Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Character Crime Files FAQ v1.6
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Character Crime Files FAQ

by Krunal   Updated to v1.6 on
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GTA Vice City for PS2 & PC
Character Crime Files FAQ
Version 1.6

Created by: KSheth A.K.A Krunal Sheth
Date: October 2002
Email @:

Updated Versions
-Version 1.0: (Started 26/10/02)
   - Finished the first publication of the FAQ. Done a few sections.
-Version 1.1: (Started 27/10/02)
   - Finished all the sections beside tips and tricks.
-Version 1.2: (Started 30/10/02)
   -Finished all sections and updated a few bits on the Characters
-Version 1.3: (Started 02/11/02)
   -Added a Radio Station Characters Section
-Version 1.4: (Started 05/11/02)
   -Added Quotes to some of the characters
-Version 1.5: (Started 03/07/03)
   -Now suitable for the PC version of the Game aswell.
-Version 1.6: (Started 25/08/08)
   -Added an ACII GTA:VC at the top, making it look much better

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. General Game Info
III. The Characters Crime Files
1. Colonel Cortez
2. Gonzales 
3. Mercedes Cortez 
4. Pierre La Pounce 
5. Steve Scott
6. Candy Suxxx
7. Congressman Alex Shrub 
8. Sonny Forelli
9. Tommy Vercetti 
10. Georgio Forelli
11. Ken Rosenburg 
12. Ricardo Diaz
13. Lance Vance
14. Victor Vance
15. Avery Carrington
16. BJ Smith
17. Pastor Richards 
18. Ice Cream Lady
19. Kent Paul
20. Big Mitch Baker
21. Phil Cassidy
22. Cam Jones
23. Hilary King
24. Pedro Garcia 
25. Mr Black 
26. Leo Teal
27. Alberto Robina
28. Umberto Robina 
29. Eugene 
30. Moweesha 
31. Auntie Poulet
32. Swat
IV. The Vice City Crime Tree
V. Vice City Radio Characters
a. Lazlo
b. Pepe 
c. Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit 
d. Mr Magic
e. Adam First
f. Fernando Martinez 
g. Toni
VI. Credits
Legal Thingamajig


Finally I got the Game, I decided make a FAQ of the Hideouts and Businesses as so
many people have been asking me about them. It is a hard job but it keeps me occupied.
If you have any questions just e-mail them to me at the given e-mail address and
I will reply as soon as possible.
This FAQ includes a few spoilers (such as characters and places), if you are trying
not to learn about the game before you get to that point then please remember it 
contains spoilers. I will not be held responsible for any bits that spoil your game. 
You have been warned.

General Game Info

Welcome to the 1980's

Welcome to Vice City, a huge urban sprawl stretching from the beach to the swamps 
and the glitz to the ghetto, a town brimming with delights and degradation. 

Having just made it back into the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch 
inside, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. But 
all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis 
of Vice City. Tommy is set up and loses everything. Sonny wants his money back, 
but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. 
Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and 
take over the city himself.

The Characters Crime Files
There are many characters in the game, some of which that I don’t even know. As 
soon as I find out about them and there crimes, I will update this FAQ.

|Colonel Cortez|

Cultural Attaché. He also has diplomatic immunity. Get to bug his house but remember 
about is immunity. Has survived up to 30 coups in his native country. He loves to 
eat endangered species and thinks of it the upper class way of eating. Lives with
his daughter. He is a widower. Hates the French secret service. Believed to 
facilitate trade in all criminal areas including, firearms, narcotics, and military
secrets. Has been sentenced to death nine times in his own country but has survived
and always is promoted.


Works for Colonel Juan Garcia cortex in many different capacities.
Diplomatic Immunity - Part of cultural affairs division of san Dominican consulate,
where Cortez in cultural attaché. It is believed that Gonzales’s visa was 
commissioned by the health and fitness commission. He is very greedy, and takes 
bribes. Even takes bribes to tell people about Cortez’s operations. He has been 
seen leaving property of Diaz without Cortez. Possible weakness in organization. 
He has problems with his weight. Formally very active in vice city underworld, 
now he spends time away form Cortez in his penthouse.

|Mercedes Cortez|

The only daughter on Cortez. Likes to party quite a lot. Widow. 

|Pierre La Pounce|

French secret service agent, possibly involved in selling secrets and military hardware.

|Steve Scott|

Steve Scott is a film director who has been spotted at various parties where 
organized crime deals are done. Scott is thought to be seeking any money he can 
get, to finance his films. He shows an unnatural obsession with sharks and mountains 
of mashed potatoes.

|Candy Suxxx|

Women of extremely ill repute, and possibly involved in blackmailing politicians. 
She never seems to get cold.

"In those days, I didn't know my ass from my elbow. Luckily, a lot of other people 
Educator and philanthropist, Candice Shand, formerly exotic dancer and adult star 
Candy Suxx

|Congressman Alex Shrub|
An Extremely right winged congressman that is happily married. He is a known 
philanderer and will do anything for votes. He is power obsessed and a usual 
politician and is expected to go very far.

"At the end of the day, we promise only one thing, and one thing only, that as 
it pertains to conditions in this state and in this great city, nothing will ever 
be precisely the way it seemed before, in so far as I think we are all aware that 
government is not and can never be an institution we respect, more that it is the
most effective repository of your tax dollars."
Vice City Congressman, Alex Shrub

|Sonny Forelli|

Head of Forelli crime family. Major crime family in Liberty City. Believed to 
have major influence in racketeering, gambling, union trouble, corruption, and 
prostitution. Came to power young. Thought to have ordered several mob killings, 
including harewood incident. Only minor charges have ever stuck. Thought to be 
interested in entering narcotics trade, traditionally a no go area for Liberty 
City mob. Phone records reveal calls to home address of Ken Rosenberg. Notoriously 
poor taste in clothes. 

|Tommy Vercetti|

Who is this Guy? I have a call into the parole board in Liberty. Seems he was 
in prison up there for fifteen years. This character is you. You are Tommy.
After 15 years in the can, main man Tommy Vercetti is sent down to sunny Vice 
City to chill and lay low. Your very first mission is nothing more than attending 
a Yacht Party where you are introduced to Vice City’s major movers and shakers. 
You will see them throughout the game.

|Georgio Forelli|

Italian-American criminal. Current case is going to trial. Conviction is a certainty 
is the judge appears on the day. Related to Liberty City organized crime family. 
A cross dresser. 

|Ken Rosenburg|

Ken Rosenburg is a neurotic lawyer with a high-pitched voice, who has a recent 
history of working with the mob. His morals are not high either as he is suspected 
of cheating on his law school exams. It was street smarts over brains that got him 
to where he is, as he is believed to have employed heavies on numerous occasions to 
intimidate and corrupt juries. Even with these intimidations, he has had very poor 
success rate in trials. His ‘blue chip’ clients include Georgio Forelli, cousin of 
Liberty City crime bosses, and y Forelli. Rosenburg is always desperate for money 
and willing to think of any scheme possible to get it, so long as it is not his 
neck out on the line.

|Ricardo Diaz|

Diaz is as shady as they come in vice city. He bribed the INS for his green card 
back in 1978. He entered the country from Columbia and is considered extremely 
dangerous. Contacts in Columbia believe he is a major player in the narcotics 
industry and anti-government activity. Diaz is an extremely popular Philanthropist. 
He gives to various Ricardo Diaz foundations across Vice City and Central and 
South America, all of which are believed to be a front. 
Diaz is extremely short and is believed to suffer from a Napoleon Complex. Medical 
records show he has over-active glands and sweats more than is socially acceptable. 
After a failed hair transplant in 1973, the doctor was later found dead in a swamp 
area due east of the city. The Murder is yet unsolved.
Diaz is a gun collector and is always armed. He has a private army/militia and is 
heavily guarded at all times. A long-running battle for control of narcotics 
business in Vice City has suggested that he has bribed police officials within the 
town. Diaz keeps the city under control as he is feared due to his reputation for 
unpredictable behaviour. He is currently thought to be responsible for 18 murders.

|Lance Vance|

Lance is a smooth talking, sharp suit wearing man with many questions. He is new 
to Vice City and little is known about him. What is known is that he has previously
been trained as a helicopter pilot. His behaviour is anything but appropriate, as 
he has been heard mouthing off in many nightclubs in the short time, he has been 
in Vice City. It is possible that some emotional insecurity makes him aggressive 
and needy when he drinks.
|Victor Vance|

Lance Vance’s brother and the Head of Vance Crime Family. Only Two Members. 

|Avery Carrington|

Texan Property Magnet and real estate developer. Likes to talk about this father 
and the good all days. He is a capitalist. Suspected of doing anything to manipulate 
property prices and land value. This includes arson, robbery, rioting, bribery, 
murder, and intimidation. Always wears cowboy hat, believed to be involved in 
several developments and slum-clearing programs. Known guest of Cortez. Name 
suspected to be a fake. Uses Ken Rosenburg for legal advice. Could be his weakness.

