Grandia III Boss FAQ v1.0
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Grandia III Boss FAQ

by Lord Omega Yagami   Updated to v1.0 on
                                 Grandia III

                               The Boss Guide
                            By Lord Omega Yagami 
                              Aka Jeff Browning
                            Last updated: 5/4/2005

Table of contents

1.0 Intro and Stuff
2.0 General Tips Before You Begin
3.0 The Bosses
       3.1  Kornell 
       3.2  Kornell, Iron Fist, and Friends
       3.3  Minotaur and Friends
       3.4  Excise Sigma 
       3.5  The Minotaur Brothers
       3.6  Desert Lord
       3.7  Golems 
       3.8  Kornell, Violetta, Iron Fist, and Demon Scythe
       3.9  Excise Psi
       3.10 Mother Breed
           3.11 La-Ilim and the Undead Dragon
           3.12 Desert Lord
           3.13 Forest Protectors
           3.14 Melc Crystal
           3.15 Hydras
           3.16 Lucky Minks
           3.17 Violetta with Demon Scythe
           3.18 La-Ilim and the Undead Dragon
           3.19 The God Slayer
           3.20 Caveman Warriors
           3.21 Omega Breed
           3.22 Xorn

4.0 Thanks and Stuff

1.0	Intro and Stuff

Hello, and welcome to my Boss Guide for the RPG Grandia III for the PS2. As 
you can most likely tell from my horrible introduction and my ugly thing at 
the top, I haven’t written too many FAQs in my day. But please, stick with 

The purpose of my guide is to run you through and explain how to beat every 
boss in the world of Grandia III. I’ll also talk about a few other 
exceptionally hard enemies as well. There are other, much better, FAQs out 
there that will tell you the other mechanics of this game, so I won’t talk 
about them here, but I will provide some helpful hints that will make the 
bosses easier.

This guide was written entirely by Lord Omega Yagami (Jeff Browning) and I 
hold all rights to it, or at least I hope. I am in no way, shape, or form 
associated with Square-Enix, Game Arts, Sony, or really anyone else. As of 
now, the only site that can host this and if anyone else 
uses this, I will personally hunt you down and make you pay. Actually, I 
don’t care too much, just drop me a line and give me credit and not change 
anything, and it will be all fine and dandy. I wrote this all in my free 
time and made no profit at all. Keep that in mind.

Most importantly, if there is anything you think you can help me out with 
and/or expand on, please tell me. I’ll be glad to add you in.   

2.0	General Tips Before You Begin

 ---There are some really nice items called Seeds. They permanently raise your 
stats, which is pretty good on their own, but whatever you do DON’T USE THEM 
RIGHT AWAY! They have a much more important use and that is they heal 100% of 
your HP, MP, and SP. These can come in extremely handy during a really hard 
battle. This is also the only way to heal your SP outside of battle. You can’t 
buy them, but they aren’t too incredibly rare. And considering they can save 
your life, you should really hang on to them.

---At the beginning of any tough fight, it is a great idea to cast Digging, 
which raises everyone’s defense. This will help amazingly. Another good spell 
is Runner, which raises speed some, but it isn’t nearly as good because it only 
targets one person.

---Extract skills and magic from your books and eggs. While having a good book 
or egg equipped is important, it isn’t nearly as important as having a powerful 
skill or magic ready for use. If you ever get a book or egg that holds a nice 
skill, waste no time in extracting it. The shop will tell you what the item 
holds, so you can tell ahead of time of whats good and whats not. Them once you 
are able to fuse eggs, abuse it like there is no tomorrow. You can get some 
very powerful magic early in the game, and because the egg fuser thingy tells 
you exactly what it will spit out, there is hardly any trial and error. Just 
mix eggs until you get magic like Absolute Zero, Galactic Bang, or Astraea Zap, 
and then extract it. And don’t forget to set it up.

---There are all kinds of great skills, but imo, the two most important are 
Berserker and Revenge. Berserker lets you attack several more times in a combo 
and Revenge will sometimes counter attack with one of your special moves which 
would deal 1000+ damage to almost every enemy. Berserker is a must on Yuki and 
Ulf (mix it with Flash or Shadow Warrior) and it will help greatly when 
fighting (especially with random encounters) and Revenge is sweet anytime.   

---A general rule of thumb, whenever the game tells you to defend or cancel an 
attack, do it. Especially during bosses, it tells you this for good reason. If 
you think you can kill it before its attack or have someone else cancel, go for 
it, but don’t say the game didn’t warn you.

---You’ll get four orbs during the game. They fill up (slowly) by killing 
enemies. Don’t take my word for it, but if you beat every enemy in most maps, 
that should be enough to fill up an orb. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when to not 
use an orb. Also, the orbs last a long time once used in battle, BUT NOT THE 

---Drak’s Orb does mucho damage and it continues to bring the hurt throughout 
much of the fight. Great when it is the only orb you have, but Mother Breed 
will probably be the last you’ll use it. Yoat’s Orb is where it is at. It heals 
you completely (even death and status effects) and you’ll keep regenerating for 
awhile. If one of your guys is about to die while Yoat is activated, let him 
die, and Yoat will bring him back instantly to 100%. One huge word of caution 
bosses, he’ll run out long before the end when you need him most. Wait till you 
are on your very last leg and then use his orb. Seiba’s Orb  grants you 
protection. Don’t use it. Finally, there is Unama’s Orb, which stops time. This 
is a must when fighting Lucky Minks and can be pretty useful during the last 
few bosses.

---Sometimes when you use special attacks, they will level up. So use special 
attacks like crazy, especially in the areas with a bunch of really weak enemies 
(easier to get an excellent and the SP bonus). Also, when you do level up a 
special, it is instant and no SP is used.

---When Dahna does her normal attack, she jumps back. If an enemy is about to 
attack you, just do a normal attack, and you will humorously dodge it. The same 
works for any special where you move.  

---There is a weapon you can win at the casino called the Gambler’s Sword. The 
attack damage is completely random, but you can deal some really high damage 
sometimes. Personally, I don’t like it, but some people do, and it is your best 
bet at beating the Desert Lord early in the game. 

---If you see a save spot, use it. They are there for a reason. Most of the 
time, they are half way through the level or right before a boss. And never 
count on it having the heal option. But if it does, take full advantage out of 

---I beat the game without much problem by fighting every enemy and without 
much leveling besides that. My characters were never over leveled when fighting 
bosses, so my team was always at an average level when I do the guide for that 

That’s about it. Just listen to what I said, and you should have no problem. 
Ok, on to the bosses.

3.0 The Bosses!


3.1 Kornell

The first “boss” of the game is really more of a fight tutorial than anything. 
Just listen to what the game tells you and everything will be good. He’ll 
eventually run away, but you’ll meet again.

3.2	Kornell, Iron Fist, and Friends

Kornell 1400 HP, Iron Fist 700 HP, Henchmen (2) 350 HP each

Oh. That was fast. Kornell is back with a few friends and a brand new weapon. 
This fight can actually be pretty tough, and will probably catch a bunch of 
people off guard. This is also the first of many fights with multiple targets, 
and killing the main target (in this case, Kornell) wins the fight. However, 
here it is best to get rid of everyone else first. Use Whirlwind, Force Slash, 
and other area attacks at first until his two henchmen are gone. Now it is just 
Kornell and his weapon and things are a lot easier. Make sure you cancel any 
attack they are about to use. The Iron Fist can dish out a whole bunch of 
damage, so focus all your attacks on it. Of course, if you can attack both of 
them at the same time, the battle will go much faster. Even after the fist is 
gone, Kornell can still be dangerous, but you are just about home free, so keep 
it up.

3.3	Minotaur and Friends

Minotaur 2100 HP, Fishman Adviser 960 HP, Fishman Warrior (4) 420 HP each

There are a bunch of fishes here, but a well placed Whirlwind or two should 
take them all out. Watch out though. The Fishmen can use Snooze, which puts 
everybody to sleep, and the game won’t remind you that it is coming. Once it is 
just the Minotaur, the fight gets pretty easy. He has a few pretty nasty 
attacks that can hit everyone around him, but he is fairly slow, so with 
constant canceling, he’ll go down in no time.  

