth the risk
- Helicopters - Helicopters are a great way to get around, as you avoid
all the traffic and you can take a more direct route rather than taking
the roads. The only problem is avoid crashing into buildings AT ALL COSTS
as once those rotor blades start scraping the sides of the buildings, the 
Choppers going to be a flaming mess and there'll be only one way out.
to Jump.
- Boats now appear like random traffic, which is much better because in
Liberty you were the only one on the water
- Weapons. There are a HELL of a lot more weapons(See weapons guide) but
don't worry, all your old favourites are still availiable. The main thing
is, you can only carry one of each type, but see the Weapons section for
a lot more detail
- Car Damage. You can now shoot people through the windows of their cars,
because frankly shooting the windscreen in GTA3 and having nothing happen
was very unrealistic, especially if you did it to a convertible. Also, tires
can be popped which again is a good step towards realism. Another thing
is that cars are now damaged by ALL weapons, as again, hitting cars with 
bats in GTAIII did nothing, and was extremely annoying
- You can now enter quite a few buildings, which is fun because you can
now hold up stores
- You have to buy businesses and hideouts, as you are only given two
hideouts throughout the game
I think these are the main changes. As for money, the only major way of
getting it is by doing missions, either story missions, getting assets 
from your businesses or R3 missions, and EVERY mission is covered in this 
guide. Sure, there are other ways of getting money, such as Holding up
stores, Driving Buses, Smashing Parking meters and killing people but
you don't really get enough money for doing those things. I'd only
reccomend doing those kind of things for fun. Stick to completing all
the missions first, as the game isn't as fun if you only have half the
city, vehicles and weapons to play with, then just sit back, and cruise
Vice City in your Sports Car at night, listening to VRock. Or just go
crazy and kill everyone and thing in site! The thing that has made the
GTA games so popular, is that they are non-linear, and combine many genres
so you can do whatever you want, Vice City takes everything good out of 
each game. But anyway, that's enough of listening to me, we'd best get
on with the guide. And first up, it's all about those things that lighten
up Vice City(No, Not the Hookers.....) it's the Weapons!

2.0 Weapons
You Can only carry 8 weapons at a time:One fist weapon, one Melee 
Weapon, one Pistol Weapon, one Sub-Machine Gun Weapon, one Shotgun 
Weapon, one Heavy Machine Gun Weapon, one Explosive Weapon and one 
Heavy Weapon.
As for my personal recommendations, I'd say:
Fist:Brass Knuckles
Pistol:Colt Python
Sub-Machine Gun:MP5
Shotgun:SPAS-12 Shotgun
Heavy Machine Gun:M4
Explosive:Anything other than Nerve Gas(make your own choice, I use 
Heavy Weapon:Anything other than the M60(Make your own choice, I use 
the Rocket Launcher)

The Cool thing is, if you want to store any weapons then just enter either
Leaf Links or The Airport Terminal, then not pick them up outside! They
Stay there!

Weapons below are listed in my ranking, from worst to best IN EACH 
CATEGORY, NOT OVERALL. Because in my opinion, the Brass
Knuckles are better than the Screwdriver, yet they are in different 
categories.The categories are kinda listed in weakest to best, but 
Explosives aren't really all that good.


2.1 Fist Weapons
The Fist
Description:its your fist! and indeed, your foot, knee and head.
Where Do I find It?:Gee, I don't know......
Vs People:It ain't bad for a suprise attack
Vs Vehicles:It's kinda hard to hit them, but I know you can as I 
hit a cop car
+ Points:It's free! and it's always there when you get busted! And 
it's cool beating people up
- Points:It isn't powerful at all, against hordes of people with guns
(and especially machine guns) there is only going to be one outcome

Brass Knuckles
Description:it's brass knuckles, on your fist....
Where Do I find It?:Behind your first hideout, Bouncers in the Malibu 
Vs People:Not that bad, better than what unarmed civillians have to 
offer in defence anyway.
Vs Vehicles:Not good at all
+ Points:It's cool beating people up, it makes a nice sound when you 
hit them, it's powerfuler than the fist
- Points:It isn't powerful at all, against hordes of people with guns
(and especially machine guns) there is only going to
be one outcome


2.2 Melee Weapons
Description:It's a tool used for screwing things...
Where Do I find It?:All 3 tool shops ($10)
Vs People:Not really good at all
Vs Vehicles:Erm....
+ Points:It's Cheap!
- Points:It isn't powerful against anything and frankly you'd be 
better off sticking with your fist

