Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rampages FAQ v1.3
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rampages FAQ

by Krunal   Updated to v1.3 on
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GTA Vice City for PS2 & PC
Rampages FAQ
Version 1.3

Created by: KSheth
Date: October 2002
Email @:

Updated Versions
-Version 1.0: (Started 16/11/02)
   -Finished the FAQ. Not much detail but will add as I get more Info
-Version 1.1: (Started 02/12/02)
   -Finished all the rampages 
-version 1.2: (Started 03/07/03)
   -Made it suitable for the PC version
-Version 1.3: (Started 25/08/08)
   -Added an ACII GTA:VC at the top, making it look much better
Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. General Game Info
III. Rampages - General Information
IV. Detailed Rampages
V. Credits
VI. Legal Thingamajig


Finally, I got the Game, I decided make a FAQ of the Rampages as so many people 
have been asking me about them. It is a hard job but it keeps me occupied.
If you have any questions just e-mail them to me at the given e-mail address and 
I will reply as soon as possible.
This FAQ includes a few spoilers (such as characters and places), if you are trying 
not to learn about the game before you get to that point then please remember it 
contains spoilers. I will not be held responsible for any bits that spoil your 
game. You have been warned.

General Game Info

Welcome to the 1980's

Welcome to Vice City, a huge urban sprawl stretching from the beach to the swamps 
and the glitz to the ghetto, a town brimming with delights and degradation. 

Having just made it back into the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch 
inside, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. However, 
all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis 
of Vice City. Tommy is set up and loses everything. Sonny wants his money back, but
the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. Most of
Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and take over 
the city himself.

Rampages - General Information

What are Rampages? What is there Purpose? How do they affect the game?

Rampages are skulls with a pink background that you have to do so you can get 100% 
in the game. In these, you have a certain amount of time to kill a certain amount 
of a certain type of people, or destroy a certain amount of cars. These can be 
very challenging and some can be easy as 1-2-3 (such as shooting with the python). 
You get increments of $50+ for every completion (You get $50 + what you got last 
time. After a while, it turns to $100 + what you got last time). They do not 
affect your game in anyway then that they will get you money and closer to 100% 
completion. You have two minutes to do all rampages. 

Detailed Rampages
Here are the detailed lists of the Rampages and other Information.

Amount:   10
What:     Vehicles
Weapon:   Rocket Launcher

Location: On a hut in the water. You will need either a helicopter or a boat to 
get to this one. It will be on the incomplete hut.

Method:   The only type of vehicles you will see are boats as you are in the water 
so try to hit them. Hit them slightly ahead as it takes a second for it to reach 
the boat, and they are fast. Do NOT use any vehicle destroying cheats as your only 
way off is the boat/helicopter that you came in. If no boats are appearing, then 
try walking around and looking back. If you cannot seem to destroy ten boats in 
the given time, then try the helicopter approach. Fly the helicopter to the hut, 
pick up the rampage icon, and fly it back to the shore. Cars are much easier as 
there are lots of them. Another good way is getting 4 stars and picking up the 
icon and destroy the FBI/Police boats and helicopters instead. 

Amount:   30
What:     Gang Members
Weapon:   Molotov Cocktails

Location: From the Hotel (Ocean View), go south. Keep a look at the left hand 
side and turn into the driveway to the lighthouse. The rampage can be found near 
the bushes.

Method:   Much easier if you have Fire Proof from the Fire fighting missions. 
From where you get the rampage look around for any gang members (there will be 
none near you) and throw the Molotov cocktails. Hold the fire button depending on the 
distance of the gang member. Remembering that the longer you hold it the further it 
goes. Throw the Molotov’s at packs of gangs and if the gang members come after you, 
run away and throw it at them when you re slightly more distant.

Amount:    30
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Car

Location: In Ocean beach, on the beach area near the lighthouse. It is between 
the lighthouse and the main beach down by the shore. 

Method:    Before you start, do not forget to get a car. Drive on the left hand
side of the Rampage Icon and then go near the right hand side door and press 
[Triangle] this will make you walk on the rampage icon and get into the car without 
wasting time. Drive quickly to the sidewalks and remember to get a strong car 
otherwise, it will blow up. Get as much speed as you can and hit them with all that 
you have. Remember not to slow down or they will get you out of the cars. If you 
have an UZI, you can also do drive-bys and they count as kills.

