Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Tips

Phnom Penh '86
Not A Cheat, But A Hint.
For A Stage Called Phnom Penh '86, You Have To Go With Lance In A Helicopter To Prawn Island And Shoot At People, Thats Kinda The Easy Bit, But Once Your Set Down You Have To Go In The Abandoned Building And Shoot At The People Shooting At You. Theres No Point Shooting With The Gun Your Given With Cuz, By The Time You Are Set On A Person, They Would Have Killed You, ANYWAY

Before You Get There, Find A Grenade (Behind The Police Station, At Vice Point, I Think) And When You Go In The Abandoned Building Chuck A Couple Of Bombs In And It Will Be Way Easier To Get Through, Hold Down The Trigger At Medium Force, Cuz If You Put It At High It Will Go Past Where Your Aiming And If You Go Low, You Could Kill Yourself

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