Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Tips

Easy races
The Driver Mission

This one is very tough. If you do the proper techniques, then it's much, much eaiser, even though you need quite a bit of luck. Hilary is very fast, and his car has great turning, and you only have a setinal. So you got to turn wide, and try taking shortcuts through the grass, or sidewalks as much as you can. With luck, you must have. You need to make sure that Hilary gets hit with your two wanted levels, but he can't die, or mission fails. Use the B for brakes if you need it, but keep on driving while doing so.

Alloy Wheels of Steel mission

After you start the mission, don't grab the empty angel and start the race at the blip. Look at all of the bikers first. Now, see the pink blip? And now, see the biker farthest from the blip? His bike is a Super Angel, and can turn great, speed up great, and can break much easier. So, jack his bike, and win the race

Sunshine Autos

First, you need a grenade, or a rocket launcer. Now, go to a race you are in, or going to, and equipt the weapon. Now, aim the rocket launcer so it can hit all three of the cars. Or throw the grenade at the middle car. Then, just complete the race by going through all checkpoints, while taking all the time you want.