Amount:    35
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    PSG-1 (Laser Sniper Rifle)

Location:  From your ocean view hotel (the one you start from) head south and 
take the first right. In front of you should see a green vine covered garage.  
Go inside the garage and drive up to the roof. There should be a double-ramp in 
one of the corners. Walk up to the ramp and walk off, landing on a roof below, 
where you can find the rampage icon.

Method:    The PSG-1 is easier then the other sniper rifle as its semi-automatic. 
In addition, it does not take long to load each bullet after a shot. Every shot 
kills no matter where you hit them so it is not too hard. Stay on the roof so they 
cannot shoot you back. Aim at a bunch of gang members and shoot the one that’s 
closest then make your way back, this will reduce the chance that the members run 
away as if they run it’s hard to catch them. If you cannot find any gangsters 
walking around, just zoom out and zoom in again and you should see some.

Amount:    10  
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Katana 

Location: From the Hospital in Washington (next to the bridge) From in front of 
it, head south and go into the side walks around a bunch of houses next to an L 
shaped alley way. The rampage is in the second set of houses in that area, between 
two houses and behind a tree.

Method:    Very difficult as the Katana takes a few hits to kill mean while the 
other gang members can kill you. A good tactic is to go to the gang members with 
the fewer number of members and kill them as fewer members mean less people 
shooting at you. Although ten in two minutes is not very hard keeping alive can 
be challenging. 

Amount:    20
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Chainsaw

Location:  In the same area as the last one. It is opposite Rafael’s’ clothe shop. 

Method:    One touch with the chainsaw means death so this is easy. What you do 
is find a gang member remember more the merrier as some will run away from you 
(and some will shoot you). Not hard, just beware of cops as if you kill one it 
means that they send police cars after you.

Amount:    25
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    M4 (Sniper Gun that does not zoom in or out)

Location:  From Cortez’s dock, go north and into the steps of the first house 
that you see. Using the help of a car jump onto the grass as the rampage icon 
is on a wall to your right. You do not need to use cars jumping is fine but can 
take a few tries. 

Method:    Go to the edge (do not walk off) press L3 and you will crouch. This 
will make it easier to control the gun. Just aim at packs of gang members and 
let it fire until they are all dead. The M4 will move about if shoot so crouching 
will reduce the amount it moves. 

Amount:    35
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Shotgun

Location: On top of Washington Mall (in the car Park) opposite the hospital and 
bridge leading to second island. There are spiral staircases on the side, which 
will lead to the rooftop. 

Method:   It is not easy using the shotgun as they do not kill with one hit and 
its range is not so good. You can shoot the gang members in the mall from the roof 
(I advise against unless there are many gang members on the roof as the range is 
not so good and not many appear on the top section). If that is not working for 
you, just jump down into the mall and fight them. Try getting close as possible 
but if you get too close they will shoot back quicker (if you shoot one of them, 
they will shoot you anyway). Not too hard unless they start shooting you in which 
case, try to run and then turn around and shoot. 

Amount:    25
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    MP5 (an Uzi)

Location:  From Ken Roseburg’s place head north and over the bridge. Go into the 
building on the left (opposite the tool shop). It is more like a society of buildings. 
From the entrance go to the left and look near the building with the water (swimming 
pool). The rampage icon is found near the north entrance. 

Method:    Not very hard as the MP5 is a sub-machine gun so just aim and hold 
circle and every two seconds press L2 or R2 to change the person you are aiming 
at. A good place to do it is near the entrance of the building society. Oh also 
the MP5 has great accuracy and range so you this to your advantage if you get too 
close they will start shooting you. 

Amount:    30
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    SPAS-12

Location:  On the Washington beach. From the ocean view hotel, head north and at 
the end of the road (where the road turns left) turn right and onto the beach. 
From there go slightly to the left and near the wall and some bushes is the rampage. 

Method:    A SPAS-12 is a VERY powerful shotgun, which at times kills TWO that is 
right TWO gang members with one shot. This shotgun is a one hit killer and if you 
hold R1 and shoot (pressing R2 and L2 as well to change your aim) you should get 
30 in no time. If you cannot find any gang members, then just go to the entrance 
of the beach (where you entered it) and just pick of the many gang members from 
here. The SPAS-12 does not have very good range though so you may need to move 
in closer.

