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$880,000 IN 10 MIN.
You need a audi a4 Touring Car for this. Tune it up with every you can and go to european events and go to DTM Maister Race. (short form) Each race is $15,000 for first. Go to b-spec. Put on 5 push Hard and overtaken, then push R1, L1+RightButton to make race *3 times faster. If you win championship you get $75,000 and a car that you can sell for $730 000.

It's true see= 5 races times $15,000=75,000+$75,000=150000+730,000=880000
1,000,000 in 20 min
this is a nice way to easy earn over 1,000,000. Just ride the capri rally 4 times. You will find it in special conditions the 2nd easy rally. The car you will get is an toyota rsd rally raid car. What you can sell for over 268,000+.10,000=over 278,000x4 races=over 1 million. 1 race is max 5 min. 4 races is max 20 min. One hint from us, Keep one 4 yourself. It's a great fast car. Greetz from "smokey" Holland. Andicius & Claudje
100% Game Complete Prize Car
Once you have finished Gran Turismo 4 100.0%, you win a Formula Gran Turismo (Racing Formula 1 Car) in Black. There are no logo's or stickers on this car - it is just shiny plain black.
1million cr in 30 minutes
Win the cadillac cien in the special conditions capri rally. Tune it with everythng like turbo, brakes, gearboxes etc. Complete 25% of the game then go to the endurance race "El Capitan 200 mile" and use the cadillac in B-Spec mode and win. Yon will get 250,000 cr and the Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car. Use the Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car and buy sports tyres and turbo for it. Go back to the "El Capitan 200 mile" race and use the toyota and you'll win! You'll get 250,000 cr and the Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car. Sell the toyota and you will get 1,000,000 cr
2022 Nike One Morse Code
If you look really close on the side of the Nike One, you can see a small area near the front of the car of morse code. If you go into photo mode, this will become clearer. The morse code is written backwards as to be seen correctly from inside the car. Spelled out, it is " " the website of the Phil Frank Automotive and Product Design Company. Phil Frank was paid to design the futuristic Nike car specifically for Gran Turismo 4.
25% Reward
Complete 25% of the game to unlock the Audi Nuvolari Quattro '03.
30 minute millionaire
I, and many others got stuck at the GT world championship because you need a one million dollar car.Well, someone told me a way to get the money in just 30 minutes. I didn't want any fellow seekers getting stuck here so I wrote a mini guide.

First, go to special condition events.

Next, Do the second set of two races (Capri rally, easy) with your best car. Any car will work here, so just choose the car you are best with. If you don't have a good car, then just win the First set of 2 races for an awesome car.

When you beat the 2 races, you will get a Toyota rally car which you can sell for about 265,000 Credits. Beating the race four times will make you a millionaire!

Just in case you need pictures of the car, here are 2:

Car Image

Car Image 2
Advice for progress in GT4
If you want to win GT4 but don't want to part with those well earned credits. here's a straight forward mini-guide to help you accomplish just that.

1- get all the liscences

2- do several easy events with the cars you
have until you get 25% Game completion

3- win japan championship

4- use nissan LM race car to win nurburgring
4h endurance

5- use audi touring car ( won from endurance )
to win DTM

6- win nurburgring 24h endurance with car won
from DTM

7- with the cars you have win all begginer and
proffesional events. change the order you win
races in order to get the right cars for each
event. you will have to buy a truck for the
truck race because you can't get one any-
where else.( check gamespot for details on
what cars you win for certain races)

8- win GT world championship with formula gran
turismo ( won from nurburgring 24h endurance )

9- win most of the expert events with the
formula gran turismo

That's how you get started without spending anything!!
Aeroplanes in GT4
Go into Circuit de la Sarthe 2 in Endurance Events in GT mode (this is the circuit with the very long straight with no chicanes on it). Start the 24 hour endurance in 'A' spec mode. Just before the race says 'START' look to the top of the screen (where your laps and times are). There should be a formation of fighter planes flying over you with coloured smoke coming out of them (They form colours of red, white, and blue).
Alteeza color change Highlighted parts
Once you've aquired the Toyota Alteeza Touring Car, go back to the manufacturers race and run it again in b-spec.. pace 3 & overtake, once you've won all the races, you'll recieve a new Tour Car with Blue highleted wheels and trim. I took that car back and repeated and recieved one with Black trim. It seems 3 colors are available OEM grey, Blue, Black.. I will try in other events with GT Tour Cars and see..
American League Prizes
American Championship - Chevrolet Corvette Convertible (C1) '54
Stars and Stripes - Chevrolet Camaro LM Race Car '01
American Muscle Car Championship - Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 '70
Classic Muscle Car Championship - Plymouth Super Bird '70
Avoiding Time Penalty in Rally
To avoid getting a time penalty for crashing in a rally event try swinging your back end out when you realise you are going to hit the side.

No matter how hard your back end hits the side a time penalty will not be given.
Beginner League Prizes
Sunday Cup - Autobianchi A112 Abarth '79
FF Challenge - Mazda Atenza Concept '01
FR Challenge - Nissan Skyline 2000GT-B '67
4WD Challenge - Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car '04
MR Challenge - Lotus Esprit Turbo HC '87
Light Weight K Cup - Ginetta G4 '64
Spider & Roadster - Chrysler Prowler '02
Sport Truck Race - Chevrolet Silverado SST Concept '02
Beginners guide to fast $$$
1. When you get a fast enough car(it's not very hard), go to Special Conditions and race in the second easy race. You should win a Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car. Do the race three times. Sell the three cars that you won.
2. With that money buy an Audi A4 Touring Car and tune it with everything.(I reccomend if you don't have enough money then get some more to finish tuning your Audi)
3. Next go to the European Races and enter the DTM (the German one). Put it on B-Spec, 5, and overtake. Then push R1 then L1+Right to make the speed faster. Do that for all 5 races. When you win sell the Mercedes(I also got a Jaguar race car). You'll get $763 000 or something like that plus $15 000 times 5, thats $75 000 and $75 000 for winning the Championship.
4. VOILA OVER $900 000. Oh and one more thing... CANADA RULES!!!!!
Best Starter Car
The best starter car is the Skyline, Subaru or the Lancer. NOT THE RX-7 or RX-8
Best Starter Car
I found that the best car to start with is the Dodge Viper SRT10 but only if you transfer credits from GT3. If not, then go to the used car showrooms and get a Mazda RX-7
Better Handling
Wash your car every once in a while. It makes it handle better. I once had a F1 car in GT3 that I didn't wash for a really long time, it handled about as good as a tank going 300 mph until I gave it a wash.
different BGM
if you're sick of the default race BGM go to the juke box and you'll find that there are about fifty songs that aren't being played in race mode.
so take your pick
Drafting behind a computer's/human's car
It's just very simple, make sure the computer's or human's car is right in front of your car. Your car will speed up which you will end up back or into 1st place.
Easy Money
For nearly 1,000,000 easy credits go to the German Touring Car Championship under European Events. You receive 15,000 credits for each race won and an additional 75,000 credits for winning the championship. Finally, you are awarded a Mercedes Benz AMG CLK-GTR Race Car '98 which is worth just less than 750,000 credits, which you can sell. The Mercedes Benz AMG 190E I use for the touring car championship is the prize car you receive for winning all of the Schwarzwald League B races.
Ending Movie
Complete the GT World Championship in the Proffesional League to see the Ending Movie.
Endurance League Prizes
Grand Valley 300km - Mercedes-Benz C9 Race Car (Sauber) '89
Laguna Seca 200 Miles - Ford GT40 Race Car '69
Roadster 4 Hours Endurance - Mazda RX-7 LM Race Car '01
Tokyo R246 300km - Mitsubishi FTO Super Touring Car '97
Super Speedway 150 Miles - Honda NSX-R LM Edition Race Car '02
Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurance - Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo '04
Nurburgring 4 Hours Endurance - Chapparal 2D
Suzuka 1000km - Lister Storm V12 Race Car '99
Motegi 8 Hours Endurance - Honda NSX-R LM Edition Road Car '02
Tsukuba 9 Hours Endurance - Nissan Skyline GT-R Race Car (Calsonic) '93
Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours I - Audi R8 '01
Sarthe Circuit 24 Hours II - Bentley Speed 8 Race Car '03
Fuji 1000km - Nissan R92CP Race Car '92
Infineon World Sport Car Trophy - Ford GT LM Edition '02
El Captain 200 Miles - Toyota 88C-V Race Car (Minolta) '89
New York 200 Miles - Dodge Charger Super Bee 426 Hemi '71

