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Grandia III Game Script

by OKong   Updated on

Written by Oliver Kong

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Table of Contents

1: Updates
2: Disclaimer
3: Game Script Content Warning
4: Game Script
5: Credits
1: Updates

5/31/06: Made some corrections.
2: Disclaimer

Due to the extensive amount of scenes involving frequent saddened and
heartbreaking scenes of this game, I can only relax, relieve some stress and
contain myself at least by doing a game script for this game. If I wouldn’t
have done this script, there’s a chance that I may get depressed that I could
not get the opportunity to do the game script for this game. Other than that,
an excellent RPG especially for hardcore Grandia fans. E-mail me first before
you even think of posting this script.
3: Game Script Content Warning

Certain scenarios of this game are composed of frequent saddening drama. This
game script contains scenes of intense saddening and heartbreaking drama
deriving from mostly female characters who would speak or cry in saddening and
heartbreaking situations. People who are very sensitive to these kinds of drama
should be warned about this game script as it could haunt their minds or get a
nervous breakdown from reading it. Since this is the first RPG I played that
had the most saddening dramatic scenes, I need to warn you about it. After all,
its just a game and it is part of the story. This game script also contains
some mild language. Refrain from reading this script if you truly despise
profanities and if the character’s dialogue scenes are very depressing to you,
as I am not going to be responsible about your problem. Since the game’s
dialogues are exactly as it is from the game, I can’t do anything about the
suggestive or extremely saddening content. Visit if you
want to complain.
4: Game Script

We begin this game by watching a movie of a brown-haired boy who attempts to
fly his customized airplane with a bicycle attach to it. However, while he was
flying, his airplane crashes and as the boy lays on the floor, he crumbles his
pilot goggles. The camera then switches to the scene where there is a airplane
racing competition. The same brown-haired boy from before now a teenager flies
his airplane past every other biplanes and various places including a battle
with the battleships and a Arabian style princess where the brown-haired man
saved her from falling off the balcony. The princess kisses the brown-haired
man and then, his airplane emits flames. Later, the brown-haired man flies his
airplane through the rainstorm and witnesses an eagle flying nearby. Then
later, he lands on the ground of the landing zone. The audience cheered for the
browned-haired man and then, the camera switches to a blue-haired boy who
finishes watching the movie at a theater and puts on his pilot goggles in
excitement. Then in the latter part of the blue-haired boy, the blue-haired boy
who is now a teenager puts on his pilot goggles and starts taking off with his
airplane from a slanted takeoff zone. The blue-haired boy then flies
successfully and away from the scene. The camera now switches to Anfog Village,
a woman Miranda is on her way back to her home. Then, a middle-aged woman talks
to her.

Middle-Aged Woman: Oh, hello Miranda! Won’t you have a cup of tea and visit for
a while?

Miranda: (giggles) I’d love to, but I have to put care of these herbs. Maybe a

Middle-Aged Woman: You’re always welcome. You can stop by anytime. I’ve got all
the latest gossip.

The middle-aged woman and Miranda giggles. Later, the camera shows Miranda
entering her home.

Miranda: Yuki, I’m back! Is supper ready?

There is no response.

Miranda: Hmm?

Miranda checks Yuki’s second floor bedroom. However, there is no one there.

Miranda: (frustrated) Uggh! He’s over there again!

The camera shows the view of the takeoff zone and then the Garage. Inside the
Garage, various fixing noises can he heard.

Yuki: And there we have it! Heh, heh!

Rotts: Oh no!

Rotts starts whining and whimpering after he saw a piece of red sawed off item
and picks it up.

Rotts: Hey! What’s the big idea? You can’t jump up the wings!

Yuki: She’s lighter now, isn’t she?

Rotts: Huh?!

Yuki: Now she’ll fly farther, by a mile!

Rotts: Just a minute! (grabs Yuki) You think I just threw this together? It
took a lot of plane! Listen, everything from the angle of the propeller to the
weight of the body, were cicely calculated to do it that…

Yuki: She’ll fly.

Rotts: What?

Yuki: Look, you gotta have a little faith in you. I know what I’m doin’. I know
her as well as you do, inside and out. And I can tell during the last test
flight that we can make her lighter.

Rotts: Yeah, but…

The blue-haired boy who will be known as Yuki from this point on and Rotts
glances at the airplane.

Rotts: Yuki, do you think this is gonna work?

Yuki: Why wouldn’t it?

Rotts: As far as I know, there’s only been one. One person was ever
successfully flown across the sea.

The camera views a poster.

Yuki: Hm. And that would be Sky Captain Schmidt.

Yuki and Rotts approaches a posted map.

Yuki: But we’ve tried so hard. I just know we’re going to be the next ones to
make it.

Yuki then activates the Flight Unit.

Yuki: We’re already half way there. This Flight Unit is all we need.

Rotts: Yeah.

The camera shows the view of the sea and land. Then, the camera switches back
to Yuki and Rotts. Just as they were getting more excited…

Voice of Miranda: Yuki? I know you’re in there!

Yuki: Uh oh, it’s Miranda!

Yuki and Rotts immediately puts everything away in panic. Then, Rotts
approaches the airplane.

Rotts: I call dibs on the plane!

Rotts jumps into the pilot seat of the biplane.

Yuki: Hey, no fair!

Yuki and Rotts starts hiding. Later, the camera shows Miranda who is looking
for Yuki.

Miranda: Hmm.

Miranda approaches the ladder to the airplane. The moment Miranda saw Rotts
hiding in the pilot seat, Miranda and Rotts giggles a bit.

Miranda: Now… Let me see…

Miranda witnesses a scroll in the air slightly moving. The camera then shows
Yuki who is holding the scroll and hiding behind the wooden boxes. Miranda
approaches the wooden boxes and starts pushing the top wooden box towards
Yuki’s position.

Miranda: Found you!

Yuki: Aaahhh!

Just as the wooden box was about to crush Yuki, Yuki quickly evaded the wooden

Yuki: Hey! What are you doing, trying to kill me or somethin’?!

Miranda: (angry) Instead of fixing dinner, you are out here monkeying with your
machines! (sighs) Honestly Yuki, what if you were going to give up this

Yuki: (interrupts) …and train to become a potter? I know, I know. I’ll start
tomorrow, I promise. Right Rotts?

Rotts: Huh? Oh, um, yes sure. Tomorrow.

Miranda: Hmm, you seem suspiciously reasonable today. You’re not up to
something are you?

Miranda approaches the Flight Unit.

Miranda: Hmm.

Miranda takes the Flight Unit.

Miranda: Well, in that case, I suppose you won’t mind if I hang on to this,

Yuki: Hey! You can’t…

Miranda: Hmph? Is there something wrong?

Yuki: (confused) No! C’mon, would I disobey my own mother? Of course not.

Miranda: Hmm. Alright then, see you later.

Miranda giggles and left the scene with the Flight Unit.

Rotts: (unhappy) Great, now what? Well? Yuki?

Yuki: Heh. You just leave Miranda to me, okay? I happen to know about her
secret hideout placed in the kitchen.

Yuki and Rotts laughs a little.

Yuki: Let’s get ready. We’re taking off tonight.

Rotts: Yeah.

Yuki and Rotts places their fist closer in excitement. Yuki proceeds to
Miranda’s House. Upon entering, Yuki sneaks into the kitchen and found the
Flight Unit.

Yuki: (silently to himself) I knew it. Oh Miranda… You’re so predictable. OK!
Now I just have to give this to Rotts… And then I can fly!

Yuki exits Miranda’s House and goes back to the Garage. Upon entering, Yuki
talks to Rotts.

Yuki: I’ve got it, Rotts! Look!

Rotts: All right! Good job! But… Miranda doesn’t know you took it, right?

Yuki: Come on. She’s clueless! It was a piece of cake!

Rotts: So, are you all set? Ready for takeoff?

Yuki: Sure, any time!

Rotts: All right then! You take off at dusk.

Later at nighttime, Yuki and Rotts have already set the airplane at the takeoff

Rotts: Listen, you never have flown at night. You gotta be careful during

Yuki: (giggles) Rotts, would you relax already? The plane’s gonna be just fine.

Rotts: Do I have to spell it out for you? It’s not the plane that I am worried
about, it’s you!

Yuki tries to shove Rotts away from his face, but Rotts evaded.

Yuki: Rotts, knock it off!

Rotts: Heh, heh. Okay.

Rotts activates the control lever and the takeoff lights were activated and lit

Yuki: Whoa! When did you do this?

Rotts: I’m leaving the village soon, myself. Yuki, no matter what happens, you
got to make it to the mainland. Meet me there, promise?

Yuki: Sure!

Yuki quickly rushes to the airplane’s pilot seat, activates the controls and
puts on his pilot goggles.

Rotts: Just remember Yuki, our dream can even fly all the way across the ocean.
And you’ll be the one who can prove it, okay?

Yuki nods.

Rotts: Good luck!

Yuki gives Rotts the thumb.

Yuki: Thanks!

Rotts pulls the airplane’s back propeller and it starts spinning.

Rotts: Here we go!

Yuki: We’re off!

Yuki took off and flew his airplane high and away from Anfog Village. Yuki
quickly glances at the bottom of Anfog Village.

Yuki: See ya!

The theme song “In The Sky” performed by Miz plays as the camera shows Yuki who
is enjoying the flight of his airplane and seeing the pyre flies, he flies
through them. Afterwards…

Yuki: Time…to take her up!

Yuki pulls the control stick towards him several times, but his airplane never
gained any altitude.

Yuki: (puzzled) Funny, I’m not gaining any altitude. I don’t get it, I lined
her up enough. (attempts to control stick) So why?

Voice of Miranda: Why don’t you try moving the stick again.

Yuki: (confused and lost his judgment) I am, but it doesn’t work.

Yuki tries to pull the control stick, but nothing happens.

Voice of Miranda: Oh, for goodness sake. Let me do it.

Yuki: Will you be quiet? I need to concentrate! Huh?!

The camera shows Miranda appearing in the passenger’s seat.

Yuki: Miranda! What are you doing here?!

Miranda: Huh? Huh, huh. You should know that you can’t hide anything from me,

Yuki: (frustrated) Urgh! It’s no wonder that she won’t fly! We’re overweight!

Miranda: Don’t go blaming others for your troubles. Hey, watch where you’re

Yuki: What?!

Yuki’s airplane was about to collide with the trees.

Yuki: Aaaagh!

Yuki pulls the control stick and his airplane gained some altitude and went
upwards, evading the trees. After Yuki made it safely through the trees…

Miranda: See, there you go. What would you do without me? How ‘bout showing a
little gratitude?

Yuki: (in an outburst) Excuse me, I’m a little busy here!

As Yuki tries to gain his concentration…

Miranda: Come on! Can’t you do anything about this?

Suddenly, the camera shows a carriage being pursuit by the soldiers riding
their horses.

Miranda: Huh? Hey Yuki, look at that!

Yuki: (in an outburst) I told you, I’m a little busy right now! (glances at the
carriage pursuit) Huh?!

The camera shows the soldiers firing their fire arrows at the carriage, but
they all missed. Yuki speeds up his airplane.

Miranda: Uh! What are you doing?!

Yuki is about to descend his airplane towards the pursuit scene.

Yuki: Hang on tight!!

Miranda: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

The camera shows a blond-haired girl, riding her carriage glanced at Yuki in
his airplane. Yuki flies into the carriage, destroying one of his wings of his
airplane, but the carriage was knocked over to the side. The soldiers stopped
at the scene.

Soldiers: Whoa!

Yuki attempts to gain control of his airplane, but suddenly, the airplane lost
its power and crashes instantly to the ground. Later, the camera views the
destroyed carriage and the soldiers approaches the scene.

Soldier: Master Kornell! We can’t find the Communicator anywhere!

Kornell: One girl alone in the forest isn’t gonna get far enough. Not on foot.
Search the area and find that communicator!

Soldiers: Yes, sir!

The soldiers split up and begins searching for the blond-haired girl. Kornell
gets off his horse and then he strikes the ground with his iron fist, creating
a crack on the ground.

Kornell: I will find you. The glory will be mine.

Later in Anfog Woods, the camera shows the destroyed airplane now in flames.

Yuki: No! I have to…at least save this!

Yuki pulls the Flight Unit from the airplane and it came off. After Yuki
retrieves the Flight Unit…

Yuki: There goes our dream… Up in flames…

Miranda appeared at the scene.

Miranda: I had no idea that airplanes were so flimsy. Yet one extra passenger
and “boom”.

Yuki: (in a slight outburst) And just whose fault was that?!

Miranda: Well it all worked out, okay. I mean at least we’re safe.

Yuki: (stands up) Now hold on!

Soldiers: Get ‘em!

The soldiers unexpectedly appeared at the scene and attempts to restrain Yuki
and Miranda.

Soldier 1: So you’re the meddlers? Got in our way, huh?

Soldier 2: But I never heard of a Communicator’s bodyguards attacking from the

Yuki: (struggling) Ugh! Communicator’s bodyguards?

Yuki and Miranda manages to attack the soldiers who are restraining them and
the soldiers were thrown to the ground.

Soldier 2: Easy! You think you’re pretty smart, huh?

The soldiers draw their swords.

Miranda: Hmph. I never seen you two before.

Soldier 1: We’re gonna get that Communicator, no matter WHAT it takes!

Yuki and Miranda draws their weapons.

Miranda: Be on your guard, Yuki!

Yuki: Right!

Yuki and Miranda fights the Soldiers. After Yuki and Miranda defeats the

Miranda: It looks like we’ve gotten ourselves into some trouble. I don’t know
what they were talking about though…

Yuki: There was a… A girl in that carriage… With beautiful golden hair… And
long ears…

Miranda: My… How observant of you. What with the crash and all… So, what do we
do now?

Yuki: Hmm… Maybe we’d better head back to the village. It seems dangerous here…

Miranda: Hahaha! Don’t give me that! You’re not really thinking of going back,
are you?

Yuki: OK, you caught me! We have to find that girl!

Miranda: All right then! You’re the boss!

Yuki and Miranda moves on. In the next area…

Yuki: ! Over there!

Yuki and Miranda approaches the destroyed carriage.

Miranda: She got away… I’m sure.

Yuki: Yeah…

Miranda: Yuki. Where would you go if you were her?

Yuki: If I were her… (thinking) They had horses, so… The woods were her only

The camera views the next path of the woods.

Yuki: What’re you waiting for? Let’s go!

Yuki ran off from the scene.

Miranda: Yes sir…!

Later, the camera shows the blond-haired girl running and suddenly, she
accidentally tripped from a log in the ground and fell to the floor. The
blond-haired girl witnessed a hole in the tree stump.

Soldier 1: I heard something from over there! C’mon!

The camera shows the soldiers holding torches continuing the search. The
blond-haired girl immediately hides in the hole of the tree stump.

Soldier 1: Ugh! It was somewhere around here!

Soldier 2: You don’t suppose…

With the blond-haired girl in a state of panic, the soldier was about to look
under the tree stump, but…

Soldier 1: C’mon! Let’s get out of here!

Soldier 2: Yeah!

The camera shows the blond-haired girl holding her mouth in fear and as the
soldiers left the scene, the blond-haired girl got out of the hold of the tree
stump. The blond-haired girl with her staff drawn, stands behind a tree and
tries to calm herself. The blond-haired girl then glances at the moon.
Suddenly, red ring waves appeared and it formed into the man in black.

Blond-Haired Girl: Who…who’s there?!

The man in black approaches the blond-haired girl and as the blond-haired girl
readies her staff…

Blond-Haired Girl: (gasped) It’s you!

Man In Black: That’s enough! Alfina!

The blond-haired girl will be known as Alfina from this point on. The camera
switches to Yuki and Miranda who moves on. In the next area, Miranda stops and
stares to the side of then scene.

Yuki: What is it?

Miranda: Shhh!

The camera views Alfina and the man in black one by one.

Alfina: Please let me through! Move aside, Raven!

Raven: Making it harder for yourself. Reconsider, Alfina!

Alfina: (raising her staff) My mind’s already made up! I…I have to see my
brother, Raven!

Raven: But he doesn’t want you to live a life of a Communicator.

Alfina: Well, uh… Even if that’s true, I still have to see him!

Raven: Very well.

Raven draws his swords and as he is about to approach Alfina…

Voice of Miranda: Get away from that girl!

Miranda appeared at the scenes with her daggers and as she charges towards
Raven to attack him, Raven teleported to another spot. Miranda saw Raven in
another position and charges towards him again.

Miranda: Yuki!

Yuki: Aaaaaa!!

Yuki appeared at the scene with his sword and just as Yuki and Miranda attempts
their joint attack, Raven teleported again.

Yuki: What the…?

Raven reappeared near Alfina.

Raven: I’ll ask you one more time. Are you going to change your mind or not,

Yuki and Miranda quickly appeared next to Alfina.

Alfina: No. I have to know the truth, Raven. (with little emotion) I must. I
need to find out about my brother, myself and the future.

Raven: The future…

There was a brief pause.

Raven: Very well, Alfina. So be it. I know what I have to do. But there isn’t
much time.

Miranda throws her dagger at Raven, but Raven teleported and the dagger hits
the tree’s log. Raven vanishes from the scene. Yuki sighs.

Yuki: (to Alfina) Are you all right? Did he hurt you?

Alfina: I’m…just…fine…

Alfina passed out at the scene.

Miranda: Watch out!

Miranda catches Alfina’s body.

Miranda: If we hang around too much longer, we’ll probably run into more of
those weirdos. Let’s go back to the village.

Yuki: Right.

The next morning, the camera shows the view of Anfog Village and later, inside
Miranda’s House…

Yuki: Miranda… Is she--?

Miranda: Don’t worry. She’s fast asleep. Why don’t you go get that before she
gets up?

Yuki: Umm… What’s “that”?

Miranda: You had some earlier, didn’t you? That stuff that helps with bruises.

Yuki: Oh, a Medicinal Herb. I think I left some in the garage…

Yuki proceeds to the Garage. Upon entering the Garage…

Yuki: (sigh) Rotts is gone. He left already. Darn.

Yuki then takes the Medicinal Herb from the herb pot. After that…

Yuki: I hope that girl is OK… I’d better hurry back…

Yuki proceeds to Miranda’s House. Upon arrival, Yuki approaches Miranda in the
kitchen holding a bowl of Medicinal Herb.

Yuki: Here they are, Miranda.

Miranda: Hmm? Thanks.

Yuki places the Medicinal Herbs on the kitchen table.

Miranda: Hm? Well Yuki? What are you waiting for, go in and see her. Go on!

Yuki: Huh?! Oh.

Yuki approaches the door of Miranda’s Room, takes a deep breath and knocks on
the door.

Yuki: I’m coming in!

As Yuki enters Miranda’s Room, he nervously witnesses Alfina in the bed with a
pleasant reaction of the Medicinal Herbs.

Alfina: What a lovely fragrance!

Yuki: Huh? Oh, they’re herbs.

Alfina: (glanced at Yuki) Huh?

Yuki: Well, um… This is called chamomile.

Alfina: My name is Alfina.

Yuki: (nervous) Oh, um, I’m…

Alfina: Yuki, right? Miranda has already told me your name.

As Yuki was about to approach Alfina…

Alfina: I’ll get up.

As Alfina gets up from the bed, the camera views her feet as she tries to stand
up. Suddenly, Alfina was about to fall and Yuki caught her in the nick of time.
Yuki and Alfina seemed shocked after they accidentally wrapped their arms
around each other. Then, a door knocking can be heard.

Miranda: Is something wrong?

Just as Miranda was about to enter the room, Yuki and Alfina immediately let go
of each other and Yuki quickly sits in the chair as Alfina immediately sits on
the bed as Miranda came in the room with a tray of cup and tea.

Miranda: What are you two up to?

Yuki: Uh?! N…nothing!

Miranda: Never mind.

Miranda approaches Alfina.

Miranda: Now, let’s look at that leg.

Miranda tends Alfina’s injured right ankle.

Miranda: There. This should do the trick.

Miranda places a warm towel over Alfina’s right ankle and continues the

Miranda: Say, would you mind telling me something? Why were you being chased by
those men?

Alfina: I was… I was trying to get home to Arcriff.

Yuki: Are you talking about Arcriff on the mainland? The place that has that
enormous temple?

Alfina: Mm-hm.

Yuki: So you don’t know who they were, or do you?

Alfina: I don’t. I never seen them before in my life.

Yuki: And that guy in black?

Alfina: Um, no. He’s um…

Miranda: I understand how you feel. But you have to get your rest. You don’t
want to get all bruised up, do you?

Miranda finishes wrapping an ankle bandage on Alfina’s right ankle.

Miranda: There you are! Good as new.

Miranda stands up.

Miranda: Well, we won’t ask anymore questions, okay?

Yuki: ??

Miranda: And we’ll take you part way of Mendi Harbor’s good enough.

Alfina: No. Thank you, but I can’t let you do that.

Miranda: Well Yuki, what do you think?

Yuki: Yeah. Count me in.

Miranda: That settles it. We’ll be ready to leave in two days.

Alfina: Thank you so much, Miranda. And you too, Yuki.

Suddenly, a glass shatter can be heard and Yuki, Miranda and Alfina were
surprised by the sound.

Middle-Aged Woman: Miranda!! Help me!! Miranda!!

Miranda: It’s Gladys!

Miranda left the scene.

Yuki: (to Alfina) We’ll check it out! Stay right here, Alfina. Don’t move.

Yuki immediately exits Miranda’s Room and exits Miranda’s House. Outside,
Kornell places the middle-aged woman who will be known as Gladys from this
point on in a headlock with his axe.

Gladys: Urrrgh! Let me go!!

Kornell continues to be persistent.

Gladys: Miranda!!

Miranda: I’m warning you, let Gladys go now!!

Kornell: I’m looking for somebody who may have wandered here during the night.
A young blond girl by the name of Alfina. She’s what you call a Communicator.
Seen her?

Yuki: A Communicator?

Kornell: If you’re smart and just hand her over, I won’t hurt young lady.

Yuki: Hey! Did you come here with that guy in black?

Kornell: In black? What are you talking about?

Gladys: Help!! Rescue me, Yuki!! Stop him!! This brute’s trying to kidnap me,

Kornell: I’m not trying to kidnap you.

Gladys: (says it fast in fear) Since he can’t find that blond girl he’s
searching for, he’s going to carry all fiber young beautiful me instead!

Kornell: Darn. Are you insane?

Gladys: (says it fast in fear) Then after he kidnaps me, he’ll likely sell me
into slavery onto the mainland for a handsome price and work at a sleazy bar
for the rest of my natural life!! That’s it, isn’t it?! That’s what you’re
planning!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!! (emotionally feared) You monster!!

As Kornell continues to hold Gladys who is crying in fear in a headlock…

Kornell: Shut up, you bag!!

Gladys somehow manages to step on Kornell’s left foot really hard and Kornell
who is injured lets go of Gladys. Gladys pulls out her purse and strikes
Kornell’s head with it. Kornell’s head is covered in spilled broken eggs and
seemed embarrassed.

Miranda: Now that’s really pathetic! But enough fun. We’re going to have to ask
you to leave now.

The camera views Kornell who seemed pissed off.

Kornell: How dare you! (in an outburst) HOW DARE YOU!!!

Yuki and Miranda fights Kornell. After Yuki and Kornell defeats Kornell…

Kornell: I’ll get you for this, remember that! I swear, you’ll pay dearly!

Kornell gets up from the ground and ran away from the scene. Later, Alfina came
out of Miranda’s House.

Alfina: (to Miranda) I’m so sorry. (slightly sad) He would’ve never come here
if it wasn’t for me.

Miranda approaches Alfina and embraces her.

Miranda: Hm. Don’t be silly, Alfina. You hear me?

Alfina: Miranda, I…

Miranda: There isn’t a bad person in this entire village. Anyone of them would
be happy to help you. I know one in particular, right there.

The camera views Yuki who is facing the other way. Yuki then turns around and
faces Miranda and Alfina.

Yuki: Mm? Hm? What is it? What are you two talking about?

Yuki approaches Miranda and Alfina.

Miranda: Oh, nothing.

Alfina: Yes, nothing.

Alfina giggles.

Miranda: A change in plans. We have to leave the village right away before
those thugs return. So, tell me when you are ready to head out of here, Yuki.

After Yuki makes the preparations, he talks to Miranda.

Miranda: Well, that was quick. Did you get everything? We’ll need enough for me
and Alfina too, you know.

Yuki: Don’t worry! We’re all set!

Miranda: Great! Then we’re on our way to the Sabatar Coast!

Yuki’s group exits Anfog Village and proceeds to Anfog Woods. As they move on
to the next area, Yuki’s group reached the Camp. Upon arrival…

Miranda: Hmm. Yes! Not bad at all. This’ll do fine. Let’s set up camp here

Later, Yuki’s group sets up the camping equipments. The camera shows Yuki
setting a rope trap tying it from tree to tree.

Alfina: What is that, Yuki?

Yuki: This? It a kind of alarm. If somebody tries to sneak up on us, we’ll know.

Yuki tests out the rope bell trap.

Yuki: See?

Alfina: Wow! Uh, what about that?

The camera shows Miranda setting up the pit trap.

Yuki: That’s a pit trap. It’s a deep hole covered with leaves to camouflage it.
If somebody walks on top of it, they’ll fall in and get stuck.

As Yuki continues to tighten the rope of the rope trap…

Alfina: Oh, I see. Clever.

Yuki finishes tightening the rope of the rope trap.

Alfina: Um, Yuki? I like to help. Is there anything I can do?

Yuki: Hmm. Well, why don’t you fix some food. There’s cooking gear in my

Alfina: But, what do I cook?

Yuki: You can find plenty of food in the forest. For instance, the mushrooms
that grow around here are delicious.

Alfina: Alright! I’ll do my best to gather what I can.

Yuki: Okay.

Alfina runs off. But before taking off to get some food, she turns around
facing Yuki and Miranda, waves and laughs. Yuki waves back and Alfina left the

Miranda: (giggles) She’s a good kid. Sweet and gentle. And awfully cute, too!

Yuki: (jealous) Um, you think so??

Miranda: Ahem.

Yuki: Ahem.

Yuki and Miranda continues the preparations of the camp. The camera switches to
Alfina who searches for mushrooms and in the area with the mushrooms…

Alfina: Eh-heh! So many cute little mushrooms!

Alfina sees a unique mushrooms and she kneels to it and attempts to pull it
out. However, upon pulling the mushroom out, Alfina’s basket of mushrooms
spilled out and Alfina pulled out a mushroom with a giggly stem. Later, the
camera switches to the black screen.

Alfina: Um… I’ve never cooked before. So I don’t know how it turned out, but…

Miranda: (Is it just me, or is this stuff purple?)

Yuki: (Oh man! It’s just like that witch’s stew I read about as a kid!)

Miranda: (Go on. Eat up!)

Yuki: (Hm? Who, me?!)

Alfina: (seemed to feel a bit hurt) It’s all right. You don’t have to eat it…

Yuki: N-No, I’ll have some! It looks delicious! Here I go!

Yuki can be heard eating the food that Alfina cooked and suddenly, Yuki

Alfina: Hm? What is it?!

Miranda: H-Hey! Snap out of it, kid! Yuki! Speak to me!!

The camera switches to the campfire scene where Yuki’s group sits near the
fireplace and having their meal.

Alfina: I’m sorry… It was because of my cooking, wasn’t it?

Miranda: N-No! Not your cooking! It was… Um… A Poisonous mushroom! Yes! It
must’ve gotten in there somehow!

Alfina: A poisonous mushroom……?

Yuki: Yep! And I accidentally ate it… Your cooking was great though. Really!

Alfina: That’s a relief! Then all we have to do is take out the poisonous one
and you can eat the rest!

Yuki: !!

The meal conversation begins.

Alfina: If it’s really that good, I’d like to try some myself. Can we just take
out the poisonous one?

Yuki: N-No! It’s impossible! The poison’s much too strong! Look, it turned the
whole thing purple!

Alfina: Oh… That’s too bad…

Yuki: !!

The conversation continues.

Miranda: Well, let’s just forget all about that stew for the moment… Let me
give you one piece of advice that’ll make your cooking better. Have someone
around to eat it.

Alfina: Someone to eat it…?

Miranda: It motivates you. You’ll want to cook better, just to make them tell
you how good something was.

Yuki: Yeah, but getting Miranda to say something tastes good is about as hard
as getting Gladys to shut up…

The conversation continues.

Miranda: Just a minute… That’s going to far!

Yuki: You think?

The conversation continues.

Alfina: I was sort of wondering something…

Yuki: Hm? What?

Alfina: Miranda’s your mother, right Yuki? Why don’t you call her that?

Miranda: I’d like to know that myself! Why is that, Yuki?

The conversation continues.

Yuki: I’ve never really thought about it, but for some reason that seems more

Alfina: I think I understand! You two are more like sister and brother than
mother and child.

Miranda: Did you hear that, Yuki?! My, what a perceptive young lady!

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Anyway… Wound you mind telling us a little about Arcriff? That’s where
you’re from, right Alfina?

Alfina: Yes… Arcriff is a city covered in mist… It has woods, a lake and a
temple… I was on my way to the temple to become a Communicator when I met you.

Yuki: A Communicator…?

The conversation continues.

Alfina: A Communicator greets the Guardian at Arcriff Temple and conveys its
divine words to our people…

Yuki: And you’re the only one who can do that?

Alfina: There is only one family who has the power to be Communicators. That is
why I must become one now.

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Isn’t there anyone else left of your people?

Alfina: ………………… ………………………

The conversation continues.

Miranda: Guardians? You mean those giant mythical beasts that are supposed to
watch over the world? Those Guardians? But what do you mean, “convey their
words to our people?”

Alfina: The words of the Guardians have no meaning on their own. The
Communicator must tell the people what they mean.

Miranda: I see… So you’re kind of like an interpreter for the gods, eh?

The conversation continues.

Miranda: An interpreter… Yes, that’s what it sounds like. Fascinating…

The conversation continues.

Alfina: An interpreter for the gods. Yes, I suppose I am…

The conversation continues.

