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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Property Guide

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                              Welcome to the 1980's
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                            |___/  \_ \_  ___  ___   _
                               | |_ |   \/   \/ __| | |_
                              |   _|| | || - ||  _||   _|
                              `| | || | || --<| |  `| | |
                            ___\___/|_|_|\___/|_|   \___/
                           /   \| | | | |_ /   \   _
                           >-- || | ||   _|| | |  |_|
                           | - || | |`| | || | |   _
                           \___/\___/ \___/\___/  |_|
                         __ _  ___  ___    ___  _   _        __
                    _   / /|_||  _//   \  |  _/|_| | |_ __  / /
                   \ \ / / | || |  | - |  | |  | ||   _|\ \/ /
                    \ ` /  | || |_ | --<  | |_ | |`| | |_\` /
                     \_/   |_||___\\___/  |___\|_| \___/\__/

                    ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___   _        __
                   |   \|   \/   \|   \/   \|   \ | |_ __  / /
                   | | || - || | || | || - || - ||   _|\ \/ /
                   | __/|   <| | || __/| --<|   <`| | |_\` /
                   |_|  |_|_|\___/|_|  \___/|_|_| \___/\__/
                              ___  _ _  _  _| | ___
                             /   || | ||_|/   |/   \
                             | | || | || || | || - |
                             \__ || | || || | || --<
Grand Theft Auto Vice City for PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Developed By Rockstar North    Published By Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Property Guide By Idol Saizensen
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1 Player
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Table of Contents:
[0.0] - Version History
[1.0] - Warning
[2.0] - Legal Information
[3.0] - Contact Information
[4.0] - Introduction
[5.0] - Asset Properties
    [5.1] - Vercetti Estate
        [5.11] - Shakedown
        [5.12] - Bar Brawl
        [5.13] - Cop Land
    [5.2] - The Malibu Club
        [5.21] - No Escape?
        [5.22] - The Shootist
        [5.23] - The Driver
        [5.24] - The Job
    [5.3] - Phil's Place
        [5.31] - Gun Runner
        [5.32] - Boomshine Saigon
    [5.4] - The Print Works
        [5.41] - Spilling The Beans
        [5.42] - Hit The Courier
    [5.5] - Kaufman Cabs
        [5.51] - V.I.P.
        [5.52] - Friendly Rivalry
        [5.53] - Carmageddon
    [5.6] - Inter Global Films
        [5.61] - Recruitment Drive
        [5.62] - Dildo Dodo
        [5.63] - Martha's Mug Shot
        [5.64] - G-Spotlight
    [5.7] - Sunshine Autos
        [5.71] - Car Lists
        [5.72] - Vice Street Racer
    [5.8] - Cherry Poppers Ice Cream
        [5.81] - Distribution
    [5.9] - The Boatyards
        [5.91] - Checkpoint Charlie
   [5.10] - The Pole Position Club
[6.0] - Non Asset Properties
[7.0] - Credits
[0.0] - Version History -

Version 0.25 - 11.7.2002
Just began the guide today. Completed sections [0.0] - [5.1] and [7.0]. I also
completed the ASCII title.

Version 0.50 - 11.10.2002
Happy Veterans Day! Or if your Canadian, Happy Remembrance Day! Because of the
holiday I completed through section [5.5] and [6.0].

Version 0.75 - 11.12.2002
Man I hate school. Anyways, I took the time today to add in sections [5.6] -

Version 1.00 - 11.13.2002
YAY! I have completed the first full version of the FAQ. Sections [5.9] and
[5.10] were just completed. This is still subject to updates however.

Version 1.10 - 11.19.2002
Nothing big. Just a few corrections, revisions, and things to that effect.
Take a look at the contact section though.

Version 1.20 - 11.27.2002
Another small update. I have gotten several emails on alternate strategies which
I will include in the next version.

Version 1.30 - 12.19.2002
Slight change of plans. I will be making the really big update in a few weeks.
Final exams at school have made it impossible for me to do much with this.
Expect the next version to have completely revamped mission walkthroughs and
possibly some content additions.

Version 1.50 - 1.5.2003
Finally got to update today. I added in some extra strategies for some missions.
Look for the next update a little sooner.

Version 1.60 - 1.8.2003
Another update today. Added some alternate strategies to a few missions and
added neoseeker and goldfiles to the authorized website list.

Version 1.70 - 1.18.2003
Very small update today. Just one or two extra strategies and I installed AIM
again so if you need live help, I might be able to give it (although I'm almost
never logged on to AIM. So good luck getting me on.). Also, send any more
strategies you may have for any mission in the guide. Version 2.00 will be the
last one so I want to get in all I can.

Version 1.80 - 2.9.2003
Made a crazy small update today. The contribution email has pretty much come to
a stand still. So I'm just going to make the next version the final one. I also
changed my AIM again due to problems I had with it.

