Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Unlockables

UnlockableHow to unlock
Army Fatigueafter last stand
Winner's Outfitafter last stand
Wetsuitcomplete the jetski races at reni's place
Smart Suitcomplete six types of missions from empires
Casualsafter conduct unbecoming mission
Leisurebuy a high roller prostitution empire
Hired Musclebuy a high roller protection racket empire
Repo-Man Outfitbuy a high roller loan shark empire
Cuban-Styleafter all umberto's missions
Hoodbuy a high roller robbery empire
Tracksuitbuy a high roller drug empire
Smugglerbuy a high roller smuggling empire
Trailer Trashcomplete all marty's mission
Pastel Suitcomplete brawn of the dead at lance's place, ocean beach
Smart Suitafter from zero to hero
Army Fatigueafter all martinez misson