Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats, Tips & Tricks FAQ v2.4
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: : : : Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats, Tips & Tricks FAQ

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats, Tips & Tricks FAQ

by Krunal   Updated to v2.4 on
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              %@   @   %@      %@%      @   @   @   @   %@
              %@   @   %@      @@   @   @   @   @   @   %@
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              %@       %@  @%  %@       @   @   @       %@
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                     %@        @%       @       @    %  @        @
                     %@%   %@@@@%   @   @   @   @   @@@@@%   %@@@@
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                       @   @   @%   @   @   @@@@@   %@@@@%   @   @
                       @       @%   @   @       @   %@@@@%       @
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          %@@%%@   @   @%  %@   %@@@@   @%  %  @  @  @  % @   %  @
          %@       @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @  @  @  %@   %%%%%
          %@   @   @   @%  %@   @   @   @%  %  @   @@   %@   %%%%%
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GTA Vice City for PS2
Cheats, Tips & Tricks FAQ
Version 2.4

Created by KSheth A.K.A Krunal Sheth
Date October 2002
Email @

Updated Versions
-Version 1.0: (Started 31/10/02)
   -Finished the Cheats Section. A lot of Cheats added and more to come.
-Version 1.1: (Started 01/11/02)
   -Started and added information to sections
-Version 1.2: (Started 02/11/02)
   -Added so much information to the tips and tricks section.
-Version 1.3: (Started 03/11/02)
   -Added the contributions section and the contributions by Mastamind
-Version 1.4: (Started 04/11/02)
   -Getting confusing so improved section list and added more information
-Version 1.5: (Started 05/11/02)
   -Added more stuff (I’m adding more every day)
-Version 1.6: (Started 09/12/02)
   -More then a month and I got a lot of new information to add to the FAQ
-Version 1.7: (Started 20/12/02)
   -Never got a Christmas break. An update for the FAQ
-Version 1.8: (Started 24/12/02)
   -Got a major update in the new section
-Version 1.9: (Started 05/04/03)
   -Added new Cheats.
-Version 2.0: (Started 03/07/03)
   -Made it suitable for the PC version of the game
-Version 2.1: (Started 04/07/03)
   -Made the cheats easier to read by catorgarizing them.
-Version 2.2: (Started 06/07/03)
   -Major Improvements in the Cheats section, much, much easier to read.
-Version 2.3: (Started 17/07/03)
   -Took out the weapons section as it is not really needed.
-Version 2.4: (Started 25/08/08)
   -Added an ACII GTA:VC at the top, making it look much better

Table of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   General Game Info
III.  Cheats 
IV.   Tips & Tricks
    i.  Hideouts
   ii.  Businesses
  iii.  Cars, Money, and Stuff
   iv.  Side Missions
    v.  other
V.    Contributed Tips and Tricks
VI.   100% Benefits
VII.  Credits
VIII. Legal Thingamajig 


One more weeks of waiting. I cannot stand it. Therefore, I decided make a FAQ of 
the characters that I know all about. It is a hard job but it keeps me occupied 
and makes me feel like I have the game in my hands.
If you have any questions just e-mail them to me at the given e-mail address and 
I will reply as soon as possible.
This FAQ includes a few spoilers (such as characters), if you are trying not to 
learn about the game before you get to that point then please remember it contains spoilers. I will not be held responsible for any bits that spoil your
game. You have been warned.

General Game Info

Welcome to the 1980's

Welcome to Vice City, a huge urban sprawl stretching from the beach to the wamps
and the glitz to the ghetto, a town brimming with delights and degradation. 

Having just made it back into the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch 
inside, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. But 
all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic
metropolis of Vice City. Tommy is set up and loses everything. Sonny wants his 
money back, but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand 
in his way. Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to
right back and take over the city himself.

|Key |            Meaning                |
|<-  |Left                               |
|->  |Right                              |
|Dwn |Down                               |
|[]  |Sqaure                             |
|O   |Circle                             |
|Tri |Triangle                           |
| *  |Cheat will not turn off once active|
|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |PC Cheat          |
|Least Powerful |R1 R2 L1 R2 <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn -> Up      |THUGSTOOLS        |
|Medium Power   |R1 R2 L1 R2 <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn Dwn Dwn    |PROFESSIONALTOOLS |
|Most Powerful  |R1 R2 L1 R2 <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn Dwn <-     |NUTTERTOOLS       |