Version Final - 4.26.2003
Really very few emails over the last month, so I've decided to get off my lazy
ass and switch this FAQ over to the final version. There will be no further
updates to this guide, ever. I will continue to answer any questions any of you
may have in the future though. Ciao.
[1.0] - Warning -

This walkthrough contains some spoilers. If they ruin your experience of the
game, well, that's your problem. I cannot be held accountable for any problems
that you might have with the game. That is again, your problem. Any glitches or
anything else that screws up your game is, your problem. Anyway, I guess that is
all of the warning I have in me.
[2.0] - Legal Information -

This walkthrough is the property of the author and the author alone. It is for
private use only. You must get my permission if you want to post it in any
publication on the internet or otherwise and you cannot distribute it. You can,
of course, print it out without my permission. It should only be viewed on the
following site(s):

If you find it anywhere else, contact me. If you have any beef with the
walkthrough (mistakes and stuff) tell me and I just might fix it. You input is
valued, somewhat.
[3.0] - Contact Information -

E-Mail -

MSN Messenger - Contact me via email if you really need to use this.

Contact me if:
You have a question about properties that is not answered in the guide.
You want to inform me of a mistake.
You have an alternate strategy for a mission.
You want to inform me about something I missed.

Don't contact me if:
You have a question about something that may be in the guide.
You want to send hate mail.

In short, read the guide before sending anything and don't send hate mail.

[Note:] Due to backlog and people sending me useless crap (spam, viruses and
stuff), any emails that do not have GTA:VC Property Guide (or something like
that) in the subject will be immediately deleted.
[4.0] - Introduction -

This guide is devoted to the properties of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. In this
I will include all of the Asset Properties and their missions, and all the
Non-Asset properties. To get 100% in the game you must complete all of these
missions, so it's pretty important. The main reason I made this is so that you
don't have to search through all of those rapidly growing full walkthrough/FAQs.
This was made to for your convenience.
[5.0] - Asset Properties -

                             [5.1]-Vercetti Estate
Location: Starfish Island
How to Acquire: Beat 'Rub Out'
Asset Completion Reward: Vercetti Estate will generate $5000 daily

Difficulty: 4/10
Reward: $2000 and all other asset properties are now available for purchase
In this mission, you have to convince businesses in the North Point Mall to pay
you protection money. You have 5 minutes to go to the mall and break all the
windows of the businesses inside. Head toward the mall and make sure you have
full armor, health, and a lot of ammunition. Once you get inside, begin to shoot
out all of the windows of the businesses in the mall. When you start shooting
the windows, the fuzz will be after you so try to avoid them. Once you have shot
out all the windows, the mission is complete.

Strategy from Matthew Fernandez:
For those who are having a hard time busting up the windows in the allotted time
given, you can ride a motorcycle (any bike will do) in to the mall and do a
drive by on the windows. Saves precious seconds.

[5.12]-Bar Brawl
Difficulty: 5/10
Reward: $4000
In this mission, Lance tells you that the Front Page Bar won't pay protection
because they have other protectors. Take the two Mafioso with you and drive to
the bar. When you get there just do a drive-by to take out the guards in front
of the bar. Once you kill them, get out of the car and go to the pink marker
where you will talk to the bar's owner. He will tell you that the protection
gang is operating out of a security firm around the block. You now have 5
minutes to kill all of the rival protectors. Head over to the security place and
kill all the guys in the small parking area. You can use the stairs in the alley
across the street to snipe them if you want. When you kill all of them, two more
of them will escape on motorcycles. Get a car and chase after them. To take them
out, just ram them off their bikes and run them over. Once they are all dead,
its mission complete.

[5.13]-Cop Land
Difficulty: 7/10
Reward: $10,000 and the Vercetti Estate now generates $5000 every day
This mission is extremely difficult. Here, one of your Mafioso screwed up a job
where he had to put a bomb in a place in the mall. Now the police surround it
and you have to get it to go off. First off, make sure you have full armor and
health. Now go over to the pink dot on the rradar in a car and kill a copto get
a 2 star wanted level. What you want to do here is get two cops in a car or on
foot to follow you into the garage by the pink dot. Once you get two of them in
there, your wanted level will go away and you will find yourself and Lance in
police outfits. Now get a police car (there is one behind the garage) and drive
to the mall (make sure the car is NOT damaged). Park the car outside of the mall
entrance for an easy getaway (you are going to need it). Go inside the mall and
into the coffee shop where the pink dot is. You will set the bomb for 5 whole
seconds. Run straight for the door and it will explode. When it does that, run
outside the mall and into your waiting cop car and drive like hell cause you
have the FBI all over you. If you're good enough at avoiding the FBI, head
straight for the Vercetti Estate and go to the pink marker to end the mission.
Otherwise, get to a Pay N' Spray to lower your wanted level and make it easier
to get to the mansion. Either way, once you get to the Estate, its mission
complete and the Protection Ring Asset is also complete. The Estate will
generate $5000 a day and you can get the cop outfit at the Washington Police HQ.