Note: You may receive an Audi on the Grand Valley 300kM course, instead.
Endurance Tip
When doing an endurance race, First run in A-spec mode to get yourself into first place. Drive until you need to pit for fuel or tires, then put the game into B-Spec mode to gain A-spec and B-Spec points. This also gives you a break to stretch and eat a bit.
European league Prizes
European Championship - Jaguar XJ220 LM Edition '01
British GT Cup - Jaguar E-Type Coupe '61
British Light Weight Car Race - Lotus Europa Special '71
German Touring Car Championship - Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK-GTR Race Car '98
Italian Festival - Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 TI Race Car '93
French Championship - Citroen 2CV Type-A '54
European Classic Car Championship - Mercedes-Benz Benz Patent Motor Wagen '1886
European Hot Hatch Car Championship - Volvo 240 GLT Estate '88
1000 Miles - Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale '63
Schwarzwald League A - BMW M3 GTR Race Car '01
Schwarzwald League B - Mercedes-Benz AMG 190E 2.5 16V Evolution II (DTM) '92
Extreme League Prizes
Gran Turismo All Stars - BMW MacLaren F1 GTR Race Car '97
Dream Car Championship - Nissan GT-R Concept LM Race Car '02
Polyphony Digital Cup - Opera Performance S2000 '04
Like The Wind - Volkswagen W12 Nardo Concept '01
Formula GT World - Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo '04
Real Circuit Tours - Nissan Gran Turismo Skyline GT-R (PaceCar) '01
Premium Sports Lounge - Ford GT '05
Fast money
Here is a Way to get quick money and get off to a fast start in Gran Turismo 4. When you start off transfer your licenses and 100,000 credits from your GT3 game over to your new GT4 game. After your done with that buy the 05' Mustang and tune it as much as you can with the money you have. Then go to Special Condition Events and then go to the Capri Rally and win both races. You make 5,000 credits a race and when you win both of them you win the Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car, you can sell if for 265,624 credits. You can do this over and over.
Fast money (A good 30 min of spare time will do)
this will get you fast money close to (I THINK) $270,000 per time

1.Get one of these or both the both work great!
a Mustang 05'(U.S.A - Ford)this goes a good 600 somthing horsepower after tuning. or a Dodge Viper (U.S.A.- Dodge- the first one in the set of three)this goes a good 900 (i think) horse power anfter tuning

2. Take that car and get it a major tuning job.
(I have to go home before telling you the exact parts)

3. Go to U.S.A.- Stars and Stripes compotition.
go through these races in B-Spec mode go the fastest you can and overtake right at the start then move the viewing to 3X.(this will get it done quicker.

4. Sell the car you get from this and do it over again about 4 times and you made a million dollers

Fast Money for lazy people
If you want to get money w/o doing anything, do the Subaru Stars of Pleiades race in b-spec. Trick out a WRX and let it smoke the competition. Just set it to pace 5, overtake, and view speed x3. You'll get 10,000 Cr for 5 races and 75,000 credits for winning. Lastly, you get the IMPREZA Super Touring Car that can sell for 95,624. TOTAL 220,624 in about 10 minutes. The greatest part about it is that you can just sit there.
Formula Gran Turismo 04 (A F1 CAR)
When you have at least 25% game completion you can enter one of your cars into the Nirburgring 24 hours enduro.

You Will need a car with at least 600 BHP i used one of the secret black cars found on days 693,694,695,696,697 and 698 i think.You will have a choice of 2 cars in the showroom early 90\'s and 2 in late 90\'s at the bottom of the screen.I bought and used a nissan R92CP Race Car this car is really fast but not as fast as the orignal!

Now you need about 8 hours of a free tv to watch when this gap appears startup gran turismo 4 as usual and with your chosen car go to the endurance hall and start your car in b-spec mode now set the pace to 4 overtakeuntil you have a first place set your b-spec to 2 overtake and every 15-20 minutes you will have to come back to speed up the time after you have pitted so i advise you to stay with the speed up time 3x normal speed press R1 then a screen should appear now press L1 and right arrow untill the x1 turns to x3 this will passx2 on the way changing it

When you win this race you will have a formula gran turismo 04 car this car is an F1 and has 904BHP but you can not purchase any upgrades for it this car can win almost every event that this car can be entered in Have GOOD fun with your new car.

If you have ANY troubles with this car please contact me with an E-mail onmatt_cool_dude
Get the Most Out Of Your Cars
To get the most out of your cars, you need to FULLY TUNE. Use a fast money guide to get at least 200,000 Cr. This works for any cars, except tuned cars. (Which are pre-tuned. For race cars, there will only be turbo kits 3, 4, and weight reduction 3. Get the Turbo kit 4. It costs 80,000 cr.)
For starters, Get Racing Exhaust.*+ I like to get both brakes, so you can ajust racing brakes. For engines, Get everything you can except Nitrous.*+ Transmission: Get the full upgrade of everything, and also buy the carbon driveshaft and YCS controller.*+ Turbo is essential for multiplying horsepower, so get everything you can.*+ Full Custimazation in suspension is needed for you and your car, so BUY IT!*+ Tires: If you are still on sunday cup, or clubman cup, buy the soft or medium tires, but not the racing ones. These are too expensive. Once you're comfertable with racing, buy the r1 or r2 tires. You need these for endurance races. Rally Cars, Go ahead and buy both snow and dirt tires. Also, Get only Wheight Reduction stage 1.


