Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Command codes

"Hard Earned Money"
->another way i make money is I do a lot of insane stunts by the police station.
->also I stock up on ammo and use the wanted level cheat (UP,RIGHT,TRIANGLE,TRIANGLE,DOWN,LEFT,X,X.)and kill a bunch of civilians ans take all of their money I prefer the mall so nobody can run far.
->one way without cheating is you can capture all of the empires make them all high-rollers you will get either $35,500 or me i get $45,500

->(totally off topic)If you want a rhino tank you can cheat (noobish) or you can call in the Calvary ☺ first cheating way use code UP,L1,DOWN,R1,LEFT,L1,RIGHT,R1. Now the fun way is to get the Hunter (only if you beat the game!)it is located in Escobar International Airport get in it it will say to do Skywolf mission cancel it by pressing UP twice. fly as high up as possible and start blowing away cars (preferably cop cars) and you should get you wanted up pretty fast, once you get up to 6 stars there should be some tanks on the ground carefully land on a building and get out of you Hunter now the army men have seen you get out of your vehicle and they will to. Quickly get bake in your hunter and bomb the crap out of them then jump out of your Hunter again and quickly get in a tank with no army men inside of it. Drive to the nearest pay'n'spray and get out of your tank steal a car and go into the pay'n'spray (very,very, quickly because if a tank touches you your car will blow up and the whole effort will have been a failure!) now go into pay'n'spray and stay there till all of the stars are done flashing once they are done flashing dump that car and get in your tank. Drive it to you safe house and park it in your garage. Congratz now you have a tank. Or you can just steal one from the army base (do it the long way a lot funner.)§╚┼¢▬±▐ΘÜ♣§û¶¥äy╞ö£♠╩²┘h☺☻♥