Strategy from Digisciple:
I have an alternate way of completing the Copland mission (last mission for the
Vercetti Estate) that's so easy it's silly.
1. Steal the Police helicopter from the PD just south of the Firehouse in
Downtown. (If you cross over to Downtown from Prawn Island, take the first left
at the light. At the next intersection the PD will be the building on your left,
make a left and another left just past the PD and you'll find stairs going up to
their helipad.)
2. Fly it to the pink dot and land in the lawn behhind the lock-up. Be careful
it's kind of a tight fit, but it'll keep your chopper from being damaged from
any unpleasantness that happens next.
3. Run out into the street, find a cop, kill him and lure two of the response
officers into the garage to get their uniforms.
4. Fly the police chopper to the mall and land just outside the entrance where
the bomb is. The chopper will work exactly like a squad car. Set the bomb, hop
in your chopper and high tail it home. There will be a few cops when you get to
the Mansion, but not enough that you shouldn't be able to dodge or kill them.The
only problem I found is that after I completed the mission, there were still a
couple cops on the front steps that decide to pick a fight with my thugs. Watch
out for that crossfire boys. :)

[Note:] You must complete the 'Shakedown' mission above to purchase any asset
                           [5.2] - The Malibu Club -
Location: Vice Point
How to Acquire: Purchase for $120000 after beating 'Shakedown'
Asset Completion Reward: The Malibu will generate $10000 daily

[5.21]-No Escape?
Difficulty: 5/10
Reward: $1000 and Cop Uniform available at the Police HQ
Ok, you and Ken are planning a job and you have to recruit some men. You need a
safecracker and Ken says Cam Jones is the man for the job. Unfortunately, his is
in a police detention cell at the HQ awaiting transfer. That means you have to
bust him out. Make sure you have plenty of armor and weaponry for this. Head to
the police station and go into the locker room to get the police uniform. Now go
down the hall and up the stairs to grab the keycard in the office. When you have
the card, go downstairs and release Cam from his cell. Now you have to get both
of you out alive. Fight your way to the exit of the station, grab a car and make
for the nearest Pay N' Spray. Once you have lost the fuzz, drop off Cam at his
house. Mission complete.

[5.22]-The Shootist
Difficulty: 3/10
Reward: $2000
The next guy you need for the job is a 'stick-em-up guy' as Tommy put it. Cam
tells you the best man for that is Phil Cassidy. Head over to the Ammu-Nation in
Downtown to find him in the shooting range. When you see him, he challenges you
to a shooting contest. All you have to do here is to hit enough targets and get
60 points. In the first area, there are three dummies at different distances
divided into five sections each. To gain points, shoot out all of the sections
of each dummy. The nearest dummy is worth 1 point, the next one is 2 points and
the far dummy is 3 points. In the second area, there are several targets in the
area. Just shoot as many as you can. Each one is one point. The third area is
just a little harder than the second but the same otherwise. Once you score 60
points, the mission is complete and Phil is now on your team.

[5.23]-The Driver
Difficulty: 4/10
Reward: $3000
Now the only guy you need is a driver. Phil tells you that the best in the
business is some guy named Hillary. Phil calls him but, there is one problem.
Hillary won't do it unless you can beat him in a street race. So now you have to
beat him in a race around the island. It is a bit unfair considering you have a
Sentinel and he has a Sabre Turbo but you have to deal with it. It is a self-
explanatory mission, just a checkpoint race, but once you get to the third
checkpoint, the police will be after you. The only real tips I can give you are
to not wipe out, Hillary will smoke you if you do, and to try to get Hillary to
wipeout. It takes a serious driver to beat him. Anyways, once you beat him, you
have your driver for the job.

Strategy from Brian McLain:
On "The Driver" mission for the Malibu Club, like you said, it is very hard to
beat him straight up. So, what I did was go grab a Cheetah (but it can very well
be whatever car you are the best at driving and maneuvering) and parked it at
the first intersection you come to on the road leading away from the Malibu Club
heading back to Ocean Drive. Just park the car off to the side.  Then run to the
Malibu Club and enter the mission "The Driver". This way, when the race starts,
drive down the road, stop next to the Cheetah (or other car) get out of the
Sentinel and into your car. Then head start you give Hillary is more than made
up for when you are driving a much better car for the rest of the race. I
managed to catch up and pass him before he even passed the Pier where the
Colonel's missions were.

