Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review
GTA San Andreas

The good:

It had fun missions. They were better then the other three. It took a while to beat. Better music. The best setting of a GTA yet. Car modding was awsome. The best cheats yet. Good cars even without modding.

The bad:

Not that much bad about it. Unless the graphics take a while to load every once in a while. Everything else in it is really good. Couldn't mod all the cars.


It's was really fun at first, but then after you beat it it gets really boring. Buy it to beat it and sell it back. It does take a while to beat. That was pretty good. Games that take one day aren't very fun. Some missions were really hard, some very easy, depending on who they are from. The nineties was the best time period. Better then Vice City and GTA 3. Four out of five stars. only gets four because not all cars could be modded. That was the worst thing of all about the game. If all cars could be modded it would get five out of five.

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