Gravity Rush

  • Released on Jun 12, 2012
  • By SCEI for PS Vita

Gravity Rush User Reviews


The Vita's killer app is like a good comic book, but better

The good:

- Moving around in the world is a blast
- The story is interesting even if it's been done before
- Intuitive controls make use of all the Vita has to offer
- Beautiful stylized world to Rush around in
- Soundtrack compliments the game perfectly

The bad:

- Ridiculous loading times
- Somewhat repetitive combat
- The story leaves many questions completely unmentioned


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy describes the art of flying as throwing yourself at the ground and missing. Kat doesn't have that problem; she can turn gravity upside down and fall into the sky at the drop of a hat. Her journey from Nobody to Hero is an enjoyable tale, even if it isn't extremely long or original with the main story clocking in at around 10 hours.

The game begins when our hero finds herself awakened in a city park. With no memories and not even a name, she steps out to learn about the world she's a part of. After awakening to her powers and narrowly avoiding a clos...


The Very Definition of 'Genre Buster'

The good:

- Innovative, inspired, and unique gameplay
- Likeable cast of characters
- An expansive, immersive world
- Beautiful cel-shaded graphics
- Interesting story
- AMAZING soundtrack
- Lots of replay value

The bad:

- Combat tends to get slightly repititive
- Fairly short length


According to tvtropes, a genre buster "just does not fit into our usual map of genres". Gravity Rush, originally intended to be a launch title for the Vita, fits that description. In a good way.

Gravity Rush is a very strange game, if you couldn't already tell. It's not exactly a platformer, not exactly an RPG, not exactly an action game... It's really a mix of all of those elements mixed together. The same can be said for the fact that it's as if Super Mario Galaxy, VVVVVV, Katamari Damacy and inFAMOUS came together to make a baby and out came Gravity Rush.

Sorry, I digress. Gravity Rush is,...

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