*If you see original, buy that instead.

+If you use lower stages (i.e. turbo kits, NA engine tuning) than the highest, you're wasting your money. This is why you need 200,00 credits, to buy the max tuning stages. The turbo kit stage 4 costs 80,000 cr, so this is why you need lots of creds.
Getting the maximum speed out of your car
Although this does not contribute to your game percentage or anything, this is an interesting thing I want to share. If you want to go really fast with your car on the test course, without any sort of cheating devices the do this:

First, you'll need a high-performance racing car. Something like a Toyota GT1, Nissan R92CP, Bentley Speed 8, Minolta race car etc. The Formula Gran Turismo will not be as good here because you can't get NOS for it. When you have your car, go to it's manufacturer and buy the following parts: Buy a turbo of as high a stage as possible, buy NOS, buy the racing super soft tyres and change the oil. The power of your car should be around 1100 HP.

With the settings, you'll need to get as much downforce on the back of your car and as little as possible on the front of your car (usually, it's 38 to 88 with most racing cars). The suspension settings are pretty important as well. Set the spring rate to 4.0 on both front and rear and set the ride height as low as possible too. The driving aids should all be at 0. Your NOS setting should be at it's maximum. The gearbox settings can be the trickiest bit. First of all, you need to set the auto ratio all the way to 25. Setting the auto ratio after you do the individual gears is a big mistake because the auto ratio has it's own default setting which automatically switches your gear ratios to that setting. With the gears, if you move the indicator to the left you'll get more maximum speed and less acceleration. Moving it to the right does the opposite. Set the final gear ratio to about 2700 and try out your car. Get through the first straight and use the NOS once you get to the back straight, at around 380-400 kph (237-250 mph). When the front end of your car starts lifting up, it means that the settings are working and your car will start quickly speeding up. By the end of this straight you should at least get to 530 kph (331 mph).

To make your car go faster, you'll need to play around with the gear ratios. If you notice that by the end of the straight your car doesn't get to the end of the final gear, this means that your final gear setting is set too much to the left. Moving it to the right can fix the problem, but if you get to the end of the straight with your final gear stopping at the red line, then moving it slightly to the left will make your car go even faster. Also, try playing around with the individual gear ratios.

The fastest I've gone with this trick is 585 kph (366 mph), with the Minolta race car. Below are the gear ratios you could use for your Minolta (if you have one) as a setting that you could play around with and hopefully even go faster than mine. My gear ratios are:
1st gear: 3825
2nd gear: 2328
3rd gear: 1601
4th gear: 1101
5th gear: 0858
6th gear: 0800
Final gr: 2500
Auto setting: 25
Also, remember to set the other settings according to my instructions.
getting up and running.
A good way to woop ass on gt4 is to complete the licences. it may take long but try to get all golds in B, A liscences Once you do this you will be awarded with some nice cars.
sell and dispose of all the cars apart from the nissan skyline pace car, keep the money and then do the capri rally easy under special conditions, do this twice and then sell the two rally cars and the skyline. The liscences are the only hard part in this, but will make you a better driver!

Once you have sold all your cars use the money to buy the mercedes that is priced around the 190,000 mark tune it up to the max apart from the tyres or the body strengthening kit. Lower the suspention heights as low as they will go and then raise the stifness of the suspension to 13.8 front and rear (the first suspention setting) change the auto gear setting to 17 nos on full power, and the downforce cetings to 30 front and rear. then enter the mercedes race one that requires an (A) liscence and complete the three races. you will win a mercedes touring car.

Tune the mercedes with the stage four turbo and then set the suspention height as low as it will go, and the stiffness to 13.8 front and rear, and finally the auto gear ratio to 17. give the car an oil change. save the game and then enter the touring car meisterschaft in european events and do it on b-spec mode. on the first race set the pace of the car to 4 and then 3 for the rest.

keep doing this and selling your prize car each time until you have 4,500,000 credits and then buy the audi r8 race car, get nos, stage 4 turbo, super soft tyres and the body strenghthening kit.

Now for the fun part! (and final part)
Lower the susspention settings as low as they will go, and the stiffnes to 14.8 front and rear, the nos on full power, auto gear setting to 22 the downfore on full front and rear, and leave the rest. get an oil change save the game.

Now test this beast of a car out on the nurbugring nordshleife and scream at the performance of the car!

Please email me with any questions and tell me what you think! (trust me, do everything as ive put here and there'll be no problems)

Have fun!!!
Good beginner car
If you have GT3, transfer credits and buy a late-90's used RX-7.try get one with the best output. Service it immediately, and trick it out with original suspension (last in the window), adjustable transmission, brakes etc-as much as your money allows. make sure you have at least stage 3 turbo, with a racing intercooler, and lighten the vehicle ap to stage 3 (stage 3 it gets a bit flighty and skittish to drive. To improve handling, get medium racing slicks, drop the suspension to at least 86mm, and soften the rear damper settings by one notch. Softer rear damping means better traction and less tail-happpiness. Also adust the camber to 2.5 front and at least 1.5 rear. This gives you better and sharper turn in, and good high speed stability. When racing on sports tyres, let them warm up for at least 2 laps before trying to be last of the late brakers, as the car doesn't like sports tyres with these settings. i have found they work well with slicks though, and you can nail the professional FR and Turbo leagues easily if you drive cleanly.paly around with the gear ratios and damper settings to improve the car to suit your style involves late braking, and smooth, even application of the throttle from mid-corner to avoid drifting or hurting the tyres too much.

email me if this work for you!
Good Cars
These Are A Nice Buy:
Mitsubishi 3000GT - If You Have 500,000 Credits Go To The Late Or Early 90's Look For This. Then you Tune (Up To At Least 750 BHP)
Ford GT - Roams The MR And Is Quite Cheap
Dodge Viper - Good For A Driver And Credits
Good Starter Car
Okay first you'll need to transfer 100,000 credits from GT3. After that here's what you do.

