Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide v0.3 - John Nolan
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: : : : Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Walkthrough/Strategy Guide

by John Nolan   Updated to v0.3 on

              ____  _____  ____  __  __  __| |
             |    ||     ||__  ||  `/  ||    |
             | || ||  0  | __] ||  ||  || || |
             | || ||    < |    ||  ||  || || |
             | || ||  || || [] ||  ||  || || |
             |__  ||__|| ||____||__||__||____|
              __) |    | |_
             |____|    |_  |
                 _---___ | |__  ___  ____  _---___
                |_   ___||    ||   ||  __||_   ___|
                  | | _  | || || 0 || |__   | | _
                  | || | | || ||  _||  __|  | || |
                  | || | | || || |_ | |     | || |
                  |____| |_||_||___||_|     |____|                         
                ____  _  _  _---___  ____
               |__  || || ||_   ___||    |
                __] || || |  | | _  | || |
               |    || || |  | || | | || |
               | [] || || |  | || | | || |
               |____||____|  |____| |____|

       __    __      ____    ___        ____       _---_   __    __
       \ \  / / <>  / ___\  / _ \      / ___\  <> |_   _|  \ \  / /
        \ \/ /  || / /     / /__/     / /      ||   | |     \ \/ /
         \  /   || \ \___  \ \___     \ \___   ||   | |      \  /
          \/    ||  \____/  \___/      \____/  ||   |_|      / /
      <<<===================================================/ /===>>>


 		ASCII art was created by me (
           Don稚 use this for yourself unless granted by me


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (only for the Playstation2 gaming console)
Walkthrough/Strategy Guide
Created by John Nolan (
This file was created on July 24, 2002
Version 0.3 (Last updated November 6, 2002)

A. Pre Walkthrough Information
     1.Legal Notice
     2.Version History
     3.About me
     4.About GTA: VC
     5.Whats new in Vice City

B. Things you need to know before you get started	 
     1.Basic Controls
     2.On screen icons
     6.Wanted Level
     7.My Stratagies for the game

C. Walkthrough of Main and Side Missions
  1.Main Missions
     b.Ken Rosenberg
     c.Juan Garcia Cortez
     d.Ricardo Diaz

D. Odd Jobs
     1.Arena Missions
     2.Cherry Popper Ice Cream
     4.Cone crazy
     5.Fire Truck
     7.PCJ Playground
     8.Pizza Delivery
     9.RC Missions
     10.Shooting Range
     11.Street Races and Stolen Cars
     12.Taxi Driver
     13.Vigilante Missions

E. Cool Stuff
     1.Hidden Packages
     2.Unique Jumps

F. Cheater

G. Contact Information


     Copyright 2002 John Nolan(Limp 26). This FAQ is the property of John Nolan.
It can not be reproduced in any way unless given permission by me, John Nolan.
The FAQ itself cannot be reproduced for a profit. No commercial company,
including strategy guide or magazine companys, can use this FAQ in their
material unless granted by me, but they can use the material in this FAQ if they
do not plagerize. This is an Unofficial Strategy Guide/FAQ, and I am in no way
connected to Rockstar or Rockstar North. I did not help them in any way make
Grand Theft Auto Vice City. I am not connected to Brady games at all either.
They are the company that makes the official strategy guide. Lastly, no website
can use this FAQ unless I submit it to their site, which means I am giving them
permission to use this FAQ.


Version 0.3 (Started on Nov 4/02 | Completed on Nov 6/02)
      Well these past three days have been busy. I have added TONS OF
CHEATS!!!!! I have also started on my Vehicle List. I couldnt really add anymore
missions but I will startcranking them out soon. I have also added a Contact
Information Section. I will be gone from this Thursday to next Monday on a trip
so I won't be able to work on this Guide at all till then.

Version 0.2 (Started on Nov 1/02 | Completed on Nov 3/02)
      Well I got the game and played it. then I decided to do the begining parts
of the material on Friday and ended on Sunday, Which took up my whole weekend. I
added many new sections and I still have many to go. I will be releasing version
0.3 sometime this week. You all should email me hints/tips/and secrets. I would
appreciate it. 

Version 0.1 (Started on July 24/02 | Completed on Sept 10/02)
      Basically I did the ASCII art and all the stuff that leads up to the
walkthrough before the game was released so I wouldn稚 have to do it when I
wanted to start writing the mission walkthrough. And no, it didn稚 actually take
me three months to write the thing, I did it on and off.