*Personal *
|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |PC Cheat          |
|Health         |R1 R2 L1 O <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn -> Up       |ASPRINE           |
|Armour         |R1 R2 L1 X <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn -> Up       |PRECIOUSPROTECTION|
|Suicide        |-> L2 Dwn R1 <- <- R1 L1 L2 L1             |ICANTTAKEITANYMORE|
|Have a Smoke   |                                           |CERTAINDEATH      |
Note If this code is enabled when there is damage on your car the meter will be 
reset to zero without changing the visible effects of the damage.

*Wanted Level*
|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |PC Cheat          |
|Raise It by two|R1 R1 O R2 <- -> <- -> <- ->               |YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE|
|Lower It       |R1 R1 O R2 Up Dwn Up Dwn Up Dwn            |LEAVEMEALONE      |

*Weather Changing*
|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |PC Cheat          |
|Sunny          |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 Dwn                    |ALOVELYDAY        |
|Cloudy         |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 Tri                    |APLEASANTDAY      |
|Very Cloudy    |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 []                     |ABITDRIEG         |
|Stormy         |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 O                      |CATSANDDOGS       |
|Foggy          |R2 X L1 L1 L2 L2 L2 X                      |CANTSEEATHING     |

|Description    |PS2 Cheat                          |PC Cheat                  |
|Peds Riot      |Dwn <- Up <- X R2 R1 L2 L1         |FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT           |*
|Peds Hate You  |Dwn Up Up Up X R2 R1 L2 L2         |NOBODYLIKESME             |*
|Have Weapons   |R2 R1 X Tri X Tri Up Dwn           |OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS|*
|Ladies Man     |O X L1 L1 R2 X X O Tri             |FANNYMAGNET               |*
|Gals Have Weapn|-> L1 O <- X R1 L1 L1 X            |                          |*
|Zombie Peds    |[] L1 Tri R2 [] L1 L1              |                          |*
Ladies Man - Certain women follow you and beat anyone that you beat or start a 
fight with
Zombie Peds - No Confirmation Message

|Description    |PS2 Cheat                                  |PC Cheat          |
|Time Flies By  |O O L1 [] L1 [] [] [] L1 Tri O Tri         |LIFEISPASSINGMEBY |
|Speed Up Game  |Tri Up -> Dwn L2 L1 []                     |ONSPEED           |
|Slow Down Game |Tri Up -> Dwn [] R2 R1                     |BOOOOOORING       |

|Description     |PS2 Cheat                                 |PC Cheat           |
|Destroy All Car |R2 L2 R1 L1 L2 R2 [] Tri O Tri L2 L1      |BIGBANG            |
|Wheel Sizes Dif |R1 X Tri -> R2 [] Up Dwn []               |WHEELSAREALLINEED  |
|Flying Car      |-> R2 O R1 L2 Dwn L1 R1                   |COMEFLYWITHME      |
|Better Handling |Tri R1 R1 <- R1 L1 R2 L1                  |GRIPISEVERYTHING   |
|Green Lights    |                                          |GREENLIGHT         |
|Crrazy Traffic  |R2 O R1 L2 <- R1 L1 R2 L2                 |MIAMITRAFFIC       |
|Pink Cars       |O L1 Dwn L2 <- X R1 L1 -> X/O             |AHAIRDRESSERSCAR   |
|Black Cars      |O L2 Up R1 <- X R1 L1 <- O                |IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK|
|Drive On Water  |-> R2 O R1 L2 [] R1 R2                    |SEAWAYS            |
|Fly Boats       |R2 O U L1 -> R1 -> Up [] Tri              |                   |
|Double Car Speed|R1 R2 L1 L1 <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn -> Up     |                   |
|Cars Are Faster |-> R1 Up L2 L2 <- R1 L1 R1 R1             |                   |
|Sport Car Wheels|                                          |LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS|