While the Dodge Viper SRT 10 is also a good starter car, I found the HPA Motorsports StageII R32 to be a great starter car for beginners. It only costs 32,000 which means you've got lots left to upgrade. It is a good starter car because it's 4WD...which evens out tire wear and slowing it down in a sense. 4WD also helps with traction and you are less likely to spin out. AS well as it being 4WD, it can also reach at least 540hp. Not bad huh?
Good way 2 Start
Wen u first start dont buy a car wait till you have gotten your international b then sell all the cars you recieve and sell them then go to the used car showrooms and get the best fastest car. now go to extreme conditions and do the first race to get a kick ass car the Caddillac CIEN then do the next race 4 times and you and win 4 rally cars you can the sell these 4 1 million+ $$$$ use this to tune your Caddillac to the max (900+ BHP) then continue through the game.
good way to fast money!
first and only if you have played gt3 A-spec,
make sure you have over 100,000 credits and a and b license,
this TRANSFER will help with saving time so you don't have to spend a couple days trying to beat a and b license. (trust me.)


go to HOME then to STATUS, if you look at the bottom of the screen it should say TRANSFER then with the start button. if you are definitely sure that you have over 100,000 credits on gt3 then good for you. anyway, select yes and yes again, notice you will have whatever licenses that you have on gt3, and 110,000 credits.


all bmws that you can afford, all Audi's that you can afford,
chrysler 300 c hemi,
Nissan 350 z special edition,
ford mustang,
and also the dodge viper crt-10 from new cars and gts from classical
Great way to tune your car
This is a setting that works well with almost every car in the game.

1) Increase the spring rate. This makes the springs harder, and increases your speed.
2) Lower the car to a bit from the minimum. This greatly increases max speed.
3) Decrease shock bound to 3, and shock rebound to 5.
4) Set the camber to 3.5 in the front, and 3.0 in the back.
5) Set stabilizers to 3.
6) Increase downforce to the maximum.
Hidden Controls
There are a number of "hidden" controls in Gran Turismo 4 that will make navigating the game a bit easier.

On the main Gran Turismo Mode screen, press L1 to jump the cursor to Home, and press R1 to jump the cursor to the country of your vehicle's manufacturer.

When looking at your garage in Home, press START to bring up the vehicle settings screen.

When changing your vehicle's settings, press START to enlarge the Engine Power/Torque curve.

At the end of a series race, press START to skip the finish times and championship points screens.

During a replay, press L3 to fast-forward.

During a pit stop, press X to to stop refueling, letting you get out of the stop faster.

With the Driving Force Pro wheel, press any combination of the LEFT, RIGHT, and DOWN buttons on the D-pad to look in that direction while driving.
how 2 make 240000 Cr in 10 mins over easy
Get a ford gt40 get all the trimmings for it ie full tune up go to american events and enter the stars and stripes there are just 3 races and the first 2 with just 3 laps each while the last is for 4 laps use b spec mode hit the overtake button leave it on 3 and triple the speed and the entire race can end in less than 10 mins for each race u get 10000Cr after the race you win a chevy camaro LM race car you can sell for a little under 220000Cr, enter the race again clear your records and keep winning in no time youll make millions
How to get more BHP out of your car
Once you have modded your car with performance parts, instead of just heading off to race go to GT Auto first and have an oil change, i have found that just changing the oil can add 40+ BHP to your car even if its brand new.
How to go through the pitstop without stopping
Going through the pitstop with out stopping is easy all you have to do is go in the pitstop backwards. Then computer will turn your car around and instead of stopping at your cars pit you will just carry on driving through.
How To Start With Lots Of Cash Without transferring money. (BEGINNERS GUIDE)
Okay. you just created your account. but you suck! and are low on cash. This is what you do*
1. Get your B License!
2. Take the prize car... and SELL IT!
3. Go into the used car lot, and buy the FASTEST (Screw looks) 4WD there is that you can afford.
4. Soupe the 4WD up with performance parts.
5. Enter the 4WD Fuji Speedway 90s Race. (In A-spec mode)
6. On the corners that DONT appear on Fuji Speedway 80s, drive right through the middle (ie: the U-turn (2nd to last), just drive right through the grass onto the other side).
7. You should win the race and get 1,500 cr. Keep doing this race over and over until you get enough money to soupe your car up to around 300hp.
8. Go to the PROFESSIONAL EVENTS, and do the Race of Turbo Sports event.
9. Enter the HIGH SPEED RING race, and attempt to win. (Your car should JUST BARLEY be able to overpower theirs).
10.You should get 7,500 cr. for winning. Do this until you get 32,000 cr.
11. Go to TUNER VILLAGE. Go to HPA motor sports. Select Complete cars, and buy the HPA Motorsports Stage 2 R32 2004.
12. Give the car an oil change.
13. Go back to the turbo sports HIGH SPEED RING race.
14. Keep doing this race until you have at least 58,000 dollars.
15. Go to USA Cars, go to buick, and go to classics. Buy the Buick Special.
16. Enter the World Classic Car Series, and enter the CHAMPIONCHIP. (in B-SPEC mode.)
17.Keep the Pace at 4 (fast) and keep the overtake light ON until you have passed all the cars. Then go to the race moniter, and change the race speed to 3x (it says how to do this on the bottom of the moniter.)
18. Keep doing this for the rest of the championchip. if you won all the races, you will get 100,000 cr. and a 1886 Mercedes-Benz Carridge. (Do not drive this, as it is a novelty car.)
19. Soupe up your buick special, and it can get up to 841hp! (one of the fastest cars in the game!)
Keep doing Steps 16-19, and you can become a Millionare in 10 championchips, while drinking a nice warm cup of coffee (you wont have to really do ANYTHING in B-SPEC mode).
20. Go buy that car you always wanted, and finish Gran Turismo.
Instant $$$$
First you have to buy a Mazda RX-7, in the starting of the game.
Then finish Sunday Cup.
After finishing you will get a car(Autobianchi Abarth).Just sell that car!!
And buy a 4WD Nissan Skyline GtR (get a oil change).
Take that car and go to Japanese Events.
Play Japanese 90's Challenge(WIN IT!!!!!!!!)
It is very easy.
You will win a Nismo400R.
Take it and go to Special Condition Events and play the second easy race.
It is pretty easy(ACTUALLY VERY EASY)
After winning you will get a car(Sell It!!!!)
Play the race III times and keep selling the cars.
You will get about 750,000 Cr.
With them buy a AUDI A4 TOURING CAR
Take that car and tune it with everything you can.
Play in European Events-Touring Championship
Win it in B-Spec(VERY EASY)

Japanese League Prizes
Japanese Championship - Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02
Japanese GT Championship - Nissan Motul Pitwork Z (JGTC) '04
Japanese 70's Classic - Nissan Skyline Hard Top 2000GT-R (KPGC10) '70
Japanese 80's Festival - Mitsubishi HSR-II Concept '89
Japanese 90's Challenge - Nismo 400R (R33) '96
Japanese Compact Car Cup - Honda Life Step Van '72
kick-start your gran turismo 4 career
OK for all you people stuck at the beggining of their GT4 career doing races like the sunday cup again and again. well here's how you get to the advanced stuff fast.

when you start the game go to the liscence center and get all the liscences. it's hard but if you don't get them this won't work. don't worry to much about the special liscence but get it if you can, your going to need it.

