Great Waldo Search FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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Great Waldo Search FAQ/Walkthrough

by Apathetic Aardvark   Updated to v1.0 on
                            The Great Waldo Search

Apathetic Aardvark                                                   12/21/2004
Version 1.0                                      

Table of Contents

     i.   FAQ
     ii.  Disclaimer
     iii. Credits

   i) FAQ

Normally I would divide this section up, but I do not expect this to be more
than a few paragraphs so you may just have to read to find things, because
organization is not needed either...  Let us call this: Where's Information!

Hopefully you have at least heard of Where's Waldo before.  The scenes of this
game are taken directly from pages found in the book, though much smaller,
usually only five or six television screens wide.  The main objectives of every
level are to find Waldo, a man with brown hair, glasses, blue pants, and
striped red and white clothing.  The other object you must always find is a
scroll which the clumsy wizard.  There are other objects you can find as well,
including Waldo's dog, Woof.  If you find Woof, you also get to do a bonus
level.  Other objects include clocks, some of which are mini-game finds and
finally point value tiles!

Now, what difficulty should you play...

Normal: Clues from clocks are recited orally a few times.
Expert: Clues are displayed via text only once.

If you try to find something you are not supposed to, time is deducted from

Here is what the controls do:

D-Pad: Move the magnifying glass around the screen!
A button - When the magnifying glass is hovering over an object you wish to
"find" click this.  If you are correct, you will get the item.  If not, a
buzzer will sound.
B button - Hold this to make the scroll rate on the magnifying glass much
C button - Pauses the game!

Alright, now that we know all that, let's get the point values:

Waldo: 1500 points
Scroll: 1000 points
150 point tile: 150 points [duh!]
Clock: 0 points
Clock w/ clue: 100 points
Finding the clue: 750 points
Woof: 750 points
Bones in Woof Mini-Game: 100 points each [2400 max]
Extra time after finding Waldo & Scroll: 50 points per clock tick.  12 ticks
per rotation.  Extra rotations are gotten from finding clocks.  This is where
most of the points will come from.

Here is a list of the levels as well as some of the clues in them.  Unless
otherwise noted, every level contains a Waldo, scroll, Woof, 150 point blocks,
up to four clocks, and up to two clue clocks.

Level 1: Monk Wars
Picture: Water monk shooting water onto a red monk.
Scene: Red Monks using fire to battle the Blue Monks using water.
Items to find from clock clues:
   - 2 Headed Staff - Blue monk has it.
   - Short Staff - Blue monk near the top of the mountain has it, looks like
Waldo's cane.
   - Red Monk with face - Red monk with his head really close to a cloud.
   - Red Monk firing water - A monk in red who is shooting blue water at a Blue
Monk's shield!
   - Blue Monk tossing fire - A blue monk at the very bottom of the screen
hurling a bit of fire at a crowd of red monks.
   - A pump on fire - bottom of the screen, two blue monks are near something
burning, you can not tell it is a pump though.
   - Blue monk with three feet - he's holding a shield and a short cane.
Middle of the screen height wise.
   - Red monk holding staff - Right side of the screen about three quarters of
the way up, one of the many red monks has a cane.
   - Blue monk, blue shield - he's getting hit by fire from a red monk.

Level 2: Arabia
Picture: Man with turban on magic carpet.
Scene: Looks like the more mythical Arabia.  Massive palaces and everyone
floating on magic carpets.
Items to find from clock clues:
   - Red bag of tricks - Yellow turban, blue shirted man has a red bag in his
   - Man with 3 legs - He's got red pants with black dots on them.
   - My world is upside down - Man hanging upside-down in the window of the
   - A carpet without a rider - Right above the flag on this screen.  It should
stand out.
   - A peach colored turban - Man in the lower window of the nearby palace.
Near a flag, under a carpet.
   - Face in window - seriously... if I have to tell you.
   - Carpet without fringe - flying near a palace window, up high on the
   - Orange shoes - well, they're actually red... at least on my screen.  Near
the green and yellow palace roof though.
   - Four riders without a carpet - Just four guys hovering in front of a
palace roof.  How strange.

Level 3: Land of Giants
Picture: Really big man in green outfit
Scene: A few giants causing a bunch of dark ages guards and peasants to get all
riled up!
Items to find from clock clues:
   - Blue Shield - A solid blue shield, most are yellow striped.  Peasant in
brown shirt near the bottom has it.
   - Blue Hat - Lower right corner of the screen, somewhat trapped inside of a
   - Red spear head - Directly below the hut in which a giant is peering
   - Soldier with Glasses - Bottom of the screen, yellow hood.
   - Soldier with three legs - Left side of windmill.
   - Yellow helmet - Oh, how tricky, they all have yellow hoods.  But a man
with a green shirt and a spear has a helmet!
   - Red finger nail - top left of the map.  The hand holding the poor man.
   - Grin tooth missing - man at very bottom.  He has no visible weapon.
   - Two-sided spear - man below windmill in red.

Level 4: Caves
Picture: Some... thing, which looks like a pig and snake mix.
Scene: A bunch of things chasing people in caves.
Items to find from clock clues:
   - Red Beard - Man at the very bottom of the screen, he is bald.
   - Two ended spear - Man with a red shield on the upper floor has it.
   - Soldier with boots - to the left side of a dragon like thing facing in the
opposite direction.
   - Red Hat - A man near the right edge of the upper cliff has it on.
   - Two-headed man - near the left edge of the upper cliff.
   - Hat on fire - man near another man with a torch, moving man in net also
very close by.
   - Hat in shield - Man facing the tail of a dragon thing, his shield has a
hat on it.

Level 5: Land of Waldo's
Picture: Waldo
Scene: Many Waldo's

This level is the only different one.  There are no clocks, no point value
tiles and no Woof.  Only the scroll and the real Waldo.  What is different
about the real Waldo?!  He lost his shoe!  Find the Waldo with the red and
white striped sock.

   ii) Disclaimer

Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark
All rights reserved.

The following sites have my permission to post this without asking;

Any site, magazine, or other form of media, that is not included on this list
caught hosting this guide without my written consent is in violation of
copyright laws and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws.

   iii) Credits

Meh, GameFAQs for hosting... myself for having the patience to get the absurd
clues even though it meant playing the same level over and over and over and
hearing the god awful music.

Another installment of... The Worst Games Ever FAQ Series!!!
Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark|