Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Unlockables

Unlockable Weapons
These are Unlockable Weapons if you find it..
UnlockableHow to unlock
Pistol10 Balloons
Sorcpion20 Balloons
Stubby Shotgun30 Balloons
Molotov Cocktails40 Balloons
AK-4750 Balloons
Body Armor60 Balloons
Flamethrower70 Balloons
Equalizer w Scope80 Balloons
Sniper Rifle90 Balloons
M249 Machine gun99 Balloons
Coach (bus)down, right, triangle, cross,cross,L1, R1
QuadBuy it for $ 3000
Hunter HelicopterLocated in the Escobar International
HoveCraft(BEAT THE GAME 1st) Safehouse in Vice City (near the Ferris Wheel)
Little Willie (helicopter)Beat From zero to hero,then in your safe house at vice point, buy it for $5,000
Bulletproof strech (Limo)Beat Kill Phil, then at sunshine autos buy it for $3,000
Quad bikeBeat When Funday comes,then at sunshine autos buy it for $3,000
Hunter (military helicopter)Beat Last Stand, it is located in Escobar International, Its dark green
Rhino (Tank)Beat Last Stand, it is located in Fort Baxter (military)
Bike AngelBeat Taking the fall,without stealing it,it is located in Lance's safe house
Sparrow (helicopter)Beat From zero to hero,located in Escobar International