     Yeah, well my name is John Nolan and I live in VA; and their is no way I
can describe how much I am into this game. It's a challenge yet at the same time
it is mind boggling to see how huge this game really is. I'm expecting this game
to be huge, and I think it will sell 1 million copies it's first week out. Now
on the other hand I want to tell you a little story about what happend October
29, the release date.
     Ok, It started out just like any other shcool day, then I remebered that it
was the day that Vice City came out. Naturally I reserved the game at FuncoLand
in September. I had not yet asked my mom if she would take me to go pick it up
so I asked her during our brief morning conversation if she would take me to
FuncoLand to pick up a game I had reserved. Shockingly she said she would think
about it because it depends on my grades,ahem, my grades. In a since I screwed
myself for not doing my Geometry homework whitch led to a D+ in the class. Like
myself I asked her for a yes I'll take you or no absolutly not answer. Then she
said she'll think about it. By then I was pissed and and I raised my voice and
said that I had to pick it up today because I reserved it. Then she said I'll
tell you when you get home. After that I cooled down and accepted the fate. Ah,
then when I walked to the bus stop I told my friend, who was getting his
reserved copy from EB, of my conversation that just happened 30 minutes before,
and like usual my friend bragged about him picking up the game. So during the
school day I pondered about what my Moms answer would be, and how anxcious I was
to get home.
    After the school bus dropped me off I went to my house and asked my mom of
her decision. My spirits were lifted when my mom said she would take me, but
then she said I cant play it until my grades were better(which wouldn't happen).
So for the second time that day I got Pissed and went up to my room to play
Madden '03.
     Finally we got in the car and headed for the FuncoLand, but something went
wrong. It was a cold and rainy day and my mom sais she wouldn't come inside, and
that she going to stay in the car. Knowing that you have to have an adult to gut
Mature games I said she Had to come in. Like all mothers she asked why. I said
you just have to come in. Then She said something about the game being rated R.
I was dumbfounded and said it is a mature game. Then she said that I shouldn't
play this game because it is mature. I said that It's not that bad. Then she
asked me what game it was and I said "Grand Theft Auto Vice City". She went off
and said their is noway your gonna play this game. Luckilly I said I had to get
it because I had paid the full price and if I didn't get it that day that the
reservation would expire(which is true but after two days and not one). She
compromised and said fine and I was releaved.
     We got to FuncoLand and I picked it up. I was hoping that he wouldn't ask
for my age because if he did my mom would get pissed. Then as he was printing
the receipt he asked if I was 18 and I said no but my mom is here. My mom yelled
out and said "see, you shouldn't be playing this game your not 18." I was
completley humiliated in the store. Then my mom started talking to an employee
and said that I was bad and Im not going to be able to play the game until my
grades get up. For the Third time that day I got Pissed. On the ride home my mom
asked me if I thought it was fair that I not play the game because of my grades.
Naturally I said no and told her that dad makes the decisions about punishment
and not her. Like the gods wind,for some strange reason, my mom agreed, I was
shocked for the second time that day. Then I was shocked for a third time when
she said that all I had to do was tell my dad that I bought the game. I was
happy because I knew my dad woudln't care.
    Once we got home I rushed up to my my room and started to play. Then my dad
came home and I told him that I bought the game and he didnt care!! So now all I
do is play vice city all the time. I'll never know what snapped in my moms head
on that day but she really pissed me off. I know it was kind of wierd story but
I just wanted to add this just to show you guys what happened. Thats the end of
my story

If you have any storys you want to share about Vice City just Email me at They will be posted at the end of the hint section if I get


    You are Tommy Vercetti, a nice guy that was wrongfully "placed" in the
Prison System of the US when you were just 20. Now you are out and you are older
and smarter than before. You are looking to make some money so your boss, the
Forelli Family based in Liberty City, sends you to Vice City, Florida. There you
meet a lawer by the name of Ken Rosnberg, the Forellis contact in Vice. You and
some other people go to a diclosed location to make a coke deal. You supply the
money and the sellers supply the coke. Then as the deal is being made three
masked shooters pop out of nowhere and start firing. All your partners are
killed but you escaped. Now you are in the streets trying to make money and find
the truth. It's time to make a deal or two baby!!!
      Welcome to Vice City, always hot in many different ways. In the prequal to
the extremley succesfull Grand Theft Auto III you will be able to do many things
that were never possible before. Vehicles of all kind have been added and a map
that is just huge. You can now do mant different types of Missions and stuff.
This game is on it's way to being one of the most succesfull Video games in
history. Now it is time for the killin.


This section lists the most important addons that are new in Grand Theft Auto
Vice City that we didn't see in GTA3.

1. Motorcycles, yes the two wheeled speed demon that you have wanted is now here
in 4 different models. The PCJ 600 is the sports bike, the Freeway is the Harley
of the game, the Sanchez is a dirtbike, and last and least is the Faggio, a
really crapy moped. And with these bikes comes the opurtunities for wheelies and

2. Choppers and Planes that you can easily control are now in Vice City. There
is the Maverick, a Police Maverick, Seasparrow, Sparrow, News Maverick, and the

3. Inside locations are now apart of the game. Their are over 50 interior
locations in Vice City and all are something to look into.

4. If you have enough money you can now go and buy an icecream shop or a dance
club. These are not cheap though but they do give you back money. You'll become
your own buisness man and you'll rise to the top.

5. You now have more 6 save points instead of three. The bad thing is that you
have to pay for some of these save points.

6. Ever wanted to robb a store and get away clean, well in Vice city that is
possible. Their are 15 Stores you can robb and killing the cashier afterward is
the fun part. You have to watch out for the cops though because they'll be right
on your tail.

7. Tired of those old dirty clothes, now you can change your clothes whenever
you want. Their are many different clothes styles you can wear now.

8. Their are loads of new extra missions. If you need some fast cash just inter
into the Destuction Derby and destroy them for some cash.

9. Their are some new weapons in the Vice City area now. Grab a chainsaw and
wreak havoc on the people of Vice City.

10. Their is a new targeting system that swithes to the most dangerous person in
the area. You can now switch between targets also.

11. Now cops won't just go after you, they will go after anyone causing danger
to the public. Gang wars are also raging, dont get caught in the crossfire
between the Cubans and the Haitians.

12. And Finally their is a map that is huge. It's way bigger than Liberty City
and the whole city is acessable pretty much at the start of the game.   



Controls on foot
    D-pad - move around
    Left analog - move around

    X - sprint
    O - attack
    SQ - jump
    Tri - steal vehicle
    R1 - auto lock on
    R2 - select weapon/switch target
    R3 - look behind
    L1 - center camera/replace weapon/buy buisness
    L2 - weapon select/switch target
    L3 - crouch
    Select - toggle camera
    Start - puase menu

Controls for Land and Water Vehicles

    D-pad - move vehicle
    Left analog - move vehicle

    X - accelerate
    O - drive by(hold L2/R2)
    SQ - brake
    Tri - exit vehicle
    R1 - skid right
    R2 - look Right
    R3 - vehicle mission on/off
    L1 - change radio stations
    L2 - look left
    L3 - horn
    R2+L2 - look behind

Controls for choppers

 left analog stick controls
    up - accelerate
    down - slow
    right - tilt right
    left - tilt left

    X - ascend
    SQ - descend
    R2 - rotate right
    L2 - rotate left


This section is a description of the basic on sceen icons you see on your tv

1. In the upper right hand corner of the screen their should be a pink/orange
box, that's the weapon identification box, it tells you what weapon you currntly
have equiped. Use the L2/R2 buttons between the 8 weapons that you can carry.