"Give them what they want. Only build it cheap, so it falls down after five years."
Avery Carrington

|BJ Smith|

Former Star tight end for the vice city mamba’s. Has had a very successful career 
in pro football, but haunted by problems off field. Famous for hurting opponents. 
Now runs a celebrity endorsed used car lot. Thought to sell stolen vehicles. 
Believed to be in heavy debt and is doing anything for money. 

|Pastor Richards|

Maniac Firebrand Preacher, obsessed with money like many other vice city citizens. 
Has written many books, which were awful and fabricated. Most books given away. 
Also obsessed in degenerates. Has been campaigning to build a large statue in his 
own image. Has been attempting NASA for rocket technology. Believed to be 
embezzling money from the fund of a private mansion in Hawaii. Possible polygamist. 
Hates people who help others. Fervent anti-communist. Obsessed with nuclear winter. 
Hateful human being, but a menace to the society.

|Ice Cream Lady|

Psychotic distributor of soft ice cream. Business known to be a front but not known 
what type of front. Run by Maude Hansen and is a sociopath that once ran a children’s 

|Kent Paul|

Known to have made contract with biker gangs, but believed to have fallen out with 
baker’s gang. He is a known Pathological liar and has an appalling haircut and 
nasty clothes. Suspected narcotics addiction and a known heavy drinker. Seems to 
have contacts in certain SWAT divisions. Frequently seen together in bars. Frequents 
are Malibu Club virtually every night. ‘Kent Paul’ is assumed to be a fake name, 
and real name is unknown. Also so known as ‘KP’, ‘Paulo’, and ‘Kent’. An English 
Youth. Claims to work in music business but no known employment. INS Papers not 
in order. Claims to be criminal mastermind. No criminal record yet found.

Paul in his own Words:
When I left Kent for Vice City, I was a nobody.
A snotty little kid with a cheeky grin and a nasty line in tracksuits. By the 
time I left, I had made it real big. I was a player. How did this happen? It was 
inevitable. You take an acne ridden compulsive liar from the Medway towns and drop 
him anywhere in America and he will come up smelling of roses. I knew everyone. 
I discovered most of the bands popular in the 1980's, but never got the credit. 
You see, I was not too interested in contracts. I was all about the music. It was 
like a passion for me. That and birds and drugs. They were my passions. Very 
original I was, I invented all of that crap.

What's more, am I just got sent THIS LINK <> by some 
moron because I mentioned the Denegation thing last month. The bloke who wrote me 
is a right mug, clearly, and looks like he has not had so much as a hand shandy 
since 1987, so we have got that it common, I guess. But, please, bear in mind, now 
I spend all my time on computers, 'cause there isn’t nothing else to do apart from 
try to watch the nurses getting changed, but in the 80's, I was a bit more interested 
with giving it very large portions.

|Big Mitch Baker|

Vietnam veteran, turned motorbike enthusiast. Won Purple Heart for killing a 
village full of Vietcong. Extreme bitterness at treatment of veterans has led to 
violent clashes with authority. Jailed on 13 occasions. Lawless degenerate sociopath. 
Loves bar sports, fighting, pinball, and pool, eating live animals, hard rock music, 
wrestling, and racing, motorbikes, urinating in public places and scaring police. 
Believed to have been implicated in several civil disturbances. Runs local gang of 
bikers. Believed to be implicated in narcotics distribution. Extreme loyalty within 
gang. Initiation rituals preclude getting man on inside. Known loathing for soft 
rock communists and wigs. 

|Phil Cassidy|

Red Neck Arms Dealer, believed to be involved in weapons trade. Gun enthusiast 
and member of many second amendment organizations and various Vice City Gun Clubs. 
Linked with Cam Jones. Jones and Cassidy have worked together numerous times 
although, he has avoided convictions. Sources suggest that he also distils boomshine 
in own stills. Fighting war against Mexican gun running gangs. He is a degenerate 
Patriot. He claims to have of been part of various divisions but the army says that 
he was rejected for being drunk. 

