Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Tips

Saved Game
Saved Game
A saved game file allows you to access features that are not usually available until the game is completed or some other condition is met. The file may either be just a file copied from a game's save folder, or a file that has been edited in some manner to unlock various bonuses. Using a saved file that was not created by your game is not supported by the game's developer or As with any file you install, take basic precautions such as running a virus checker. Rarely, game companies may change the format of saves from a particular game with each new patch or version of that title, or between world regions. This is the most common reason why a downloaded saved game file may fail to work in your installation of the game.

Step 1: Click here to download the file to a temporary folder on your PC. Note: Do not use a download accelerator or the file will be blocked with a username and password prompt. This is a compressed archive containing the saved game as well as additional comments, if available.

Step 2: Copy your existing saved game file(s) to a safe location in the event you need to restore them later. Extract the saved game file to the folder that your game uses to store saves. Look at the file extension of your downloaded file in order to use the correct program to extract the files.

For .zip files, use WinZip or PKZip.
For .rar files, use WinRAR.
For .ace files, use WinAce.

Step 3: Look for files with the .nfo or .txt file extensions that may have been included with the archive. Use a text editor such as Note Pad or WordPad to read them. They may contain additional information about using the files, as well as reveal what exactly the save will do in your game. Also, the archive may contain a file_id.diz text file that provides a summary of what is included in the archive.