2. To the left and to the top of the weapon identification box there should be a
blue digital clock. It runs on military time(no A.M. or P.M. classification)and
it runs so that one hour in the game is one minute in real time. Once the clock
has made a 24 minute cycle a day is completed in the game and another begins.

3. Below the digital clock there is the amount of money counter. well obviosly
this tells you howmuch money you currently have. you can have a total amount of
$99,999,999, but that wont happen unless you cheat.

4. Below the money counter is you armor/health gauge. Usually only the pink
health marker will be seen, but when you equip armor your silver armor gauge
will show up.

5. Below the health/armor qauge is your wanted level. When the police see you
comit a crime the first star will be illuminated and the police will chase after
you. If you comit more crimes along the way the remaining five stars can be
illuminated and the manhunt for you will become like a living hell. See the
Wanted Level section of the guide for a more complete description of each wanted

6. In the bottom left han corner of your screen is the radar. it is a circle
with a map in it, and it has an "N" to mark which way is north. At the very edge
of the circle there are icons on the radar that can be seen. If there is an icon
of a pink VHS tape that is your save point. If there is an icon that is blue
with a capital letter that is your mission location marker. If there is an icon
of a gun, spraycan, or hammer then those are stores where you can buy weapons
and spraypaint your car. Finally if there is a blip that is pink or yellow go
towards it because it they are objective markers.


Melee Weapons

    Baseball Bat - Used to pound pedestrians into the ground.

    Brass Knucles - Carried by club bouncers that like to make
                    permanent marks on revelers faces.

    Chainsaw - Power tool usually used to cut tree limbs, in Tommys                           
               hands it's used to cut human limbs.

    Cleaver -  A large rectangular blade used to slice through meat,
               Tommy uses it to slice through people.

    Golf Club - Used to hit golf balls on the course, also can be used
                to bust up cars and whack people.

    Hammer - Used to pound or pull nails, also to be used to pound cars
             and an occasional roller blader.

    Katana - A Japanese Samurais' only friend, now used in the same
             way but on innocent civilians.

    Knife - Used to stab Cubans, not meat.

    Machete - A large blade used to clear dense underbrush, can also be
               used to shorten people.

    Nightstick - A small club used by coppers that can be picked up  
                 once you have murded one.

    Screw Driver - Used for screwing in things and to disembody an 
                   eyeball or two.

Hand Guns

    Colt 45 - Regular 9mm hand gun that is accurate, but slow and less
              powerfull than a python.

    Colt Python - A powerfull revolver that can take down enemies on
                  one shot, also very accurate.

Sub-Machine Guns

    Ingram Mac 10 - This gun is not to accurate and has a short                                           
                    effective range.

    MP5 - An extremly accurate submachine gun, which is caried around
          by the FBI agents.

    TEC-9 - A rapid fire Sub that is used by a wide range of criminals.

    UZI 9mm - This sub is a big help when you are at long range and is
              very fast.


    Chromed Shotgun - This weapon is deadly at close range and is very     

    Spaz Shotgun - A double barrel Shotgon that lets you fire 7 rounds
                   without reloading.

    Stubby Shotgun - A sawed-off shotgun that is all black.

Assault Rifles

    Colt M4 - A street M16 that has a sight and fully automatic

    Ruger - This is pretty much a slow automatic sniper rifle
            without a scope but a sight, also powerfull at
            close range.

Deadly Weapons

    Flame-Thrower - Throws flames that can engulf many people at once,
                    and the cops dont like it at all.

    M60 - A powerfull general purpose heavy machine gun that can take
          out many people.

    Minigun - this is no mini-gun it's a gatling gun that can mow
              peds down.

    Rocket Launcher - Shoots rockets that make huge explosions and take
                      out any helicopter, plane, or car.

Sniper Rifles

    General Sniper Rifle - A single loader that is accurate but slow to
                           reload, and has a scope.

    PSG-1 - Really an extremly accurate semi-automatic rifle that can
            do much damage at long range.


    Bomb/Detonator - pretty much it's just a grenade with a manual

    Grenades - Bombs that are timed after release and can take out many
              people and blow up cars with ease.

    Molotov cocktail - This is a bottle filled with gas and a burning
                       cloth, anybody in area will catch fire.

    Teargas - Used to scatter crowds and make them lose health and

(Reminder):you probably dont notice but a car is the deadliest weapon in the
whole game.



ANGEL                                 FREEWAY    

description:                          description:
Not to fast and bad handling.         Very fast and ok handling. 
Looks like the Freeway.               Looks like Harley Davidson.

speed      6/10                       speed       7/10
handling   5/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  3/10                       cornering   5/10

PCJ 600                               SANCHEZ

description:                          description:
A very fast sports bike.              Dirt bike that is used offroad.
Looks like a sports bike.             Looks like a dirt bike.

speed      9/10                       speed       8/10
handling   6/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  4/10                       cornering   5/10


A slow moped that has no use.
Looks like an 80s moped.

speed      1/10
handling   4/10
cornering  4/10


                  SMALL AND MUSCLE CARS

BLISTA COMPACT                        CUBAN HERMES

description:                          description:
A good getaway car.                   Fast and ok handling and flame DC 
Looks like a Honda CRX.               Looks like long car from the 30s.

speed      6/10                       speed       9/10
handling   8/10                       handling    7/10
cornering  7/10                       cornering   7/10