Amount:    10
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    PSG-1

Location:  Behind the wall of the hotel where the last rampage was found. Get in 
via the stairs and go right to the top of the diving board. Use this as a vantage 

Method:    This is seriously too easy. You will see groups of gang members and just
keep shooting them. Be quick and they want have time to run. If you can see and 
then zoom, out and back in. 

Amount:    35
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Uzi in a Car

Location:  From the place that you got the missions from Avery Carrington, head 
north and turn left at the fork in the road (the other choice is to go to the 
first island). It is near the water and should not be hard to find.

Method:    It is easier to use a motorbike, as it is easier to get on if a gang 
member pulls you off it. Also you can shoot forwards although I don’t recommend 
this as it doesn’t always kill, shooting side ways has better chances of killing 
them (if you shoot straight then the gang members go to the left or right and try 
to get you off). Just keep going in circles hear and it want be too hard. Also, 
remember, it has to be a drive-by for the kill to count.

Amount:    20
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Chainsaw

Location:  Get to the bridge leading to leaf links. Before getting on it, to the 
right will be a type of opening. The icon is there. 

Method:    The chainsaw is a one hit killer. Just look for a pack of gang members,
and run into them while holding circle. You will get multiple kills doing this. 
Like the previous chainsaw rampage, this is very easy. 

Amount:    25
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Python

Location:  Behind the building south of your 3321 Vice Point apartment. Not hard 
to find it is opposite the east entrance. 

Method:   Too easy. It is a one hit kill with a python just Aim, fire, Re-aim fire 
(re-aim using R2 and L2). You will probably get 25 within 45 seconds. 

Amount:    35
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    M4

Location:  Get to the east entrance of the North Point Mall (the one opposite the 
building where you found the last package). Right outside of the doors, behind a 
small wall, is the rampage icon. 

Method:   To give your aim better control crouch down so it will not go out of
control when you fire. It may be easier to fire directly by pressing circle without 
holding R1. Just go up to a bunch of members and hold circle down and turn left 
and right so you will mow them down. However, some people may find it easier to 
manually aim rather then directly aiming it. There may be a shortage of gang members 
so just walk around and they will appear. 

Amount:    30
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Rocket Launcher

Location: Go to north point mall and go to the second floor. It is in front of the 
open shop (not GASH). The shop is the one directly opposite the shop with the closing 
down boards. The icon can be found on the little island of trees in front of the store. 

Method:    Not so easy and may take a few tries. Remember to save before doing this 
as you may die. Remember ALWAYS keep a good distance when firing the rocket launcher. 
If you fire it too close, you may end up inflicting damage on yourself. A good idea 
is to go to the lower level, as there are more gang members there. You can also climb 
up on a ledge, and fire rockets down below at gang members. They are in packs, as 
always, so it should only take a few well-placed rockets to get 30 kills. Watch out 
for the police, though, they can get in your way right as you go to fire a rocket. 
If you see, a few gang members coming towards you soon them before they get close. 

Amount:    30
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Car and UZI (Drive Byes)

Location:  Behind the Building opposite the car park of North Point Mall. It is 
located on behind the building that is North West. There is a ramp on the right
side of the building. Just walk up the ramp and the rampage is right behind the 

Using motor cycles is good as you can get on it quickly and you can shoot forward 
while driving. The easiest thing to do is drive down sidewalks while shooting 
forward, killing gang members. Be sure to watch out for anyone getting close, so 
they do not pull you off the bike or car for that matter. 

Amount:    30
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Mini-Gun

Location:  From the Hyman Condo go out via the east exit and go to the place with 
the weird looking sculpture on the right hand side. (Near the end of the road)

Method:    Too easy just hold down circle and turn yourself left and right. You can 
get 30 in no time. You may need to walk around a bit looking for gang members. 

Amount:    40
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Molotov Cocktails

Location:  From the bridge coming from Prawn Island to downtown, look to the right
for some stairs. It is next to the VCN Building. It is at the top of the stairs.

Method:    Again having fireproof helps. Just aim at a bunch and fire. Hold down 
Circle depending on there distance from you. If the gang members come after you, 
run away so you have enough distance to throw a Molotov at them. If it looks like 
you threw it too close, quickly hit square and jump away before it explodes.

Amount:    25
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Python

Location: Opposite the Downtown Ammunation are steps and at the top s the rampage.

Method:    Too easy, a one hit kill, go down, aim, and fire. It will kill everyone 
very quickly and hopefully within the first minute. 

