Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Business and Hideouts FAQ v1.4
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Business and Hideouts FAQ

by Krunal   Updated to v1.4 on
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GTA Vice City for PS2 & PC
Business and Hideouts FAQ
Version 1.4

Created by: KSheth
Date: October 2002
Email @:

Updated Versions
-Version 1.0: (Started 15/11/02)
   -Finished the FAQ. Not much detail but will add as I get more Info
-Version 1.1: (Started 16/11/02)
   -Finished all sections
-Version 1.2: (Started 09/12/02)
   -Added more information
-Veriosn 1.3: (Started 03/07/03)
   -Now Suitable for the PC version of the game.
-Version 1.4: (Started 25/08/08)
   -Added an ACII GTA:VC at the top, making it look much better

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. General Game Info
III. Hideouts
IV. Businesses
V. Missions for the Businesses
VI. Prizes
VII. Credits
VIII. Legal Thingamajig


Finally I got the Game, I decided make a FAQ of the Hideouts and Businesses as so
many people have been asking me about them. It is a hard job but it keeps me occupied.
If you have any questions just e-mail them to me at the given e-mail address and
I will reply as soon as possible.
This FAQ includes a few spoilers (such as characters and places), if you are trying
not to learn about the game before you get to that point then please remember it 
contains spoilers. I will not be held responsible for any bits that spoil your game. 
You have been warned.

General Game Info

Welcome to the 1980's

Welcome to Vice City, a huge urban sprawl stretching from the beach to the swamps 
and the glitz to the ghetto, a town brimming with delights and degradation. 

Having just made it back into the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch 
inside, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. But 
all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis 
of Vice City. Tommy is set up and loses everything. Sonny wants his money back, 
but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. 
Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and 
take over the city himself.


In the game there are 8/9 possible hideouts that you can buy at various prices. 
The 9th hideout can also be classed as a business so the information on it will 
be in the business section. Below are the Locations for each Hideout with other 

*Ocean View Hotel*

Price:    $0 (Free)
Garages:  0
Type:     Hotel Apartment
Location: This is the first apartment that you get in the game. If you play it 
you will see that you have to get to the Apartment. Therefore there is no need 
for a detailed position. 

*Ocean Height Apartment*

Price:    $7,000
Garages:  1 (Holds 1 Car)
Type:     Apartment
Location: This can be found next to the Strip Club (pole Position). It is south 
of your Ocean View Hotel. From Ocean View Hotel go south, and take the first 
right (next to the hotel) and the go south again. Again take the first right and 
it is on the left side at the end of the road. 

*1102 Washington Street*

Price:    $3,000
Garages:  0
Type:     House
Location: Behind Ken Rosenburg痴 office. From the Ocean View Hotel go north and 
take the first Left. Go forwards to the end of the road and take a right. It is 
on the left hand side, with its front facing the back of Rosenburg痴 office.

*Links View Apartment*

Price:    $6,000
Garages:  1 (Holds 1 Car)
Type:     Apartment
Location: North of your first apartment. I will give directions from Malibu 
which can be found if you keep going north from your hotel. From Malibu go north 
and take second left. Then take second right. It will be on the left hand side. 
It is on the opposite side of the Police Station. 

*El Swanka Casa*

Price:    $8,000
Garages:  1 (Holds 1 Car)
Type:     House
Location: Slightly North of links view. From Links View go North and it is on the 
right hand side. (Before the third left)

*3321 Vice Point*

Price:    $2,500
Garages:  0
Type:     Apartment
Location: Opposite the North Point Mall. Not hard to find. On the east coast of 
vice city opposite the mall. 

*Skumhole Shack*

Price:    $1,000 
Garages:  0
Type:     Shack (A Definite Shack only use for 100% completion and saving) 
Location: A Shack not really worth getting as it痴 basically a shack. But you may 
want it to save easily and for 100%. From any of the lower two bridges go north 
until you have to split up with the traffic going the other way (until you get 
to the one way street). It is up the stairs found on the left hand side (North). 