HERMES                                MANANA

description:                          description:
Fast for an old car.                  Very slow and bad handling. 
Looks like long car from 30s.         Looks like a Trans Am.

speed      7/10                       speed       4/10
handling   7/10                       handling    3/10
cornering  6/10                       cornering   4/10

PHOENIX                               SABRE TURBO

description:                          description:
Fast and very cool car.               Fast and strip down the middle. 
Looks like an 80s sports.             Looks like a 60s car.

speed      8/10                       speed       8/10
handling   7/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  7/10                       cornering   5/10

SABRE                                 STALLION

description:                          description:
Fast and ok handling.                 Slow and ok handling.
Looks like a 60s car.                 Looks like a stallion from GTA3.

speed      7/10                       speed       5/10
handling   5/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  6/10                       cornering   5/10


Ok speed and hydralics
A car from the 50s

speed      6/10
handling   5/10
cornering  4/10


                      MIDSIZE CARS

ADMIRAL                               ESPERANTO

description:                          description:
Ok speed and ok handling.             Very slow and bad handling. 
Looks like a luxery 4 door.           Looks like a big sedan.

speed      6/10                       speed       4/10
handling   6/10                       handling    4/10
cornering  6/10                       cornering   4/10

GLENDALE                              GREENWOODD

description:                          description:
Not to fast and ok handling.          Not fast and ok handling. 
Looks like a 60s car.                 Looks like a Virgo.

speed      5/10                       speed       6/10
handling   6/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  6/10                       cornering   5/10

IDAHO                                 OCEANIC

description:                          description:
Slow and bad handling.                Slow with bad handling. 
Looks like a pimp mobile.             Looks like a classic 60s car.

speed      3/10                       speed       5/10
handling   4/10                       handling    4/10
cornering  4/10                       cornering   4/10

PERINNIAL                             REGINA

description:                          description:
Not fast and really crap.             Not fast and still crap. 
Looks like a Station Wagon.           Looks like a Station Wagon.

speed      3/10                       speed       4/10
handling   4/10                       handling    4/10
cornering  3/10                       cornering   3/10

SENTINEL XS                           SENTINEL

description:                          description:
Good speed and handling, spoiler.     Slow and bad handling. 
Looks like a BMW.                Looks like Sentinel XS.

speed      8/10                       speed       4/10
handling   7/10                       handling    4/10
cornering  7/10                       cornering   4/10

VIRGO                                 WASHINGTON

description:                          description:
Ok car that is average.               A little slow and bad handling. 
Looks like a Cutlass.                 Looks like A Mercedes.

speed      6/10                       speed       4/10
handling   5/10                       handling    4/10
cornering  5/10                       cornering   4/10


                  HIGH PERFORMANCE CARS

BANSHEE                               BLOODRING BANGER

description:                          description:
Fast for a quick getaway.             A demolition car that is fast. 
Looks like a Camero.                  Looks like a 70s NASCAR.

speed      8/10                       speed       8/10
handling   8/10                       handling    6/10
cornering  8/10                       cornering   5/10

CHEETAH                               COMET

description:                          description:
Fast car with style                   Fast and good handling. 
Looks like a 80s sports.              Looks like a Beetle convertible.

speed      9/10                       speed       9/10
handling   8/10                       handling    8/10
cornering  9/10                       cornering   8/10

DELUXO                                HOTRING RACER

description:                          description:
Fast car for fast times.              A Race car used in the Hotring. 
Looks like a Delorian.                Looks like A Mid 90s Mustang.

speed      9/10                       speed       9/10
handling   9/10                       handling    8/10
cornering  9/10                       cornering   7/10

INFERNUS                              STINGER

description:                          description:
Fast car, fast look.                  Not to fast but it is a CNV. 
Looks like a L Diablo.                Looks like a old Sebring.

speed      9/10                       speed       6/10
handling   9/10                       handling    8/10
cornering  9/10                       cornering   8/10


                        SUVS & PICKUPS

BF INJECTION                          BOBCAT

description:                          description:
Sort of fast dune buggy.              Slow with bad handling. 
Looks like a dune buggy.              Looks like a pickup.

speed      7/10                       speed       5/10
handling   6/10                       handling    3/10
cornering  5/10                       cornering   4/10

LANDSTALKER                           MESA GRANDE

description:                          description:
A slow suv and bad handling.          Ok speed with ok handling. 
Looks like a Jeep Cherokee.           Looks like a Jeep Wrangler.

speed      5/10                       speed       6/10
handling   4/10                       handling    6/10
cornering  3/10                       cornering   5/10

PATRIOT                               RANCHER

description:                          description:
Fast with good handling.              A great 4x4 with good speed. 
Looks like a Hummer.                  Looks like a Ford Bronco.

speed      7/10                       speed       5/10
handling   6/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  5/10                       cornering   3/10

SANDKING                              WALTON

description:                          description:
Ok speed with nice handling.          Slow and bad handling. 
Looks like a Big Rancher.             Looks like a very old pickup.

speed      5/10                       speed       5/10
handling   8/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  6/10                       cornering   4/10



BURRITO                               GANG BURRITO

description:                          description:
Ok van with ok handling.              An ok gang van with of speed. 
Looks like a van.                     Looks like a van.

speed      5/10                       speed       5/10
handling   5/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  3/10                       cornering   3/10

MOONBEAM                              PONY

description:                          description:
A really slow van.                    Slow and bad handling. 
Looks like a Astrovan.                Looks like a construction van.

speed      4/10                       speed       4/10
handling   3/10                       handling    4/10
cornering  3/10                       cornering   3/10

RUMPO                                 TOP FUN

description:                          description:
Slow as anything.                     Not used to drive around. 
Looks like a van.                     Looks like a Top Fun van.

speed      4/10                       speed       5/10
handling   2/10                       handling    5/10
cornering  2/10                       cornering   4/10


This section gives a brief bio of all the people you will be working for.

