GRID (Xbox 360) Cheats

GRID cheats, Passwords, Achievements, Unlockables, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Menu Passwords
All muscle, drift, and liveries.
PasswordWhat it does
TUN58396Unlock all drift cars.
MUS59279Unlock all muscle cars.
F93857372Buchbinder 320si livery.
G29782655GameStation BMW 320si livery.
M38572343Micromania Pagani Zonda R livery. Aston Martin DBR9 livery.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
1st and 2nd at Global (25)Get a 2-1 at International Level
Airborne (15)Get the car airborne for 1 second
Back To Front (10)Cross the finish line in first place in reverse
Beat Codies (30)Beat the developer or anyone who has beaten the developer online
Car Wreck (5)Cause Insane damage to your car
City Slicker (20)Race in every city
Clean Passing (25)Win a clean race in an 8 Ball Pack car from the back of the pack
Combo King (20)Get a x50 Drift Multiplayer
Corporate Power (10)Fill all your sponsor slots
Drift Master (25)Get a 99x drift combo in an 8 Ball Pack car
Driver for Hire (10)Race for a team from every region
Filthy Rich (25)Earn enough to buy a brand new Lamborgini Murcielago GTR
First Wheels (5)Buy your first car
First Win! (10)Win your first race
First Xbox Live Win (10)Win your first ranked Xbox Live race
Five Xbox Live Wins (30)Win 5 ranked Xbox Live races
Flashback & Win (5)Use the Flashback feature and win the race
Full Rep (10)Earn the full Reputation available in a race
Gas Guzzler (25)Clock up over 250 miles/400 km in your favourite 8 Ball Pack car
Gentleman Driver (30)Win an entire GRID World Event without making contact with other cars
Global License (20)Unlock Global License
Globe Hopper (30)Race at every location
Gotta Drive 'Em All 30)Drive every car
Hard Charger (20)Win a 12 car race starting from the back of the Grid
Head 2 Head (30)Win your first Head 2 Head race
High Mileage (30)Drive 750 miles in a single car
Hire & Fire (10)Hire a new teammate with a higher rank than your current one
Hot Lap (20)Set a lap record on any track
Jack of All Trades (25)Win an Xbox LIVE race in each of the 8 Ball Pack cars
Keep Drifting (10)Drift your car for 5 seconds
Keep Rolling (10)Roll your car twenty times
Last Man Standing (20)Be the last survivor of a single player Destruction Derby
Le Mans Legend (30)Win a Le Mans 24 Hour race on Pro Mode.
Le Mans Rookie (15)Complete your first Le Mans 24 hour race
Long Haul (40)Drive a total of 1000 miles
New Kid on the Block (5)Complete your first race
Online Elite (30)Reach Elite Ranking in Xbox Live race
Online Legend (50)Reach the Rank of Legend in Xbox Live races
Power Seller (25)Sell a car for more than you paid for it
Record Breaker (10)Complete a lap of Okatama Grand Circuit in under 90 seconds
Road Block (10)Be involved in a 10 car pile-up
Seasoned Pro (30)Win all Event Trophies
Short Haul (30)Drive a total of 500 miles
Speed Demon (10)Reach 200mph in any car in a GRID World race
Spin & Win (10)Complete a 360º spin and still win the race
Stick Shift (10)Win a race using manual transmission
Sunday Drivers (30)Finish a race at least one lap ahead of the rest of the field in GRID World
Team Win (20)Take your team to win its first Event
Top of Team Leaderboard (35)Top the Team Leaderboard
Top of the Tree (35)Top the Driver Leaderboard
Touge King (20)Win a Touge Event on a 5 star difficulty level
When Will I Be Famous? (20)Get onto a Hall of Fame Leaderboard
Winning Streak (15)Win every race in an Event
You Again? (20)Lap an opponent in a 12 car GRID World race


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Ninja ModeEarn all trophies and complete every Head-To-Head race in Grid World.
Global LicenseUnlock all regional licenses first, and earn 1,000,000 Global points.
Secret GamerpictureEarn your top spot on both the Driver and Team leaderboards in career.