Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review
Big, bigger, San Andreas

The good:

As the title mentioned, this is a VERY big game!
Not only the map is huge, but the things you can do are almost unlimited. You can either follow the story line, or concentrate on starting mayhem and rampages. Or you could visit the gym, pump yourself up, dive for oysters, just drive around aimlessly, do what you please. The freedom is so GTA!

The bad:

You need a "newer" pc to run it, so many people need upgrades or can't play the game in the full settings...


This game actually has no down sides...
The steering, the graphics, the missions, the humour, etc. etc. Everything is perfect for months of gaming pleasure!

The only thing is that you need a good pc to play it on, but if you play it on a good one... you play it good!
This game is just really worth getting. It even brings back some things from previous GTA games! So if you're a fan, or are just looking for a game that has everything you want: Buy it

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