Tommy Vercetti
Uh, the main character, duh
Voice by - Ray Liotta
Tommy is 35 years old and he was just released from 15 years in the big house.
He is connected to the Forelli crime family that is based in Liberty City. The
Forelli family sent Tommy down to Vice City.


Ken Rosenberg
The Lawyer
Voice by - Bill Fichtner

Ken is a 33 year old laywer, and he is the first person Tommy works for. He has
been trying to build a connection with mobsters up north since '78. He picks
Tommy up from the airport and takes him to a drug deal, hmmm what will happen.


Lance Vance
The Transient
Voice by - Philip Michael Thomas

Lance is a 32 year old who is looking for money. His brother was caught in the
crossfire at the Forelli drug deal. Now he teams up with Tommy to avenge his
brothers death. I'm sure he'll be a big help in some of your missions.


Juan Garcia Cortez
The Colonel
Voice by - Robert Davi

Juan is a retired Colonel of the army and he knows how to get things done. He is
friends with Ken and helped set up the the failed exchange that left Tommy in
the Vice. He throws huge partys on his Yacht in the bay.


Ricardo Diaz
Mr. Coke
Voice by - Luis Guzman

Ricardo is a coke lord in Vice City. He lives in a huge mansion on starfish
island. He has a large gun collection and usually shots pigeons for fun. He is
always angry at something or someone. I think he needs therapy.


Avery Carrington
The Texas Cowboy
Voice by - Burt Reynolds

Avery is powerfull cowboy in Vice City. This cowboy is one of the most
influential criminals in the city. He always has some advice to give so listen


Umberto Robina
Cuban Warlord
Voice by - Danny Trejo

Umberto lives in Little Havana and runs his fathers Cafe. He really hates the
Haitians and wants a war with them. He is not violent though, he has never
comited a crime.


The rest of the characters will be added as soon as I get to them in the game.   


Ah, don't ya just love this. Well this section explains to you what happens when
those little stars light up.


This first level is no big deal. If you kill anyone when a cop is near or you
bump into a cop car this level will be actived. If you get in a car and speed
way or if you find a police bribe then you can go back down to zero. The only
way you can get busted is if you are pulled from your car. If you decide to
fight then the cops will pull out Colt 45s for long range and nightsticks for
short range.



This is only the second level and it is tough. If you kill any number of people
or if you kill a cop this level will be activated. If you are in a car their
will be two police cars on your tail trying to bump you up. Now the cops will
shoot automaticly if you reach this level. Again, know were the bribes are and
know were the Pay N Spray is.



Now it gets good. Cops will still chase you and under-cover cops in unmarked
Cheetas will bump you as well. The chopper will appear and it may shoot at you.
If you evade there will be road blocks of patrol cars blocking some roads and
they wont hesitate to blow out you tires with their guns. Find bribes or the Pay
N Spray do decrease this level.



The assault rages when this level is reached. Most police cars will chase you
now. The chopper will continuously fire at you. They push strips onto the roads,
and the SWAT team will appear in their Enforcers. They will jump out and fire at
you with Uzis and Colt 45s. Now you can experience SWAT troops coming out of the
chopper as well. You need to run away but even that is extremly hard now.



Whoa nelly!! Your screwed!! Your done for if your on foot or in a car. All
police cars will ram into you as fast as they can. The FBI will show up in black
Ranchers, and there will be black suvs packed as well. All FBI agents carry MP5s
and Colt 45s. The FBI will try to ram you too, and their is the never ending
onslaught by the chopper or choppers.



Can anyone say NATIONAL GAURD!!!! Now the Government notices you as a threat to
the nation. All the onslaught that was before is still their with the
enlightning presence of the National Gaurd. They come in Rhino tanks that shoot
at you with their artillery rounds. There are soilder in Barrack OLs and
Flatbeds. They will storm the street and surround your position. The soilders
carry MP5s, Grenades, and Colt 45s, and that darn chopper is still overhead.
Sorry budy but you better be in a Skimmer headed for out of town because your a


                           !!!COMING LATER!!!



     The game starts out with Tommy ariving in Vice City at Escobar
International Airport. He is picked up By Ken Rosenberg, the lawyer. then it
shows a seen of some people in a dark room around a table. A man is talking on
the phone and begins to cuss a bit. Then it goes back to Tommy and it shows them
driving up in a car. Tommy and a few body gaurds watch a chopper land in front
of them and some guys with briefcases walk towards them. Naturaly they start to
make the Exchange of money and cacaine but that is when something bad happens.
All of the sudden three gunmen in all black pop out from behind some boxes and
start to fire. Tommys Body Gaurds are wasted but he escaped the bullets as did
Ken and Lance Vance.
     So the story begins and you are in an alley some where in Vice City. You
start out next to a car so get in and start to drive. There should be a pink
blip on your radar, follow that and you will be in front of the Ocean View
Hotel, your first save Point. Go inside and find the floating pink tape, this is
your save icon. The Hotel is actually pretty big. If you go up the stairs there
will be a room with a change of street clothes, this can lower your wanted level
by 1 or 2 stars.
     After you've saved go out side and there should be another icon on your
radar. If you want to go and start your missions for Ken Rosenberg, but it would
be a good idea to get familiar with Vice City first. As of now you can also play
any number of side missions such as the Vigilante and Ambulance, you know, stuff
like that. Also, The bridges connecting the island, the place you are on right
now, is cut of from the mainland due to the threat of a Hurricane. Well, it now
time to start the real missions, starting off with Ken Rosenberg.


Right now Ken is your only contact so give him a visit and he will give you your
first set of jobs.