[5.24]-The Job
Difficulty: 6/10
Reward: $50000 and Bank Job outfit available at the Malibu Club
Now it's time to do the job that you have been preparing for all this time. You
get to knock over a bank! When the mission starts, get into the cab with your
teammates and drive to the dot on the radar. When you get there you, Cam, and
Phil will get out and Hillary will drive off to get ready for the getaway. Run
over to the bushes beside the bank to change clothes. When you come out you are
all clothed in these badass jumpsuits with hockey masks. Ok, now run into the
bank where you will hold up the entire place. Leave Phil to keep the people
where they are and take Cam to crack the safe. Go through the door and take out
the two guards with Uzis. Now go upstairs and into the elevator. Now go over to
the safe. Now you have another problem, Cam needs the Bank Manager to crack the
safe. Go back downstairs and get the Manager to follow you up to the safe. Once
you get him there, you go to check on Phil. Unfortunately, one of the guards hit
the alarm. Go down to where Phil is and get ready to shoot some stuff. Once you
get down there, the SWAT team raids the place by rappelling from the ceiling.
Kill all of them. When you do that, go to the door to see Hillary pull up and
get killed. Cam gets wasted too but I don't remember how. Kill all of the SWAT
members that are barricading the bank. Now get a fast, yet durable car and make
for the Pay N' Spray. Make sure Phil lives. Once you have lost the fuzz yet
again, drop Phil off at his house and collect the reward.

[Note:] If you need it, there is a health pickup in the manager's office and an
armor pickup in the security office by the manager's office.

Strategy from simpsonfan14:
I just wanted to let you know that for the mission "The Job" it is up to the
player to determine if Cam lives, so 2 options are available. The first time I
beat it he died while trying to escape because he was shot. When you return to
the base you here Tommy talk about it and say, it's a damn shame Cam's not here,
but more money for us though. If, however, you keep Cam alive and make it back,
this entire line is omitted and it's as if Cam isn't even there, but apparently
he didn't die cause nobody talked about it.  I have played through with both of
these outcomes, but have gone much further with the one where Cam is alive, as
far as I've noticed, and I've beaten the game, you don't run into Cam again.

                             [5.3] - Phil's Place -
Location: Little Haiti
How to Acquire: Beat 'The Job'
Asset Completion Reward: Buy weapons at Phil's Place

[5.31]-Gun Runner
Difficulty: 4/10
Reward: $2000
Here Phil wants you to take out a rival weapons dealer and take some of the
weapons he has. Drive the Patriot to one of the two pairs of Waltons and ram
them until the weapons fall off. Kill the guy on the back of the truck with a
drive-by if he gives you trouble. Once the weapons fall off the first two trucks
and you get them, a load of gangsters on mopeds will come after you to take you
out. They will shoot out your tires to try to slow you down. For a little extra
money, you can kill them off for $100 a piece. Otherwise ignore them and head to
the second pair of trucks and ram them till they drop their weapons. Once you
have all the weapons, you will have to kill the remaining dealers. To take them
out, drive after them and shoot them full of holes with an Uzi or something.
When all the dealers are dead and you have all their weapons, the mission is

[5.32]-Boomshine Saigon
Difficulty: 2/10 or 4/10
Reward: $4000
Watch the cinema to see a really hammered Phil blow his arm off with a remote
bomb. Now you have to get him some medical attention and fast. One problem,
being around the boomshine has made you a bit drunk which makes it harder to
drive the Patriot. Drive Phil to the hospital as fast as you can but try to
avoid hitting anyone. If you hit someone, the police will be after you and that
will complicate this otherwise simple mission. Anyways, once you get to the
hospital, Phil tells you that there are too may cops at the hospital. Now you
have to take him to an old army surgeon that owes Phil a favor. Drive as fast as
you can to the surgeon's place around the block and you will complete the
mission. Just make sure you don't get wasted or busted and be sure that you
drive fast enough for Phil to survive. Now that you have completed this asset
you can purchase heavy weaponry at Phil's Place whenever you want.

                           [5.4] - The Print Works -
Location: Little Havana
How To Acquire: Purchase for $70000 after beating 'Shakedown'
Asset Completion Reward: The Print Works will generate $8000 daily

[5.41]-Spilling The Beans
Difficulty: 4/10
Reward: $2000
The Print Works is about to get into the counterfeiting business but they need
some plates to do it. Luckily, there are some coming through town soon so what
you need to do is find out when and where. Make sure you have a load of armor
and weapons for this one. Once you are properly equipped, drive over to the ship
in Vice Port. Get on the ship and make your way to the room a few floors above
you. Kill only the guards that get in your way. Once you get to the pink dot and
get the information, work your way back to your car killing only the guards in
the way. If you want to you can stop at the Pay N' Spray to loose the fuzz but I
found it easier to just go back to the Print Works. Either way once you get back
to the Print Works with the information, you have completed the mission.

