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The Grinch Cheats

Unlock Mini-Games

Spin 'n' Win mini-game
Destroy 750 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Spin 'n' Win mini-game.

Pankamania mini-game
Destroy 1,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Pankamania mini-game.

Copter Race Contest mini-game
Destroy 2,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Copter Race Contest mini-game.

Bike Race mini-game
Destroy 3,000 gifts and complete 100% of the game. Look behind the bookcase in the workshop with the sleigh to access the Bike Race mini-game.

When you get to the mindfield you have to slim the rotating ball and then you have 60 sec. to get to the house and cut the mayors hair. Jump from mattress to wooden blocks.
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Blue Prints in Town Hall
Go to bottom level and pull out three of the rugs on the wall, you will notice them from the size difference.

Gadget Building
Another way to look at gadget building is by the thickness/white color of the lines. The left side has the most color, the bottom has ALMOST nothing, the right side has skinny and has slight color and the top part has just a little bit of color. This will help you.
How to Build Gadgets
Look at the perimeter. The lines have to be aligned right. Once you done that, here is the hard part. You have to figure out where the middle pieces go. You can tell if they need to moved of not. There is a long squiggly S. If they are in the wrong place but the pieces are correct, try moving them if you are trying to build the Marine Mobile or Grinch Copter. Don't get on the sides though. Good Luck.
Mini Game Access
Destroy the following number of presents to get the indicated mini game. Go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to play the games.
750 presents - Spin N Win Mini Game
1,500 presents - Pankamania Mini Game
2,500 presents - Copter Race mini Game
3,000 presents - Bike Race Mini Game
More Presents
Shoot the kids with an egg launcher, presents will pop out of them and they will run away.
Open door at City Hall
To get into City Hall shoot the big clock with the Rotten Egg Launcher and the door will open.

Slow 'Em Down
When you need to slime the Mayor's skis you can shoot the snow from the peak or on the side of the roof onto the dog to stall it for about 15 seconds.
The Different Gadgets
Binoculars - whoville - 4 blueprints
Rotten egg launcher - whoville - 4 blueprints
Rocket spring - whoforest - 9 blueprints
Slime shooter - whoforest - 9 blueprints
Octopus climbing device - the dump - 9 blueprints
Marine mobile - wholake - 16 blueprints
Grinch copter - every level - 16 blueprints

To Break and Enter
In the Who Forest level complete the beehive objective. You know putting beehives in people's roofs. The whos will run away and you can enter their houses!!!


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Mayors Statue
To show the security beams in the mayors statue's room all you have to do is breathe on the beams to show them up.