Yuki: I wonder who that guy was… You know, that guy dressed all in black? What
was his story, anyway? He acted like he knew you, Alfina…

Alfina: …………… I’m sorry. I can’t…

The conversation continues.

Yuki: No, I’m sorry for sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong. Forget about
it, Alfina.

The conversation continues.

Miranda: Well, it’s late. We should probably turn in and get some rest for

Yuki: Yes, it’s time to hit the hay…

Miranda: All right then! You’ve got the first watch, kid!

Yuki: What?! M-Me……?!

The meal conversation has been concluded. Later, the camera shows Yuki sitting
near a small stone.

Yuki: Brr! It’s pretty chilly out.

Alfina appeared at the scene with a cup of coffee.

Yuki: Alfina?

Alfina: Here.

Alfina gave Yuki a cup of coffee.

Alfina: There’s no sugar. You’ll have to use chocolate.

Alfina drops a piece of chocolate in Yuki’s coffee.

Yuki: Thanks a lot.

As Yuki begins the drink the coffee, he felt the heat from the coffee and
stopped sipping.

Yuki: Um, Alfina? Can I ask you something?

Alfina: Mm?

Yuki: Even though you’ve been chased, nearly scared to death and injured,
you’ll still determined to go to Arcriff. How come?

The camera views the fireplace. After that, the camera switches to Alfina’s
view of her mouth.

Alfina: Because that’s where I might be able to find the answer I seek. I need
to know. I have to find out why the two of us were born to be Communicators.

Yuki: The two of you?

Alfina: Yes. You see, my brother was suppose to be the Communicator. But…during
his first ceremony, he refused to talk to the Guardian. That was three years

Alfina pulls out her brother’s brooch. The camera switches to Alfina’s memory.
In her memory…

Alfina: And then, he just ran away…

The memory ended. The camera switches to Alfina glancing at her brother’s

Alfina: All he left behind was this, his Communicator’s brooch.

Yuki: His Communicator’s brooch? May I?

Alfina gave the brooch to Yuki and Yuki glances at the brooch.

Yuki: It really has an unusual shape. It kind of…looks like the wing of a bird.
I wonder why did he just left?

Alfina can be seen feeling emotionally unhappy and the camera views the night
skies of the Camp.

Alfina: (emotionally feared) The very idea of becoming a Communicator,
terrifies me.

The camera views Alfina who then opens her eyes as her eyes are about to get

Alfina: (emotionally feared) Sometimes, I just want to run away from it all.
(slightly sobbing) But maybe…maybe this was my purpose in life has been all
along. And if that’s really the case then, I can’t run away from my destiny.

Yuki: Alfina…

Alfina: I’m sorry. Bothering you with my problems is the last thing I should do.

Yuki: Everything will be fine. After all, we’re with you.

Alfina stands up and shows a slight smile.

Alfina: Yuki…

Suddenly, the camera shows the rope trap set off and the bells on the ropes
rang. Yuki and Alfina were surprised.

Yuki: They found us!

Just as Yuki and Alfina were feared of what is happening right now, a brown
rabbit suddenly approaches the scene. Yuki and Alfina gasp, but the rabbit
approaches them and seemed friendly.

Alfina: (charmed) Aw.

Yuki and Alfina approaches the brown rabbit. Alfina kneel down and takes out a
piece of chocolate.

Alfina: Here!

Yuki and Alfina laughs as they have a good time. The camera zooms away from
Yuki and Alfina and views Miranda in the tent. She giggles a little and then
goes to sleep. The next morning…

Miranda: This’ll be a long journey. Are you ready. Alfina?

Alfina: Oh yes. I feel much better, after a good night sleep.

Miranda: OK, then! let’s get going! Come on, Yuki. Start heading south!

Yuki’s group moves on. Just as Yuki’s group were about to leave the Camp…

Voice of Kornell: Hmph. It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for you.

The camera views Kornell trapped in a net attached to a tree.

Miranda: (laughing with amusement) You’ve been waiting for us?! You mean you’ve
been waiting for help! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! (to Yuki and Alfina) Come on,
you two.

As Yuki’s group attempts to pass by Kornell in the net.

Miranda: I hope you rot in that net, Musclebound Peabrain!

The camera zooms into Kornell’s eyes.

Kornell: Wha…? Hey, did I hear you correctly? Did you just call me a
Musclebound Peabrain?

Yuki, Alfina and Miranda: Huh?

Kornell: (about to get extremely pissed off) I said, did you just call me a

Kornell who is extremely pissed off, immediately frees himself from the net
trap with his axe and landed on the floor.

Kornell: (extremely pissed off) I’m through playing games with you!! That does

Yuki’s group fights Kornell and 2 Henchmen. After Yuki’s group defeats Kornell
and 2 Henchmen, Kornell falls to the floor and just as Yuki’s group was about
to leave…

Kornell: Wait! This isn’t over yet!!

Kornell begins charging towards Yuki’s group, but Kornell falls into a small
pit. Kornell then stands up from the pit.

Miranda: And stay there this time, you Musclebound Peabrain!

Yuki: Yeah! Stop following us!

Yuki and Miranda walked away from the scene.

Alfina: Um, uh, it gets awfully cold out at night. So…

Alfina grabs a pink blanket.

Alfina: Here you go!

Alfina drops the blanket on Kornell’s head and walked away from the scene.

Kornell: Hmph?

Kornell can be seen extremely humiliated. Afterwards, Yuki’s group moves on to
the next area. Yuki’s group eventually arrived at Sabatar Coast. Upon arrival,
Yuki’s group felt excited from the view of the beach.

Alfina: One beautiful ocean!

The camera slightly zooms away from the view of the ocean.

Alfina: The mainland is right across there?

Yuki: Not much longer now.

Alfina: Yep! Heh, heh.

Miranda: Let’s see here.

Miranda approaches a ruined wooden dock. After approaching it…

Miranda: Hmm, that’s strange. I don’t see any boats. Not a one in sight. In
fact, it looks like this hasn’t been used in quite a while.

As Miranda approaches the dock a little more…

Man’s Voice: Hello? Is somebody there?

Miranda gasp.

Man’s Voice: Help me, please!

Miranda spotted a barrel floating in the water. Later, Yuki’s group takes the
barrel to the beach site and Miranda attempts to open the top lid of the barrel
with a metal rod. After that, Miranda managed to take the top cover out.
Suddenly, a man inside came out in fear, but as he tries to climb out of the
barrel, the barrel topples and the man falls to the floor.

Man: Ugh. You wouldn’t believe what I have been through.

The man was about to sneeze and he has sneezed. Alfina approaches the man.

Alfina: Um, may I offer a hankerchief?

Alfina unwarily pulls out her brooch and dropped it to the floor.

Man: You dropped this.

The man picked up the brooch and gave it to Alfina.

Man: What’s your name, miss?

Alfina: Alfina. Um, thank you so mu…

Miranda: (interrupts) Okay, that’s enough! Since you enjoy chatting, why don’t
you try explaining how you got in there!

Man: Well, it’s just a little accident you see.

The man stretches.

Man: Now I can fill my lungs with fresh air again! And gaze upwards to see the
sky! And I have you three to thank for it. I’m eternally grateful to you.

The man pray bows.

Man: Is there anything I can do in return, don’t hesitate to ask. Anyway, I
mean it. Ask!

There was a brief pause.

Alfina: Well um, we’re trying to get to the mainland. Could you help us get
there somehow?

Miranda: That’s right. Maybe you know. Didn’t there used to be a dock here?

Man: What’s that? You’re looking for a sailing vessel then? You’re in luck! I
can get you one. She’s fine and fast, too.

Miranda: (getting snappy) If this is some sort of scam, I swear!

Man: What?! Not at all! The ship is perfectly safe, I guarantee it. I give you
my word as a captain.

Yuki, Alfina and Miranda: What?!

Miranda: As a captain?! You’re telling us you’re a sailor?

Man: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm. Yes. The name’s Alonso, madam. Intrepid sailor of
the seven-seas.

The man will be known as Alonso from this point on and kindly shows his thumb.

Alonso: Huh? What’s with the funny looks, don’t believe me?

Yuki’s group did not respond.

Alonso: Very well then, I can prove it to you. Take a good look at this!

Alonso pulls out a treasure map.

Yuki: Whoa! Is that what I think it is?!

Yuki looks at the map.

Yuki: Yes! That’s the map to the mainland! Wow!

Alfina: And see this? (points at the map) This is Arcriff!

Yuki glances at Alfina.

Alfina: Mm-hm.

Yuki: I believe him, Miranda. The map seems real enough. His boat should be

Miranda: (shows no interest) Oh, alright then. Well I admit, you appear to be
the same ferry type. But, can this ship of yours really carry us to the

Alonso: Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. What you should ask is if there’s anywhere it can’t go.
And the answer is “no”.

Miranda: I don’t know. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Alonso: Alright. Let’s get going then! It is a bit of a journey to the west
dock, but you’re in good hands. I may not look it, but I’m a formidable fighter.

Alonso joins Yuki’s group. Yuki’s group move on to the next area. Yuki’s group
eventually arrived at Sabatar Harbor. In Sabatar Harbor…

Miranda: Is that a casino?

A mugging can be heard and Alonso ran towards the Casino with the item he

Alonso: Just wait there! I’ll win three times… No, ten times with this thing is

Alonso left the scene and enters the Casino.

Miranda: Uurrgggghh! He tricked us!! I knew something wasn’t right!

Alfina: (slightly whining) What’ll we do…?

Yuki: Hey, we still have time! Let’s get it back!

Yuki’s group proceeds to Beauty Bianca Casino. Inside, Yuki’s group arrived and
Alfina coughs from the tobacco smokes.

Bianca: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Alonso! So, you made it back alive,
huh? Let’s see if you’re good luck holds out.

There was a brief pause.

Bianca: How did you like floating in sea all night in that nice barrel? It must
get pretty chilly out there, hmm? Do yourself a favor and just give up. It’s
for your own good, so you oughtta listen to me sweety!

Bianca performs a kiss.

Alonso: I’m sorry, but I didn’t come here to engage a night of chatter. I’ve
come here to beat you, Bianca!

Alonso pulls out the purse-wallet that he mugged from Yuki’s group earlier and
takes out Alfina’s brooch and places it on the gambling table. The audience
starts to get excited.

Yuki: (in an outburst) Hey!!

Yuki’s group approaches Alonso.

Bianca picks up the brooch.

Bianca: Hmm. Hmm. Hmph. Well, I suppose it’s worth about a hundred-thousand.

Alonso: Okay! Then I’m going to bet this brooch.

Alonso kneels towards the table.

Alonso: Just watch. I’ll win this place away from you and everything in it!

Bianca: Hah! Give it your best shot!

Yuki: (in an outburst) Thief!! Give that brooch back to Alfina!!!

The camera views Yuki.

Yuki: Step aside, let me through!

Alonso: Back off, kid! You’re too late, the game’s started!

Yuki: What?

Alfina: Oh no…

Miranda: (frustrated) Uugggh!! We never should’ve got involved with him!

Bianca: (pointing her pipe at Miranda) Oh! So is this your meal ticket Alonso?
Hah! That explains where you got the brooch! Yes, she certainly seems the type.
Just look at her!

Miranda: (pissed off) What?!!

Bianca: (to Alonso) The game is Arrange Dice as usual. You know the rules!

Alonso looks at the cards. Then, the camera switches to the gambling game table.

Bianca: Heehee! Come up with a plan, have you? You seem pretty confident!

Alonso: Hmph! I won’t lose this time… Let’s get started!

Bianca: OK, here we go!

The 1st dice roll turned out to be a three.

Alonso: Nice one… C’mon! Keep ‘em comin’!

Yuki: I don’t quite get it… If the dice and the cards match, the score goes up…?

Alonso: Watch carefully. The card sequence is vital. …That’s the key to Arrange
Dice. Roll ‘em up!

The 2nd dice roll turned out to be an eleven.

Alonso: That’s what I like to see! I’m on a roll now! C’mon!

Bianca: Hmph. Going for a 5-card row? You’re still a looong ways away from that.

Yuki: Alonso… Does it look like you’re gonna win?

Alonso: This is where it gets interesting! Roll ‘em up, Bianca!

The 3rd dice roll turned out to be a six.

Alonso: C’mon! Would you hurry up here? I wanna see a row!

Bianca: Just be patient, sweetie! You don’t want to scare Lady Luck off your
shoulder now, do you?

Alonso: What’re you talkin’ about? You’re the one getting’ all worked up! Just
roll the dice!

The 4th dice roll turned out to be an eight.

Alonso: Yes! Now all I need is a 7. If I get lucky number 7, I win 400 times my
bet! Get ready to pay up, Bianca!

Bianca: You really think you’ll hit the big one, do you? Well, let this next
roll be the judge of that.

Alonso: Ha! I’ve got a 1 in 6 chance of winning it! C’mon 7! I know you’ll come
through for me!

The 5th and final dice roll turned out to be a twelve.

Bianca: Gyaahahahaaa! It’s a 12! Too bad for you! Dealer wins! Dealer wins!

Alonso: Dammit! How could I lose to 12 again?!

Afterwards, Alonso turned towards the audience in disgrace.

Alonso: Please!! Somebody!! Lend me some money!!

Male Audience 1: Sorry, buddy.

Male Audience 2: I should’ve known.

The male audience laughed.

Male Audience: What a loser.

Alonso seemed disgraced as he kneels.

Alonso: Just one more game, PLEASE!! I’m begging you!!

Alonso puts his head on the floor in disgrace. Then, the men walked away.

Male Audience 1: Sorry. No hard feelings, Alonso.

Male Audience 2: See ya later! Give it up, buddy.

Male Audience 3: Heh. Tooooo bad.

The camera views the women who were also the audience.

Female Audience 1: We don’t have any money, right?

Female Audience 2 and 3: Sure don’t.

Female Audience 1, 2 and 3: Right!

Alonso pounds the floor.

Alonso: No!!

Alonso stands up.

Alonso: (to Yuki’s group) Heh. Sorry it had to witness that pitiful right now.

Yuki: (in an outburst) So what are you gonna do??!!! THAT BROOCH WASN’T

Alonso: Sorry!

Yuki: (in an outburst) Are you crazy??!!! Sorry is NOT gonna cut it!!!!!

Bianca picks up Alfina’s brooch.

Bianca: Oh, do you mean this little trinket once belong to you? Hm, hm, hm, hm,
hm, hm, hm. I hope that three of you learned your lesson. Only a fool would put
their faith in old Alonso, the loser here.

Miranda: (pissed off) Hey, you hold on a minute! He tricked us! WE DON’T EVEN

Yuki: It’s true! He told us he was the captain of the ship!!

Bianca: WWWWhhhhhaaaattt?! He said he was the captain of the ship??!! Ha, ha,
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee! Ah, hah,
hah, hah, hah, hah, hah! Boy oh boy, that’s a good one! How can Alonso be a
captain when he doesn’t have a ship?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…!

Yuki: No ship?

Miranda: Huh?

Alfina: Huh? What?!

As Bianca continues to laugh, Yuki angrily grabs Alonso’s sleeves.

Yuki: (in an outburst) Is that true??!! ANSWER ME!!!!

Bianca stopped laughing.

Yuki: I see. It was all a lie. The ship, the map, everything…

Alonso thinks of something.

Alonso: Bianca!

Bianca: (startled) Uh, yes?

Alonso approaches Bianca.

Alonso: One more time. Please! Just one more game tomorrow.

The audience reacts lightly and Alonso approaches Bianca and holds her right

Alonso: And if you win, I promise to make you…

Woman 1, 2 and 3: What??!!

Bianca: (jealous) Uh, really?

Alonso: I never lie to a woman. My word is a solemn bond.

Just as Alonso was about to kiss Bianca’s right hand, the female audiences
reacted negatively.

Alonso: Can we stay in my… I mean your cabin tonight?

Bianca: Hmm? Mm-hmm.

Alonso formed a six like number shape on his right hand towards Yuki’s group.
Yuki’s group were startled. Yuki’s group exits Beauty Bianca Casino. Outside…

Alonso: I feel just awful about all this…! Somehow I managed to lose your
brooch and drag you into my problems.

Miranda: (doubted him) C’mon! Are you really sorry?

Alfina: (slightly whining) W-What am I going to do? That brooch is very
important to me! Very important… Don’t you see?!

Yuki: (in an outburst) What do you plan to do, Alonso?!! What if…

Alonso: I’ll win! This whole mess is my fault. No matter what it takes, I’ll
make it right.

Alonso clenches his right fist.

Alonso: So tomorrow, I’ll put it all in the line and win. Finally. I’ll take
control…of my life.

Alfina thinks and flashes back to the Anfog Woods Camp when she was with Yuki.

Alfina: Maybe this is what my purpose in life was all along. And if that’s
really the case then, I can’t run away from my destiny.

The flashback ended. Afterwards…

Alfina: He’ll win. I know he will.

Yuki: Alfina?

Alfina: I have faith in him. I believe in his strength.

Yuki: (sigh) Guess we don’t have any choice.

Miranda: (shows no interest) Hmph. Speak for yourself, alright?

Alonso: Good, it’s settled then! We’ll let Bianca borrow the brooch for now.
But tomorrow, we’re gonna get it back! Heh!

Yuki’s group seemed displeased.

Alonso: The ship is docked right over that pier. We’ll stay in her cabin,

After that, Yuki’s group proceeds to Alonso’s Ship. As Yuki’s group approaches
the ship…

Yuki: This is your boat?

Alonso: Yep. Well, it used to be.

Miranda: I suppose you lost it in a bet or something, eh?

Alonso: !! W-Well… You could say that. I lost all of my money playing against
Bianca, so…

Alfina: Um… Why is the ship all chained up…?

Alonso: That’s Bianca’s doing. Hmph! It’s not like I’d just take off or

Miranda: She must not trust you…

Yuki’s group proceeds to Alonso’s Ship Cabin. Upon entering, Alfina nearly lost
her balance as the ship balance kept moving back and forth.

Alfina: (giggles) I guess the ship rocks back and forth, even when docked.

Alonso: Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! It’s soothing, isn’t it?! When I’m a shore on
a steady ground, it just doesn’t feel right.

Alfina extends her arms as she keep her balance.

Yuki: (saw something) Hey! Check it out!

Alonso: Oh! So you like that, do you?

The camera views the tusk hung on a wall.

Alonso: That’s a tusk from a North Sea walrus.

Yuki: Really? (looks at the coral) What about that one?

Alonso: That my young friend, is a piece of coral that can only be found in the
South Seas. And next to it is a sacred chalice that exhumed from a watery grave
of a sunken temple. Heh, heh, heh, heh.

Yuki: Well, I guess…I was completely wrong about you, Alonso. You really are a
sailor. I’m sorry…

Yuki approaches a corkboard.

Yuki: What goes there?

Alonso: There? (pulls out a treasure map) This does.

Alonso places the treasure map on the corkboard and pins it with four daggers.

Alonso: This is where it really belongs.

Alfina: It’s the map you showed us.

Yuki: Hey! Part of the map is missing.

Alonso: That’s right. It’s unfinished. Can you guess why?

Yuki: Uh, mm-mm…

Alonso: I’ll tell you. This map is one-of-a kind. It only shows the places that
I have already traveled to and seen it with my own two eyes. It’s my personal

Yuki: Wow! One of a kind!

Alonso: And until I been everywhere, it’ll remain incomplete. My greatest
dream, is to finish this map!

Alonso slams his right fist on the map.

Alonso: Heh. But there’s one small problem. Without a ship to sail the world,
it would be impossible. So, if my map is never going to be finished, I might as
well give up my dream…

Miranda: (shows no interest) Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re breaking my heart. That’s
no excuse for tricking us! We wouldn’t be in this situation if it wasn’t for
you! But, that horrible woman is far worse! (clenches her fists) We’re you
watching her? Even a fool like you should’ve noticed.

Alonso flashes back to the scene when he was gambling and Bianca used another
two dice to cheat. The flashback ended.

Alonso: Yeah. You darn right you saw what she did. No doubt about it, she was

Miranda: (couldn’t believe it) What?!! Then why did you…?!!

Alonso: I have a plan to beat Bianca.

Alonso picks up some nuts and eats them.

Alonso: But I’m going to need a partner.

Miranda: A partner?

Alonso: This is what I have in mind.

Alonso quietly whispers in Miranda’s ears.

Miranda: You idiot, I can’t do that!!! Are you crazy??!

Alonso: You can if you want me to win!

Miranda pauses for a brief moment and then, she punched Alonso in the face.
Yuki and Alfina gasped.

Miranda: Hmph.

Miranda walks away from the scene.

Alonso: (clenches his face) Okay. I’ll take that as a “yes”.

Miranda: (shows in interest) Hmph. Oh, whatever!

Alonso: Sleeping quarters are down below. Let’s all get some shuteye. We’ll
need plenty of rest for tomorrow. Heh, heh!

Yuki and Alfina seem puzzled. Later, Yuki talks to Miranda.

Miranda: I thin there are sleeping quarters down below. You must be tired. Why
not call it a day?

Yuki: Yeah. I’m beat…

Miranda: First that peabrain and now a con-artist… Ugh… This was the worst day
of my life… Yes. Let’s just go to bed and hope tomorrow’ll be better!

The next morning, Yuki wakes up and goes upstairs to the Cabin. Upon arrival…

Yuki: Hey… Where is everybody? ……! They must be at the casino! Uh oh! I hope
they didn’t start without me!

Yuki proceeds to Beauty Bianca Casino. Upon entering, the camera shows Alonso
approaching the gambling table where Bianca awaits.

Miranda: So, I assume you are prepared to lose this game and win my hand,

Alonso: Hmph. (to the audience) I give you all my word as a sailor! Here and
now, I’m putting myself on the line at this gaming table!

There was a brief pause.

Alonso: The stakes are high. And if I lose, then I promise to marry Bianca.

The audience reacted in confusion.

Miranda: WHAT?!! Marry her?!!

Yuki: Wha…?!

Alfina: Huh?!

Miranda: You’ve got to be kidding!! Marry her??!! I won’t go along with this!!

Bianca: Alright, alright, that’s enough chattering!! Roll the dice Alonso, I
can’t wait for our honeymoon!

The camera switches to the game table where the second game of Arrange Dice

Alonso: If I lose my freedom, I’ll lose most of my charm as well… You sure
you’d still want me?

Bianca: All I need is for you to stare at me with those eyes of yours. I looove
you, Alonso! And you’ll be mine!

The 1st dice roll turned out to be a two.

Bianca: As usual, the opening roll looks good… It’s a 10x Bonus… Feelin’ lucky,
Alonso? Hm…? What’s wrong? You look a little pale.

Alonso: (nervous) I’m just fine! And today I’m gonna win! So roll ‘em up!

The 2nd dice roll turned out to be a two.

Bianca: Another 10x Bonus! But you’re still a long ways away from winning!
Kyehehe! Should I wear white to the wedding?

Miranda: No wonder she has trouble landing a man…

Alonso: It ain’t over yet, Bianca! Let’s not jump to any conclusions until the
end. …Roll the dice!

The 3rd dice roll turned out to be a three.

Bianca: Kyehehehe! Finally got your first card! You’re just barely hanging on
by a finger, honey…

Alonso: There’s no winner or loser till the game’s over! Right now, it’s just
dice and cards… Roll the next one, Bianca!

Bianca: Ha! Talking tough won’t do you any good! here we go!

The 4th dice roll turned out to be a four.

Bianca: Well now, what a nice roll that was for you… I wonder who Lady Luck
will be smiling on today…

Miranda: There are other ways to get a husband, you know! I mean, who gambles
for a groom? It’s just so sickening…!

Bianca: (getting snappy) This is how I get what I want! Don’t knock it till
you’ve tried it, missy! (to Alonso) …Now for the roll of fate!

Just as the 5th dice roll begins, one of the die lands a six as the other die
continues to roll, Miranda gets on Alonso’s lap in an engaging style.

Miranda: (acting romantic) Now do your best, Alonso darling! After all, this is
for our future, you know!

Just as Miranda was about to kiss Alonso, Yuki and Alfina gasped as Bianca
looked extremely pissed.

Bianca: (pissed off) …!!!??? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?????!!!!!! Get your
hands of my Alonso, YOU LITTLE HUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alonso flicked his nutshell at the last rolling die and the die lands a five.
Bianca gasped and later…

Male Audience 1: Alonso wins!!

Male Audience 2: He did it!!

Male Audience 3: Alonso won!!

The audience cheered for Alonso’s fortunate victory.

Bianca: (pounds the table in anger) Be quiet!!!! (huffing and puffing) It
should have been a twelve, why isn’t it???!!!! Why, hmm????!!!!! Miserable
cheater, you tricked me, Alonso!!

Bianca starts to growl and then Miranda throws a dagger at her, but the dagger
struck Bianca’s chair that she is sitting in. Bianca became feared.

Miranda: So, you knew the dice were going to turn up a twelve, did you?

Male Audience 1: It’s rigged! The casino’s rigged!

Male Audience 2: She’s a swindler!

The audience reacted to Bianca’s suspicion.

Miranda: The game is over! You always about to um… Wow! I don’t even know where
to begin counting. (to Bianca) You got a problem! How are you going to pay for

Bianca: (humiliated) I’ll pay, I’ll pay, quit worrying! Look!

Bianca drops Alfina’s brooch, sack of money and a key on the table.

Bianca: And if that’s not enough, I can offer you my beautiful rings!

As Bianca attempts to get one of the rings off of her finger, she was able to
get one off with her mouth and spits it on the table towards Miranda’s

Miranda: YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!

Bianca became frightened as Miranda angrily puts her right footstep on the

Miranda: If you want something, then earn it! It’s not that hard! If you’re a
cheater, you’ll never be anything BUT a loser!

Bianca starts whimpering in fear as sweats and tears come out of her face.

Bianca: (whimpering) I’ll get you for this!!

Bianca cries and ran away from the scene. Alonso picks up the sack of money.

Alonso: I want to split my winnings! To everyone!!

As the audience became excited, Alonso tosses the money towards them. Alonso
then gave back the brooch to Alfina.

Alonso: Forgive me.

Alfina became cheery.

Miranda: Oh! The nerve with that woman! Trying to win someone’s love by
cheating. Well I hope she gets hers someday.

Alonso: I know how you feel. But don’t be too hard on Bianca. I mean, she’s
only trying to get by. It’s not easy for a woman to make it alone in a place
like this. And she and I, met under a different circumstances and maybe…

Miranda: Huh?

Alonso blinks his left eye and Yuki’s group seemed confused.

Alonso: Now, we set sail! Everybody meet at the pier when you’re ready!

Yuki: …

Yuki’s group received Boat Key, Trident, Admiral Uniform and Alfina’s Brooch.
After that, Yuki’s group proceeds to Alonso’s Ship. Upon arrival…

Alonso: Time to set sail! You got everything, Yuki?

Yuki: Sure do!

Alonso: Hold onto your hats! The open sea and all her mysteries await us!

Yuki’s group embarks the ship and set sails to their destination. On the ship’s
dock, Yuki sits near the front end of the ship.

Yuki: … Man, I wish I had the wings, too…

Alonso approaches Yuki.

Yuki: Well, I did once! My friend and I built our own airplane. I tried to fly
to the mainland with it, but, it didn’t work out…

Alonso: The mainland, huh?

Yuki: I made my friend a promise. I told him that our dream was to come true. I
said that I’d become a best pilot in the world!

Alonso: Tell me, what does it mean to be the best in the world.

Yuki: Huh?

Alonso: How do you know if you succeeded? Who decides that, “You’re the best

Yuki: Uh, well…

Alonso: I mean, do you become the best in the world when you make it to the
mainland? Or after you flown around the world? Will you be done with flying as
soon as you done these things?

Yuki: … No, I never want to stop! I just want to keep flying! Higher and higher!

Alonso: Yeah. That’s what dreams are like, kid. You never even think about.
What you do if they actually became true because you get so wrapped up in them.
You’ll find your dream someday.

Yuki and Alonso stands up.

Alonso: You’re going to fly high, Yuki. I have no doubt about it.

Alonso places his left hand on Yuki’s left shoulder and then Alonso left the
scene. Yuki talks to Alonso.

Yuki: You’re right, Alonso. I never really thought about what it means to be
the best pilot in the world. I’ve gotta fly! That much I know! …But once I get
my plane, what should I do? What should I aim for? I’ve completely lost sight
of that.

Alonso: …… That’s fine, kid. You’re still young.

Yuki talks to Alfina.

Alfina: The sea breeze feels nice…

Yuki: Yeah. This boat sure is fast. Alonso wasn’t lying.

Alfina: …… I guess I’ll have to say goodbye soon. To Miranda, and you…

Yuki: What?! Oh yeah… We said we’d take you as far as Mendi, right?

Alfina: I really had a great time! This may be the first time I’ve ever been
able to laught so freely. If I hadn’t met you and Miranda, I would’ve given up
trying to go back to Arcriff. I’m sure of it. So… You don’t realize how much
this has meant to me. I’ll never forget it.

Yuki: (Alfina knows what she has to do. She sees it so clearly…) Alfina… When I
get my airplane, I’d like it if you and I could…

Yuki enters the Cabin. Inside, Yuki talks to Miranda.

Miranda: Hey, what’s the matter? You look so serious. Oh, not seasick, are you?

Yuki: Miranda… Alfina and I… We’re—

Miranda: Hm? Alfina and you… What?

Yuki: Oh, it’s nothing…

Miranda: ? What is it? Are you tired? Maybe you should get some rest.

Yuki: Yes. I think I will.

Miranda: Good idea. I’m sure you’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.
Well, good night!

The next morning, Yuki exits the Cabin and approaches the front end of the
deck. Suddenly, a swarm of Boat Swallows appeared at the scenes. Yuki’s group
fights the Boat Swallows. After Yuki’s group defeats the Boat Swallows, more
Boat Swallows appeared at the scene. Yuki’s group fights more Boat Swallows.
After Yuki’s group defeats the second group of Boat Swallows, more Boat
Swallows engulfs around the ship.

Yuki: Ehh! What’ll we do?! We’re surrounded!

Alonso: Ugh! Back!

Suddenly, a dragon flew by at the scene, scaring the Boat Swallows away. After

Alonso: Look Yuki! A dragon.

