Grand Theft Auto Double Pack review
In Your Face PS2!


Let me start off saying that there is a great value in this game. For only $50 you get GTAIII and Vice City. And the graphics are sooo much better and glitches have been removed.

This is a great game in the sense that it lets you do anything you want - illegal or not - on 3 different islands. These illegal things to not come without a penalty, of course, so the cops (or depending on what you did), FBI, SWAT, National Gaurd, and Army will take your sad ass down unless you have the means to defend yourself. Many weapons ranging from snipers to rockets are in this game to dispose of your targets or random pedestrians. You'll recieve missions from certain shady characters who need their SPANK (some sort of illegal drug) protected or a rival eliminated. Do whatever it takes and recieve your pay....

If you have it for the PS2 you won't miss out if you don't get this game. Really the only thing that is better if the graphics and the glitches are gone. The storyline is not changed, so you'll have an idea of what the Xbox version is.

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