The Grinch review
The Grinch

The good:

When you build the Grinch's gadgets. The graphics are pretty good. Breaking presents and stealing Christmas.

The bad:

The whos in any place are defenseless and weak. Some Gadgets are hard to build.


You are the mean one. Play as the Grinch or Max to break presents, collect blueprints, and screwing up whos. Play a 1 or 2 player game when you open Sup O Dows. You can build gadgets such as The Rotten Egg Launcher, Rocket Spring, Slime Shooter, Octopus Climbing Device, etc. to get to places. The 4 worlds in the Grinch are Whovile, Who Forest, Who Dump, and Who Lake. The Girnch once thought of a plan to stop Christmas. He got so many ideas to build gadgets then the boxes fell, and then the blueprints fell. People kept them in hidden places. Should the Grinch stop Christmas for a whole year? Or should the Grinch should just leave them alone? It's your choice.

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Alli99 Jul 21, 07
Ok, I really need your help on this. I have beaten everything in the grinch. However, I only need two more presents in wholake to beat the entire game! And I can not find them anywhere! Please help. Thanks
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