Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Tips

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Mission
Use your Mr.Whoopee to distribute treats to the locals around town. You must deliver 50 in a row to complete the mission.

Important Buttons:
[L3] -> plays Ice Cream truck music.

Since the ice cream is filled with drugs, the cops will come after you in a short while. If they catch you, or you die, you will fail the mission and have to start over. A good idea is to sell some ice cream in one area, and then go to another for a new batch of people. If you go to a Pay n Spray while doing the mission, you will lose your Wanted Stars for a short while. This is key to beating the mission. The best place to sell the ice cream is around Pay n Sprays, such as the Docks area where a lot of people are. It is a good idea to keep your wanted level below 2.

Here is a list of the money you will make depending on the area of Vice City you are in:

Airport............$12 per sale
Starfish Island....$18 per sale
Prawn Island.......$14 per sale
Little Havana......$8 per sale
Little Haiti.......$8 per sale
All Others.........$10 per sale