Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Tips

All helicopter locations,
It should be noted that sometimes NONE of these helicopters show up at one time or another. If this happens, just play around for a bit - do a mission or something - and then come back and see if it is there. I promise you, they come either immediately or soon after.

Hyman Heli: On top of the Hyman building, the building is available for purchase in the Downtown area, right by the AmmuNation. It's at the far north of downtown, right by the stadium, if that helps. After that, there is a little passageway in between the garages labeled "Roof Access". Take it, and there's a heli waiting.

VCPD Heli: On top of the police building near the above mentioned 'Hyman Building'. It can be reached by some steps on the side of the main building.

VCN Heli: Some cheat guides say there are no stairs to this heli, and they're correct, but there is a very quick way to get this one WITHOUT having to get one of the others and landing next to it. Go to the VCN building (just north-east of the building with a massive hole in it for landing or whatever) on foot, and look for where the logo is. Beside this, there are some more doors. One of these is open, and inside is an elevator. As soon as you go inside you will go to the roof of the building. Then, there are some ramps up to the helipad, and voilá!