Grandia review
Welcome he who holds the spirit stone...

The good:

Great characters, Excellent battle system, one of the best storylines ever and nice, long-length,
It was cheap!!! A slice of heaven for just £5!!!

The bad:

It had an ending...I wanted it to last forever


Justin is a young 14 year old boy, with big hopes and dreams. Full of spirit and love, he wishes to follow in his fathers footsteps, and become an adventurer. At first, he seems nothing more than a clumsy, foolish child, but when Baal of the Garyle army has plans to resurrect Gaia in order to become a 'god', things seem to change...

Grandia is truely a gift from the Gods of gaming, which doesnt focus only on graphics like other, 'so called' worthy games. This is one of the best games I have EVER played, and am honoured to say it is definately on the top 5 on my 'Games to worship' list. This game has two discs, but dont let that fool you...the first time around, this game took me 65+ hours to complete it, and I enjoyed every second. Grandia is like magic to anyone, any age, anywhere!! The characters are some of the best in any game I have seen, full of personality, mystery and look great too! As for the world and the space, I have to say-WHOA! So many villages, mountains, fields and many other types of adventuring grounds! If you are a lover of RPGs (including Final Fantasies) get this game, you wont regret it, its Puffy-licious!!

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