Having attained all your liscences head over to the special conditions section and win the capri rally with the nismo you won from the IA liscence. you should win easily. when you win both capri rally events (normal and reverse) you win the toyota RSC rally raid car. use this to win the same rally tree more times and sell the three extra RSC's.

you should now have cr. 825,000. with it go and buy an abt auidi TT-R touring car. use the extra cr. to tune it up any way you want.

now enter the DTM (duetches touring car meistershift) with the audi TT-R. you should be able to win alll the races easily (providing you tuned up the car suffieciently). you will now be awarded the AMG Mercedes CLK-GTR race car which is a really good car.

Now you can win all the other races in GT4 always remebering that you can go and win the DTM in B-spec mode(which you can make three times fast) any time in less than ten miutes and sell the mercedes which, combined with the prizes you'll get 880,000 credits.

The overall benefit of this is that you can now enter the advanced races and win them easily with far superior tuned up cars because you've got over a milion cr. whenever you want.

So get out there and win this game.
Making Japan Championship Easy
If you're having trouble with the Japan GT Championship, (the 1 with the race cars like the Nissan Motul Pitwork Z) use a Formula Gran Turismo!! I found this out from arcade mode. Polyphony Digital is under the Japanese car section- SO, it can be used to SMOKE the competition!! You'll have NO trouble beating the championship!!
Manufacturer Championship Prizes
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 '65

Renault Alpine Cup
Alpine A110 1600S '73

Aston Martin Festival
Aston Martin DB9 Coupe '03

Tourist Trophy
Audi Le Mans Quattro '03

A3 Cup
Audi Quattro '82

BMW 1 Series Trophy
BMW 2002 Turbo '73

'M' Club
BMW M3 GTR '03

Corvette Festival
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe (C2) '63

Camaro Meeting
Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z Concept '88

Crossfire Trophy
Dodge Viper GTSR Concept '00

Citroen 2CV Type-A '54

Copen Race
Daihatsu Storia X4 '00

Midget II Race
Daihatsu Midget '63

Type R Meeting
Honda HSC (Honda Sports Concept) '03

Civic Race
Honda Civic Si (Mugen Motul Race Car) '87

Hyundai Sport Festival
Hyundai Clix '01

Isuzu Classic Sport
Isuzu 117 Coupe '68

Elise Cup
Lotus Elise Type-72 '01

Lotus Classic Cup
Lotus Elan S1 '62

'RE' Club
Mazda Cosmo Sport (L10A) '67

Roadster Cup
Mazda Eunos Roadster J-Limited (NA) '91

RX-8 Cup
Mazda RX-8 Concept LM Race Car '01

Legend of Silver Arrow
Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car (D2 DTM) '00

SL Challenge
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe '54

MG Festival
MGF '97

Mini.Mini Battle
Marcos Mini Marcos GT '70

Evolution Meeting
Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR Rally Car '74

Mirage Cup
Mitsubishi I Concept '03

Race of Red Emblem
Nismo Skyline GT-R LM Road Going Version (R33) '95

March Brothers
Nissan mm-R Cup Car '01

Silvia Sisters
Nissan Sileighty '98

'Z' Club
Nissan Fairlady 240ZG (HS30) '71

Speedster Cup
Opel Calibra Touring Car (DTM) '94

206 Cup
Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Rally Car '85

Clio Trophy
Renault Lutecia Renault Sport V6 24V Race Car '00

Megane Cup
Renault Avantime '02

Saleen S7 Club
Nike One 2022

Shelby Cobra Cup
Shelby Mustang G.T.350R '65

Subaru 360 Race
Subaru Subaru 360 '58

Race of Pleiades
Subaru Impreza Super Touring Car '01

Suzuki K Cup
Suzuki Concept-S2 '03

Suzuki Concept Car
Suzuki GSX-R/4 '01

Altezza Race
Toyota Altezza Touring Car '01

Vitz Race
Toyota Vitz RS Turbo '02

Spitfire Cup
Triumph Spitfire 1500 '74

Blackpool Racer
TVR Cerbera Speed 12 '00

Beetle Cup
Volkswagen Beetle 1100 Standard (Type-11) '49

Lupo Cup
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe (Type-1) '68

Volkswagen Golf I GTI '76

Mission Prizes
Mission 1-10 - DMC DeLorean S2 '04
Mission 11-20 - Jay Leno Tank Car '03
Mission 21-24 - Pagani Zonda Race Car '01
Mission 25-29 - Toyota 7 Race Car '70
Mission 30-34 - Nissan R89C Race Car '89
Money in 20 minutes
To buy this car you must have some money which you can get from Special Event Grand Canaria

1.Buy audi a4 Touring Car for 450 000
2. Equip with turbo stage 4 for 90 000
3. Go to European Race chose DTM Maister Race (1-
st after english competition)
4. Entry, settings-set brake for 24 each, turbo for stage 4, tyres racing medium, Gear settings just 14 on the automatic settings
5.Chose b-spec, Put on 5 push Hard and overtaken, then push R1, L1+RightButton to make race *3 times faster.
6. Repeat everything for next races (sometimes You must adjust gear ratio from 12 in 1-st race and 16 i nextes)
7. Each race 15 000 * 5 =75 000
8. Bonus 75 000
9. Car Prize - Merc slr TT worth ca. 730 000
10. overall about 900 000
Not able to go over 50 miles per hour?
If you can't go over 50 miles per hour, you have run out of fuel.

To refuel, you simply have to go into the pit. That refuels you.
Oil Change
Make sure you change your oil reguarly as it gives you a small horsepower boost.
Over $800,000 in 30 minutes
First you need to acquire either a Audi A4 touring car or and ABT Audi TT-R Touring car fully tuned-up.

Then go to the European Events and pick the Deutsch Touring Car Meisterschaft race.

Choose B-Spec and make it 5-push and overtake. Then Press L1+Right on d-pad until it says times three.

Its true too. If you win each race thats $15,000 each and that times 5 equals 75,000 then when you win this car at the end sell is for about 744,000 and thats 819,000.

You can use the times three thing for every race to make the race go quicker.