|Cam Jones|

Claims to be an expert safe cracker and is thankfully dubious. Currently awaiting
trial for a robbery in which he was caught red handed running down a street with 
a safe that he could not open. Likely to get ten years. He is a Confirmed Kleptomaniac 
that often works for Phil Cassidy. Legal representation from Rosenberg and associates. 
Certain to be sent down. Rosenberg can even get an innocent man put away and Jones is 
known guilty. Has been known to have issues with women and bank managers. 

|Hilary King|

Excellent driver, thought to have worked with Cassidy and Jones. Neurotic. Compulsive 
eater. Psychological profiling reveals obsession with abandonment issues. Ginger. 
Hilary comes from a stable family background. Not such a good shooter

|Pedro Garcia|

Involved in violent gun-running. Buys weapons from out of state, and then sells 
them on the streets. Believed to be a rival of Phil Cassidy. 

|Mr Black|

Nothing is known about this man. Possible connection to money laundering. Also 
believed to be running a hit man business. 

|Leo Teal|

Possible connection with Mr Black. Very complicated personal life. Works in 
restaurant business. Communications expert and have not been able to get a working 
tap on his phones. Believed to be working as a hit man in Vice City. Possible 
involvement in narcotics trade. 

|Alberto Robina|

Father of Umberto Robina. Quiet Café Owner. 

|Umberto Robina|

Cuban Warlord. Long Term feud with Haitian criminals. Wants control of Turf. 
Extreme macho man. Wants to wage full-scale war with Haitians. Never implicated 
in a crime personally. Bravery has been questioned within Cuban circles. 


Possible way to teal. Teal’s other lover. Interior designer, and restaurant owner. 
Likes Knives, Thailand, and the Beach.


Involved in dubious practices with Teal and several other men. Thought to be paid 
company, and is involved in bizarre practices with Teal and a manatee. 

|Auntie Poulet|

Elderly Haitian matriarch. Believed to be involved in long-term feud with Cuban 
crime families for control of eastern and downtown Vice City. Heavily protected 
by Haitian thugs at all times. 


We are currently investigation allegations, of corruption within rogue Swat units 
in Vice City. Bribery thought to be rife. Remember to make sure this is covered 
up effectively to avoid voter dissatisfaction. 

The Vice City Crime Tree

The Vice City Crime tree taken right of the Desks of the police, here for you.

The numbers correspond to the numbers on the contents page:

|          Vice City Crime Tree          |
|                                        |
|            1 -----\           /8       |
|          / | \     \         / | \     |
|     5   2  3  4     \      9 -10-11    |
|     |                \     |           |
| 7 - 6     15         12 - 13           |
|            |               |           |
|           16              14    31     |
|   17                              32   |
|             18  19 - 20                |
|     21 - 24            25              |
|    /  \                |               |
|   22  23        /------26-             |
|                /    /  |  \            |
|               27 - 28  29  30          |
1. Colonel Cortez 
2. Gonzales 
3. Mercedes Cortez 
4. Pierre La Pounce 
5. Steve Scott
6. Candy Suxxx
7. Congressman Alex Shrub 
8. Sonny Forelli
9. Tommy Vercetti 
10. Georgio Forelli
11. Ken Rosenburg 
12. Ricardo Diaz
13. Lance Vance
14. Victor Vance
15. Avery Carrington
16. BJ Smith
17. Pastor Richards 
18. Ice Cream Lady
19. Kent Paul
20. Big Mitch Baker
21. Phil Cassidy
22. Cam Jones
23. Hilary King
24. Pedro Garcia 
25. Mr Black 
26. Leo Teal
27. Alberto Robina
28. Umberto Robina 
29. Eugene 
30. Moweesha 
31. Auntie Poulet
32. Swat

Vice City Radio Characters

*V-Rock: Lazlo*

Fast talking, mullet sporting, career obsessed DJ Lazlo is a man who believes he 
is on the way to the top. He loves the rock and roll life style, although he does 
not actually live it, and worships every morning at his mirror. He stole the 
V-Rock gig off his best friend and is desperate to get rid of the Vulture and 
make sure the focus remains tightly on himself. He believes being on the radio 
is a one-way ticket to all the riches and girls the world has to offer. Unfortunately, 
it seems his ego may be the death of his career in rock and roll. Only time will tell. 