|Description    |PS2 Cheat                              |PC Cheat              |
|Rhino          |O O L1 O O O L1 L2 R1 Tri O Tri        |PANZER                |
|Bloodring Racer|Dwn R1 O L2 L2 X R1 L1 <- <-           |TRAVELINSTYLE         |
|Bloodring Banger|Up -> -> L1 -> Up [] L2               |GETTHEREQUICKLY       |
|Hotring Racer1 |R1 O R2 -> L1 L2 X X [] R1             |GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED|
|Hotring Racer2 |R2 L1 O -> L1 R1 -> Up O R2            |GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST |
|Romero's Hearse|Dwn R2 Dwn R1 L2 <- R1 L1 <- ->        |THELASTRIDE           |
|Love Fist      |R2 Up L2 <- <- R1 L1 O ->              |ROCKANDROLLCAR        |
|Trashmaster    |O R1 O R1 <- <- R1 L1 O ->             |RUBBISHCAR            |
|Sabre Turbo    |-> L2 Dwn L2 L2 X R1 L1 O <-           |GETTHEREFAST          |
|Caddie         |O L1 Up R1 L2 X R1 L1 O X              |BETTERTHANWALKING     |
Reduces Rating By 1000 Each time these are used.

|Description    |PS2 Cheat                              |PC Cheat              |
|Clothes Change |-> -> <- Up L1 L2 <- Up Dwn ->         |STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP   |
|Ricardo Diaz   |L1 L2 R1 R2 Dwn L1 R2 L2               |CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED |
|Lance Vance    |O L2 <- X R1 L1 X L1                   |LOOKLIKELANCE         |
|Candy Suxxx    |O R2 Dwn R1 <- -> R1 L1 X L2           |                      |
|Ken Rosenburg  |-> L1 Up L2 L1 -> R1 L1 X R1           |MYSONISALAWYER        |
|Hilary King    |R1 O R2 L1 -> R1 L1 X R2               |ILOOKLIKEHILARY       |
|Love Fist Guy1 |Dwn L1 Dwn L2 <- X R1 L1 X X           |ROCKANDROLLMAN        |
|Love Fist Guy2 |R1 L2 R2 L1 -> R2 <- X [] L1           |WELOVEOURDICK         |
|Phil Cassady   |-> R1 Up R2 L1 -> R1 L1 -> O           |ONEARMEDBANDIT        |
|Sonny Forelli  |O L1 O L2 <- X R1 L1 X X               |IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY|
|Mercedes       |R2 L1 Up L1 -> R1 -> Up O Tri          |FOXYLITTLETHING       |
Commit Suicide To return to normal, Otherwise the game will freeze when you die.

|Description      |PS2 Cheat                                |PC Cheat          |
|Media Level Meter|R2 O Up L1 -> R1 -> Up [] Tri            |CHASESTAT         |
|Robocop          |O L1 Dwn L2 <- X R1 L1 -> X              |                  |
|Unknown          |R1 R2 L1 L1 <- Dwn -> Up <- Dwn -> Up    |                  |
|Cop Gets in Car  |                                         |HOPINGIRL         |
|Tommy Is Fatter  |                                         |DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS |
|Tommy's a Girl   |                                         |PROGRAMMER        |
The meter displays how long your pursuit has lasted and the level of news coverage 
it is generating. It will appear below your wanted level only when your wanted 
level is 2*+.

Tips & Tricks

It may be complicated but it’s easier to read then before:

Tips and Tricks with Numbers have been submitted by other users and players. To 
find out who, please refer to the credits Section.

Hide Outs

Here is the info on all Hideouts and other related information.
|Hide Outs         |Cost     |Garages  |Helipads |Location         |
|Skumole Condo     |  1000   |   0     |    0    |Bikers Bar       |
|Vice Point        |  2500   |   0     |    0    |                 |
|Washington Street |  3000   |   0     |    0    |Across Lawyer    |
|Links View        |  6000   |   1     |    0    |East Leaf Links  |
|Ocean Heights     |  7000   |   1     |    0    |Ocean Beach      |
|Elswanco Casa     |  8000   |   1     |    0    |Vice Point       |
|Hyman Condo       | 14,000  |3(8 Cars)|    1    |Near Stadium     |
|Diaz Mansion      |  Free   |   2     |    1    |Rubout Mission   |


