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What's funny about death?: Grim fandango.

The good:

-The idea
Grim fandango has a very original idea, that is great. When you die you go to the land of the dead, where you will continue your "journey" to the afterlife. If you have done something bad in your life, you will have to make it up in the land of the dead before you can go to the afterlife.

-The humour
The humour in Grim fandango is great and funny, but still not quite the monkey island level. Still playing this game will guarantee you some good laughs and some unforgettable gaming moments.

The bad:

Bad about Grim fandango is that the game is just full of small and irritating little bugs. For example the game might get stuck for a little while in some points, the sounds don't match the visuals everytime and a lot more, but nothing that dead serious... haa haa haa "dead serious" man am I funny... aah who am I kidding, I suck at jokes.

The game can also get a little too hard at some points, ecpesially if you haven't experienced with adventure games a lot.


So in Grim fandango you are a travelling agent "Manny Calavera", who is stuck in the land of the dead and you help Manny trough his four years of adventure in the land of the dead.

The game is very funny and and I think that everyone who likes adventure games should give this game at least a try.

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