[5.42]-Hit The Courier
Difficulty: 3/10
Reward: $5000
Now it is time to get the plates from the courier. Now when you get to the
docks, do not run in there like a suicidal maniac. The courier's bodyguards have
really powerful guns and will tear you to shreds. Instead, wait for the courier
to drive out of the docks in her car. When she does, ram the hell out of her car
till she comes out. Do not destroy the car before she comes out. That will
destroy the plates and you will fail the mission. Once she does come out of the
car, she will try to shoot you so just kill her off and grab the plates. Once
you have them make for the Pay N' Spray to lose the fuzz and then head to the
Print Works to drop off the plates. Once you complete this mission you have
completed the asset. Congrats!

                            [5.5] - Kaufman Cabs -
Location: Little Haiti
How To Acquire: Purchase for $40000 after beating 'Shakedown'
Asset Completion Reward: Kaufman Cabs will generate $5000 daily

Difficulty: 3/10
Reward: $1000
The lady on the radio says that there is an important V.I.P. of some sort that
needs a ride from Starfish Island to Escobar International. You have 1 minute to
pick him up so floor it to get there in time. When you get there, a rude cab
from the other cab firm will pull in front of you and steal your passenger. Time
to get him back. Follow the cab and ram the hell out of him to make him drop the
V.I.P. Make sure you don't kill the V.I.P.! Once you get the V.I.P. into your
cab, drive him to the airport to collect your reward.

[5.52]-Friendly Rivalry
Difficulty: 2/10
Reward: $2000
Kaufman Cabs is losing business to the VC cab firm because they have more cabs
than you do. To correct this problem, you need to take your cab and knock off 3
of their cabs. The easiest way to kill them off is to just get along side them
and do drive-bys until they catch on fire. When they catch on fire just drive
off so you don't get caught in the blast. Once you kill off all three of the
cabs on the radar, you have completed the mission.

Difficulty: 4/10
Reward: $5000
Looks like Mercedes called and needs to be picked up and she wants you to do
it. Drive over to the lot that is marked on the radar, pull into the pink thing,
and honk the horn. Hmm? She doesn't come out but about 15 cabs from the opposing
firm do and they are all out for blood. Do everything you can to survive for the
amount of time given. I did drive-bys on them to thin out the crowd making it
easier to survive. Otherwise you can just drive around and try not to get hit.
Anyways, once the timer runs out, the leader of the cab firm will come out in a
Zebra Cab. All you have to do now is kill him off. I did more drive-bys to light
his cab on fire and he came out where I promptly ran him over. Otherwise, you
can try to take him out demolition derby style. Either way once he is dead, the
mission is complete, as is the Kaufman Cabs Asset. The cab company will now
generate $5000 daily.

Strategy from Kyle:
When the cars all come out to ram you, all you have to do is drive up near the
water and the boat and go left. There should be stacked crates with a ledge next
to the water. Jump on the ledge and go around the crates and the cars can't get
to you! So just sit there until the timer runs out then go back and kill the
boss cab.

Strategy from Gareth Pugh:
Just thought I'd send you this idea for avoiding those murderous cabs in the
third Kaufman mission (where was Danny DeVito's voice?). There are loads of
containers at the far left corner of the area, and also the pillars where 8-
Ball's bomb shop is in the far right corner. Set off the mission, and then drive
like Hell towards the pillars (you're aiming to have them follow you into the
passageway to slow them down and damage them) then hard left and head to the
containers. With a bit of luck you can hop out of the car (otherwise some hood-
hopping is required) onto the concrete ledge and run behind the containers and
smoke 'em if you got 'em. When it's time to face the Zebra Cab, you can come
back out, blow up any normal cabs that are waiting for you to come out of hiding
(they'll all be in a big angry group), wander over to 8-Ball's (if you get too
close, Zebra will come out after you), get a good line, walk forwards and when
he sets off, fill him full of holes and blow him up before he can even say,
"Hurrah for Danny DeVito in TAXI!"

Tip from kit dizon:
You can get the Zebra Cab from the leader of the rival taxi company by
carjacking it like a regular car. I don't know if it is a bug or something but
my cab blew up right as the time expired and I was out of the vehicle.  then the
zebra cab showed up and it wasn't moving at all so I just ran to it, carjacked
it, and ran over the guy with it! I don't know if it's a glitch or something but
sure as hell I've got a Zebra Cab inside my garage! :)

                         [5.6] - Inter Global Films -
Location: Prawn Island
How To Acquire: Purchase for $60000 after beating 'Shakedown'
Asset Completion Reward: Inter Global Films will generate $7000

[5.61]-Recruitment Drive
Difficulty: 3/10
Reward: $1000
All right, Tommy wants to get this studio into some hardcore porn so you are
going to need a star. Get some armor and weaponry for this one. Once you are
properly equipped, head over to the mainland and go to pick up Candy Suxx
downtown. When you get there, she will tell you that you have to ask her pimp to
do the movie. Luckily, he pulls up right then and drops off some of his thugs.
Kill off all of them and pursue the pimp in his car. Kill the pimp anyway you
can, ram him relentlessly, run him off the road, shoot him full of holes, its
your choice. Once he is dead, go and pick up Candy and then go pick up Mercedes
at her apartment by the golf club. Once you have them both, drop them both off
at the studio to complete the mission.

[5.62]-Dildo Dodo
Difficulty: 4/10
Reward: $2000 and a respawning Skimmer behind the studio
Now that some of your lovely media has been produced, you have to distribute it
throughout the city. The trick is that you have to do it with a seaplane called
the Skimmer. Get into the Skimmer and take off. All you have to do is hit each
checkpoint throughout the city. You can do them in any order you want to. Each
time you hit a blue checkpoint, a red cheeckpoint will pop up that youmust get
before you move onto the next checkpoint. Don't forget that you do have a time
limit on this mission.  If you are good at flying this thing is shouldn't be too
tough. Otherwise, this mission might be pure hell for you. Once you have
collected all the checkpoints on the map you have completed the mission.

[5.63]-Martha's Mug Shot
Difficulty: 4/10
Reward: $4000
Now you have to follow Candy home to try and obtain some pictures of the
Congressman, Alex Shrub. Get into the Sparrow and follow Candy's limo till she
stops. You will see a cinematic of her and Alex who apparently wants to be
called 'Martha'. Land your Sparrow behind the hotel across the street and leave
one of the doors open. Now go up the stairs to the top of the building and take
three pictures of Candy and Martha together. Now you have a 5 star wanted level.
Head down the stairs and to the chopper. Be careful though, you will encounter
several FBI agents on the way down. Take them out as you go. When you reach the
chopper, take off and head to the studio. If the Sparrow disappeared, then you
will be forced to avoid thee FBI until you either get to the studio or a Pay N'
Spray. Either way, once you get to the studio, the mission is complete.

Strategy from Butler:
In Martha's Mug Shot instead of going up the stairs into the hotel, just land a
helicopter on the roof of the nearby hotel, take the pictures, and fly away.
You may have to flee from a Police chopper and FBI at the studio but this makes
its much easier.

Difficulty: 3/10
Reward: $7000
Here you have to make some advertisement for your studio. Get the PCJ-600 and
drive to the building downtown. When you get there, drive up the stairs, into
the office, and into the elevator (funny cinematic). Now drive the bike as fast
as you can through the glass and onto the building across the way. Now just jump
from building to building collecting the checkpoints as you go. You should
complete a few unique stunts on the way. Just make sure you don't miss the
buildings, get wasted, or blow your bike. Once you jump to the last building,
get off the bike and walk up to the spotlight to complete the mission. Now the
Film Studio asset is complete and it will generate $7000 daily.

Strategy from seim kuruc:
About the film studio mission were you have to jump the rooftops with the PCJ
600, I found a hell of an easier way to beat it: First you drive a PCJ 600
through all of the checkpoints up to the first jump, then you get off the bike
and jump off the building to the ground (if you have full health and armor you
should live) then go to the police station and get the police maverick and fly
through all of the rest of the markers. I beat that mission that way and the
normal way and the new way was much easier.

                            [5.7] - Sunshine Autos -
Location: In between Escobar International and Little Havana
How To Acquire: Purchase for $50000 after beating 'Shakedown'
Asset Completion Reward: Sunshine Autos will generate $9000 upon full completion

Thanks to PsychoMantis for information in this section.

[5.71]-Car Lists
If you remember the Import/Export garages from GTA3, then you know what this is.
If you don't remember them, then this is a garage that has a list of cars posted
by the door. Bring all of those cars on the list to that garage to collect some
money. Every list you complete gives you extra money and a car in the showroom.

                                 Car List #1:

Info: This is your typical SUV. I see them all the time.
Location: There is always on by the dirt bike track on the mainland.

Info: This is a rather rare vehicle to find. Looks kinda like a Cadillac.
Location: Look behind the Moist Palms Hotel in the parking lot. (Not always

Info: This is another rather rare car. I found one in Little Havana.
Location: Look around Little Havana. I don't know any fixed spots.

Info: This looks kinda like an old Mustang. It can be convertible but not
Location: I found one in the Moist Palms Hotel parking lot.

Info: This is a sort of a truck/SUV. The FBI has a version of it.
Location: I found mine driving around the mainland in a Landstalker.

Blista Compact
Info: This is a very small import vehicle. I see them everywhere.
Location: I find them on the main drag of the mainland all the time.