Meat Cleaver
Description:A nice knife, for cleaving meat, or indeed humans, if 
so you wish
Where Do I find It?:All 3 tool shops($50 except in Little Havanna, 
it'll cost you $60 there)
Vs People:Slash Slash Slash, But I've seen better
Vs Vehicles:Well.......... erm........ just no.
+ Points:Cheap! Slash Slash Slash! 
- Points:It isn't that powerful at all, against hordes of people 
with guns(and especially machine guns) there is only going
to be one outcome

Description:A tool for hammering nails, or indeed peoples skulls.
Where Do I find It?:All 3 tool shops($20 except in Little Havanna, 
it'll cost you $30 there)
Vs People:Not that good, but OK
Vs Vehicles:Heh Nice, Hey mister was that your car window? not 
anymore! (not an actual quote)
+ Points:Dirt Cheap, and it hurts vehicles quite a bit too.
- Points:Slow, and melee weapons are always owned by guns anyway

Description:A nice knife, but not of the meat Cleaving variety
Where Do I find It?:Tooled up, North Point mall($90), I think 
Bunch O' Tools has it too.
Vs People:Again, Slash Slash Slash, But I've seen better
Vs Vehicles:Well.......... erm........ just no.
+ Points:Fairly Cheap and erm Slash Slash Slash!  and decapitation 
is always fun.
- Points:It isn't that powerful but can decapitate people and 
against hordes of people with guns(and especially machine 
guns) there is only going to be one outcome

Description:Wooden Stick used by cops to beat naughty people.
ie YOU.
Where Do I find It?:Kill Cops, or check the Police Station Locker 
Room but you'll get Cops on you either way.
Vs People:Well if the Cops use it, it ain't that bad.
Vs Vehicles:KERSMASH.
+ Points:It hurts people and vehicles alike
- Points:Too slow, not all that powerful

Description:Big metal choppy thing, use to remove jungle plants, 
or heads.
Where Do I find It?:Screw This, Little Havanna($160)
Vs People:It takes their heads off, OK?
Vs Vehicles:You have to continously run into the vehicle for it to 
hurt, which it does, kinda.
+ Points:It's a cool thing to have! and it hurts people real bad.
- Points:Kinda hard to hit vehicles in the spot you want to hit 

Baseball Bat
Description:Large wooden thign, used for hitting home runs, or 
indeed pensioners.
Where Do I find It?:Bunch O'Tools in Washington Beach(Don't know 
how much, probably $75)
Vs People:Hit them once to floor them, when they're floored, make 
that coma permanent
+ Points:it hurts. Anything.
- Points:Slow

Description:Big Japanese Sword type thing.
Where Do I find It?:Tooled Up, North Point Mall($300)
Vs People:Nice head you have there, *SLICE* 
Vs Vehicles:Again, you need to keep running into them
+ Points:Slice Slice SLICE, and not all that Slow either
- Points:Hard to get cars where you want to, against a lot of 
people you have no chance(if they are shooting at you)

Golf Club
Description:Big Metal Pole used for playing golf. And killing.
Where Do I find It?:Get into Leaf Links Golf Club, and find 
some golfers.Kill them.Steal their weapon.LAUGH. Or just enter 
a caddy
Vs People:It's Coma Time
Vs Vehicles:They won't be vehicles for much longer
+ Points:Long Reach, made out of metal for more damage, costs 
- Points:Too Slow

Where Do I find It?:Screw This, Little Havanna($600)
Vs People:Mwahahahahahah.Nuff Sed.
Vs Vehicles:Try it, you'll thank me.
+ Points:It's cool.ANYTHING that get's in it's way is likely to 
lose an arm or a door.
- Points:Too Expensive for a melee weapon(still dirt cheap tho) 
Too Slow


2.3 Pistol Weapons
Colt .45
Description:Neat little pistol
Where Do I find It?:Ammunations in North Point Mall and Washington 
Beach($100) or kill a cop
Vs People:Bang Bang Bang Dead.
Vs Vehicles:I wouldn't even bother, it'd take you quite a while
+ Points:Cheap, quick, and the Cops use it!
- Points:Not enough firepower to cause any problems