Pause Ticker Text
At any screen with scrolling text, pause the ticker by pressing L3. The information ticker sometimes have the best tips in the game.
Proffesional League Prizes
Clubman Cup - Mazda Mazdaspeed Atenza '05
Tuning Car Grand Prix - Nissan Option Stream Z '04
Race of NA Sports - Honda NSX-R Concept '01
Race of Turbo Sports - Mazda BP Falken RX-7 (D1GP) '03
Boxer Spirit - RUF CTR Yellow Bird '87
World Classic Car Series - Mercedes-Benz Daimler Motor Carriage '1886
World Compact Car Race - Honda S800 RSC Race Car '68
Supercar Festival - Cizeta V16T '94
Gran Turismo World Championship - Ford GT LM Edition Spec-II '04
Quick Guide from Beginning to End
You start with 10,000 bucks. Ignore this for now and go get your IA lisence. You'll win a nice nissan car. Use this to beat special condition event #1. Say hi to the nice super car. Use it to win special conditions event #2. Sell the rally car for 260,000 dollars. Use the money to buy a nice mercedes, I got the SL600. The SL65 is the obvious best but unfortunately it isn't allowed to enter the Silver Arrow event. The Legend of the Silver Arrow event is an event only inside Mercedes Benz Hall. Make sure you tune up your SL600 or whatever you got to a solid 800 horse power AND give it super soft tires along with nice breaks and customizable transmission. The main thing is the 800 hp and super soft racing tires though. Cars can always use more acceleration. Anyways you might need to do other races to get enough money for this so go ahead and kick some cars. Once you win the event you get a Mercedes Benz Touring car. Upgrade this one with turbos and enter it into the European Hall and go into the German event with a name that is in german. Win the first 4 races in Bspec and skip the last. You get a nice car that sells for 750,000. I recommend keeping one also because you can give it a turbo or super charger (I forget). Anyways get as much money as you want and just buy the cars you need to beat all of beginner and pro hall events. At this point nothing can stop you, the power of money is with you. Just keep buying the cars you need and beating all the races. Eventually you'll need an S lisence, no big deal go get it. Have fun.
Quick money for corvette owners
Go to chevy's one make race menu and do the vette vette vette race. It gets you 10,000 credits per raceand the prize car (corvette C2 Z06) sells for
106,000 credits.
Good luck gamers!!!
Quick money for those starting out
To do this cheat, do both races of the second event in Special Conditions on Easy mode.

Sell the prize car, it gives you roughly 264,000 Cr. Including the total from the 2 races won it comes to 274,000 Cr.

Clear the event and rinse and repeat, you should be able to buy any decent car to get off on the right foot if you do this.
Reccomended Starting Car
Transfer your credits from GT3 and use them to buy the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4WD '92.
Recommended cars
If you don't have GT3, go to used car1 and buy the Infiniti G20. Or you can buy the Nissan Skyline GTR in used car2. Then do Sunday Cup and have fun.
Secret Black Cars
The vehicle line-up in the used car showrooms is constantly changing. On the last week of the changing cycle--starting day 694--four secret black race cars appear in the showrooms. Two of the cars are in the Used Car Showroom I and the other two are in Showroom II, and they only appear for one week (Gran Turismo time). All four cars can be purchased for about Cr.8,500,000 total, which is an absolute bargain for these sort of race cars.
Special Condition Prizes (Easy)
Rally d' Umbria - Cadillac CIEN '02
Rally d' Capri - Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car '02
Grand Canyon -Ford RS200 '84
Ice Arena - Toyota RSC '01
Chamoni - Infiniti FX45 Concept '02
George Paris - Alpine A310 1600VE '73
Swiss Alps - Mitsubishi CZ-3 Tarmac '01
Tahiti - Renault 5 Turbo '80
Tsukuba Circuit - Mazda RX-8 Concept (Type-I) '01
Cathedral Rocks (Trail I) - Land Rover Range Stormer Concept '04
Cathedral Rocks (Trail II) - Hyundai HCD6 '01
Special Condition Prizes (Hard)
Rally d' Umbria - Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car '85
Rally d' Capri - Ford RS200 Rally Car '85
Grand Canyon - Mitsubishi Straion 4WD Rally Car '84
Ice Arena - Nissan Bluebird 1600SSS Rally Car (510) '69
Chamoni - Lancia Stratos Rally Car '77
George Paris - Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution 2 Rally Car '86
Swiss Alps - Nissan Silvia 240RS Rally Car '85
Tahiti - Mitsubishi Pajero Rally Raid Car '85
Tsukuba Circuit - Ford GT Concept '02
Cathedral Rocks (Trail I) - Suzuki Escudo Dirt Trial Car '98
Cathedral Rocks (Trail II) - Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution Rally Raid Car '03
Special Condition Prizes (Normal)
Rally d' Umbria - Lancia Delta HF Integrale Rally Car '92
Rally d' Capri - Subaru Impreza Rally Car Prototype '01
Grand Canyon - Mitsubishi CZ-3 Tarmac Rally Car '02
Ice Arena - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV Rally Car'97
Chamoni - Subaru Impreza Rally Car '01
George Paris - Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Car '85
Swiss Alps - Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally Car (ST205) '95
Tahiti - Ford Escort Rally Car '98
Tsukuba Circuit - Mazda Atenza Touring Car '02
Cathedral Rocks (Trail I) - Subaru Impreza Rally Car '99
Cathedral Rocks (Trail II) - Toyota Celica GT-Four Rally Car (ST185) '95
Speed up B-Spec mode
When in a race in B-Spec mode, press R1 to switch to Race Monitor. Now hold 'L1' + 'Right' on the D-pad and you can make the race go up to 3x faster. The only downfall is you have to stay on the Race Monitor screen in order to keep the race sped up - it switches back to 1x when you go to Broadcast View mode.
Starting Car
The best car to start with is the Buick Special. First you must transfer money and then you buy it and get a supercharger. At this point it will have about 800 hp and it can have even more
Staters choice!!
The best car that ive found to use is the dihatsue active top only costs 15,000 credits leeving you with 14,000 left for a stage two turbo kit this will give you the edge to enter the dihatsue events go to the first champion ship and only race in the first race in b-spec on pace 5 and over take you should win or at least come second.use the money won and tune your car further.then enter again and again!!!
i entered about 60 times in 30 minutes and got around 200,000 credits!!!!!!
Stay in the same gear using Automatic Transmission
When using the automatic transmission option, hold R2 to make your car remain in the same gear. This is great for remaining at a given speed through a corner, or stretching the top end of a gear for a little extra speed/performance.
Tips, Tricks, Advice ETC..
Ok.. this is some sweet advice! Ok.. First Of All one of the best cars to start out with is the DMC that you win when you get the "International B License" (I know that the lap guides) Especially if you need a good car and cant beat the harsh ceginer events. for easy money go to special events, go to Capri, Win and sell the rally raid car and get a nice (260.000). This may take time but you can do it! Good Luck (>)> -Chris.a.
Transfer Files
If you have a save file from GT3 you can import money and licenses into GT4. You can transfer license qualifications but you do not receive the unlockable items that come with the license when you get them without importing. You can transfer money up to 100,000 dollars. This can only be done once.
Turn Off BGM In Replays
To turn the background music off in replays press circle.
unlock hidden cars you cannot see
to get some hidden cars go to used cars you can find car from tvr v8 to dihatsu midget, every day look in every used car dealer you can find very rare care at good prices also you can find a VERY VERY RARE!!!!!!!!!!!! FERRARI but you cannot customize it because there is no ferrari dealer
Unlockable Tracks
Play through the amount of days listed to unlock these tracks for Arcade Mode.

