Gran Turismo Concept review
Cool Gran Turismo Concept!

The good:

Amazing reality as to GT3 A-Spec

The bad:

Limited cars, no modifications.


A great game in the tradition of the much shout about GT3 A-spec. Graphic quality is great. However, cars are limited to 51 only. Game play includes Course license (not a criteria to race, though), Single Race & Free Run. Licensing is a break from the traditional GT series, and it comes in the form of Course License. though its not a criteria for going into any race (normal or professional).

GTC isn't a difficult game. To date I have already completed 54% of the game. Individual cars can be tuned but not modified. No personal garage and the game starts with a few standard cars in the NEW, RACE and DIRT departments. The player gets new cars through winning the various Single Race and also attaining the various Course Licenses. Cars the player may gets varies from Concepts (such as Honda Dualnote, Mazda RX8), Dream (such as Integra TypeR LM ed), NEW (such as Skyline GTR M-spec, FD3S RX7), RACE (Pennzoil Zetel GTR, Calsonic GTR etc) and DIRT (EVO VII, MY00 WRX WRC etc)

GTC is a must for all car nuts. It will definitely satisfy car nuts' need for speed, and not mention, an opportunity to 'drive' the concepts!

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