Yuki: A dragon?

The dragon lands on the deck where a demi-human was riding the dragon.

Demi-Human: Hey! That’s not the Alonso that I remember!

The demi-human gets off his dragon.

Alonso: You really saved us there, Ulf! That was perfect timing!

Alonso and the demi-human who will be known as Ulf from this point on hold each
other’s fist.

Ulf: I thought a better in center like you would have enough sense to set a
course clear of the Boat Swallows territory.

Alonso: Um, that’s just it. We have no reason to be in this area. If you ask
me, it’s strange.

Ulf: Do you think maybe it’s because of all those…

Alonso: Those earthquakes? Well I can’t pull it out.

Yuki: Huh? (right hand on Alonso’s right shoulder) What are you talking about?

Ulf: Hmm? And who’s this?

Alonso: His name’s Yuki. He says he’s an airplane pilot.

Ulf: (getting excited) A-Airplane?! Ah, then you’re a flyer, too!

Yuki attempts to shake hands with Ulf, but Ulf grabs Yuki’s arm and bites it.
Yuki then freed himself from Ulf’s biting.

Yuki: Hey, that hurt!!! What’s the big idea?!!

Alonso: Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.  That’s just his way of saying, “hello”. Heh.
It’s a compliment.

Ulf: I’m Ulf. Nice to meetcha!

Yuki and Ulf shakes each other’s hand.

Alonso: So, has anything odd happened recently?

Ulf: Yeah. Another one of those nasty quakes hit. I heard it even did some
serious damage to a castle somewhere.

Alonso: Nobody knows when those things are going to strike next. Yuki, you
should probably be careful when you’re… Huh?!

Yuki disappeared for a moment. Afterwards, the camera views Yuki who is excited
about Ulf’s dragon.

Yuki: Wow! Your dragon! It was flying earlier wasn’t it?!

Ulf: (sigh) You saw us fly, didn’t you? And don’t him “It”. He has got a name
you know. He goes by the name of Shiba, got that?

Yuki: Cool! Hi there, Shiba!

Ulf: Heh! Well Yuki, like my dragon?

Yuki: Oh, you bet I do. After all, I love flying! Wow!

Ulf: Wanna take a ride!

Yuki: Really?!!

Ulf: Why not ask Shiba? If he’s in a good mood, he’ll let you ride him.

Yuki talks to Shiba.

Yuki: So how about it, Shiba? Just a little ride? What’ve you got to lose!

Shiba: Screeeech!!

Yuki: Whooaaaa!!

Yuki talks to Shiba again.

Yuki: Maybe I didn’t ask right. This time I’ll be a little more sincere… Shiba!
Let me ride you through the sky! Your wings are so beautiful! And powerful!

Shiba: ………… ……………………

Yuki: Why do I feel like he’s ignoring me…

Yuki talks to Shiba for the third time.

Yuki: OK, how about this… I’ll let you ride me first, then you can give me a
ride! Sound good? You ride my back, I’ll ride yours!

Shiba: ……………… ………… *burp*

Yuki: (frustrated) Are you trying to make me look ridiculous?

Yuki talks to Shiba and attempts to use brute force. Just before Yuki could do
that, Shiba raised his wings.

Yuki: Aggh!

The camera shows a bright white screen and later, Yuki was knocked down to the
floor by Shiba.

Alonso: Hahaha! You’d better give up, Yuki. It looks like you’re not qualified
to ride him yet!

Yuki gets up.

Yuki: Hmph… Right… Like he could tell…

Ulf: Don’t underestimate him! It took a long time before he’d let me ride him,
you know!

Yuki: Ugh…

Alonso and Ulf left the scene.

Yuki: Just watch! Nobody can beat me! Not when it comes to flying!

Yuki then enters the Cabin. Inside, Yuki talks to Ulf.

Ulf: Oh man, I’m starving! Don’t you have anything to eat around here, Alonso?

Alonso: Ok, ok. I get it. (to Miranda) Uh, Miranda… Why don’t you cook up some
of those fish?

Alfina: (getting excited) I know! I could do the cooking—

Yuki: !!!!!!!!!! T-That’s OK!

Miranda: D-Don’t go to any trouble, Alfina!

Alfina: (confused) Hm? What?

Yuki: Uh, err… I mean… You must be tired, Alfina. You should rest.

Miranda: Good! I mean, that’s right! Leave the cooking to me. You just take it

Alfina: ??? W-Well, OK…

The meal conversation begins.

Alonso: Dig in everybody! If there’s not enough, I can always go catch some

The conversation continues.

Alonso: Our main course this evening is giant anglerfish! I know it’s not
pretty to look at, but it tastes great!

Yuki: Ugh… Hats off to whoever was brave enough to try this first.

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Hey, Ulf. How do you get along so well with Shiba?

Ulf: Never really thought about it. I’ve been with him all my life.

Yuki: Really?! So you grew up together, like siblings!

Ulf: More than just siblings! Shiba is like a part of me.

The conversation continues.

Ulf: Each one of us has our own dragon. There’s no replacement. Shiba belongs
to me, and I belong to Shiba. That’s all.

Alonso: Pretty cool, huh? That’s how his people live.

Alfina: His people?

The conversation continues.

Alfina: Are there other people like you living in Dragon Valley, Ulf?

Yuki: And more dragons like Shiba?

Ulf: Yeah. Dragon Valley’s my hometown, so it’s full of people like me. And
dragons much larger than Shiba live there, too!

Yuki: That’s awesome! You’ve gotta take me there sometime!

Ulf: Huh…?! Oh, uh… Sure… Someday.

Yuki: …………?

The conversation continues.

Ulf: By the way, Yuki. If you’re an airplane pilot, what are you doing on a

Yuki: Well, that’s uh…

Alonso: Heheh. The plane he made with his buddy crashed and burned. Must’ve
been a piece of junk.

Yuki: No it wasn’t! Miranda was riding with me, and she was too heavy so…

Miranda: (slightly pissed off) Yuuuki… I think it would do us both good if you
stopped right there.

Yuki: Oh! Yes mother!

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Man… If I only had a plane, I could fly there with you and Shiba!

Ulf: If you want an airplane, you should ask that old man.

Yuki: What old man?

Ulf: His name’s… Eh, what was it? Oh man! It’s on the tip of my tongue!

Yuki: Could you mean…!

The conversation continues.

Ulf: I remember! It’s Sly Captain Smith!

Yuki: (correcting Ulf) Sky Captain Schmidt!! Ulf! You actually know Schmidt?!

Ulf: Know him? Ha! Whenever that guy sees me, he always puts me to work! Last
time he made me—

Yuki: Take me to see him!

Ulf: Why?

Yuki: (begging) Schmidt is my hero! You’ve gotta take me to see him! Please!!

The conversation continues.

Alfina: Please take Yuki to see Schmidt. It would mean so much to us.

Ulf: Sorry, no can do. I never seem to get along with that old guy…

The conversation continues.

Alonso: Yuki’s come a long way. Why don’t you take him to Schmidt?

Ulf: He should just go meet him. It’s not like the old man is hiding out or

Yuki: I wonder if he’ll take the time to meet someone like me? I mean, he’s a
legendary pilot…

Ulf: Legendary? Bwahahaha! I don’t know what you’re expecting, but he’s just
your average old man!

Yuki: No he’s not! He’s… He’s truly amazing! I really look up to him!

The conversation continues.

Yuki: When I was little, I saw a movie with Schmidt in it, back when he was
still active. He was so amazing! I thought he would just fly right out of the
screen! The day I saw him in “Sky Captain Schmidt,” I was determined to fly a

The conversation continues.

Alonso: Hate to change the subject, but those Boat Swallows—they shouldn’t’ve
been here! They only venture this far from their habitat in Randoto Island when
they sense danger. Like natural disasters and such.

Ulf: Which probably means…

Alonso: Yes. I’m sure of it. It’s the Verspheres.

Alfina: Ver-spheres?

The conversation continues.

Alonso: They’ve been around for ages. Verspheres are tied to legends of people
getting spirited away. They appear with earthquakes, and apparently suck down
men, animals, and even towns…

Yuki: Where do those people end up then?

Alonso: Stories talk of people being sucked into another world, called the
Verse Realm.

Alfina: The Verse realm?!

Ulf: I’m no expert, but that place must be awful! Fire-breathing turtles,
snakes with a hundred tails, all sorts of hideous things live there. It’s
probably like hell, where no one comes back alive.

Alfina: That can’t be true!!

Ulf: Huh?!

Alonso: !!

Yuki: Alfina…

Alfina: (unstable) ……… ……………… Sorry I’m just not feeling well. I’m going to go
get some air.

The meal conversation has been concluded. Later, the camera shows the outside
of the ship where Alfina stands near a rail fencing of the ship. Yuki appeared
at the scene.

Yuki: Alfina! What’s wrong?

Alfina: Um, it’s nothing at all. (emotionally sad) Everything’s fine. Really…

Yuki: Does what…we talked about earlier have something to do with you?

Alfina: (emotionally sad with worry) I…I know that the Verse Realm isn’t help!
It couldn’t have anything to do with town’s disappearing with the end of the
world is just not possible, Yuki!! Or otherwise my brother…!!!

Alfina immediately covers her mouth and looks downwards as she’s troubled.

Yuki: (concerned) Alfina! What’s troubling you? Why would some natural
disasters upset you like this?

Alfina: I just…I just have to get to Arcriff, soon.

The camera views Alfina’s mouth.

Alfina: No matter what.

Alfina left the scene.

Yuki: Alfina…

The next morning, Yuki goes upstairs to

Alfina: Oh. Good morning, Yuki.

Yuki: Morning, Alfina.

Alfina: Um… Sorry about last night. Sorry to worry you.

Yuki: Forget about it. But, are you… OK?

Alfina: Yes, thank you. I’m just fine!

Yuki: That’s good…

There was a brief pause.

Yuki: Hey, where is everybody?

Alfina: Saying goodbye to Ulf. I should go too. Bye.

Yuki proceeds to the deck. Outside of the deck, the camera shows the seagulls
flying as the ship sails in the morning. Alonso, Miranda and Alfina faces Ulf
who rides on Shiba as he is about to leave.

Ulf: Shiba and I are going to the mainland anyway. We’ll watch from the above
and keep our eyes peeled for anything that looks strange.

Alonso: Thanks. Take care.

Yuki appeared at the scene.

Ulf: Ha, ha! You just made it, Yuki.

Yuki: Hey, Ulf. Leaving already?

Ulf: Yep.

Yuki: I see…

Ulf: Oh, Yuki. If you are still planning to see Schmidt, you should stop at

Yuki: Randoto?

Ulf: The guy loves Lem Fruit. It only grows on Randoto Island. It might get
your foot in the door!

Yuki: Lem Fruit, hmm?

Ulf: Well, see ya!

Yuki: Ulf! I swear, I’ll get wings on my own, someday! And then, we can both
fly together!

Yuki extends his thumb and Ulf looked confused at first, but extends his thumb
anyways. After that, Ulf prepares to leave the scene with his dragon, Shiba.

Ulf: Here we go!

As Ulf flies off with Shiba…

Ulf: When the wind blows southeast, our paths will cross again!

Ulf flew away from the scene as Yuki waves goodbye at him. After that…

Alonso: (whispering in Alfina’s ear) I know Randoto. It’s a tiny island between
Sabatar and Mendi. And, we’re passing right by it.

Alfina: Huh? Mm.

Yuki: Um, uh, Alfina… This is a little difficult to ask. But could we maybe…

Alfina: Wait, let me guess. You want to go to Randoto, right?

Yuki: Huh?

Alfina: (giggles) It’s okay. Let’s go there, Yuki.

Yuki: … Thanks a lot! Thank you, Alfina.

The ship proceeds to the cave of Randoto Island. Inside the cave, the ship
docks near the inlet and Yuki’s group disembarks the ship. After that…

Alfina: It seems so desolate. This is Randoto?

Miranda: Well, there’s certainly not much here, is there?

Yuki: I wonder where they are… Those Lem Fruits Ulf told us about, I mean.

Miranda: They’re supposed to be incredibly hard, aren’t they? I’ve never seen
one, though…

Alonso: That’s not surprising. This island is the only place they grow, after
all. But what’s he use ‘em for? You could boil ‘em for years and they wouldn’t
be edible.

Yuki: Let’s just start looking! If we can find one, Schmidt might build me an

Yuki’s group moves on. Eventually, Yuki’s group manage to make it to the
Northwest Wall. Yuki’s group moves on. On their way, the ground starts shaking.

Yuki: Ugh……?!

Alonso: ! An earthquake?!

The earthquake stopped.

Miranda: Whew… I think it’s over.

Alonso: Strange…

Yuki: Hm? What is?

Alonso: The air here. Something isn’t right. Can’t you feel it? First the Boat
Swallows, now this. Something’s wrong.

Yuki: ……Ok. Let’s hurry, everyone.

Yuki’s group moves on to the next area. Yuki’s group eventually arrived in the
Mountaintops. Upon arrival, Yuki’s group approaches the Lem Fruit tree. Just as
Yuki’s group was about to take a Lem Fruit, Minotaur appeared at the scene and
attempts to attack Yuki’s group. Yuki’s group fights Minotaur, Fishman Adviser
and 4 Fishman Warriors. After Yuki’s group defeats Minotaur, Fishman Adviser
and 4 Fishman Warriors, Yuki’s group takes the Lem Fruit. Later…

Yuki: All right! Now we just have to take this baby to Schmidt…

Suddenly, the ground starts shaking.

Yuki: Woah!!

Alonso: Hmph! Not again!

The earthquake stopped.

Alonso: I think it’s time we got out of here.

Miranda: We got what we came for. Let’s get back to the ship.

Just as Yuki’s group was about to exit the Mountaintops, the ground starts
shaking again and then, the ground collapsed.

Yuki, Alfina, Miranda and Alonso: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Yuki’s group falls into the collapsed ground and then the area starts to suck
things in. The camera shows Alonso attempting to prevent himself from getting
sucked in.

Alonso: Are you okay??!! Miranda?!

Miranda: Yes, I’m fine!! But…!

The camera shows Yuki who is on the floor of the ground trying to hold Alfina’s
arm as she is about to be sucked into the sphere.

Alfina: Y-Yuki!!

Yuki: Just hang on!! I got you!! Don’t let go!!

Just as things are sucking into the sphere.

Alonso: It’s…it’s a Versphere!

Miranda: What? A Versphere?

Alonso: Watch out, Yuki!! You’ll get sucked in!!

Yuki continues to hold Alfina’s arm.

Yuki: Alfina!! You got to hang on!!

Just as Yuki continues to hold Alfina’s arm, an impact can be heard.

Miranda: No…

The impact continues and suddenly, Yuki lost his grip and lets go of Alfina.


Alfina gets sucked into the Versphere.

Yuki: ALFINA!!!!

Yuki gets up and as he is about to jump into the Versphere, Miranda immediately
restrains Yuki.

Miranda: No! Yuki, stop!!!!!

Yuki: Let me go!

Miranda: Huh?

Yuki: Let me go!!!!!

Yuki freed himself from Miranda and jumps into the Versphere.

Yuki: Alfina!!!

Miranda: YUKKKIIII!!!!

Just as Miranda was about to approach the ledge, Alonso immediately restrains

Alonso: Stop, Miranda!!

Miranda: Yuki! Yuki!! YUKKII!!!!!

Alonso moves Miranda out of the Versphere’s suction field.

Alonso: Snap out of it!

Alonso slapped Miranda’s left face. As Miranda takes a deep breath…

Miranda: (emotionally worried) Yuki…

The camera shows the Versphere sucking things in as Miranda and Alonso watches
it. Later, the camera switches to Yuki’s point of view in the Versphere where
he is being sucked into.


A landing of a fall can be heard and the camera switches to Yuki who lays on
the floor of the Verse Realm. Yuki gets up and then, he noticed Alfina who is
on the floor as well.

Yuki: Alfina! Alfina!!

Yuki immediately rushes towards Alfina. Later…

Alfina: … Where are we?

The camera views the Verse Realm where the environment is completely

Yuki: It’s so quiet. It’s not natural.

The camera views the Versphere in the sky.

Yuki: If Alonso was right, and that’s the gateway to the Verse Realm, then this

Alfina picks up a crystallized sand and drops it.

Alfina: This world is dead, like a castoff shell.

Yuki: Huh?

Yuki and Alfina stands up.

Alfina: This place can’t be the Verse Realm. It just can’t be.

There was a brief pause.

Alfina: We should go, right now. We don’t belong here, Yuki. Neither one of us.

Yuki: Alfina…?

Yuki and Alfina moves on. In the next area of the Strange Wasteland…

Alfina: This isn’t the Verse Realm, right?

Yuki: Huh?

Alfina approaches the crystallized flowers.

Alfina: Ever since I was a little girl, I was taught that the Guardians lived
in the Verse Realm. And they brought happiness to the world. Through us, the
Communicators. (kneels near the crystallized flowers) So… …that’s why I can’t
believe that this… …this is where the Guardians live. (getting upset) I won’t
believe it!

Just as Alfina touches the flowers, the flowers crumbled into fragments of
crystals and flew away.

Alfina: (saddened) I’m sorry… I…

Alfina covers her face in sadness.

Alfina: (about to cry) I don’t feel anything here…!

Tears can be seen coming out of Alfina’s eyes.

Alfina: (about to cry) No…happiness… Not even the famous glimmer of light…!

Just as Alfina was about to cry, Yuki approaches Alfina.

Yuki: That’s not true. There is life here.

Yuki extends his right hand and helps Alfina stand up.

Yuki: I’m here.

Alfina holds Yuki’s right hand as a couple of tears come out of her eyes.

Alfina: Your hand…is so warm.

Yuki: Let’s go. Come on.

Yuki and Alfina moves on to the next area of the Strange Wasteland. Upon
arriving, a violin can be heard playing.

Yuki: …?! Listen, someone’s over there!

Alfina: Right!

Yuki and Alfina approaches the enigmatic woman who is playing the violin. Then,
the enigmatic woman stops playing the violin.

Enigmatic Woman: Who’s there?

Yuki: Um, what are… …what are you doing here?

There was a brief pause.

Enigmatic Woman: The bonds, I have to sever them.

The camera views zooms into the Versphere.

Enigmatic Woman: The bonds between our worlds. This world must be wiped from
your world’s memory. The Verse Realm must be forgotten.

Alfina: The Verse Realm?

Enigmatic Woman: Go home, now. Forget. Forget this world. And all that you’ve
seen here. Forget so that you can never return here.

The enigmatic woman makes a circular platform appear. Yuki and Alfina stands on
to it.

Alfina: Please come with us. Don’t stay.

Alfina attempts to hold the enigmatic woman’s right hand, but Alfina felt odd
from it.

Alfina: Uh? So cold…

The enigmatic woman shows a sad look on her face that she could not go with
Yuki and Alfina. The enigmatic woman makes the circular platform move towards
the VerseSphere.

Alfina: But why?!

Enigmatic Woman: I’m closing the Versphere.

The enigmatic woman pulls out and continues playing her violin. Later, the
camera shows the Versphere where Yuki and Alfina made it back to Randoto
Island. Suddenly…

Alfina: Yuki!

The camera shows Alonso and Miranda with their weapons drawn and surrounded by
the enemies.

Yuki: Miranda! Alonso!

Yuki and Alfina rushes towards the scene. Yuki’s group fights Excise Sigma and
4 Pico Alphas. After Yuki’s group defeats Excise Sigma and 4 Pico Alphas, Yuki
and Alfina approaches Alonso and Miranda.

Yuki: Sorry I worried you both. But we’re back and we’re okay!

Alonso angrily grabs Yuki’s front sleeve of his shirt.

Alonso: (angrily worried) You’re sorry?! Dammit, Yuki! What we’re you
thinking?!! Whatever you had in mind, that was a HELL of a rotten stunt!!! You
had the two of us worried sick, kid!!! THINK OF YOUR MOTHER!!!

The camera shows Miranda who faces the other way and seem sad.

Yuki: Miranda…

Alonso tosses Yuki towards Miranda and Yuki looks at Miranda.

Alonso: Look at her!

Yuki: (to Miranda) Um, I…I’m…sorry… I…I wasn’t thinking… Miranda… Please
forgive me!

Yuki looks downwards.

Miranda: You think apology will make it all better?

Yuki gets up and Miranda faces Yuki.

Miranda: Brace yourself, boy!

Miranda was about to throw a punch at Yuki. Just as Yuki closes his eyes and
thought he was going to be punched, Yuki slightly opens his eyes and Miranda
instead, immediately embraces him.

Yuki: Huh?

As Miranda continue to embrace Yuki…

Miranda: (slightly emotionally worried) I’m glad you’re safe.

Yuki: Eh? Me too.

Miranda stops embracing and kindly places her right fist near Yuki’s forehead.
Later, Yuki’s group returns to the Inlet.

Alonso: Right. Why don’t you tell us all about it, once we’re back on the ship?

Yuki’s group approaches the ship. Then…

Alonso: I guess we’re done here. You ready to get going?

Yuki: Sure! Let’s go to Mendi!

Alonso: All right then. Next stop, Mendi City! Here we go!

Yuki’s group leaves Randoto Island and set sails to Mendi City. During the dawn
at the ship’s deck…

Yuki: The dead lifeless world… That place was really strange, wasn’t it? It was
beautiful. And yet… …somehow so hollow.

Alfina: Yuki, I want to thank you.

Yuki: Hmm?

Alfina: You held my hand didn’t you? And your hand, if it wasn’t for that
warmth, well I… …I don’t think I could’ve made it back here.

There was a brief pause.

Alfina: But… …that girl… Her hands, they were cold… (emotional pain) As if no
blood was flowing through them… …it… …her eyes were so… …sad… I know I’ll never
forget it…

The camera shows Miranda coming out of the Cabin and notices Yuki and Alfina
engaging a private conversation. Miranda watches from distance as Yuki and
Alfina continues to speak.

Alfina: (emotional pain) I wish I could do something to help warm her up.

Yuki: But what?

Alfina: (emotional pain) Why did she stay there? Why didn’t she come with us
when she had the chance?!! I wanted to help her so badly, but I just don’t know
how!! What can I do?!

Yuki: Alfina…

The camera views the seagulls flying over the skies. Afterwards…

Yuki: Let’s fly.

Alfina: Huh?

Yuki: You don’t have to worry anymore. We’ll find the answer. (facing Alfina)
We’ll do it together. Let’s fly.

Yuki extends his right hand.

Yuki: You and me.

Yuki and Alfina holds each other’s hands. The camera shows Miranda who
witnessed this, sadly walks away from the scene.

Yuki: Come on, Alfina. We have to tell them. Let them know what we saw there.

Alfina nods. Yuki and Alfina proceeds to the Cabin. Inside, the meal
conversation begins.

Alonso: This was quite a day, but I’m glad both of you made it back safely!
We’ll dock at Mendi tomorrow, so stuff yourselves full of food and get a good
night’s rest!

The meal conversation continues.

Alonso: But you don’t look like someone who’d be so reckless like that! Just
like your mother, I guess. Right, Miranda?

Miranda: (extremely upset) ……… ……………

Alonso: …?

The meal conversation continues.

Alfina: I’m sorry. I never intended to put you in danger.

Yuki: I have no regrets about jumping into that Versphere. So don’t blame
yourself, Alfina.

The meal conversation continues.

Yuki: All I could think about was helping Alfina at that point. Nothing else

Alfina: Yuki…

Alonso: What was it like on the other side of that hole?

Yuki: Hmm… Not sure how to explain it. It was really strange. Like an entire
world made of glass.

Alonso: Glass?

The meal conversation continues.

Alfina: The Verse Realm is nothing like the hell that Ulf was talking about.

Alonso: But?

Alfina: ……… ………………

Yuki: It was so… …lifeless. It’s a beautiful place, yet somehow, so sad.

The meal conversation continues.

Alonso: A lifeless world? No matter how pretty it is, it sounds like hell to me.

Alfina: No! Someone was there! A girl with lonely eyes…

Alonso: Hm?

Alfina: I asked her to go with us, but… Her hand was so cold…!

The meal conversation continues.

Alfina: That girl said she was playing the violin to “cut the bonds” between
our worlds. To me she seemed so lonely… She seemed to be reaching out for help.

Alonso: ……

Alfina: If I can, I’d really like to help warm her up. Just as Yuki did for me…

Alonso: “Cut the bonds”? I wonder what she could’ve meant by that? I hope it’s
not an omen.

Alfina: Just as Yuki did for me… I’d like to help that poor girl…

The meal conversation continues.

Yuki: It’s OK, Alfina… You don’t have to worry anymore. We’ll find the answer!

Miranda: !!

Alfina: Yuki…!

The meal conversation continues.

Alonso: We’ll find out more about the Verse Realm eventually. Tomorrow’s gonna
be a busy day. We better get some sleep.

Yuki: Yeah. I’m beat.

Alonso: You’ve had a long day! I’ll see you tomorrow, kid.

The meal conversation ended. Later, the camera shows Miranda who is extremely
down, opens the door to the Cabin.

Miranda: Got a minute, Alonso?

Alonso: Hm?

The camera zooms out of Miranda and shows Alonso doing something.

Alonso: Miranda? What’s wrong?

There was a brief pause.

Alonso: It’s Yuki?

Miranda: (feeling hurt) Mm-hm.

Miranda approaches Alonso.

Miranda: (feeling hurt) He and Alfina are leaving us.

Alonso: So? So what’s the problem? Let’em go.

Miranda: (upset) What?! How could you say that?! They’re much too young. They
can’t make decision on their own.

Miranda sits on a desk and is stressed out.

Miranda: (stressed out) I feel lost. And my good mother, I just don’t know what
to do anymore.

Miranda reminiscences the past where Yuki frees himself from Miranda who is
restraining him. After that…

Miranda: I never seen him… …look like that before.

The camera zooms away from the map of the desk.

Miranda: I always thought that parents under know their own children better
than anyone. That they should be able to read their thoughts like a book. Now
things are different. I just don’t understand him at all anymore.

Then, Alonso pulls out a bottle of whisky.

Alonso: Walla!

Later, Alonso and Miranda had a large amount of alcoholic drinks as the bottles
are scattered on the floor.

Alonso: When I first set out to sea, I was 16, Yuki’s age.

Miranda: Hmmm?

Alonso: I was in a little boat. And I got caught up in a terrible storm.

Alonso stands up.

Alonso: It tossed me around in a water like a leaf. Up and down. Mmm. I was
pitched on the waves. And I thought all was lost. And just as I gave up hope,
the dark cloud parted. And a ray of sun shown down on me.

The camera shows Miranda looking down and stressed.

Alonso: Whenever he flies, Yuki probably feels the same way as I did at that
very moment.

Alonso sits down on a seat.

Alonso: He’s a man now. In time, he’ll have to go off in search of his dreams.
But, no matter what he’ll always be your son, Miranda. Isn’t that enough?

As Alonso drinks his alcoholic beverage, Miranda reaches the cabinet of the bar
and takes out a big bottle of whisky.

Miranda: Alright! You and I… …were gonna talk until dawn!

Alonso smiles. The next morning, the camera shows Alonso sailing his ship
towards the dock of Mendi City. Upon arrival, Yuki’s group disembarks the ship.
As they make their way to the city…

Alonso: Here we are! This is Mendi, the biggest city on the continent!

Yuki: ……

Alonso: Hm? What’s wrong, Yuki? Aren’t you excited?

Yuki: It’s just that… When I think that Schmidt lives somewhere around here. I
get so nervous…

Alfina: Hee hee…

Miranda: But will he really agree to see you? You’re a total stranger…

Alonso: Hey! What do you mean, “somewhere?” Don’t you know where he lives?

Miranda: Hm?!

Yuki: We’ll just ask somebody! After all, Schmidt is a superstar around here!

Alonso: Heh! Nice plan… Well, let’s get going.

Miranda: A-Are you ignoring me?!

Yuki’s group moves on. In the next area…

Yuki: Wow!

Alfina: Oh! It’s so cute!

Yuki: Hey, Alfina! Look at that! Looks good, huh?

Alfina looks very excited and Yuki laughs a little. Just as Yuki and Alfina
starts having a good time…

Miranda: You two run along, we’ll see you later.

Yuki: Huh?

Yuki and Alfina stopped walking and faces Miranda and Alonso.

Miranda: Well, since we’re on the mainland and all, I thought I fix some bit of
a feast for dinner tonight.

Alonso: And a finest foods from the world can be found right here after all.

Yuki: Really?

Miranda: You go on ahead and see that Schmidt person. We’ll meet back at the
ship later when we’re done shopping.

Yuki: Okay. We’ll see you then.

Miranda and Alonso left the scene. Yuki and Alfina proceed to Schmidt’s Garage.
Upon arrival…

Yuki: This is it… It smells the same. Just like our garage… Schmidt. He should
be right through there…!

Yuki and Alfina enters Schmidt’s Garage.

Yuki: Oh man. Wow.

Yuki looks around and saw lots of airplane parts.

Yuki: (excited) Wow!

Yuki rushes towards a specially designed wings.

Yuki: (excited) Alfina, check this out! These wings are set all the way
forward! How does he deal with wind resistance? Aw! This is incredible!!

Yuki rushes towards a specially designed engine.

Yuki: Woah!! Get a load of this engine!! I bet anybody can fly across the ocean
with a monster engine like this one!! (turns his head towards Alfina) Don’t you
think so, Alfina?!

Alfina faces Yuki.

Alfina: Um, mm-hm.

Yuki: (excited) How cool! Look at all this!

Just as Yuki approaches the other side of the garage, steam started coming out
of the machine. Then, the camera shows a bird emblem and Yuki tries to approach
it. Yuki suddenly fell to the floor and the camera shows a man facing his back
towards Yuki. The man faces Yuki and then takes off his armored goggles.

Man: What are you doing here?

Yuki: …? Are you Schmidt? The Legendary Schmidt?

Schmidt: Hmph.

The man will be known as Schmidt from this point on. Yuki gets up.

Yuki: Um, wait! I need an airplane!

Alfina: That’s right. And Ulf said we should come and see you. He said you’re
the one who can build us an airplane.

Schmidt: Ulf? Hmph. That little dragon rider, huh?

Yuki: On the way here, we even stopped at Randoto. Look at this.

Schmidt: Huh?

Yuki pulls out a Lem Fruit and gives it to Schmidt. Schmidt takes a bite and
then spits out some of the fruit.

Schmidt: Go home. I’m up to my ears in wanna-be pilot.

Schmidt walked away from the scene.

Alfina: What, go home? Yuki, what’ll we do?

Yuki: Um, don’t worry. Just leave everything to me.

Yuki and Alfina finds and talks to Schmidt.

Yuki: Listen to me, Schmidt! I’m a pilot. I really am, I swear!

Yuki shows Schmidt his Flight Unit.

Yuki: See?

Schmidt: Heh. You win that at a carnival?

Schmidt approaches a Flight Unit machine.

Schmidt: Come here, kid. Want to see what a real Flight Unit looks like?

Schmidt faces Yuki.

Schmidt: Get a load of this!

Schmidt pushes a button and activated the Flight Unit machine. Yuki approaches
the Flight Unit machine.

Yuki: Oh, wow! Hey, Schmidt?

Schmidt disappeared from the scene. Yuki finds and talks to Schmidt for the
second time.

Schmidt: (writing at a table) Let’s see…

Yuki: Now I see! My new adjustments to the angles of the main and rear wings
give the aircraft lit. And they boost its turning performance at the same time!

Schmidt: Hey, kid. You mean you built planes before?

Yuki: Sure have. Nineteen and all.

Yuki hands his rolled up blueprint to Schmidt.

Yuki: In fact, this one was going to be my twentieth.

Schmidt: Hm?

Schmidt unrolls the blueprint.

Schmidt: Hmm. They all crashed, huh?

Yuki seemed surprised from Schmidt’s words and moves away a little.

Yuki: Yes…

Yuki turns around.

Yuki: But this time its different, I… …huh?

Schmidt disappeared again.

Yuki: Hey, Schmidt?

Yuki and Alfina finds and talks to Schmidt the third time.

Schmidt: Lem Fruit, huh? Hah! So that little dragon rider helped you out, eh?

Yuki sighs.

Schmidt: Used to be that if someone brought me a Lem Fruit, I make’em one of my
Schmidt custom jobs.

Yuki: What?! Then you mean…

Schmidt: But, I haven’t had anyone bring me a genuine Lem Fruit in years.
Certainly not a wet-behind-the-ears kid like you.

Yuki: Huh? You mean there are… …fake Lem Fruits?

Schmidt: Hey kid, go get me a No. 3 box wrench.

Yuki: Huh?

Schmidt: Like you’re hard of hearing? Get me a No. 3 box wrench!

Yuki: Oh, sure!

Yuki rushes to the tool selves.

Yuki: (searching for the wrench) Box wrench…

Yuki finally found a No. 3 box wrench.

Yuki: Ah, here it is!

Yuki rushes back to the scene, but Schmidt disappeared again.

Yuki: Schmidt? Hello?

Yuki and Alfina finds and talks to Schmidt the fourth time.

Yuki: Schmidt, I, I…

Schmidt: Give it here.

Yuki: Eh? Oh, here.

Yuki gives Schmidt a Lem Fruit.

Schmidt: Hmph.

Schmidt places the Lem Fruit into the metallic drilling carve machine, puts on
his armored goggles and starts drill carving the Lem Fruit.

Schmidt: Say kid, you know those plans of yours? They’re kind of interesting.

Yuki: Uh, really?!

Schmidt: Yes. But that’s all. If you build it like that, it’ll crash. The body
isn’t strong enough.

Yuki: (feeling helpless) Not again!

Yuki looks down.

Schmidt: Listen, kid, if you crash nineteen, why haven’t you given up yet?

Yuki: No reason. It’s just I love flying so much. Because I need to be free!

Schmidt: Hm, hm, hm, hm.

Schmidt finishes drill carving the Lem Fruit, takes off his armored goggles and
the carved Lem Fruit turned out to be a bird emblem.

Schmidt: Ah, here we are.

Schmidt gives the bird emblem to Yuki.

Yuki: Oh wow is that…is that a Schmidt airplane emblem.

Yuki turns around as Schmidt approaches a blue airplane.

Schmidt: This is the only frame I’ve got, it’s almost ready to go. I’ll fix it
up for you, kid. You can come pick it up tomorrow.

Yuki seemed happy.

Yuki: Alright!

Yuki approaches Schmidt.

Yuki: (excited) Thank you, Schmidt! I’ll take good care of her, I promise!

Alfina: Congratulations, Yuki!

Yuki: (excited) We’ve got ourselves a plane!

Yuki and Alfina exits Schmidt’s Garage. Outside…

Alfina: Um, Yuki? Have you told Miranda yet? That you’re going with me?

Yuki: Um… Well… Not exactly…

Alfina: I see…

Yuki: Don’t worry. I’ll tell her.

Alfina: O-OK…

Yuki: Let’s go back to the ship. They may be there already.

Yuki and Alfina proceeds to Alonso’s Ship. Yuki and Alfina enters the Cabin.
Inside, the table is filled with feast of foods.

Alfina: Wow!

Yuki: Man, what a feast! What’s the occasion?

Miranda: Not bad, huh? I made all of your favorites… (to Alfina) I wasn’t sure
what you would like, Alfina. But how about some incredibly sweet cake?

Alfina: Yum!

The meal conversation begins.

Yuki: Hm? Is today somebody’s birthday or something?

Miranda: Don’t be silly! I told you I was gonna cook a big meal tonight! …Or is
that your way of saying I usually don’t make an effort?

Yuk: No no no! Nothing like that!

Alonso: Well, today just might be a special occasion after all!

Yuki: Huh?

The conversation continues.

Alonso: So how did it go? Did you meet Schmidt?

Yuki: Yeah, I found him.

Alonso: Great! How did it feel to meet your hero?

Yuki: He’s truly amazing. Strict, and a little intimidating, but just what I’d
expect from a sky captain. But his clothes… They smelled exactly like Rotts’
and mine! It was so cool!

The conversation continues.

Yuki: He looked over my plans, and he knew right away that all my planes had

Miranda: If he figured that out so easily, they must’ve been pretty bad!

Yuki: That’s just how amazing Schmidt is!

The conversation continues.

Miranda: What’d he say about the plane? You think he’ll make you one?

Yuki: Yeah. It wasn’t easy, but I think I convinced him to.

Miranda: Really? Oh…! He’s not gonna charge an arm and a leg for it, is he?!

Yuki: Schmidt doesn’t build planes for money. If he likes you, he’ll make it
for free. If he doesn’t like you, you don’t have a chance.

The conversation continues.

Yuki: It’s all thanks to Ulf! He told me about the Lem Fruit and all. Thanks

The conversation continues.

Miranda: Really? You got him to make you a plane? That’s great, Yuki.

Yuki: Um… Thanks.

The conversation continues.

Alfina: You never gave up, Yuki! I was shocked when he suddenly told us to
leave—But you refused to give in. You just kept after him. Over and over…!

Alonso: Hey, you still seem awfully excited about something.

Yuki: Of course I’m excited! I got to meet Schmidt! “The” Schmidt!

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Oh yeah, um… Miranda? I’ve got something important to talk with you about.

Miranda: !!

Yuki: We promised to take Alfina to Mendi, and now that we’re here I’m
thinking, is this far enough? Ever since Alfina was left by her brother as a
little girl, she’s been alone. I don’t want her to be lonely anymore. So from
this day on, I’ve decided that I should—

Miranda: Um! Alfina! Are you enjoying the food?

Alfina: Hm? Uh, yes. It’s delicious.

Miranda: That’s nice to hear! Don’t be shy! There’s lots left!

Yuki: ………… …………………

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Please hear me out, Miranda. This is very important.

Miranda: Oh yes! Alfina, you know what? This kid used to sleep with a Flight
Unit in his arms! He must’ve been about 3 when he did that, and—

Yuki: Miranda!

Miranda: What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?

Yuki: Why’d you start talking about my childhood? That’s weird!

Miranda: Of-Of course it’s…not weird. Don’t be silly!

The conversation continues.

Miranda: Yuki, what if I just… What if I suddenly got sick? Or had a serious
accident? How would you—

Yuki: What?!

Miranda: Relax! I’m fine! Just curious, that’s all. It was only… I was just
talking to myself.

Alfina: …Miranda?

Yuki: ………… Excuse me. I’m gonna go get some fresh air.

The meal conversation has been concluded. Later at night, the camera shows Yuki
who stands outside of the ship. Alonso approaches Yuki.

Alonso: Saying goodbye to the sea, Yuki?

Yuki: Huh?

Alonso: Don’t play dumb. You’re going to Arcriff… …with Alfina aren’t you?

Yuki: Then I guess… …Miranda knows too, doesn’t she?

Alonso: Yep.

Yuki looks down.

Yuki: Look I’m sorry. I plan to tell you both earlier, but I never got the

Alonso: Hey, don’t worry. There’s only one thing I want to know.

Alonso gave Yuki a kind pound to his chest.

Alonso: Heh. Now that you’ve finally managed to get your wings, what exactly
are you going to do with it?

Yuki looks at the sky.

Yuki: There are so many things I want to do! And so much I want to learn! I
just know that I’ll find what I’m looking for. It’s somewhere. (pointing at a
far area) Out there.

Alonso: Then go. And don’t let anything stand in your way. The answers are out
there. Find them.

Yuki nods and then, Miranda came out of the Cabin.

Miranda: (little depressed) Awwww, I should keep you on the leash, I swear.

Yuki: Miranda!

Miranda approaches Yuki.

Miranda: (quick touch to Yuki’s forehead) Hey, don’t look so worried. It’s all
right. I won’t try to stop you.

Yuki: What?

Miranda: Last night, Alonso and I had a long talk. We decided… …we won’t go to

Yuki: So, you’ll go back to Anfog Village?

Miranda: (shakes her head lightly) Mm-mm. I thought about it but… …for once I
should make myself happy. (slightly giggles) You helped me realize that. Thank
you, Yuki.

Yuki: …

Alonso: The time’s come. We have our own road. Yuki, spread your wings and fly!

There was a brief pause.

Yuki: (giggles) I feel like I already have, you know!

The next morning, Yuki’s group exits the ship. Outside…

Miranda: Nice weather this morning.

Alonso: Yep. Nice day for a trip.

Miranda: ……… Do you have everything? Handkerchiefs? What about tissues?

Yuki: Hey! Cut it out. I’m not a kid anymore.

Miranda: Oh…really?

Yuki: ……… Maybe I am…

Miranda: Ha…! Hahahaha!

Alfina: Hee hee!

Miranda: Let’s all go together. As far as Schmidt’s place.

Alonso: Yes, as slowly as possible…

Yuki’s group proceeds to Schmidt’s Garage. Inside, Yuki’s group talks to

Yuki: Schmidt!

Schmidt: Hmph! So you came. (faces Yuki) Everything’s ready. You can leave at
any time.

Yuki: Where?! Where is she?!

Schmidt: She’s waiting for you. Just beyond those doors.

The camera shows the rear doors.

Yuki: …… ……

Schmidt: Breathe life into her, kid!

Yuki: Yes sir!!

The rear door opens and Yuki’s group goes through the door. Outside…

Yuki: !!

Alfina: Oh my!

Yuki: Oh wow!!

The camera shows the newly built blue airplane. Yuki rushes towards the
airplane and attaches the Flight Unit to the tail. Yuki then turns on the
controls and the propeller spins hard. Yuki then starts laughing with
intensity. The camera shows Alfina being blown hard from the propeller.

Alfina: Aaaaahhhh!! Stop it, Yuki!!!

The camera shows Schmidt next to Miranda.

Schmidt: Don’t you worry. He’s got a good head. He’ll be fine.

Miranda: …

Schmidt: When it comes to flying madam, I assure you I never lie.

Schmidt left the scene and Miranda who is emotionally nervous bows at Schmidt.
A little later…

Yuki: Miranda, I…

Miranda: (shakes her head lightly) I know what you want to tell me, Yuki. Just
let me be your mother this one last time, okay?

Yuki: …

Yuki nods.

Yuki: Well then…

Yuki and Alfina gets in the airplane and Yuki puts on his pilot goggles. Yuki
starts up the controls and Yuki faces Miranda and Alonso and gave the thumb
towards them. Alonso gave Yuki the arm and Miranda who is emotionally nervous
slowly gave Yuki the thumb. Yuki smiles and his airplane starts taking off. As
the airplane took off, Miranda who is really about to get emotionally
heartbroken attempts to run after the airplane.

Miranda: (emotionally heartbroken) YYYUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!

Yuki and Alfina in their airplane took off and flew away.

Alonso: Yuki has finally spread his wings. Bye kid.

Miranda: (nods) …

Then suddenly, the airplane was making a turn.

Miranda: Huh?

Alonso: Is something wrong?

The airplane flew towards Miranda and Alonso and as it passes by Miranda and
Alonso, the camera shows Yuki who shouted one last thing to Miranda.

Yuki: (voice can hardly be heard) MMMMOOOTTTTHHHHEERRRRRRR!!!!

Yuki’s airplane flew away from the scene. Miranda looked emotionally shocked.

Miranda: (about to be intensely heartbroken) He said, “mom”…

Alonso: Hm?

Miranda: (about to be intensely heartbroken) He called me mom just now… That’s
the… …first time…

Alonso: I see…

Miranda who is now intensely heartbroken covers her face with her hands and
starts crying.

Miranda: (muffled voice and crying) I’m happy…

Alonso places his right arm on Miranda’s right shoulder.

Alonso: (comforts Miranda) Go on, let it out.

Alonso embraces Miranda each other as Miranda who is intensely heartbroken
begins crying on Alonso’s shoulder. After Miranda cries for a while, Miranda
stops crying and looks at the sky as she calms a little.

Miranda: (calm but still heartbroken) Goodbye Yuki. My son…

The camera shows Alonso and Miranda watching the sky. Later, the camera
switches to Yuki and Alfina flying in their airplane.

Yuki: Wow! This plane is even better than I thought it’d be!

As Yuki continues to fly his airplane…

Yuki: Pretty amazing, huh Alfina?!

The camera shows Alfina glancing at Mendi City from the bottom view.

Alfina: I didn’t really get a chance… …to tell Alonso and Miranda, goodbye.

Yuki: Ah, it’s okay!

Alfina: But Yuki?!

The camera shows Yuki and Alfina in their airplane and flying.

Yuki: Takin’ her up!

Yuki activates the controls to increase altitude. The camera shows the Flight
Unit powering up and then, smoke came out of the engine next to the propeller.

Alfina: Uh!

Yuki speeds up his airplane.

Yuki: Hang on tight!

Yuki flies his airplane upwards and higher as Alfina attempts to prevent
herself from falling out. After that…

Yuki: Alfina, look!

Alfina came to her sense and the camera shows Alfina and Yuki looking at the

Alfina: We’re in the sky!

As Yuki continues to fly…

Yuki: I’ll cut the engine. We won’t need it for a while.

Yuki turns off the engine of the airplane as it is still in air.

Alfina: It’s fantastic! Yuki! I feel like a bird!

Alfina with excitement spreads her arms and giggles a little. The camera shows
in a circular movement of the airplane with Alfina standing up and still
spreading her arm. Afterwards…

Yuki: … I felt like this before.

In Yuki’s memory, we watch a movie of Yuki who flies his airplane through the
intense rainstorm.

Yuki: It was one of my first flight. And I wanted to fly higher, higher.

Yuki in the past can be seen trying to gain control of his airplane.

Yuki in the Past: (to himself) Don’t crash! Don’t crash!

Yuki: I was even stupid enough to try flying through a typhoon. Nothing had any
effect. No matter what I did, it was almost as if… …sky had a grudge against me.

Yuki in the past is about to lose control of his airplane and suddenly, the
propeller and the wings were destroyed.

Yuki: I really thought that my plane could take me anywhere. But…

Yuki in the past flew through the rainstorm. Later, the camera shows Yuki in
the past who managed to make his airplane out of the rainstorm and in the sky
of dawn.

Yuki: At first, I honestly thought I was in heaven.

Yuki in the past looked excited as he almost thought he wouldn’t make it past
the rainstorm. Afterwards, the memory ended. The camera shows the blue sky in
the present time.

Yuki: But soon I realized, I was alive. For the first time, I was truly alive!

Alfina starts embracing Yuki.

Alfina: I know. Because I feel it too, Yuki.

Suddenly, the airplane started to lose control while the engine was off. Yuki
immediately gain control of his airplane as he has turned on the engine.

Alfina: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh my gosh, that was fun!

Yuki: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Let’s go! On to Arcriff!

Alfina: (nods) Uh-huh.

The camera switches to the plane controlling scene map.

Yuki: You wanna give it a try, Alfina?

Alfina: (excited) Really?!

Alfina tries out the steering of the airplane.

Alfina: Maintaining course of Arcriff!

Yuki and Alfina’s airplane is approaching Arcriff.

Alfina: How am I doing?

Yuki: Hey, good job!

As Yuki flies his airplane through the clouds, we watch a movie of Yuki and
Alfina in the airplane and continuing to fly through the clouds.

Alfina: Yuki! Can’t you do something to get us out of these clouds?

Yuki: Don’t know, but I’m trying! These clouds are weird, heavy, it almost
feels like they’re clinging to us!

Suddenly, Alfina saw some long white serpent creature that the airplane passed

Alfina: S-Something’s out there!

Yuki and Alfina almost completely lost control of the airplane. Afterwards,
Yuki maintains control of his airplane. Yuki and Alfina glances at the white

Yuki: What’s that?!

Yuki speeds up his airplane and gets a little closer to the white serpent.

Yuki: Alfina! Somebody’s up there!

Alfina attempts to take a look at the white serpent.

Alfina: Yuki, get in closer!

Yuki: Okay, I’ll try!

Alfina saw a man standing on the white serpent. Suddenly, the left wing of Yuki
and Alfina’s airplane broke off from collision with the white serpent.

Yuki Eyahhhh!!!


Yuki and Alfina’s airplane falls from the clouds and later crashed into Arcriff
Forest. Afterwards, Yuki and Alfina somehow managed to survive.

Yuki: Arggh! No… And Schmidt just built her for me, too…!

Alfina: I’m sorry. I…shouldn’t have said anything…

Yuki: It’s not your fault, Alfina. I wasn’t good enough… But Alfina… Was that
your brother up there?

Alfina: I’m not sure… It all happened so quickly.

Yuki: But if it was him, then he must’ve been going to…

Alfina: ……

Yuki: Let’s go. To the temple.

Yuki and Alfina move on. In the next area, Yuki and Alfina approach the bridge
to Arcriff Temple Square. The camera shows the view of the Arcriff Temple
Square entrance gate.

Yuki: Woah! Incredible! And that’s just the gate…! ……… I guess we’re here.

Alfina: … Yes.

A sound of someone approaching Yuki and Alfina can be heard.

Temple Guard: Are you here to worship? I’m terribly sorry, but our Communicator
is gone, so all services has been—

Alfina approaches the temple guard.

Alfina: I am Alfina de Pamela. I have come to conduct the ceremony of

Temple Guard: !! It IS you, Miss Alfina! Why, you’ve grown so big, I didn’t
recognize you…! Oh! You must see the bishop! He will be very glad to see you!

The temple guard moves out of Yuki and Alfina’s way.

Temple Guard: Of course, your servant may go as well.

Yuki: Uh, thank you… Y-Your servant?!

Alfina: (to the temple guard) Um… Have you heard anything about my brother? Has
anyone seen him recently…?

Temple Guard: Your brother…? Oh, Master Emelious? No, I’m afraid not…

Alfina: I see…

Yuki and Alfina enter Arcriff Temple Square. Yuki and Alfina then enter the
Lobby. Inside, Yuki and Alfina proceed to the Cathedral. Upon arrival, Yuki and
Alfina talk to the bishop.

Alfina: Grandpa!

Bishop: Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time… That golden hair…
Could it be…?

Alfina: Yes, it’s me. Alfina. I’ve only just returned.

Bishop: Oh my…! When you left you barely came up to my waist…!

Alfina: Oh grandpa……! Grandpa…… Um, I mean, your holiness… The reason I came
here is that I will be taking over for my brother. I will speak with Gryph.

Bishop: Excellent, my child. But the ceremony is tomorrow. Perhaps we should

Alfina: No. The ceremony will go on as planned. Please let me do this!

Yuki: Alfina…

Bishop: Are you sure?

Alfina: Yes. Please.

Bishop: Hmm… Very well then. A room shall be prepared for you. Please try and
relax tonight.

Alfina: Thank you. But first, I have a favor to ask…

Bishop: Hm? By all means, ask.

Alfina: Could you show me the room my brother used while he was here?

Bishop: Emelious’ room? Of course. I’d be glad to. I’ll have the door opened.
You remembered where it is? Go up the east stairway and it’s the first on your

Yuki and Alfina proceed to the Communicator’s Room. Inside, Yuki and Alfina
examine the diary.

Alfina: It’s a diary. From when my brother was little…

Yuki: Alfina…

Alfina: Y-yes…

As Yuki and Alfina begin to read the diary, the camera switches to the past
when Emelious is young and writes his diary with an unknown man standing near

Emelious: “Just then, I heard a branch breaking behind me. I slowly turned
around to see a fawn with big round eyes looking at me. It looked very

???: What is it? Continue, Emelious.

Emelious: Why was I chosen to be a Communicator?

???: That was determined long ago. People call it fate.

Emelious: So it was the Guardians who chose my… …fate?

???: That’s right. As long as the Guardians exist, you are fated to be their

Emelious: Even if I don’t want to be a Communicator…?

The camera switches back to the Communicator’s Room of the present time where
Yuki and Alfina continue to read the diary.

Emelious: He just looked at me with those cold eyes of his, and didn’t say a
thing. Why couldn’t I have wings, and be free like the birds?

Yuki and Alfina reached the end of the diary.

Alfina: ……… Emelious… I never knew he…

Yuki: Alfina… You should get some rest. You’ve been through a lot…

Yuki and Alfina proceed to the northern part of the west wing of the temple.
Yuki and Alfina talk to the steward priest.

Steward Priest: Your room has been prepared, sir. Are you ready to retire?

Yuki: Yes, it’s about that time…

Steward Priest: The ceremony will start early tomorrow. If you want to see more
of the temple, I suggest you do it today.

Yuki: I’ve seen enough, thanks.

Steward Priest: Allow me to show your rooms. This is Yuki’s and that is Miss
Alfina’s. I hope they are satisfactory.

Alfina: Wait a moment! Why are Yuki and I in separate rooms?

Steward Priest: What?! Well… Er… That is… You see…

Alfina: Put us in the same room. Yuki and I still have a lot to talk about.

Yuki: Alfina… Can’t we just talk tomorrow…?

Alfina: It has to be today!

Steward Priest: Please. Miss Alfina… You’ve no idea what the Bishop would do to
me if I allowed something like that.

Alfina: …… I’m sorry. I’m being selfish…

Steward Priest: Oh, no. Not at all… I’m just glad you understand the position
I’m in… Well then, good night.

Later in Yuki’s bedroom, Yuki lays on his bed and relax. Then, a sound can be

Yuki: …? Who’s that… …at this hour?

Yuki opens the door. Then…

Yuki: Uh, Alfina!

Alfina: (giggles) I couldn’t sleep!

Yuki Uh, uh… But…but… …just get in here!

Yuki drags Alfina’s right arm into his room and closes the door.

The camera shows Yuki and Alfina inside the room as Yuki sighs.

Alfina: …! Amazing! It hasn’t changed a bit!

Yuki: Huh?

Alfina: Well you see, this is the place where I slept when I was just a little

Yuki: Really? So this was your room? Wow!

Alfina approaches the balcony glass door.

Alfina: (sigh) When I was a child, this room seemed so gigantic to me. It made
me feel as though I was the only person in the whole world!

Yuki: You were all alone?

Alfina: (lightly shakes her head) Mm-mm.

Yuki: Hm?

Alfina approaches a tapestry and reveals something.

Alfina: Come and look!

Yuki: Huh?

Yuki approaches the hidden wall under the tapestry.

Alfina: See?

The camera shows a very colorful scribbled drawing on the wall of a little
girl, a boy and a red flower.

Alfina: (pointing at the little girl) This is me. Or it’s suppose to be anyway.

Yuki: Eh, heh. Are you the one who drew it?

Alfina: Eh, mm-hm.

Yuki: And the person next to you, is that…?

Alfina: Yes, my brother Emelious.

Later, the camera shows the Yuki and Alfina entering the outside balcony. At
the balcony…

Alfina: It was twelve years ago. I watched the ceremony from here.

In Alfina’s memory, the camera shows scenes where Alfina who was a little girl
having the best time with Emelious when he was a boy. Afterwards, the memory

Alfina: A Communicator can raise the Guardians’ words. We deliver the guidance
and wisdom of the Guardians to the world. I had complete faith in my brother. I
believed that he was destined to become a Communicator, but that was then. Now,
I guess that destiny is mine.

Yuki gently places his left hand on Alfina’s right hand.

Yuki: That isn’t true, Alfina.

Alfina: Huh?

Yuki: You choose the path you want to follow in life.

Alfina: (slightly smiles) Yuki.

Yuki: Both of us chose to come here. We decided.

Yuki and Alfina holds each other’s hands.

Alfina: Ah! Your hands are so nice and warm.

Alfina looks at the sky.

Yuki: I hope it will be sunny tomorrow.

Alfina: Mm-hm.

The camera views the bottom of the balcony where the water shows the sun’s
lighting. The next morning…

Nun: Master Yuki, the ceremony is about to begin. Please make your way to the
viewing area.

Yuki: Hm? The ceremony…? Oh!!

Yuki woke up.

Yuki: Good! It’s nice and sunny. I’ll be watching. Good luck, Alfina.

Yuki proceeds to the Viewing Room. Inside…

Temple Guard: This way, sir.

The temple guard leads Yuki to the central part of the viewing room and left
the scene. Yuki watches as the ceremony is about to begin.

Yuki: Alfina.

The camera shows Kornell watching Yuki from far away.

Kornell: Mm? That’s him.

Kornell slams his right fist at the wall.

Kornell: It’s that annoying little brat who’s been causing me so much trouble.

Suddenly, a scythe strikes the wall and a mysterious woman in red appeared at
the scene.

Woman in Red: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm. In any case, that Guardian and those who
serves it will all be taken care of, soon.

Kornell: Y-You mean that… …he’s planning on using it here?

Woman in Red: Which means you have nothing to worry about! So, sit back and
witness the power of Xorn. Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.

The camera switches to an unknown place where the displayer of Arcriff is shown.

Grau: At last, Emelious will bring this world… …to an end. And a new one will

Grau smiles with evil in himself.

Grau: The cries of the dead. Your time has finally come, La-Ilim.

A horrifically robed man rises and approaches the displayer.

La-Ilim: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh!!

La-Ilim throws his green skull at the displayer and it splashes on the
displayer. The camera shows La-Ilim’s eyes and then the displayer from distance
covered in green splatter. Later, the camera switches to Arcriff Temple where
the ceremony begins. The camera shows Alfina in her ceremony outfit approaching
the end path to where the Guardian awaits.

Alfina: O mighty Guardian. Hear the voice of your Communicator. This is Alfina
de Pamela. I call out to you.

Alfina raises her arms.

Alfina: Gryph, bringer of light and order, hear me. Travel to us now. From the
distant Verse Realm… …to honor us with your presence.

Alfina summons a glowing ball and Yuki gasp. The glowing ball turns into a
glowing bird and it flies to the sky. We watch a movie of Gryph appearing at
the scene as Yuki gasp. Then…

Gryph: You have very beautiful eyes, child.

Alfina: Mighty Gryph. There is something I must ask you.

Gryph: My young Communicator, the bonds are currently in great danger.

There was a brief pause.

Gryph: Your brother Emelious, is planning something that could very well
endanger the entire world.

Alfina: What?

The camera shows Emelious stand on the highest rooftop with his giant sword.

Emelious: The shackles of fate bound to me by my ancestors… …will today be

Emelious readies his sword. The camera switches back to Alfina.

Alfina: Mighty Gryph, please tell me. What is my brother planning?

Gryph: Alfina, will you be able to love your brother, no matter what he does?

Alfina: …! I don’t know… I…I just…

Gryph: Dear child, there is no future for those who hate. No matter what
happens, remember, you must not hate your brother. Love him.

Alfina: Love…

Gryph: Love. Love is the only hope that your world has.

Alfina: Love is… …our only hope.

Gryph: Alfina, you must love your brother Emelious, no matter what happens.

Suddenly, someone came down and a sword slash can be heard. Suddenly, glitters
of light scatters everywhere as Yuki and Alfina gasped. Alfina looks at Gryph,
but Gryph’s head is severed and the glitters of light continues scattering and
Gryph’s lifeless body disappears from the scene. Emelious appeared in front of

Emelious: O god is dead now! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME??!!! Dead by my hand!!!

Alfina: (tensed up) Emelious…

Alfina drops a precious thing and as it broke, a gem stone came out of it.

Emelious: Actually, I didn’t want for us to have to meet here this way. Heyah!

Emelious uses his left hand, grabs Alfina’s neck and picks her up.

Yuki: ALFINA!!!

Yuki jumps off the Viewing Room and charges towards Emelious.

Yuki: (in an outburst) GET AWAY FROM ALFINA!!!!

Yuki draws his sword and attempts to attack Emelious, but the attack forced
Emelious to let go of Alfina’s neck. As Yuki faces Emelious with his sword

Emelious: (in an outburst) MOVE!!!!

Yuki gasp.

Alfina: (emotionally tensed up) Emelious, stop this! What’s happened to you?!

Yuki: What, this is… …your brother?!

Emelious: Hm. The Guardians are finished. This is the dawn of a new age!

Emelious pulls out a black void ball. We watch a movie of Emelious performing
something with the black void ball.


Emelious unleashes the power of the black void ball and a volt was shot up to
the sky. The sky reveals a Versphere. Yuki and Alfina gasped.

Emelious: The world will… …BOW DOWN BEFORE ME!!

Emelious unleashes red destructive roots.

Emelious: HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

From a distance, Raven appeared at the scene.

Raven: Damn, we too late.

As the destruction continues…

Emelious: HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

Some of the roots destroyed the dome roof of the temple as Emelious continues
to laugh maniacally.

Alfina: (emotionally tensed up) Stop it, Emelious!!! I beg you!!! Please!!!

Yuki looks up and sensed Emelious is about to kill him and Alfina. Just as
Alfina cries in fear…

Yuki: Alfina, let’s get out of here!!!

Yuki immediately picks up Alfina and they ran away as Emelious emits the roots
to attack Yuki and Alfina.

Alfina: (emotionally tensed up) EMELIOUS!!

Emelious: HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!

As Emelious continues to laugh maniacally, Yuki holding Alfina kept running
away as Alfina kept crying in fear. Later, Yuki and Alfina who ditched her
ceremony outfit arrived in a room and as Yuki and Alfina attempts to run away
from the room, the heavy debris blocks the doorway out. Afterwards, Yuki and
Alfina finds a way to the Cathedral. Upon arrival, they were surrounded by
Excise Sigma and 4 Pico Alphas. Yuki and Alfina fight Excise Sigma and 4 Pico
Alphas. After Yuki and Alfina defeats Excise Sigma and 4 Pico Alphas, Yuki and
Alfina move on to the next area. In the next area, Yuki and Alfina makes their
way out of the North Tower. Upon exiting…

Yuki: …!!!

Alfina: …!!!

The camera shows several red roots surrounding the area near Arcriff Temple.

Alfina: (horrified) How awful!

Yuki: It looks like… …the Verse Realm!

Voice of Raven: Witness, the power of Xorn.

Alfina: (gasp) Raven?

The camera shows Raven standing from a distance.

Raven: This is the choice you made, Alfina.

Alfina: (tensed up) No, I…

Alfina who is horrified starts crying.

Yuki: Raven?! Who are you?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!

Raven: Stay away from Emelious. He can change people. Just don’t… …end up like

Yuki: Why should we believe… …ANYTHING YOU SAY?!!!

Raven: You must tell the other Guardians that Gryph is dead.

Raven prepares to withdraw from the scene.

Yuki: WAIT!! RAVEN!!

Raven vanishes from the scene. Yuki seemed angered. Later…

Alfina: (saddened) Tell them Gryph is dead? Why should we do that…?

Yuki: Right now, we’ve gotta concentrate on getting out of here! Schmidt’s
plane may still be able to fly!

Yuki and Alfina proceed to the downed airplane. Upon arrival…

Yuki: All right. I think she’ll be able to fly at least once. Come on. Alfina!
Get in!

The camera switches to a black screen as the sound of Yuki and Alfina flying
their planes to Mendi can be heard.

Yuki: (to the airplane) That’s right! Come on, baby! Hold together until we get
to Mendi! …… Don’t worry about it. Just forget what Raven said. Alfina, it
wasn’t a mistake for you to come to Arcriff. I know it.

Alfina: ……

Suddenly, the sound of the engine losing its power can be heard.

Yuki: Woah! No good! We’re goin’ down!

Suddenly, the sound of the airplane going down can also be heard.

Alfina: ……!!

The airplane crashes in the Behind Garage Airstrip. Fortunately, Yuki and
Alfina survived the crash.

Yuki: (to the destroyed airplane) I’m sorry… I did my best… (places his hand on
the airplane) You did well. Thank you…

Yuki faces Alfina.

Yuki: Sorry. Scary, huh? Are you hurt, Alfina?

Alfina: Um… No, I’m fine…

Yuki: …………… Let’s rest for a while. Find an inn or something…

Yuki and Alfina proceed to the Inn. Upon entering, Yuki and Alfina talk to the

Innkeeper: Welcome! What an adorable couple! On your honeymoon?

Yuki: A… …couple? N-no! We’re just—

Innkeeper: Now now, no need to get embarrassed! I’ll get you our very best room…

Alfina turns towards the stairs.

Alfina: …… I’m sorry… I need to be alone, Yuki…

Alfina runs off.

Yuki: Alfina!

Alfina goes to the bedroom. Later, the innkeeper approaches Yuki.

Yuki: Is Alfina all right?!

Innkeeper: Don’t worry. She’s sound asleep. She didn’t say much, but… She must
have been through a lot… The poor child…

Yuki: …… …… Um… Could I ask you to look after her for a while?

Innkeeper: ………Hm? Why certainly. She’s young. She’ll snap out of it in no time!

Yuki exits the Inn. Outside, as Yuki leaves the Inn, he suddenly saw Ulf from a

Yuki: (excited) Ulf! What are you doing here?!

Ulf: (excited) Hey, Yuki!

Ulf rushes towards Yuki.

Ulf: (excited) What a surprise! Come here!

Ulf holds Yuki and rubs his right hand knuckle at his face as they are happy to
see each other. Later, Yuki has already told Ulf everything about what happened

Ulf: Wow. I can’t believe that happened to Arcriff.

Yuki: Mm-hm. And we don’t have any way to find the other Guardians. Not without
a plane.

Yuki and Ulf arrived at an area where the dragon Shiba lays on the floor.

Yuki: (excited) Shiba!

Shiba: Rrrrraaaahhhh!!

Just as Yuki was about to approach Shiba, Shiba raised his tail and struck Yuki.

Yuki: Uwahh!

Yuki falls to the floor.

Yuki: Ow!

Yuki slightly gets up.

Yuki: (holds his nose) What’s the matter with you, Shiba?

Ulf: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! (slightly approaches Yuki) Hey, I got an idea! If you
need another plane, why don’t we make a short stop at Randoto!

Yuki: Randoto? You mean… …go get another Lem Fruit?

Yuki stands up.

Ulf: Yeah! I’m sure Schmidt wouldn’t mind helping us out with this!

Yuki: But, how do we get there?

Ulf: The answer is right under your nose.

Yuki: Shiba?

Shiba reacts differently towards Yuki. Yuki and Ulf talks to Shiba.

Yuki: Shiba… You’ve just gotta let me ride you today… Please… If you don’t like
me, you can snap at me. Or smack me with your tail like before. Do whatever you
like. Just—Please! Take me to Randoto!

Shiba: …… ……

Yuki: Shiba!

Shiba: …… Screech!

Yuki: Wha-?

Ulf: He says “you win.” He’ll take you, Yuki.

Yuki: Really…?! Thank you! I love you, Shiba!

Ulf: So what’s the plan? Are we leaving right away?

Yuki: Yeah, let’s get going!

Ulf: Hey, Yuki. I think I might know where one of those… …Guardians is…

Yuki: Really, Ulf?!

Ulf: Where I come from, there’s this Dragon King, see…

Yuki: A Dragon…… …King?

Ulf: It was our job to protect the old guy, but… I couldn’t take it anymore.

Yuki: Take us there, Ulf! To the Dragon King!

Ulf: Hmm… I’d like to, but… I did sort of leave my people and all…

Shiba: Screech!

Ulf: Agh!! OK OK! I get the message! I’ll help them. Geez… First we need a Lem
Fruit. After that, leave everything to me!

Yuki: Wow. Thanks, Ulf!

Yuki and Ulf rides Shiba and they takeoff to Randoto Island. Later, the camera
shows the bird emblem on the rooftop of the Inn. The camera then shows Alfina
sitting on the rooftop reminiscing the past.

Voice of Hect: This world must be wiped from your world’s memory. The Verse
Realm must be forgotten.

Voice of Gryph: Love. Love is the only hope that your world has. You must love
your brother Emelious, no matter what happens.

Voice of Emelious: The word will bow down before me.

Alfina then stretches as she yawns. Later, the camera shows the innkeeper
inside the kitchen of the Inn moving the pot to the stovetop.

Innkeeper: This goes over here.

Voice of Alfina: Excuse me.

Alfina appeared at the scene.

Alfina: Is there anything I can do to help?

Innkeeper: Oh! You are feeling better?

Alfina: Yes. I would like to help.

Innkeeper: Great! Then we are going to put you to work. Let’s see here.

The camera switches to Randoto Island where Yuki and Ulf already arrived at the

Ulf: You’ve been here before, so you know where the tree is. Let’s hurry up and
get it.

Yuki: (to himself) Hmm… Now where was it…? We came by ship last time…

Yuki and Ulf proceed to the Mountaintop. After destroying the wall blocking the
way to the Mountaintop, Yuki and Ulf approach the Lem Fruit. Before they could
take it, 2 Minotaurs appeared at the scene. Yuki and Ulf fight 2 Minotaurs.
After Yuki and Ulf defeat 2 Minotaurs, they take the Lem Fruit.

Yuki: All right. Let’s take this back to Schmidt! …… This is gonna be tough…

Yuki and Ulf return to the Southeast Wall and talk to Shiba.

Yuki: Hi, Shiba!

Shiba: Screech!

Ulf: He’s asking if you’re ready to go. So, are you?

Yuki: Yep, I’m ready!

Ulf: Don’t forget, Shiba! We’re going to Mendi!

Shiba: Screech!

Yuki: We’ll be there soon. Hang in there, Alfina!

Yuki and Ulf ride Shiba and they takeoff to Mendi City. Meanwhile, the camera
switches to the kitchen of the Inn where Alfina is attending her cooking job.

Innkeeper: Come on. Put your back into it!

Alfina: Alright.

Alfina starts kneading the dough and Alfina continues her cooking job as time
passes by.

Innkeeper: Careful, that flame is too hot.

Alfina: Huh? Oh, right!

Later, Alfina carefully takes out the tray full of placed bread dough and takes
it to a wood burning oven.

Alfina: Here we go!

Alfina places the tray of bread dough in the oven and closes it.

Alfina: Phew! I sure hope Yuki comes back soon!

Later, the camera switches to Yuki and Ulf riding on Shiba landing at the Back
Garage Airstrip. Upon landing, Yuki and Ulf got off Shiba. Then…

Yuki: H-Hey! My plane’s gone!

The camera shows the spot where the blue airplane used to be. Yuki ran to the
spot and however…

Yuki: It was, right here.

Yuki looks down.

Ulf: (places his right hand on Yuki’s left shoulder) Relax! You’re gonna get a
new one anyway, right?!

Yuki: That’s not the point, Ulf! How am I suppose to face Schmidt after this?!

Schmidt can be seen walking towards Yuki and Ulf.

Ulf: You’ve got to chill out, man!

Yuki: Look! Do you have any idea how amazing Sky Captain Schmidt is?!

Schmidt approaches Yuki and Ulf and as he puts on his armored goggles, he
activated the flash light attached to it.

Schmidt: HEY!!

Yuki and Ulf: Aaahhhh!!

Yuki and Ulf face Schmidt.

Yuki: (takes a bow) I’m sorry! I just wasn’t good enough! I should have been
able to save her!

Ulf takes out a Lem Fruit and approaches Schmidt.

Ulf: Here Schmidt! Your favorite!

Schmidt: Hm!

Schmidt takes a bite of the Lem Fruit. After that, Schmidt turns his back
towards Yuki and Ulf.

Schmidt: Wait in front of the garage!

As Schmidt starts to walk away from the scene…

Yuki: Hey, Schmidt…!

Schmidt stops for a moment.

Yuki: (repenting) Listen, I, I’m…

Schmidt: Forget it. The plane told me what I need to know.

Schmidt left the scene. As Yuki and Ulf waits, the camera shows Schmidt pushing
out a brand new customized plane.

Yuki: !!!

After Schmidt finishes pushing the plane out of the garage…

Schmidt: There!

The camera shows the view of the brand new plane.

Yuki: T-That’s…

Schmidt: Well kid, just like you designed it, huh?

Yuki checks out the plane.

Yuki: Wow… She’s so shiny and new… Beautiful…

Yuki talks to Schmidt.

Schmidt: This is, without a doubt, the best plane I’ve ever made… There’s no
wind, but aside from that, today should be perfect for her first night. Take
her up any time you like.

Yuki: She’s great. Really great. No matter what I say, I won’t be enough, but…
Thank you… Thank you, Schmidt!!

Ulf: Well, should we go pick up Alfina? I think she’d get mad if we left her

Yuki and Ulf proceed to the Inn. Inside…

Alfina: Uh, Yuki! Welcome back.

Yuki: …?

The camera shows Alfina holding a platter of fresh baked rolls.

Yuki: Alfina, are you okay?

Alfina: Hm-mm. Thank you, Yuki.

Alfina places the platter of rolls on the dining table.

Yuki: Ulf helped us. We got a new plane!

Alfina: Really?!

Yuki: And we found out about a Guardian named Drak…

Ulf: Woah!

Ulf can be seen eagerly eating the rolls.

Yuki: …who lives in Dragon Valley, that happens to be Ulf’s hometown.

Yuki glances at Ulf who kept stuffing his mouth with a roll.

Yuki: Uh? Hey Ulf, don’t be a pig!!

Ulf: (mouth full) Mm? This is delicious! Try it!

Ulf gave Yuki a roll and as Yuki took a bite of the roll…

Yuki: You’re right!

Alfina giggles and approaches Ulf as he continues to stuff his mouth full of

Alfina: Thanks for everything, Ulf. You’ve done so much for us.

Ulf: (mouth full) Huh? No biggie!

Alfina: Ulf listen, would you take us to see the Guardian?

Ulf: Eh-heh, sure! Can’t say no after that bread!

Yuki places his right hand on Alfina’s right shoulder.

Yuki: Well, let’s go!

Alfina: Okay.

Ulf: …

Ulf has a unusual look towards Yuki and Alfina. Afterwards…

Ulf: All right! Well, let’s get going. To my home: Dragon Valley!

Alfina: Yes!

Yuki: Yeah! Uh… Where was that again?

Ulf: You can only get there by flying! It can get pretty rough, too…

Yuki: Sounds like a perfect chance to break in my new plane! Let’s go!

Yuki’s group proceeds to Behind Garage Airstrip. Upon arrival, Yuki’s group
approaches the airplane.

Ulf: Listen up, Yuki. As soon as you’re airborne, turn northeast and head
straight out to Dragon Valley!

Yuki’s group broads the airplane and takes off. Yuki’s group flies towards
Dragon Valley. While flying, the camera shows Yuki and Alfina riding the
airplane while Ulf rides Shiba.

Ulf: We’re here, Yuki! So what do you think of Dragon Valley?!

Yuki: Yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!

Yuki flies fast past Ulf.

Ulf: Huh? Hey Yuki, don’t go too fast, okay?!

As Yuki enjoys the flying of his new airplane…

Yuki Whoa!

Alfina: Whoa!

Yuki then maintains his normal flying of his airplane.

Yuki: Gah! This is awesome! This wind! It’s the greatest!

Ulf: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Just make sure you stick close to me. They don’t take
kindly to visitors here.

Alfina: Why?! What do they do to the visitors?

There was a brief pause.

Ulf: Well, don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine as long as we’re together!

The camera shows Yuki controlling his airplane.

Yuki: But didn’t you say… …that you’ve walked out on your people?

Ulf: Yeah. But there were too many rules, you know. Protect the valley, and the
valley will protect you. My people lived their whole lives without ever leaving
this valley.

Yuki: Even though they can fly?

There was a brief pause.

Ulf: Hmph.

Shiba: Screech!

As Yuki’s group continues flying…

Ulf: Look at this big ol’ sky, there’s no way I can live without flying!

Yuki: Yeah, ha, ha, ha, ha!! And the faster the better right?!

Ulf: Alright! Let’s go get them Shiba!

Yuki’s group eventually mellow down on the flying excitement. After that, the
camera switches to a quiet area of Dragon Valley.

Ulf: Hmph? That’s strange. Where are the guards?

Alfina: What’s the matter?

Ulf: It’s too quiet. Watch out, Yuki! Huh?!

The camera shows some flying dragon riders aproaching from the upper sky.

Yuki: What’s that?

Suddenly, the incoming dragon riders threw bunches of throwing knives at Yuki’s
group where some of them hit part of the wings. The incoming dragon dives into
the clouds.

Ulf: It’s me, Ulf! We’re not your enemies! We’ve come to see Drak the Dragon

There was a brief pause. Afterwards, one of the dragon riders came out of the

Dragon Rider: You there! No one is allowed to enter DRAGON VALLEY!!!!

Ulf: Now, wait a second! I brought a Communicator along with me. It’s the truth!

Dragon Rider: I wasn’t told anything about a Communicator coming to Dragon
Valley. Besides, are we suppose to take the word of someone, who betrayed us

The dragon riders kept intercepting Yuki’s group.

Ulf: Damn! Let’s go, Yuki!

As the dragon riders intercepts Yuki’s group, they started throwing knives and
one of the knives struck Shiba’s right wing.

Shiba: Aaaahhh!

Alfina: (horrified from Shiba’s wounds) Screech!

Yuki: Shiba!!

Ulf: Don’t worry! Go down to the clouds!!

Dragon Rider: After them!!

Dragon Rider Group: Yeah!!!

Yuki’s group dives into the clouds as the dragon rider interceptors goes after
them. Afterwards, Yuki’s group manages to not get followed by the dragon riders
and they land on the Rocky Cliffs. Yuki and Alfina disembarks their airplanes
as Ulf gets off Shiba.

Yuki: What was that, Ulf?! I thought you said we’d be fine with you! We came
this close to crashing again!

Alfina: That’s enough, Yuki.

Ulf: ……

Yuki: (regretful) I’m… …sorry. It must’ve been a shock to you too. Being called
a traitor and all.

Ulf: No… The Dragon King is in that fortress over there. I’ll take you to him.
I promise!

Yuki’s group moves on. Yuki’s group arrived at the Sanctuary of the Wind.
Yuki’s group approaches the giant doors, but the guards heavily surrounds the

Ulf: Listen up! It’s me, Ulf!

Guard Leader: It’s been many years since our Communicator disappeared. Drak
hasn’t spoken a word to any of us since then. All we can do now is to protect
him. That is our duty and we will uphold the oath we’ve taken. So, be gone with
you all!

Yuki: But Alfina IS the Communicator!! AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Alfina: I beg you. You must let me go see Drak. I know that… …he will talk to

Guard Leader: Ulf is nothing but a traitor. He turned his back on his people!
So why should WE believe in friends?!!

Ulf gets extremely pissed.

Ulf: (pissed off) What’s with you people, you’re all so stubborn!!! (does his
fighting stance) Hmph! Alright then, I’ll just have to break down that door!!!

Guards: Eeeeehhhh!!!

Just as the guards were about to attack Yuki’s group…

Voice of Drak: Do not harm them!

The guards stopped themselves as they are feared by the voice of Drak.

Guard 1: It’s Drak!

Guard 2: Drak is speaking to us!

Guard Leader: Yes, but Drak, they’re…they’re…

Voice of Drak: Let them through and bring them to me!

The guards opens the giant doors. Yuki’s group proceeds to the area where Drak
awaits. Yuki’s group talks to Drak.

Ulf: Huh?! This is Drak?!

Drak wakes up and moves his head towards Yuki’s group’s territory.

Alfina: O great Drak! It is an honor to meet you!

Drak: I understand that Emelious has destroyed Arcriff. I never would have
believed that anyone would be able to harness the enormous power, Xorn.

Yuki: The power of Xorn?

Alfina: Tell me! What will my brother do with that power?

Drak: All of your questions will be answered… …in time. Alfina, as a
Communicator, you will grow to understand time.

There was a brief pause as Alfina glances at Drak.

Drak: But you are still so young.

Alfina remains mum.

Drak: For now, just believe in the ebb and flow of time.

Alfina: The flow of time?

There was a brief pause as Alfina thinks for a brief moment.

Alfina: I believe!

Drak: Hmmm. Raaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Drak emits a whirlwind and created an orb.

Drak: This orb contains all of my power. As long as you keep it with you, it
should protect you from Xorn’s power.

Yuki’s group can be seen having hopes. Yuki’s group takes Drak’s Orb. After

Ulf: Damn it! I’m a dragonrider, too! I can’t just stand by when the world is
in danger! Tell me, Drak! What can I do?! What should I do?!

Drak: Hmm… To the east live the “People of the Corridor.” They too protect a
Guardian. Lead your friends to them. If you do this, your future will open up
in front of you…

Ulf: The People of the Corridor?

Yuki’s group leaves the Sanctuary of the Wind. After that, Yuki’s group
automatically returns to the Rocky Cliffs.

Ulf: The People of the Corridor… They live in the east. That’s what old Drak
said. Could he be talking about the Bacculani People??

Yuki: The Bacculani?

Ulf: They have a tiny village in the desert far to the east. And I did hear
about a Guardian around there…

Yuki: We can fly! It doesn’t matter how far it is! I’ll race you again, Ulf!

Yuki’s group returns to the airplane. As Yuki’s group gets on the airplane…

Ulf: Baccula’s a tiny settlement in the middle of the desert. You should be
able to spot it when yer up in the sky.

Yuki’s group flies the airplane to Baccula Settlement. Upon landing and arrival…

Yuki: Ugh… This heat…! I’m dripping with sweat here!

Ulf: Nothing but sun and sand, no matter which way we go! You sure there’s
really a Guardian around here?

Alfina: Yes. If this is where the People of the Corridor live. Let’s go Yuki,

As Yuki’s group approaches Baccula Settlement, the camera shows an old woman
doing something near an area with a bell.

Old Woman: Go. Oh, now this one. Oh, can’t forget you over there.

Girl: Please stop it. You’re always doing this. What is the point?

Old Woman: Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.

The old woman gets up.

Old Woman: What are you talking about, Ruilia? You know we have to keep the
shrine in good order. The Communicator could come at any moment.

Ruilia: No one is coming!

Old Woman: Hm?

Ruilia: It’s been two years. We can’t just sit around waiting. We have to do
something or nothing is ever going to change.

Man: Yes, but the Chief told us to wait right there.

Ruilia: The Chief isn’t always right. She’s human. She can make mistakes or do
something for her own selfish reasons.

Woman: That’s enough, Ruilia!

There was a brief pause.

Woman: You mustn’t be so hard on her. After all, she is your only sister, right?

Ruilia: …

Woman: …

Man: Let’s go.

The woman and the man left the scene. The girl who will be known as Ruilia from
this point on walks away near the bell.

Ruilia: Dahna, you’ve got to snap out of this. Just forget about him. Please…

Later, the camera switches back to Yuki’s group.

Yuki: Some type of tribal dispute maybe…

Ulf: Hmm, not too sure about that. Let’s just focus on finding the “Chief.”

Yuki’s group proceeds to the Chief’s Tent. Upon entering…

Voice of the Chief: Honored Communicator. I’d like to welcome you, to our

The Chief approaches Yuki’s group.

Dahna: I am the Chief of the Bacculani people. My name is Dahna.

The Chief who will be known as Dahna from this point on slightly bows and as
Yuki’s group looked excited from her glamorous looks…

Dahna: It was my spirit cards that… …told me of your impending arrival.

Alfina: (approaching Dahna) Chief Dahna, I’m sorry. We have all traveled a long
way to meet your Guardian.

Dahna: Yes. I’m aware of that. Finally we’ll hear… …the voice of Yoat the

Yuki: But first, there is something you should know.

Alfina: Something… …terrible has happened in Arcriff.

Later, after Yuki’s group told everything to Dahna of what happened…

Dahna: (slightly saddened) …… No… Gryph is the leader of all the Guardians. How
could she be dead?!

Dahna who is saddened briefly covers her face and then she glances at a robe
near her.

Alfina: Also, Gryph said… Well, her last words were, “believe in love.”

Dahna: Love?

As Dahna seemed to be mad, the camera then shows the candles still burning.

Alfina: I think… …I understand what she means.

In Alfina’s memory, Alfina reminisces of the past events in Arcriff.

Alfina: No matter what happens, if you believe in the power of love, there will
always be hope for the future.

The memory ended and the camera switches to the candles which is still burning.
Dahna faces Yuki’s group.

Dahna: (about to get mad) Do you really think… …that’s true?

Alfina: Huh?

Dahna gets up from her seat.

Dahna: Love can only bring sadness.

Alfina: ……?!

Dahna: I’m sorry, I just cannot accept what you are saying. Please, be on your
way now.

As Dahna is about to leave the scene…

Yuki: (in an outburst) Hey! PLEASE WAIT, DAHNA!

Dahna: Go now!

Dahna left the scene. Yuki’s group exits the Chief’s Tent. Outside…

Ulf: Man! What’s her problem? First she says “Welcome to our village,” then
tells us to get out…

Alfina: I can’t go back to Arcriff. There’s… …nothing left…

Yuki: … You’re right. We’re in this for the long haul. Let’s go find a place to

Yuki’s group proceed to the Inn. Upon entering, Yuki’s group talks to the

Innkeeper: Welcome to the Desert Inn! People rarely come to our lonely
settlement here. But we’ve got great food! We’re known for our kebabs. Juicy
meat roasted carefully on a rotisserie. You can hear the juices pop and sizzle
as they drip into the fire. And that savory smell… It’s to die for!

Ulf: Ohhh yeah! Whatever those are, I’ve gotta get me some! We can’t go back
until we meet that Guardian, right? So let’s stay here! OK?!

Yuki: OK! I want some kebabs!

Ulf: Music to my ears! Let’s go eat some meat!

The meal conversation begins.

Ulf: Oh yes! So these are kebabs! Those juices are sizzlin’… And that savory
smell… Just like the lady was sayin’! Alright! It’s time to chow down!

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Take it easy, Ulf! Leave us a little too, will ya?!

Ulf: Don’t be ridiculous. This is a free-for-all meal. You better eat up before
it’s all gone!

The conversation continues.

Alfina: Why did Dahna treat us like that all of a sudden? Did I say something

Yuki: When you shared Gryph’s message, she just got mad and said, “love only
brings sadness.”

Alfina: If Dahna truly believes that, there’s nothing else we can do.

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Why do you think Dahna would say something like that?

Alfina: She must’ve had a bitter experience. Something that we could never

Yuki: It doesn’t look like she’ll see us anytime soon. I guess we’re in for the
long haul…

Alfina: …… ………

The conversation continues.

Ulf: Would you cheer up? You gotta try some o’ these kebabs! Trust me, they’re

Alfina: Oh… OK… I’ll try one.

Alfina tries the kebab.

Ulf: Well?

Alfina: Th-This is… Delicious!

The conversation continues.

Ulf: “Man shall live by kebab alone.” The ancients were very wise indeed!

Yuki: You sure that’s how it went?

The conversation continues.

Yuki: I’m glad to see you’re smiling again, Alfina. But what are we gonna do
now? I mean, we’ll never get to the Guardian without Dahna.

Ulf: Yeah, and she seems like a stubborn woman.

Alfina: For now we just have to put our heads together. I know we can think of
something to convince Dahna.

The conversation continues.

Alfina: If Dahna said such bad things about love, it must mean she knows how
wonderful it really is, or once did… So if we keep trying, I know we can
convince her to help us!

Ulf: Hmm… You could be right.

Yuki: Let’s go see her tomorrow. If she won’t talk to us, we’ll try again the
next day!

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Let’s finish up soon. I’m full.

Alfina: Yes, if you two don’t mind. I’ve had enough, too.

Yuki: I’m done.

Ulf: Well, alright… I guess I can finish off the rest tomorrow.

Alfina: You’re planning to eat more?!

The meal conversation has been concluded. Later, Yuki’s group enters the lobby
of the Inn.

Ulf: Ahhhhhhhhh… *BURP” What a fine meal. Can’t go wrong with meat!

Yuki: It was good alright. But don’t you think you overdid it in there?

Alfina: You ate quite a bit yourself, Yuki.

Yuki: What?! I only had 10 helpings! This guy had 12! 12 helpings!

Yuki and Ulf goes in their fighting stance one on one.

Ulf: What’s the difference?

Alfina: Hee hee hee!

Suddenly, a woman’s singing can be heard.

Alfina: Wait. Do you hear something?

Ulf: Like a…song?

Yuki: That voice…

Yuki’s group leaves the Inn and goes outside. Outside, the camera shows Dahna,
who stands outside neat to the statue and is still singing. Yuki’s group
approaches Dahna as she has finished singing.

Dahna: It’s a very old song. About forgotten memories.

Alfina slightly approaches Dahna.

Alfina: Forgotten memories? Like what?

The camera shows the statue which is partially destroyed reverting to the past
as Dahna reminisces the past where she was with another man.

Dahna: Once there was someone who was… …very special to me. He lead the people
as the chief of our village. But one day, he just disappeared. Leaving a void
that can never be filled. I don’t know why he left…

The camera showed the statue in the present while Dahna was speaking.

Alfina: Dahna? Are you still… …still in love with him?

Dahna: No. No way…

Dahna glances at something familiar out of the camera’s view.

Dahna: (gasp) It’s you.

Later, the camera shows raven at the scene and Yuki’s group faces towards him
as they gasped.

Yuki: It’s Raven!

Dahna: Raven?! You’ve come back?!

As Dahna approaches Raven…

Raven: Leave Baccula at once!

There was a brief pause.

Raven: Dahna, there isn’t much time left.

Dahna: Raven, what is it? Tell me. Why have you changed so much?

Raven immediately embraces Dahna. As Dahna feels the comfort and warmth of
Raven’s embracing…

Raven: I wanted to save you. At least you.

As Raven continues to embrace Dahna, Raven glances at the partially destroyed
statue and had his reddish eye sight on it. Afterwards, Raven stops embracing
Dahna and without a word, Raven walks away from the scene and vanishes. Alfina
approaches Dahna.

Alfina: (slightly saddened) Dahna, I’m sorry. I just… I didn’t know that he…

Just as Alfina was about to continue talking, Dahna places her right index
fingertip near Alfina’s lips.

Dahna: If you believe… …in the power of love, there will always be hope for the

Alfina: Wha…?

Dahna: I will also… …try to believe.

The next morning, Yuki’s group faces Dahna at the Inn.

Dahna: As Chief of Baccula, I’d like to take you to our Guardian, the Mighty
Yoat. The journey is perilous, but please beat with me.

Alfina: (slightly excited) Thank you, Dahna. We really appreciate this.

Ulf: Uh… I’m Ulf! Thanks!

Yuki: Thanks, Dahna. We couldn’t do this alone.

Dahna: Leave the inn, and you’ll see a small gate. Beyond it is a path leading
to some ancient ruins. Let’s go. I’m sure the Mighty Yoat is awaiting our

Yuki’s group enters the Baccularn Desert. Yuki’s group manages to navigate
their way through the Earth Shrine and then to the Sacred Valley. Upon arrival…

Dahna: !! What…happened?!

The camera shows the door of the Sacred Valley in shambles.

Ulf: This is awful! It’s in shambles!

Alfina: ……

Dahna: Only my people, the People of the Corridor, are able to open that door!

Yuki: Somebody got here before us… Beat us to it…!

Yuki’s group approaches the door and goes through. Upon entering…

Yuki: Huh? What are they doing here?!

The camera shows Violetta and Kornell drawing their weapons towards Yoat.

Violetta: Hah. Let’s take care of him once and for all! Now, let the fun begin!!

The camera blacks out and later reveals Alfina using Drak’s Orb.

Alfina: We call on you, Drak!!

Drak’s Orb unleashes a giant whirlwind on Violetta and Kornell, distracting
their concentration of their attack on Yoat.

Kornell: What do you think’s happening, Violetta?! Cough, cough!

Violetta: Cough, cough! How am I suppose to know?!

Voice of Yuki: That’s far enough!!

Violetta: What?!!

The camera shows four shadow figures and as the whirlwind starting calming
down, the figures revealed Yuki’s group.

Dahna: We cannot allow you to harm Yoat!!

Yuki’s group fights Kornell and Violetta. After Yuki’s group defeats Kornell
and Violetta, Kornell and Violetta kneel to the floor.

Violetta: Ugh! Damn you!!

Kornell: Unh!

As Kornell and Violetta stands up, the camera shows a Versphere appearing from
the sky.

Kornell: Violetta, up there!

The Versphere starts reacting towards the Sacred Valley. The Versphere strikes
red roots towards the area as it starts destroying things. Yoat woke up and
uses his power to eliminate all of the red roots, thus causing the Versphere to
disappear from the scene. After that, everyone starts to stand up.

Kornell: Hey, Violetta! Emelious wasn’t planning on killing us too, was he?!

Violetta: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Perfect!
That’s my Emelious!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

The camera shows Kornell who couldn’t believe all this.

Violetta: Let’s go, Kornell.

Kornell and Violetta fled the scene. Later, Yuki’s group approaches Yoat.

Dahna: Venerable Yoat. Are you hurt?

Yoat: Mm… I will be fine. And yourselves?

Yuki approaches Yoat.

Yuki: Um, tell me. How did you make the Versphere disappear like that?

Yoat: Power, my child. Power to break bonds.

Alfina: …!

Yoat: One cannot make it without experiencing loss. And you have lost so very
much. But you must not give up. For it is in that loss…that you will find the

Alfina: So the truth is hidden. And something that is now loss?

Yoat: I ask of you, Dahna. Open the doors to the lost world. Follow the light.

Dahna: To find the answer, I will do as you say.

Yoat: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Yoat emits lights and created an orb.

Yoat: The power of the Guardians, is the power to stop Xorn. It will help you
on your journey.

Yuki’s group takes Yoat’s Orb. After that…

Dahna: Might Yoat… What is it that lies beyond the doors to the lost world?

Yoat: That you must discover with your own eyes. What they have seen, and have

Dahna: ……

Yuki’s group exits Sacred Valley. Upon exiting, Yuki’s group automatically
returns to the Baccularn Desert.

Dahna: Doors to the lost world… Yoat was speaking of a land called Herasell.

Alfina: Hera…sell?

Dahna: Let’s return to Baccula. There’s something I need to do before going to

Yuki’s group proceeds to Baccula Settlement. Upon arrival…

Dahna: We need a special item to unlock the gate to Herasell. It’s the Chief’s
Emblem – a crescent-shaped heirloom passed down for generations by the People
of the Corridor. The emblem is kept secure inside the Chief’s Tent. Don’t
forget to stop by and get it before we leave.

Yuki’s group proceeds to the Chief’s Tent. Inside, Yuki’s group acquires the
Chief’s Emblem.

Dahna: This emblem is the key to a passage connecting two worlds. That’s why
we’re known as the People of the Corridor. But I never thought it would come to
this – that I would actually have to use it.

Yuki: Hm?

Dahna: The path sealed off by web-like netting will take us to Herasell. …Let’s
go. All of us.

Yuki’s group exits the Chief’s Tent and approaches the entrance to Baccularn
Desert South. Upon approaching the entrance, Dahna uses a knife and cuts off
the net seal blocking the way to Baccularn Desert South. Afterwards…

Dahna: Wait everyone. Listen…

Dahna faces Yuki’s group.

Dahna: To my people, this is considered a forbidden land. I must at least…
…tell my sister.

Voice of Ruilia: Dahna.

Dahna: Ruilia?

Ruilia appeared at the scene and approaches Dahna.

Dahna: Um, Ruilia, I…

Ruilia: You’re going to Herasell, aren’t you? I had a feeling that it
would…come to this someday.

Dahna: Ruilia…

Ruilia: I’m sorry for being so much trouble. (about to get upset) But I just
couldn’t stand seeing you shut yourself off from everyone! You have to…!

Dahna: It’s okay. I understand. Actually, you and Alfina have both helped me
more than you know. You helped me remember what it was like…to love someone.

Ruilia approaches closer to Dahna.

Ruilia: Dahna… You’re finally moving on with your life.

Dahna and Ruilia embrace each other.

Yuki: Eh, heh, heh!

Alfina: Eh, heh, heh, heh!

Ruilia: Well, leave the village to me. I’m not cut out to be chief, but I’ll do
my best!

As Yuki’s group prepares to enter Baccularn Desert South…

Ruilia: Good luck!

Dahna quickly glances at Ruilia’s farewell waving. Yuki’s group proceeds to
Baccularn Desert South. Yuki’s group eventually arrived at Herasell.

Dahna: We need to place the Chief’s Emblem in that small cavity.

Yuki’s group approaches the stone post area and Dahna places the Chief’s Emblem
in the small cavity. Suddenly, the Chief’s Emblem made a light line, trailing
it to the stone post. The stone post does down.

Yuki: …? What the…?!

Suddenly, a Versphere appeared at the scene.

Alfina: (gasp) A Versphere!

Dahna stands up.

Dahna: Thinking back, all of this started on that day. It was the same day that
Emelious arrived.

In Dahna’s memory, the camera shows the past where Dahna, Raven and Emelious
used to have a good time together.

Dahna: The next morning, they were gone. And Yoat’s statue had been damaged.

The memory ended. The camera switches back to Yuki’s group.

Dahna: …the seal on this gate has been broken.

Alfina slightly approaches Dahna.

Alfina: All because of my brother?

There was a brief pause.

Dahna: You see, this Versphere was the gate that our people had been forbidden
to open.

Dahna faces Yuki’s group.

Yuki: Let’s go! None of us knows… …just what we’ll find. When we get to the
other side. But, we have to find out! (clenches his right fist) I mean, we WILL
find out!!

Yuki’s group approaches the Versphere.

Dahna: Are you prepared to search for the truth?

Yuki: Yes, I’m ready!

Alfina: I’m going too! To walk the path my brother once did!

Ulf: Time to unfold the future! Just like old Drak was saying!

Yuki: Let’s do it!

Yuki’s group jumps into the Versphere. Later, the camera shows the scene of the
Sancturay of the Wind where the door has been broken down.

Drak: So you finally come, Emelious.

The camera shows Emelious’ sword.

Emelious: You’ve been expecting me, haven’t you? Dragon King!

Drak: Do you really think you can control Xorn’s power? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Emelious: Believe me. You’ll find out SOON ENOUGH!!!!

Emelious can be seen readying his sword.


Emelious can be heard striking and killing Drak with one slash.


The camera now switches to Yuki’s group successfully arrived at the Verse Realm
via Versphere. The Versphere disappeared at the scene. Yuki’s group moves on.
In the next area, Yuki’s group made it to the Glass Forest. Yuki’s group gasped.

Ulf: …! What is this? It’s made of glass.

Alfina: This strange roots, have sucked all the life out of this land.

Ulf: Huh?!

Dahna: I can’t believe… …that this is the home of the Guardians.

Yuki: I…Is that Xorn?

Alfina notices something.

Alfina: Look!

Yuki: Hm?

Alfina: There’s someone there!

Alfina runs off.

Yuki: Alfina!

Yuki’s group moves on to the next area. Upon arrival, Yuki’s group gets on the
lift and go up to Terrarium. Upon arrival, Yuki’s group approaches the village

Ulf: Oh! A human being! There’s people here! Hey there!

Ulf runs off.

Ulf: Whooooooaaah!!

Yuki’s group approaches Ulf and then, the camera shows Yuki’s group witnessing
a glass statue.

Yuki: What is it, Ulf?!

Ulf: Th-This is…!!

The camera zooms in towards the glass statue.

Alfina: ?!

Dahna: !!

Yuki: Is it…human?

???: Back again, Nahno?

The camera shows a grandfather with his granddaughter.

Grandpa: (to his granddaughter) Just give up. Your mother is gone. And someday,
even you and I will be…

Ulf: What’s with this place?! Why are people here made of glass?

Grandpa: (to Yuki’s group) It’s what we’ve been reduced to – by the curse of

Yuki: The curse of…Xorn?!

Grandpa: His curse will not be broken, till the day we’ve all passed away.

Just as the grandfather and the granddaughter we’re leaving the scene…

Alfina: Excuse me!

The grandfather and the granddaughter faces Alfina.

Alfina: Do you know of a girl who plays the violin? I’d like to talk with her.

Grandpa: …… She doesn’t wish to meet with any of you.

Alfina: ?!

The grandfather and the granddaughter left the scene.

Yuki: Hold on!

Ulf: What’s with you two? So you knew about all this?

Alfina: ……

Yuki’s group proceeds to Hect’s House. Upon entering…

Butler: So you’ve arrived. Miss Hect has been expecting you.

Yuki: ?!

Alfina: Expecting us? How could…

Butler: Please proceed to the back. But only if you promise not to burden Miss
Hect with any additional sorrow.

Yuki’s group proceeds to Hect’s Room and through the Terrace. At the Terrace,
the violin can be heard playing. The camera shows the enigmatic woman from
before playing a violin. Alfina glances at the enigmatic woman who will be
known as Hect from this point on.

Alfina: It’s that…that song.

As Alfina approaches Hect who continues to play her violin, the camera shows a
sunflower with a missing petal, suddenly came off of the stem with another
petal coming off from it. Alfina became emotionally tensed up and tries to stop
Hect from playing her violin.

Alfina: (emotionally tensed up) Stop it!!

Hect stopped playing the violin as Alfina’s hands were on it.

Alfina: (emotionally tensed up) How could do something so terrible?!!

Hect: Terrible? But this world…must be completely forgotten. I am afraid that
is our only hope.

Alfina: (emotionally saddened) How can you say something so sad? You’re hands
are like ice! Why are they so cold?!!

Hect gets Alfina’s hands off of her violin.

Hect: You wouldn’t understand.

Hect continues to play her violin.

Dahna: Isn’t there some way… …that you can share your sorrow with us?

The camera switches to a black screen where sunflowers are falling down. Then
the camera shows Ulf who seemed angered.

Ulf: (angry) Stop it! I said THAT’S ENOUGH!!!

Yuki: ULF!!!

Yuki attempts to restrain Ulf as Ulf was about to get persistent towards Hect.
Ulf stopped himself for a moment.

Yuki: (to Hect) Tell us about your world. Come on! We may be able to help you!

Hect stopped playing the violin.

Hect: People from your world are all the same. (puts down her violin bow)
Always trying to bring us hope.

Alfina: Huh?!

Dahna: Our world?

Suddenly, the butler appeared at the scene.

Butler: Ms. Hect? I have gathered everyone in the square, as you requested.

Hect approaches the butler.

Ulf: So they bring hope?! Hmph!! What’s wrong with that, right?!

Alfina: …

Yuki’s group proceeds to the village’s square of Terrarium. Outside, as Yuki’s
group approaches the square, Hect starts her speech with the villagers.

Hect: I have some news, that I must share with all of you.

Old Man: Gryph is dead… That’s it, isn’t it?

The villagers starts mourning, some began crying and some are hopeless.

Hect: The battle of the Guardian, has come to an end at last.

There was a brief pause.

Hect: With Gryph’s death, we have lost.

There was another brief pause.

Hect: We must accept our fate. And do so peacefully.

The old man approaches next to Hect’s spot and faces the villagers.

Old Man: (sigh) We all knew this would happen, sooner or later. I suppose
there’s no sense in getting upset about it now.

The old man sighs and all of the depressed villagers left the scene as the
camera shows Yuki’s group glancing at the villagers leaving. Yuki’s group
approaches Hect and talks to her.

Alfina: (emotionally depressed) Please, tell us Hect. What happened to the
Verse Realm?! How did all this happened??!!!!

Hect approaches one of the statues in the square.

Hect: A long, long time ago, a great battle took place. It was a terrible
struggle between Xorn and the other Guardians.

The camera views a couple more statues.

Yuki: Huh?! Xorn’s a Guardian?!

Hect: Xorn was eventually defeated. However, his curse still lives on to this

In Hect’s memory, the camera shows Hect, who is praying near the Gryph’s statue
suddenly loses its power. Hect gasped in fear and then, Terrarium darkened a
bit and the sky had red roots appearing. The memory ended and the camera
switches back to the present.

Hect: And our fate is sealed on that day. The day that two men from your world,

Alfina: One was Emelious, my brother.

Hect: Huh?

Dahna: And Raven. He was my…love.

Hect: (with suspicion) Then… You mean that you…

Alfina: You know about my brother, don’t you?!

Dahna: Please tell us! We’ve come so far!

Hect became suspicious of Alfina and Dahna.

Hect: (upset) Go away!!

Alfina and Dahna gasped from Hect’s reaction. Hect in sorrow, starts walking
away from the scene.

Yuki: Hey!!

Alfina: …?!

Hect walked away from the scene.

Yuki: I guess we can be pretty sure, that they were both here.

Dahna: Not only that… …but something terrible must have happened.

Alfina: (to herself in emotion) What did you do, Emelious?

Yuki’s group returns to Hect’s House. Inside, Yuki’s group talks to the butler.

Alfina: Um… Is Hect here?

Butler: She’s been closed up in her room for some time now.

Alfina: (regretting) It seems that I’ve…said something that angered her, and
I’d like to apologize.

Butler: I’m terribly sorry, but Miss Hect doesn’t wish to see you.

Alfina: Oh… I see…

Butler: Please don’t think badly of her. It was people from your world who
stole away her happiness, after all.

Alfina: …… When I first came to the Verse Realm, I met a girl with such lonely
eyes. I tried to hold her hand, but it was so cold… It was so cold that I just
let go without thinking… And that’s why this time… I’d like to warm her up. To
warm up her hands.

Butler: …… I see. I’ll make sure to relay your feelings to Miss Hect regarding
this matter.

Alfina: Thank you so much.

Butler: Since you have no place to go, how about staying here at the mansion

Yuki: Thank you. We’ll stay.

Butler: Very well then. Please wait a moment while I prepare dinner.

The meal conversation begins.

Ulf: I dunno… Compared to the food in Baccula, this kinda sucks…

Yuki: It is pretty bland… But that must mean it’s good for us!

Alfina: When I think of what happened to the Verse Realm, it’s amazing that
they have any food to give us.

Dahna: Alfina’s right. We should be grateful.

The conversation continues.

Dahna: These beans are delicious! This land has been through so much, but I can
tell these beans were grown with loving care.

The conversation continues.

Ulf: Would you mind tellin’ me why you people know so much about this place?

Yuki: Remember when we first met you at sea, Ulf? After that, we went to
Randoto Island, and we were sucked into a huge Versphere.

Alfina: We were wandering around, lost in the Verse Realm… But Hect saved us.

Ulf: Oh yeah? Hect, huh…

The conversation continues.

Yuki: The butler said that people from our world “stole away” Hect’s happiness.

Dahna: I hate to say this, but he must’ve been talking about Raven and Emelious.

Alfina: …… ………

The conversation continues.

Alfina: The butler seems to care for Hect a great deal. How could Emelious
steal away her happiness? I don’t want to believe it.

The conversation continues.

Yuki: People from our world stole away her happiness… Putting it that way makes
me feel like we’re responsible somehow…

Dahna: I am partly responsible. I should have been able to stop those two…

The conversation continues.

Dahna: Maybe we’re not welcome here, in the eyes of this world’s inhabitants.

Yuki: But Hect said that people from our world are always trying to bring hope
to the Verse Realm.

Dahna: If someone comes to this isolated world from the outside, it’s only
natural to see them as bringers of hope. But, perhaps something awful happened
in the past, and the people felt betrayed…

The conversation continues.

Yuki: The people living here must’ve thought Emelious and Raven were their
saviors. They’d be so sad to find out that Emelious is the one who killed Gryph.

The conversation continues.

Dahna: Perhaps Hect used the word “hope” in a paradoxical sense. I’m sure she
didn’t mean to be sarcastic in any way.

The conversation continues.

Alfina: Now that Gryph is gone, what will become of this world?

Dahna: It will crumble… Just as Hect said.

Yuki: How can we just sit back and watch it happen?! Can’t we do anything?!

Dahna: Not if we can’t break the curse of Xorn. This world was doomed to
destruction long ago. This may sound awful, but Gryph’s death will only speed
up the inevitable.

The conversation continues.

Dahna: They never dare to have hope. That’s how these people come to terms with
the unavoidable… I can understand the reasoning behind it, but what a dreary
philosophy to live by.

The conversation continues.

Yuki: It’s so frustrating to know this place will be destroyed and there’s
nothing we can do about it!

The conversation continues.

Ulf: But bein’ turned into glass must have its good points. You’ll never get
hungry, never get tired, and you can even make friends with the pigeons!

Dahna: Ulf!

Ulf: Geez! Can’t you take a joke?! Don’t gimme that look!

The conversation continues.

Dahna: The scars of this world are much heavier, and much deeper than we can
imagine. If only we could share some of the pain, to relieve them of this heavy

The conversation continues.

Alfina: Emelious and Raven definitely cam here. I’m glad to know at least that

Dahna: But we can’t rest yet. The important thing is to find out what they were
doing here.

Alfina: …… You’re right.

Dahna: The truth is hidden somewhere in this lost world. Let’s trust in Yoat’s
words to guide us.

Alfina: …Right!

The conversation continues.

Dahna: Well, shall we take the butler up on his kind offer and stay here for
the night?

Yuki: Yes, let’s stay.

Dahna: Perhaps we can find some glimpse of hope for these people in our dreams…

The meal conversation has been concluded. The next morning…

Butler: Good morning everyone.

Ulf: Hey. How’s it goin’?

Alfina: Good morning. Uh… Is Hect still…?

Butler: She left early this morning, and said she’ll return tomorrow.

Alfina: Oh… I see…

Yuki: Great. Now what?

Dahna: Where were the two men from our world heading after they came to this

Butler: … A lift on the east side of our town entrance leads to Surmania Zero.
It seems that was their destination.

Dahna: Surmania Zero…

Alfina: Oh! We can follow the path my brother and Raven took.

Yuki’s group exits Hect’s House and takes the lift to the Silver Stream. Yuki’s
group then makes their way to the Doomed Garden. Upon arrival…

Ulf: Huh? This is the only place around that’s green with life.

Alfina: It’s so strange. Almost as if this area is being protected by some sort
of power.

Dahna: It’s small, but quite lovely and well maintained.

Yuki: I wonder who could be living here?

Yuki’s group enters Femuto’s House. Inside, Yuki’s group talks to Femuto.

Femuto: Hm? Well now. What a rare treat! Guests at Femuto’s House, twice in one

Alfina: Um, we’ve come from the other world. We’re trying to find my brother,

Femuto: The other world, you say? Hmm. So that’s why she…

Alfina: Is there a place called Surmania Zero close by?

Femuto: … Travel a bit more until you come to a bleak, dismal area. That’s
Surmania Zero. it was once the most prosperous area in all of the Verse Realm.
Yes… Just like this picture…

The camera shows the painting picture of an area.

Alfina: But… What happened?

Femuto: Surmanians once worshipped Xorn as their supreme Guardian. Hence their
city was ruined by the other Guardians.

Dahna: What?!

Yuki: Are you serious?!

Ulf: No way!

Alfina: Why would the Guardians do such a thing…?!

There was a quick brief pause.

Femuto: I’ll open the path to Surmania for you. It’s best you see the truth
with your own eyes.

Yuki’s group exits Femuto’s House. Outside, Yuki’s group proceeds to Surmania
Zero City Ruins. As Yuki’s group approaches a big crater…

Ulf: Whoa! Now that’s a big hole! There’s nothing left!

Yuki: You mean, the Guardians did this, just to defeat Xorn?

Alfina: What do you think happened here?

Dahna: Let’s go.

Yuki’s group follows the side paths of the crater and eventually reached the
bottom area. At the bottom, Yuki’s group witnessed Hect at the ruined pedestal.

Yuki: Hm? There’s someone there!

Yuki’s group approaches Hect who is kneeling next to the pedestal.

Dahna: Hect?

Hect stands up and faces Yuki’s group.

Alfina: What, are you doing here?

Hect: I know all about your brother. I know what he did.

Alfina: Huh?

Hect: It was the beginning. The beginning of the end.

The camera shows the remains of the pedestal. In Hect’s memory, the camera
shows Raven, Emelious and Hect who appeared near the big crater.

Raven: I can’t believe it. Could the Guardians who protected us so long really
have done this?

Emelious: (slightly approaching) Well now, you know the truth. There nothing
but animals.

The camera shows Hect who seemed unhappy. Later, the camera switches to the
bottom of the crater where the pedestal lies.

Hect: They say that, Xorn left that scar in the Earth.

Emelious: Scar.

Suddenly, Emelious looked at his left hand and notices that his emblem mark on
it starts reacting. Hect gasped as Emelious approaches the pedestal.

Emelious: This is it!

As Emelious is about to pull a claw out of a crystallized stone…

Hect: Uh, please stop him!!

Emelious tries to use his right hand and grab the claw, but it made a bright

Raven: Emelious!

Emelious places his right hand in the crystallize stone.


The bright light pushed Raven and Hect back from the impact. Emelious faces
Raven and Hect holding Xorn’s claw with his right hand.

Emelious: Look Raven! It’s mine! It’s mine at last!!!

Voice of Xorn’s Claw: I have been waiting for you! We will go without a new
future!! Together!!

Emelious: …! We’ll make a new world!!

Hect: He’s got Xorn’s claw!

Raven: Drop it, Emelious!!

Raven charges towards Emelious and tackles him to the floor. As Raven fights to
take Xorn’s claw from Emelious’ right hand…

Raven: Ehh!! Let it go!!!

However, as the fighting continues…

Emelious: GET OFF!!!!

Emelious kicks Raven and Raven is thrown back from the impact.

Emelious: (sigh) You just don’t understand, do you?

Raven: Ehhh!!

Emelious: Very well, then. I’ll be glad to SHOW YOU!!!!

Emelious stabs his left hand with Xorn’s claw into the upper portion that has
an emblem mark. Then, his left hand reacted.

Emelious: Ha, ha, ha!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

Emelious made a giant powerful sword appear on his hands as he holds it in a
fighting stance.

Raven: Stop it Emelious!! You know this isn’t what we wanted!!

Emelious: (wields his sword) SHUT UP!!! The era of the Guardians, is OVER!!!
(holds his sword upwards) NOW I HAVE THE POWER TO RULE!!!

Raven: Uhhh!!! You fool!!!!

Emelious strikes and destroyed the pedestal.


The memory ended and the camera switches to the present.

Hect: They, broke through this seal. And they stole the remains of Xorn.

Hect faces Yuki’s group.

Hect: And so now I’m afraid that… …there is no hope for any of us.

The camera shows Alfina glancing at Hect.

Hect: Emelious… Your brother is… …he’s no longer human.

The camera shows Alfina who holds her ears with her hands.

Alfina: (extremely upset with intense emotion) No more, PLEASE!!!!

Alfina is about to cry.

Alfina: (extremely upset with intense emotion) I just can’t… …LISTEN TO THIS

Yuki: Alfina!

Alfina kneels to floor and is extremely upset with intense emotion.

Alfina: (about to cry) I don’t care, about the truth!!!! I never should’ve COME

Just as Alfina begins crying with intense emotion, Dahna approaches towards
Alfina and as she kneels towards Alfina, Dahna slapped Alfina in the left face.

Hect: !!

Yuki: !!

Dahna: (feeling swindled) Was everything you taught me a LIE??!!! Look at me,

Alfina looks at Dahna as she is also getting upset. Dahna places her left hand
on Alfina’s right shoulder.

Dahna: (about to cry) Understand what I am saying!!

Dahna’s tears came out of her eyes.

Dahna: Stop closing your eyes to the truth!

Alfina: (about to cry) Dahna…

Alfina begins to cry with intense emotion as Dahna comforts her. The camera
shows Hect who witnesses Alfina as she is still crying.

Hect: But why? Why does it matter? Why do you care?

After Alfina cries for a moment, she stopped crying as a single tear came out
of her left eye.

Alfina: (emotionally saddened) Because I love him.

Hect: !!

Alfina stands up and faces Hect.

Alfina: (wiping her tears) You see I…I still love my brother. Even now, I
accept the truth about him. I…I have to.

Hect: …

Hect turns her back towards Yuki’s group and starts playing her violin. The
camera shows Hect, who plays her violin with her eyes closed in sorrow and a
single tear came out of her left eye. Alfina seemed puzzled. Later…

Alfina: Um… Would you like to go back? Together…with us?

Hect: No. I just…

Alfina: …

Dahna: It’s all right. I’m sure she knows how you feel.

Yuki: Let’s go back to Terrarium.

Yuki’s group proceeds to Terrarium. Upon arrival…

Ulf: I wonder if leaving Hect back there was the right thing to do.

Dahna: Everyone needs time alone for a little soul searching at some point in
their life. It’s the right choice for now.

Yuki: We should tell Hect’s butler what happened. He’s probably worried.

Yuki’s group proceeds to Hect’s House. Inside, Yuki’s group talks to the butler.

Butler: Is that so? Miss Hect went to Surmania Zero, did she?

Ulf: She just stood there like a statue, playing away on that fiddle of hers…

Butler: Miss Hect had once vowed to stay away from that godforsaken area. But
she must have had a change of heart when she met you.

Alfina: Yes. I believe that’s true.

Butler: I suspect she’ll be back tomorrow. Please be kind enough to retire here

The next morning…

Butler: Good morning everyone. Won’t you go out to the terrace? The morning air
is crisp and refreshing.

Alfina: She’s back isn’t she! Hect is back!

Butler: !! But… How did you…?

Alfina: Easy. That smile on your face is what gave it away!

Butler: Oh, how embarrassing. I was hoping to pleasantly surprise all of you,

Yuki: So Hect is out on the terrace, huh? Let’s go!

Yuki’s group proceeds to the Terrace. Upon arriving, Yuki’s group talks to
Hect. The camera shows Hect who puts away her violin in a violin briefcase and
closes it.

Yuki: Isn’t that…?

Hect: Yes. I won’t be needing it anymore. There are more important things…than
wasting time mourning the past. You helped me realized that. I realized
something else, too. It wasn’t just Xorn that we just imprisoned here, we
sealed away our hearts as well.

There was a brief pause and then, the camera shows Alfina who seemed to be

Hect: Thank you.

Alfina: Hect…

Alfina holds Hect’s right hand.

Alfina: You’re warm.

Hect: To now and even to cry. To have hope for…the future. If only I could
revive these feelings…in the hearts and minds of my people.

Yuki’s group gathers and places their right hands with Hect and Alfina’s.

Yuki: You can!

Ulf: Yeah, you’ll do it!

Dahna: I know you will!

Suddenly, a bright light emits from their hands.

Yuki: ?!

Ulf: ?! What’s going on?!

The camera shows Hect’s right hand which now has a emblem mark as Hect and
Alfina’s emblem mark reacted.

Alfina: Hect, you… …you’re a… …Communicator too?

Hect nods with a slight smile.

Hect: It’s time for you to return to your own world, now. Go and visit Seiba.
He will help you find the truth.

Yuki’s group exits the Terrace and as they leave Hect’s House…

Butler: It is said that long ago, the Verse Realm and your world were tied
together with powerful bonds. The Communicators of old would keep those bonds
secure as the two of you are doing today.

Alfina: Yes. I believe so.

Butler: A lift at the west end of our town gate leads to an area referred to as
the Eternal Corridor. You’ll find a Versphere at the far end of it that will
send you back to your own world.

Ulf: That’s what I like to hear! See ya later, buddy!

Dahna: Please continue to look after Hect.

Yuki: We’ll be back someday. Next time it’ll be to fly the skies here!

Yuki’s group exits Terrarium and proceeds to the Eternal Corridor. In the next
area, Yuki’s group arrived at the Eternal Corridor Heart where Mother Breed
blocks the way. Yuki’s group fights Mother Breed. After Yuki’s group defeats
Mother Breed, they approach the Versphere.

Dahna: The time is near – to restore to this world what’s been taken away. Our
time has come.

Alfina: M-hm. For this world, and for…

Ulf: Whad’ya say we get back to our world now?

Yuki: Sounds good! Let’s go!

Alfina: We came to terms with Hect, so we can reach Emelious, too. …I just know

Dahna: Yes. Let’s keep believing.

Yuki: You can reach him, Alfina. I just know it.

The camera shows Yuki’s group jumping into the Versphere. After that, Yuki’s
group appeared in Nautica Plains. The camera shows the displayer where Grau is
observing Yuki’s group’s appearances.

Grau: They have returned. From the Verse Realm. Didn’t I tell you, La-Ilim?
Just as we thought.

La-Ilim: Raaaaahhhhh!!!

La-Ilim vanishes from the scene.

Grau: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm!! The ultimate fate…of Emelious’ dream, now rest
solely in your hands. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

The camera views a man’s picture on a wall as Grau laughs. The camera then
switches to Yuki’s group.