Amount:    30
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Flame Thrower

Location:  Next to the Hyman Memorial Stadium. It is on the steps leading to the 
two helipads.
Method:    Much easier if you did level 12 of fire fighting missions to become 
fireproof. If you did not then keep your distance. Go for the large packs of members, 
and run away if they come running at you while they are on fire. Not hard as if it 
touches them then they are dead. Just make sure that we cannot say the same thing 
about you although the flames are not very lethal too you. 

Amount:    35
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Car and Uzi (Drive Byes)

Location:  Go to the Well Stacked Pizza’s in Downtown and to the left of it is an 
alley. Follow it long and to the left. The rampage is found there. 

Method:    Using motor cycles is good as you can get on it quickly and you can shoot 
forward while driving. The easiest thing to do is drive down sidewalks while shooting 
forward, killing gang members. Be sure to watch out for anyone getting close, so 
they do not pull you off the bike or car for that matter. They can shoot back, and 
often pop the tires, making it hard to drive. 30 kills should be easy.

Amount:    30
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    M60

Location:  From the Skumole Shack, go south and on the right hand side, is a
building with a big pool in front. The Rampage is just to the right of the building. 
If you go into the parking lot and turn around you should be able to see it. 

Method:    The M60 is a one hit killer. Just crouch aim and fire away. It should not 
be very hard with the M60. 

Amount:    35
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    SPAS-12

Location: From the well-stacked Pizza place in little Haiti, go south and take the
second right into the curved road. Near a billboard, saying ‘welcome to hell’ is 
an alley that takes you to the ocean. Follow it around the buildings and to the 

Method:    A Shotgun that has the power to kill two members in one shot, nothing 
else needs to be said. Just go to a gang, aim, and fire. You should do this within 
a half minute. 

Amount:    30
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Tec-9

Location:  From the ice-cream factory, go north and take the second left and then 
the first right. It is in the yard of one of these houses (sorry cannot be more 
specific). It is near a billboard that says ‘life’s a bitch’ 

Method:    One of the worst Uzi’s. It takes many shots to kill but it is fast. Not 
as fast as the others but still fast compared to a colt 45. Try getting close to 
your target for better accuracy. 

Amount:    25
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Shot Gun

Location:  From well-stacked pizza’s go south and go into the curved road (second 
right). From there go south. The rampage is located in the basketball area in the 
housing area.

Method:    The shotguns all kill in one go BESIDES this one. It will usually take 
two goes. However, if your close enough it should kill in one go. Just aim, fire, 
and fire again to make sure before you move to your next target. 

Amount:    10
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Katana

Location:  From the ice-cream factory, head north and take the first left. Now 
look on the right and you will see an alley, at the end of the alley is a loading 
bay. The rampage can be found here. 

Method:    God do I hate the people that thought of having katana’s as a rampage 
weapon. It does not kill with one hit and it does not kill easily. Walk to small 
groups of one or two, and keep tapping circle. If there is too many in a gang, 
they will start shooting and kill you. If you are in the right position, he will 
cut of the enemies head making it a one hit kill. The hardness is exactly the 
reason you only have to kill 10; just kill small groups leave the big groups alone. 

Amount:    20
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Sniper Rifle

Location:  It is above the ice cream factory. You will need a helicopter to get 
it. Fly to the Starfish Island Bridge (the west side bridge to Little Haiti), 
from there go west until you get to the ice-cream factory (not very long about 
1 second from the bridge). It is just slightly north of the ice-cream factory on 
a roof top, look at them and you will find it. 

Method:    It takes too long to load with this one so aim and fire carefully, do 
not bother hitting moving targets unless you are sure that you will get them. 
Remember it is a one hit kill. Stay on the roof, and aim at the gang members below 
you. I kept having a shortage of gang members, which can be solved by zooming in 
and out. 

Amount:    20
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Ruger

Location:  From Sun shine Auto’s head north and just before the end of the road 
will be a building with stairs. Go up the stairs to find the rampage. From Robina’s
Café go south and up the building. 

Method:    Crouch for a better aim, on the roof where you found the rampage, 
and pick people off on the streets below. They cannot reach you from the roof, 
so try not to fall. If you feel that you are not getting enough kills, just jump 
down and start shooting all the gang members below you. They seem to spawn more 
often when you are walking on the street. 

Amount:    35
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Grenades

Location: From any of the bridges head south and into the right hand side road 
just after the southern most bridge. From there go straight past the first turning,
and into the building on the left hand side. Near the back is a Rocket Launcher 
and behind that is the rampage. 