Colt Python
Description:It's a Magnum.Yes.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation in Downtown($2000)
Vs People:One hit wonder.
Vs Vehicles:Not all that good.
+ Points:People = Dead.Including people with body armour
- Points:Cars = Alive. Gun = fairly expensive
***Also, I have noticed a glitch with this weapon. Sometimes, when I
have locked onto a target and press O, Tommy acts in the same way 
if I had have fired it(ie the gun jerks up) but doesn't fire.
I don't know why this happens***


2.4 Sub-Machine Gun Weapons

Description:An extremely poor man's Uzi
Where Do I Find It?:It isn't in the shops.......
Vs People:Well, it's better than Colt .45ing them, I guess
Vs Vehicles:Why Bother? Takes ages, just drive-by people on bikes or pop
people's tires if you want something to do
+ Points:Drive-Bys, erm it also makes a nice sound when you fire it!
- Points:There are 3 better and easier to find Sub-Machine Guns out 

Ingram Mac-10
Description:A Sub-Machine gun....
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation in Washington Beach($300)
Vs People:Doesn't take all that long to kill em
Vs Vehicles:Takes quite a while, but drive-bying their tires is 
great fun(listen for that satisfying Hiss)
+ Points:Drive-bys! Lots of shots quickly, dirt cheap.
- Points:not really powerful enough to do any major damage

Uzi 9mm
Description:It's been in every GTA Game so far so you should be 
used to it by now....
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, North Point Mall($400)
Vs People:kills em dead quite quickly
Vs Vehicles:fairly damaging
+ Points:Cheap(and only $100 more than the Mac-10), fast, Drive-bys
- Points:Not as powerful as the:

Description:Nice Sub-Machine Gun.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Downtown($3000) Or kill FBI
Vs People:heheheheheh.
Vs Vehicles:In drive-bys, say bye bye to the other cars.
+ Points:Long range, quick, kills anything in seconds
- Points:Expensive/Dangerous to aquire, hard to hit vehicles when 
on foot.


2.5 Shotgun Weapons
Description:An originally titled gun.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Washington Beach($500) or enter a 
Cop Car
Vs People:Bang! But at a distance, Bang! Bang!
Vs Vehicles:Kills em efficiently
+ Points:Kills things easily, at close range will kill crowds, 
- Points:Way too slow, at a distance isn't effective at all

Stubby Shotgun
Description:Sawn-Off Shotgun
Where Do I find It?:Ammuntation, North Point Mall($600)
Vs People:It Kills them
Vs Vehicles:These won't last forever
+ Points:Cheap, wide dispersal of bullets meaning at close range 
will elimate ALL.
- Points:At a distance is as effective as a feather duster, slow 
to reload

SPAS-12 Shotgun
Description:Nice looking and sounding shotgun.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Downtown($4000)
Vs People:What People?
Vs Vehicles:Which Vehicles?
+ Points:Kills anyone just like that, reloads very fast, Crowd 
- Points:Expensive, not as effective long range but it still kills 
em just as well.


2.6 Heavy Machine Gun Weapons
Description:Machine gun.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Washington Beach ($1000)
Vs People:If you can aim it at their head, then bye
Vs Vehicles:Not too effective
+ Points:Fast, cheap, you can aim wherever you
- Points:No Auto-Aim means bullets are gonna go wide, watch that 
ammo count.

Description:Assault Rifle
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Downtown($5000)
Vs People:As above, but more effective if you miss and hit their 
Vs Vehicles:quite nice
+ Points:Bullets fly off at an amazing pace, you can aim wherever 
you want.
- Points:Again, no auto-aim.


2.7 Rifle Weapons
Sniper Rifle
Description:Look at the name.It's identical to the one from GTA3.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, North Point Mall ($1500)
Vs People:BANG dead,
Vs Vehicles:Effective, but takes a while
+ Points:Massive range, scope allow you to shoot anyone anywhere, 
one-hit people kills, takes out choppers
- Points:Takes ages to reload, In a fight in the middle of a street 
with cops and especially FBI everywhere, you're as good as dead.

Description:A Sniper Rifle, with a different Scope.Frankly I prefer 
the other rifle's scope.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, downtown ($6000)
Vs People:BANG dead,
Vs Vehicles:Effective
+ Points:Massive range, scope allow you to shoot anyone anywhere, 
one-hit people kills AND has 7 bullets in the chamber
takes out choppers
- Points:Not as accurate as other Sniper Rifle in my opinon. In a 
fight in the middle of a street with cops and especially FBI 
everywhere, you're as good as dead.


