Grand Theft Auto IV Glitches

Disappearing Helicopter and Character!!!
For this glitch you will need to have one of the health cheats. this glitch also works for the stem-off games, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and The Lost and Damned.
Some of you may have got with playing the main storyline to the GTA IV games, and will probably have decided to explore beyond the bounds of Liberty City. As you get further out, you may begin to see whales/dolphins, according to other reports. But if you go out far enough (I recommend using a helicopter for this, if you use a boat if will take literally forever) then for no apparent reason your health will begin to go down. Strange right? Well it gets weirder. If you use the health cheat at this point to get your health back up to full, then you will pass beyond the edge of the GTA IV game world, and both you and your helicopter will disappear. if at this point you jump out, you will fall and land as you usually but you can't see the character! if you swim this tripped out effect is heightened, as you can see the wave moving around like it would while you were swimming in L.C, but invisible.
I hope this glitch helps to ease your boredom when playing Grand Theft Auto : IV