Method:    Not easy at all, as if any gang member come to you and shoots you, you
can kill them only by throwing a grenade, which means losing a bit of health. 
Walk a little further after getting it and onto the ledge. From there start 
throwing grenades at all gang members. Just make sure they do not climb up as 
they can. 

Amount:    15
What:      Cars
Weapon:    Rocket Launcher

Location:  On the huge ship that is next to the entrance to the docks. (The ship 
from the first Print Works mission). 

Method:    Very hard, as not many cars come there. The best spot to do this is 
standing on the ship, looking down at the road. Destroy the passing cars, and 
try to get a wanted level so some police cars show up that you can destroy. 
Alternatively, you can exit the docks and go along the highway blowing up cars. 
If you cannot find enough vehicles in time, try parking a bunch of cars near the 
boat before you start the rampage. I tried but only two of them stayed (two cars 

Amount:    25
What:      Gang members
Weapon:    SPAS -12

Location:  Inside the airport at the back behind a wall.

Method:    You cannot move with it, but it is a one hit kill. Just target lock 
and fire, pressing R2 and L2 to switch between targets. Remember that if you have 
a python, DO NOT get the guns dropped by the gangs as it will replace your python, 
as you cannot hold weapons inside the airport unless it is from a gang member. (I 
hand an unlimited bullets Python and accidentally picked up a colt 45 and to my 
horror the Python disappeared from outside so I had to reset the game and do the 
rampage again making sure I never touched the colt 45). Walk up and down the 
escalators and you will find more gang members. 

Amount:    12
What:      Cars
Weapon:    Rocket Launcher

Location:  On top off the Escobar International Airport (the one that you can go 
into) Two ways to get to the roof, 1 Helicopter but sometimes the helicopter will 
start falling if you get out of it. Another method is via the billboard just outside 
the airport. It is one that you can drive a PCJ-600 onto and be launched onto the 
roof (a Unique Stunt location). The billboard is of a surfer, and is three-dimensional. 

Method:    Do not stay on the roof, as not enough cars will show up if you stay 
there. Instead, get off, walk to the billboard, and shoot the cars coming by from 
there. Hard as if you hit gang members, they will start shooting you but otherwise 
it is easy. 

Amount:    15
What:      Cars
Weapon:    Minigun

Location:  Outside Fort Baxter Airbase, near some bushes

Method:    Minigun = easy rampage. Press Circle and 2 seconds later, there will 
be no car. Very easy, just go up and down the road and blow up the cars. Its easier 
with this then it is with the rocket launcher as with this you don’t have to aim, 
just press circle and let the cars have it. 

Amount:    35 
What:      Gang Members
Weapon:    Car (No Uzi)

Location:  This is the only rampage on Starfish Island. It is near the building 
that is on the right hand side of the bridge when facing west. You need to jump 
over the fence to get it, so park a car, jump on the car, and jump over the fence. 
The rampage is right by the driveway near the house.

Method:    Easier then the Uzi drive byes as you just need to run over them and 
you have more control as you can see where your going. DO NOT USE a MOTORBIKE you 
will not kill them with it easily. Find a car by either using one that may be 
located near the rampage icon or by walking over the ramp on foot and stealing a 
car from the streets. Drive up and down the sidewalks at a high speed and run over 
every pack of gang members you see. Doing this on the main street works well. Remember, 
you cannot shoot them, you must run over them. You have to hit them at a high rate 
of speed so they die.

First off, I want to thank the all the people in the Neoseeker forum that helped 
me put this FAQ together. 

I would also like to thank Neoseeker for giving me an opportunity to waste so much 
of my time writing FAQ's and talking on the message board.  

One more time, if you need/want to contact me for any reason, my email address is .  
Please feel free to tell me how much you loved my FAQ. Moreover, if you have to, 
tell how much you hated it.  Whatever it is, I will try to reply.

Finally, thanks to all of you for reading this FAQ and not making it a COMPLETE 
waste of my time.  Hope it helped you out!

Legal Thingamajig

Please do not use this FAQ without my permission, use can be granted under the 
agreement that nothing shall be changed. The above and all contents herein are 
copyright to myself. I am known as KSheth and all want to use this FAQ must do 
with my permission. You are allowed to print out this FAQ for personal use but 
it is not to be changed or altered, and you are not to claim credit for it.