Gran Turismo 3 A-spec review
The REAL Driving Simulator


This was my first game to play on the PS2 and to this day I still believe it's one of the best, only beaten by GT4.
To those of you not familiar with the series, GT3 is not like any other Racing Game. You can't expect to win a race simply by holding X as hard as you can all the way around the track. This is a simulator which means that it simulates real life. And it does this to perfection...or so I think (I never actually drove a Viper at 200M/ph so I've nothing to compare it with).
However, every car feels different then the last. Not happy with your top speed? Simply adjust the Gear Ratio to increase your speed.
Each car (and there are 100s to choose from) has different characteristics, some are fast around corners but slow on the straight and some struggle to keep on track when going around bends but catch up again on the straight.

Graphically GT3 is Superb. It was the best looking game of it's time and even now when I look back at it, it's still a beauty.

Some people might complain about it not having any damage and this is true. But it does'nt really take much away from the gameplay, so it's no biggie.

All in all, GT3 is a wonder to play and will keep you busy for months. If you're into cars and tuning then GT3 is definitely right up your street.

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