Grandia III Tips

How to beat Xorn
Most people think that you should be level 55 or above to finally beat Xorn, and crazy equips. But its not true. I've managed to beat Xorn with all my characters at level 47! This is what I did.

1.Have Yuki and Ulf use runner, if Dahna and Alfina has it, use it. Haha I only had it on Ulf and Yuki.

2.Make sure you play this defensively. When Xorn is about to use a skill and one of your guys is up next. Cancel it instead of attacking it. Equips Magic Estoritia or whatever its called on Dahna and Heavens Gate. Equip any fire eggs on her too.

3.When Xorn uses Dimension gate, make sure you heal up as fast as possible.

4.DO NOT USE UNAMAS ORB AT THE BEGINNING! Just think of it this way. Would you rather have him freeze when hes doing little damage or would you rather have him freeze when most of your guys are dead? You chose lol. I used Unamas Orb when Xorn had 50k hp left and had Alfina use Absolute Zero, Dahna use Heavens gate, Ulf use Dynamite rush and Yuki use Dragons thingy. He should have around 35k hp left. Then use runner on Ulf and Yuki(and Dahna and Alfina) and Continue assaulting Xorn. You will run out of sp of course but I had 9 Life seeds from killing the Desert Lord like 100 times haha.I also managed to kill Xorn before Unama's Orb faded! Well, I hope this helps!

P.s All of my best spells were on Dahna and she was my Primary attacker. Alfinas Armagedonn is ok but not as powerful. But it does slow is IP Gauge ^^. I had Alfina Alhealer every turn and Ulf and Yuki cancel his attacks or use a healing gem to help out my group.

Hope you Enjoy the ending! =O