Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review
The best there was, is, and probably will ever be

The good:

-Full freeroaming abilities. Of course what made GTA famous.
-Absolutely MASSIVE!
-Everything that was good about the other GTAs.
-In depth storyline.
-Problems from other GTAs? Fixed. Things like breaking down fences, swimming and climbing walls mean the world in this game.
-A bucket full of mini-games.
-The realism of the city.

The bad:

-Graphical glitches even worse than the other ones.
-There IS too much stuff, the PS2 can hardly handle it.
-Massively black orientated and racist. Too much sterotyping.
-Swearing can be OTT at times.


Well, 2 years I've been waiting for this game. And finally, finally, finally its here. I'll get the bad outta the way first. As soon as you load up this disc, you can tell that the PS2 is gonna struggle. Its huffs, pants and heaves its very best just to get every last minute detail in. To a certain extent, it does the job, but the slowdown from it can be pretty damn crazy at times. On a good note, pop-up has decreased, and the draw distance is a little better.
Nextly bad part, this game is made with blacks and they are the dominant race in this. I don't have anything against blacks, but there are hardly any white people in the game at all, and those that there are, from what I've seen, are either hookers or 'punk-ass whiteboys'. Its rather distasteful. On the subject of the swearing, its not as bad as The Getaway. It has its moments however, so if you're against that type of thing, make sure you have your mute button on hand. Its not just the swearing you may want to mute though, you also may want to mute the endless numbers of the words 'homie' and 'fool' and the almost infinite 'for sure, man'. Its really annoying at times.

However though, these are all things that can be overlooked. Cutscenes can be skipped, words can be muted, and everybody in the game can be silenced. Another good point. The world of GTA is made famous through its completely free-roaming ability. With the size of this city, and the stuff there is to do, you will be damn hard pressed not to resist it. There are more ways to get round town than ever now. You can take a BMX, a combine harvester, and yes GTA fans, you can swim. Swimming is great fun in this game. Especially sinking your car. The underwater world is brimming with sealife. I've seen tonnes of fish, beautiful dolphins, and one big ass shark too!
A thing that many people didn't like about the previous GTAs was the lack of everyday things, like climbing things and knocking over fences. All fixed. You have no ieda the amount of relief goes through your body when you crash your car into a fence, and thing that its not going to break. But oh it sure as hell will. Also, climbing walls is very well done: you'll have no problem escaping from the filth. Just don't piss them off too much.

On the subject of peds and other characters, it is crazily real. Bang into a gang or peds car in the hood, and they will come after you. One guy came after me with a shovel, and another with a golf club. Almost everybody packs heat. An old lady wasted me with her baseball bat. Park a car on the highway, and you're sure as hell not gonna have a Vice City style tooting horn. People are gonna crash, people are gonna blow up their cars. Hell, its just as much fun sitting back watching the chaos unfold in front of your eyes, while the coppers chase some other criminal except you.

I'm not even to go through the new features such as working out, eating etc. Its your job to check the full-info thread for that, because I'm not spending my SA playing time typing them all out! There is that many.

Finally, there are many many minigames. You can play old 'degenatron' games, such as They came from uranus. You can also play a game of pool and gamble. Lost? Then beat that fool up and get back your money!

Bottom line is, you need this game. Its not for the easily offended, its not for the squeamish: its for those who can sit back, play a videogame, and realise what true art really is. A genious of modern gaming.

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