Yuki: … Our world is so beautiful, isn’t it?

Alfina: Yes. It really is.

Dahna: The Nautica Plains… Groundwater near here acts as a source for our oasis.

Ulf: So now what? That “Seiba” Hect was talking about is a Guardian, right?
Does he live around here, or what?

Dahna: Wouldn’t that make it easy… !! Wait a minute! That’s it! My sister…!
Ruilia once told me she saw another Guardian, other than Yoat.

Ulf: Which means we’re going back to Baccula, right? Ha! I can eat more kebabs!

Yuki’s group moves on. As Yuki’s group makes their way to the the Dig Site, the
camera shows Yuki’s group walking in an area with a thick fog.

Ulf: Hey, I can’t see a thing! Which way are we suppose to go?

Dahna: I don’t like this. Stay close everyone!

Yuki: Hm? Alfina?!

Voice of Alfina: Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!

Yuki’s group rushes towards the scene where Alfina screamed. The camera shows
Yuki’s group arriving at the scene where La-Ilim grabs Alfina.

Yuki: Let her go!!


La-Ilim continues to touch Alfina’s face with his left arm. Just as this
continues, the camera shows a card thrown towards La-Ilim and struck his right


The camera shows Dahna who had her cards drawn and Alfina rushes towards Yuki’s

Alfina: Yuki!!

Just as Yuki’s group placed themselves in a fighting stance…


The camera shows Alfina’s emblem mark reacting.

Yuki: …! The power of the mark?!

La-Ilim summons the Undead Dragon to the scene. Yuki’s group fights La-Ilim and
Undead Dragon. After Yuki’s group defeats La-Ilim and Undead Dragon, La-Ilim
suddenly roars and then vanishes from the scene. Later…

Yuki: It got away… I think.

Ulf: That thing was controlling an undead beast! That’s nothing to mess with!

Dahna: … My village… Let’s hurry!

Yuki’s group moves on. Yuki’s group manages to get back to the Baccularn Desert
and then to Baccula Settlement. Upon returning…

Dahna: I left Ruilia in charge of the village, but… I wonder if everything’s OK…

Yuki: I’m sure she did fine. …I think. …I hope. …Don’t you think?

Ulf: If it’s bugging you so much why don’t we go ask her? Let’s ask about the
Guardian, too!

Yuki’s group proceeds to the Chief’s Tent. Inside, Yuki’s group talks to Ruilia.

Dahna: Ruilia!

Ruilia: Dahna! I’m so glad you made it back safely.

Dahna: Thank you. And I’m glad to see that you’re looking as well as ever.

Ruilia: So tell me all about it! What happened on your journey?

Dahna: Well… A lot of things… Truly so many things…

Later, after Dahna told everything to Ruilia…

Ruilia: Really? So there’s a Communicator in that world, too.

Dahna: Ruilia, we need you to tell us about that Guardian you once saw. It
could have very well been Seiba, the Guardian whom Hect spoke of.

Ruilia: Well… Actually… I only heard a voice, but…

Alfina: Where did you hear it?

Ruilia: A place called Vejas Jungle. It’s pretty far south of here.

Alfina: Vejas Jungle…

Ruilia: Anyway, you’re staying here tonight, aren’t you? I’ll make you all some

Ulf: Hold it! Hold it! Hehehe… Sorry but, uh… We’ve already made plans to stay
at the Desert Inn. Let’s move people! Before those juicy kebabs get cold!

Yuki’s group exits the Chief’s Tent and proceeds to the Inn. Inside, Yuki’s
group talks to the innkeeper.

Innkeeper: Hehehe… I knew you folks would be back. Can’t get enough of our
scrumptious kebabs… Hooked, are we?

Ulf: Well, I wouldn’t say I’m hooked, but my friend here is a hopeless addict.

Yuki: I’ll never forget that flavor!

Ulf: Heheheheheh! You’re such a pig! Oh well… Guess I might as well join you at
the table.

The meal conversation begins.

Ulf: Mmmmm! Long time no eat, my wonderful, juicy, savory kebabs!

Alfina: It hasn’t been that long.

Dahna: You act as if you’ve reunited with your long lost love…

Yuki: I know how you feel, buddy! Let’s fill up on kebabs tonight to celebrate
our meeting today!

The conversation continues.

Dahna: The way Ulf is eating those kebabs makes them look so delicious. I’m
tempted to try some myself.

Ulf: Of course! They taste great! Dig in, Dahna!

Dahna: No. My diet would be ruined. …I can’t give in to temptation.

The conversation continues.

Alfina: Is it just me, or is something different about this village? I’ve felt
that way ever since we got back.

Dahna: The Chief’s Tent looks really flamboyant now! I never new Ruilia was
drawn to that kind of style.

Yuki: Those wild colors and designs look familiar to me somehow.

Alfina: Me too. I know I’ve seen those colors somewhere before…

The conversation continues.

Yuki: Now I remember! The casino in Sabatar! Where we had the match with Bianca…

Alfina: Yes! In that tent! Um… But how did you…?

That sign in front of the village entrance is the same one we saw in Sabatar.

Dahna: So are you saying this “Bianca” came to Baccula?

Yuki: That couldn’t be right! …Or could it?

The conversation continues.

Dahna: What type of person is Bianca? The two of you seem to know quite a bit
about her.

Yuki: Well… How should I put it… Why don’t you explain, Alfina!

Alfina: Me?! Well, she’s really, uh… I know! She’s very aggressive! Or
maybe…expressive… She’s not afraid to say what she steals—er… …feels!

Dahna: You have a nice way of making your insults seem like compliments, Alfina.

The conversation continues.

Alfina: Oh, it’s not that I meant to speak badly about Bianca…

Dahna: Hahaha! …I’m sorry. You just have a charming innocence about you. Don’t
worry about it, Alfina.

The conversation continues.

Yuki: So Seiba lives in Vejas Jungle… I wonder what Ruilia was doing there.

Dahna: Well, Ruilia and I are complete opposites. We would constantly argue
when we were younger. She’d always end up running away from home, but would
usually come back right away. But that’s how she got there.

Ulf: Sounds like a troublemaker.

The conversation continues.

Alfina: She said she heard the Guardian’s voice… Could that mean Ruilia is
another Communicator?

Dahna: Absolutely not! That’s about as likely as a well-mannered Ulf at the
dinner table!

Ulf: Whad’ya mean by that? *burp*

Dahna: She only heard a cry. No words.

The conversation continues.

Ulf: Whew! I’m stuffed! It’s about time for bed. I’m gonna sleep like a log

Yuki: I’m done. That was delicious!

Dahna: Let’s set out first thing tomorrow. Don’t be late.

The meal conversation has been concluded. The next morning…

Dahna: Finally I can say my sister’s done something constructive… All the way
out to Vejas Jungle…

Alfina: Is it far?

Dahna: Quite far. But I suppose an airplane could get us there quickly.

Yuki: Vejas Jungle, huh… Say no more! I’ll fly us there in no time at all!

Yuki’s group exits the Inn. Yuki’s returns to the airplane and boards it.

Dahna: Vejas is a large jungle just south of the Baccularn Desert. You’d better
find a place to land in advance.

Yuki’s group flies their airplane to Vejas Jungle. Upon landing…

Ulf: Is Seiba really hiding in this jungle somewhere?

Dahna: If we can trust Ruilia’s memory. But I uh…

Alfina: … Let’s go find him, and hear what he has to say.

Yuki’s group moves on. Yuki’s group eventually arrived at Jade Temple. Yuki’s
group eventually made the sealed door opened. Yuki’s group enters the opened
sealed doorway and proceeds to the Caverns. Upon arrival, Yuki’s group
approaches Seiba and talks to him.

Alfina: Seiba! My name is…

Seiba: Ah! I’m glad you made it, Alfina.

Alfina: Huh?

Seiba: Emelious will be here soon. He’s coming to take the of the last

Alfina: (shocked) What?!!

Yuki: So you mean that…!

Dahna: Then…then Yoat is dead??!

Ulf: THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! He just can’t be dead!!!

Alfina: (getting upset) Seiba, why did he chose my brother?! Why did… …Xorn do
this to him?!

Alfina covers her face with her hands and starts to cry softly with emotion.
Yuki approaches Alfina.

Seiba: The answer you seek, is within you, Alfina.

Alfina stops crying and faces Seiba.

Alfina: What?

Seiba: The bonds between people, can cause great sadness and suffering. But,
those bonds are also the greatest of strength.

Alfina: Our greatest strength?

Seiba: Alfina, you are a Communicator. You are also human. The bonds that tied
together, they are your only hope.

Alfina: But Seiba?


Seiba emits flames and created an orb.

Yuki’s group seemed slightly surprised about the orb. Yuki’s group takes
Seiba’s Orb.

Yuki: Both Drak and Yoat gave us guidance on our journey. Seiba, I’m hoping you
can help us as well. What should we do next?

Seiba: Simply believe. Believe in the bonds with those you love.

Dahna: With those you love…

Yuki’s group exits Jade Temple. Outside, as Yuki’s group rushes out of Jade
Temple, a sword was thrown to the ground partially near Yuki’s group’s area as
they stopped running and looked upwards of Jade Temple. The camera shows
Emelious and Raven on the roof fighting as Raven grabs Emelious and holds a
short sword on his right hand.

Dahna: Raven!

Alfina: Emelious!

The camera switches back to Emelious and Raven.

Raven: Emelious, you were going to create a peaceful new world. Tell me. What
happened to that dream of ours?!

Emelious: Hmph. Now, I have the power to do that.

Raven: NO!! Once you got it, Surmania a year old it was.

Emelious: The ultimate power! Xorn’s power!

Infuriated by Emelious, Raven places his short sword in a plunging stance.

Raven: Emelious, my dearest…friend. This is the end.

The camera shows Dahna and Alfina gasped as Raven goes for the kill. Just as
Raven was about to plunge his short sword towards Emelious…

Seiba: My children! You must not put your eyes from the truth!

Seiba appeared at the scene.

Yuki: Seiba.

Emelious freed himself from Raven’s mounting on him and throws a punch to
Raven’s face, knocking him down to the floor of Jade Temple’s entrance.
Emelious jumps high away from the roof.

Raven: Damn you, Emelious!!

Emelious stands on the ledge roof and draws his sword.

Emelious: Finally, we meet! The last…of the Guardians.

Emelious readies his sword and jumps towards Seiba. Yuki’s group rushes towards
Seiba, but…

Voice of Seiba: Alfina, you are a Communicator, but you are also a human.

The camera shows Emelious slashes Seiba’s head with his sword. Then suddenly,
Seiba’s head was sliced off and his body vanishes with glowing lights coming
out of it. We watch a movie of Yuki’s group witnessing Emelious’ intense
accursed action.

Emelious: The false gods have been destroyed. The world is finally purged of
them all.

Emelious raises his sword upwards.


Emelious strikes the ground with his sword and the impact causes a powerful

Raven: No! No don’t!

The tremors created an oval of some portion of the jungle and then, Surmania
came out of the tremor oval as it levitates to the sky. The camera shows
Terrarium where Hect is in the square and the only glowing statue was
destroyed. Hect gasped.

Hect: The site of the battle. Surmania… It’s coming back… …to life. Uhhh…

The camera switches to the mirror reflection of Emelious’ sword and his face is
shown as he speaks.

Emelious: Xorn and I, shall be one. Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm! Soon!

Yuki’s group gasped and then Raven teleported upwards towards Xorn. After that,
Alfina looked very stressed.

Alfina: Emelious…

Alfina fainted.

Yuki: (holds Alfina) Alfina!

Ulf: Huh?! Hey! Are you okay?!

Dahna: Alfina, wake up!

Yuki: Alfina! ALFINA!!!

Later, the camera switches to the nighttime where Yuki’s group sits near a
campfire and Alfina is still unconscious.

Yuki: … I’ll look after Alfina. You two can go to sleep.

Ulf: B-But…!

Dahna: It’s all right, Ulf.

Ulf controls himself.

Dahna: Well then… Thanks, Yuki.

Ulf and Dahna goes to sleep.

Yuki: (glancing at Alfina) … Alfina…

The camera switches to the past of Arcriff in a small three door room.

Alfina: Th-This place is…

Alfina inside her own mind proceeds to the first door. Alfina reminisces the
past of herself as a little girl and with Emelious as a boy. Alfina draws
something on the wall.

Young Alfina: All done!

Young Emelious: Hm?

The camera shows the scribble drawing of both Alfina and Emelious with a red
rose. The camera switches back to Alfina and Emelious where Emelious gently
rubs Alfina’s head. The camera blacks out.

Alfina: That was such a happy time. Emelious and I shared that secret. Just the
two of us.

Alfina proceeds to the second door. Alfina reminisces the past of herself as a
little girl with Emelious as a boy standing on the balcony.

Young Alfina: One half on your hand…and one half on my hand. Two together makes

Emelious looks at his emblem mark on his right hand.

Young Emelious: The Communicator’s mark… Hmph! Who needs it!

Young Alfina: Emelious…?

The camera blacks out.

Alfina: Why, Emelious? Why? The two of us make one, right?

Alfina proceeds to the third door. Alfina reminisces the past where the
ceremony is about to take place.

Young Alfina: Where is he?

Voice of Priest 1: Hey, did you hear the news? No one knows the whereabouts of

The camera shows two priests talking to each other as Alfina as a little girl

Priest 2: Well, today was his first day at the ceremony. He’s probably a little

Priest 1: Right then, let’s split up and run a search. You go that way.

The two priests left the scene.

Young Alfina: Emelious… Where are you?

Later, the camera switches to Emelious, who attempts to hide from the priest.
Alfina approaches Emelious.

Young Alfina: Emelious!

There was a brief pause.

Young Alfina: What is it? Everyone’s so worried…

Young Emelious: ……

Voice of Priest: There you are, Master Emelious!

As the priest approaches Emelious and attempts to grab him, Emelious backs away.

Young Emelious: No! I don’t wanna be a Communicator!

Priest: What are you saying?! That mark on your hand is proof that you were

Young Emelious: (looking at his emblem mark) No! This rotten old mark is just a
lie! Get back!

Just as the priest was about to seize Emelious, the camera brightens and then
drops of blood fell to the floor. The camera shows the priest who is injured
from Emelious’ knife attack. Emelious, tensed up dropped the knife.

Priest: Agh! Ah! Ahhhhh…! Aggggghhh!!

The priest ran away from the scene.

Young Alfina: Emelious!!

The camera blacks out.

Alfina: Emelious always felt he was incomplete… But why? Why isn’t it good
enough for us to be two halves of a whole?!

Suddenly, something being knocked to the floor can be heard. The camera
switches to Alfina back in the room of Arcriff with three doors and the table
has always been knocked to the floor as well as a tapestry, revealing a hidden
doorway. Alfina enters through the hidden doorway. Alfina arrived at the last

Alfina: This is the last door…

Suddenly, Alfina as a little girl appeared at the scene.

Young Alfina: Hey… Were you peering into my mind?

Alfina: Your mind…?! So all this… It must be images from my mind.

Alfina as a little girl blocks the way to the last door.

Young Alfina: You can’t go in here.

Alfina: Why not?! Please let me through!

Young Alfina: No!

Alfina: Why can’t I pass?

Young Alfina: For your own good.

Alfina: My own good? You’re lying!

Just as Alfina approaches the last door, Alfina as a little girl yanks her arm.

Young Alfina: Nooo! Please don’t open it! It’s scary! …too scary…!!

Alfina: (in an outburst) Let go of me!

Alfina as a little girl suddenly, vanishes from the scene as Alfina tries to
get away from her.

Alfina: …I’m sorry. But I’m just… I’m tired of running away.

Alfina opens the last door. Inside, Alfina enters a dark bedroom.

Alfina: Huh? Wh-what? Emelious’ room?!

The camera shows Emelious sitting on a bed, holding a knife with his right hand
and points it near his left hand.

Young Emelious: Alfina, look!

Alfina gasped as she approaches Emelious as a boy who is cutting his emblem
mark on his left hand.

Young Emelious: Look! See this?

Emelious shows Alfina his left hand that is bleeding on the right side of the
emblem mark.

Young Emelious: I’m finally free. Now, no one can save the night! Have no
mercy! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

As Emelious continues to laugh, Alfina got tensed up and then holds her head.


The camera switches to the campfire area in Vejas Jungle where Alfina is not
there at the scene. Yuki suddenly woke up.

Yuki: Oh no! I must’ve dozed off! !! She’s gone!

Yuki stands up.

Yuki: Alfina!

As Yuki kept searching for Alfina…

Yuki: …

Yuki approaches the next area where Alfina stands near the fountain.

Yuki: Alfina?

Alfina faces Yuki.

Alfina: (extremely upset with gradual outburst) Why??!! Why doesn’t he want to
be connected to me???!!!! Why would he…WANT TO HURT HIMSELF LIKE THAT??!!!!!!!
WHY WOULD HE LOVE THE WAY HE DID????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuki: (in an outburst) SNAP OUT OF IT, ALFINA!!!!!!!

Yuki holds Alfina’s shoulder as Alfina tries to calm herself.

Alfina: The Guardians are all dead, now…

There was a brief pause.

Alfina: I’m the only one… …who can save my brother. (emotionally upset) I…I
have to go!!

Just as Alfina runs away from the scene…

Yuki: Wait, Alfina!!!!

Yuki grabbed Alfina’s right arm just as she was about to flee.

Yuki: I can’t imagine what Emelious…is going through. But… But I’m sure I can
help! LET ME!!

Yuki and Alfina starts embracing each other. After a brief moment, a bright
light appears out of the sky.

Guardian’s Voice: Yes. Helping one another. That is the true power of the bonds
between you. It is time to open the gates. The gates to Melc.

The bright light vanishes in the sky.

Alfina: A Guardian’s voice. Yuki! There’s a Guardian, still alive somewhere!

Alfina giggles.

Yuki: Yes!

The next morning, Yuki’s group appears in the Vejas Jungle Outskirts.

Dahna: It’s nice to see you’re up and around again, Alfina.

Alfina: I’m so sorry for worrying everyone.

Ulf: Hey, look on the bright side. Now we know there’s still a Guardian out
there, right?

Dahna: Shhhhh! He doesn’t know what he’s saying!

Yuki: Huh?! How’d you know that, Ulf?

Ulf: Oh… …sorry Dahna. Couldn’t keep my trap shut.

Alfina: So, if both of you were awake all that time, then…

Dahna: No no no! We didn’t see a thing. Nothing at all! heheh.

Yuki: …

Dahna: Uh… …anyway… We have to go to Melc, right? All we know is that it’s
somewhere up in the sky. But we can find it!

Yuki’s group boards the airplane.

Alfina: A Guardian we’ve never seen… We’ll get to Melc, I know it. No matter
what it takes…

Yuki’s group flies to the floating area called Melc Ruins. Upon landing, Yuki’s
group glances at Melc Ruins and the camera shows Melc Ruins all around. Yuki’s
group enters the now opened door and proceeds inside the Entrance. Upon
arrival, Yuki’s group fights Melc Crystals. After Yuki’s group defeats Melc
Crystals, they move on to the next area. Yuki’s group makes their long way to
the Hall of Flight. After arriving, Yuki’s group opens the sealed door and
takes the lift up to the Guardian’s Tomb. Upon arrival, a dolphin like creature
appeared at the scene.

Yuki, Alfina, Ulf and Dahna: …! Woah!!

Unama: I am Unama. Long have I waited here in the hall of lost time.

The Guardian’s voice previous from the scene of Vejas Jungle will be known as
Unama from this point on.

Unama: I’ve waited for the arrival of someone who no longer has need of a

Alfina: …

Unama: You are the last of the Communicators, Alfina. The power of eternity is
already yours.

Alfina: The power of eternity?

Unama: That is right. Something so powerful, that even death cannot stop it.
Alfina, your time as a Communicator is done.

Alfina: …!!

Unama: Something horrible is being reborn in Surmania. And you are the only
ones who are capable of stopping it. I saw this as I swam through the ebon flow
of time.

Unama transform into an orb and the orb lands on Alfina’s hands.

Alfina: Unama, waited here for eons. Believing that someday we would come. Now,
she could rest at last.

Yuki: Alfina! Let’s go!

Alfina: Yes!

Dahna: Yes!

Ulf: Right!

Yuki’s group automatically returns to the Entrance.

Ulf: Now that we’ve made it this far, all that’s left is to find Alfina’s
brother, right?

Dahna: Surmania is in the sky as well. It looks like we’ll have to rely on a
plane again.

Yuki’s group exits Melc Ruins Entrance. Outside…

Ulf: So if Surmania’s up in the sky, how are we supposed to find it? The sky’s

Yuki: For now, we go up! Up as high as this baby can take us!

Dahna: Wait Yuki! Emelious may see Surmania as his final trump card. If we’re
going in there, we better prepare for the worst.

Yuki: … Don’t worry, that’s the plan.

Yuki’s group boards the airplane.

Yuki: Surmania is somewhere up there in the sky! I’ll take this plane as far as
she can get us!

Yuki: Huh? I see it! Over there!

Alfina: Huh?

Dahna: Huh?

Ulf: Huh?

The camera views the floating area of Surmania.

Yuki: I’m going in!

Yuki’s group flies towards Surmania. Meanwhile, the camera switches to the
chamber of Xorn where Emelious stands near the window of Xorn’s unborn body
while La-Ilim, Grau, Kornell and Violetta watches.

Kornell: Are we really inside that giant cocoon? Xorn will be reborn here?

Violetta: Shh! Shut up and watch!

The camera shows Emelious who speaks to Xorn.

Emelious: Your rebirth is upon us!! XORRRNNNN!!!!

Xorn starts reacting.

Emelious: …! That’s right! That’s right!!

Suddenly, red roots appeared from the window and impales several portions of
Emelious’ body as everyone gasped from witnessing it. Emelious however, is
still alive.

Emelious: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Yes, Xorn! You’re going to create a whole new
world for us! SHOW IT TO ME!!

Suddenly, a red root appeared from the window and impaled Emelious’ forehead.

Violetta: (horrified) I can’t stand it! Emelious… I must…I must see for myself.

Emelious is somehow still alive.


The camera switches to a place where everything is crystallized with Emelious
standing and watching. As everything including Emelious becomes crystallized,
the camera switches back to the present where Emelious is still alive.

Emelious: I have seen… …the perfect future. Perfect.

The camera shows Emelious’ mouth where he makes an evil smile. Later, the
camera switches back to Yuki’s group who has already landed in Surmania.

Ulf: Wow… An entire city floating in the sky…

Alfina: Emelious is here…somewhere in this ruined city.

Yuki’s group moves on. Yuki’s group eventually made their way to the Chapel.
Just as Yuki’s group could approach any further to the other area…

???: Let me put this simply. I hate your guts. It’s only natural, isn’t it? I
mean, Emelious belongs to me.

The mysterious voice was Violetta all along.

Violetta: And you’re in the way!!

Yuki’s group fights Violetta. After Yuki’s group defeats Violetta…

Violetta: …Heheheh… Heeheehee… Hahahahaha!

Yuki: What are you talking about?!

Violetta: You finally made it. Let me tell you a little secret for all your
hard work. (to Alfina) Your brother, whom you adore so much, isn’t here
anymore! He took a little trip… To a world you can never get to!

Alfina: (upset) No! You’re lying!

Violetta stands up.

Violetta: You can’t save him!! Emelious is going to bond with me!! He’s mine!

Violetta tried to wield her scythe towards Yuki, but Yuki evaded as Violetta
ran away from the scene.

Yuki: Stop!!

Dahna: Don’t listen to her, Alfina. They must be here… I just know it!

Alfina: Emelious…

Yuki’s group moves on to the next area. Meanwhile, the camera switches to the
night of the Courtyard.

Raven: What is this monstrosity? Is this what you’re after? Is this what you
really wanted?

Raven takes out a broken portion of Xorn’s claw.

Raven: Emelious, I tried to stop you and ended up with only this.

Raven reminisces the past of Surmania before the crisis with Emelious started.

Raven: Drop it, Emelious!

Emelious: Get off!

Raven stops reminiscing and the camera shows Raven looking at Xorn’s broken
claw that he is holding.

Raven: Xorn’s claw. It’s turned you into something inhuman. It’s that Demon
Sword. Xorn’s power has driven you mad.

Suddenly, Emelious appeared at the scene and Raven draws his short swords.

Emelious: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Raven and Emelious strikes each other’s swords as they start sword fighting on
the roof. Then, just as Raven and Emelious struggles from clashing with each
other’s sword…

Emelious: Boring! Just as pathetic as I thought!

Emelious shoves his sword towards Raven’s short swords, causing Raven to fall,
but he grabbed a ledge with his right hand.

Emelious: How sad. You’ll never get the chance, to see the world… …that we both

Emelious attempts to use a downward cleave attack from his sword towards Raven,
but Raven vanished unexpectedly.

Emelious: …? What?

Raven teleported to another roof tower and with Xorn’s claw held in his right
hand, he stabs his left hand with it.

Raven: Eehhh… I’ll do anything to stop you. Anything! Even THIS!!!

A large sword suddenly appeared on Raven’s grasped.

Emelious: Impossible! That sword!

Raven readies his sword and is about to fight Emelious. The camera switches
back to Yuki’s group where they continue to move on to the next area. Yuki’s
group manages to arrive in the Courtyard. In the Courtyard, swords clashing can
be heard as Yuki’s group approaches the Entrance.

Yuki: …?! What’s that sound?!

Alfina: Uh, Yuki!!

Yuki’s group glanced at the higher area where Raven and Emelious kept on sword
fighting. Yuki’s group gasped from seeing it.

Dahna: Raven!

The camera shows Emelious and Raven who eventually stepped back from each other
and then places themselves in a one-hit kill fighting stance.



Raven jumps upwards towards Emelious and Emelious stands and as they both made
their final attack, a bright flash appeared on the camera and then, Raven was
fatally injured from Emelious’ sword purging.

Emelious: Raven.

Raven: (fatally wounded) Uh…

Emelious: I’m afraid you weren’t cut out to be a god.

Raven: Hm, hm, hm, hm…

Emelious: What’s so funny?

Emelious takes his sword out of Raven’s fatally wounded body. The camera shows
Xorn, with Raven’s clashed out sword being stabbed to it, making it leak out
green blood.

Emelious: (pissed off) Uh?! Raven! RAVEENNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Raven gets up with the last ounce of his strength.

Raven: (dying) Farewell… My friend…

Raven falls off of the roof and the camera shows Dahna, who desperately runs
towards Raven is he falls to the floor.

Dahna: RAVEN!!

Raven landed on the floor of the Courtyard and as Dahna approached him, she
kneeled to the floor with intensely deep sadness and starts crying softly as
she tries to muffle her mouth with her hand. Suddenly, Raven still has some
breath left as he glances at Dahna.

Raven: (dying) I… I’ve been corrupted… …by Xorn’s power…

Dahna: (intensely saddened and about to cry) Raven… You know that I… I love
you… I loved you… …always!! I’ve always loved you!!!

Dahna starts crying a little as she tries to muffle her mouth with her hand.
Raven, who is dying, gently places his right hand on Dahna’s left face as Dahna
holds them.

Raven: (dying) Dahna… Dahna… ……… …Thank you…

Just as Dahna lets go of his hand, Raven stopped breathing and died at the

Dahna: (starting to cry) Raven…?! RAVENNNN!!!!!!

Dahna started crying on Raven’s lifeless body with intense emotional sadness.
Yuki, Alfina and Ulf looked unhappy. After Dahna cries for a brief moment, she
stops crying and gave one last kiss to Raven. Suddenly, Raven’s body became
crystallize glass and as it shatters, it rises to the air. Afterwards, Dahna
stands up.

Dahna: At last…

Dahna faces Yuki’s group.

Dahna: At last… Raven and I are one.

Yuki’s group understands Dahna and her emotions and they move on to the next
area. Yuki’s group arrived at the Entrance and as they move on, La-Ilim blocks
the way and summons the Undead Dragon. Yuki’s group fights La-Ilim and Undead
Dragon. After Yuki’s group defeats La-Ilim and Undead Dragon…

La-Ilim: My time has come, to return to darkness…

La-Ilim’s entire body vanishes from the scene. Yuki’s group moves on to the
next area. Yuki’s group takes the life to the Top of Cursed Tower. As Yuki’s
group opens the red rooted door, we watch a movie of Emelious near the window
of Xorn’s unborn body.

Emelious: (pissed off) WHY???!!! You’ve come this far!!! Why haven’t you been

As Emelious looks at himself at his sword, Violetta appeared at the scene.

Violetta: Isn’t it obvious?

Violetta wraps her arm around Emelious’ shoulder.

Violetta: It just needs love. Our love.

Violetta approaches the window of Xorn’s unborn body.

Violetta: Xorn! Alright then, come to me! Xorn!

Suddenly, red roots appeared from the window and impales several portions of
Violetta’s body.

Violetta: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Suddenly, a red root impaled Violetta’s forehead.

Violetta: (dying) What?!

Violetta’s body became crystallize glass.

Violetta: (getting lifelessly crystallized) Emelious…!!!! Ahhhh!!!

Violetta’s body is completely crystallized and her body shatters into pieces as
she is no more. The camera shows Emelious who approaches Violetta’s crystallize
glass shard fragments.

Emelious: Hm. I guess you weren’t good enough for him, Violetta. But, you are
beautiful, even now.

The camera switches to Yuki’s group who approaches Emelious.

Alfina: Emelious!

Emelious faces Yuki’s group and starts to growl from seeing Alfina.

Alfina: (tensed up) Don’t do this! Please, I beg you!!!!

As Alfina covers her face from stress…

Emelious: Alfina, you decided to come.

Emelious draws his sword and readies it. Just as Alfina was going to approach

Yuki: (blocks Alfina’s way) NO, ALFINA!!!! We have to fight him!!!!

Alfina: EMELIOUS!!!

Yuki’s group fights Emelious. Before the battle starts…

Alfina: (referring to the God Slayer sword) The power that killed Gryph… It
must not be released! Be careful, everyone!!