*Hyman Condo*

Price:    $14000
Garages:  3 (Holds 7 Cars, 3 in the 1st and 2 in the ones nearer to the wall)
Type:     Apartment
Location: From the Hyman Memorial Stadium (easiest way to get there) get out of 
the circular roundabout type thing and go south to just after the south entrance 
to the Hyman Stadium (if you are exiting from here go slightly south)

 ________  ------
|        | |   | |_____
|Hyman   | |   |  _____ North Exit/Entrance
|Stadium | |   | |
|        | |   | |_____
|________| |   |  _____South Exit/Entrance
         | |   | |

There is a very narrow street found on the right hand side (facing North) next 
to the south exit/entrance. It can also be accessed by going North from either 
exit and taking first right (may be in front off next exit) and then taking the 
first right again. Next to the end of the road there is an alley way on the right
hand side facing south. 


There are 8/9 business痴 in the game as well (the 9th business again can be classed
as a hideout but I will class it as a business). A Save Point will appear at each 
business so they are also used as hideouts.

*Huge Spoilers*

*Vercetti Mansion/ Diaz Mansion)

Price:     $0 (Free)
Max Asset: $5,000
Type:      Hideout / Gang Business
Location:  After doing the Rubout mission given to you by yourself, in which, you 
get to kill the owner of the mansion, Diaz. You will get his mansion and a big V 
will appear in its place. The Save Point is inside the room you see when you enter. 
Garages:   1 (2 Cars)

*Pole Position*

Price:     $30,000
Max Asset: $4,000
Type:      Strip Club
Location:  From your Ocean Heights Apartment, go to the right and it is at the end
of the road on the left.

*The Malibu*

Price:     $120,000
Max Asset: $10,000
Type:      Normal Club / Bar
Location:  Go North from your very first Hotel and it is along the road.

*Boat Yard*

Price:     $10,000
Max Asset: $2,000
Type:      Docks
Location:  Keep going south from any of the three bridges that takes you to the 
second left island. It is at the bottom corner of the map. (Where you do the 
Fastest Boat mission for Diaz)

*Sunshine Auto*

Price:     $50,000
Max Asset: $1,500 - $4,000 - $6,500 - $9,000 (depending on lists completed)
Type:      Car Showroom
Location:  From Boat yard go north and take the left before the bridge to the 
first island and then right. It will be on your right.
Garages:   4 (2 Cars Each)

*Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory*

Price:     $20,000
Max Asset: $3,000
Type:      Ice Cream Factory
Location:  Right in front of the Star Fish Island Bridge.

*Print Works*

Price:     $70,000
Max Asset: $8,000
Type:      Printing Works
Location:  In little Haiti. From the Starfish Island Bridge go north and take the 
second left. Keep going forward and at the end of the road go left and right 
instantly and carry on forward. It痴 on the right hand side.

*Kaufman Cabs*

Price:     $40,000
Max Asset: $5,000
Type:      Taxi / Cabs
Location:  North of the Print Works. Next to the second Bridge that curves. 

*Film Studio*

Price:     $60,000
Max Asset: $7,000
Type:      Film Studio
Location:  On Prawn Island, as the island is small its not easy to miss. 

Missions for the Businesses

Below are the missions you have to do for each business that you buy for it to 
start making money for you. 

*Vercetti Mansion*

Reward: $50,000

The first mission given to you by yourself. You do not own the mansion when you 
get this mission. What you have to do is wipe out Diaz and take over his mansion
for revenge on kidnapping Lance Vance (Dance). 
It starts outside Diaz's mansion on a pink marker found on the entrance way to 
the mansion. You can see the cinematic for yourself I will just tell you how to 
do them. Make sure you have full armour and health because you will need it.
Use your M-16 in first person to target and shoot the guards at the entrance. 
Or you can use the Uzi as it is quick. Just point and fire and hide. Find another
enemy and aim and fire. The front entrance is locked!  You have to go around the 
back. The easiest way is from the left hand side. Kill everyone there and head 
towards the inside swimming pool. From there go in and to the right is an entrance
to the mansion. Use it to get inside. But beware there are many guards. Have the 
Uzi equipped and keep pressing R1 to see if there are guards nearby and if there 
are kill them. Climb up the stairs to get to the second floor and to reach Diaz's
lair.  You will have to fight Diaz along with several other guards.  Be careful 
and watch your health, and eventually you will prevail.  Diaz isn't that tough. 
After you kill him you will have control of this huge mansion! And you can save 
inside the mansion as well. Before going out don稚 forget to save.  