Congratulations! You have completed the first car list. Sunshine Autos will now
generate $1500 a day and the Deluxo can be found in the showroom.

                                 Car List #2:

Info: This sedan has two doors and a fairly loud engine.
Location: I found mine behind the Hyman Stadium. I don't know any fixed spots.

Info: This is yet another sedan. Of all the cars on this list, this took me the
longest to find.
Location: I found this one on the main drag of the mainland. I don't know any
fixed spots.

Info: Another sedan. You can find these almost anywhere in Vice City.
Location: There is one inside the Sunshine Autos showroom.

Info: This is a stretch limousine.
Location: There is one by the Vercetti Estate.

Info: This is another sedan. The FBI also has a version of this.
Location: I found mine behind the Hyman Stadium. I don't know any fixed spots.

Info: Remember the car Ken drove at the beginning of the game? That's it.
Location: Western most house on Starfish Island.

Congratulations! You have completed the second car list. Sunshine Autos will
now generate $4000 a day and the Sabre Turbo can be found in the showroom.

                                 Car List #3:

Info: This is a hard top sports car. Looks kinda like a Ferrari.
Location: There is usually one at the Marina where Colonel Cortez's boat is.

Info: This is another hard top sports car. This one has a spoiler though.
Location: There is always one of these by the Vercetti Estate.

Info: Yet another sports car. Looks kinda like a Corvette.
Location: The western most house in the middle of Starfish Island.

Info: Wow, another sports car. This one looks kinda like a Banshee with a
breather on the hood.
Location: The northern most house on Starfish Island.

Info: This is a short sports car that is always convertible.
Location: There is almost always one of these in front of Leaf Links.

Info: This is a convertible sports car that is very fast.
Location: The house in the middle of Starfish Island.

Congratulations! You have completed the third car list. Sunshine Autos will now
generate $6500 a day and the Sandking can be found in the showroom.

                                 Car List #4:

Info: This is the Haitian gang car. It is a sort of purple-red color and it has
Location: In front of Auntie Poulet's house in Little Haiti.

Cuban Hermes
Info: This looks like a regular Hermes except that it is always black with
flames on the hood. It is the Cuban gang car.
Location: These can be found in the Little Havana area.

Info: This is a golf cart like you find at golf clubs.
Location: Inside the golf club or driving around out in front of the club.

Baggage Handler
Info: This is one of those car things they use to pull around baggage at
Location: Behind the main terminal at Escobar International Airport.

Pizza Boy
Info: This is a little scooter with a box for pizza on the back. Always red.
Location: Behind any of the Well Stacked Pizza stores. (Not always there)

Mr. Whoopee
Info: This is an ice cream truck with two scoops of ice cream on the top.
Location: Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory. (You must own the factory)

Congratulations! You have completed the fourth and final car list. Sunshine
Autos will now generate $9000 a day and the Hotring Racer can be found in the

For pictures of the cars, look to these sites:

[5.72]-Vice Street Racer
These are checkpoint races in different locations around Vice City where you
will be pitted against 3 other vehicles. There are 6 of them total. Each one has
and entrance fee and a reward that is 4 times the entrance fee.

A few bits of advice:
Use a fast and agile yet durable car. The other cars don't always play fair.
Try and use the police to your advantage (make them hit the other racers).
Make sure you don't wipe out. If you do, then most times you are screwed.
If you can, make the other cars screw up. Run them off the road, etc.
Never miss a checkpoint. If you do it could ruin the race for you.

If you are a cheating type:
Use a rocket launcher, grenades, or a remote bomb to destroy the other cars
before the race.
You can get a head start by sideswiping one of the other racers. This will start
the race and you will already be ahead because of the head start.

Race Name: Terminal Velocity
Track Length: 1.1 miles
Entry Fee: $100
Reward: $400

Race Name: Ocean Drive
Track Length: 1.625 miles
Entry Fee: $500
Reward: $2000

Race Name: Border Run
Track Length: 1.926 miles
Entry Fee: $1000
Reward: $4000

Race Name: Capital Cruise
Track Length: 2.438 miles
Entry Fee: $2000
Reward: $8000

Race Name: Tour!
Track Length: 2.86 miles
Entry Fee: $5000
Reward: $20000

Race Name: VC Endurance
Track Length: 6.1 miles
Entry Fee: $10000
Reward: $40000

                       [5.8] - Cherry Poppers Ice Cream -
Location: Little Havana
How To Acquire: Purchase for $20000 after beating 'Shakedown'
Asset Completion Reward: Cherry Poppers will generate $3000 daily

In this mission, you are required to distribute 50 'ice creams' in a row (we all
know what it really is). The only problem is that the more you sell, the more
the police will want to get you. Also, selling in gang territory will probably
get you shot. My advice is to do all your business at Ocean Beach. This is
because there are a lot of peds there and a Pay N' Spray is nearby. Sell a few
until you get a wanted level, then go to the Pay 'N Spray, sell some more, and
repeat until you sell 50. Another good location is the Hyman Stadium. When you
sell 50, exit the Mr. Whoopee to complete the mission and asset. Cherry Poppers
Ice Cream will now generate $3000 daily. Also, you can sell more ice cream
anytime you want, just get into the Mr. Whoopee.