Here is the info on all Businesses and other related information.
|Business         |Cost     |Max Income   |Secret Reward            | 
|Kaufmanns Cabs   |40,000   |5000         |Zebra cab                |
|Club Malibu      |120,000  |10000        |                         |
|Sunshine Autos   |50,000   |9000         |Deluxo, Sabre Turbo,     |
|                 |         |             |Sand King, Hotring Racer |
|Cherry Popper ICF|20,000   |3000         |                         |
|Printing Works   |70,000   |8000         |                         |
|Boat Yard        |10,000   |2000         |                         |
|Film Studio      |60,000   |7000         |Skimmer                  |
|Pole Position    |30,000   |4000         |pole dancer cut scene    |

When you buy certain properties, you will open that properties missions. For those 
who've read the FINE manual and noticed that there are street races, you have to 
buy the car dealership (south of the Cubans' restaurant on the way to the airport). 
That's just one example of missions unlocked by buying stuff.

Import Export Garage
If You Buy Sunshine Autos it is in the under ground garage. To the right is the list 
and garage to park cars. Once you’re done with the list you get an asset and a car 
is places in the sun shine Autos building.

9) Pole Dancer Cut-Scene
After u do the mission to get the asset (go into the room with the private dancer 
and spend $600) u go all the way in the back of the hall way on the right and the 
room is now open, u walk in to see a pole dance =)

Cars, Money & Stuff

--North point RC Bandit Race--
Get in the Toy Fun Van near the dirt bike track.

--More Money--
Knock over the parking meters on the sides of the streets to get money. you can do this 
by driving a car into the Meters.

--Voodoo Hydraulics--
To work the hydraulics in the Voodoo, press R3.

--Leave car door open--
Exit a car while holding Handbrake. You will not close the door, which can be useful 
if you know that you are going to need to get back in quickly. 

--Brake or turn better--
Hold R1 for better turns and braking.  

--Motorcycles Tricks--
Press Down(2) while riding a motorcycle-class vehicle to pop a wheelie. Press Up(2) 
while riding to stand. 
Get a PCJ 600. From a stop, press Down and press X. When the motorcycle is in a wheelie,
tap the X rapidly to keep the bike up. This will allow you stay in the wheelie for 
as long as desired. This is also a great way to make money.
Choose a dirt bike or sport bike and build up a little speed. If you hit the regular
and emergency brakes at the same time and stand up (Left Analogue-stick Up), you can
do a stoppie and earn some money. You can also get extra points for flipping around
180 degrees on the front wheel. 

--Helicopters Hovering--
Hold L3 while flying a helicopter-class vehicle to hover. This can be used to 
immediately slow down while flying fast.

--Drive By In Helicopter:--
To do a drive by in a Helicopter, you must be on Cinematic view. Now you can do 
drive bys using the normal Buttons (L2, R2, o)

Your look left/right buttons (L2, R2) rotate the chopper.
To dive out of a vehicle, drive fast and hold triangle (after you're going fast). 
You roll on the ground (a la the movies) and take damage (wear armour, it absorbs it). 
If you're on a bike, you'll just go bow-legged and hop off.

STANDING UP The reason you can stand is because if you're blazing down the road (best 
to use the pcj 600 or the faggio) and are holding up and then hold the brake button,
you can do what's called a "brakie". It’s basically where you ride on only the front
tire while braking.
WHEELIES Hold down while riding. As with the Brakie, you can get $ for doing it for
a while. It takes a while to get down pat but it's fun to do. And just so everyone 
knows, you can do a wheelie with ~every~ bike in the game.

Other people in/on a vehicle. If you see a car that has 2 people in it, jack it from
the driver’s side. Sometimes the passenger will stay in but they're annoying because 
they scream a LOT (hell, you just kidnapped them so...). If it's a bike, shoot the 
driver off and sometimes the passenger will stay on. It's harder to ride though. 
Also, if you knock the driver off the bike (the passenger goes with him) the 
passenger will sometimes get back on.

--Save a Helicopter--
Just park a new heli on the helipad exactly where the original one was. Go save. 
Go back and use that new heli u put or whatever you want to do. Afterwards, go 
get another one and replace the one that was up there. Go save. It should be up 

--A Car in MY mansion NEVER--
Ok well u knows that in the Vercetti mansion u can’t bring a vehicle inside right? 
Well U can! Just park any vehicle near the entrance and take another vehicle and 
use it to push that one through the main door and then go in and after it loads 
your vehicle should be in the mansion!! I found it fun to drive a pcj around the 
mansion and then blow it up at the helipad at the top where the barrels of 
explosives are!

--Cool Trick--
Get on a bike, must have Uzi or other gun like it. Start a wheelie and keep 
holding back... and now shoot the gun then stop shooting but keep holding back.... 
The wheelie will be stuck in mid air while you’re still cruising. To get out of 
wheelie press gas or let go of down.  

I got a 60 second one so far. TIP: get a lot of speed before you do it

1) You get money if you kill the people the cops are chasing.

2) You can steal a FBI rancher, all four agents will get out and let you have it:\ 

3) TO drop kick people off bikes run at them and hit triangle, thus kicking them 

4)  You can get a police heli by going to the heli pad on top of the station in 
the second island. (by the bikers bar) 

5) get the Seahawk,  just by Pole Position there is a Seahawk on a roof top (need 
another heli to get it) get in it,  u can do the check point race or just fly 
around with it.


First of all you know there are fake security guards in the North point mall who 
the police chase from time to time. Well if the police are chasing them run up 
and hit the blue security guard and get a $50" Good Citizen’s Bonus" for punching 
the guard. Only use your fists, no brass knuckles, you earn more money without it. 
Make sure you don't hit the police. Hit the guard until he's dead and keep kicking 
his dead body to earn more bonuses' cash until it vanishes. I've gotten like $200 
to $300 dollars doing the preceding method. Make sure the police are chasing the
blue security guards before you hit them. It's the only way to earn a "Good Citizens 
Bonus". Also if you like to cheat, then listen up. You know that when you rob a 
store and a alarm is sounded, well I found a easy way to make the robbery successful 
without the 'Fuzz' all over you. First go to the desired store and hold up the store 
clerk until the wanted level goes to its maximum. It depends how far you are into 
the game. For me I have 3 stars maximum. Then release the auto-aim and the alarm 
goes on. 
Quickly enter the lower wanted cheat to erase your wanted level down to zero. 
Then walk out happy with over a $1000 bucks to spend. You'll be rich in no time 
at all doing those methods. You don't have to stress over any of the side-missions 
or main missions and earn much cash in the process. Have fun experimenting

Another Tip
1. Spawn a Rhino
2. Get in and start vigilante mission
3. Exit Rhino
4. Use blow up all cars cheat
5. You get some reward money
6. Spawn another Rhino before the vigilante timer runs out
7. Repeat 1-5 until enough money is received
(These tips were not submitted)

10) Get a comet, take it to where the roads cross right before u get to the 
southernmost bridge. Stop it in the grass right after u get off the road. Once 
stopped, gun it straight into the water. Do not let go of the gas petal before 
u hit the water or while in it. once u hit the water, either press up or right 
(while still holding the gas. the car will eventually go too far down into the 
water and it will respawn u in the road with anywhere from $30-$1000 unique stunt 

--Black and Pink Cars--
Use the Black cars or Pink cars cheat, and save the car of your choice in your 
garage. Now save. The car will be the same colour while the other cars will be normal 

--My Car is on Fire HELP!!!--
Simply use the Health cheat and it will put out the fire and heal your car to full 
health (not visually)

--Get in With Weapons when tehre are metal detectors about--
Park a car next to the metal detectors, and use it to jump over them.

--Helicopters DO have wheels--
Put a helicopter in the Pay and Spray and watch em, come out with wheels.

--More cars in garage--
Drive next to a full garage, and make sure the cars are touching the far wall
(the ones already inside). Park the car right next to the garage door and walk
out, then wait for the garage to open and then get in the car and push the
accelerator button. This will let you get in the garage before it closes, and 
once your in even slightly, it will open automatically.

--Free Pay and Spreay--
Using the Health Cheat before going into a pay and spray fixes your car for

--Try and get me--
Cops cant get you whilst you are in a coach, but you wont be able to control the
coach. Get back out and then in, to regain control.