Yuki’s group begins the fight. In the midst of the fight, Yuki’s group managed
to prevent Emelious from using the God Slayer all that time. After Yuki’s group
defeats Emelious, we watch a movie of Emelious, kneeling from his defeat and
his God Slayer sword is destroyed.

Yuki: That’s enough, Emelious!! Give up!!!

Emelious regained his sense.

Alfina: Emelious.

Just as Alfina approaches Emelious, Alfina’s emblem mark reacted. Alfina kneels
towards Emelious.

Alfina: Let’s go home. Just… …don’t leave me again. Never!

There was a brief pause.

Alfina: We’ll be together.

Just as Alfina and Emelious are about to leave together, Emelious’ emblem mark
reacted and revealed his cut near the emblem mark.

Emelious: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Alfina: Emelious!!

As Emelious grasped his pain, he reacted evil again.

Emelious: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Emelious uncontrollably grabs Alfina by her neck.

Yuki: (in an outburst) Alfina!!! HEY, LET HER GO NOW!!!!!!!

Yuki with his sword drawn charges towards Emelious, red roots suddenly crashes
into the scene, blocking Yuki’s way.

Yuki: (in an outburst) ALFINA!!!!!!

Alfina: YUKI!!!!!

Emelious kept Alfina in a headlock.

Emelious: Alfina! At last, he will be reborn!!

The camera shows Surmania gradually crumbling into pieces. Yuki continue to
attack the red roots, but it had no effect.

Yuki: Alfina! ALFINA!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly, a white serpent dragon appeared at the scene and Emelious who holds
Alfina in a headlock gets on it. Suddenly, Yuki and Ulf were thrown back from
one of the red roots blocks their way.

Alfina: YUKI!!!!!!

The white serpent dragon escapes with Emelious holding Alfina and Grau.

Ulf: Yuki!!

Yuki’s group approaches the area that the white dragon serpent came out of.

Yuki: ALFINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuki’s group immediately escapes from the scene. As Surmania starts releasing
red roots towards the villages, Yuki’s group got away with their airplane and

Ulf: Yuki!!!

Yuki’s group pursuits after the white serpent dragon.

Yuki: ALFINA!!!!!

Alfina: YUKI!!!

Just as Yuki was about to reach and grab Alfina’s arm, the sky suddenly gets
covered in red roots and then, Yuki’s airplane’s Flight Unit lost its power as
his plane goes down.

Yuki: Just a little closer!!! C’MON!!! C’MON!!!!!

Emelious: Hm, hm.


Yuki’s airplane goes down and suddenly, the camera shows the red roots
surrounding the entire world and village and as it crashes through town, most
of the people and villagers became crystallize glass. Afterwards, the camera
switches to Yuki’s group without Alfina landed in Raflid Alps.

Yuki: Dammit! Why?! Why won’t she start up?!

Ulf: Shiba’s acting strange, too. He must’ve gotten injured.

Yuki: There’s no power, that’s all. All I have to do is charge up the Flight
Unit, and we’re good. I know it!

Dahna: I saw a small town from up in the sky. This path should get us there

Yuki: Let’s move! I’ll get us airborne again! Trust me!

Yuki’s group proceeds to Raflid Town. Upon arrival, the camera shows Yuki’s
group approaching throught the entrance where there were several Flight Units
scattered together.

Cynical Pilot: Humph. That one’s no good. Dead as a doorknob, just like the
rest of them.

Yuki: Huh? Uh, no. We just have to recharge them, that’s all.

Pilot: Hey, you stupid kid! You think we didn’t try already?! Of course we did!

The pilot snatches the Flight Unit from Yuki’s hands and throws it further away.

Yuki: Hey! Why’d you do that??!!!

As Yuki chases after the rolling Flight Unit, the camera shows Rotts who caught
it just in time.

Yuki: Huh? Rotts, is that you?! What are you doing here?!

Rotts smiles a little and then after that…

Rotts: It’s been a while, Yuki! What happened to No. 19? Did she get you to the

Yuki: That story can wait. Just look at this, Rotts! My Flight Unit, it’s…!

Rotts: I know. It’s because of that sky.

Yuki approaches Rotts.

Yuki: You’ve gotta help me, Rotts! I have to get back up in the air! Now!

Rotts: (places his hands in the air) Sheesh! Take it easy, Yuki. You’re as
pushy as ever I see… I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I might be able to get this
Flight Unit to work.

Yuki: Really?!

Rotts: Maybe. Anyway, I’ll take it to the workshop just outside of town. Meet
me there!

Yuki’s group proceeds to the Temporary Workshop. As Yuki’s group approaches the
Temporary Workshop, Rotts came out looking down.

Yuki: Rotts!

Rotts did not respond and walks away.

Yuki: Hey! Rotts…

Rotts: What the… What’s with him?

Yuki: ……

Yuki by himself enters the Temporary Workshop. Inside, Yuki saw a charging
machine for Flight Unit and as he turns it on, there was no power for the
Flight Unit.

Voice of Schmidt: It’s no good.

Yuki: Schmidt?! You’re here, too?!

Schmidt shuts off the charging device.

Yuki: You’ve got to help me! I have to fly and rescue Alfina!

Schmidt: Forget about it.

Yuki: Schmidt, what’s with you?! It’s not like you to just give up so easily.

Schmidt: That’s enough, kid!!

Yuki: LISTEN!!! Maybe if you didn’t spend all your time flying you know what
it’s like to love someone!!

Schmidt: Raagghh!!!

Schmidt gave a straight punch to Yuki’s face and Yuki was knocked to the floor.

Schmidt: A real pilot, has no time for “love”.

Yuki stands up.

Yuki: (had enough) I was wrong about you. Hmph!

As Yuki left the scene, Schmidt who has lost all hopes, sit on the bed and
glances at the photo of a woman. Outside…

Ulf: How’d it go?

Yuki: … We’ve gotta find Rotts!

Yuki searches for Rotts. After Yuki sees Rotts sitting on a bunch of piled logs…

Yuki: Hey!

Yuki approaches Rotts.

Yuki: C’mon, Rotts! We’ve got to do something!

Rotts: If Schmidt can’t do anything, no one can.

Yuki angrily grabs Rotts’ sleeve.

Yuki: Hey! That doesn’t sound anything like you! (shakes Rotts) What happened
to your backbone?!

Rotts: Hmph. Listen, you can’t fly without power, can you? What about you,
Yuki? Did somethin’ happen inside that brain of yours?

Yuki: Huh?!!

As Yuki continues to grab Rotts with anger, Yuki and Rotts suddenly fell off
the piled logs and landed on the ground where the logs are scattered.

Rotts: Uh… Uh…

Yuki: Ow!

As Yuki and Rotts laid on the ground, Yuki looks at the bird in the sky.

Yuki: Look. I wish I was a bird.

Rotts: Yeah. If only we could fly like birds.

As Yuki and Rotts get up, they came up with a plan.

Yuki and Rotts: A glider!! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh!

Later, the camera shows Yuki, Ulf and Rotts attempting to build a glider plane.
Then suddenly, a violin can be heard playing.

Ulf: Huh? Hey Yuki! Isn’t that…?

Yuki turns around.

Yuki: Wh-wha…?

Yuki saw a Versphere. Yuki and Ulf approach the Versphere. Upon arriving, Hect
who plays her violin and Dahna stands there as Yuki and Ulf rushes toward the

Yuki: Hect!

The Versphere vanishes.

Yuki: Wh-What are you doing here?

Hect: The mark showed me the way.

Hect’s emblem mark appeared on her right hand.

Dahna: Oh.

Hect: Xorn’s rebirth, is not yet complete.

Yuki’s group slightly gasped.

Hect: Alfina is putting up a strong fight.

Yuki: Alfina is?

Dahna: Huh?

Hect reacted to the emblem mark as it continues to glow. We watch a movie of
the past where Emelious takes Alfina through the Cursed Tower.

Hect: (reminiscing) The mark of the Communicator, have been preventing Xorn’s
rebirth. Yes. The power of the Communicator is split between brother and sister.

Emelious and Alfina approach the red rooted door.

Alfina: (seemed excited) This is…! I feel better!

Emelious: Mm.

Alfina: How long has it been since we’ve been… …together like this?

Emelious: …!

Emelious lets go of Alfina’s hand.

Alfina: What is it?

There was a brief pause.

Alfina: You’re afraid, right?

Emelious: Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

Emelious embraces Alfina.

Emelious: I love you, Alfina.

Alfina: Emelious, I won’t leave you again!

Emelious gets the picture and he and Alfina proceeds through the red rooted
door where Grau awaits.

Grau: Master Emelious. Miss Alfina. At last, your two marks…will be united as

The camera shows Alfina who glances at Xorn’s unborn body.

Hect: (reminiscing) Yes, it’s true. Xorn is about to be reborn. But Alfina, is
fighting it.

As Alfina continues to prevent Xorn from being born, the camera switches back
to the present where Yuki’s group has already finished building a glider plane
and Yuki with his pilot goggles already boarded the glider plane.

Rotts: Yuki? You’ve gotta find an updraft. And we just threw this thing
together, so if you even make one mistake…

Yuki: I’ll be fine, Rotts. I have got my wings now.

Rotts: Huh?

Yuki: Thanks to everyone’s help! You’ll all be with me, as I go after Alfina!

Rotts: Yuki…

Rotts gave Yuki the thumb and Yuki’s other group gave him the thumb as well.

Yuki: Take off!!

Yuki takes off with his glider plane and then, Yuki’s glider plane flew up.

Yuki: An updraft.

As Yuki was about to go up towards Xorn Shell, Yuki’s glider plane suddenly
goes down.


Yuki’s glider plane crashes into the Mountain Slope. Yuki, who is on the floor
gets up and is wounded.

Yuki: (wounded) Again! Gotta…try again…!!

Yuki moves on to the next area. Then, Yuki witnessed something that he is
approaching by.

Yuki: Hm? What’s that?

Yuki saw and takes the Necklace from the stone.

Yuki: What’s a necklace doing out here?

Yuki proceeds to Raflid Town. Meanwhile in Raflid Town, the camera shows Ulf
and Rotts talking to each other.

Ulf: I wonder if Yuki made it in one piece…

Rotts: …We can only hope.

Ulf: …Yeah.

Suddenly, the camera shows Yuki who enters Raflid Town and suddenly collapsed.

Ulf: Yuki!

Later, Ulf and Rotts checks on Yuki.

Ulf: You alright, man?!

Rotts: C’mon… Hang in there, Yuki!

Yuki: (badly wounded) I’ll… …make another glider… Again! Gotta… …fly again…!!

Yuki lost his conscience.

Rotts: Yuki!

Ulf: You’ve gotta get him to the inn for me, OK?

Rotts: Hm? What’s this?

Ulf: What the…

Rotts: Where’d he get this?

Ulf takes the Necklace from Yuki’s possession.

Ulf: You know what… I’m gonna pay that old man a visit!

Later, the camera shows the inside of the Temporary Workshop where Ulf, Dahna
and Hect came inside.

Ulf: Hey, old man!!

Schmidt: It’s late. Go away.

Ulf: (mad) Don’t give me that! Look, I want to know why you won’t built Yuki a

Schmidt: The skies of the time for flying is over. It’s time to rest.

Ulf: (pissed off) THAT’S CRAP!!

Ulf approaches the other side of the table where Schmidt is near and slams his
hands towards the table.

Ulf: Yuki has to fly!! (about to get frustrated) He just… …has to!!

Ulf slams his right fist on the table in frustration.

Ulf: Please… You see… Yuki’s in love with her.

Schmidt suddenly notices the Necklace on Ulf’s right wrist.

Schmidt: Hey!! Where did you get this??!!!

Schmidt snatched the Necklace from Ulf and as Schmidt holds it, he looked at it
and became tensed up with heartbreaking emotion. The camera shows the woman’s
photo that also had the same Necklace. Dahna approaches Schmidt and places her
left hand on his right shoulder.

Dahna: You loved her a lot, didn’t you?

Then, Schmidt started to cry. As he continues to cry, he kneels to the floor
and the camera shows tears coming out of Schmidt’s eyes as he continues crying
and the camera switches to the outside area of the Temporary Workshop. Later,
the camera shows Schmidt, who sits in a seat next to the bad where Yuki is
still unconscious holding a photo of a woman who Schmidt once loved.

Schmidt: I wasn’t able to save her… My pilot instincts told me, not to fly that
day. That’s right, I didn’t fly, even though I could have. Truth is, I still
haven’t found the courage. I haven’t flung since that day.

As Schmidt quietly puts away the photo, Yuki suddenly regain consciousness and
woke up.

Yuki: Schmidt?!

Schmidt: Huh, huh. In the mountains, is the last plane I ever flew. It’s old,
and it doesn’t use a Flight Unit.

Yuki: (about to get excited) Schmidt, you mean…?!

Schmidt stands up.

Schmidt: It should fly. Heh, heh, heh, heh.

Schmidt gave Yuki the thumb. The next morning, Yuki’s group appeared at the Inn.

Yuki: It’s strange, but we never had a chance to properly introduce ourselves,

Dahna: Thank you for coming, Hect. It was very thoughtful of you.

Ulf: Hey there. My name’s Ulf. Call me “Ulf” for short.

The camera shows Hect who kept flapping her wings.

Ulf: … Either she didn’t get my joke or she’s not listening…

Hect: Oh! Sorry… Um… I’m Hect. It’s nice to meet you.

Yuki: Haha! Thanks for coming.

There was a brief pause.

Ulf: Hey, are you doin’ OK? I mean, you were a real mess yesterday.

Yuki: Schmidt came and told me something last night. He said there’s an old
plane up in the mountains that can fly. When I heard that, my pain, my fatigue,
it just vanished.

Ulf: Hahaha! Sounds just like you!

Dahna: There’s a small gate along the river here that leads to the mountains.
Let’s go!

Hect joins Yuki’s group and they exit the Inn. Yuki’s group proceeds to Raflid
Alps Northern Mountains. Upon arriving, Yuki’s group examines the plane that
doesn’t use a Flight Unit.

Yuki: This is it. The last plane Schmidt ever flew – the Crystal Rose.

Ulf: Crystal Rose? Ha! What kinda name is that?

Yuki: A great name! This plane’s flown in and won countless tournaments! She’s

Hect: Can this really fly? It looks much heavier than then wooden glider you

Yuki: She can fly like an eagle! Up above the clouds, above everything! Just

Later, the camera switches to Raflid Town where the Crystal Rose is already
placed in the takeoff zone and Rotts and Yuki glances at it.

Yuki: Ohh!! Woooaaaahhhh!!!! Incredible!! I’ve never seen a plane that doesn’t
use a Flight Unit!! Are you sure this thing will fly?!

Schmidt: Boys, step aside!!

Schmidt passes through Yuki and Rotts, knocking them both down as Schmidt
approaches the Crystal Rose. With his pilot goggles on, Schmidt pulls and turns
the propeller as it spins very hard.

Yuki: Wooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Rotts: Oh wow!!!

Schmidt: I want you to make out for the mistake that I made, kid.

Schmidt takes out his necklace.

Schmidt: My hand will watch over you.

Schmidt boards his Crystal Rose.

Yuki: Schmidt, I…


Ulf: Uh… Yuki? Are you sure that hunk o’ junk is gonna fly?

Yuki: She’ll fly. It’ll probably take all night to fix her up though.

Yuki’s group proceeds to the Inn. Upon entering, Yuki’s group talks to the

Innkeeper: Hey there! I heard you’re planning to take off in that huge airplane

Yuki: Whoa! Word gets around fast in this town.

Innkeeper: I’ll betcha can’t wait. Get a good night’s rest here, and tomorrow
will be here before you know it!

Yuki: OK. I’ll stay the night here!

Innkeeper: OK then. Sleep tight!

The next morning, Yuki’s group exits the Inn and outside, Yuki’s group talks to

Schmidt: I’m all set. How are you doin’ kid?

Yuki: I’m ready to roll!

Schmidt: Right! I like that spirit! Sounds like you’ve got what it takes to be
a decent pilot! Get in, kid! I’m gonna show you how it’s done!

Yuki: Right!

Later, the camera shows Yuki’s group in their newly rebuilt airplane with two
additional passenger seats includes a protective canopy for Dahna and Hect
roped to Schmidt’s Crystal Rose airplane and Schmidt prepare to takeoff.

Schmidt: Take off!

The airplanes take off. We watch a movie of Schmidt flying his Crystal Rose
towards Xorn’s Shell while Yuki’s airplane is still roped to the Crystal Rose.
After they get high enough…

Schmidt: We should be high enough for him to fly now.

The Crystal Rose releases the rope that was attached to Yuki’s airplane.

Schmidt: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Let’s just hope that you don’t regret this,
kid! Ah, ha, ha, ha!

Yuki’s airplane follows the Crystal Rose as Schmidt used his piloting abilites
to fly through various whirlwinds.

Yuki: Look! No wonder, he’s a “legend”!

Ulf: Uhh!! Man, I’m telling you that old man is out of his mine!

Yuki: No! He should show me the right way, that’s all! See?!

As Yuki’s group kept following Schmidt’s Crystal Rose…

Schmidt: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Alright, kid! See if you can keep up!

As they continue to fly towards Xorn Shell, Yuki watches the Crystal Rose
flying and then suddenly, the Crystal Rose’s engines was caught on fire.

Yuki: Schmidt!!!

As Schmidt’s Crystal Rose is about to go down…

Schmidt: Stay back!!!! If you come down, you’ll never get back up!!! Yuki,
spread your wings!!!!!

Schmidt gave Yuki’s group the thumb.

Yuki: Schmidt, nooo!!!!!

Schmidt’s Crystal Rose goes down and away from the scene.


With an outburst Yuki flies his airplane through the red roots of Xorn Shell.
Yuki’s group all shouted in fear from the airplane’s fast movement. Suddenly,
Yuki’s airplane arrived inside Xorn Shell and Yuki seemed horrified.


Later, Yuki’s group successfully landed at the Breach Point.

Yuki: Hect! Do you have any idea where Alfina is?!

Hect: I can feel her presence from quite a distance. She’s…up so high. She’s in
that spire.

Yuki: Over there? Hang on, Alfina!

Yuki’s group moves on. On their way, Yuki’s group fights Omega Breed. After
Yuki’s group defeats Omega Breed, they move on to the next area. In the next
area, Yuki’s group fights another Omega Breed. After Yuki’s group defeats the
second Omega Breed…

Hect: Looks at that! If you destroy that nucleus, you can clear the sky of
Xorn’s roots! Every one of them!

Ulf: Yeah! Let’s take that thing out with a bang, Yuki!

Yuki’s group approaches the nucleus and Yuki uses his sword to strike the eye
of the nucleus. After Yuki destroyed the nucleus, the red roots surrounding the
skies crumbled. The camera shows the pilots in Raflid Alps who are very excited
and happy that the horrifying looks of the red roots in the skies disappeared
and then, the Flight Units became operable again. The camera shows Rotts
looking up in the sky.

Rotts: Yuki! You did it!

The camera shows upwards in the sky and than, the camera switches to Yuki’s
group in Xorn Shell in Surmania Ruin Entrance.

Yuki: The sky… Our old sky is back… It’s back to normal!

Ulf: Yeehaw! That felt good! Now this is more like it!

Hect: I can’t see well from here, but the sky in your world…it must be

Dahna: It truly is. I’d love to show you, Hect.

Ulf: We can get back to our world now! With that glider!

Yuki: Maybe so, but right now we have to worry about Alfina! Let’s get to that

Yuki’s group proceeds towards the Ruins Entrance. As they approach the Ruins
Entrance, Yuki’s group witnessed Xorn’s unborn body.

Dahna: Xorn!

Hect: There is still be time left.

Yuki: Hm?

Ulf: Is someone up there?

Yuki glances at the tall tower where he slightly notices Alfina who has her
arms roped widely to the side poles where Emelious stands.

Yuki: Alfina!

Yuki’s group rushes into the Underground Maze. As they navigate their way,
Yuki’s group then fell into the collapsed ground. After that, the camera blacks
out and we watch a movie of the top of the tower where Alfina is roped to the
poles and then woke up. Alfina became feared from glancing Xorn’s unborn body.

Grau: Congratulations, Emelious. Xorn, will be reborn at last. That means the
worlds of our hopes and dreams, will soon be upon us. And you’ll be rewarded,
for all of your sufferings.

Emelious looks at his left hand emblem mark.

Emelious: Yes.

Emelious pulls out a knife and approaches Alfina. As Emelious approaches
Alfina, he cuts off the rope on Alfina’s right hand.

Emelious: Xorn and I are alike! We are both, still incomplete. But, uh…

Emelious grabs and holds Alfina’s right arm and looks at her emblem mark.

Emelious: Very soon, you’ll make us both complete. At last, Xorn and I will be
as one, like I always wanted!

Suddenly, Emelious and Alfina’s emblem marks reacted as one.

Emelious: XORN!!!! At last, I am you!

Alfina looks at Emelious with emotion.

Alfina: Emelious, I love you!

As Alfina starts whimpering, Emelious sees himself in a surreal crystallize
glass world where he approaches the crystallize castle and all of the
characters including the past became crystallized and then, the camera shows
Emelious’ legs crystallized.

Emelious: It’s so quiet. Yes. This is the world that I’ve longed for.

Suddenly, Emelious saw Alfina and then all of a sudden, Alfina’s body became

Alfina: Emelious, I love you. I… AHHH…!!

Suddenly, Alfina became completely crystallized and shatters into pieces.
Emelious who is extremely tensed up looked at his hands as it shakes in
complete fear.


Suddenly, the camera switches back to the present where Emelious zoned out all
that time. Emelious kneels as he was a little tensed up from what happened
previously. Alfina holds Emelious’ left hand.

Alfina: Your hand. It’s warm.

Emelious and Alfina embraces each other, but just as they embraced for a brief
moment, their emblem marks came out of their hands and the emblem mark has
completely become one, causing Xorn’s unborn body to be born. Alfina was thrown
back from the impact as the rope on her left hand came off. Emelious was also
thrown back as well. Grau approaches Xorn’s new born appearance.

Grau: At last!! The ultimate power!!! Xorn has been REBORRRNNNNN!!!!!!

The camera shows the floor that Alfina is on suddenly collapsed and is about to
fall as Emelious rushes towards her. The camera then blacks out and switches
back to Yuki’s group who is okay from the fall and continue to the next area.
Yuki’s group proceeds to the Heart of Underground Maze. As Yuki’s group
navigates their way through, we watch a movie of Emelious, who struggles to
hold and prevent Alfina from falling off. Just as he and Alfina seem to be
happy, a sword plunging can be heard.


Alfina: Emelious?!

The camera show Grau who used Emelious’ sword to plunge it into Emelious’ back.

Grau: You have my thanks, Emelious.

Emelious: (badly wounded) Grau…! You betray me…!

Grau: Actually, you were essential to my plan! However, things weren’t quite as
simple, as you might have thought they were. Funny how life can be like that!

Grau fierce fully pulls the sword out of Emelious’ severely back stab wound.

Emelious: EUUUUHHHHH!!!

Alfina: Emelious!!

Grau approaches Xorn from a distance with his sword.

Grau: Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Xorn is starting to form.

Grau: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Behold, Xorn, the Magnificent!! No one, will be able to
stand in my way now!! Heh, heh, heh, heh!! The world…shall me mine, now and

As Xorn continues to transform…

Grau: Xorn!! Fill me…with your divine power!!

Suddenly, Xorn shoots out a red root towards Grau and impaled his head.

Grau: Uhh!!

Grau suddenly became crystallized and then shattered into pieces.

Grau: Ahhhhh!!!

Grau is no more. Afterwards, Emelious who is badly wounded pulls Alfina up to
safety. Just as Alfina looked at her right hand, she became intensely horrified
as some blood from Emelious’ severe back stab wound got on her right hand.

Alfina: (horrified with emotion) Emelious!!

Alfina with her tears coming out of her eyes gradually starts crying as
Emelious looks at his left hand with his emblem mark no longer active.

Emelious: (wounded) I always… …thought my blood is kind of prison.

Alfina looks at Emelious with her eyes extremely teary.

Emelious: (wounded) But now… …you have… …helped me to understand.

Alfina continues to cry as she holds Emelious’ left hand.

Emelious: (wounded) You see it’s our blood… …that binds us together even I.

Alfina continues to cry and then, Emelious stands up and faces Xorn. The camera
switches to Yuki’s group who reached the Top of Cursed Tower. Yuki’s group goes
through the red rooted doors. As they go through, we watch a movie of Yuki’s
group rushing towards the scene where Emelious and Alfina are at. Emelious
looks at Alfina with kindness and Alfina rushes towards Yuki.

Yuki: Alfina!

Alfina: Yuki!

As Yuki and Alfina embrace each other…

Xorn: Love, it is the beginning of the end.

Yuki’s group and Emelious faces Xorn.

Xorn: I will never rest as long as love continues to exist. Love…is the cause
of all suffering. All pain, all conflict, it must be wiped from the face of
this world, now and for all eternity.

Yuki: No!!!

Xorn: Only when all who love have been destroyed, will my world be complete.
Indeed, it was your love…that brought me back.

Emelious: Xorn! I understand now. You’re wrong. Xorn, no matter how people
suffer, if they have love, then…they’ll survive.

The camera shows the close view of Xorn’s eye.

Xorn: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!
Emelious. So, you have chosen destruction as well?

Emelious who is still wounded, stands up.

Yuki: Emelious!!

Emelious draws his sword.

Emelious: Take care… …of my sister.

Alfina: EMELIOUS!!!!

As Alfina attempts to rush towards Emelious, Emelious jumps off the Cursed
Tower and lands on the white serpent dragon where the dragon approaches towards
Xorn. Yuki tries to stop Alfina.


Emelious with the white serpent white dragon vanishes into Xorn.

Ulf: He’s gone… To put an end to this.

Dahna: To protect something…important to him.

Alfina: Something important?

Hect touches Alfina’s left hand as Hect’s emblem mark reacted.

Hect: Yes. The bond between you.

Alfina: Hect I…

Yuki’s group prepares themselves. Yuki’s group then talks to Hect who has
exchanged position of Yuki’s group with Alfina.

Hect: I’ll create a bridge for you. Get to Xorn at once!

Hect plays her violin and a magical bridge to Xorn was formed.

Yuki: We’re going too!

Alfina: Yes…!


Hect: I entrust all of my belongings to you, Alfina. I hope you find them
useful. Although we’ll be parting, I’ll be with all of you in spirit. Let’s
restore the gift of hope to our worlds!

Yuki’s group crosses the magical bridge to the Hall of Nothingness. Upon
arriving, Yuki’s group checks Emelious’ sword as Emelious is gone. Alfina
seemed extremely tensed up.

Alfina: XORN!!!!

The camera shows Xorn now with two eyes.

Yuki: Xorn!! We will defeat you!!

Yuki’s group’s final fight is against none other than Xorn. After Yuki’s group
defeats Xorn, we watch the final movie of Xorn crumbling.


As Xorn crumbles, Yuki’s group seemed surprised and then suddenly, the camera
shows a bright comet like light shooting to the ground and something shine
appeared from distance. Alfina desperately rushes towards the scene.

Yuki: Alfina!

Just as Alfina approaches the scene, Alfina immediately kneels to the floor and
started crying in full intense emotional sadness as the camera shows Emelious’
crystallized body still standing.

Yuki: Emelious was… …he was happy.

Alfina continues to cry as her tears continuously drops from her eyes. Yuki
approaches Alfina.

Yuki: (tries to comfort Alfina) You have to realize that he died… …protecting

Alfina: (crying) No. No!!! I just… I just wanted him to live!!! I wanted him…
…to see the sky. I wanted him to see this world!!!!

Alfina continues to cry and then suddenly, the camera shows a bright light
appearing from the sky. Alfina can still be seen crying with her eyes extremely
teary. But then, the bright light that shines on Emelious’ crystallize body
became a spirit of himself. Emelious in his spiritual form kindly approaches
Alfina and gives out his hand. Alfina holds Emelious’ hand and they both
embrace each other for one last time.

Emelious: (extremely silent voice) Thank you.

Alfina: (eyes still in tears) Emelious!

After that, Emelious’ spiritual body rises to the path of the afterlife.

Alfina: (gradually calming down with some emotions) Thank you. I heard him…
…Emelious! He said, “thank you”.

As Emelious’ spiritual body continues to rise, the spiritual form of Gryph
appeared and takes Emelious with her.

Yuki: ! It’s Gryph!

As Yuki’s group continues to watch Gryph in excitement, Gryph vanishes into the
sky with the following words on the camera’s white screen:

Thank you.

The credits roll and the ending theme song “In The Sky” performed by Miz plays.
As the credits rolls, various slide shows of the photos appears. In Mendi City,
the people rejoices with Ulf for his accomplishment of defeating Xorn once and
for all. The second slide show shows Hect who has now returned to Terrarium
rejoicing herself in peace for the first time in many years. The third slide
show shows Rotts who now can rest and has his own workshop. The fourth slide
show shows Dahna in Baccula Settlement who can now relax that the battle with
Xorn is over. She goes to Raven’s grave and pays her last respect to him
accompanied by her sister, Ruilia. The fifth slide show shows Alonso’s Ship
where Alonso and Miranda continues to enjoy the sailing. The first half of the
last slide show shows Alfina a few years later, who is now a grown-up having
time with her son. Since then, Alfina is already married to Yuki, who is a bit
older are now husband and wife. The second half of the last slide show shows
Yuki and Alfina who spends their picnic time with their son. The camera shows
Yuki’s son who talks to his father, Yuki.

Yuki’s Son: Hey, daddy, can I fly too?

Yuki places his hand on his son’s face and then gave him the thumb. Yuki’s son
ran toward the view of the sky. The second-half of the credits rolls and this
ends our story and the game.

5: Credits

Thanks, goes to Game Arts Co., Ltd. for their magnificent RPG. I have always
enjoyed the Grandia series thanks to the fact that the Lunar video game series
tempted me to get into it. At that time, I had very little knowledge of Game
Arts’ video game development history.
Thanks, goes to Square Enix, Inc. for bringing this game to the US.
Thanks, goes to ZRO Limit Productions and Animaze..iNC for the spectacular
English voice acting done by the unionized voice actors.