Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Cheats

Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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Different Guns
If you get first in all the tournaments, you will get bronze, silver, gold and platinum guns. The platinum one is the best.
Glitching Out of The Course
Although almost unusable and pointless against computer (it's easy anyhow) glitching out on XBOX Live can make a monster difference in your team's winning or losing, especially if you're playing n00bs.

Look directly at the ground while running into a corner, easy right? Now press the B button to dive and hold up on the right analog stick until you're looking as high as possible, let go. Now you're in crazy mode, and from this point you must push up on both analog sticks until you see you're outside of the course (no netting). From this point look down then go into stand position when you look in the course you'll see the others playing, you can shoot them and they can't shoot you.

Note: Some levels you can't shoot through the net.
How to unlock extra items
Go into player options. Edit the stas on you're player until you cannot any longer. Note: you will have to beat allot of tournaments. Then once all you're stats are up you'll notice that you can press the "white" button. Do so and you can see the unlockables. You'll need 25 xp to unlock one.
unlock pro players in single player mode
go to my character and hold the left analog stick to the left and press the Y button until you have the pro player of your choice.


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hold black, x, and right trigger while pressing (on the d pad) upx2 downx2 right left down up
Skip to the finals in tournaments.
To skip straight to the final round of any tournament, excluded the first, simply beat the first and instead of playing the new tournament, play the first til you reach the final round of it. Once it shows you the bracket click A and instead of pressing A to start hit B and play the newest tournament. You should be put in the final round.
Unlock all Characters

Play all of the single player mode tournaments, and place in the top three in each event to unlock all characters.