3.4	Excise Sigma 

Excise Sigma 1200 HP, Pico Alpha (4) 360 HP

This isn’t too much of a boss nor is it that hard. Focus on the big guy mainly, 
but using Whirlwind will make this fight even easier. All Verse creatures are 
weak against fire (you’ll see a bunch of them) so keep that in mind. There is 
another “boss” the same as this soon after, but he has less Picos with him. 

3.5	The Minotaur Brothers

Minotaur (2) 2100 HP

This looks really familiar. In fact, every boss so far has been rehashed. What 
gives? Anyway, you now face not one but two Minotaurs. This still isn’t too 
hard of a fight. Concentrate on one of the two guys, but continue to cancel 
them both. If they are close enough to each other, rip a Whirlwind or a 
Bigwheel or something that will hit both. Once one goes down, the other should 
be very weak. Not much new here.  

3.6	Desert Lord

Desert Lord 14400 HP

If you talk to the people in town, they will tell you to beware the Desert 
Lord. It is a very good idea to heed their warning. This optional boss walks 
around in the far corner of the map (you can’t miss him). Avoid him unless you 
are up for a huge challenge. He is very fast and can wipe out your team before 
you have a chance to do anything. Not only that, but he has tons of HP. 
Hopefully right before this, you got some really good magic from the town 
beforehand. Pound him with everything you have and then some. Probably your 
best chance of beating him this early is by using the Gambler’s Sword, which is 
quite risky. The chances are, unless you are really overleveled (like 30 or 
so), he will own you big time. Don’t feel too bad, you’ll get your revenge.
3.7	Golems 

2400 HP each
Golems, thousands of them! Ok eight, but regardless, they can be a big problem. 
As soon as you walk into their room, they will come out of the walls and most 
likely surprise you. There are four of them on the field, and each battle has 
you pitted against two of them, and they can be very tough if you don’t know 
what to do. The most important thing to know is that they are nearly invincible 
to physical attacks, so don’t even bother. Magic is the way to go. And while 
even most of your special attacks do nothing, elemental based ones such as 
Whirlwind and Ulf’s flame attacks can still dish out tons of damage. Once 
again, take the Golems out one at a time, and be prepared to heal a lot. And 
don’t forget the save sphere with the Heal right outside the hallway. Use it. 

3.8	Kornell, Violetta, Iron Fist, and Demon Scythe

Kornell 9600 HP, Violetta 6400 HP, Iron Fist 7200 HP, Demon Scythe 8000HP

This battle can be really, really hard. You have four targets that are really 
tough and fast as well. And Kornell and Violetta have a team up attack, Rumble. 
If you see it coming, cancel it ASAP as it will hurt a lot. Drak’s orb will 
help so much here, as will any attack that will hit all four. However, you want 
to make sure the weapons are gone first, so direct the most damage towards 
them. This not only puts an end to a few nasty attacks (they still have plenty 
though) but it makes it much easier to go in for the final kill. Both warriors 
can resurrect one another so, unlike pretty much every other fight before this, 
DON’T SINGLE ONE OUT. Get them both pretty weak, then kill one and immediately 
kill the other. But the weapons cannot be revived, so they are your first 

3.9	Excise Psi

Excise Psi 12800 HP each

This guy isn’t a boss at all. He is MUCH harder. There are three of them in the 
Eternal Corridor, but don’t get too close because they are really fast on the 
field, and much, much faster in battle. It is also guaranteed it will get the 
first attack off (hell, it will probably get the first four or so attacks off), 
so be completely ready going into battle. Its Pluto Killer will kill anyone not 
at full HP in one hit, Demon Claw hits everyone close by for pretty big damage, 
and it has Fiora which will put an end to any magic or special you’ll need to 
use. Needless to say, this guy is a killer. The good news is, he is usually 
alone (the time he isn’t, be especially careful). Use your very best attacks 
and hope you don’t get Fiora’D. Ulf’s Flame skills are the most damaging 
attacks to him. And if your special attacks aren’t maxed out, they will level 
up real fast here. Before the cave, there is no Healing Save sphere, but there 
is one in the middle of the cave that you will quickly become good friends 

Jump ahead to the very end of the game, you’ll come across Excise Omegas. Even 
though they are much tougher, they aren’t nearly as menacing. But they have 
something really, really annoying called Auto-Cancel, which will sometimes 
cancel you before you attack (but after you spend your MP/SP). If these guys 
don’t give you any problems, nothing else in the game should.

3.10	 Mother Breed

16000 HP

Man, after Excise Psi, this boss is a piece of cake. Almost. It starts with a 
few other Verse critters, and will constantly summon more (no Excises, 
thankfully). Use Drak’s Orb if you have it, and if you don’t, you probably get 
it from killing the beasts Mother Breed summons. That should take pretty good 
care the little guys, now aim for the momma. The new summonings shouldn’t be 
much of a problem, but do cancel them still. The Atons will probably be the 
only ones that give you any problems. If there are too many enemies, use a big 
area attack to get rid of them. Otherwise, use your best attacks (especially 
the fire ones) against her and she be pretty much helpless.

3.11	 La-Ilim and the Undead Dragon

La-Ilim 12000 HP, Undead Dragon 18000 HP

Who the hell is this guy? Seriously, who is he? Anyway, he’s here for a stupid 
fight. The Dragon is more dangerous and is defeated easier, so go after it. 
Neither is really tough anyway though. After awhile, La-Ilim will try to run. 
Cancel him when he tries to flee, but you will have to be really tough to beat 
him for good. It is really probably better just to get this fight over with.

3.12	 Desert Lord

14400 HP

By now, he shouldn’t be much problem at all. He is still fast and still has 
some powerful magic, but you should be much, much stronger now. Best of all, he 
respawns whenever you leave the area. 4000 exp and some good items he might 
drop make him into a really good leveling spot.

3.13	 Forest Protectors

4000 HP each

This is the exact same deal as the Golems, but this time, you are locked in the 
room, so no save sphere this time. Also, they are a bit of the opposite from 
the Golems, as magic is completely ineffective, so stick with normal attacks 
and specials. They have a very nasty attack called Omni-Laser which hits 
everyone for better major damage. Cancel it at all cost or be prepared to heal. 
If you really want to skip them, step on the hidden switch on the floor to open 
up the door. 

3.14	 Melc Crystal

Crystal A 32000 HP, Crystal B 28000 HP, Crystal C 28000 HP

Oh boy, this guy is hard. It has three parts which all have a great variety of 
magic, and considering it can hit you a few times in a row, it can level your 
entire team just like that. And to top it all off, it has the dreaded Fiora, 
which will silence your specials and magic for a long time. It has two forms 
that it switches between during the fight. The second form is has is a giant 
bird. While it isn’t nearly as powerful as the first form, it is way faster. 
And when it does change forms (Cluster Change) is cancels everyone out. Luckily 
for you, you got Yoat’s Orb and its healing powers. However, don’t use it right 
off the bat, wait until you are really in trouble. I’m talking half your team 
is dead and the other half is silenced. It will restore everyone to perfect and 
it will continue to help your party during the fight, but this is a long battle 
and you can’t count on Yoat’s healing the entire time.

Throw everything you got at it. Dragon Slash works wonders as do Absolute Zero 
and Astral Zap. You’ll make pretty good use of Alfina’s Energy Drive and 
Dahna’s Mana Spring to keep everyone attacking. And don’t forget to start 
healing like crazy once Yoat wares off, make sure you pay attention to the orb. 
Finally, remember that many times it is best to just defend. With the continued 
pressure and a little luck, the Crystals will bite the dust. If not, this is a 
great time to start some leveling. 

3.15	 Hydras

Hydra Middle Head 9600 HP, Hydra Left and Right Heads 7200 HP each

This may be the most annoying enemy in the game. He isn’t a boss, but it guards 
some really nice treasure. I highly recommend equipping Lizard Hunter 
beforehand. If the middle head dies, everyone else goes down with it. Besides 
that, it doesn’t have any really dangerous attacks. So how is he annoying? 
Well, it casts regeneration on itself, which heals 500 or so HP every few 
seconds. No, I’m not exaggerating. Hit it with everything you have and never 
let up at all. If you miss even one turn, it can heal itself back to full 
health. It is very beatable, but you will probably waste all your MP doing so.

You can, however, easily skip this battle. Begin the fight, run, and then walk 
past the Hydra during the moment you are invincible. Another easy way to 
actually beat it is to use Unama’s Orb which you get at the end of the dungeon.
3.16	 Lucky Minks

18 HP

Lucky Minks for sure aren’t bosses. They must be another joke enemy, right? 
Wrong. While they only have a measly 18 HP, they have just insane defense. You 
are lucky if you can do one point of damage to them in a single attack. 
Furthermore, they flee from battle as quick as they possibly can. The only 
assured way to beat them is to use Unama’s Orb (which you don’t have yet, haha) 
to stop time. Otherwise, use attacks that hit multiple times such as Blade 
Storm, Dynamite Rush, Homing Shot, Heaven’s Gate, Galactic Bang, etc. Flash and 
Shadow Warrior mixed with Berserk work pretty good too. Your reward for beating 
them is a cool 16000 exp a piece.

You probably won’t be able to do much with them in Melc. The last dungeon has a 
few, much more accessible Minks.

3.17	 Violetta with Demon Scythe

Violetta 6400 HP, Demon Scythe 35000 HP

No Kornell, no problem, right?  She isn’t too hard of a boss, but she is fast 
and has fairly high defense. Don’t even bother with the Scythe unless it needs 
to be cancelled, go straight for Violetta. The only thing you need to watch out 
for is Burn Wall, which spins fire around her. Touching this hurts, so when the 
wall is up, you can’t do normal attacks. Besides that, she is pretty easy. If 
she does give you a lot of trouble, I suggest you level up a bit before going 
much further in the dungeon.

3.18	 La-Ilim and the Undead Dragon

La-Ilim 36000 HP, Undead Dragon 9000 HP, Crystal Skull 64 HP

Before going into this fight, make sure you have a full orb. Once in the fight, 
make sure you DON’T use the orb. Once again, this fight isn’t too hard, and he 
isn’t gonna try to run this time. The Dragon is much stronger, but he goes down 
much faster, so focus on him first (Dragon Slash does a lot more damage against 
him for some reason). La-Ilim is a pushover without his dragon, but don’t get 
too cocky though, as he can revive the Dragon. You can’t damage the Crystal, 
but you can still cancel it, and do so if you need to. Otherwise, use your best 
magic on the guy.

3.19	 The God Slayer

Emelious 64000 HP, Demon Sword 48000 HP, Orb of Darkness 32000 HP, God Slayer 
99999 HP

Wow, Emelious is really badass. It is fun just to hear him talk. And if (when) 
you die, instead of the normal “the stars” talk, you hear Emelious and his evil 
laughing. Pretty cool. Anyway, this is a pretty hard battle. The first thing to 
notice is the God Slayer. Once it reaches the end of the IP gauge, it’s game 
over, so cancel it before it gets too close. It moves slow enough, but this 
battle can get pretty hectic and Emelious cancels a whole lot, so be extra 

Emelious’s favorite attack is his Dimensions Blade, which deals about 1000 
damage, and he uses it a lot. The Orb of Darkness casts a bunch of relativity 
weak magic that hurts everyone for a couple hundred damage. Finally, the Demon 
Sword has the Spirit Wail which will more than likely kill you in one hit. His 
regular attacks can be quite painful as well.  The fastest way to win is to go 
straight for Emelious, but be prepared to take a lot of damage. Taking out the 
Sword and then the Orb is probably the safest route to take. Use Unama’s Orb to 
freeze time and dish out as much damage as quick as possible. Casting Runner is 
a pretty good idea right now. Pick your target and then fire away with your 
strongest spells and stuff, and don’t be afraid to throw out a few area attacks 
as well. Hopefully, something would either be broken are about there when the 
effect finishes. Keep pounding it until (preferably) the Sword is gone. Start 
on your next target, but be extra careful now, and be ready to do a lot of 

Once both the Sword and the Orb are gone (you can’t destroy the God Slayer. You 
didn’t forget about that did you?) the fight is easier, but far from easy. 
Emelious has mucho HP and it is still gonna take awhile. Just never let your 
guard down, keep applying pressure refilling MP or SP when needed, and don’t 
forget about the God Slayer.   

3.20	 Caveman Warriors

7180 HP each

This guy isn’t a boss at all, just a regular enemy. But don’t let him catch you 
off guard. He looks just like the normal cavemen in the area. But this guy, 
besides having pretty good stats, has an attack called Earth Fissure which imo 
is the most dangerous attack in the game, dealing around 2500 damage to 
everyone in a small area. Just take extreme caution when fighting these guys.  

3.21	 Omega Breed

First Battle 15000 HP, Second Battle 30000 HP

Omega Breed is exactly Mother Breed, but it can spawn more powerful enemies. 
This probably could be a very hard fight if you made it out to be, but the 
chances are, you won’t do that. Just use your most powerful magic and skills 
and he will fall harder than Square’s stock after Final Fantasy: The Spirits 
Within first came out. You’ll probably beat her before she even gets a chance 
to attack. You fight another one at the end of the level with twice as much HP. 
That means it will take two turns to take her down.

3.22	 Xorn

128000 HP

Xorn is the final boss. After he is gone, there (Sadly) is no New Game+, no 
more playing, hell, not even much of an ending. Get ready for a long battle, 
not really because he is hard, but because he has way too much HP and his 
attack animations take forever.

up, give her skills and magic, and equip her with a weapon, armor, accessories, 
egg, book, etc. A good strategy for Xorn (or anything final boss for a RPG 
really) is to use any idea you might have left. Azure Elixirs, Miracle Elixirs, 
Shining Nuts, Big Bombs, Seeds, etc. Feel free to use them up. This way, no 
single person is a healer and everyone can attack. Xorn is only one target, so 
use your very best spells and skills against him. Mana Spring is a must here. 

Xorn is the only target in this battle, but he moves pretty fast. For his basic 
attack, he shoots out a bunch of orbs that hit everyone for small damage. 
However, his IP market starts around again before the attack even gets off 
which sucks. He has a couple of status effects he casts on you, but those 
aren’t bad at all. One of his deadliest attacks, Darkness, hit everyone for 
just under 1000 or so. And as his HP gets lower, he uses the attack Dimension’s 
Gate which hits one person pretty hard. With all of those, as long as you heal 
right afterwards, you’ll have no problem. His worse attack is Death Knell, but 
even that is avoidable. It makes like a trap under a certain character and it 
doesn’t actually attack until long afterwards (at least ten or so turns) but it 
has a decent size radius and will most likely kill everyone caught in it. When 
this happens, simply don’t stand there. It is harder than it sounds seeing how 
the battlefield is all funky, but by using Defend and moving somewhere safe, 
you can completely avoid this.

Just keep this up for a very long time and Xorn is done for. Nothing too hard. 
Now sit back for a minute or two (seriously, that’s about how long it is) and 
enjoy the ending. I like it even if it is short. Also, do yourself a favor and 
go out a buy Grandia 1 and 2.


4.0 Thanks and Stuff

This Grandia III Boss FAQ was started and finished on May 4, 2006. I really 
have no big plans for any updates. Maybe I’ll talk more about the boss’s 
attacks or something. If you have a strategy you like a lot, send it to me and 
I’ll be happy to add it. Hopefully, this guide helped you.
I would like to thank:

Game Arts and everyone involved for making such a great game. Square-Enix for 
bringing it over. Sorry about the FF Movie comment. I saw it opening night and 
enjoyed it. I would also like to thank Ubi-Soft for introducing me to this 
series years ago.

CJayC and everyone who helps run GameFAQs.

All the people on the Grandia III board and those who wrote FAQs before me.

Lori B.

My dog Will

Spell check

Other People

This FAQ was written by Jeff Browning.

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