Payoff - Nothing

  This really isnt a mission at all and you dont get paid but oh well. All you
have to do is go to the pink marker ouside of where the L is located on your
radar. He will talk for a while then he gives you your real first mission.


Objective# - 3

Payoff - $100

   Rosenberg tells you about the retired Colonel Jaun Garcia Cortez, and about
the party he is throwing on his Yacht. First You have to go to Rafaels clothing
store. Follow the T-shirt icon on the radar. Once you get there stand on the
pink marker and you will recieve a cool blue suite. Now that you have that done
pick up the Motorcycle left behind by a biker and go to the Colonels Yacht.
   Stand on the pink marker and a movie will play. In it the Colonel apologizes
about the incedent that went down before. After the movie Mercedes, the Colonels
daughter, asks you to escort her to the Pole Position Club. Get into the closest
car and escort her to the club. Drive your car into the pink marker and the
mision is complete. After compeltion you can do the Colonels missions.


Objective# - 4

Payoff - $200

   After you recieve the briefing from Ken follow the blip on your radar to the
Malibu Club. There you will meet Kent Paul, a player in the music bis. Kent
tells you to go find a chef in an alley off of Ocean Drive, he might have some
info. Now follow the green blip on your screen untill you get to the alley. Get
out and the chef is waiting. Now you have to beat the crap out of him with your
fighting techniques. Once you've busted him up he will cough up his cell phone,
which you will be able to use for the rest of the game.
   After the fight a rather stylish black man will apear, it's Lance Vance. He
will talk to you then tell you to follow him. There will be some angry chefs
chasing you, but dont try to kill them or beat them up just follow Lance. Try to
get into the Infernus before he does because the chefs can pull you out and beat
you up if you don't. Now Lance tells you to head over to the nearest
Ammu-Nation. Follow the gun icon on your radar, and drive into the pink marker.
A movie will play and just stay in the car when it finishes and your done, you
get 200 more bucks.


Objective# - 2

Payoff - $400

   After you complete the last mission you will recieve a phone call. Answer it
then head back to Ronesbergs.  Ken tells you that Forelli's cousin is in court
here in Vice City, and he wants you to go change the minds of the jurors. When
you get ouside a car will barely miss you and hit another guy. He drops a hammer
so pick it up because you will need it for this mission. There will be two blips
on your radar, head for the one up by the Malibu Club first.
   When you get there, their will be a parked car with an arrow over it. Get out
of your car and start beating the car with your hammer. go all around the car
then the juror will come out of the building. After he sees you have destroyed
his car he runs in fear, but dont kill him because you will fail the mission.
Now head toward the second juror.
   Again the car is pointed out, but this time the juror is standing outside his
car. Hit him once and he gets in his car then use the hammer to beat the door
untill it falls off. Then pull him out and beat him some more. He will
eventually run away and you will have $400.



Objective# - 3

Payoff - $1000

   Head to Rosenbergs for your last of his missions. Avery Carrington will be
there and he wants you to rough some people up for him. First you must head over
to Rafael's to pick up some redneck overalls. Once you have the cloths follow
the blip and enter the yard where many others workers dressed like you are
assembling. You must start a riot and to do this you must get in a fight with 4
of the protesting workers. Once that happens everyone starts beating each other
up and the gates to the property open and a few secuirity gaurds come out to try
to break up the riot.
   Your new objective is to destroy three vans that are on the property. If you
notice the red barrels that would be a help. To get a gun beat up a nearby
security gaurd, but watch out because you will get pummled by some rioters as
you do this. Take the gun aand move back a distance. First blow up the two vans
parked together. Lock on to the barrel and fire, both vans should be gone now.
  There is still one more van though. Dont try to go blow the barrel because it
is to far away. Get in the truck and try to park it closer to the barrel. If the
mob is there they can take you out of the truck so if their are to many mob
people just drive the truck away from the property and proceed to run it into
walls untill it catches fire. when you win this mission you'll get $1,000, yeah

Garcia Cortez's Missions

The Colonel will call you on his cell phone and tell you to come to his Yahct.
Follow the C on your radar to the docks and stand on the pink marker to get your
first mission.

Objective# - 2

Payoff - $250

   You now know who stole your money at the coke deal, a little pig named
Gonzales. The Colonel will give you a chainsaw and he tells you to kill him. Get
in a car and follow the blip on the radar. He will be on the roof down by the
pool. He starts running towards you but his two body gaurds are there. Take them
out and follow Gonzales outside. You will have to deselect the chainsaw to catch
up with him. once you get close enough pull out the saw and slice him.
   Once he is finished your Wanted level goes up to two. Get into a fast car(if
available) and drive to the nearest Pay N Spray to decrease your Wanted level.
watch out for the cops though, they like to bumb into your car alot. Once you
get your car painted you'll get $250.


Objective# - 3 

Payoff - $500

   The Colonel wants you to go to Washington Mall and meet a courier. First go
to the left along the dock fence untill you find a PCJ 600.  Then go by the
Ammu-Nation and pick up a Mack-10. Now head towards the blip on the screen and
drive your 600 inside the mall. Park it at the base of the escalator then go up
and meet the courier. All of the sudden a French SWAT team comes out of nowhere
and starts to fire.
   The courier will flee but you are in some heat. Kill some of the French Guys
with your Mack-10, then go down the escalator and get on the bike. By the time
you do get on the courier will be out of the mall and in a vehicle. Chase him
down and kill him then get off the bike and pick up the the Blue Chip. Now race
back to the Colonels yacht and delver the chip. Once this is done you will get


