Gran Turismo 3 A-spec review
for the hard core racer wanting the real thing

The good:

Gran Turismo 3 is not only, almost the real driving simulator, but also probably one of the most racing titles that no other ame can match this one so far

The bad:

Many car industries did not permitt sony to use most of their Race cars or even sports models, the reason why there is little cars to choose.

The laps become a pain as you progress further its like watching Nascar for hours, and you really feel like you want to stop after half way.


Graphics: GT3 surely put their best in the tracks, cars, and realism when drifting, turning, and smoking the race start line! they are a masterpiece!

sound: What can I say?????? Its like you actually own one of these cars at your garage! the feel of turbo and the Non Aspirated engine!

Music: The tracks are awesome! making you sometimes take off the sound just to listen lol

Even a 9 year old will get this easy on gas, brake, turn, crash, options. preferably, This is a good game to try on the Sony racing wheel!

Fun factor:
From the start till the end, you will not get bored for a long time! Try out the VS mode with friends and see if their cars are better than yours, because its exciting to see 2 players going it out!

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