Deep Forest Raceway = 15
Opera Paris = 29
Fuji Speedway 80s = 43
Special Stage Route 5 = 57
Suzuka Circuit = 71
Twin Ring Motegi Road Course East Short = 85
Grand Valley Speedway = 99
Hong Kong = 113
Suzuka Circuit West Course = 127
Fuji Speedway 2005 GT = 141
Ice Arena = 155
Apricot Hill Raceway = 169
Cote d Azur = 183
Tahiti Maze = 197
Twin Ring Motegi Road Course = 211
George V Paris = 225
Cathedral Rocks Trail I = 239
Costa di Amalfi = 253
Circuit de la Sarthe 1 = 267
Autumn Ring = 281
Infineon Raceway Stock Car Course = 309
Circuit de la Sarthe 2 (Unchicaned) = 351
Tsukuba Circuit Wet = 337
Fuji Speedway 2005 F = 323
Chamonix = 309
Use Of NOS
If you install a NOS system on your car, you can tap into it by pressing the R1 button. The Nitro guage is located to the right of the dash. Once it is empty, you will need to take a pit stop to refuel it or wait for it to slowly recharge.
What / What not to buy
Shelby Series One vs. Ford GT

Series one costs more than the GT, it costs 184,630 credits and is a challange to beat in the american series, with its 320 HP and 1200 kg.

GT is a MR beast. 550 raw HP and 1350 kg, the Ford GT is pure Supercar. Definatley beats the Series One all-around, at 149,880 Cred.

Chaparral 2D vs. 2J

2D is not 2 dimensional. At only 1,100,000, this car can easily be compared to the Gillet. A light wheight racecar at 420 HP and 925 KG is a no brainer!

2J looks more like a jet than a car. Another lightwheight beast, with 680 HP and 820 KG, this car is definatley a competitor to its bro, the 2D. With it's 1,200,000 cr, The 2J wins.

Mini Cooper S vs.Lotus Elise

Cooper S has made a comeback, with 160 Hp and 1120 Kg, the cooper s is an all- around car. FF and priced at 26,790, It would be a Perfect starter car.

The Elise has some tricks up its sleeve, too. 120 Hp but 715 KG and MR, The Elise is good Competition. The downside is that it's a little expensive, at 41,060. Because of its price, the Elise makes a tie.

Tell me if you want more comparisons since i am happy to make more!


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ASM and TCS on memory card cars in 2 player battle
GT4 doesn't allow you to use ASM and TCS on cars saved on the memory card on 2 player battle. Here's a glitch that allows you to use them on 2 player:

1)Go to 2 player battle, then choose any track.
2)On the cars screen, go to select car on controller 1
3)Choose any car from arcade mode(not from the memory card)
4)On driving options, put ASM and TCS on, and choose your transmission and tires and confirm
5)On the cars screen, go to change on controller 1 and switch to your memory card car
6)On driving options, don't change anything, just choose ok
7)Now go to select car on controller 2, and choose any arcade mode car
8)On driving options, choose transmission and tires(here the option for ASM and TCS won't appear, but don't worry) then confirm
9)Go to change car on controller 2 and choose your memory card car
10)Finally, start the race, and ASM and TCS will be turned on on both cars

This trick can also be used for installing racing tires on normal/tuned/concept cars. Just choose as the arcade car a racing car and, on driving options, put any racing tires, then when choosing the memory card car don't mess with the tires on driving options.
Cars with "special colors" on arcade mode
1)Go to the carthat has a special color (ex:Ford GT, Subaru 360) you wish to use, and add it to favorites
2)Go to a car with a lot of color slots (ex:Dodge Charger, Plymouth Superbird), and add it as a favorite
3)On favorites, place the cursor on the car with lots of color slots
4)Press left/right to get to the car you want to use on a special color, and STRAIGHT after you press left/right, press X or O to select it.

At the bottom of the screen, the color slots from the second car will appear, but with the first car chosen. This also work for choosing the Black Cars on arcade mode, or even to drive on rally with cars that shouldn't be able to do it(ex:Mazda 787B).
Speedometer Inaccurate
When you're in the slipstream of another car, your speed increases as it should but the km/m bar won't reflect that and remains at the previous speed.

Easter eggs

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Drive Through The Photographers
To make this easter egg work, you need to have a car that can drive on the Grand Canyon course. (you'll need dirt tires.) Select photo mode. After you finish 1 lap of the canyon, quit. Now while you are watching the replay, when you see a photographer running back to the fence, activate photo mode, then quit photo mode- the photographer should be where he was before, and you drive right through him!! Hope this works!!
Pit Lane Speeding
On the High Speed ring, go past the pit lane entrance near the last corner.
When you come out of the corner, turn to the left and you will see another entrance that you can use to enter the pit lane. Only this time there is no limiter and you can go where you want in it.
Pit Stops
If you pit at the same time as another car, you will see it having its pit stop but when you pull in it will have vanished.
Special Colours in Arcade Mode
In arcade mode, select one of the following cars. You can unlock a special colour of these cars in Gran turismo mode.

-Daihatsu STORIA X4 '00 (Special Colour - Emerald Green Metallic)

-Toyota Vitz RS Turbo '02 (Special Colour - Orange Metallic)

-Aston Martin DB9 Coupe '03 (Special Colour - Super Gold)

-MGF '97 (Special Colour - Yellow)

-TVR Cerbera Speed 12 '00 (Sepcial Colour - Chameleon)

-Isuzu 117 Coupe '68 (Special Colour - Maple Orange)

-Renault AVANTIME '02 (Special Colour - Jaune)

-Citroen 2CV Type A '54 (Special Colour - Peche)

-Subaru SUBARU 360 '58 (Special Colour - WR Blue Mica)

-Triumph Spitfire 1500 '74 (Special Colour - Maroon Metallic)

-Any of the Secret Black Cars bought on the game week starting on day 694, then every 700 game days

-Black Formula Gran Turismo '04

It does not matter wether you have the special colour variant, so long as you have the car. Move your cursor over a car that only has one colour, but do NOT select it.

**WARNING**: The following step may take a few tries, as it requires good timing skills.
press the <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> button then the <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> button almost instantly. It does not work if you are too slow or if you press the buttons simultaneously.
If you were quick enough, your cursor should move down off the screen and the preview thumbnails should also disappear. Navigate your way to a car that has a special colour and select it. The colours should scroll on to the screen, but the first colour has been represented as the colour of the car you activated the glitch from. Move your cursor to the last colour on the list and be amazed as that colour is the special colour of that car. You can now select that colour and carry on as usual.