Side Missions

--A Side Mission x3--
Hymen memorial stadium doors open at 8 pm...or 2000 on the game clock. There are 
3 events...each operate on different nights. 

There are 2 pizza places in the game. Check your map for the one on the east side
of Vice but the one on the west side is just south of the Hyman Condo. 
Go behind the pizza restaurant near the beach and steal the pizza delivery moped 
and press R3 to start the pizza missions. Successfully finish level 10 of the pizza 
mission to increase your maximum health from 100 to 150.

--Paramedic mission’s unlimited sprint/stamina--
Steal an ambulance and press R3 to start the paramedic missions. Get to level 12 to 
have unlimited sprint/stamina.

--Taxi missions Hydraulics--
Steal a cab and press R3 to start the taxi missions. Carry 100 passengers to get 
hydraulics on all taxi-class vehicles. 

--Vigilante missions Extra armour--
Steal a law enforcement-class vehicle and press R3 to start the vigilante missions. 
Get to level 12 to increase your maximum armour from 100 to 150. 

--North point RC Baron Race--
Get in the Toy Fun Van on the top of the parking garage next to the mall to start 
the RC Baron Race, in which you will fly RC planes across the island. 

--Easy Missions with Helicopters--
Use the helicopter as much as you can. There's a phone mission where you have to 
kill a guy at the airport with the sniper rifle. DONT DRIVE. Use the helicopter 
and land it BEHIND the terminals (on the curved side with all glass). Kill the 
guy, and then run around back. The reason you 'park' out back is because it takes 
4.5 seconds for the chopper to start up and you don’t want the cops pulling you 
out. The chopper helps you avoid not only the cops but the friends of the guy you 
just killed.

--Fire-fighter missions Fireproof-- 
Steal a fire truck and press R3 to start the fire-fighter missions. Press Circle 
to use the fire hose to put out burning cars. Get to level 12 to become fireproof 
while on foot

--Sir Yes Sir--
In a mission ‘Sir Yes Sir’ you can complete it by getting in its way and when the 
driver gets out you can jump in the Tank.

-The Shootist--
6) After the missions “the shootist” go back to the ammu-nation and go to the target 
range, there will be a mission circle.  Go in and best the score (I believe its 30) 
when u beat it u will have faster re-load time.  Making it easier to shoot the 
missile launcher. 
(correction it is actually 45, but thanks to mastamind anyway)


--Play Beach ball--
The way to do this is simply go to your mansion at Diaz's old spot. From there, 
go strait out of your place (The way you came in) and go to the nearest house 
with a red cheetah parked right there. Go in the back yard and there should be an 
empty pool. Go in there and there is a beach ball. Run into the beach ball and go 
under it to bounce it off your head. There is also another one in the beach. 
After your second bounce, numbers well appear on top of your head. It maybe a 
little secret or something.
7) There is a beach ball in a full pool right next the house with the empty one. 

--Run longer--
Tap X instead of holding it to make Tommy's stamina last longer. 

--Restore health--
Go to your hideout and go to "Save". Either save or leave without saving and your 
health will be restored to full.  

--Decrease wanted level to zero--
Go to your hideout and go to "Save". Load the most recent save and your wanted 
level will drop to zero.  

--Wanted Level cleared--
you can clear your wanted level by entering a RC Racer Competition. You do not 
have to complete the competition to clear your wanted level. 

--North point Grand Theft Auto screens--
In the North point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go behind the counter and 
take a look at the registers. You will find screens from the original Grand Theft 

--Cop Uniform--
8) u have to complete the mission "Cop Land" in order to get the cop uniform after 
that u dress up as a cop from the police head quarters (in the east city) and mosey 
yourself toward the military base u wont get shot at and can explore the base

100% Benefits
Below are all the benefits of getting 100% submitted to me by ‘Zookie’

-Unlimited ammo 
-In Vercetti Mansion, There are 3 bodyguards you can get, pay $2000 to each and you 
are covered. they follow you and shoot at whoever you shoot at. 
-In Vercetti Mansion, New clothes, a white t-shirt with jeans, t-shirt quotes, "I 
completed vice city and all i got was this lousy t-shirt" 
-Cars you enter now have twice the damage health, which means they can be shot at 
twice as much before going up in flames.
-200 Health
-200 Armour

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