Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review

The good:

Brilliant gameplay, endless fun to be had even before you start a single mission and when you do start the missions, you'll be satisfied with almost every one of them. Great character customisation as well, get a tattoo, a haircut, a change of clothes, get fat or starve yourself and get skinny or make Cj real buff by working out or let him suffer the insults he gets from the brilliant pedestrians when he's stick skinny. Locations are very well constructed too with great atmosphere, from the busy streets of San Fierro to the high life of Las Venturas or the eerie fog in Back of Beyond.
Bored of wandering around killing? Enter a casino and bet your money away or play pool at the local bar. Get a parachute and do a base jump off a skyscraper or assemble a gang and take over your rival gang's territory. Feeling lonely? Go get some action with your 6 girlfriends or just take them on a date to the local night club.
GTA also has hundreds of comical moments and easter eggs that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
With voice overs actors including Samuel Jackson and plenty radio stations with every different type of music from rock to country and with over 70 hours of gameplay, you'll be playing for ages and enjoying every second of it.

The bad:

No game is perfect and San Andreas is no exception. Pop-up occurs quite often, mostly at the worst possible moment. Glitches do occur a lot too although GTA has become accepted for it's glitches as some are comical. Slowdown happens rarely, usually when there's a lot happening on screen (explosions for example). Cut-screen graphics could do with an improvement, I'd like to see CGI like in FFX.


Even though the game has it's flaws, the good points waaaay outnumber the bad points, the game is so good and unforgettable that you'll forget all about the flaws. (A contradiction...did that make sense).
I'd have paid twice the amount for this game if I had to, thankfully all this pleasure is cheaper than a night out in Amsterdam.
If you haven't got San Andreas yet..shame on you.

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