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2147483647 mph/kmph (Same cheat just like in gt3)
Before you start this cheat, you have to activate the codebreaker or action replay max code called Ultra nitrous. First, go to gran turismo mode. Next make sure you have a car that doesn't spin around while using the ultra nitrous code & go to the driving park. Then, select the course where the cones are everywhere. Now when your driving, look at the map, make sure your red dot (your car) goes into the bottom left corner of the whole area. Force the car through the wall by holding r1+x & suddenly, your car goes right trough the wall & just keep holding r1+x. When your wheels keep screeching, hold r1+x+right d-pad/left analog stick right+o. your car will acelerate super duper fast the speedometer glitches up by counting down & up repeatly. When your speedometer is stuck to 1 mph/kmph, it means your car is like 3 times the speed of light but you can also tell that on the left gauge below the gt symbol those digits went up stoped at 999999 under 1 sec though!

Note:Your game will freeze when you leave this cheat to long so watch out & also Don't save the game after doing this cheat, just turn the power off or reset.
Best UK action replay codes
master code (this must be entered if you create a cheat).

Always 1 lap races

No Tire Wear

Disable AI
Press Select+Left to activate, Select+Right to stop

Freeze Timer
Press R3 to activate, L3 to stop

No Time Penalties

Easy Formula 1 Car!!!
Once you get 25.0% game completion, get the Nissan Motul Pitwork Z from the Japanese GT championship (The longer one.) Once you get that car, give it the Stage 4 Turbo tuning. Also, don't forget to give it super hard racing tires. Ok, now for the boring part. Get in that car and go to Endurance races. Do the Nurburging 24H race. Your car should be better than all of theirs so just do B-Spec. Put the driver on 3 (Steady Pace) and Overtake. Leave your console on for the duration of the race. Your car should go in the pits by itself every 4 laps. If you can, monitor the race so you can click X3 view speed every time the car gets out of the pits. I am currently on lap 201 and have 3 Hours left (I think).
Easy Money
For easy money go to Japan events on the left on the menu. Then go it to japan championship this event is easy with the right car to save yourself some time get a car and tune it up i used the (2004 Amuse CarbonrR r34)use b-spec racing (you can race the events nomaly if you want) let the car run on the steady speed (number 3)and put overtake on by hitting traingle and turn the race speed to 3x by holding L1 And hit the left button two times. The sit back and wait. Race the event and win get 7,500 credits a race, 35,000 when you win the champioship. You win a Car a nissan 350z concept car which you can sell for 318,000 credits. this can take just under a half hour and you make about 400,000 credits. not bad huh.
Easy way to unlock secret tracks
An Easy way to unlock the secret tracks is to start any Single race in GT mode, then forefit the race. Keep retrying the race and these retries will count as days. Continue to do this and u will unlock secret racetracks with ease.
Glitch (?)
To do this you must have a fully tuned Ford GT '05. Anyway buy a Ford GT '05 and fully tune it up (if you already done this, skip this part). Now go to Fuji Speedway 80's (idk if this works in another track, so try this). Choose Free Run (it is cheap, only $5). Get to the Pit Straight, do a handbrake turn, reverse for 2-3 seconds, then accelerate. For some reaso the car will slightly lock its wheels and continue reversing, as if you were using both forward and reverse throttle at the same time! Odd.
Honda DualNote in American Version
You need both versions and 2 memory cards to do this. Use the japanese version to get the DualNote(All silver in A licence). Then Save and Exit. Change to American Version and buy any car(I bought two)and save. Go to "My Home" and select "Trade". Then trade the DualNote into the American save and dere ya go! Dualnote American!
License Test Guide
To get the Red and Blue license test markers press R3 during the 3,2,1 countdown. These will show you where to go and when to start braking.

(moderator note :: this cheat may not work with International licenses)
My Personal Starting Car
In my opinion, the nest car to start with is the the Dodge Viper SRT10, which has a powerful 8.4litre engine and puts out around 450bhp at stock. You can only start with this car if you transfer the 100,000 credits from GT3, but if not then look for a Mazda RX-7 in the used car sections. Happy Racing =D
Replay Tips
Faster replays:
Press L3 during a replay.

No replay music:
Press Circle during a replay.
Secret Black Cars (Again)
Just in-case you missed the 4 secret black cars on day 694, not to worry. As you progress through the game, they will show up again. They show up on days either 1394, 1395 or 1396 and they are found in the used car market.

2 of them are found at the bottom of "Used Cars (Late 90's)" and the other 2 are found at the bottom of "Used Cars (Early 90's)". The four secret black cars are:
-Toyota GT-one Race Car (In Plain Black, No stickers)
-Nissan R92CP Race Car (Black, With Some Nissan Sickers on it)
-Mazda 787B Race Car (Black, With 6 Mazda Stickers on it)
-Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car (Black with some Nissan Stickers on it)
Unlockable Cars in License Centre
PONTIAC Sunfire GXP Concept '02 - Complete Domestic A License
VOLKSWAGEN Lupo 1.4 '02 - Complete Domestic B License
NISMO 270R '94 (S14) - Complete International A License
NIKE One 2022 - Complete International B License
MERCURY Cougar XR-7 '67 - Complete Super License
DOME ZERO '78 - Get All Gold in International A License
JENSEN HEALEY Interceptor Mk.III '74 - Get All Gold in International B License
NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R '01 - Get All Golds in Domestic A License
HONDA S500 '63 - Get All Golds in Domestic B License
FORD Model T Tourer '15 - Get All Golds in Super License
HONDA DUALNOTE '01 - Get All Silver in Domestic A License
MAZDA KUSABI '03 - Get All Silver in Domestic B License
NISSAN GT-R Concept '01 - Get All Silver in International A License
MAZDA RX-8 Concept (Type-II) '04 - Get All Silver in International B License
PONTIAC Solstice Coupe Concept '02 - Get All Silver in Super License
Ways to get money
By getting all golds in any particular racing series you will receive a car which you can use and/or sell for a tidy profit.


To get more money, build up your car and then beat the Capri race in the Special Conditions section. By doing this you will win a Toyota rally car worth $265,000. Keep racing the race over again and win the car alot. It is the second race in the Special Conditions section.


Way to get quick money and get off to a fast start in Gran Turismo 4. When you start off transfer your licenses and 100,000 credits from your GT3 game over to your new GT4 game. After your done with that buy the 05' Mustang and tune it as much as you can with the money you have. Then go to Special Condition Events and then go to the Capri Rally and win both races. You make 5,000 credits a race and when you win both of them you win the Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car, you can sell if for 265,624 credits. You can do this over and over.