Objective# - 4

Payoff - $1000

    The Colonel wants you to watch over Diaz as he makes a drug deal. First
follow the blip to the parking garage and pick up the Ruger. As you do Lance
will show up in his Infernus and he decides to help you out. Get in the Infernus
and drive to the next blip. Now you have to go up the stairs on your right and
position yourself so are in a good aiming position. I would crouch down so your
shots are more accurate. As the deal starts the cubans will arive and start to
   Remeber, if Ricardo or Lance die then the mission is over. First take out the
Cubans in the very first car, the guys making the deal will probaly kill them so
dont worry. A second wave of Cubans arive to the right and start to fire. Shot
them up they should get into your clear view now. Then a thrid wave arrives from
the left. One guy will hide behind a box. Some of them you cant see because of
the roof. Be sure to watch out for Lance also, if you here him say he needs help
then shoot the guy that is close to him. Once you have killed them all two
bikers will appear and steel the money.
   As they are driving away Lance shoots one but it is the guy without the
money. Now you must get on the downed bikers bike. Fall off the roof and get on
the bike and go afer the other biker. If you have a gun just aim it ahead and
kill him, but if you dont then try to hit him off his bike then beat him up.
He'll drop the money and you have to return it to Diaz. Go back to the deal spot
and give it back to him. you just got $1000.


Objective# - 2

Payoff - $2000

   The Colonel asks you to retrieve a piece of hardware that is being taken
somewhere. Get in your car and head toward the red blip on your radar. Stop far
ahead of the convoy and park your car in front of it. The Guy in the Humvee will
get out and move your car. Now, if you want to beat this part you will need a
Remote Grenade and a Ruger.
   Ok, while the guy is moving your car throw a remote grenade under the first
personell truck and run. Find cover and press circle. Now get out your ruger and
kill the rest of the personell. Now shoot the guy in the turret and get in the
   Now turn the turret backwards and begin firing it for more speed. The
military will activate the tanks self destruction mechanism. Head for the blip
on your radar, then once you get there park it in the garage and get out. If you
fire the turret backwards it will go much faster. There you go, you get 2000
more bucks.

This mission is hard so if you have any other ways to beat this mission then
email me at


Objective# - 4

Payoff - $5000

   This is your last mission for the Colonel. He is deciding to leave town and
he wants you to escort him. You will stay on the Yacht and defend it. First you
must kill some guys on boats that are persuing you. Shoot them all before they
board. After that a movie will play showing the path of the Yacht is blocked by
other boats.
  First guys will board the boat form the front so shoot as many as you can. For
the rest of this mission some guys will get past and come up to the deck you are
on, shoot the as well. You have shipmates that help you out and they also yell
whn a chopper is coming. Get the Ruger and health if you need it and unload on
the chopper. It will drop some more guys on your deck every once in a while.
Blow booth choppers up and get another Ruger and some health.
   Now an Apache helicopter shows up!!! It will strafe the boat at every pass
and will kill most of your shipmates. Keep a constant barage of fire on the
Apache, he hardly hits you with his bullets. If you need more ammo or health get
it. When you do finally blow up the Apache you will need to clear a route for
the boat to travel. Get out the Ruger and destroy the boats in front. After that
the mission is over and you have $5000.

After this you will get a call from Kent Paul, he will have a new mission for

Ricardo Diazs' Missions


Objective# - 2         

Payoff - $1000

   Diaz wants you to follow one of Diaz's dealers who is stealing cash and
stashing it in some place. Follow the pink blip to his apartment and peek inside
his window. When you do he gets freeked out and he heads for the rooftops.
Follow him over the rooftops untill he jumps down and speeds away in his car.
Now jump down and grab the scooter, its not fast but the dealer cant hit you
with his bullets. Be quick or you will lose him and you fail the mission.
   Start to follow his car around Vice Point. He will be shooting at you so try
to doge his bullets. After a while he will lead you to his hiding spot, and you
will get $1000.


Objective# - 2

Payoff - $2000

   Now Diaz wants you to attack the stronghold and recover his stolen cash. He
wants you to pilot a chopper and attack. Lance finds some way to sneek in and is
you pilot and you are the gunner. he flies you over to the stonghold on Prawn
Island and thats were you begin your attack. Guys will be on the roof and on the
balconeys. Their are three areas you must attack. While on the first area make
sure you kill them fast and if you see any barrels on the roof shoot them. After
that you go to the backyard where their are guys shooting from behind their
cars. Again, kill fast with good aim and blow up any barrels you see. Move to
the third area and do the same. Then its back to the first area, if your chopper
hasn't been blown to bits then lance will drop you off were you proceed on foot.
   You will have an M60 so you wont have a hard time killing the guys. Enter the
house and be ready because there are guys on both floors ready to shoot. Crouch
down and pick them off one at a time and their wont be a problem. Head up the
stairs and get to the roof, ther will probably be another guy somewhere close
by. Pick up the package on the roof and Lance will land and pick you up. You
will go back to the mansion were you recieve a $2000 reward.

"THE FASTEST BOAT"                              

Objective# - 4

Payoff - $4000

   Diaz wants you to steal a new boat that is really fast. It would help him
with the coke flow. First go pickup some armor and some guns, your gonna need
them. Once that is finished go to the red blip on your radar. Enter the boat
yard but be careful of the gaurds. Kill all the gaurds and then go towards the
boat, which is hanging up. It will tell you that you need to flip a switch to
put the boat in the water.
   Now head inside the warehouse and waste the guys in there. Go over to the
lever and stand on the pink marker. The boat will splash down, then you are
faced with some more gaurds. Kill all the gaurds then head back down to the
boat. Get in the boat, then your wanted level goes to three. Hurry the boat back
to Diazs dock alive and you get $ Gs.