2.8 Explosive Weapons
Nerve Gas
Description:A Cannister of Deadly Gas
Where Do I find It?:Behind Cop Stations
Vs People:It does take 2 cannisters and time, but it's fun.
Vs Vehicles:Nothing
+ Points:It has a wide area of effect
- Points:Slow to kill people, vehicles unaffected

Description:A bomb.You throw it then run away and press the detonator 
whenever you want
Where Do I find It?:Phil Cassidy's Trailer($1000)
Vs People:Boom
Vs Vehicles:Boom!
+ Points:Kills anyone instantly, kills vehicles, You're safe if say 
the bomb is thrown 2 feet, as you can detonate it whenever which 
grenades don't give you that chance, it's fun to drop them in the 
street and wait for the exact time someone walks over them
- Points:Too slow say if you want to throw a load at the Army
Teini has also infromed me that there is a glitch where sometimes bombs
turn into grenades for no reason, so be careful of that too, and there
is also another Glitch he has discovered, if you have 100% you can't
do anything after that! see the glitch section on how to cure this

Molotov Cocktails
Description:Petrol Bombs
Where Do I find It?:Tacopalypse, Downtown.
Vs People:Burn baby!
Vs Vehicles:Kills em, and it even kills tanks if you throw enough.
+ Points:Burn burn burn, fire engines turn up, you can kill tanks
- Points:I always seem to catch on fire using these babies, unless 
I throw em FAR. But with fireighter missions complete, they are the
best explosive weapon, but I like 'nades better for some strange reason

Description:Pineapple style grenades
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, North Point Mall($300)
Vs People:Boom
Vs Vehicles:Boom!
+ Points:Cheap, vehicles and people go bye bye
- Points:You can get caught in the crossfire


2.9 Heavy Weapons

I had an angry person(sorry, I really can't remember your name) tell me
that he thought the M60 was the best heavy weapon. It is down to personal
preference but I can't see the point if you have an M4.

Description:Big Machine Gun
Where Do I find It?:Phil Cassidy's Trailer($8000)
Vs People:I see dead people.
Vs Vehicles:heh heh
+ Points:Kills everything, aim feature
- Points:Bullets are too slow for a machine gun, not damaging enough,
 doesn't stand up to other heavy Weapons.Frankly, it'd have done 
better if it were a heavy machine gun rather than a heavy weapon

Description:If you don't know what a Mini-Gun is, believe me, the 
title is a joke.(watch Terminator 2 some time or play Metal Gear
Solid(NOT Metal Gear Solid 2))
Where Do I find It?:Phil Cassidy's Trailer ($10000)
Vs People:Mwhahahahahah
Vs Vehicles:Mwahahahahahah
+ Points:It's COOL, it kills anything in sight(other than tanks)
- Points:IF only it could shoot choppers
Wait just a minute! I have been informed by Ryan that if
you aim just under a chopper, you will then see the bullets
fly up and hit the thing! So, we need a new bad point. Hmmm, I
haven't yet tested the Mini-Gun vs Chopper thing yet, but I believe
what I have been told, but what I am wondering is that what if the
Mini-Gun has the same effect on choppers as the M4 has?(Ie 0) oh
and it is extremely weak against tanks, and there is no auto-aim

I have also been told by Matt Pinske about this, but he has tested
it and found it works with all weapons! but obviously Mini-Guns work
the best!

and Verizoton E-mailed me about this too, so everyone, I have been
told 3 times how stupid I am(not literally :) ) so don't tell me

Description:It's been in every GTA Game, so you should know what 
it is by now.
Where Do I find It?:RockStar Logo-Shaped Pool on Starfish Island, 
also one in Viceport.
Vs People:Burn them, burn them ALL
Vs Vehicles:Even kills tanks
+ Points:It kills everyone, including tanks(which is the only reason 
why I rank it better than the Mini-Gun), it goes through walls, wide 
area of effect.
- Points:No auto-aim, Using it on someone at close range is 
incredibly stupid.

Rocket Launcher
Description:It Launches rockets, and has been in every GTA Game
Where Do I find It?:Phil Cassidy's Trailer, ($8000) 
Vs People:How does that Slayer Song on VRock go again, oh yeah, RAINING
BLOOD! (I always thought it was reign in blood, perhaps my album is 
wrong. Anyway, listen out for it on VRock.)