*Radio Espantoso: Pepe*

Pepe wanted to be a sports commentator. When that did not work out (he was told 
he got too excited and ruined people' enjoyment of the game) he turned to music. 
He genuinely loves the music he plays and even more than that, loves the opportunity 
to shout very loud into a microphone. He has lived in Vice City for a few years 
now and is desperately trying to spread the word of quality music in the cultural 
desert of the 1980s. The only cloud on the horizon is his wife. A dreadful woman 
who has taken the American dream to her heart and her waist, she has left Pepe 
confused by everything apart from the music. 

*Fever 105: Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit*

For Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit, only two things in life really matter. Eating 
food and seducing women. Weighing in at 300 pounds and seducing an average of 35 
women a week (not including twins), he's been the man in charge of Fever 105 for 
a few years and has worn more velour sweat suits and sat in more Jacuzzis than 
you've had hot dinners. Doughnuts, foxes, a little disco soul, 15 hot dogs, a big 
ole party, Oliver Cheatham, too many needles in too many grooves, these are the 
things dreams are made of. 

*Wildstyle Pirate Radio: Mr Magic*

The Magic is here. A pioneer in the truest sense of the word, "Supa Rockin" Mr. 
Magic has the distinction of being the very first radio personality ever to bring 
rap music to the airwaves. On Wildstyle Pirate Radio, Mr. Magic hosted the 
innovative new sounds of rap music and early 80's electro for all of Vice City's 
fly girls and fly guys, troopers and troopettes, broadcasting illegally, we are 
repeatedly told, 'from a secret location'. Magic was also hosting a weekly show 
in New York at the time… 

*Wave 103: Adam First*

Adam First knows everything. He knows about politics - extreme right wings are the 
way forward. He knows about astronomy - he owns a large telescope. He knows about 
exciting new sports - hang gliding and driving expensive cars are both favourite 
pastimes. He knows about the dangers of wearing make up - it can run and make you 
even more confused. However, most of all, he knows how to make you feel bad about 
yourself. The fact is, he knows a lot more about everything than you do, and, the 
only thing he is not an expert on is what it might mean to be a human being. After 
all, in his words "We are, ultimately, all alone, and I'm incapable of expressing 
emotion in any way, shape or form apart from through the medium of mix tapes." 
Luckily, with this new compact disc from WAVE 103, he is able to express himself 
the only way he knows. 

*Emotion 98.3: Fernando Martinez*

Fernando Martinez is a genius. A miracle worker. An emotional alchemist and a heart 
mender. Let him work his magic on you as he takes you on a journey from the deepest 
depths of the human soul to soaring up in the clouds with the birds or the people 
on extra strong anti-depressants. Perfect listening for after a therapy session or
a paternity case. Fernando explains the remarkable intersection of life, love, and 
music in this wonderful recording that says more about the human heart than words 
ever could. Since he was a little boy, Fernando wanted only one thing, to bring 
people together any way he could and make money out of it. Now, with this wonderful 
compact disc, you can make his dreams come true. You are dragged across an emotional 
minefield, terrified of what might happen. 

*Flash FM: Toni*

Toni loves to party. Toni lives to party. Toni can almost spell party. Her dream 
is an evening on a back of a tour bus playing strip poker with any band from Britain, 
while burning a hole in her septum, and unlike many people, her dreams are coming 
all too true. She cannot foresee a time when she will be older, as she is probably 
too stupid, but she loves the music almost as much as she loves the partying. She 
cannot imagine what it would be like to be thirty, and really hates old people who 
have their heads stuck in the past. Moreover, who can blame her? With a hair full 
of spray, loads of bracelets on her wrist and a blocked nose, no one can stop her 
on her way to the top, the top floor of a hotel downtown where she is planning to 
stay up for three days and do at least 18 illegal or immoral acts.

First off, I want to thank the all the people in the Neoseeker forum that helped 
me put this FAQ together. 

I would also like to thank Neoseeker for giving me an opportunity to waste so much 
of my time writing FAQ's and talking on the message board.  

One more time, if you need/want to contact me for any reason, my email address is .  
Please feel free to tell me how much you loved my FAQ. Moreover, if you have to, 
tell how much you hated it.  Whatever it is, I will try to reply.

Finally, thanks to all of you for reading this FAQ and not making it a COMPLETE 
waste of my time.  Hope it helped you out!

Legal Thingamajig

Please do not use this FAQ without my permission, use can be granted under the 
agreement that nothing shall be changed. The above and all contents herein are 
copyright to myself. I am known as KSheth and all want to use this FAQ must do 
with my permission. You are allowed to print out this FAQ for personal use but 
it is not to be changed or altered, and you are not to claim credit for it.