Objective# - 2

Payoff - $10,000

   Diaz wants you to take the boat and pick up some coke before all the other
dealers in town pick it up. Head out back and stand in the pink marker. A movie
will play showing Lance in the boat again. Now you have to beat the other boats
to the sail boat. Follow them through the channels, be sure to slow down at some
points or you will hit things.Be sure not to hit them because you will go all
over the place. If you do get close enough Lance will start to fire on them.
   Once you have beaten them to the boat the second part begins. Now you have
controls of a machine gun. The other guys will now chase you so aim your gun at
the enemy shooter and take him out, then hit the driver. When you see the guys
on the jetty shoot at the red barrels, they will explode and kill all of them.
   Now there is a chopper following you as well. Try to shoot at the gunner
hanging from the chopper, but if you can't get a steady aim then just shoot the
chopper down. After that there is one last boat ahead of you. You have a clean
shot on the driver and the gunner so take them out, If you hit the boat enough
it will explode big time because of the extra explosives. After that you return
to the mansion and you have $10,000.

Tommy Vercettis' Missions

This will all be in the next version.




This whole section is still under construction. I will have things in everyone
of the sections by next version.

Hidden Packages
Unique Jumps


You Guys need to send in your own HINTS,TIPS,and SECRETS to my email
adress( I would appreciate it a bunch.

You know it's not good to cheat, dang. Well I cheat too, but NOT ON MISSIONS. I
would only use these cheats when I want to create some chaos, yeah.

Weapons #1 - R1, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP               
Weapons#2 - R1,R2, L1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN,     LEFT
Lower Wanted Level - R1,R1,O,R2,UP,DOWN,UP,DOWN,UP,DOWN
Play as Candy SuXXX - O,R2,DOWN,R1,LEFT,RIGHT,R1,L1,X,L2
Play as Phil Cassidy - RIGHT,R1,UP,R2,L1,RIGHT,R1,L1,RIGHT,O
Spawn a Rhino - O,O,L1,O,O,O,L1,L2,R1,TRIANGLE,O,TRIANGLE
Spawn a Bloodring Racer - DOWN,R1,O,L2,L2,X,R1,L1,LEFT,LEFT
Spawn a Hotring Racer - R1,O,R2,RIGHT,L1,L2,X,X,SQUARE,R1
Ladies Man - (certain women follow you and beat anyone who you beat or start a
fight with) O,X,L1,L1,R2,X,X,O,TRIANGLE

THANKS TO - for submiting these cheats

you guys should get the rest

It is a very good chance that some of these cheats below dont work. I still have
yet to check all of them.

chicks with guns:

Commit Suicide
R, L2, D, R1, L, L, R1, L1, L2, L1

Raise Wanted Level
R1, R1, O, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R

Change Clothes
R, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D, R

Play As Ricardo Diaz
L1, L2, R1, R2, D, L1, R2, L2

Play As Lance Vance
O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, L1

Play As Ken Rosenberg
R, L1, U, L2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R1

Play As Hilary King
R1, O, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R2

Play As Love Fist Guy #1
D, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X

Play As Love Fist Guy #2
R1, L2, R2, L1, R, R2, L, X, S, L1

Play As Sonny Forelli
O, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X

Play As Mercedes
R2, L1, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, O, T

Spawn A Bloodring Banger
U, R, R, L1, R, U, S, L2

Spawn A Hotring Racer #2
R2, L1, O, R, L1, R1, R, U, O, R2

Spawn A Romero's Hearse
D, R2, D, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, L, R

Spawn A Love Fist
R2, U, L2, L, L, R1, L1, O, R

Spawn A Trashmaster
O, R1, O, R1, L, L, R1, L1, O, R
Black Cars
O, L2, U, R1, L, X, R1, L1, L, O

Dodo Cheat
R, R2, O, R1, L2, D, L1, R1

Perfect Handling
T, R1, R1, L, R1, L1, R2, L1

Spawn A Sabre Turbo
R, L2, D, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, O, L

Spawn A Caddie
O, L1, U, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X

Blow Up Cars
R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, S, T, O, T, L2, L1

Aggressive Drivers
R2, O, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, R2, L2

Pink Cars
O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X

Sunny Weather
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, D

Cloudy Weather
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T

Very Cloudy Weather
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, S

Stormy Weather
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, O

Foggy Weather
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X

Speed Up Time
O, O, L1, S, L1, S, S, S, L1, T, O, T

Slow Down Time
T, U, R, D, S, R2, R1

Peds Riot*
D, L, U, L, X, R2, R1, L2, L1
* Most likely, you won't be able to turn this off once it's on.

Peds Hate You*
D, U, U, U, X, R2, R1, L2, L2
* Most likely, you won't be able to turn this off once it's on.

girls follow Tommy:

flying cars Right, R2, O, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1R2,Circle,R1,L2,Left,R1,L1,R2,L2

Drive Cars on Water
Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2

Bigger/Smaller Wheels
R1, X, Triangle, Right, R2, Square, Up, Down, Square

O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X 

Peds have weapons
R2, R1, X, T, X, T, U, D 

Gals Drop Weapons
R, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, L1, X 

Media Level Meter
R2, O, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, S, T 

Hovering Cars
Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2 

Weird Wheels
R1, X, Triangle, Right, R2, Square, Up, Down, Square 

Car Speed x2
R1, R2, L1, L1, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U

slow motion
Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1

If you have any cheats that work that arn't above feel free to send them to my
email adress(

If you have any secrets that you have found in the game please send them to my
email adress. You don't want other people to not experience the whole game do
Please Email me your hints or tips as well.


 This is the Contact Information section. So my rules for this faq is to submit
as much as you  guys want. I would like for their to be some more people to send
me in ways that you beat a particular mission. I will gladly add your mission
walkthrough below the original and give you full credit for it. I also want some
Hints/Tips/Secrets submited as well. These should be about Hints you would use
to help you do something or Tips as well. Secrets should be rare things that you
have found and no one else.
If you have anything of this nature please email me at
Thank you


Thanks to Brady Games Strategy Guide

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can not be reproduced in any way unless given permission by me, John Nolan. The
FAQ itself cannot be reproduced for a profit. No commercial company, including
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