Reward: $2,000

To start get the car in front of the mansion and drive towards North Point Mall. 
Along the way don稚 forget to pick up a motor bike as it will make travelling 
easier. It would also be easy if you have the rocket launcher found near the 
airport. You can take the bike into the mall so it makes it easier. Stand next 
to each window and do a drive by. Don稚 stand to close or you will get hurt 
(the glass is sharp). Beware a Cop doesn稚 bust you. It痴 very hard with them 
around. Also make sure you don稚 kill the owner as it will get you two stars. 
After you enter the mall, the purple blips will indicate the stores you need to 
destroy.  Only when the purple blips go away, you know that you have completed 
it.  A good strategy is if the cops are on your trail, go into the store that 
needs to be destroyed, and the cops will start shooting the glass, doing the 
work for you.  Once you destroy all of the glass windows, you will have completed 
the mission. Use the Rocket Launcher for the Gosh Stores as they have a lot of 

Reward: $4,000

Take the men in the car. Unluckily they will not fit in the infernos. Take them 
to the yellow blip on the map and you will see some guys out in front. A good way
to kill them is drive bys or running the over them. Go to the pink marker and the
owner will come out. You now have five minutes to kill all the targets. Go to the 
security block and put a car in the way and kill them using the M-16 or Uzi. You 
may need to get closer to them but beware they take away health quick and easily. 
You could also go to the alley next to it.  It has some stairs so you can snipe 
them all, or throw some bombs at them.  Once you kill all of the guys in the 
parking lot, the last two guys will flee on their motorcycles. This is easy. 
Either Drive by them or using a car, ram into them and send them flying. And 
then run over them. Beware of police they busted me just as I finished he mission 
and I didn稚 bother to restart. But luckily it counted as being finished. 

Reward: $10,000 and Asset Missions Complete (Gets you Assets Now)

This is a very tough mission. There is no time limit in this mission luckily. 
First get armour and health and go to the blip. There is a garage there. Now go 
killing people and attract police attention.  I wouldn稚 advise cars as they may 
bust you. Just keep running around in circles (don稚 tap X) until you get two police 
to follow you. (Get two stars for best effect). Lure them BOTH into the garage and 
it will close. Your stars will disappear. Now get a cop car and head over to the 
mall in the police car. Follow the pink marker to find it in the Tarbrush cafe.
You need to plant a bomb here. As soon as you enter the pink marker, dash out as 
fast as you can.  The bomb detonates after 5 seconds, and appropriately your wanted 
level reaches a small level 5. THIS IS VERY HARD NOW. Get out of there as fast as 
possible and get in your car and drive like you never drove before.  The small, 
speedy, and deadly FBI cars will be after you, and try to get to your mansion as 
fast as possible.  If your car catches on fire, bail out but don't go towards the 
cops and don't run in the middle of a street where a high speed FBI car can kill 
you. When you are leaving the mall, there is a lower area just outside the doors 
of the coffee place.  Down there is a cop bribe that u can get fairly easily.  
Thus, you avoid the FBI and have a relatively easy time escaping just 4 stars 
then you would 5. 

Another Easier way is after getting the cop uniforms, go back to your mansion 
and get the helicopter (make it re-spawn if its not there by going away and 
coming back). You can get any helicopter even the one at the Hyman Condo. Now 
take it to the mall, and leave the door open. Go inside and the plant the bomb 
and get into the helicopter and head towards your hideout. There will be police 
helicopters in the air. 

Vercetti Estate Missions Complete.

*Pole Position*

"Watch the Stripper"
Reward: -$600 (Not looking good but wait till the end)

Just go into the first room on the left and spend $600 on the pole dancer. 
You spend $5 every 3 seconds, so it should take about 6 minutes. Very easy.

