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Well, I never know how I'm going to rate something, and sometimes my ratings will change, usually meaning the fondness of it declines. I think I'm going to just go straight at this one.
The game had me questioning if I would like this title or not from the start because of the opening sequence. Though it wasn't bad, I felt it was very lacking in detail. The graphics just weren't up to par with today's games. Compare this opening to FFX's and you would understand why I say this. Next I get to see the in game characters, and at first I was shocked, but then I grew a little fond of the super deformed characters. The graphics could have been better, especially the cut scenes, but the brief anime scene of Millenia is awesome.

Next, I will talk about control. I for one was happy to see a game where I could just pick up the controller with little trouble and get right into the game. It really is easy to understand, especially the interface. The only problem that may be of concern is learning the the effects of what some spells do, but isn't that half the fun? I really think this game is user friendly in that aspect.

The sound can range from great to poor. The opening song at the title screen I really enjoyed, but then I get to the in game music, and I absolutely got annoyed. Yet, once I would give up on the sound I would hear a track that got the energy back up. The game has partial voice acting in it, and most voices didn't work for me. I have to say though, Millenia's voice was well cast. The voices will just be a matter of preference, and I didn't like them.

The story in this game is great. That's what had me coming back for more. It has the classic RPG story and it just wants to hook you. When you meet Millenia, you know you have to keep playing. She is just one of those characters who has so much personality that you want to know what she is going to do next. Alot of the characters have pretty dull personalities, but the plot more than makes up for that. The game has plenty of story in it, moments of tragedy, romance, deceipt, heartbreak, sacrifice, and alot of comedy/romantic comedy. This is definitely an A+ story.

Now to get to why I gave this game a seven. It all lies in the fact that the game doesn't offer much incentive to play it again after you've beaten it. The story is good, but there's not enough extras in it to warrent playing through it again. This really saddened me, because as I mentioned above, I really like the story.

I would definitely say rent this one and if you like it, go out and buy it.

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