Strategy from Cannibal Goldfish:
The best place to sell 'ice cream' is by the docks (IMO). The Pay N' Spray is
easy to access and there's a lot of workers wandering around who seem to be the
main customers for the 'ice cream'. So if you hang around there for a while,
sell until you get a one star wanted level then drive round the block till it
goes away, repeat until you have 50 and then stop, its extremely easy.

                             [5.9] - The Boatyard -
Location: Vice Port
How To Acquire: Purchase for $10000 after beating 'Shakedown'
Asset Completion Reward: The Boatyard will generate $2000 daily

[5.91]-Checkpoint Charlie
Here you have 3 minutes to collect all the checkpoints in the course. You can
use either the Cuban Jetmax or the Squallo, it's your choice but I prefer the
Squallo for its better handling. The only really difficult part of this is the
three jumps near the beginning of the course. You have to hit them just right so
that you get the checkpoints and stay on course. If you are really good with
boats then this should not pose too much of a problem. Anyways, once you collect
all the checkpoints, the asset is complete. You can repeat this mission for
extra money every time you do it after the original completion. The only problem
is that the weather gets worse every time. Also, you can get the Squallo and
Cuban Jetmax anytime you want after you complete the asset.

Each time you complete this mission after the first time you will receive an
extra $1000. This continues until you reach $15000. Make note that each time you
do it, the time limit decreases and the weather worsens.

                        [5.10] - The Pole Position Club -
Location: Ocean Beach
How To Acquire: Purchase for $30000 after beating 'Shakedown'
Asset Completion Reward: The Pole Position Club will generate $4000 daily

The Pole Position is the only asset property without any real missions. All you
have to do is spend $600 on a stripper in one of the back rooms to complete the
asset. This is my personal favorite asset because of that.
[6.0] - Non-Asset Properties -

- Ocean View -
Location: Ocean Beach
Cost: Free*
Property Perks:
1 Save Point
Hidden Package Prize Pickups
1 Street Clothes Pickup

- Skumole Shack -
Location: Downtown
Cost: $1000
Property Perks:
1 Save Point
1 Uzi Pickup Below the Stairs to the Entrance

- 3312 Vice Point -
Location: Vice Point
Cost: $2500
Property Perks:
1 Save Point

- 1102 Washington Street -
Location: Washington Beach
Cost: $3000
Property Perks:
1 Save Point

- Links View -
Location: Vice Point
Cost: $6000
Property Perks:
1 Save Point
1 Garage

- Ocean Heights -
Location: Ocean Beach
Cost: $7000
Property Perks:
1 Save Point
1 Garage
1 Helicopter Pad Down the Street**

- El Swanko Casa -
Location: Vice Point
Cost: $8000
Property Perks:
1 Save Point
1 Garage
1 Regenerating Ruger on the Roof

- Hyman Condo -
Location: Downtown
Cost: $14000
Property Perks:
1 Save Point
3 Garages
1 Helicopter Pad with a Regenerating Maverick
1 Regenerating Police Bribe
1 Street Clothes Pickup
Hidden Package Prize Pickups***

- Vercetti Estate -
Location: Starfish Island
Cost: Beat 'Rub Out'
Property Perks:
1 Save Point
1 Garage
1 Helicopter Pad with Regenerating Maverick
1 Sea Sparrow behind the Estate****
Hidden Package Prize Pickups
Various Health, Armor, and Weapon Pickups Throughout and Around the Estate

* - You get this safe house for free when you first start the game.
** - This helicopter pad has a regenerating Hunter on it if you beat the mission
'Keep Your Friends Close...' and get 100 hidden packages.
*** - These only show up if you have packages before you buy the property. All
of the prizes are there except for the Rhino, Sea Sparrow, and Hunter.
**** - You have to get 80 hidden packages for the Sea Sparrow to appear.
[7.0] - Credits -

Thanks to:

-GameFAQs for accepting this guide.

-Rockstar Games and Rockstar North for making this great game.

-All the guys at the message boards for helping me with missions.

-Me for taking the time to write this thing.

-All my friends for putting up with me when I first got this game.

-PsychoMantis for info in the Sunshine Autos section.

-All the people who emailed me about mistakes and things.

-All the people who emailed me with alternate strategies.

-GTAGeneration for posting my guide.

-Goldfiles for posting my guide.

-Neoseeker for posting my guide.
"Copyright, 2002, Carter Glaus"