Pole Position Mission Completed

*The Malibu*

"No Escape?"
Reward: $1,000

Before doing any Malibu mission, make sure you have full health and armour. 
The first bit is very easy. Go to the Washington Police Department and go 
into the locker room. Come back out in your cop uniform and head up the stairs. 
Grab the key card, (there is also a hidden package in that room) and then head 
back downstairs. Go all the way into the small prison rooms and step in the blip. 
Bust out Cam and get in your car. On your way up watch out for any cops and kill 
them. A shot gun or a revolver is ideal for these missions as they are a one hit 
kill. Now quickly drive to the pay and spray and get rid of the stars or a better 
idea is to have a helicopter waiting outside as its easier. Now once you got the 
stars off go to Cams house across the bridge. If your in a helicopter you might 
want to go somewhere with stars (you hyman hideout is ideal as it has a helipad 
and a star outside it). 

"The Shootist"
Reward: $2,000

You will not be needing health or armour for this mission but it is not easy. 
You need to have a good aim for this mission. Go to the Ammu-nation in downtown
and go to the rifle range at the back. You need to practise target shooting 
(how hard can it be, well very it took me about 5-7 goes). You will meet Phil 
there and you need to get 61+ in the shooting range. There are three areas. The 
first can get you up to 3 points and the other two get you 1 point. Go into the 
back to start the shooting challenge. What I find useful was to conserve as much 
ammo as I could. The front one gets you 1 point if you take all five parts out 
completely and the middle gets you two, the back one gets you three points. When 
you start get the first one and shoot everything beside the head. Now do the same
with the second one. Now shoot the third one whole. You will have clear shots to 
it as the other two only have heads in your way. Occasionally hit the two heads 
and redo the body shooting thing. But try to hit the back one as much as possible.
I used this and got 45 points (I did this later on and was able to nab myself 
faster reload). If you get more then 30 you will be lucky because the next two 
are hard. Head over to the next blip. Now these targets are worth one point. Shoot
as many as you can. Try to have 45+ points. Now do the same for the third task 
and remember that it痴 a lot harder then the second and 60 does not count you need
61+. I got around about 70+ (don稚 know how).
"The Driver"
Reward: $3,000

An easy mission, HELL NO! Very hard, it痴 Sentinel Versus Sabre Turbo. You池e 
the sentinel so be warned the sabre turbo is fast. Try not to hit him at all. 
That is right, do not hit him as it will make you loose control. Instead just 
try to get past him and not ram him. I kept trying to ram him and ended up losing
but what I did to win was when you get the two stars just speed up and get the 
blips. Ignore the police. (If you use cheats then get rid of the police it will 
help) I find that he may have better acceleration but he does not go into top 
speed so if you are few meters behind you can catch up. He may crash occasionally
but beware when you get to the construction site the police will basically be 
everywhere. It痴 very hard with them but use them to your advantage. Once you get
past him be sharp and don稚 rush corners because that will make you loose control
and give him the lead.


"The Job"
Reward: $50,000
Full armour and health recommended. A Shot gun and Revolver recommended. Get 45
points in shooting rage for faster reload also recommended. To start get in the
taxi and drive to the bank. Get into the costumes for robbing the bank and watch
the cinematic. There are five stray security guards--One on the balcony up the 
stairs, one around the corner upstairs, one guarding the safe, one in a small 
room with body armour on the second level, and one near the manager. Once you go 
upstairs wait a few seconds and take out the two guards. Take the body armour if 
needed and the go up again. Take these two guards out and go to the lift. Kill 
the guard near the safe. Go back down to the second floor and get the manager 
(after stepping on the blip outside the safe). Now go check on Phil and you'll 
watch as the alarm is set off. Go downstairs and wait for the swat. Now using 
the revolver kill all the swat teams and go out. At this point anyone you were 
with can die and it want be a mission failure. But I wouldn稚 advise it. Once 
outside kill the FOUR swat members there and get into the SWAT car and drive to 
the Cams house. If Cam died no big deal if Phil died I would want to restart the 
mission as it bugs the storyline as you will get a phone from Phil telling you to 
work for him.

