Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters User Reviews


So-so game

The bad:

The game seemed glitchy at times be it during combat or just moving around.

It didn't stick to any G.L. story-line from any of the DC Universes and was too short. It took me 3 hours playing Co-op with my best friend and we had beaten it...oh and did I mention I also made food and fed my dogs during those 3 hours?

The trophies for it were your basic play through the level and get a trophy kind of deal, but then there were some were you had to collect certain items to get those trophies. But all-in-all it wasn't very good.


Well as I stated before, the game was very glitchy at times and game-play was very dull at an difficulty setting. Also, you could have only one save file for the game entirely which made it worse since I had multiple people to play it with be it my gf, best friend, or younger brother.

The trophy collection for it was your usual play through the level and achieve the trophy kind of deal, but the levels weren't very long at all. It would have been a better game if it had introduced characters from the Green Lantern lore that is out there. The game was too short in that aspect. Each level took ...

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