*Boat Yard*

"Checkpoint Charlie"

Get in the Squalo or Cuban Jetmax sitting on the docks to start this mission. 
The boats are very hard to control. Get all the checkpoints in the time allotted. 
The thing that makes this an absolute bi--hard thing is that there are three jumps
you have to hit to get some checkpoints. Make sure you hit every one of them head 
on. Keep going through picking up all the checkpoints. The 2:30 time limit isn't 
bad if you don't miss any of them. If you screw up on any one, it is very hard to
make up for them. When you do the jumps do not accelerate a lot only slightly so 
you can correct your course for the following jumps.

I prefer the Squalo. I had to do it twice as I died after completing it the first 
time (I hate dieing especially as I have unlimited Python bullets somehow). 

Boat Yard Missions Complete.

*Sunshine Auto*

First complete the Car Boosting job. There are four lists for you to complete. I 
will not give full locations for each car until a later version:

"First List"

Landstalker--Go grab the one from the Test Track mission.
Idaho--Keep driving around.
Esperanto--Same as Idaho.
Stallion--Same as Esperanto.
Rancher--Can be found near North Point Mall
Blista Compact--Rare sometimes, then on every corner. 

"Second List"

Stretch--Parked outside of Diaz's mansion on the right side of the stairs.

"Third List"

Cheetah--In a garage on Starfish Island.
Infernus--On the left side of Diaz's stairs.
Banshee--Out everywhere, check the streets of vice beach
Phoenix--Same as the Banshee.
Comet--Parked out front of the golf course.
Stinger--On the streets.

"Fourth List"

Voodoo--The neat little car with hydraulics, look in Little Havana. Theres one
next to Auntie Paulets home.
Cuban Hermes--The Cuban gang car. Check Little Havana.
Caddy--The golf cart, check around the golf course.
Baggage Handler--Check around the airport.
Pizza Boy--A random scooter that appears behind pizza places.
Mr. Whoopee--You'll have to own the Ice Cream Factory first, and then check 
behind it for a free one.

There are also a total of six circuits in Vice City to street race. You should 
complete all of these:

Race #1
Terminal Velocity
Length - 1.1 Miles
Entrance Fee - $100
Winning Money - $400

Race #2
Ocean Drive
Length - 1.652 Miles
Entrance Fee - $500
Winning Money - $2,000

Race #3
Border Run
Length - 1.926 Miles
Entrance Fee - $1,000
Winning Money - $4,000

Race #4

Capital Cruise
Length - 2.438 Miles
Entrance Fee - $2,000
Winning Money - $8,000

Race #5

Length - 2.86 Miles
Entrance Fee - $5,000
Winning Money - $20,000

Race #6

V.C. Endurance
Length - 6.1 Miles
Entrance Fee - $10,000
Winning Money - $40,000

And there are 

*Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory*


Give 50 people ice creams. Beware of gangs and cops as every 4 you sell, gets 
you a star. This is because it's not ice cream it痴 some sort of drug. The best 
place to do this is: from the factory head north and take the first left. Give 
the people on this street their Ice Creams. Now go forward and turn left or right. 
Deliver, and go the opposite way (if you went left go right, if you went right go 
left). Then go back to the first street you turned into. Deliver and then go either 
left or right. Keep repeating in this little area and you will have 50 in no time.

Ice Cream Factory Missions Completed. 

*Print Works*

"Spilling the Beans"
Reward: $2000

The Print Works is about to get into some counterfeiting business, but you'll 
have to find out when the plates are being delivered. Drive to the docks and go 
into the boat. Kill only the guards that are in your way and head up the stairs 
until you get to the pink dot. Once you get your info, do the same thing back. 
Kill all the guards that you have to, and get back in your car. You have two stars, 
but don't bother with the Pay- and-Spray; the Print Works is right down the road.

"Hit the Courier"
Reward: $5000

Now, it's time to get the plates. Contrary to instinct, DO NOT JUST RUN IN WITH 
GUNS BLAZING! There are many...errr...well...chicks with guns. Some have Shotguns. 
Don't screw with them. Wait for the courier in the helicopter to get in her Sentinel 
XS just run her off the road after you have gotten away from the psychos. Once she 
dies, take the plates back to the Print Works.

*Kaufman Cabs*

"V.I.P. "
Reward: $1000

Get to the blip and honk the horn. The blip will lead you to Starfish Island. A 
rival taxi will take the passenger instead. So keep ramming the taxi or doing 
drive bys and eventually you will get your passenger. But before leaving set him 
on fire (the taxi) and go as fast as you can. The Kaufman Cab is faster so you 
should be clear before it blows. Drive the guy to Escobar and drop him off.

"Friendly Rivalry"
Reward: $2000

You need to destroy three rivals Taxi痴. There痴 no time limit, so keep ramming 
them or doing drive-bys on them and they will blow up in no time. Easy mission. 
Reward: $5000

Drive to the blip to get Mercedes. Drive to the ally at the docks and honk for 
Mercedes. But instead you will find yourself in a trap. Try to stay alive for 
the time allotted (1 min). When you do, six taxis will show up. It's the demolition 
derby. The gates you came through will be closed. Try to get them into the water 
but don稚 fall in yourself. After the 1 minute is up the Zebra Cab will appear. 
Either do the drive-by, and ram tactic, or get out and make one well-aimed Rocket 
Launcher shot. Even if the car explodes, the driver run him over or 
shoot him.

Kaufman Cabs Missions Completed.

*Film Studio*

"Recruitment Drive"
Reward: $1000

Go pick up Candy Suxx in Downtown. When you do, her pimp will show up and drop 
off some men. Kill them, get back in your car, and follow the pimp's car.
If you have an explosive, just blow up his car at a stop light. If not,
just keep ramming him, and ignore whatever men he drops off. Once he's
dead, go pick up Candy. Now you can head over to Mercedes at the near-by
Pizza Place. Take an easy drive back to the studio. 
"Dildo Dodo"
Reward: $2000

This is a tough mission, because the planes in this game fly like crap. You need 
to pull up a little bit; you'll go nowhere, or way too far. If you turn right or 
left, you lose lots of altitude. I started by going south to vice port. Every time 
you pick up a blue checkpoint, a red one appears, and you'll have to go to that 
one next. After the first one, just follow the checkpoints to Little Havana, then 
back down to Escobar. Then back up around and into Downtown. If you can keep your
plane in tact, you'll finish this. Note that if you touch land, you're screwed. 
The Skimmer cannot take off on land.

"Martha's Mug Shot"
Reward: $4000

Get in the Sparrow and follow Candy's limo. After the Cinematic, Park your Sparrow
on the top of the building (it痴 a flat surface) take the pictures and you will 
not have to worry about the FBI in the stairs. But do worry about the flying 
Helicopters that will shoot at you. Do fly-bys by going to cinematic and shooting. 

Reward: $7000

This is just a matter of how well can you handle a motorcycle. Take the PCJ-600 
and head to the blip. Go up the stairs, around the building, and into the elevator.
When you reach the top floor, head to the last easy to find blip. Now push slightly
forward on the analogue stick to lean and gain speed. Ram through the glass and to 
the other side. The goals here are to not fall off the building, not wreck your 
bike, and to not get wasted by taking too much jump damage as you go across. Follow
 the checkpoints over the buildings, hitting the jumps as needed. You'll get to 
two "checkpoints", where stairs will be dropped for you in case you miss a jump 
or something. The last jump is HARD. Push forward to get more speed and hit that 
ramp flying, slam the brakes on and pray you made it. Adjust the spotlight and see
the end.
Note: If you're lazy, just take a helicopter and land at each of the checkpoints.

Film Studio Missions Completed.


Vercetti Mansion:

After Shakedown you can buy all businesses.

Pole Position:

The Pole Dancing Women痴 Cut Scene in the hall left of where you paid $600.

The Malibu:

Phil Cassidy Missions

The Boat Yard:

Boats are Free to ride.

Sunshine Autos:

Delorean, Sabre Turbo, Sandking, Hotring Racer and Free Pay and Spray.

Cheery Poppers Ice Cream Factory:

Just a Save Point 

Print Works:

Further Missions and lets you get final two missions 

Kaufman Cabs:

The Zebra Cab in the Kaufman Building in place of the cab you got into to start 
the missions.

Film Studio:

The Sea Plane

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